Jobs for College Students at CSU Long Beach

Are you interested in working on the campus of CSU Long Beach? Every semester, there are departments looking for student leaders/workers to help them. Take the opportunity to look for employment all over campus!

1. Receptionist

Receptionist helping a guest

As a receptionist for many different departments, you’ll have a variety of duties. You will be able to answer phone calls, schedule information, file paperwork, assist guests, sort mail, and so much more. This is your chance to work in an administrative setting where you’ll be able to learn more about the department.

2. Intramural Official

Football official making a gesture during the game

Working for Campus Recreation as an intramural official will give you the opportunity to observe games and have the right to identify rule violations and “call” them. This role is critical to the smooth flow of the matches and maintaining its pace. You must really understand the game you’re refereeing and be able to facilitate protests and conflicts that may arise.

3. Multimedia Editor

Different kinds of multimedia

Do you have an interest in working in the school’s magazine and in multimedia? The Multimedia Editor creates and coordinates web-based content for the print and online publication 22 West magazine. This can include a podcast and video content, photographs, video and
audio content as well as many other forms of media. The student must be enrolled in a related degree program (Journalism, Communications, English, etc.) and have worked with 22 West Magazine for more than a year.

4. Photographer

Photographer with long lens

The Associated Students, Inc. usually hires photographers to take and publish photographs for all of ASI’s publications. Students have the chance to photograph events, design projects, assist in set production, and develop film/digital still photographs. If you love photography, this is the perfect job for you!

5. Convenience Store Associate

University convenience store

As a convenience store associate student workers assist customers with information, locate merchandise and make purchases at the registers. You’ll be working with tons of merchandise and guests that regularly visit the convenience store. This is a great customer service job to help you with your people skills, communication skills, and customer service skills.

6. Bookstore Associate

Small bookstore

Similarly to a convenience store associate, you’ll be providing customer service at the bookstore. Since there are many positions of a bookstore, student workers are trained in all areas and prepared to work where they may be the necessity. A fun perk is being able to represent the store at campus events.

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 


Restaurants & Cafes for Students at CSULB

Many college students often find enjoyment in eating both on and off campus and finding new cafes to study in. Whether it be a restaurant or cafe, students often find moments of peace in spending time with friends and trying new foods. However, finding these new restaurants or cafes can be challenging, especially when students spend most of their time on campus. Below are a few notable restaurants and cafes near California State University – Long Beach (CSULB).

1. The Outpost Grill

Outpost Grill

The Outpost has some of the most consistently tasty food on campus at CSULB. You can even show your ID to save money. The daily specials are a great way to try new things and save money at the same time. Chicken tenders, salad, and barbeque burger are a few fan favorites. You can also order and pay online to avoid the lines and save time. The restaurant also includes ample seating; there are numerous tables inside and at the covered outdoor patio. The restrooms here are also noteworthy – some of newest and nicest on campus.

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

At this Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location, the staff is consistently fast and friendly. They’re also great about giving samples of special coffee and teas they’re serving. Special orders are no problem, and the line moves quickly here. Whether it be for spending time with a few friends or enjoying a nice cup of coffee, this cafe is the perfect location to work and reflect.

3. Robeks


Robeks is the perfect place for people who want to indulge in healthy drinks. For many of its locations, consumers have found that the stores have all been super quality. The price may be a little high for regular visits, but you can watch the staff make the juice from fresh vegetables and fruits. Smoothies are made with frozen flavored yogurt and frozen fruit. The juice is an excellent way to get your daily fruit and veggies intake when on the run. Robeks is definitely worth the trip if you want a fresh healthy alternative to a milkshake.

4. The Crooked Duck

The Crooked Duck

At the Crooked Duck, it doesn’t matter what you order here because everything is great! Breakfast, lunch or dinner – this place is a winner. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you will be able to find things enjoyable and superb meals. The restaurant offers seating outside in their patio, and although the place doesn’t look like much, they have a great variety of dishes on their menu.

5. Greenfield Churrascaria Long Beach

Greenfield Churrascaria Long Beach

Greenfield Churrascaria Long Beach is a great special-occasion meat feast. As with most Brazilian steakhouses, you get a block to indicate to the servers you either do or don’t want to be on the rotation for the latest skewer of freshly cooked meat. Chicken, sausage, cuts of steak including skirt and hanger, and others, carved on demand. There’s also a vast center area filled with fruits, veggies, fish, salads, sweets, savories, served buffet style. Though you can get your fill of sweet stuff in the buffet, the dessert cart is Temptation Island.

6. Rascals Teriyaki Grill

Rascals Teriyaki Grill

Rascals Teriyaki Grill is a regular staple for many families, and you can even get brown rice as a healthy alternative. Their hamburgers are great and the chili-fries and plain fries are just as noteworthy. The food is always affordable and fresh, both healthy and delicious. The teriyaki chicken with veggies and brown rice is always great, and the wait staff are very courteous and polite. This restaurant is the place to be if you love a great teriyaki bowl. The food has always been very good, service is excellent, the prices are average, and they have a lot of seating available.

