10 Buildings at Camden County College You Need to Know

Camden County College is home to over 23,000 students. Here, a number of students make up a diverse community filled with students from around the world. Below are ten of the top buildings that you need to know on the campus of Camden County College.

1. Otto R. Mauke Community Center

Inside of the Community Center

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

Are you wanting to feel a sense of community on campus? This building is home to the Otto R. Mauke Community Center. Here, students will be able to find a number of spaces to meet up with friends and lounge out, study rooms, and other resources to utilize.

2. Connector Building – Civic Hall, Atrium

A representation of civics in the world

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to the department of civics. Students will be able to find a number of classrooms for both undergraduate and graduate students, lecture spaces, study rooms, printing services, and administrative offices for staff.

3. Madison Hall

The outside of Madison Hall

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to Madison Hall. It is one of the buildings on campus where students will find a number of classrooms, advising offices, and adjunct faculty offices. If you’re ready to learn, this is definitely the place for you on campus!

4. Taft Hall

The outside of Taft Hall

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to the Student Services Center. It is one of the main buildings where students can relax and really experience campus life. It also features a number of resources from offices such as the post office, the welcome center, and more.

5. Lincoln Hall – Dennis Flyer Memorial Theater

Lincoln Hall - Dennis Flyer Memorial Theater

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

Do you like the arts? This building is home to the Dennis Flyer Memorial Theater. This houses a number of practice rooms, rehearsal spaces, classrooms, and the campus’s theater where the public can view special performances from different ensembles or soloists.

6. Polk Hall – Health Careo

Outside of the Polk Hall building

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

Do you need some cold medicine or did you just break something? This building is home to primary care and injury care staff. Medical students will also receive hands-on training and classes here as they work to complete their medical courses as well.

7. Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education

 Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to the Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education. Here, students will find a number of laboratories for the departments in science, classrooms for learning, lecture halls, and study rooms.

8. Washington Hall – Brookfield Academy; Y.A.L.E.

The inside of a classroom

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is one of the main campus buildings that holds classrooms. It is called Washington Hall. Here, students will not only find classrooms, but they will also find study rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces for student organizations or on campus events.

9. Papiano Gymnasium

The outside of the Papiano Gymnasium

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to the Papiano Gymnasium. It is home to the men’s and women’s basketball teams and where students can really sit down and enjoy a game of basketball. Students will also find locker rooms and equipment for training.

10. Wolverton Library

Outside of the Wolverton Library

Address: Blackwood, NJ 08012

This building is home to a number of reosurces for students. Students will find thousands of books and an online database which they can use to conduct research. Students will also find a printer, copying machine, and a computer lab.

This list is designed to help students to feel more comfortable with knowing where to go on campus. It’s hard to always have to look down at your GPS to figure out where to go just to get to one building. This list is here to help you familiarize yourself!

10 Coolest Courses at Camden County College

Camden County College is a two-year community college situated in Blackwood, New Jersey. For many students, completing a two-year degree may seem more like an arduous chore and less like a fun pursuit of knowledge. Here are ten of the coolest courses at Camden County College to help break up the monotony!

1. PHO 226 – Digital Photography

Picture of digital camera pointed towards landscape while

Digital Photography can be a useful skill in the new Internet age. Want to spice up your Instagram profile? Or maybe take the best photographs during that summer road trip? Fear not – PHO 226 is the perfect class to boost those photography skills to the next level. Students will learn the basics of operating a digital camera, adjusting the settings, and doing basic computer alterations to the photos.

2. SPE 102 – Public Speaking

Picture of lady with ponytail speaking in microphone to a large crowd

It’s the number one fear for many people around the world for a reason – public speaking is excruciatingly hard. Unfortunately, most careers require some form of public speaking or client interaction, so knowing how to say things while sounding poised and confident is an absolute must. For a fun and engaging course that teaches this essential life skill, check out SPE 102. Students can practice their public speaking skills in a safe space, while also challenging themselves to try something new.

