10 Coolest Courses at Cabrini University

Are you attending Cabrini University this upcoming school year? If so, do not be afraid to look at some of the coolest courses that are available to you. Cabrini University provides itself in being able to offer cool and fun classes that any major is available to take. In this article, you will read about ten of the coolest courses at Cabrini University.

1. FRE 101 – Introductory French I

people holding speech bubbles above their heads

In this course, you will focus on the best way to improve yourself as an individual. You will get to learn a new language that not only fulfills your language requirement but will also help you in the future. You need no prior experience with the language, this course is made for beginners.

2. AST 317 – Reality and Popular Culture

animated figures with speech bubbles of different media outlets

In this course, you will get a different perspective on modern day culture. You will learn about how different forms of cultural habits has affected the twentieth century today. You will study certain topics such as movies, music and mass media.

3. BUS 232 – Sports Management

sport manager talking to his client

Sports Management is another great course that will teach you the roles of the sports career. Some topics you will focus on include both leadership and management of personal clients. You will also learn the business side as well as the legal aspect of the career field.

4. COM 247 – Basic Photography

woman in a field holding a camera

Have you ever wanted your hand at photography? This is the perfect course for any beginner. No prior experience is needed. You will learn how to use a camera, along with the software for digital imaging.

5. COM 487 – Career Preparation and Job-Search Techniques

people talking at a busy career fair

For any college student who thinks they need some helping planning out their future, COM 487 is available to you. This is a fun class that can help you by giving you the tools for your own future. You will get to look at the steps you need to take to get to your dream job.

6. AST 203 – Values, Conflict and Community in Popular Stories

students reaching their hands together

AST 203 is a very unique course that any student at Cabrini University should take. This class prioritizes the diversity of its students and community. In this course you will look at the different human value systems and how they impact the community. You will look at topics such as prison guards and incarcerated women.

7. BLK 436 – Black Power

an african american family together in a group picture

Another interesting class that is available to students of all majors is BLK 436. In this course, you will focus on the Black Liberation Movement. You will learn about different topics surrounding the movement such as the Civil Rights Era and how American life has impacted Black culture.

8. CIS 120 – Introduction to Computers

open laptop computers on a desk

Another class that can help you build future skills for your career path. You will be focusing on using Microsoft software. This is a self-paced computer module that can be completed on your own time. This course will give you a general idea of how to use computer software.

9. CRM 326 – Drugs, Addiction and Society

a variety of different pills on a table

This course is a very sensitive class that many students find interesting. You will get to learn more about how substance abuse and dependance has affected society today. You will learn everything from prevention all the way to intervention and different kinds of treatments. This is a very informational and eye-opening course that many students should take for their own benefit.

10. ENG 220 – Creative Writing

a woman writing on a desk in a notebook

The last class that can very interesting for students to take is ENG 220. This class, Creative Writing, focuses on letting students tap into their own imagination and write in their own personal style. This class will require you to study other author’s creative writing samples so that you can find your own personal style of writing.

If you are excited to start the next school year, make it even better by taking courses that are interesting and out of the ordinary! There are so many classes that many students are unaware of being able to take. This article lists ten of the coolest courses that are available to you at this institution. Do not be afraid to enroll in one today!

10 Hardest Courses at Cabrini University

Carbini University is a coeducational Roman Catholic residential liberal arts university that is located in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia. There are about 1,500 undergraduate students attending Cabrini and some notable alumni from this university are Jordan Harris, Jamie Santora, and Patrick Zipfel.

1) BIO 312 – Theory and Practice in Biotechnology

Process biotechnology textbook cover

This four credit course is offered in spring in alternating years and is three hours lecture with three hours of lab. The course focuses on how biotechnology is revolutionizing medicine, agriculture and the biochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries .

2) BUS 351 – Management Information Systems

Picture that shows the different aspects of MIS

This three credit course is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Students learn about how businesses use technology to create and sustain competitive advantage in their specific industries.

3) CHE 303 – Inorganic Chemistry

Chart with some of the different topics in inorganic chemistry

This three credit course is offered in spring of alternating years. The course focuses on symmetry and group theory, bonding theories, crystal systems, stereochemistry, and much more.

4) CHE/BIO 441 – Biochemistry II

Picture of different molecules and their shapes

This three credit course if offered in the spring of alternating years. It is a sequel to Biochemistry I and examines the metabolic pathway mechanisms and how they are regulated. Some topics are DNA, enzyme metabolism, protein folding, cell cycle regulation, and more.