7. Nick’s on 2nd

Nick's on 2nd

Nick’s on 2nd is a steakhouse of sorts, yet on Saturday and Sunday only, the serve the best high quality gourmet breakfast you’ll find in Long Beach. Hang near the edge of bar to secure a first cone, first served seat, dodging the wait time. You’ll love this place and tell a friend for sure, which is why it’s so popular. The staff is extremely conscious of food allergies and management always double checks to see if the meal was prepared according to specific needs.

8. Thiptara Thai Restaurant

Thiptara Thai Restaurant

The food at Thiptara Thai Restaurant is consistently good, hot and delicious. It’s located at the busy intersection of 7th and Bellflower, and the interior is nicely decorated. The tables have lots of space between them and the service is excellent. The meals are also presented nicely and the restaurant offers great service, delicious food and exceptional prices. The flavor is deep and evident in every bite. The service is great. The restaurant is also great for take out.

Finding new cafes and restaurants while at university can be challenging, but these restaurants above are truly noteworthy and will be an excellent break to your on-campus routine. These restaurants and cafes are affordable and delicious, providing enjoyable time off campus and a great break from your stressful college courses.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at California State University – Long Beach

There are many classes that students can choose to take throughout their time at the university. Many students, however, seem to want to take only harder classes. However, many of them start to lose interest because of this. Luckily, we have found some of the top coolest classes at California State University – Long Beach that will surely spark yours!

1. NUTR 132 – Introductory Nutrition

A look at fruits and veggies

What do you eat on a regular basis? This class is designed to teach students about the fundamentals of nutrition. Students will learn about the physiological functions of humans and their need for food during various times in their lives. This includes learning about dieting.

2. REC 245A – Wilderness Water Expedition

A look at a puddle of water

This class will give students an introduction into the skills, attitudes, and knowledge of water in the wilderness. Students will learn about the techniques needed for going on a boat and even camping. Students will also have a chance to go on a two to three day expedition.

3. REC 220 – Universality of Play

A graphic of the word play

This class is designed to discuss the origins of universality of play. This includes learning about the image one’s self, how to be creative, and how to influence others. Students will also learn about international perspectives of various theories.

4. COMM 309 – Language and Behavior

Languages that are used around the world

How do you communicate on any given day? This class will give students an insight on the language and behavior between humans that interact with one another. Students will investigate different theories that focus on behaviors and interactions and their relationships.

5. COMM 130 – Essentials of Public Speaking

A microphone at a podium.

Are you good at speaking to a crowd? No worries! There’s a class that is here to help you develop that skill. This class will take you through the essentials and principles of public speaking. Students will learn how to inform and persuade in a logical fashion.

6. CHEM 90 – Introduction to General Chemistry

A look at tools used for chemistry

Do you have chemistry with someone or something rather? This class will give students an introduction on the world of chemistry. This includes learning about chemical reactions, how chemistry functions in our everyday life, and the periodic table.

7. ART 241 – Introduction to Photography

A look at a girl taking a picture

Let’s take a picture together! This class will hone in on the functions and principles of photography. Students who take this course will be given a camera for the semester and will earn about digital darkroom techniques, how to create a vision, and how to work a camera.

8. ART 227 – History of Animation

A look at an animation

What was your favorite cartoon to watch when you were growing up? Dora? Spongebob? Tom and Jerry? This class will take students through the history of animation. They will learn how to consider animation on a global scale and how to analyze it as well.

9. ART 184 – Foundation Life Drawing

A painting of  girl on brick wall.

Do you know how to draw? Do you want to learn how to? This class will take students through the fundamentals of drawing. Students will learn how to create a drawing with various tools and how to shade in different features depending on your design.

10. ART 101 – Artists in Their Own Words

Tools used for painting art

What is an artist? How do they establish themselves? This class will take students through the functions of art and everyday work of scholars. Students will learn how to sustain a career in the art industry and how artist use their own work to build a name and career for themselves.

Health and Wellness at CSU Long Beach

CSU Long Beach is the third largest campus of the 23-school and one of the largest universities in the states of California. It has seen through thousands of students graduate since its establishment in 1949. With 2,283 academic staff, 37,776 students where 32,246 are undergraduate students and 5,530 are graduate students as per 2016 tally. The university is located at Long Beach California, United States.

The university sits on 323 acres piece of land, and it has over 84 building. It is renowned for producing notable people like Steve Spielberg-Award-winning film director. It has Health and Wellness Centers that made these prominent people prosper. Some of the Health and Wellness Services include but not limited to;

1. CSULB Student Health Services

Map showing the location of CSULB Student Health Services

This is a health facility whose mission is to support academic excellence by encouraging physical and mental well-being through affordable and quality health services to students and community at large. The facility has professional and experienced clinicians, nurses, a clinical laboratory, a pharmacy, radiology and runs a health resource center& alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Program. It opens throughout the week except on Wednesdays.

2. Parkview Wellness Center

Inside the CSULB Parkview wellness center

Parkview Health and Wellness is that made a friendly center that is located at Long Beach. The health facility aims at helping people to live naturally and enjoy a long life, and vibrant health. The clinic assists people to understand their inner and outer beings so that they can be productive, creative and live to their dreams.

It has experienced doctors like Dr.Allen Arnette who is the company director. It offers services such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Health Consultations, Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation.