3. CGR 113 – Web Page Design

Picture of coding on computer screen

Ever surfed the web and wondered how it all came to be? Although beautiful and stunning web pages seem like a standard in our current Internet culture, go back to 1990s, and you’ll see some pretty frightful eyesores. Modern web page design is a lucrative and in-demand field, as companies want their websites to flow smoothly and appear eye-catching. CGR 113 can help students learn unique web page design and coding skills that can be both fun to apply and lead to potential career paths.

4. CGR 253 – Digital Illustration

Picture of the Mona Lisa painting

Move over pencil and paper: there’s a new artistic tool in town. Digital illustration has become a massive online market and career skill for many artists. New illustration tools like the Wacom drawing tablet and software like Paint SAI are all the rage, and while pencil and paper drawings still have great merits to them, most employers do expect artists to have this under their belt. The class is also fun for anyone who wishes to expand a drawing hobby to the new digital age!

5. MUS 230 – Audio Production

Picture of person using keyboards while on stage in front of crowd

From aspiring students gunning to become the next Marshmello (or maybe just a half-decent wedding DJ) to the weekend guitar player just planning to upload their tunes to Soundcloud, audio production is an extremely useful skill to learn. MUS 230 goes over basic mixing techniques, software and tools students can use, and how to create music and audio that sounds clean. It’s a great starter course for anyone interested in producing music and a fun challenge for the casual musician.

6. CGR 105 – Podcasting

Picture of two people speaking into microphones whille recording a podcast

If you love listening to the bizarre and moving stories on This American Life or entangling the true crime webs of Serial, you’re sure to love CGR 105. A credit course that teaches students the technicalities of creating and producing a podcast, this course is both fun for podcast junkies who want to see behind the curtain of their favorite form of entertainment and great career development for anyone who wants to work in radio and podcasting entertainment and news.

7. PSY 106 – Psychology of Adolescence

Picture of a question mark inside person's profile

There truly never was a creature more misunderstood than the American teenager – at least, that’s what all the grunge music, punk songs, and angsty teen movies and books will have you believe. However, a few brave psychologists (more like many, many psychologists throughout all of human history) have taken it upon themselves to dissect the complex emotions and experiences of teenagers all around the world. Psychology of Adolescence is an interesting class that offers new perspectives on adolescent culture, new challenges facing teenagers, and may even help you understand yourself better!

8. FNS 105 – Introduction to Nutrition

picture of a healthy meal, with veggies and a plate full of salad

Whether it’s keto, Atkins, vegan, or a god-awful Beach Body diet, many people these days look to the internet for dieting and nutrition advice, often trying to chase unrealistic body expectations in short time periods. This, however, should not discourage people from learning to take care of their bodies and living healthier lifestyles – that’s where FNS 105 comes in. This comprehensive course will cover the foundations of nutrition, fitness, and ways that students can lead a healthy lifestyle through diet.

9. PSY 104 – Abnormal Psychology

Picture of cartoon girl sitting with clourds and rain around her

While most psychology courses cover ‘healthy’ psychological principles – behaviors that many people exhibit normally and are considered not pathological, PSY 104 takes the opportunity to dive into mental illness and abnormal behavior. Taking sociological and biological perspective into account, PSY 104 gives students new understandings of traditionally ignored or stigmatized mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. This class is both interesting and extremely enlightening.

10. ASL 101 – American Sign Language I

Picture of person signing in ASL

Despite being a valuable skill that promotes inclusive communication between the Deaf and Hearing communities, ASL is not very widely known by hearing people. A unique language, ASL employs the hands and body to communicate, rather than sounds, and learning the language can be a rewarding experience that broadens your horizons and provides a challenge. Additionally, it can be a lifelong skill that will help make you an ally to the Deaf community.

