10 Buildings at Bethel University You Need to Know

There are a number of students who are currently applying to new schools. Some of which, may feel a little scared before they visit and step foot. It’s important to know where you are going on any campus or anywhere in the world. Here are the ten buildings that you need to know at Bethel University.

1. Royal Stadium

The side of the Royal Stadium

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This outdoor building space is home to the Bethel Royals. This space had its first home game in 1996 and has hosted over six NCAA Division III games since its opening. Here, true Royals fans can gather to cheer on their favorite players!

2. Wellness Center

Front side of Wellness Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building first opened in 2015 and welcomed the newly renovated Wellness Center to campus. This 11,000 square-foot building features a fitness area, training equipment, and studio space for group fitness. Students will also be able to find a lounge area.

3. 3949 Campus Center

Front side of the Campus Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is home to the Campus Center which is the central space for students of seminar. Students will find multiple relaxation spaces, dining, and a fellowship hall. Students will also find Scandinavian architecture and study rooms.

4. Academic Center

The inside of the Academic Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building lives and breathes and motivates students to commit to academic success. Students will have a chance to find a number of faculty and administrative offices here as well. This building also houses classrooms and study rooms.

5. Monson Dining Center

The outside of the Monson Dining Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is home to the Monson Dining Center. It houses a convenient buffet for students. Students will also have a chance to choose from a salad bar, a scratch-made stone oven pizza, deli sandwiches, and a number of pastas.

6. Benson Great Hall

The outside of Benson Great Hall

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is one of the campus’s premier performance venues and spaces. It is where concerts, performances, conferences, recitals, and lectures take place. These events range from students, staff, and faculty to guests from around the world.

7. Welcome Center

The inside of the Welcome Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is home to the Admissions Welcome Center. This building is the starting point for any campu visit or tour. Students who are looking for a place to chill and relax can also come here to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax by the fireplace!

8. Robertson Physical Education Center (RC)

The inside of the Robertson gym

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is home to the Robertson Center. It is home to many athletic and sporting events. It features a gymnasium for students and staff to watch games for indoor sports, a locker room for the home and visiting team, and administrative offices.

9. BU Library

The front of the Bethel University Library

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

Do you need to study for an upcoming test? This building is home to the BU Library. Here, students will have access to a number of books, online databases, and multimedia services. This library also includes study rooms and meeting rooms.

10. Hagstrom Center

The inside of the Hagstrom Center

Address: St. Paul, MN 55112

This building is home to the Hagstrom Center which houses a number of student services and rsources. This includes the Academic Enrichment and Support Center, the Post Office, Safety and Security Office, meeting spaces, and study rooms.

It’s important to know where you are at all times! Hopefully this list has helped you to feel more acquainted with Bethel University. Surely, these aren’t all the buildings, but at least you will recognize a few when you step foot on campus!

10 Coolest Courses at Bethel University

Located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Bethel University is a private Christian liberal arts university providing more than 100 academic programs in 2 colleges. The institution provides a suitable learning environment that allows its students to achieve their academic goals. From all the courses offered at Bethel, below are some of the coolest.

1. ART 108A – Ceramic Design

An image of a ceramic pot

This course explores both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional design strategies in the creation of ceramic forms and surfaces. Students find this course cool because they will engage in the creation of ceramic creations throughout the course. This course is recommended for art majors.

2. ENL 111 – American Life Stories

A poster written THIS AMERICAN LIFE

This course discusses the concepts related to the writing of American autobiographies and focusing on how American people write their life stories. Students will read and analyze a series of already published American life stories that reflect the rich cultural diversity of American life. Students will also be required to write their own life stories.

3. MUS 262A – How To Write A Song

A person holding a pencil writing on music notes

If you love music, this course is designed and tailored for you. Get to learn the techniques and concepts related to songwriting. Students will be required to implement the concepts learned and compose their own original pieces. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue music as a major.

4. MUE 151A – Jazz Orchestra

An Orchestra performing on stage

This course explores the jazz orchestra as a form of American jazz music. Students will familiarize with the various performing styles from traditional big band to fusion. Students will be required to attend two rehearsals per week and attend several jazz orchestra concerts including the spring Jazz in the Great Hall.

5. BIB 220 – The Pentateuch


This course discusses the Mosaic books of the Old Testament and focuses particularly on the account of world beginnings, the Patriarchs, the Exodus and founding of the nation of Israel, and the faith and religion of the Hebrews. Students will learn fun and exciting facts about the ways of life of the Hebrew people.

6. COM 217A – Screenwriting

A poster Written Screeenwriting

In this course, students discuss the concepts related to screenplay and screenwriting. Students will learn and practice the art of writing, creating and adapting, and editing of narrative screenplays. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in communications.

