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If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Chapman University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in California. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Chapman University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around California.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 100Introduction to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors
CHEM 101Chemistry of Life
CHEM 103Chemistry of Health
CHEM 105Chemistry of Environmental Issues
CHEM 140General Chemistry I
CHEM 140LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 150General Chemistry II
CHEM 150LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 230Organic Chemistry
MATH 98Elementary Algebra
MATH 99Intermediate Algebra
MATH 104Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 109Calculus with Applications in Business and Social Sciences
MATH 110Single Variable Calculus I
MATH 111Single Variable Calculus II
MATH 115Accelerated Calculus Part I: Differentiation and Integration
MATH 116Accelerated Calculus Part II: Series, Differential Equations and Multivariable Calculus

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Chapman University

Chapman University is a private university located in Orange, California. Dining options will forever be of essence for students, and there are some solid dining options situated inside and around the school’s 90 acres’ campus. This list contains seven great restaurants and cafés around the campus of Chapman University.

1. Haven Gastropub

Dining Hall of Haven Gastropub

This is one of the most popular restaurants around the campus of Chapman University. Haven Gastropub has won the hearts of many students for its dedication to serving high-quality meals. The restaurant also has a unique selection of cocktails, beers, and wines.

The menu features a good number of Spanish cuisines, local cuisines, vegan and gluten-free options. Aside from its great value for money, students are fond of this restaurant because it is only a walk away from the school and stays open all day, up till 2 A.M on occasions.

2. SubConnection

Food stand at SubConnection

SubConnection is one of the student’s favorite on-campus cafés. Located at Argyos Forum, this café offers excellent freshly made snacks and juices. The menu contains some exciting options including cheeses, salads, soups, subs, and wraps (which can be toasted or served cold). The menu starts at around $3.

3. Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

The bar at Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen

This local restaurant serves some of the most exquisite Mexican dishes in all of Old Orange Town. The churro, shrimp enchiladas, and chips and salsa are the most popular dishes ordered at Gabbi’s. Entrees start at Gabbi’s start at $11.

4. Pandor Artisan Boulangerie Café

Snacks and pastries at Pandor cafe

This is one of the best cafés around Orange to get breakfast. Pandor specializes in French Artisan bread, pastries, snacks, and small French meals. The menu of this café is enough to keep you coming back for more.

The services are also on par with the food served here. Pandor also features a bar with decent beer, cocktail, and wine collections. Paninis, gelato, scrambled eggs, almond croissant, cold brew, and sandwiches are among the favorite dishes here. Entrees start at this café begins at $11.

5. Rutabegorz

Beth's bowl of soup and salad at Rutabegorz

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Old Town Orange. Rutabegorz specializes in American dishes, beagles, and wraps. Bbq chicken fiesta, garlic chicken salad, and Quinoa Thai salad are some of the popular dishes ordered here. Dishes start at $11.

6. The Filling Station Café

Outdoor booth of the filling station cafe

This off-campus café has proven to be one of the best cafés to visit for a refill around Orange. The Filling Station’s menu is quite impressive for a café, even more, impressive is its selection of juices, expressos, and tea. Egg dishes start at $8 while pancakes start at $3.75.

7. Francoli Gourmet Restaurant

Wine collection of Francoli Gourmet Restaurant

This Italian restaurant ranks among the best dining options around Orange. The food, services, and environment are all top class. If you visit Francoli, you should try their freshly made pasta dishes, Pollo, Tiramisu, or Capresse. The Tiramisu starts at $9. The restaurant also has a fine collection of wine.

Top 10 Library Resources at Chapman University

Chapman University is a university located in the city of Orange, Southern California. It is an institution that inspires excellence and the spawning of big ideas by its students. The students at this university are taught to think outside the box and accomplish the unimaginable. The university has for that reason strived to provide learners with state of the art amenities to facilitate their studies. There are libraries that provide students with a variety of resources to help them utilize the library more in study and research. Below are the top 10 library resources at Chapman University.

1. Borrowing/Circulation

Students in the library

The first resource is borrowing of library materials. Students are required to have valid identification as they check out the items. They can also renew the materials as long as they have not reached the due dates.

2. Computers

Computers arranged in the lab

The library offers students with a number of computers accessible for study and research. Students are required to have their Chapman username and password to access the computers. They have Internet connection, software and databases access.