10 Hardest Courses at Camden County College

Camden County College is known for its liberal arts and technical training. As a community college, it offers multiple courses that hone the skills of students, and at the same time creates citizens with a responsible attitude towards their community. Camden County College is also famous for being an institute that has diverse training programs. It operates in four locations: Camden, Cherry Hill, Sicklerville, and its main campus, Blackwood. With their simplicity, it is not evident that they have massive courses inside the humble walls of the institute. Let’s look at the top 10 hardest courses you can encounter at Camden County College.

1. CIS-285  Linux/UNIX Networking and Security

A screenshot of Linux code stack.

First on our list is among the hardest new coursesever. It cannot be denied that Computer Studies is one of the “hard to get”programs. Linux/UNIX Networking and Security is a course that studies thepowerful operating systems ever. Security of the network within Linux/UNIX isthe main topic here. Rare people mastered the operating system, so expect thecourse to be different from the standard operating system studies you know of.

2. EET-221  Digital Circuits

A complex microchip architecture.

Digital Circuits deals on how to collect and receivedata or command using a circuit. It also presents the connecting of signalsbetween two or more devices. In this course, experiments on circuits will beperformed, and the skill to use the software to execute commands will bestudied as well. Electrical-Electronic Engineering is one of the most usefulbut uneasy courses to take.

3. FSC-120  Introduction to Forensic Toxicology

A student of  Camden County college in a forensic laboratory.

Forensics isn’t an easy job. In the Biotechnologyprogram, students can choose the Forensic Science Option as preparation foraspiring students to become a successful forensic. Usually, this course takes avital role in crime scenes, so this one isn’t an easy one.

4. CRJ-101  Administration of Justice

Correction and law enforcement.

Administration of Justice is the study of the legalsystem and government activities. This course is for sure a tough because ofthe memorization of the articles needed to execute justice flawlessly.Administration of Justice is merely the study of correction and lawenforcement, but it isn’t simple in terms of its powers, which makes it achallenging course to pass.

5. PSY-104  Abnormal Psychology

A patient filling up an evaluation for psychology test.

This course might be simple at first glance, but whenstudied, an important branch of psychology. Abnormal Psychology is a leap ofinnovation towards the undiscovered issues in the current state of psychologystudies. The course dives into the deeper parts of psychology that are unusual,and sometimes unknown. The course typically deals with behavioral context, butcritical thinking must be applied to meet its standards.

6. SRG-100  Surgical Technology

A surgeon in a practice hands-on exercise.

Surgical Technology is also one of the hardest coursesin terms of science and health. This course offers knowledge to students forthem to be able to assemble and prepare surgical supplies and equipment.Surgical Technology hones the observations of the aspiring students that willbravely take this challenging course.

7. ASC-235    Clinical Laboratory for Veterinary Techs

A dog given medication by a veterinary student.

The veterinary program is one of the most beautiful programs that a student can enroll in. However, it isn’t easy as picking apples from a tree. This course is so hard that only a few pass this program. Clinical Laboratory for Veterinary Technicians teaches the examination of animal bodily fluids. This course is training to work with veterinary pathologists for examining urine or blood of animals to diagnose diseases.

8. CIS-236  SQL Fundamentals II

A lecturer and a SQL student in a computer class.

Another one from the computer studies, SQLFundamentals is one of many courses offered in terms of computer technology.This course includes networking principles. SQL Fundamentals also deals withSQL language and database systems. The course features definition, selection,and manipulation of data through a network.

9.    LFO-211    Geometric Optics

Laser beaming out for observation and examination.

Geometric Optics is the study of light and itsfunctions and importance. This course also includes the light propagation andexamination of the various effects and causes of light rays. This course usesmathematical and physics principles heavily, which is sure to be hard forunmotivated students who don’t have a passion for optics.

10. OMT-103    Ophthalmic Optics

An ophthalmic student examining in the optics laboratory.

