10 Buildings You Need to Know at Castleton University

Castleton University is located in Castleton, Vermont. It is a public liberal arts college that is home to over 2000 students. Students will be able to choose from a wide array of undergraduate programs and graduate programs. Here are the top ten buildings at Castleton University you need to know.

1. Spartan Arena

Inside of the Spartan Arena Ice rink

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

The Spartan Arena is an open ice rink where students, staff, and fans gather to support the men’s and women’s hockey team. The special Olympics ice skating club also practices here. The arena is open to the public during certain times throughout the week.

2. Fine Arts Center

Front of the Fine Arts Center

The Fine Arts Center is home to the visual and performing arts departments. Students will find art galleries, art studios, music rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, classrooms, study rooms, dance studios, and the Soundings Office here.

3. Woodruff Hall

Front view of Woodruff Hall

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

Woodruff Hall is home to a number of campus offices. This includes the Academic Deans’ Office, Alumni Development Office, Business Administration, the President’s Office, and the office of Financial and Registration Services.

4. Leavenworth Hall

Outside of the Leavenworth Hall Building

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

This building is one that you will pass multiple times on campus. This building is home to multiple departments, including the department of Communication, the Department of Social Sciences, and the Department of Languages. You will find a number of classrooms and offices in this building.

5. Moriarty House

Side view of the Moriarty House

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

This building is your one stop shop for coffee. Students will be able to stop at the Coffee Cottage to sit down with some friends for a coffee session or to grab coffee on the go when they’re heading to class. Students will also be able to find the International Student Office here as well.

6. Calvin Coolidge Library

Front view of the campus library

Address: 62 Alumni Dr, Castleton, VT 05735

This building is the home to academic success. Students will be able to find a number of resources here that range from books, online databases, and media and digital tech. Students will also find meeting rooms, study rooms, and quiet spaces here.

7. Fitness Center

Inside of the Fitness Center

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

The campus Fitness Center is the hub of recreational and healthy living. Students will be able to utilize a number of exercise rooms, lockers, studio spaces, cycling studios, and a lounge area. Students will also find a weight room and swimming pool here.

8. Stafford Academic Center

The outside of the Stafford Academic Center

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

This building is home to the Stafford Academic Center. It serves the campus by offering areas and departments in education, media services, technological and information support, and mathematics. Students will be able to find study rooms, classrooms, and offices here.

9. Campus Center

Front view of the Campus Center

Address: Castleton, VT 05735

Here, students will find a number of resources that pertain to campus life. This includes the Castleton Bookstore, the Fireside Cafe, the campus mail room, the office for the Student Government Association, the Wellness Center, and the campus radio station.

10. Huden Dining Hall

Outside of Huden Dining Hall

Address: 225 Campus Cir, Castleton, VT 05735

Are you always hungry? Then don’t forget to stop by the Huden Dining Hall. This dining hall is one of campus’ main dining halls that offers a variety of food. It serves vegetarian foods, gluten-free foods, international foods, and a variety of other choices.

Castle University, formerly known as Castleton State College, allows students to develop into professional individuals. Students can learn a lot by going to this university, even if it’s home to a smaller number of students.

10 Coolest Courses at Castleton University

Balancing classes, part time jobs, and friendships can be a tough task to manage in college. Luckily, the more you enjoy your classes, the easier it is to balance these things. When you take fun classes that you enjoy, learning the material comes easier, which means less time stressing over cramming for tests. If you’re a student at Castleton University and you’re interested in taking fun classes, then check out this list. Below are ten of the coolest courses that are available at Castleton University.

1. ART 1410 – Digital Photography I

Image of a person holding a camera.

If you like to take pictures, why not get college credit for it? In this course, the student will explore the mechanical and electronic aspects of digital photography, as well as developing some of the basic tools of image manipulation.  Instruction will include the aesthetics of digital images. Not only do you get to express yourself creatively in this course, but you’ll learn lots of tips and techniques to make your pictures look professional.

2. BUS 3272 – Social Media Marketing

Illustration of different social media icons.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media of some sort. A large percentage of consumers no longer read newspapers, listen to the radio, or even watch TV anymore. Instead, they spend their free time watching videos and sharing posts on social media. Facebook®, Twitter, LinkedIn®, and YouTube™ have changed the way consumers communicate today and businesses must be a part of this social discussion or risk losing significant marketing opportunities. This course lays the conceptual foundation and practical approach to developing successful social media marketing plans while achieving desired marketing goals. The most productive marketing tactics for each type of major social media platform are examined in depth.

3. COM 1050 – Introduction to Popular Culture

Collage of different celebrities and brands in pop culture.

If you can name celebrities, movies, songs, and games, then you’re familiar with pop culture. Most people are familiar with popular culture because the stories and people are entertaining. This course explores the ways in which media and the entertainment industries have made consumerism the focal point of American culture and society. Focusing primarily on the marketing and consumption of clothing, food, toys and religion, students will examine how the commercialization and privatization of popular culture have forced us to revise how we think of ourselves as individuals and as a nation.