3. Interlibrary Loan

Books icon and a mouse pointer over it

This is a resource that allows current students to request and borrow library materials that are not available within the Leatherby Libraries collection. Students are asked to verify that the items for borrowing are not available.

4. Citation Help

Different types of citations

With this resource, students can get help with citing their work and formatting their documents using the different citation styles such as APA or MLA. It is important for students to cite their work in order to credit the authors, avoid plagiarism and to make it look professional.

5. Room Booking

A touch screen computer for room booking

The Leatherby Libraries has 14 group study rooms and 6 media rooms that are available to students on reservation basis. However, two of the group study rooms on the first floor can be accesses by any students on a basis of first come, first served.

6. Ask a Librarian

A cartoon drawing of a librarian sitting at her desk

The library has a system where students can request assistance from a team of committed and experienced librarians. Students can email, call or meet in person with the librarians in order to get help.

7. Café

A cup of coffee at the cafe

There is a café within the Leatherby Libraries from where students and other library users can relax as they take a snack or a beverage. It is accessible by all the library users and operates within the timelines of the library.

8. Copying / Printing / Faxing

A close-up photo of a hand aperating a printer

The library has several printing and copying machines that can be accessible by all students. Students are given free print credits during the beginning of the semester. When the credits exceed, then charges for printing starts to apply. The copier machine has faxing capabilities.

9. Course Reserves

Course Reserves at the library

Professors and other faculty can place items for all the students to access. The items are usually limited and on high demand. Students are advised to return the items once their time is due so that other students can benefit from the materials.

10. Instruction/Information Literacy

A chart illustrating Instruction Information Literacy

The last resource is the instruction and information literacy program. It aims at providing students with lifelong skills in information literacy. a combined effort between the librarians and the faculty ensures that students and other library users get the knowledge and skills.

Top 5 Libraries at Chapman University

1. Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library

Front view of the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library

The Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library is a library at the Dale E. Fowler School of Law. It holds a wide collection of books in law as well as resources that are important to students and faculty. It is open from 8 a.m.–12 a.m. during the weekday.

2. Edgar and Libby Pankey Library of Education

The Edgar and Libby Pankey Library of Education

The Edgar and Libby Pankey Library of Education is one of the Leatherby Libraries. It holds the “Timeline of Toys”, which is a permanent collection given by Ralph Tomlinson, a Chapman trustee. It has a multimedia preview room and 2 group study rooms.

3. Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library

The Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library

The Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library is a part of the Leatherby Libraries. It has group study rooms and a multimedia preview room that is accessible to all students. It has a collection of over 5000 books and other materials. It also has a collection of photographs and rare artifacts.

4. Onnolee Elliott Library of Science and Technology

The Onnolee Elliott Library of Science and Technology

The Onnolee Elliott Library of Science and Technology is also a part of the Leatherby Libraries. It is the largest library on the third floor of the building. It has a nice and conducive interior, a multimedia preview room and two group study rooms.

5. Leon and Olga Argyros Library of Business and Economics

The Leon and Olga Argyros Library of Business and Economics

The Leon and Olga Argyros Library of Business and Economics forms part of the Leatherby Libraries as well. It has a collection of business and economics materials that are available to students. On top pf that the library has two group study rooms and a multimedia preview room.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Chapman University

Chapman University is a great campus for people who prefer small class sizes. Although small class sizes many not seem to matter as much, it can actually help you get to know your professor more and find out about extracurricular opportunities such as research, volunteer work, or becoming a student instructor. There are many classes offered at Chapman with some of the top professors that a California school has to offer. Students, even people that are in their junior year, often wonder what classes they should take. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Chapman University.

1. Anthropology 102 – Cultural Anthropology

The course code for this class is 8692. This class focuses on the study of how human civilizations have adopted to living situations. Humans have done the by forming group identities, families, language, and symbols. The class aims to focus on how civilizations have helped contribute to different world views. The way humans have interacted and lived have contributed to concepts of progress, culture, community, and social interaction. Students in this class investigate and explore these concepts by using examples and models from the different cultures that are being studied. This class has two midterms and one final, and it is said to be easy because the material is genuinely interesting for students to learn about. Because it is so interesting, the material you are tested on is not hard to grasp or understand. This allows for students to get an easy A in the class! The course is offered every semester.