3. AHWI Psychology Group, PC

A section of staff members of the AHWI group

This is a psychology clinic that treats students, families, and individuals. It uses a multidisciplinary approach to assess and treat people with psychological issues. The group helps people to achieve their strengths and goals.

Also, it helps people to learn how to cope with pressing issues, live more effectively with life issues and handle mental health problems. The clinic has assisted numerous people with depression, stress, angry and chronic conditions.

4. APLA Health & Wellness Long Beach Behavioral Health

The official logo of the APLA Health Group

This is a health facility that offers services such as checkups, annual physicals, cancer screening, blood pressure complications, and specialist referrals. The facility makes sure people have excellent medical, dental and behavioral health care.

It is a Medical Home where people talk about their experiences, ask questions and share information.

5. Executive Fitness & Med Spa

The state-of-the-art gym at CSULB

This is a private one-on-one clinical that welcomes all fitness enthusiasts. It helps people to anger, improve their health and harvest the benefits of living a well-being through. It has fitness equipment like plasma tv screens and personal trainers who are flexible to save your time.

It has lockers and showers which are sparkling clean. The training offers motivating group classes, circuit and boot camp to help people interact and learn from their peers.

 Fitness increases wellness. Being physically fit and well enables you to take care of yourself and others. Join any of the above Health and Wellness services at California State University, and you will not walk home the same.

Top 10 Majors at CSU Long Beach

If you want to succeed every single day while at school, you need to pick the right major for you. This will allow you to fully enjoy your time away at college. here are the top 10 majors offered at California State University Long Beach.

1. Civil Engineering

The first option that you need to keep in mind is civil engineering. Engineers tend to make a lot of money after graduation. This degree will help you have a very successful life after graduation.

a person holding gear shifts

2. Economics

Another major offered to you is economics. This is a huge industry that houses tons of people every year. With this type of degree, you will be able to stimulate the economy and learn a ton about our world.

terms relating to economics

3. Geography

If you desire more information about the world around us, you should consider majoring in geography. The professors of this field are dedicated to your success every single day. This is a great perk for you to keep in mind when making a decision.

world map

4. Linguistics

Linguistics is a program that will teach you all about communication throughout different cultures and countries in our world. With this degree, you will have a very different view of the world around us. Intern, you will be able to grow as a better person.

linguistics graphic

5. Political Science

It is no secret that this world is becoming more and more political every single day. That being said, you should consider majoring in political science. As a young person out of college, you will be able to make a difference in the political world.

a person in a stand making a speech

6. Philosophy

If you desire more answers in regards to our life, you should consider majoring in philosophy. You will spend a lot of time studying ancient thinkers and their views of the world. You will then spend time making assumptions of your own.

Philosophy terms

7. Psychology

If you love to help other people and you want to help yourself in the process, you should consider looking at psychology. Your career will be devoted to helping other people all the time. This will give you a good sense of humanity and professionalism.

aspects of the brain

8. Spanish

If you want to learn about another language and culture, Spanish is a good option for you. You will even have the opportunity to become bilingual. This will help you make a ton of money after graduation.

spanish flag

9. Dance

The best way to be creative and express yourself while getting an education is by majoring in dance. There are tons of different concentrations on this form of art. You will have a great time with your peers in this program.

two dancers

10. Communication Studies

The final program for you to consider is communication studies. This class focuses on all the various forms of communication throughout history. This is another program that will give you a very good view of the world.

Words used with communication

10 CSU-Long Beach Library Resources

The University of California State University-Long Beach is one of the largest schools of the University of California. There are currently over 20 locations. During your time at the school you will be asked to do a number of different projects and research. Which is why you will need to be knowledgeable on the different ways to research at the library. Here are 10 different library resources to utilize.

1. Events

The library celebrates a number of different events throughout the year. This is a great way to engage with the staff and the students. One of the major events each year is banned books week. This is a whole week to celebrate the books and history of how far we have come to preserve information. Make sure to check out the banned books list and to celebrate reading.

 ban books is a week of celebrating literature

2. Honors Program

This is a super exclusive club that is held by the library. It gives students chances to strive towards academic success. You can reap the benefits of the honors program by simply striving towards great greats and classes that properly challenge the mind. Through the program you can have access to different scholarship opportunities that are honors only.

 honors gives you a chance at scholarships

3. Psychological Experiments Online

This site is a paid for membership by Alexander Online. The school library wants to give you the most current information on all things psychology. Visit this site for all experiments from the 20th and 21st century. You might find interesting reads such as the Prison Experiment.

