10 Buildings You Need to Know at Carthage College

Carthage College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The school has around 2,800 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Carthage College.

1. Todd Wehr Center

front view of the todd wehr center

The Todd Wehr Center is used as a hub for many different purposes. It has the student success center and the dean of students office. The center features dining areas for students to come and eat food. You can even have access to the mailroom making it easy to get care packages from guardians.

2. N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center

front view of rec center

The recreation center is the place to be for all things fitness. The center holds an impressive 16 lane swimming pool. There are plenty of spaces to play basketball and volleyball. The center even features a rock climbing wall for students to get a good all-over workout.

3. Art Keller Field

front gate of field

Art Keller Field is a field for students to go to for fun and exciting football games. You can bring your friends and family to enjoy some school spirited events as well as entertainment during half time. The field has plenty of seating.

4. Hedberg Library

front view of hedberg library with trees

Hedberg library is your source for all things resources when it comes to your projects and homework. There are more than 640,000 different digital, print, and multimedia sources. The building has tutoring and writing centers for students seeking additional help.

5. A. F. Siebert Chapel

students around a circle playing uno

The chapel is used by students for holding religious meetings as well as used for worship. The chapel boasts around Christmas time thousands of people to come together and celebrate the holiday. The chapel is a great place to get some much needed quiet meditative time.

6. Tarble Arena

cheerleaders in a row on a basketball court

The Tarble Arena is an athletic facility that is used for competitive women and men’s volleyball and basketball. The Arena has seating that holds over 2,000 people and is used sometimes for outside events such as concerts. The arena has indoor simulated golf which makes for a great practice area.

7. Augie Schmidt Field

bleacher seating outside at the field

This field holds the baseball field for fans to come to watch games. The field has over 500 seats on the bleachers. There are also concession areas and a picnic area making it easy for students to enjoy their game with food. The field is an affordable way for students to have entertainment while supporting their school.

8. Science Center

outdoor seating with chairs and tables

The science center is an interesting place to visit, it features outside classrooms which allows students to get hands-on experience with nature as well as fresh air. The science center has a planetarium which gives a great view of the stars. There is also a greenhouse for students to grow plants and learn about sustainable ways of living.

9. A. W. Clausen Center for World Business

outside view of business building with statues and trees

The business building holds the Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, Political Science, and Computer Science departments. The center holds a Starbucks which is popular for students to be caffeinated as well as a pick-me-up for easy snacking. The building has 10 classrooms and 5 seminar rooms for lectures and presentations.

10. H. F. Johnson Center for the Fine Arts

a teacher showing how to make pottery

The Fine arts building is used by students looking to go into majors for art and design or music. The art building has art studios for both 2D and 3D design. There are music rooms for students to practice as well as an impressive recital hall where there are concerts to showcase talent.

Carthage College is a smaller school that allows students to get access to smaller sized classes for an optimal teaching time with professors. The smaller size makes it easy to make close friendships and acquaintances. The college allows students to practice their faith while balancing college as well. The college has plenty of different buildings to suit all needs, from catching a game with friends to renting a collaborative space for a project.

The 10 Coolest Classes at Carthage College

Carthage College is a private 4 year institution located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. With a student population of less than 3,000, it is an ideal college for anyone not looking for a party school. It offers degrees in over 40 undergraduate programs and 2 master’s programs. Here are 10 of the coolest classes you can take a Carthage College!

1.ART 1050 – Crafts

Student create origami dragons.

How would you like to make crafts from around the world? It introduces students to the history and technique of different crafts from around the world. Some of the previous materials students have worked with include glass, metal, and fiber. If you have a talent for hands on learning and enjoy having fun while doing it, this course may just be for you!

2. CLS 1060 – Ancient Rome II: Emperors and Barbarians

Emperor Nero plays the fiddle.

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Ancient Rome? Look no further than this course where you will cover everything from the rise of the Roman Empire to the barbarian invasions that brought it down. Learn about Roman culture and everyday life by exploring the art and architecture of the time. Delve into mythology and learn about the religious practices of the Romans.

3. LTN 1010 – Elementary Latin

The professor shows off some Latin origins of English words.

Latin isn’t a spoken language anymore but you can thankfully still learn how to read it! Notice how speaking isn’t part of this course? You will learn how the grammar works and how to read Latin so that you can be able to understand works written in Latin. This in turn will prepare you to read works by Cicero, Virgil and Julius Caesar.

