10 Coolest Courses at Butler University

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…and so does for any university student! Butler University not only offers the finest courses to their students but also interesting and cool ones for them to enjoy. Here are 10 of the coolest courses you can take at Butler University.

1. AN 302: The Body and Society

Woman doing different action with her body

Wouldn’t it be cool to get a good identification of someone just by how he moves? Students will learn the social construct that views aesthetics as a factor for other things. This course explores symbolism, ideologies, and treatments of the body cross-culturally. 

2. ART 305: Animation + Video

Making of Disney's Frozen

You probably grew up watching tons of animated movies and series. Pixar and DreamWorks are just two of the top animation companies of today. This class allows you to explore animation, digital imaging and video on a basic level.

3. DA 107: Modern Dance

Modern dance group

Having formal dance lessons will help you better especially if you’re a novice at popping and locking. Learn dance techniques as a combination of movement improvisation and modern technique. This class is open to all students even non-dance majors.

4. JR 311: Visual Storytelling

Open book with animated figures

Storytelling comes in many forms: from our childhood picturebooks and today’s modern social media. This class is about the latter and focuses on storytelling through digital techniques, media, and design principles.

5. MK 483: Consumer Behavior

Graphic image about consumer behavior

Understanding buyer’s behavior allows a closer hit to reach your sales quota. This class is about the manager’s point-of-view on analyzing the consumer’s own analysis of the market and how these two different perspectives will be met.

6. NW 221-PS: Human Behavioral Measurement

Graphic image about human behavior

A class that discusses that philosophical and scientific angle of human cognition and behavior. Topics include the development of surveys, tests, time and event sampling, reaction time measures, signal detection methods, as well as physiological measures of human behavior.

7. ORG 454: Persuasion, Compliance, & Social Influence

Keep Calm and Keep Persuading

Persuasion is somehow an everyday occurrence for all of us but some people are naturally-gifted to charm others. This course does not only examines the psychological and communicative processes but also helpful tips and tools for effective persuasion, compliance, and influence.

8. PCA 250-TH: Masks

Man holding a mask over his face

Students get to make three masks in this class at the end of the semester as a project. Learn the creative conception of masks at the theater and its incorporation to performance and productions. Open to all students!

9. PCA 252-TH: Fashioning Identity: A History of Dress

Historical dresses of ladies

Before we landed to this mainstream-induced dress styles, the history of dresses presents classical styles for the ladies of the time. This class will not be exclusive to the analysis of designs but also to the attached individual and cultural identity to dress styles.

10. PWB 141: Cheerleading

Cheerleading squad doing formation

Not everyone gets to be a cheerleader and if you didn’t make it the cut for the squad, you can still learn some fancy moves! You can learn the basics and principles behind cheerleading that includes gymnastics, safety, fitness, and how to throw out the perfect spirit fingers.


Jobs for College Students at Butler University

A lot of people like to get jobs while they are away at school. That being said, you should consider getting and on or off-campus job while at college. This will even help you start to pay off your student loans. Here are some great jobs for college students offered at Butler University!

1. Starbucks Barista

The first cool job that you can get is a Starbucks Barista position. There is even a Starbucks on campus. Although you will not make too much money when starting out, there are plenty of ways to advance within the company. This is also a very easy job for you to acquire as a student. 

A Starbucks cup

2. Bookstore Clerk

Another cool place for you to work on campus is at the university bookstore. You can be a clerk here. This means that you will help students within the store whenever you work. This is a low-paying job that will let you work anywhere from 10 to 20 hours every single week. 

a bookstore ad

3. Butler Telefund Operator

The Butler Telefund Operator position is a unique job that you can get at school. You will work for the university as person who calls alum and asks for donations and other tasks. This is a cool job that pays a moderate amount. Be sure to keep this job in mind when on the hunt. 

a telefund operator

4. Recreation Advisor

If you prefer to be on your feet and a little active, you should become a Recreation Advisor. This is one of the easiest on-campus jobs that you can get. That being said, the pay isn’t the best, but it is something. Your duties will include watching over gyms and exercise rooms. 

the recreation center

5. Dominos Delivery Person

One of the best off-campus options that you have is to become a Dominos Pizza Delivery Person. This allows you to make money and some additional tips. This is a super easy job to get. All you have to do is to go to the local Dominos and as to talk to a manager. 

some dominos pizza

6. Department of Communications Secretary Assistant

The Department of Communications is looking for a secretary assistant to help out with some office work. This is a moderately paying job that allows you to work up to 30 hours every single week. Be sure to visit the Department of Communications in order to learn more. 

the communication building

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

The one class logo

Restaurants and Cafes near or at Butler University

When students are studying in the Butler University, it can be tough to manage with food and courses. However, there are a variety of options for the college cafes on campus and restaurants near campus as well. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can find a lot of restaurants offering the type of food which you will surely love. After a tiring day of classes, pick new spot every day to hang out with your friends and try new kind of food. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time, you can find a variety in every kind of menu at these restaurants and cafes.