 Psychological Experiments a class divided

4. Reaxys

This is a special program that gives you the best literature out there. It is specifically for those students learning more about the subject of chemistry. They do this by giving access to journals and patents that you might not be able to get anywhere else.

 reaxys gives info on the chem world

5. Drop In Research Tutoring

Throughout the year you will find that the library will have different times that you can drop in. This means that you can visit anytime (during the window of drop in time of course). This is meant to get one on one help for all your research needs. They will help with databases and next steps.

 drop in to a tutoring session

6. Citation Management Zotero

Zotero is a program that you download onto your computer. This Citation Management workshop is meant for students who are not aware of how to use the site. Of course you can try for yourself but the workshop gives in depth step by step, which proves helpful if you are unfamiliar. This site makes citing sources a breeze.

 zotero is a citation tool

7. Printing

You are able to print in the library. You can do this by adding funds to your online mylibrary account. It costs usually .10 cents per page for a black and white but can be a bit pricier for color laser. The price ranges from $1.5-$3 depending on the length and the width of the page.

 printing in color is the most expensive

8. Library Instruction Session

As a faculty member /teacher it might be in your best interest to schedule this out for your budding students. Make sure to schedule out the session in advance. But this will make for students knowing all that the library has to offer the easiest and most in depth experience they will have. This is especially important for you to do if you have an upcoming writing assignment.

 allow the librarian to instruct on good research methods

9. Beach Reach

Ever wonder why the library seems limited? Well you can decide what the library gives you. Beach Reach allows you to request items that the library does not own.You can have the items delivered to you as well as even renew the item just as if it was a regular library item.

 suggesting new books is not a trip to the beach

10. Citation Help

Citation help is a tab that in one the online library search. It gives you plenty of different way to help you. They have sub tabs for how to properly cite in ways such as MLA, APA and Chicago Style(those are the most popular). They also give helpful tools on plagiarism and tools that can guide you to generating your citation.

 how to chicago style citation

Facilities at the CSU Long Beach Library

1. Starbucks

 starbucks is a sweet and filling treat

Refuel yourself if the best tasting coffee that can be offered. Starbucks prides itself in being your go to for that right amount of caffeine you need to continue your studies. The library should never be boring. Which is why even when you are visiting a friend consider the library Starbucks as the perfect relaxation area to do so!

2. Research Desk

 the research desk gives users the help they need

The research desk is located at your convenience. It is meant for those students who are struggling with figuring out the best possible way to research. Researching can be hard, which is why they have plenty of people who have experience to help you. Ask all the questions you want or ask someone to show you different resources they use to research.

3. Special Collections and Archives

 archives track and hold rare information

The special collections and archives is the area that you would go for if you need something that will truly take your project to the next level. The special collections are ever-changing and usually are rare pieces that the college gets access to for a certain amount of time. Take advantage of the archives to find rare historical information.

4. Circulation Desk

 the circulation desk has all your answers

This is the area that you would go to if you had any questions regarding your student checkout account. If you need to hold or reserve a book stop on by to the desk. If you have questions on what can be checked out or library hours you can also visit the desk.

Top 7 Residences at CSU Long Beach

Looking for a new residence or dorm for college and the upcoming school year can be tough. No worries! We got you covered! Below we have listed some of the top dorms you will find on the campus of California State University – Long Beach!

1. Parkside College

An image of a dorm room.

This dorm is located northwest of the camps. These are for first-year students who will live in one of the suite-style dorms. Up to 115 students can live here. These are for those who are in engineering, math, health, or liberal arts programs.

2. Beachside College (Off Campus)

A look inside a dorm room.

This is located about a mile away from the campus. Here, students will find a bunch of buildings that are built to fit their needs. Housing in this residential-off-campus housing is geared towards transfer students, however, freshman are welcome as well.

3. Hillside College

A look inside a dorm room.

The Hillside Suites offer students the chance to stay in suite-style dorms. Students can stay in single, double, or triple rooms. All rooms are single-gendered. They also come with a fireplace in the lounge area as well.

4. Bixby Hill Apartments

An image of Bixby Hill.

1025 Palo Verde Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

These apartments offer students the chance to stay in a one, two, or three, bedroom apartment that is fully equipped to meet the needs of any student looking to stay here. Students also have access to a pool and more amenities.

5. Beverly Plaza Apartments

An image of Beverly Plaza.

Address: 2000 Park Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

The Beverly Plaza Apartments come in a one, two, or three-bedroom apartment. Students can also  take a dip in the outdoor swimming pull, lift weights and break a sweat in the fitness center, or just chill out on the patio or in the lounge area.

6. Alvista Long Beach

An image of Alvista Long Beach.

Address: 1718 Ximeno Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

Students can choose from a one or two bedroom apartment here that comes with a full-size kitchen. Each apartment has its own private bathroom as well. Students also have access to a pool and fitness center on the first floor and outside.

7. Eaves Seal Beach

An image of an apartment.

Address: 333 1st St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

These apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen and many outside amenities for students to experience and take advantage of. Students also have the opportunity to live in a studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment alone or with friends.

Here is Your Move-In Day Packing List at California State University – Long Beach

1. Room Basics 

An image of a dorm room.

  • Desk Lamp
  • Pillows
  • Comforter Set
  • Pillow Cases
  • Decorative Pillow
  • Rug

2. Food and Snacks

An image of chips and candy.

  • Chips
  • Spring Water Bottles or Gallons
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Your Favorite Cereal Brand
  • Granola Bar
  • Fruit Snacks!

3. Tech & Entertainment

An image of the laptop.

  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone
  • Kindle
  • iPhone
  • iPad

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies

  • Calendar
  • Sticky Notes, Pencils
  • Push Pins/Thumbtacks
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • College-Ruled Paper
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of cleaning supplies.