4. CRJ 3300 – Mock Trial

Students participate in a Mock Trial.

Have you ever wanted to participate in a mock trial debate? Well as part of this course, you’ll be inducted into the Mock Trial club! Students will learn about the litigation process and the roles played by the prosecution, defense and witnesses. Along the way, they will develop skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and team building.

5. BIO 4100 – Biostatistics and Experimental Design

A professor writes some statistical formulas on the board.

Have you ever wanted to design your own experiments? Well, you’re going to have to know some statistics! Students will learn how to use statistics to analyze conclusions and how to use statistical modeling to approximate real world behavior. The goal of the course is to allow students to design and carry out field experiments.

6. PYC 2110 – Interpersonal Dynamics

Students learn how sometimes actions can be misinterpreted.

Do you think you get along well with others? Well you may have the mindset it takes to cooperate! In this course, you will explore the concepts that allow humans to work together. In addition, students will have the opportunity to develop strategies for cooperation and problem solving.

7. REL 2070 – Understandings of Love

Students learn about an ideal depiction of love.

Everyone wants to be loved but have you ever wondered what the various world religions have to say about love? Here is an opportunity for you to explore love, lack of love, and expressions of love through the lens of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This course provides new insight into love not only as romantic but also as a force for good. Students will accomplish this understanding through readings and classroom debates.

8. GFW 2210 – Foundations of Western Thought I: Ancient to Medieval

Philosophers take a walk to settle disputes.

Are you tired of plain old history classes? Here’s an interesting take of a history class through the various texts of the time period. The course covers ancient Greece through medieval times. Students will read works such as the Iliad, Aeneid, and Beowulf.

9. SOC 3450 – Global Poverty

Two children living in extreme poverty.

Why are some countries poor and other countries rich? This course will aim to answer that very question by examine various factors that contribute to poverty. Geography will be a basis to understanding how poverty exists in some parts of the world but other factors such as infant mortality rate, education, and access to healthcare also play a role. Finally, the course will examine how poverty is defined.

10. CHM 1000 – Better Living Through Chemistry

Students learn about the building blocks of life.

Do you want to learn about how chemistry can change the world? This course is an introduction to all the ways chemistry can change your life! Students will study various themes based on topics such as chemical reactions, thermodynamics,acid-base chemistry, and basic organic structures. It is a great class for people who do not know anything about chemistry but want to learn.

Those were 10 of the coolest classes at Carthage College! Find a deeper meaning to love by exploring it from a religious perspective. Discover the world of chemistry in an introductory course. Participate on the Mock Trial debate team. You can do all this and so much more at Carthage College!

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Carthage College

Carthage College deals primarily in offering of art courses that require students to enhance their creativity skills and analysis capabilities. In this respect, the courses the college offers are very hard and demanding due to the amount of work required.

1. ARH 3155 Women in the Visual and Performing Arts

A girl painting

Being a woman-oriented course, it deals with the evolution of women’s participation in the visual arts from all perspectives. Thus, the students need to use feminist approaches that bring forth the view of women participation. The analysis of these theories and their applications to and forth in time make the course hard to tackle.

2. ARH 2701 Art Survey II: 1400 – 21st Century

people looking at pictures in art gallery

The course is very lengthy as sudents need to study the development of art from the past 6 centuries. Also, the course discusses all the important movements that took place over time in the fields of art. Thus, remembering the nature of each event, timeline and movements is something that is not easy to grasp.

3. Bio 2300 Cell Biology

human cell

Studying the components of cells and remembering each of their functions is not easy. This course deals with both theory and practical work. The students need to learn each and every detail about the microscopic cell and its complex sub-organelles. Also, the topic regarding DNA and cell division is very hard and require focus and attention.

4. BIO 2010 Human Anatomy

Cavities Of The Human Body

This course is not piece of cake. Instead, its content is very broad and discusses in detail each every function of systems on our body. Moreover, what makes the course hard is drawing connection between each systems. In fact the purpose of the course is to make students realize how to analyze the body as an integrated whole.

5. CLS 2300 Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Colosseum building, Roman architecture

Tracing from the time of Greek Geometric era to the era of Constantine, this course explores major artistic evolutions. This period is quite vast and the survey of art and architecture in Greek and Roman time is hard and demanding. The course requires a lot of analysis and reading stamina from different books.

