10 Coolest Courses at Bethune-Cookman University

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to spice up your education? If so, the answer is taking some of the coolest courses available to you at your university. There are many courses students of any major can take that students are unaware of. In this article, you will be introduced to ten of the coolest courses available to students at Bethune-Cookman University.

1. TA 100 – Introduction to Theatre

the front view of a theatre

One fun class that is available to all students is TA 100. This course is an introductory theatre class that will teach you the basics behind how a theatre is ran. You will learn all the ropes along with the safety precautions that many people often overlook.

2. CS 132 – Computer Applications

a person using a laptopon a desk

A basic class that many students should take is Computer Applications. In this course you will learn how to use a computer along with the software programs many employers will expect you to know. This class is a fun and easy course that is equally beneficial to your future career.

3. PS 231 – General Psychology

the inside of the brain representing psychology

Have you ever had an interest in the field of psychology? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course you will evaluate the different ideas and concepts that circulate in the world of Psychology. You will get to learn more about how the brain both functions and thinks.

4. RELI 110 – Understanding Faith

the different symbols representing major religions

One class that is very fun and interesting is RELI 110. In this course you will get to learn more about the major religions around the world. You will see how it affects different areas and ways of life. This is an amazing way to learn more about the world.

5. MUE 231 – Introduction to Music Education

a music mixtape in a pink background

A fun way to incorporate music in your life is by taking MUE 231. This course is dedicated to learning more about the history of music and how different genres cater to different people. You will see how music has impacted society and how society reacts to music as well. This is an eye opening class that is also fun and an easy way to relax between classes.

6. TA 110 – Acting I

an acting class with students performing on stage

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at acting? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Not only will you get school credit, but you will also get to begin your acting career. This is a fun way to relieve stress between classes.

7. SM 131 – Intro to Sports Medicine

a man helping a woman with her injury

Another fun class to take is SM 131. In this course you will learn the basics of Sports Medicine, and how to take care of others. This class can be beneficial to everyone as you will learn more about how the body works and how to combat common injuries from sports and working out.

8. SC 230 – Introduction to Effective Oral Communication

a speaker at a conference in front of an audience

Are you looking for a way to be a better public speaker? If so, SC 230 will be your best bet. This is an introductory course that will help you build your public speaking skills. You will be expected to participate and speak amongst your peers to help you become a better speaker.

9. MUN 111 – Class Piano

a student learning how to playing piano

If you have ever wanted to begin playing an instrument, this is the perfect course for you. To take this course, you do not have to have any previous experience. This is a basic introductory course that will teach you the fundamentals of how to play piano.

10. ES 130 – Introduction to Environmental Science

a microscope in a field of plants

Dealing with the current climate, it could be a beneficial class to take ES 130. This course will teach you the basics of Environmental Science while relating it to current day news. This is a great way to become more informed in what is happening in the world all around you.

If you are looking for fun ways to spice up your education, do not be afraid to look into taking classes outside of your major. Not only will it help keep you on your toes between your classes, but you may also find a class that introduces you to your new hobby or interest. There are such a variety of different classes that will suit any interest of any student. Do not be afraid to enlist in one class today.

10 Hardest Classes at Bethune-Cookman University

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school academia. Knowing which classes to steer clear of in at Bethune-Cookman University can help you as a student succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at BCU. Let get’s started!

1. AC 231 – Principles of Accounting I

This course is a two hundred level class, so most students begin to think it is a blow off. However, many students who have taken the course say that this class one their toughest by far. With lots of material covered and lengthy, cumulative exams, ACCT 231 is not on many students’ list of desired classes.

Students studying together on campus.

2. BI 237 – Anatomy and Physiology

This course is the basis of most pre-med students who are looking to begin their majors. With a variety of topics covered and lots of material expected to be memorized by student, the exams are said to be nearly impossible for most who take this course. Many students pull all nighters to complete studying each exam.

Students working together in lab.

3. CH 346 – Instrumental Analysis

For any medical major, this course lives up to its terrible reputation. In Chem 346 students are tested to their max with not only lectures but lab experiments as well. This course is weighted heavily on exam scores and this is one of the most frequent courses visited at the tutor center.