1. Metro Diner

Serving of Delicious breakfast with chicken and coffee

If you are getting late for your class yet do not want to go there an empty stomach then Metro Diner should be your stop. You can find waffles, omelets, avocado toast and much more. The portion sizes are big by this café which serves delicious breakfast to the students instantly.

2. Scotty’s Dawghouse

 Counter top of Scottys

The amazing ambiance of this restaurant will make you sit there all day long. You can head down to this restaurant from the university within a few minutes. Find wraps, burgers, appetizers and many other items to order. You can eat your heart out at this restaurant without feeling tired.

3. Twenty Tap

Delicious serving of cheese burger

One of the favorite local restaurants within the premises of the university. You can get delicious cheese curds, burgers and other vegetable food items to enjoy. There is seating place outside to enjoy the sunny day with your friends after a long day.

4. Fat Dan’s Deli

Meal Serving at FanDans

If you are craving for BBQ food, then this is your place to be. Find smoked ribs, briskets, and wings of delicious taste at this place. Other than that, you can also find Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago hot dogs with tater tots.

5. Byrne’s Grilled Pizza

Tasty pizza serving for students

The pizza at this restaurant is like no other. The amazing fired pizzas also get delivered to your doorstep otherwise you can also walk to the place from the campus. It is convenient to grab your favorite kind of pizza instantly when you crave for it.  

6. Ripple Bagel and Deli

Counter Top of Bagel Deli

Get amazing sandwiches here along with bagels in the morning. If you are hungry in the morning and cannot find anything to eat then visit this place. The sandwiches are tasty and worth trying when you want a different and new taste.

7. Sushi Bar

Serving of different types of Sushi in plate

You can find a variety of Sushi at this place which is a few minutes away from the campus. You should not miss this and try at least once when you are studying at the university. It offers different tastes of sushi which you will not find everywhere.

The amazing food in or near the campus helps the student to keep themselves healthy when they are studying so hard. So, they need to nourish their brain with good food to perform well. These restaurants are near the university to help them try various kinds of food exploring the other side of the world as well.

Health and Wellness Resources at Butler University

In college, many students forget about taking care of themselves. They are so caught up in the realm of school that they forget about the importance of self care and finding an outlet in which you can relax. Many colleges many initiatives in which students can go and learn about health and wellness resources. These resources not only will help a student in need, but it will also help students who are wanting to take care of their own mental health. Below we have compiled a list of some of the top resources at Butler University that you can use when it comes to taking care of not only yourself physically, but mentally as well.

1. Butler University Health Services

The word health being held by hands

Butler University aims to help students both on and off campus. By offering health services, students are given on-campus access to certified and recognized medical officers who want to help you. Students can get primary care services, services for an injury, or pick up their prescription. In the case that they may need to go to the hospital for additional services, students can stop by this center and they will call the next available off-campus doctor for you. This center also serves in several other realms as this center is known for offering some of the most top-notch health services on and off campus for students.

2. Counseling Center

A person talking to a counselor

Students who may be experiencing a crisis in their life, or any other mental health related situation, can go to get counseling. Counseling Services are offered to all students. In fact, students will get around 10 free counseling sessions per semester before paying out of pocket. Of course, these services are already included in your tuition. Counselors are there to serve students who may need an outlet to vent to. Not only are there individual sessions, but there are also group sessions in which students are referred to.