4. CRJ 3140 – Mass Murderers and Serial Killers

Illustration of fictional serial killers from horror movies.

Some of the most popular movies and TV shows are those about serial murderers. Whether they’re fictional or real ones, we can’t help but find them interesting. So why are people so fascinated by serial killers? This class might answer that question for you. This course is an examination of the crimes of mass murder and serial killing in the United States. Students will look at the history, traits, and characteristics of the killers, the crimes, and the victims. They will study the efforts of the law enforcement community to identify and track down such offenders, and criminal justice system efforts to deal with them after capture.

5. DAN 1040 – Introductory Dance Workshop

Picture of a dance class.

If you’re looking for an exciting and energetic class, then this is the perfect one for you. This is an introductory level workshop in specific dance techniques and styles such as ballet, jazz, modern or tap. You don’t want to be that person at the party with two left feet. In this class, you’ll improve your rhythm, learn new dance moves, and have fun all at the same time.

6. GLB 2030 – Coffee and the World

Image of a map of the world floating in a cup of coffee.

If you’re like most college students, then you might not be able to function without coffee. This course uses a familiar commodity – coffee – as a lens through which to examine the relationship between the familiar goods we consume and what it takes to deliver them to us. Coffee is the second-most traded good in the world (after oil) and its production, trade, and consumption affect millions of people. Despite this, most people know very little about it. What they do know is focused almost entirely on consumption of the final product. Throughout the semester, students will draw back the curtain on coffee to learn how local choices affect the world.

7. OER 1225 – Wilderness Canoe Tripping

Image of people in a canoe in the wilderness.

Calling all adventure and nature lovers; this class investigates the art of canoeing, through the lens of a wilderness canoe trip leader. Students learn to assess risk and manage it accordingly on a multi-day paddling trip. This involves group management, diverse paddling strategy, choosing and packing appropriate gear, camp set up, menu planning and cooking, route finding, canoe rescue and maintenance. The class culminates with a three-day paddling expedition in the Northeast wilderness. Each student leaves the course confident in his/her ability to lead a multi-day canoe trip through a variety of water types, including flat and white water. Students have the ability to appropriately instruct and monitor a group as they prepare for and engage in a canoe expedition.

8. PED 1275 – Ultimate Frisbee

Picture of people playing ultimate frisbee.

If you’re athletic or love sports, then this fun class will be perfect for you. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced fun game that is played world-wide.  This course is an introduction to the rules, basic skills, and strategies for playing ultimate frisbee.  Course components include drills to improve individual skills and team play, modified games, and full-game play. You’ll get a great workout and college credit all in one!

9. SCI 1050 – The Science of Food

Picture of a person surrounded by fruits and vegetables.

Food is one of the most universally loved things. What could be better than a class all about it? In this course students learn about the science of food and cooking.  Topics include the production, preparation and consumption of meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruits, spices, and beverages, such as coffee and beer.  Nutrition, metabolism, and health concerns related to each of the food classes will also be discussed.  Laboratory exercises include the preparation, analysis and consumption of various food items.

10. THA 2121 – Acting I

Image of three people reciting a script and acting out the scene.

Everyone always dreams of being a famous actor; it looks like so much fun, and can potentially pay really well. And who wouldn’t want to be in movies and TV shows? This course will emphasize principles of acting at the beginning level. Emphasis will be placed on exercises and course work related to relaxation, talking and listening, body dynamics, concentration, sensory awareness, imagination, improvisation, actions and objectives in addition to other basic concepts related to the actor’s process. Performance requirements include individual and group exercises and two-character scene work.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Castleton University

Castleton University is famous for offering some of the hardest courses that can be a deciding factor in a student’s success. It is because they are far beyond sole learning of concepts. Instead, students need to strategize different study methods to learn.

1. ARH 2012 Survey of Western art II

painting of 2 horses

This course is very broad because students need to study it from different domains. The art of the western world is not something that students take for granted. Instead, it covers the role of society, individual and various institutions in its spread and maintenance throughout times.

2. ARH 2030 History of architecture

Egyptian Pyramids

This course deals with the origin of architecture, which is hard and can be boring and very demanding. Students need to trace the development of architecture from the ancient Greek and Roman times to the present. Also, they need to analyze the role of art and other factors that led to its evolution.

3. FRE 1112 French II

French alphabets

This course in French is advanced and hard compared with its predecessor. It is because students learn about French culture, customs, politics, institutions of society, people’s way of life and many other things. Then, they need to do the comparison with their western culture which is what makes the course hardest.

4. FRE 1010 French Pronunciation

French pronunciation

This course is very hard because it deals with the lingual aspects of the language and culture. Students need to learn methods of pronouncing French words correctly with respect to phonetic symbols and transcription.