Teaching talking to students in class.

4. BA 234 – Business Law I

BA 234 focuses on cost determination in jobs and how it correlates with the laws of today. A big part of the class is on cost information for decision-making, including ethical issues. Students must have great knowledge in technology and computer skills for this tough course.

Students studying in class with one another.

5. BA 232 – Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is a high level course for students who are almost completed with their degree. With this course however in a schedule, there is no such thing as an easy junior or senior year. The exams are nearly impossible as said by students and there is an overwhelming amount of material.

cartoon graphic of macroeconomics with different people pointing to different areas on paper with chart and making calculations

6. MAT 136 – Analytical Trigonometry

MAT 136 is a course that students enter into fully prepared to work their rear end off in! If one signs up for this course, it is countless hours of work outside of the class and lecture. Students are also expected to remember everything from previous math classes when signing up for this class. Many freshmen find this course miserable.

New building on BCU campus.

7. BI 351 – Plant Physiology

BI 351 is a course that many students struggle with because of the large quantities of work for both their lecture and lab experiments in this course. Students do not recommend taking this course to incoming students, especially in their schedule is almost full due to the many students who fail the course.

Students holding plants for the image.

8. HI 132 – World History II

This course takes students into the realm of the pass to challenge those who have decided to accept history as their major. Through many deep thinking projects, students often leave the course because of the hours of work it entails outside of the classroom alongside their other courses as well.

Image of historical cartoon. during the ancient greek times

9. PHIL 230 – Ethics

PHIL 230 adapts students and molds them into a different way of thinking which many students do not care for. This course forces students to think outside of the box. Beyond the books, many critical thinking skills need to in place when trying to pass this very hard course.

Student resting after all the reading in this class.

10. BI 410 – Topics in Biology Science-Behavior Ecology

This course covers environmental issues and how they affect and correspond with the chemical laws our society has today. Topics that are talked about disregard any personal value and focus strictly on the black and white which is why students have a hard time separating themselves emotionally from many topics in this course.

Students running tests in the lab.

Overall, Bethune-Cookman University has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at BCU will be amazing!

Top 10 Dorms at Bethune-Cookman University

In order to be at your very best, you need to be in a healthy environment. By choosing a good residence hall, you can achieve this very easily. Here are the top 10 dorms at Bethune Cookman University.

1. Bronson Hall

The first option that you have is Branson hall. This is a residence Hall on campus that has a lot to offer to you as a student. Some examples include game rooms and printing access.

Bronson building

Address: N/A

2. Joyner Hall

Another option that is available to you is Joyner hall. This is where a lot of freshmen tend to live. If you’re a freshman, this might be a good fit for you.

Joyner building

Address: N/A

3. Lefevre Hall

Lefevre Hall is another good place for you to live. If you choose to live here, you’ll be in good hands. You will be in an environment that is super supporting and excepting.

Dorm room

Address: N/A

4. JaFlo Hall

If you like to be right in the heart of campus, you need to check JaFlo hall. This allows you to get around campus much quicker. This is just another element of convenience in your life.

meeting area

Address: N/A

5. Phase H C

A unique living experience for you can be found at phase H C. This is a complex on campus that houses hundreds of students every single year. This is one of the most diverse areas on campus.

Phase living room

Address: N/A

6. Moorehead A

One of the larger buildings on campus is Moorehead A.  This building offers single and double rooms for you to enjoy. This is also a friendly and coed space.

Moorehead building

Address: N/A

7. Thompson Hall

One of the older buildings on campus is Thompson Hall. About 200 students live here every single semester. There also some great amenities here that you need to take advantage of.

Thompson building

Address: N/A

8. Moorehead B

The sister building to Moorehead a is Moorehead b. This is another large building that house is mostly upper-class students. If you live here, you will be in good hands.

Moorehead area

Address: N/A

9. Lee Hall

The final all freshmen hall on campus is Lee Hall. This is a great option for you if you want to be surrounded by your peers. There are also events going on here all the time to help you get involved on campus.

lee hall

Address: N/A

10. Herbert Hall

The final option that you have for on-campus housing is Herbert all. The location of this dorm is great. This means that you’ll get to and from classes very quickly.