3. Student Disability Services

The word disability being crossed out

This university aims to allow every student thrive in its community. The college itself offers disability services to students who may have an injury, disease, or any other physical or mental related disability that inhibits them from learning at a normal level. Students who are in need of special accommodations can go here to learn more about services offered. The school offers accommodations for every student. All you need to do is call when you need them

4. Aquatic Center

A  person that is swimming in a pool

Do you like to swim? Do you like to swim in the summer? Have you ever thought about taking a dip in the pool in the winter? There is an Aquatic Center that offers students a chance to do both. Whether you are a professional swimmer or someone who just likes to take chances, students can find themselves here! The Aquatic Center offers an indoor pool, outdoor pool, a hot tub, benches for students to lay out on both inside and outside and more. Students can also get swim lessons here as well.

5. Health and Recreation Complex

The inside of a gym

This complex services students, faculty, and staff. Students who are wanting to workout can do just that here! The Health and Recreation Complex offers students new state-of-the-art equipment for students and faculty to use. This includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, heavy weights, free weights, rowing machines, an other machines that you may be thinking about using. There are also two-court gyms that accommodate sports such as volleyball, badminton, basketball, and more. Students can also participate in cycling classes and group fitness classes that are aimed to building both their physical and mental health.

Top 10 Majors at Butler University

Butler University is a private university in Indianapolis, Indiana. The school has a 70% acceptance rate. The school has about 4,000 students. The school offers over 60 different majors of study. Here are 10 of the top majors to that are offered at Butler University.

1. Actuarial Science

 a person holding a calculator

If you are looking to explore the major finances and have a knack for numbers this major is for you. Actuarial science explores the combination of statistical math as well as finance theory to be able to estimate risk. Estimating risk is used to determine if a business decision is good to go through with.

2. Accounting

 a pen and a calculator

When one goes into accounting you get the hands on experience you will need to be able to perform private or public accounting. Accounting analyzes a business and makes sure to check all of the finances in case certain assets and liabilities are not correctly imputed.

3. Chinese

the chinese language in ink

The major in the language of Chinese is helpful if you are looking to not only be a potential interpreter, but even more so if you are looking to make business deals with China. China is a major manufacturer for the US, so knowing the language will prove helpful.

4. Creative Writing

 a person with coffee writing

Creative writing is a major that is perfect for those looking to learn about the different forms of writing that show a writer’s emotion and passion. The major explores poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. If you are looking to write your own work then go into creative writing.

5. School Counseling

 a person talking to a school counselor

The major that is school counseling is all about being able to effectively communicate with students, this can be on an academic level such as school career goals, or it can even be an emotional one. Counselors are there for you if you have mental health issues you are going through.

6. Sociology

a person holding their child

The major of sociology is all about knowing about the various aspects of society and about people in society. This can open up jobs such as working as a care coordinator at a home or even being able to give advice to children struggling in school.

7. Strategic Communication: PR and Advertising

 person holding laptop

The major of strategic communication when it comes to PR and advertising is all about being able to effectively communicate your ideas to the public. The PR aspects is being able to talk to the consumer about what makes your product or service great while advertising makes the product known.

8. Web Development and Design 

a person designing a website

If you are creatively sound and want to know what goes into making a website then this is the major for you. Plenty of business’s are looking to get their websites to be the most user-friendly that they can be. Once you go into this major you can work for a web company or be your own boss and be a contractor.

9. Journalism

 a stack of newspapers

The major of journalism allows students to be able to work in major news sites and give consumers media in the most efficient and practical way. You will gain experience in a location that has access to many different news outlets and opportunities.

10. Finance

 the word finance in block letters

Finance is a popular major to take if the world of money and spending is one that interests you . You could work in a bank as a financial adviser (someone who gives advice and tells you your speaking habits) or you could even go into sales and insurance.

Butler University is a school that while it is on the smaller side, with only 4,000 students, allows students a one on one connection with teachers. The school has a great variety of programs such as these 10 different majors.

10 Library Resources at Butler University

Learning what library resources are available to you and how to use them are very important for a successful academic college career. It can be hard to find resources that are helpful to you but you can use this guide to do just that! Here are some of the best library resources to use at Butler University.

1.  Study Rooms

a private study room

At BU, you can reserve private study rooms in the Irwin Library. The rooms are perfect for individual study or group study. In addition, you can reserve up to four hours per person, per day!

2. Marker Kits

dry erase board with brainstorming ideas on it

This might not seem like an important resource but it’s actually very helpful! You can rent dry erase marker kits at the library’s front desk to use in the private study rooms. This way, you have space to brainstorm ideas or just write down useful information.