7. POS 230L – Politics and Religion in the United States

An American flag beside a Church's cross

This course discusses the contemporary and historical ties between politics and religion in America. Students will learn very interesting facts about the political and religious positions and interactions in the United States. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in political science.

8. HIS 212U – History of Islam

A poster written Islamic history with a compass on top of a map

Islam is a very interesting religion. Get to understand its history from its inception and development to modern day by enrolling in this course. Students will interact with and learn from the members of the Islamic community in Minnesota with discussions focusing on the Islam contemporary issues and controversies. 

9. PHI 228L – Philosophies of Love and Sex

Picture of a textbook in black and white

This philosophy course discusses different concepts regarding the nature of love and sexuality. At the end of the course, students will get to understand and distinguish the features associated with the different types of love and sexuality. This course is recommended for philosophy majors.

10. SPA 101 – Introductory Spanish I

A poster written Spanish

Introductory Spanish teaches students to speak, write, read and listen in the Spanish language. Students will enjoy learning a foreign language that has become popular in the contemporary world. Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in oral and written practice sessions that encourage familiarization of the Spanish language. 

10 Hardest Courses at Bethel University

There are a number of different courses for students to take while they are in college. While some students prefer classes that are a little easier than most, others prefer classes that are seen as a challenge. These classes usually are test and homework heavy because of the either the material or the professor who assigns daily tasks. If you are up for the challenge, we have listed some of the hardest courses that you can take at Bethel University below!

1. ARH 220 Art History – Ancient Through Medieval 

A look at different art paintings

What is art? This class will take students through ancient and medieval art. From the prehistoric to Gothic periods, students will learn about the role that art played in these various societies. Students will also examine literary terms that are used to describe the art that is being learned within the given time period or just in general.

2. BIO 224 –  Clinical Anatomy

An x-ray of a person

This class will teach and introduce students to clinical anatomy. If you are student that is looking to become a doctor, this is a key class for you. If not, this class will be challenging nonetheless. You will study in detail about anatomy, histology, and the things that make up the human bodily systems.

3. CHE 113 – General Chemistry I

Equations and tools used in chemistry

Chemistry is seen as one of the hardest classes because not only do you have to know the definitions and history, but you also have to know the basic functions and formulas within it. This class will examine the chemistry behind chemical properties, chemical principles, and states of matter.

4. BUS 210 – Financial Accounting

People that are conducting business

If you are looking into starting a business or being in the business field, you will need to know a thing or two about how to manage your finances. Students in this class will learn how to report and record various financial accounting concepts and how to apply these in the long term as well.

5. ENS 201 –  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

A map of the world

This class will include an introduction into the field of geographic information systems. It is how you know where to go when you open up Google Maps. This class will investigate the functions of remote sensing, how to edit GIS data by using special software, and how to conduct a formal analysis as well.

6. PSY 130 – Introduction to Neuroscience

A diagram of the human brain

Have you ever wandered what causes your own behavior? This class will examine the two main themes of neuroscience which includes the foundation of the nervous system itself and the function of the nervous system. This class includes various terms that you will have to learn and apply to different situations.

7. REL 205U – Religions of India, China and Japan 

Symbols for major religions around the world

Students will gain a better understanding on the major religions that reside in India, China, and Japan. This class will incorporate different symbols and how religions are applied into culture within those countries. This class is very test heavy so make sure to bring your A game when you come in!

8. HIS 301 – A New Nation 

A look at the word history across a map

What makes up a nation? Students will learn about the history and birth of a new nation, America. Students will learn about the history of America from the first exploration to the early 19th century. This class will also feature major emphasis on race, class, and gender as well.

9. GES 306K – Nuclear Energy: Past and Present

A look at a nuclear plant

What makes up a bomb? This class will talk all about nuclear energy and how it is processed. Students will gain a basic understanding on the power of nuclear fission and fusion. Students will also learn about nuclear deterrence, waste problems, reduction agreements, and weapon design.

10. BUS 325 –  Business Analysis

A person doing their business

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Well first, you will need the right tools to do so. This class will provide students with an overview on business analysis. This includes learning about principles, practices, tools, and different techniques to incorporate into the real-scheme of things in order to be successful.

Top 10 Library Resources at Bethel University

Several libraries at Bethel University make studying much more comfortable for both the students and the faculty. These libraries offer a wide range of books, resource, and other material needed to enhance the potential of the students in their studies and research. Below is a quick rundown of top 10 library resources at Bethel University.

1. Research Assistance

Research librarian with a student

Bethel research librarians offer assistance on the access to the information and use of the library facility. Bethel libraries have an ongoing service that gives online help  pertaining to library and research. The facility also provides online research guides to the students through chat. The research librarians interact physically with the faculty and students for extended and customized assistance.