2. Art History 200 – Ancient to Medieval Art

The course code for this class is 8966. This class focuses on the introduction of how visual art came about in the history of art. This class investigates the timeline from the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) period to the Middle Ages. Although this class is a popular class to take among Freshman students at the university, it is offered every semester. Therefore, if you do not get the class at first, you will always have an opportunity to take it the next semester! This class is said to be easy because the midterm consists of analyzing art pieces, which can be easily done if you put the effort in to know the style and characteristics of the work of art being studied.

3. Dance 113 – Dance Performance

The course code for this class is 9495. There is an instructor consent required for the class, and usually students can enroll if they have satisfied prerequisite, audition, or content of an instructor. Therefore, if you want to enroll in the course, you have to get everything done and turned in at a timely manner to be cleared in time for registration. This course is for students who have performance responsibilities in theatre and dance productions. Students are taught how to optimally perform in dance and are given the chance to strengthen their performance skills. There is a midterm and final, but they are not given on paper. This aspect of the class seems to attract students.

4. Chemistry 105 – Chemistry of Environmental Issues

The course code for this class is 8047. This course is designed for students that are non-science majors. The course allows for non-science majors to have a science background by enabling them to critically evaluate environmental issues that they are presented with both in lecture as well as media. The topics that are covered in this class are basic chemistry related to air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and energy resources. This class is three credits. It is said to be easy because the topics are very interesting and there is no midterm, just presentations and a final.

5. Art History 306 – Later Greek Art

The course code for this class is 8969. This Art History class focuses on artistic developments that have occurred in the Greek world. The time periods that are looked at during this class are the archaic, classical, and Hellenistic period which are around 550 BCE- 100 CE. This class is usually offered every semester, but it varies based on how many students are willing to sign up for it. Although this class requires a lot of reading, the material is straightforward and easy. Analysis of art pieces can also be easy if you study your notes. If you go to class and put in the effort, you will get an A!

6. Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology

The course code for this class is 9014. This is the first course that is offered in the subject of Psychology at Chapman. Students learn about theories, principles, processes, problems, methods, and applications of psychology. The grade is heavily dependent on participation, and so if you simply show up you are already off to the right start in the class. This class also requires students to serve as participants in course-relevant research studies in order to expose students to the field of psychology. Therefore, it is a really fun class that many students say is easy to get an A in.

7. Psychology 201 – Critical Thinking

The course code for this class is 9035. This class allows for students to explore the empirical and theoretical evaluation of psychological assertions, facts, and research studies. The course hopes for students to learn these methods to reduce the probability of errors of thinking. The course is said to be easy by students because there are only quizzes, and no midterm. Depending on the professor, the final is a final paper. Not to mention, the material is extremely interesting!

8. Art History 325 – Topics in Early Modern Art

The course code for this class is 8970. This is a course that only students that have a junior standing or above can take. It investigates aspects of the history of early modern art. Topics range from Italian sculpture, Venetian art, Florentine art, Flemish painting, Italian architecture, and colonial Latin America. This is an easy class because there is only one midterm and final. However, it is not as easy as other art history classes because it covers a lot more material. It is usually offered every semester, so students can take it whenever it fits in their schedule.

9. Chemistry 101 – Chemistry of Live in Living and Nonliving Systems

The course code for this class is 8403. This class is designed for non-science majors and it covers a quick overview of organic chemistry and biochemistry and how it applies to the everyday lives of students. Therefore, this is a great class to take if you are ever wondering why students have to learn so much about the sciences. The topics that are covered in this course include molecular components of the human body, human energy sources of carbohydrates, fats and oils, and other chemicals that are commonly used such as in food additives and clothing polymers.

10. Dance 130 – Hip Hop

The course code for this class is 9500. Students who sign up for this class get 1/2 credit, and therefore it is a good class to take if you need an extra amount of credits or just want to take a class for fun. This dance course is designed to teach students vocabulary and styles of dance in hip-hop. It is offered every semester, which makes it a great class to add no matter what semester it is.There are a plethora of classes to choose from when you are a student at Chapman University. If you are taking hard classes for your major, you may want to balance it out with enjoyable and easy classes. Try to take any of the ten classes that are listed above. Be sure that you sign up for them quickly, because they tend to fill up due to high student demand. Have fun!