3. A-Z Database

a cartoon showing how a database works

It can be hard to write a research paper or learn when you don’t know where to look for information. A-Z databases are perfect for when you’re conducting research or just trying to find information for a paper. You can find everything you need here, all in one place!

4.  Subject Guides

sources that can be used for research

Like the A-Z database, this resource is great for finding information but these guides make it even easier! If you already know what kind of information you’re looking for, you can simply click on what kind of subject you’re researching and all the relevant information will come up! Chose from 24 different subjects and get writing!

5. ILLiad Loan

map showing interlibrary loans

ILLiad Loan is the interlibrary loan at Butler University. If there’s a book, article, or journal you want but can’t find, you can request to use it from a different library nearby! You can get loaned eBooks emailed to you within in minutes or physical books and articles in a few days.

6. BrowZine


BrowZine is an online library and journal engagement service created by ThirdIron. The site allows for frictionless reading and browsing of journals and articles. It’s a great source for finding titles that would be otherwise hidden in other databases. The best part? Being a student at Butler University gives you free access to it!

7. Off-Campus Access

cartoon of being off campus

It can be hard to do work at home or off-campus because your access to resources is limited. But, being a BU student, this isn’t a problem! The university gives you free off-campus access to all the resources you get on-campus! That way, if you’re off-campus, you can still get all the resources you need.

8. Digital Scholarship

the word

If you’re interested in a digital scholarship, Butler U can give you one! In addition, you can learn how to incorporate technology into the classroom or your research. The Scholarly Communication division helps students use, create, and publish material in a way that promotes open access, accessibility, and proper dissemination of material.

9. Library Instruction Lessons

librarian teaching students about the library

There’s a room reserved in the Irwin Library specifically for library instruction lessons. Here, you can learn about how the library works and how to quickly find the information you’re looking for. After this lesson, you’ll be a library pro!

10. Disability Services

cartoon promoting equal access for the disabled

Butler University is committed to providing students with disabilities the same access to learning as everyone else. Libraries have designated parking spots, accessible entrances and restrooms, elevator access to all floors, and more! BU provides equal access to all of its students and wants everyone to learn and succeed, no matter their conditions.

And here are the best libraries on and off-campus!

1. Irwin Library

the Irwin Library lobby at Butler University

Irwin Library is BU’s main library. It has two floors full of physical material like books, journals, and articles in addition to study spaces and classrooms.  That way, you can find books and read them all in one space!

2. Education Resource Library

students working in the library

The Education Resource Library is meant for faculty, staff, and students that are a part of the College of Education. Although it’s designed for education students, everyone is welcome to work and study here. The library provides access to children’s, young adult, curricular, as well as professional resources for offices and classrooms.

3. Ruth Lilly Science Library

the Ruth Lilly Science Library at Butler University

The Ruth Lilly Service Library is located in the Holcomb Building. The library contains physical and electronic access to resources for biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, and actuarial science, pharmacy and health sciences, and physics. There are also quiet individual and group study spaces.

4. Digital Commons

a digital library

The Digital Commons promotes learning, discovery, and cross-disciplinary collaboration by preserving and providing electronic access to selected pieces of work. The material housed in the Digital Commons is available to everyone and highlights the work of Butler University staff and students.

5. Digital Image Collection

a materials collection

Butler University aims to digitize and provide access to photographs and documents. The collection contains many different exhibits such as the Indiana Bicentennial Digital Exhibit, the Friesner Herbarium collection, the Butler University Yearbook Collection, and more!

Use this guide to your full advantage and do the best you can for your academic career! Don’t let these good resources and study spaces go to waste!

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Butler University

Butler University is a private university in Indianapolis , Indiana. The school was founded in the year of 1855. There is a 70% chance of getting into the school . Here are 10 cool clubs that you need to check out  at the school of Butler University.

1. Best Buddies

 a mentor and his buddy

Best Buddies is a group on campus that allows students to become student mentors for those who have some sort of intellectual disability. The group is a great one to be a part of if you are looking for a way to be active in the non-profit world.

2. Car Club

 a car show outside

Are you an enthusiast when it comes to cars? Think you can redesign a car and make it from trash to fabulous. Join the car club and meet others who appreciate cars just as much as you do . You will have chances to attend car shows and do other fun activities.

3. Catholic Community

a person holding a rosery

The Catholic Community on campus allows students who are looking to get back into their faith or people who are already heavily engrossed to meet other people who want to be in the faith. They do bible studies and worship nights.