5. MAT 2015 History of Mathematics

Diagramatic presentation of Pythagoras theorem

This courses deals with the origin of the Math discipline and how the early numbers looked like. Also, it deals with the fact that mathematicians in the early days used to employ sticks and sand to do calculations. The evolution of calculators with the progress of time is an important concept that is hard. Students need to approach this course very carefully.

6. MAT 4035 Teaching Mathematics II

Teacher explaining mathmetical question to a student on board

Teaching mathematics is far more difficult than actually learning it. It is because every student has a different mindset and learning capabilities. So, this course deals with tough concepts of learning how to teach to different kinds of students.

7. OER 1210 Orienteering and camping

Rob Hill Presidio Campground

This practical course allows students to come out from their comforts zones and explore their surroundings. This course deals with the study of the challenges nature places before us and how students can become strong in dealing with this. Thus, with so much learning possibilities, the course is hard because it has a touch of reality and physical experiencing of nature.

8. OER 1170 Ice climbing

A man climbing Ice in Iceland

This course is only for those who love thrill and adventure. Climbing in harsh climates is no walk in the park. Instead, the course prepares students with some tough and enduring exercises that tests students’ patience to the core. This is the course hardest to pass given all these challenging activities.

9. WGS 3310 Feminist methods

Feminists and related concepts

The male counterpart who opts for this course in Gender studies will find that it is very hard to understand the workings of female mind. It is because a lot of brain working and complex thinking of females form the major part of the course. Understanding society from a female perspective is very hard.

10. WGS 4510 Activism and Advocacy

people doing protest against water pollution

This course in gender studies traces the origin of women empowerment especially from the voting rights event. The course deals with struggles women faced throughout their way to gain a place in society. And the hard part is approaching them through various viewpoints and approaches.

Thus, with such courses around, students will definitely fear the status of their GPA. But with hard work and focus, they can go the extra mile and be successful in their own way.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Castleton University

College can be a hassle, especially while taking difficult classes. Finding a balance between classes is the key to success during the next four years. That means taking easier courses on top of those you may find challenging. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at Castleton University.

1. ARH 1010 – Introduction to the History of Art

In this course, students will learn about the history of visual arts. This course will take students through a chronology study of history from around the world. Topics to be discussed include the aesthetics of art, painting, sculpture, and architecture.An illustration of a man painting.

2. ART 1011 – Drawing I

In this course, students will examine the techniques of drawing. Topics to be discussed include anatomy of drawing, proportion, volume, structure, creating a message through art, and how to incorporate your own expression.An image of a drawing.

3. ART 2301 – Photography I

We have all taken a selfie or pretended to be a professional photographer with our handheld devices. This course will reiterate the basics of operating a professional camera. Students will learn about black and white images, printing a photo, and film exposure.An image capturing the photo of a camera.

4. PED 1070 – Fitness Swimming

The objective of this course is to introduce students to some of the benefits of aerobic and cardiovascular fitness movements. Students are encouraged to enhance some of the skills learned into fitness swimming classes that will take place throughout the semester.An image of a woman swimming.

5. PED 1280 – Pickleball

We have all seen some of the greatest tennis players win outside, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to play the sport differently and with a new set of rules inside? In this course, students will learn the basic rules and fundamentals of pickleball. Pickleball is similar to tennis. The only difference is that it is played inside of gym. This new and exciting sport will have you moving!An image of a pickeball.

6. PED 1310 – Pilates

This course will integrate yoga practices to create a high-energy level conditioning system that will help students to tone their own body. Students will learn how to balance and support themselves through a series of breath control activities that will be incorporated throughout the semester.A Pilates class in action.

7. GEO 1060 – Fundamentals of Geography

In this course, students will learn about the fundamental concepts and principles used in geography. This course is designed to help students learn about physical geography and human geography. Students will also learn how to read and analyze a map of regions and even the world.A map of the world.

8. MUS 1010 – Music Appreciation

What is music? What role does it play in the world we live in? This course will take students through a series of music listening activities and exercises where they will be given a basic understanding of the styles and genres of music. Students will also learn about the history and cultural influence that music has on the world.An illustration representing music on a staff.

9. DAN 1040 – Introductory Dance Workshop

This introductory level course will introduce students to the fundamental techniques that are used in the dance world. Students will learn about techniques and styles from ballet, jazz, modern, and tap dance. This workshop will be helpful for those looking to improve on basic dance skills or those who are looking to learn about dance itself.An image of a ballet production.

10. SOC 1010 – Introduction to Sociology

This course will introduce students to social behavior, organization, and interactions in societies. Students will study how tools of sociology are used to examine and evaluate societies and communities around the world. Topics to be discussed include social interaction, social action, the diversity of humans, and social organization.An image of the introduction to sociology.These courses are designed to help students find a balance to fit their own college lifestyle. Whether its planning ahead or just taking off some of the workload that comes with most college classes, you’ll surely find a balance to fit your needs by taking some of these classes!