6. CLS 1050 Ancient Rome I: The Rise of Rome

 Roman sculptures

This course focuses on three major events that took place in Rome. They include the Trojan War, formation of Roman republic and the events leading the death of Julius Caesar. These events need a lot of studying and understanding because the students have to do a lot of analysis. With such lengthy content and demanding workload, the course becomes hard.

7. CRJ 2260 Criminology

Criminology and related concepts

This course discusses the issues relating to crime and deviance and the scope of the law enforcement bodies. Students need to assess how far society and its people show adherence to the laws. Also, what authorities are doing for their regulations is a core concept of the course.

8. CRJ 3020 American Courts

People hearing case inside court

This course discusses the nature and the role of American courts and their contribution in curtailing violence. This course requires the students to get practical experience by witnessing the core proceedings and trials. These visits are not for fun but are necessary so that students can write and analyze case studies. The course is hard as a lot of work requires critical thinking.

9. ENV 4900 Environment research Science

Picture of Estonian forest

This course requires a lot of research work and as result, a lot of focus on the surroundings. Students need to rely more on their observation skills in order to come up with an appreciative thesis and research. This makes the course hard.

10. ENV Introduction to environment studies

A hand holding a plant

This introductory course will place many students off-guard as the contents are very hard and analytical. By surveying the environment with respect to the role of nature and man, they need to arrive at conclusions. Also, the major topic of environmental friendly resources is hard and demanding.

As a result, the courses at this college are nowhere easy to deal with. Instead they require a lot of attention and focus from the students’ part to pass them. Make sure to be prepared before taking any of these classes and good luck!

Top 10 Library Resources at Carthage College

College can be intimidating for many due to all the academic stresses it puts on the students. However, learning can be made significantly easier with the use of university services particularly the so-called “Library.” Today, we’re going to show you how Carthage College has made education a lot easier and exciting for all of its students. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at Carthage College.

1. Learning Accessibility Services

Carthage College ensures that all students, specifically those with disabilities, can learn and succeed in their academics despite their handicap. Thanks to its Learning Accessibility Services, students with disability can be accommodated by faculty and staff and give essential assistance for their use of the library. It’s worth noting that all of their services are entirely for free!

3 female students listening to lecture

2. Teaching Commons

One of the most essential aspects of learning is communication. Because of this, the Carthage College ensures that it has all the necessary equipment and services to provide and encourage collaboration among its students and faculty members. Teaching Commons enhances the collaboration between students and teachers via various tools and activities such as practice sessions, reading groups, workshops, etc.

photo of teachers

3. Tutoring

Self-studying can be tough. Thankfully, the librarians and staff at Hedberg Library provide individual and group tutoring sessions. From Math to Literature, solve all your projects, quizzes, and assignments with the help of certified professionals!

tutor teaching 2 kids

4. Writing Center

The Hedberg Library offers the Brainard Writing Center, a free resource available to all members of the Carthage community. Basically, this service provides assistance to students, who need help with their thesis, reports, etc. by helping them in choosing their topic, formulating a thesis statement, organizing thoughts, etc.

student writing

5. Interlibrary Loan

If you find yourself searching for a specific material or document that is not available at the Hedberg Library, then you can simply borrow it from any other off-campus library! Simply inquire for an interlibrary loan and you’d get your desired research material in 2-3 weeks.

books on the table at the library

6. Computing

Any advanced libraries have computer systems on it. The Hedberg Library is no different. It has computers, laptops, printers, and scanners all available for the general use of the Carthage community.

ccccccccccccstudent using laptop with book and coffee

7. Borrowing Equipment from the Library

The Hedberg Library allows its community to check out library materials and equipment for a specific amount of time. This privilege also extends to all of its alumni.

elementary student reading book

8. Network and Security

Carthage College provides free WiFi coverage on most of its halls and campus locations including the library. Wired Ethernet connections are also available on all of its establishments within the campus.

ethernet cables plugged onto a modem

9. Media Services

All residents at the Carthage College are eligible to use media services from 7:30am – 7pm. Media services include Cable Television, Carthage Live Streaming, Classroom Technology, and Educational Media. The campus also has its own cable channel: Channel 95, which students can tune onto for any campus activities, announcements, and upcoming events.