Last but not least is Ophthalmic Optics, which is thestudy of eyes and visual perspective. What makes this course hard is because itstudies the most sensitive organs that humans use in their everyday activities.This course packages the visual effects of the human eye plus the correctionand measurement of defects that lead to preparing the right visual aids likeglasses and contact lenses. As always, without passion, this course will betough to pass.

Camden County College offers various courses that are familiar, but difficult if not taken seriously. The trick to passing hard courses like the ones we mentioned, is that students need to be passionate and must have the heart to help once they completed their training. What makes Camden County College amazing is that it isn’t only focused on academics, but also towards the public training of its students to practice and perform respect for the student’s community and their people.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Camden County College

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Camden County College has 20 student clubs to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Camden County College.

1.  American Sign Language Club

Sign language alphabet

This club allows deaf students, sign language interpreters, and deaf studies students to practice their sign language.  The club provides a fully immersive environment to help students better their sign language skills.  The club also aims to raise awareness of Deaf Culture.

2.  Animal Care Club


This club is designed to support the local animal advocacy groups.  Club members organize fundraisers, trips, and other activities.  Club meeting discussions involve planning ways to help animals and encouraging responsible pet ownership.

3.  Campus Press Newspaper


If you are interested in journalism, then this is the club for you.  The Campus Press Newspaper is completely student run.  Publications include articles on student activities, events, current music, and more!

4.  Criminal Justice Society

Camden County Criminal Justice Society

This club is designed for criminal justice students.  The club participates in various local community service events.  Criminal justice students can learn more about their future career field through guest speakers and networking with other club members.

5.  Game Design Guild

Video game design

This club is for anyone interested in the gaming technology world.  Club members discuss and learn how games work and how they are made.  The club reaches out to local organizations to provide opportunities for students to network with other gamers and designers.

6.  MAD LIT – The Madison Literary Society of Camden County College


This club is perfect for the student with an interest in literature.  The club meets once a week, where members discuss famous authors and literary topics while also having a workshop time for students to work.  The club also publishes the Madison Review which is a literary journal.  Other club activities include, visiting authors, trips to museums, writer’s conferences, and publication parties.

7.  Visual Arts

Visual Arts

This club is designed for students interested in any form of visual arts.  This includes photography, film, fashion design, comic book design, and much more!  Club members meet to share their work or do activities such as watching documentaries.

8.  WDBK Radio Station

WDBK Radio

This organization is perfect for students who are interested in broadcasting.  Students, with the help of faculty and administration, broadcast through station 91.5.  This club is great way for students to see how a radio station works and to practice and develop their broadcasting skills.

9.  W.E. Women Empowered

Empowered Women

This club is designed to empower women.  The organization encourages women academically and supports families in being the best version of themselves.  W.E. Women Empowered also participates in events that support girls and women.

10.  World Culture Club

World Cultures Club

This club welcomes both international students and American students.  The club aims to support cultural diversity and provide a platform for students to learn about different cultures.  Club members participate in events including trips, social activities, and educational programs.

Top Events During the School Year at Camden County College

1.  College Table Visits

Transferring Options

Through the course of the year, different colleges come on campus to visit with Camden County students.  These colleges discuss with students options about transferring once they receive their associates degree.  Students can check the events website to see which colleges are coming to campus and when.  There is also an annual transfer fair attended by four-year colleges that occurs on November 14th.

2.  Welcome Back BBQ

Welcome Back BBQ flier

This event is the perfect way to kickoff a new school year at both Camden County campuses.  The BBQ includes information about campus clubs, college services, voter registration, and college success strategies.  This event occurs in September as students are getting settled into the new school year.

3.  Fall and Spring Job Fairs

Ad from the spring job fair

These job fairs are helpful to student seeking employment or just interested in learning about different career options.  This year, the fall career fair will be held on November 7th.

4.  Sporting Events

Camden Cougars

Camden County College has 14 intercollegiate teams.  Whatever the season is, there is always a team to cheer for!  Attending a sporting event is the perfect way to support the Camden Cougars.