4. Food Recovery Network

 the logo for food recovery network

The Food recovery network is an initiative on campus that makes it so that no child/student goes hungry that attends the school. There is plenty of food that campus dining is about to waste. The food is given to those who need it.

5. Beekeeping Association

 a bee on a flower

Beekeeping Association is a group on campus that is made up of students who are looking to understand the role of bees and how to preserve their life in order so that they can continue to make the beautiful honey we come to know and love.

6. Delight Ministries

 a bible and a person looking at the delight phone app

Delight Ministries is a group on campus that is committed to being a group that is meant for women to find the lord throughout their journey in college. The group hosts delight dates which are one on one ways to have girls get to know each other.

7. Sustainability Club

 a person holding a park with buildings and trees

Sustainability club is all about doing good for society by decreasing your waste levels as well as being able to educate others on how to do so as well. There are guest speakers as well as different initiatives for cleaning up the planet.

8. Tabletop Club

 the game of pathfinder with dragons

Tabletop club is a group on campus that is committed to making people aware of the fun time you can have when playing tabletop games. A few examples of different tabletop games that one can play are RPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

9. Run Club

 people getting prepared to race

Run club is a club that is for students who are looking to get fit and stay in shape. Running is a great way to burn calories as well as test your skills when it comes to endurance. Come for a club that allow you to even run on a competitive level.

10. It’s OK Society

 a person and their brain

The It’s OK society is a group on campus that is committed to being a source of love as well as mindfullness of others who are suffering from declining mental health. The group is a great one if you need any advice on dealing with stress or anxiety.

Top Events of the School Year at Butler University

1. Alternative Spring Break

 tools for maintenence at alternative spring break

Alternative spring break is an event on campus allows students to be able to attend a week long service project . The event is meant to teach students that doing a week of service for those places in need can have a lasting impact on doing good for the world.

2. The Science of Chocolate

 chocolate covered strawberries in milk and white

This event is put on by Professors Dr. Anne Wilson and Dr. Mike Samide. The presentation explores how it came about to when people first made the foods chocolate, beer, wine, and cheese.  The cost is $15 and you get to taste 6 different chocolates and to take home hot chocolate or a truffle.

3. Butler Family Thanksgiving Luncheon

 a great thanksgiving meal

The Thanksgiving Luncheon is for those who are part of the alumni association. The event is $100 per person and the event has a deluxe cash bar and is set up like a buffet. Come for a delicious meal and plenty of time for conversation.

4. Detroit Service Project at Forgotten Harvest

Detroit Service Project at Forgotten Harvest

Come to this event to help out others by packing up food at forgotten harvest. The event is done annually and is a great way to make sure that even those who can’t afford a Thanksgiving get one. There will be a post dinner time at Rosie O’Grady’s.

5. Trivia Night at Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewery cans

The Young Alumni board are hosting an event where recent graduates can come for a great time of eating, drinking, and trivia. Trivia is all about teamwork and wit. If you are know a bunch of random information in different topics this is perfect for you.

Top 10 Dorms at Butler University

One of the most prominent schools in the United States is Butler University. They could not have attained this status without some high quality residence halls. Here are the ten best places to live while attending Butler:

1. Irvington House

This is an image of Irvington House

Address: 750 W Hampton Dr

Irvington House is the best on campus option for Butler students. It features a computer kiosk for those students who might need access to higher technology. It also comes with stellar indoor and outdoor study areas for students to learn their material.

2. Fairview House

This is an image of the Butler sign outside of Fairview House

Address: 4550 Sunset Avenue

Fairview House has an entire lounge dedicated to gaming. There is also a lounge that features highly mounted televisions with fireside studying spaces. You can even print your papers and homework from within Fairview.

3. Residence College

This is an image of the Residential College

Address: 630 Hampton Drive

Residence Hall, despite being generically named, has a lot of top notch amenities that make it a very unconventional living space. For example, there is an entire room inside dedicated to just housing a piano! Additionally, there is a dining hall on the inside for utmost convenience.

4. Apartment Village

This is an image of the Apartment Village

Address: 5004 Boulevard Plaza

The Apartment Village is the newest residential area on the entire Butler campus. This means, the appliances and amenities are the most renovated at the school. With over five hundred students living here, a large feeling of camaraderie can develop from living in the Village.