Herbert Hall

Address: N/A

Here is your Packing list for Bethune Cookman University

1. Room Basics

an area rug

– pillows
– garbage can
– area rug
– desk lamp
– clothes

2. Food and Drinks

a cup of coffee

– bottled water
– coffee
– iced tea
– plates
– utensils

3. Tech and Entertainment

a black TV

– Movies
– TV
– computer
– cell phone
– chargers

4. School Supplies

wooden pencils

– textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– paper
– calculator

5. Cleaning and Organization

a black hanger

– Wet wipes
– paper towels
– toothbrush
– hangers
– desk organizer

6. Campus Gear

a red umbrella

– backpack
– skateboard
– water bottle
– umbrella
– bike

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a grey couch

– Pets
– guests
– alcohol
– furniture
– hover boards

Top 10 Clubs at Bethune-Cookman University

Bethune–Cookman University, is a private, co-ed, historically black university located in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. The school after financial aid is about $17,000.  Here are 10 cool clubs that you should visit at Bethune-Cookman University.

1. UniverSity Magazine

 an example of a magazine layout

UniverSity Magazine is a way for students to have hands on experience with creating a magazine. The magazine is campus run and allows students who are looking into careers in photography as well as editing and writing to have a chance to make a layouts and articles.

2. B-CU Campus TV

 a large screen tv

The B-CU Campus TV covers is a great way for students who are studying the tv and media industry to get hands on experience. The campus TV is always looking for ideas on how to improve such as funny student segments and talk shows.

3. American Scholastic Press Association

 a person looking through a newspaper

The American Scholastic Press Association is meant for those students who are interested in journalism and want to set themselves apart from the competition. This is a great opportunity for students to be able to hone their skills.

4. AMA

graphic design representation of marketing and digital tools

AMA stands for American Marketing Association. The AMA is a tool for students who are studying marketing to be able to have access to different tools for bettering their marketing skills. The group has guest speakers and a number of networking opportunities.

5. Investment Association

 a man stacking coins

Investment Association is made up of students who are interested in learning more about the act of investing. Investing is when you put trust into a business by helping them out through monetary means(usually) and then eventually expecting the money to be returned(of even made a profit).

6. Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society

picture of students in the Theta alpha kappa honor society

The Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society is meant for those students who have done well in their studies of theology. Theology is the study of religion. If you are studying religion make sure to check out society to make your resume stand out.

7.National Society of Black Engineers

 an engineer holding up a plan

The National Society of Black Engineers is a group on campus that allows students who are African-American to be given tools to excel in the major of engineering. Engineering is a fairly broad term and has many different subsections within it . You will have access to special scholarships and even possible jobs.

8. Sigma Theta Tau International

 a group of nursing students

Sigma Theta Tau International is an honors society that was created for those who have excelled in their nursing studies.Through the group you will have shown that your are capable of doing well in school as well as have special access to their job board.

9. Kindling, B-CU Literary Magazine

templates on making a good magazine

The literary magazine is a way for students to be able to showcase their creative writing with the school and plenty of others outside of the school. The magazine is always in need of talented writers, editors and even those who do photography.

10. Real I.N.K Poetry Club

picture og a girl reading poetry off her phone

The Real I.N.K Poetry Club puts on a number of different events to celebrate the art of writing and performing poetry. The club hosts slam poetry nights as well as open mic night which is an event that allows students to bring forth their work to the pubic.

Top Events of the School Year at Bethune-Cookman University

1. College Tour

 college just ahead sign in clouds

If you are a prospective student that is looking into the school here is your chance. The college tour will allow you to meet with a guide that will help you look at the resident housing options, different classrooms and buildings, and you’ll know where important buildings like admissions is.

2. Spade/Pool Tournament

 the card game spades

If you are looking for a way to experience the fun of spades and pool come to this event. You can show off your skills against people or bring along your friends. Think of spades as a card game that is not easily known how to play and does require practice.