  • Windex
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Washing Power
  • Dish Detergent
  • Stove Cleaner
  • Sink Cleaner
  • Dustpan
  • Broom

6. Campus Gears

An image of an umbrella.

  • Student ID
  • Umbrella
  • Earphones
  • Jacket
  • Coat
  • Poncho
  • Key-chain

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of a microwave.

  • Microwave
  • Pots and pans
  • Mini fridge
  • TV
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food

10 of the Coolest Clubs at CSU – Long Beach

The Long Beach location of California State University happens to be the third largest campus, out of 23 schools. It is a fairly hard school to get into with under a 35% acceptance rate. The school does however have an average enrollment of over 30,000 students and even better tuition wise is only about 9k after aid. Which for most schools if fairly on the less expensive side. Here are 10 clubs to check out at California State University-Long Beach.

1. Panhellenic Council

This council oversees a small list of fraternities and sororities to make sure that everything is going smoothly. It checks up on campus conduct, misbehavior among pledges and overall how much effort is being put into philanthropy events and service. This is a great group to be in if you are currently in a Greek group and want to make any future suggestions for change.

logo for panhellenic

2. Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi is a women’s sorority that is based on sisterhood, education, philanthropy and leadership. This is a great group to go Greek for. They hold a wide variety of service projects and charitable giving. They like to have nights to get to know everyone and hopefully create lasting friendships.

alpha phi logo

3. Associated Students Inc.

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is a nonprofit association organized for students, by students. ASI funds various scholarships, major and minor campus events and programs, and supports student-run media which includes a weekly newspaper, TV station and radio station. They have fun events such as slacklining which is a very balanced induced hobby(think typese but simpler?) as well as Bingo.

logo for asi

4. Women’s Resource Center

The women’s resource center holds different lunch and learns, educational movies and open discussion events throughout the month. It is a great source of info if you have questions about surviving the school and they will always be an open ear for some topics not so easily talked about. They have plenty of FREE resources to take such an informative pamphlets and even some feminine products that have been donated.

logo for women's resource center

5. Center for International Education

This group is mainly a tool for international students to make an easy and helpful transition from their homeland to the school. It can often be hard not only being a new student to the school but add America and it can be scary. Which is why this center strives to be not only a tool for students to use for any advice but also help the students be interactive with the community by holding events and talks that involve the international students.

international education

6. Archery

The club sport archery is not only a sport of the mind, having to do a lot with patience and strategy but also the body. It is said to be a great sport for taking out anger and aggression and can be used to feel truly at peace after a stressful week.

archery training

7. Beach Balls (Juggling)

Yes, you’ve heard right there is even a juggling group. Juggling as a talent is not an easily done over night thing to do . But this group will be there for you every step of the way. They take all walk of experience and you might even learn how to perfect and hone your skills to juggling a large amount of objects or dangerous ones(be careful!)

juggling at huntington beach

8. Salsa Dance Team

Learning a new dance can be hard. Certainly the movies make it look easier than in real life, it is a mix of steps all combined into one impressive partner dance. This is not only a fun way to work out your body, but join with a significant other or a friend and you got yourself the perfect day.

salsa dance

9. Yoga and Wellness

Break out your yoga mat and your favorite cuddly socks. This group is here to help you meditate and relax. School plus work plus sleep plus social life can all a ever time consuming and exhausting thing to keep in balance. Join the Yoga and Wellness group for a time of absolute quiet and relaxation.

yoga and wellness

10. Bowling

Bowling is not just for retired leagues you saw at your Friday night plans. Bowling is also a fun club sport that can be enjoyed every week! Compete for the prize of best played, as well as hone your skills. You won’t wanna pass up the chance to whip your friends out of the water at your next bowling night.

bowling team

Top Events During the Year at California State University-Long Beach

1. Tech Day

Tech Day is a fun day to learn and explore the world of technology. There will be a variety of booths that let you interact and view new inventions that you might not have seen before, visit this event for some mind-blowing tech.

tech day

2. Beach Family Day at Angel Stadium

This fun event is when the Angels team goes on to compete against their rivals the Seattle Mariners in the end of the season match up. When you get your ticket it will also come with a voucher for a free cap. The tickets will be mailed to you and the event will have an after game fireworks display, plenty of food vendors during the game, and is promised to have good weather too.

angel stadium

3. Liberal Studies Study Abroad Info Session

This event is made for those who have ever thought about possibly studying abroad. it will give you the pros and cons(most pros of course). It will also tell you what to expect as well as the application process and possible fees.

study abroad info session

4. Legal Info Clinic

If you ever need an event more HERE IT IS. This info session gives you the legalities of every possible document you might ever have questions on. That includes loopholes and fine print. The class will mainly focus on topics that are the most relevent for the age group but having a firm grasp on the legal barring of such topics as contracts, leases, jury duty, and business forms are SO important.

signing on the dotted line

5. Back To College Night

This will most likely be for your old classmates, parents, or friends you know have become alumni of the school. It is a huge event that gathers all the alumni together for a last hurrah. The event is free, there is plenty of food, and especially great conversation.

back to college night


6 Buildings You Need to Know at CSULB

California State University- Long Beach is known for its amazing campus and commitment to its students. Some notable features of California State University- Long Beach include its many amazing buildings. Here are six buildings that make California State University-Long Beach unique!