5.  Workshops

Job search skills

These events occur once a week on campus.  Students can develop their skills in a variety of areas including, mastering phone interviews, developing resumes, and learning what to do after interviews.  These workshops are very helpful to students who are in the middle of the job searching process.



Top 10 Dorms at Camden County College

Situated in New Jersey, Camden County College is one of the best community colleges around. It also has a good reputation for living. Here are the ten best places to live near the school:

1. Jamestown Square

Jamestown Square

Address: 31 Peters Lane

Obviously, with a school like Camden County, there won’t necessarily be dorm options. But there are still some great places to live in the surrounding area of Blackwood, New Jersey. Jamestown Square is the best example of a top match for CC students.

2. Fairways Apartments

A room in Fairways Apartments

Address: 1501 Old Blackhorse Pike

The Fairways is one of the pricier options on this list, but it is hard to argue with the value that you get from the higher price. The amenities, furnishings, and appliances are akin to that of an expensive house. With five units available, you won’t want to dawdle with the Fairways.

3. Lakeview Apartments

Lakeview Apartments

Address: 590 Lower Landing Road

The Lakeview Apartments are going to be some of the cheapest living options on this list, but that does not mean you are sacrificing quality by living here. In fact, you are doing quite the opposite. Studio apartments keep things feeling similar to a dorm building without breaking the bank.

4. Ivanhoe Apartments

Ivanhoe Apartments

Address: 400 North Blackhorse Pike

For students who are trying to balance work and school at the same time, Ivanhoe is the best place to live. It’s close to all nearby Blackwood destinations so transportation is a breeze. It’s also fairly inexpensive so students can have a quality backdrop on which to attain their degrees.

5. Blackwood Falls

Blackwood Falls

Address: 227 Washington Avenue

Blackwood Falls lives up to its namesake as it is one of the top living areas in all of Blackwood, but especially for college students at Camden County. It does tend to be a bit pricier, but it is worth it for the quality location. Additionally, safety and security is prioritized at Blackwood Falls.

6. Autumn Ridge

Autumn Ridge

Address: 1210 Cameron Street

Autumn Ridge has the potential to be one of Camden County’s cheaper places to live, but the price tends to vary sometimes, too. With studio apartments available readily, it doesn’t hurt to have the potential to live here. Not to mention, Autumn Ridge is also pet friendly!

7. Millbridge Gardens

Millbridge Gardens

Address: 1341 Clementon Road

Millbridge Gardens is a very fancy, aesthetically pleasing location to live in, which can be good for high maintenance students. However, it also falls right into a range of decently affordable at that! Millbridge is one of those apartment complexes that falls directly into a student’s sweet spot.

8. Pine Ridge Apartments

Pine Ridge Apartments

Address: 1900 Laurel Road

Pine Ridge is, on the outside, not one of the highest priority living options for students. It does tend to resemble a motel and it is a couple extra minutes from campus. However, it’s hard to argue with the price that comes with amenities included.

9. Chadwick Village Apartments

 Chadwick Village Apartments

Address: 1600 Laurel Road

Chadwick Village’s best feature is its surrounding area. While the location is not right on top of the Camden County campus, it does have the benefit of being in a quiet area. This is especially conducive for students aiming to study in peace on the regular.

10. Kingsrow Apartments

Kingsrow Apartments

Address: 500 Chews Landing Road

Kingsrow definitely lives up to the name because when you live there, you feel like royalty. Why would you ever wish for a school to have dorms when you could live off campus for fewer than one thousand dollars in a place like this? Plus, there are six units available, seemingly at any given time!