2. Interlibrary Loan

Research Librarian – Bethel University

You can decide to borrow stuff from external libraries through Bethel Library. In this case, you are required to submit a request of the material to your favorite Bethel library. The respective librarian will then locate the library that has the item, get it and send it to you for checkout. In some cases, you may qualify to get the material through the mail from their local consortium or anywhere around the world.

3. Equipment and Technology

Research Librarian – Bethel University

The Libraries provide the University & Seminary students with a wide range of equipment for checkout. Some of these resources include iPad, video cameras, adapters, phone charging cables, speakers, and more. The University Library has set up a large lab within the campus. This facility is equipped with both Windows and Mac computers that are installed with Microsoft office, FitnessGram, and SPSS programs.

4. Study Rooms

Students in the study room – Bethel Library

The seminary St. Paul library has three group study rooms. The second floor of the main building has study rooms 203 and 204. Study room B16 is sited in the library’s basement. The library also has a few individual study carrels that can be reserved for four months for few affiliates of the university community.

5. Mailing Services

Two librarians doing mail work – Bethel Library

Students who qualify for some conditions can receive journal articles and books through the mail. Eligible students include adult graduate or undergraduate students of the university library. All students from Bethel seminary qualify to obtain library materials on mail disregard of the place they live. You may use your interlibrary loan account for materials that are not online even if they are not stocked at bethel libraries or any other location.

6. Lamination

Lamination equipment

Bethel library provides lamination services both to the faculty and to the students. You can drop off your material and pick them up at the checkout in the university library. The lamination services are charged at $75 per foot. The maximum wideness includes 1 1/4 feet. You will get an email after your request is made.

7. Disability Services

Librarian offering assistance a disabled student – Bethel university library

Bethel university libraries are focused on making their facilities beneficial and practical for everyone. The library reference desk helps the students in retrieving specific items. The university libraries also provide various reference appointments. As such, you may plan to meet a reference librarian for an individual appointment.

8. Services for Faculty

A faculty member with a librarian

The libraries provide several services, particularly for the faculty. The facility has an online form that you can use to reserve your course material. Allocation of department funds for a DVD or book is also done through the library online request form. The Teaching and Learning technology group helps you out with your digital video for your Moodle course. The library instruction sessions are useful for familiarizing the students with the information on library resources.

9. Services for Alumni and Retirees

Alumni at Bethel Library

The libraries offer a free library card to alumni on registration. This card gives them a check out privilege of up to five books from the seminary library. Alumni can personally get a card at the library check out desks. Alumni cards at the seminary library can be acquired by completing a seminary alumni card form.

10. Services for Guests

Librarian serving a guest

Bethel libraries offer several services to the guests. All visitors are given a chance of using the library’s online and print services. Borrowing privilege is granted to all guests on registration of a library card. The card allows you to check out up to five books in the libraries. However, some exclusions are applied. Bethel university libraries also provide other resources as far as Minnesota.


Top 5 Libraries at Bethel University

1. University Library

Side view – University Library

Bethel University library aims at being the most significant learning hub at Bethel. The facility empowers learning through scholarship support. It unveils pathways to technology and resources. Overall, the university library promotes collaboration and encourages curiosity among faculty, staff, guests, and the student community at large.

2. Seminary St. Paul Library

Open space in front of the Seminary St. Paul Library

This facility offers resources and services to the Bethel Seminary community. The library fosters relevant, transformational, and mixed learning at Bethel. The Carl H. Library in St. Paul has approximately 3,000 print titles, 170,000 books, 12,000 non-print items, and 22,000 electronic titles. Individual sets comprise of Klingberg Puritan, Nelson-Lundquist, bethel university archives and more.

3. Seminary San Diego Library

Seminary San Diego Library main entrance

The memorial library in San Diego has over 22,000 unique journal titles, approximately 1,200 periodical titles, 1,500 non-profit items, and over 82,000 books. The groups entail the Turnbull Rare Books, global resources, as well as Spanish publications for languages. The seminary San Diego library participates in the American Theological Library Association. The facility is also a member of the Cooperating Libraries in Consortium.

4. Friends of the University Library

Student studying at the Friends of the University Library

The Friends of the University Library promotes the value of the library facilities, collections, as well as services. The library does this by encouraging gifts publicity of library services and contribution in the programs of the library. You can acquire membership of the Friends through  participation and consistent financial support. Qualified members get Friends notifications and newsletter of community events.

5. Digital Library

Student reading at the Digital Library

The digital library consists of more than twenty significant collections. The groups are centered on the history of Bethel, student experience, natural history, art & creative works, faculty & student scholarship. Collections at the Digital library comprise of primary source materials, which can be accessed digitally. The items can be arranged to help in learning and teaching.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Bethel University

Bethel University is leader is christian higher education. The school has more than 100 different undergrad programs. The school is located in Arden, Minnesota. The Mascot is called Roy the Lion. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs at Bethel University.