5. University Terrace

This is an image of University Terrace

Address: 4600 Sunset Avenue

University Terrace is slightly further from some of the academic buildings on campus. However, it is directly next to many of the athletic, fitness, and recreation centers. There are a great deal of singles available at UT, as well, which is great for privacy.

6. Butler Terrace

This is an image of Butler Terrace

Address: 212 Seminole Drive

Residents feel right at home at the Butler Terrace, which is mostly available for graduate students. The lobby is most welcoming and features a great sense of adventure for the college experience. Additionally, it is located at the campus’ main entrance, meaning it is quieter than some of the downtown hustle and bustle that usually runs alongside these dorm halls.

7. Ross Hall

This is an image of Ross Hall

Address: 545 West Street

Ross Hall is a fairly traditional college dorm on the Butler campus. The hall houses mostly first year students, as well. A strong community can arise from this shared sense of collegiate transition.

8. CTS Apartments

This is an image of the CTS Apartments

Address: 4251 Haughey Avenue

The CTS Apartments are the closest thing Butler has to an off campus option while still being on campus. At this, it is still just a seven minute walk to the rest of campus! Graduate students can live here, as well as standard upperclassmen.

9. Meridian Court

This is an image of a body of water at Meridian Court

Address: 7266 Lockwood Lane

Meridian Court has short term leasing available for off campus Butler students. Some rates are even discounted for these students. Even if they’re not, though, it still is a vastly affordable apartment to live in.

10. Legend at Speedway

This is an image of a room at the Legend at Speedway

Address: 2202 Fair Oaks Drive

Surveillance is present all throughout at the Legend. This allows for students to feel safe. They will even feel safe when they are walking back from their experiences on the newly installed athletic courts!


Butler University is one of the best schools around. Thanks to quality residence halls, students won’t have a problem carving out a niche for themselves. Butler is just such a perfect school for students making the transition!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Butler

1. Room Basics

This is an image of a desk fan

– Fan
– Bed sheet hooks
– Hangers
– Full length mirror
– Decorative plants

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a sandwich in a box

– Saran wrap
– Brown paper bags
– Ice box
– Oatmeal packets
– Sandwich box

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of a GameCube and its controller

– Video game console
– Video games
– Printer
– Cell phone charger
– Cell phone

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a mechanical pencil with lead

– Dry Erase tablets
– Colored pencils
– Dry Erase marker
– Erasers
– Mechanical pencils

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a box of tissues

– Sanitary wipes
– Fabric softener
– Stain stick
– Tissues
– Body wash

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a blue scooter

– Scooter
– Backpack
– Headphones
– Shoulder bag
– Earbuds

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a knife for food preparation on a cutting board

– Extra desk chairs
– Lava lamp
– Real plants
– Pepper spray
– Cooking knives

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

10 of the Easiest Courses at Butler

Maintaining a good GPA can be stressful, especially during midterms and finals. Have no fear! We have compiled a list of 10 of the easiest courses that you can take at Butler University that will enable you to have a smoother ride throughout the upcoming semester.

1. AA 315 – Arts in Society

In this course, students will examine how the visual and performing arts play a role in our society. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into texts about the arts, class discussions, writing, and creative learning opportunities.

Paint brushes laying on a canvas.

2. AS 100 – The Astronomical Universe

In this course, students will study the basic principles of astronomy. Topics to be discussed include laws of motions, the planets, meteors, comets, constellations, stars, and space exploration. Students will also go on field trips to the planetarium and take part in telescope observations.

A diagram of the Milky Way.

3. PWB 135 – PE – Spinning

This class is designed to help students get fit. This class will introduce students to the principles and techniques for indoor cycling. Students will take part in weekly spinning sessions that are geared towards improving their overall physical fitness.

People participating in a cycling class.

4. PWB 101 – Ballroom Dance Sport

In this course, students will get basic instruction for International and American ballroom, Latin, and social dances. Students will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, how to dance with a partner, and how to use ballroom dancing to improve their overall physical health.

Ballroom dancers performing for a crowd.

5. PWB 110 – Hiking & Backpacking

This course is designed to help introduce students to hiking and backpacking. Students will gain a better understanding on this recreational sport on a historical and cultural context. This class will also discuss nature and the wilderness.

Two people hiking in the woods.

6. PL 310 – Symbolic Logic

In this course, students will get an introduction into symbolic logic of philosophy. This class is designed to help students understand how to interpret symbols and languages in computer science, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

An image of the words symbolic logic.