class watching a presentation via projector

10. Working at LIS

The Carthage College offers an on-campus job for students who want to earn money as well as gain valuable work experience while studying. Also, by working at LIS, students can get to know other students as well as build a strong relationship with faculty members and staff.

student doing a project on a laptop

Top 5 Libraries at Carthage College

1. Hedberg Library

The Hedberg Library was named after Donald D. Hedberg, a chemist, inventor and successful entrepreneur who donated $1 million to create the ScienceWorks program in 1994. The building has two levels with the lower level housing general books, group study rooms, conference room, and periodicals. The upper level has the information desk, new books, computers, writing center, and teaching commons and resource center.

fiction novels

2. Simmons Library – Kenosha Public Library

Initially named the Gilbert M. Simmons Library, the Kenosha Public Library is the main resource center for the Kenosha County Library System. It has served the city and county of Kenosha for over 100 years. The public library holds a vast collection of kids and teens books, resource materials such as newspapers, articles, eBooks, digital media, voting information and many more.

a section of a library

3. Northside Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Northside branch was built on June 7, 1993, which, including overall furnishings, cost $2,510,000. It is the most recent library of all the Kenosha Public Library branches. The public library has all the advanced digital equipment including printers, computers, and laptops, etc.

common space of a luxurious library

4. Uptown Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Uptown Library is built to accommodate the growing needs of the Westside. The construction cost of this west branch library was a total of $50,000. Currently, the public library has a collection of 6,000 books.

librarian witha stack of books

5. Southwest Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Southwest branch opened to the public on January 16, 1981. It was renovated in 2004 to house more books and research materials. During this time, the Bookmobile goes into service. The public library was further developed in 2009 which saw the addition of computers, laptops and other digital equipment.

female student checking out a book

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Carthage College

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Carthage College has over 120 student clubs to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Carthage College.

1.  Carthage United to Rescue Earth (CURE)

Students picking up trash

The purpose of this club is to raise awareness for the significance of being eco-friendly to help the Earth.  Most meetings involve discussions about fundraising, endangered animals, and eco-friendly activities.  Join this club if you are interested in “going green” and saving planet Earth!

2.  Carthage College Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Logo

This club serves to provide families in need with low-income housing while also raising an awareness for homelessness.  This club hosts many different on and off-campus events including an Annual Habitat Benefit Concert.  Club members also take a service trip over spring break.

3.  Carthage Woods and Water

A trail in Kenosha County, the country where Carthage College is located

This club is designed for students who love going on outdoor adventures.  The club aims to introduce members to outdoor sports and activities available in the local area.  Club activities include fishing, mountain biking, trap shooting, camping trips, fishing tournaments, and conservation projects.

4.  Pals & Partners

Pals and Partners activity
The purpose of Pals & Partners is to help “at risk” youth.  Students volunteer to serve as a role model for these children.  Club members will help their buddy recognize the importance of school and help them find ways to get involved in positive activities outside of school.  Pals & Partners is also the school’s oldest student organization.

5.  Poetry Underground

Poetry Underground

This club is designed for the poetry loving student.  Poetry Underground welcomes students of all poetry writing abilities.  Meetings consist of both writing time and sharing time.  Club members also can attend events such as readings, open mic nights, and poetry slams.

6.  Psychology Club

Psychology Club at the Homecoming Parade

This club is designed for students studying psychology.  The club provides students with a platform to study and discuss psychology with their peers.  The club hosts events such as Taboo Talks, a Family Fun Night, a Psychology Picnic, and a Halloween Party.

7.  Running Club

Runner clipart

The running club welcomes both beginner and experienced runners as well as walkers.  The club provides students the opportunity to have a group to run or walk with.  Club members also participate in community fun runs.

8.  Student Government

Student Government Logo

Being a part of the student government is a great way to get involved at Carthage College.  This student organization works with the college faculty and administration to give students a voice.  The organization is made up of an Executive Board, a Student Senate, and four standing committees.  This club is perfect for students looking to take on a leadership role at the college.

9.  Ultimate Frisbee Club

Carthage Ultimate Frisbee Players

The goal of this club is to meet up and play ultimate frisbee as much as possible.  The club typically attends four tournaments a year.  Students of all skill levels are welcome.

10.  WAVE Radio

WAVE Radio Logo

The WAVE is a student-run radio station.  The radio station provides in-studio and on-air DJ training for students who are interested.  The WAVE has a website where you can listen live and access a plethora of podcasts.

