10 Easiest Classes at Bryant and Stratton College

Starting the journey of discovering your passion during college can be difficult. Balancing part-time jobs, internships, and course load can be overwhelming at times. In order to help you create a balanced schedule, below are the top ten easiest classes at Bryant & Stratton College.

1. AHLT 100- Medical Terminology

This course introduces students who are interested in the healthcare field to   commonly used medical terminology. Furthermore, the course specifically targets students to be able to correctly spell, define, and use these terms.

Medical Terminology


2. BUSS 100-Business Principles

This class examines fundamental business operations and how the global economy affects these operations. Furthermore, key topics such as economics, ethics, and marketing are also discussed.

This image shows how the global economy is involved within business.


3. CRJU 103- Introduction to the Justice System

This class aims to lay the groundwork for understanding the various functions of the U.S. justice system. There is a heavy emphasis on the key positions in the justice system and the impact of the important work they do as judges, attorneys, etc.

This image shows a scale to represent the justice system and how it is balanced between the different positions involved.


4. COMM 201- Public Speaking & Rhetorical Persuasion

This class is designed for students interested in a hands-on class that tackles the techniques of effective public speaking. The class integrates the theories behind communication and involves presentations to improve speech.

This image is a simplification of an individual giving a public speech.

5. GRAD 100- Introduction to Design

This course is designed for students interested in graphic design to begin producing thumbnail sketches and work on a variety of different projects. Students will learn basic drawing skills and color techniques by the end of the course.

This image shows how graphic design is a product of the meshing between art and technology.


6. OTAP 120- Human Occupations

This course focuses on how human occupations and activity affect the lives of individuals and how they maintain their health. This is one of the introductory classes of occupational therapy that seeks to teach students on how individuals can maximize success by adapting to dynamic nature of the work environment.

This image shows how an occupational therapist is aiding a patient to maintain physical health in their daily lives.


7. ENGL 079- Pre-College English

The course is structured to prepare students for college-level English classes. Students will garner skills to read and write in the workplace and edit their own grammar and tone in their writing.

This image describes the various facets of English such as reading, spelling and writing.


8. MATH 077-Pre- College Math

This course is designed to teach students the essential mathematic knowledge needed for everyday life and in the workplace. Students will learn how to solve word problems at a level necessary for college success.

This image shows the basics of math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


9. PTAP 111- Kinesiology

Students who are interested in human movement/ exercise and how it works in the human anatomy, look no further! This class prepares students to understand the biomechanics principles behind movement in exercise and everyday activities.

This image is demonstrating human movement, which is the main component in the study of kinesiology.


10. SOSC 102- Principles of Sociology

This course gives students an introduction into sociological principles that involve the relationship between the individual and society. Some key issues that are discussed within the classroom setting are sex, age, race, and class.

This image is a word jumble of what sociology entails, such as technology, culture, gender and environment.



College can often be a difficult time of transition for many people.  It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. Above are ten of the easiest classes at Bryant and Stratton College that you can take to make your academic life a little less stressful.