1. Walter Pyramid

Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid is a well-known, 4,000 seat multi-purpose arena located on CSU Long Beach’s campus. The Walter pyramid is also used as a showcase for NBA basketball. In addition to being used as an arena, the Walter Pyramid also houses temporary seating, a standing room, and a hydraulic lift. The Walter Pyramid is definitely an iconic place to visit on CSULB’s campus!

2. University Student Union

University Student Union

The University Student Union is located at the center of the campus. The University Student Union is the go-to place for students to relax and hang out with their friends. The University Student Union is a three story glass building that offers dining and recreational services. In addition, the building also has a bowling alley, student lounge and movie theater.

3. Recreation and Wellness Center

Recreation and Wellness Center

The Recreation and Wellness Center is CSU Long Beach’s university gym. The gym is an all purpose recreational center with fitness facilities and classes. The gym also houses courts for different sports (volleyball, basketball, etc.), rock climbing walls, indoor track and a swimming pool.

4. University Art Museum

University Art Museum

California State University- Long Beach also has their very own art museum. The University Art Museum ranks within the top 10% of art museums within the nation. The museum houses expressionist paintings, work on paper and a sculpture garden outside the museum.

5. Carpenter Performing Arts Center

Carpenter Performing Arts Center

CSU Long Beach also houses a performing arts center. The Carpenter Performing Arts Center hosts a variety of events such as films, forums and live performances. The venue has over 1,000 seats and it is definitely something every student should visit!

6. University Library

University Library

Every university has its library and the University Library is CSU Long Beach’s. The University Library offers a space for students to study. The library offers workshops, study spaces and even has a Starbucks within the library!

Interesting Facts About California State University- Long Beach

1. The Walter Pyramid is the third largest pyramid in the United States

Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid is the stadium at CSU Long Beach. The Walter Pyramid is known for being a multi-sport arena. A fact about the university is that the Walter Pyramid is the third largest pyramid structure in the United States.

2. Founding of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Celebration

Everyone may have heard of the holiday, Kwanzaa which is used to celebrate African American culture in the United States. However, did you know that Kwanzaa was founded by a professor at CSU Long Beach? Dr. Maulana Kernga, a professor in Africana Studies, created the first pan-African holiday in 1966.

3. Notable Athletes

CSU Long Beach's Athletics Banner

Sports is a really big deal at this university. California State University- Long Beach is known for their athletic program and notable alumni. This includes three time Olympic gold medalist, Misty May Treanor, Jared Weaver, Evan Longoria, and Matt Duffy.

4. Japanese Garden

A portion of the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

California State University- Long Beach also has its own Japanese garden. The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is 1.3 acres long. The garden is inspired by the Japanese gardens of Tokyo. The garden is home to a variety of plants and koi fish.

5. Shark Week

A shark tank brought to the CSU Long Beach campus for Shark Week


Every school has their own traditions. At California State University- Long Beach, they have their own shark week. Basically, CSU Long Beach is one of the few universities to bring sharks on-campus for learning purposes. This program is commended globally for its contributions to the world of sharks.

Top 10 Professors at CSU – Long Beach

Choosing the right college courses are vital to a student’s academic success. However, choosing the right professor is sometimes even more important then getting the right course. Below are the top 10 professors at the California State University, Long Beach who are really passionate about what they teach, will help you succeed in the class, and make sure you make most of the classroom time to your benefit.

1. Tom Gufrey

Tom Gufrey in his classroom.

Rating: 100%
Department: Chemistry

Courses Taught:

CHEM 100 – Learn More
CHEM 105 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Tom is a silly guy, encourages students to stop by office hours, and he loves to end class with a fire. He provides demos for the class and applies the lesson of the day to explain what is happening. He also sells the chemistry book for $20! Make sure to study, chemistry is not learned the day before the exam plus you have a practice exam to study.”

“Great professor! Gave a lot of unnecessary papers, but was nice. Show up to office hours in the BEGINNING of the semester for the easier points, get 60% or higher on all exams, show up to lab and do the homework and you’ll do great! Missed class 5 times, missed lab once, I got 60 on all exams, but the points from office hours help a lot.”

“Tom is different than most professors at CSULB. He makes learning super fun and doesn’t take things too seriously. In class demos with explosions, easy hw and labs, and extra credit every class! Only catch is you have to get 60% or better on 3 exams to keep your A, no matter how much extra credit you get. Very easy and I never took Chem! Take him!”

2. Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin taking a selfie.

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SOC 100 – Learn More
SOC 405 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Professor Martin is one of those that really want you to succeed and is willing to help you to the best of her ability. She is very interested in what she’s teaching and her good mood tends to be contagious. Her expectations are reasonable and grades fair. Awesome professor!”

“Such an amazing Professor! Take her class you will not regret it. She will help you and make sure you understand the material. I took a stats class before and struggled, but professor Martin actually helped me learned and made class enjoyable. I can’t thank her enough. There are 4 exams and she guides you so you know exactly what to expect.”