5) COM 334 – Persuasion and Propaganda in Media

Textbook cover for Media Persuasion and propaganda

This three credit course goes over the nature of persuasion and helps student analyze, evaluate, and use ethical persuasion in personal, group, and public settings. In this course students learn to understand the process of persuasion and propaganda as well as the use of theories and critical approaches to recognize and apply the principles as well as the practices of persuasion.

6) ECO 212 – Environmental Economics

The above image depicts what the course is about

This three credit course also requires students to write a semester-long research paper about a specific topic. The course also uses the tools of microeconomics to study today’s important economics issues.

7) FNA 321 – Color Theory

Image showing basic color theory

This three credit course centers on color theory and its relationship to design. There are individual and group critiques in the course as a means of refining analytical thinking and developing a vocab to express design concepts.

8) HRM 415 – Staffing

The above depicts the search for new staff

This three credit course is only offered in the spring and learns about how organization’s most important resource is its people. Students learn about how managers and their organizations can only be as good as the people hired.

9) MAT 313 – Probability and Statistics

This picture shows the difference between stats and probability

This four credit course is offered only in the spring. The course presents both descriptive and inferential statistics. Students also learn about data collection and classification, measures of central tendency and variability, probability concepts, and more.

10) SOC 305 – Social Psychology

social psychology word cloud with related words

This three credit course is offered in both spring and fall. The course surveys the field of social psychology, examining topics including conformity, influence, social perception, social cognition, and more.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Cabrini University

Many college students find themselves struggling to maintain their GPA. Many who do often say they haven’t found a balance for themselves. This can result in a deteriorating GPA and high stress levels. Although, taking easier courses on top of your difficult classes can help you eliminate some of the stress you feel throughout any given semester. It’s also a great way to find a balance for yourself. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take Cabrini University.

1. PED 118 – Zen Yoga

This class will introduce students to the basic movements and poses of Zen Yoga. This class will allow students to be at peace with themselves and the environment around them as they learn to find a balance between the two. This class will also increase their physical fitness and flexibility.

A woman meditating in front of the ocean.

2. PED 123 – Pilates 

This class is designed to give students a chance to learn the basics of Pilates. Students will develop strength, flexibility, and will have a sense of balance as well. This class is meant to engage your abdominal muscles and to create a sense of well-being as well.

A group in a Pilates class.

3. MUS 200 – Experiencing the Arts

Do you understand the arts? Are you aware that all of the buildings you step foot in are even a part of art? This class will help students to develop an understanding and awareness for the visual and performing arts. Students will learn about many different concepts and techniques used in the arts.

Paint splattered on a piano.

4. LEAD 101 – Foundations of Leadership

What’s your leadership style? This class is designed to introduce students to various models and leadership theories. Students will study many of the greatest leaders of the 20th and 21st century to grasp of better understanding of what made their leadership so effective.

A sign that says leadership.

5. FNA 242 – Fine Arts Photography

This class will introduce students to the basic concepts of photography. Students will learn how to use their own self-expression and creativity to develop scenery for a photograph. This class will also include many hands-on workshops as well.

A person holding a camera.

6. MKT 230 – Principles of Marketing

Do you know how to market yourself or a brand? This class will introduce students the principles of marketing. Students will learn about product promotion which includes sales promotion, advertising, and publicity, researching products, and the price of the product itself.

Various ways to market your brand.

7. PHI 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

Some of the greatest thinkers have helped to shape the world in a positive light. This class will introduce students to the history and techniques of philosophy. Students will learn about the importance of asking questions as means of knowing how to think outside the box.

An image of the word philosophy.

8. PED 131 – Outdoor Adventures

Let’s go on an adventure! This class will introduce students to rock climbing techniques, hiking, and whitewater rafting. Students will have a chance to be outdoors in nature as they learn about the safety, methods, and practices that other people do in mother-nature.

A person looking at the mountains.

9. FNA 213 – Painting I

Are you the next Picasso? Maybe you’re just looking to brush up on your skills. This class will take students through the many approaches and techniques for painting on a canvas. Students will learn how to utilize their creativity to convey a message out to their own audience.

Used paint brushes in puddles of color.

10. SOC 203 – Contemporary Social Problems

This class will introduce students to current social issues going on around the world. This includes conflicts in the workplace, family structure, societal views, environmental degradation, resource, racial conflicts, crime, and the economy.

An image of the word sociology.

Hopefully you have found some courses you are interested in that we have listed. These classes ensure that your stress levels are in check and that your GPA has a boost all on its own. Go ahead and give some of these classes a shot!