3. Blood Drive

 a pint of blood and a heart

Give the gift of life by coming to a blood drive event. The blood will help at least three people if you choose to donate one pint(it is not allowed to donate more than that). Make sure before you donate that you have eaten a decent meal at least 1-2 hours ahead of time.

4. Bingo Night

 bingo balls and playing cards

Bingo Night is a night that is all about good clean fun with your friends. You have a chance at bragging rights as well as possible prizes depending on the night that you go. Come on out for a fun time that is absolutely free to play at.

5. Karaoke Night

picture of a microphone with karaoke night

Karaoke nights are the best when it comes to last-minute planning something to do with friends. It is a great way to socialize with new people as well as showcase your great or (not so great) voice and pitch. At the very least you’ll get a good laugh.

10 Easiest Courses at B-CU

Bethune-Cookman University, also known as B-CU is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. This school is a co-ed historically black university and is home to over four thousand students. Bethune–Cookman University offers students the opportunity to receive one or two of thirty-nine bachelor’s degrees and one of six master’s degrees. With so many sub-schools and programs, it should come as no surprise that Bethune-Cookman University has so many courses available for students. What follows is a list of arguably the easiest courses here!

1. EN 095 /125 – Writing for Academic Success

In this course, students learn about the various stages of the writing process, from the beginnings of brainstorming ideas and developing a thesis to the conclusion of revising work and polishing it for an intended audience. This course aims to have students develop academic writing skills that will help them both in school and in life.This image is of a student writing--something that they do with much frequency in this course.

2. MC 140 – Mass Communications Seminar

This course is designed to introduce students to key concepts important for success in the mass communications industries. This course will expose students to professional and ethical demands of the various communications industries.This image is of a large communications seminar for students.

3. SO 131 – Introduction to Sociology

This class gives students an in-depth overview of the field of sociology. An extreme emphasis is placed on the practices and institutions that allow humans to develop in the processes of social maintenance and change.This image encompasses all of the major points of sociology.

4. SO 235 – Marriage and Family

This class allows students to embark on a study of biological, psychological, and sociological bases of human family life. And, special attention is given to the problems of family life in a changing society.This image shows a happy family--one that may be studied in this course.

5. TAC 103 – A Public Speaking Seminar

This class focuses on the fundamentals of Oral Communication through practices of organizing and delivering effective oral messages in a variety of settings. The course prepares students to improve ability to speak before an audience, to listen and analyze speeches, and to increase awareness of the role of communication in our increasingly complex society.This shows a bunch of microphones that students may use to speak into during this class.

6. TA 103 – Participation Seminar

This course is designed to allow all interested majors and non-majors to gain experience in running various aspects of an actual production, spanning publicity and promotion, front of house, stage management, and production run crews.This image is of a theater that students will learn to command in this course.

7. RELI 110 – Understanding Faith

Through the lens of Christian traditions and values, this course will introduce students to the discipline of Religious Studies. Basic concepts such as scripture, deity, authority, worship and ritual, ethics, the nature of religious experience, and faith will be studied in great depth. Following this, students will apply this knowledge to anylyze and understand faith commitments in order religious traditions.This image shows major religious symbols.

8. RELI 210 – Religion and Popular Culture

This course uses a range of disciplinary perspectives to examine the ways religious themes, symbols, icons, and language are used in expressions of popular culture. Further, this course will explore interactions between religion and popular culture.This image shows how religion and popular culture overlap.

9. PHIL 230 – Ethics

This course examines moral standards and applications of moral reasoning from a multicultural perspective. Additionally, this philosophy course emphasizes values and ethics communsurate with those values and the role both play in our lives, socially and personally.This image shows how ethics can be used to better their lives.

10. POL 130 – Introduction to Political Science

This introductory level course is designed to give students a glimpse to the discipline and its varied sub fields in American and comparative politics, international relations, political economy, political theory, and public policy.This image demonstrates the importance of political science in the justice system.Ultimately, Bethune-Cookman University helps students to discover their passions, both academic and personal. And, one the main reasons why students enjoy this school so much is because of the various courses offered tailored to many ability levels and interests. Make sure you check out this list if you’re looking for a GPA boost!