“Dr. Nancy Martin is the best math teacher I have ever had! She is so sweet, and really cares about her students. I was really worried about taking a stats class, because I am not much of a math person, but she made the class fun and easy to understand. If you have the opportunity to take her, I would 100% recommend taking stats with her!”

3. Steven Zee

Steven Vee dancing in a studio.

Rating: 100%
Department: Dance

Courses Taught:

DANC 110 – Learn More
DANC 103 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“He was such an entertaining prof. that at times I felt I was in a comedy club. Loved to be in every lecture and tap dance rehearsal. Provides students with answer to know before quizzes and exams, so takes good notes/record him. Learned/loved the Shim Sham dance. Provides extra credit opportunities. Best CSULB prof I have ever met.”

“Steve is awesome! He is so funny and is truly a great professor. He cares deeply about tap and teaches it in a fun and easy way. One day is lecture, learn about older tap dancers and watch a lot of clips, the other day is actually tap dancing. As long as you give some type of effort you’ll pass the movement exams. Two exams, written and movement.”

“He makes the lectures entertaining and fun. He’s always in a good mood. 2 quizzes and 1 mid 1 final. Everything was super easy. Recommended to buy the book but honestly you can 100% pass the class with an A w.o the book. I bought it and read one page and passed with an A. Plus you actually tap dance which is super fun. 10/10 recommend.”

4. Nathan Gerard

Headshot of Nathan Gerard, Assistant Professor at California State University - Long Beach
Gerard, Nathan – Healthcare Administration

Rating: 100%
Department: Health Care Administration

Courses Taught:

HCA 490 – Learn More
HCA 416 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Dr. Gerard is one of the most caring professors on campus. His 312 class is a breeze. As long as you get full credit on all assignments and show up to all classes, you can get a C on both the midterm and final and still end up with an A in the class. There are weekly quizzes but they are super easy. I didn’t even purchase the book.”

“Dr. Gerard’s 410 and 312 classes are a must-take for HCA majors. His lectures are engaging and informative. They stir thought and generate discussion. There is never a dull moment in class. Dr. Gerard designed his classes so that all students have to do is “show up” & participate. There are a few easy assignments and weekly quizzes. Take him!”

“I took two of his classes and he is one of my favorite professors. I learned a lot from both courses and he actually inspired me to minor in HR. Highly recommend Dr. Gerard!!”

5. Morgan Land

A headshot of Morgan Land. for morgan land csulb

Rating: 100%
Department: Film

Courses Taught:

FEA 304 – Learn More
FEA 383 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“By far, Morgan is THE BEST! If you’re one of those who believe that writing is unteachable, you must definitely take a class with him.”

“Prof Land is a great professor. Lively, funny—and incredibly well spoken. He knows his stuff—and his knowledge of the industry is amazing. Loved it. Loved him. He’s the type of prof whose passion rubs off.”

“This class is a measuring stick of where you are in your process. Land tells you what he thinks—and because he’s working in the industry—and his notes are spot on—you have to seriously listen. Its by far the best writing class I’ve ever taken, but if you have trouble being honest or you can’t work your hardest—it may not be for you.”

6. David Powell

David Powell standing outside in the CSULB classrooms.

Rating: 100%
Department: Distant Learning

Courses Taught:

PPA 550 – Learn More
PPA 518 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Awesome Professor, take him for as many classes you are can! He gives great feedback, clear instructions, and lectures are interesting. He uses BeachBoard, powerpoint, and email. I will take him again!”

“First off, I would like to say that this guy gives great lectures. A very articulate and eloquent communicatorpresenter making course materiel clear. A noble introductory course to the program. Watch out doe, he will dip your scholastically soft feet so genteelly into the PPA programs pleasingly warm water that you wont want to ever leave.”

“I was scared to take this class but Dr. Powell presented the material in an understandable way. You get to choose any program and evaluate that program. As long as you justify your reasoning for the program then you will get full credit on the final paper. Don’t even bother buying the book his lectures are enough information for the paper. Easy A!”

7. Jerry Prell

A headshot of Jerry Prell.

Rating: 100%
Department: Theater

Courses Taught:

THEA 113 – Learn More
THEA 111 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“A great theatre teacher: warm-hearted, fun, blithe, and energetic. There are a few writing assignments (watch a few plays and write a reflection on them), but the majority of the class is trying something new everyday, may it be a new game or activity to improve our acting chops. Prof. Prell gives great feedback as well as lessons on acting & life.”

“Jerry’s class was a blast, and it was actually a pretty good introduction to acting. He has a great sense of humor and grades quite leniently, but does take his time to explain the reason behind the activities we do and gives great feedback on performances. STRONGLY recommend!”

“Jerry is such an amazing Theater professor I never looked forward for 9 am classes but this semester i couldn’t wait his class is so much fun, and he is just a cool person. You’ll never be bored with him, definitely take him! AMAZING! SO FUN!”

8. Rita Suh

Headshot of Rita Suh Professor at CSU Long Beach

Rating: 100%
Department: Elementary Education

Courses Taught:

EDEL 490 – Learn More
EDEL 420 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Rita is hands down the best out there. She makes you work for it, but she really works hard for you. She gives the most specific feedback and will allow you to resubmit if you put in the effort. She is very insightful and you will learn so much from her class. You are doing yourself a disservice by not taking her.”