7. JR 107 – Introduction to Mass Communication

Mass communication is prominent feature all around the world. It affects all of us in some way. This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of mass communication. Topics to be discussed include the communication theory, the press, and the responsibility of the media.

Microphones of various news outlets.

8. MT 100 – Elements of Music

In this course, student swill learn about the fundamental principles of music. Topics to be discussed include scales, notation, chords, sight-reading, intervals, and ear training.

A man playing an acoustic guitar.

9. MH 454 – History of Rock and Roll

This course will examine the origin of rock and roll. Students will learn about minstrel shows, jazz, and the blues and how each genre combined to create rock and other related musical genres. Students will also learn about different elements of music as well and the golden of rock in the 1950’s.

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, performing.

10. EC 231 – Principles of Microeconomics

In this course, students will investigate the behavior of individuals, states, countries, and markets in the global economy. Students will also learn about the basic concepts of microeconomics and how they work as analytical tools for researchers.

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Although academics can be a stressful thing for some, students can combat this issue by taking some easier courses that will ease the workload throughout the semester. This way, students will have a chance to focus on the courses they find most challenging to them.


The Truth Behind Hinkle Magic at Butler University

What exactly is ‘Hinkle Magic’? While this term means something different for everyone, they can all agree on one thing – it’s real. Hinkle Fieldhouse is the historic basketball arena found on Butler University‘s campus, and is known for being the home of many upsets and the site for the film Hoosiers. But what is it that makes it so special? This is just the beginning of a very long list…

1. The Energy                                                                                                                                    

There are no words to explain the feeling inside of Hinkle when the basketball team is on a run. Whether it’s for an exhibition match or a rivalry game, the entire arena is buzzing with Bulldog pride. The players are usually given standing ovations as they take the ball across half – court, just to keep their momentum going. And on three point shots, it is almost guaranteed that everyone will jump out of their seat in celebration. Each person there is a proud fan and can’t wait to show it off, especially by decorating themselves in Butler gear.

2. The Upsets

Butler University‘s biggest rivals are Xavier and Villanova. Villanova was undefeated leading up to their first match – up this year on December 30, where they met on Butler’s turf. No one was expecting the Bulldogs to outperform the Wildcats, especially with such a young team and the addition of the new coach. But never doubt the power of the home court advantage. Butler wiped the floor with Nova in a 101 to 93 victory, which ended with a storming of the court in celebration. With both a sold out crowd and student section, what were they expecting after an ending like that?

3. The Student Section

Speaking of storming the court… Butler‘s student section, the Dawg Pound, is one of the most dedicated out there. The stands start to fill up hours before tip – off, making it impossible to show up just in time and find a seat. Even on weekdays, it easily sells out, forcing students to take up spots in the upper level. All of the students are also completely synchronized in cheers, chants, boos – whatever it may be. The chorus of “woofs” for every free throw and the “Xavier sucks” chant at the beginning of every game (no matter who we play) is just a small part of the unity which makes the student section so special.

4. The History

Butler prides itself on having one of the oldest basketball arenas still in use, and will remind everyone at the games with a historic highlight reel before tip-off. It is the site of many high school basketball championships, and the set of Hoosiers, a classic film. Its smaller size adds to the environment, seating only 9,100 people, and the National Historical Landmark designation adds culture to the campus. Whether you’re up in the bleachers or court side, there is something special about this building. Butler loves to boast its big role in the history of basketball with the preservation of such a special fieldhouse.


Trip (Butler Blue III) the mascot is the personality of Butler‘s campus. Students and fans alike follow him on all forms of social media, and enjoy watching his adventures through campus. But the thing that everyone looks forward to is his appearance in the pre – game rituals. The lineup for the teams are announced as he proudly stands on the court, taking in the scenery. As everyone’s cameras zoom in on the adorable, panting bulldog, he slides across the floor to the giant bone awaiting him beneath the hoop. Often sporting a Butler t – shirt and getting some love from the players, Trip seems to enjoy game days just as much as we do.

Butler Bulldogs GIF by BIG EAST Conference


Game days are exciting no matter what school you go to, but you are guaranteed to have a unique experience when visiting Hinkle. Most people can’t put their finger on it, but the environment, energy, and love for the game is something that is rarely replicated. Hinkle Magic will continue to work miracles for years to come, and will be the site of memories that last a lifetime.