Camden County College is one of the best schools for prospective students in New Jersey. One thing they should not worry about is where to live. And with this school, they won’t have to worry.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Camden County

1. Room Basics

Towel bar

– Lofting kit
– Towel
– Towel drying rack
– Television
– Curtains

2. Food and Snacks


– Cookies
– Microwave
– Strainer
– Knives
– Measuring cups

3. Tech and Entertainment


– iTunes
– Video editing software
– Photo albums
– Movie theater student discounts
– Scanner

4. School Supplies

Pens and pencils

– Book light
– Pens
– Pencils
– Writing style guides
– Bookmarks

5. Cleaning and Organization


– Body wash
– Water pick
– Trash bags
– Recycling bins
– Bookshelf

6. Campus Gear


– Backpack
– Sneakers
– Shoelaces
– Refillable water bottle
– Exercise clothing

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Couch
– Copier
– Musical instruments
– Desk lamp
– Electric fans

10 of the Easiest Courses at CCC

Camden County College, also known as CCC, is a two-year and public community college that is located in New Jersey, specifically Camden County. This school has four locations, but its primary campus is located in Blackwood. This college is relatively new, as it was founded in 1967.

1. ANT 101 – General Anthropology

This course is an introduction to the four subdivisions of anthropology. And, through this introduction, students will study the evolution of humankind, its achievements, and our capacity for, language and individualized culture.This image is a simplification of what is learned in anthropology.

2. ART 101 – Art Appreciation

The aim of this introductory course is to provide interested students with the critical abilities to appreciate art, its production, function, and aesthetic value. Through hands-on activities and lectures, students will develop an understanding of the visual language artists employ and the variety of mediums they use.This image is of a young woman appreciating beautiful art.

3. ASC 107 – Calculations for Veterinary Technicians

This course is only one credit hour, so it is easier for students than many other courses. Further, this course is lecture style. It will provide veterinary technology students experience in algebraic skills, dosage calculations, concentrations, fluid therapy, and measurements.This is an image of a calculator that students will probably use in this course.

4. ASL 101 – American Sign Language I

This course provides an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) as used in the deaf community. There will be a general discussion of ASL structure and an introduction to a variety of manual communication systems and philosophies. Furthermore, this course requires at least contact hours with people who are deaf.This image captures the letters, numbers, and their corresponding symbols used in American Sign Language.

5. ASL 103 – Fingerspelling

This course is designed to enhance students’ understanding and use of finger-spelling with American Sign Language. This course emphasizes both expressive and receptive skills. This course will be taught in American Sign Language and has the secondary objective of enhancing general signing skills, which is why it should be taken after American Sign Language I.This image demonstrates some of the specific symbols used in fingerspelling.

6. PSY 112 – Psychology of Women

This course presents students with a deep look at the current research being done on the nature and origins of women’s experience and behavior, the meaning of sexuality, performance and achievement differences between men and women, and the special problems that accompany aging.This image is a humorous representation of what is learned in this course.

7. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

This course is designed to help students understand and think about the behavior of people in groups. An emphasis is placed specifically on mastery of fundamental sociological concepts. The course may consider newer sociological developments, social organization, social classes, and social change.This image represents all parts of the discipline of sociology.

8. SPE 001 – Speech Interaction

This course is not only easy, but it is also useful for students, as it is designed to introduce and provide practice in the social graces. Moreover, students will learn and practice appropriate verbal and non-verbal expression.This image is of a speech bubble, as communication comes in handy in this course.

9. THE 121 – Theater Appreciation

This course aims to help students develop a personal understanding and appreciation of theatre as an art form. During the course students will examine the actor, the playwright, the designers and technicians, the director. To make this course even more interesting, students will also attend live theatre productions.This image is of seats in a wonderful theater--perfect for watching a show.

10. SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish

This course is intended for students beginning the language or for those who have received a grade below C in two years of high school Spanish. Further, it provides the student with basic working information of the language in order to better interact and communicate with others, while simultaneously gaining a greater understanding of the different Hispanic cultures.This is an image that captures both the Spanish language and culture.Ultimately, Camden County College gives students so many opportunities to make so many different and unique classes, some of which are easy to not only pass, but also to thrive in! Students adore going to school here, and with the above list of courses, it is not hard to see why.