Top Events During the School Year at Carthage College

1.  Homecoming


This annual event provides students and alumni with a weekend to celebrate Carthage College.  This year homecoming occurred September 28th-30th.  Homecoming events include a football game, pep rally, class reunions, a parade, and a worship service.

2.  Commencement Weekend

Commencement Weekend

Graduation is such an exciting time!  This year the event will occur from May 24th-26th.  The weekend includes a Baccalaureate Worship Service and Commencement Exercises.

3.  Christmas Festival

Carthage College Christmas Festival
This annual event helps students to get into the Christmas spirit.  This year the event will be held between November 30th and December 2nd.  Activities include a concert, Service of Lights, a holiday buffet, and an art exhibit.

4.  Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Carthage College hosts a family weekend each fall and spring.  Families can attend classes with their student, see shows, and cheer on athletic teams.  This is a great way for families to get a glimpse of campus life at Carthage.

5.  Arts and Creativity Festival

Carthage College Musician

This annual festival will occur in March 2019.  The festival celebrates different art forms through various events.  The festival includes musical performances, art exhibitions, and theatre performances.


Top 10 Dorms at Carthage College

Between Chicago and Milwaukee, there are so many excellent places to live. And for many students, Carthage College gives reason to it. Here are the ten best options for Carthage students:

1. The Oaks Residential Village

The Oaks

Address: 421 Oak Leaf Road

The Oaks is not an area that every student can choose to live in on the Carthage campus, but that’s what puts it at number one. It is the top residence for a reason, as it is so spacious and does not house as many people as its size might indicate. The suite style living is for upperclassmen, too, and it makes for an excellent transition later in their academic careers.

2. The Tower

The Tower

Address: 14 35th Street

The Tower houses the most students of any residence hall on the Carthage campus, so it can be a bit more of a challenge for students to find their way and find their community here. However, it does have the fact that it is the newest residence hall going for it. And with that, comes some of the best, top of the line amenities and facilities.

3. Madrigrano Hall

Madrigrano Hall

Address: 504 58th Street

Madrigrano may be a bit of a longer walk from the academic buildings on campus, but it is a great place to live for the athletically inclined students at Carthage. Right near the recreation center, workouts are a breeze with this proximity. Additionally, the dorm building boasts its own volleyball court!

4. Denhart Hall

Denhart Hall

Address: Denhart Hall, Kenosha, WI

Denhart Hall fits into the top half of the list because of its inclusion of honors style housing. For the most part, Denhart is fairly traditional, but the honors dorm rooms are much nicer and are a great option for the more academically inclined students. The only downside, really, is the smaller bathrooms.

5. Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall

Address: 505 Deaderick Street

Johnson Hall fits in nicely on this list as it slides right into the middle at number five. A spot right smack in the middle of the list suits Johnson perfectly because Johnson is a very average style dorm building. When you picture a traditional dorm building, Johnson will probably come to mind, right down to the traditional dorm rooms that could house two students.

6. Tarble Hall

Tarble Hall

Address: 2001 Alford Park Drive

Tarble Hall gets an advantage over Swenson Hall (listed below) because it is a bit larger in size. However, it does boast some similarities to Swenson in terms of which students live there. Tarble is the only all-female dorm on campus.

7. Swenson Hall

Swenson Hall

Address: 1054 Swenson Hall

The amenities and top attributes of Swenson are no better or worse than any other residence option on campus. However, it does lose points because of its exclusivity. It is not easy for students to live in Swenson, largely because it is an all male campus and it is the smallest living area at the school.

8. Campus Apartments

Campus Apartments

Address: 403 Walnut Street

The Campus Apartments do not necessarily have the coolest name for residence areas at schools. But they’re exactly what they sound like. For students accustomed to dorm living, the Campus Apartments are a great way to transition to a living situation that will more closely reflect what adult life will be like.

9. The Springs

The Springs

Address: 12742 71st Street

When it comes to off campus housing options at Carthage, there are few that are as quality as the Springs. On the downside, it is exponentially more expensive than one would hope for. But with full furnishings and plenty of room for tenants, it is hard to argue with the rent cost.

10. 60th Street Apartments

60th Street Apartments

Address: 2212 60th Street

60th Street is the lesser off campus housing option for two reasons. For one, it truly costs a lesser amount than the Springs. On the other hand, though, the quality is lower and it is in a less than desirable area of Wisconsin.