“For this class, Professor Suh follows a student-lead format. Half of her class is lecture and the other half is group discussion. Professor Suh provides great feedback and allows for revisions. I would take her if you want to learn something. And she will definitely gear you for success in her class and in the field.”

“Professor Suh is very clear in her grading criteria, provides detailed feedback, and allows for revisions. Class attendance is mandatory but she does not waste your time. Probably one of the best teachers under the College of Ed.”

9. Bryan Malinis

Bryan Malinis at his classroom.

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COMM 130 – Learn More
COMM 110 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“BEST PROFESSOR EVER!! His class is one of the few classes where you can learn and have fun at the same time! He can pull off a “boring” topic in an entertaining fashion. If you have some sort of fear for public speaking, he is THE ONE to take! Fair grader, 2 minor speeches, 3 major speeches, quizzes, and two major tests.”

“Bryan is SO AWESOME!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET TAKING HIS CLASS! He is funny and down to earth. Bryan wants to help all of his students. I’ve learned so much from taking his class and I can honestly say that he’s helped me build my confidence in public speaking. I would definitely take any of his classes again.”

“This is my first rating ever and I just need to say that Bryan is a blessing. My first semester here and he is the best professor I have ever come across; his class is incredible, fun, and you learn a lot. Prior to this, I didn’t have the ability to use communication and speak in front of people. With Bryan, he helps you get you there.”

10. Cheryl Swatek

Cheryl Swatek in her home.

Rating: 100%
Department: Physical Education

Courses Taught:

KIN 201 – Learn More
KIN 156 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Aqua Aerobics was definitely a fun class! I highly recommend to anyone! She is very caring and understanding about any situation! She even takes the class for a kayaking experience. Easy A.”

“I had Chery for Swim Conditioning too and both classes were a fun. Her teaching is very lax and she’s so easy to get along with. She clearly knows what she’s talking about for 210, easy exam (she went over it before hand) and easy final group project. In Swim, we just swam laps constantly which really helped me improve & played games. good stuff.”

“She is SUCH a great professor! She is willing to work with you and cares about your personal life. She is wanting the best from you and pushes you to achieve. All tests and finals are take home tests and she’s very clear in her teaching. She is a little off of her syllabus but makes up for it in helpfulness and kindness. She even made us veganfood!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at CSULB

1.) Research Project by Stephen Adams

Dr. Stephen Adams

Faculty: Educational Technology and Media Leadership

New curriculum standards require teachers to teach about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and to use educational technologies. Dr. Stephen Adams (Professor in Educational Technology and Media Leadership) has been developing and studying a teacher training model for using educational technologies in STEM that has complementary goals related to both developing teachers and serving youth from diverse communities.

2.) Research Project by Luis Arboleda

Luis G. Arboleda-Monsalve Photo

Faculty: Soil-Structure Interaction and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Dr. Arboleda and his team are currently focusing their attention on the development of design recommendations and analyses of two urban cofferdams with the goal to avoid unintended ground movements as a result of excavation activities. Design recommendations are being issued through the research grant sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Award No. 1538506) in a two-year research effort titled: “Effects of Pre-Excavation Activities on the Performance of Urban Cofferdams.” This project uses advanced constitutive soil models to simulate full-scale construction projects.

3.) Research Project by Niloofar Bavarian

Dr. Niloofar Bavarian Photo

Faculty: Health Science

Prescription stimulant misuse is a growing issue in the college population. This health-compromising behavior has become so prevalent that popular television shows and movies have started incorporating the topic into storylines. Dr. Niloofar Bavarian (Health Science) has been studying the behavior ever since she was a graduate student at Oregon State University. At that time, research on the issue was in its infancy.

4.) Research Project by Jessica Zacher Pandya

CSULB Faculty - Jessica Pandya

Faculty:  Liberal Studies

When Dr. Jessica Pandya, Chair of the Liberal Studies Department, came to CSULB 10 years ago, she began an ethnographic study of the experiences of English language learners in test-saturated classrooms under the No Child Left Behind Act. Her research, funded by two Haynes Foundation Faculty Fellowships and several CSULB RSCA Awards, led to the publication of Overtested: How High-Stakes Accountability Fails English Language Learners (Teachers College Press, 2011). The book describes the faults in the current K-12 accountability system and provides real-world solutions that can have an immediate and positive effect at the classroom, state and national levels.

5.) Research Project by Bob Minaie

Photo of Faculty Member, Bob Minaie

Faculty:  Manufacturing and Automation

Dr. Minaie is the Boeing Endowed Professor of Manufacturing in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He has conducted research in the areas of manufacturing and materials including the use of advanced composites and multifunctional nanostructured materials for aerospace, energy, green manufacturing, structural health monitoring, fuel cell, nanotechnology, and transportation applications. His research activities have been supported by NASA, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and industry.


College professors have a lot of influence on how you preform in a class, how much you enjoy it, and if you’ll recommend it to your friends. Having a professor who doesn’t care, is too difficult, or doesn’t teach important material can put a massive weight on you throughout your semester. Hope these professors will help you through your semesters!