Who knew there were so many great places to live near Carthage, right? And that’s all thanks to the great state of Wisconsin. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Carthage

1. Room Basics

Mini fridge

– Clothing hangers
– Bed sheet hooks
– Air mattress
– Mini fridge
– Decorative plants

2. Food and Snacks

Salad ingredients

– Refillable water bottles
– Salad ingredients
– Ziploc bags
– Forks
– Blender

3. Tech and Entertainment


– HDMI cable
– HBO Go
– Docking station
– Mac computer
– Television

4. School Supplies


– Highlighter
– Three hole punched paper
– Thesaurus
– Packing tape
– Tape dispenser

5. Cleaning and Organization


– Febreze
– Small vacuum
– Vacuum charger
– Laundry bag
– Hamper

6. Campus Gear

 mittens scarves earmuffs

– Purse
– Winter accessories
– Skateboard
– Hairbrush and comb
– Swimsuit

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Portable heater or air conditioner
– Candles
– Popcorn
– Blinds
– Mood lamps

10 of the Easiest Courses at Carthage College

Carthage College is a liberal arts college. Further, it functions as a four-year private school that has ties with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This school is located in Wisconsin on an eighty acre campus off of the shore of Lake Michigan. This location gives students a great view, and provides them with many places to study–even for their easier courses!

1. CLS 1100 – Classical Mythology

This four credit course requires no prerequisites. And, it provides students with a detailed survey of the major myths of the ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as their influence in art and literature.

This is an image found in classical mythology and is likely studied within this course.

2. CLS 3250 – Field Archeology

This is a hands-on course that centers upon various trips. Through their adventures, students gain archaeological experience in the field with an orientation that focuses on the period of the site, its history, and its ancient context.

This image captures students digging at an archeological site.

3. CDM 1150 – Human Communication

This course is a combination of lecture and laboratory experiences, and it provides a broad grounding in the history and current interdisciplinary understandings of human communication. Furthermore, it provides an introduction to the skills and competencies that students can develop with practice.

This image demonstrates two human communicating.

4. CDM 2900 – Sports Media

This course provides students with a broad survey of sports and the communication media. The course deeply explores the history of media and sport, sports journalism, sports marketing, and technology’s influence on the sports marketplace. Because so many topics are covered, this course is perfect for students with many interests.

This is an image of students interviewing an athlete.

5. CRJ 3300 – Mock Trial

Students who participate in this course will become members of the Carthage Mock Trial Team and will represent Carthage College in the annual American Mock Trial Association Tournament. In order to pass this course, students will work on to develop important skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, negotiation, communication, debating, and team building.

This is an image of a student performing before a jury during mock trial.

6. EDU 1010 – Education and Society

This course provides students with the knowledge of history and philosophy of education as well as current social and political issues of education learning environments. Further, students will also examine governance issues in regards to education and the education system.

This is an image of students celebrating their education.

7. EDU 2150 – Creative Arts: Music and Art in Elementary/Middle School

This course is essentially a deep study of the philosophies, methods, and materials essential in facilitating artistic development in elementary and middle school students. The emphasis of this course will be placed upon how educators can ensure the integration of the arts into the larger school curriculum.

This is an image of music and art, and these two come together in this course.

8. ENG 2020 – British Literary Traditions I

This course covers the work of British authors prior to 1800. Such works and writers as Beowulf, Chaucer, medieval lyrics, medieval drama, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Milton, and Pope will be included in their studies. In addition to these writers and works, attention will be given to important women writers of the premodern period, a topic that is often forgotten in courses of this caliber.

This is a representation of Beowulf, who is an influential character and story in pre-1800 literature.

9. ENG 3110 – Shakespeare

In this upper-level course, students study the representative tragedies, comedies, histories, and romances of Shakespeare, specific attention will be given to how Shakespeare’s plays reflect the fundamental concerns of the Renaissance.

This image is of William Shakespeare, one of the key authors reviewed within this course.

10. EXS 1080 – Introduction to Health and Wellness Education

This course introduces students to health topics pertaining to the development of children and young adult’s physical, psychological, and social well-being.

This is a logo for health and wellness, which are the major themes of this course.


Ultimately, Carthage College provides students with the ability to choose courses that both interest them and land at the skill level that they are looking for. This school has grown over time in regards to students and faculty members, and the courses are a clear reason why!