1. Democrats

 the flag for the democrats with a donkey

The college democrats group looks to be a club that focuses on the hard-hitting topics of government such as social and political issues. It talks about social justice, equality, and  human rights. The group also integrates the work of the Lord in it as well.

2.Anime Club

An image of a anime with a beast holding a school girl

Anime club is a great club to join to know more about the Japanese culture as well as it is good if you are an anime junkie. If you enjoy walking anime and are looking for a community of people to share your viewpoint this is the one for you.


the symbol for republican party with an elephant

The college republicans group is the group on campus that strives to engage with the community on the stance of the republican party. The group tries to make the issues of the government and how to get involved a number one priority.

4.Creation Restoration

different elements of sustainability include trash recycling growing plants ect

Understanding the lord’s gift of mother nature can sometimes be hard to realize in the pressure of studying. Take a break from that once in a while to join the Creation Restoration group. This group connects students who are passionate about nature trips as well as sustainable practices.

5.Disability Awareness Group

Logos for different types of disabilities such as hearing impaired or wheelchair bound

Disability Awareness Group is a group on campus to allow students to be more engaged and aware of the different disabilities that are on campus. Often people are not aware of all the different types of disabilities, is a great way to melt any preconceived stereotypes.


World map highlighting different areas in the world that suffer from poverty

GlobeMed seeks to empower students and different people living in communities of poverty within the world. It seeks to strengthen the movement of the global health industry into one that is able to do even more good.

7.Mu Kappa

student group photo from Mu Kappa

Mu Kappa is a group that is meant for missionary kids, international students, and third-culture kids. It is meant to be a group that allows them to feel safe and not misjudged. It allows for truly learning about the different cultures and providing support.

8.Tennis Club

 A person dribbling tennis balls on a court with their racket

Tennis Club is meant for those who are going from no experienced to even advanced a chance to play tennis. The best part of the club is that it allows for a more casual and less competitive setting to play the sport. This allows for one to better learn how to play.

9.Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society)

The logo for Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society)

This group is the communication honors society. It is meant to be a group that allows students in the communications major to have different events that improve their future career endeavors. This is done through different networking events as well as talking with professionals.

10.Model United Nations

 the international flags next to eachother symbolizes unity

Model United Nations is a group that is comprised of students who talk about the different issues within the scale of international news. It is a great group to be in if you are looking to be a part of conversation that deals with global and current events.

Top Events of the School Year at Bethel University


 3 women playing flag football on the field

Looking to represent your class as well as do a fun sport to meet new people? There will be a sign up for the annual girls flag football powderpuff. Make sure to get your friends to sign up too, you will be competing against the other classes.

2.BUnited Fall Breakfast

logo for Bethel United

Bethel Biz and BUnited have teamed up to bring a networking breakfast series as a way for alumni and friends to collaborate together.This makes for a great place to converse over networking ideas as well as way to handle leading.


Candles at vespers in a church

As a school that is deeply rooted in the values and the tradition of the christian religion, this event helps to represent that notion. Vespers is an evening prayer service that is located at the Benson Great Hall. It is throughout the year from usually 8pm-9pm or 10pm-11pm on Sundays.

4.Project Ex Internship and Job Fair: Student Registration

Job fair logo

This event is an annual event that connect students to over 30+ different places that will be recruiting for people in internships as well as actual jobs. Here you will find plenty of people to ask advice and questions to if you are not the most aware of the company.

5.Puppies and Puppy Chow

 A bowl of puppy chow

Puppies and Puppy Chow is an event that will help you destress all the worries away.There will be a room filled with cute puppies that you can pet and play with. To fit the theme of puppies there will also be a refuel station of puppy chow to snack on.

10 Easiest Classes at Bethel

Bethel University is a Christian college that offers tons of classes for its students. While some of the classes are hard there are still countless of easy class that they offer. Some of the easiest class they offer are these:

1. ARH 221: Art of the United States

Students will look on painting, sculptures and architecture of the United States. The class will show the United States art that are influenced by European. The class will be an easy A for students who likes to analyze and have interest in art.

Art Installation at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California

2. BUS 212: Personal Finance

The class will be easy and useful for students. They will learn to management their personal finance and so is their family. Some of the things that students will learn are budgeting and making investments.

Personal finance plan written on a napkin

3. BUS 324: Consumer Behavior

This class will be useful for business minded students and business majors. It will be an easy class for them too. The class will teach its student the psychological behavior of consumers and how to make them buy goods from business establishments.

Consumer which product is better to buy

4. COM110:  Basic Communication

It is a speech class where students will study formal and informal communication and how to better communicate individually and giving presentations in front of a crowd. The class will be easy as long students will do their speech and participate in class.

Process of basic communication from the speaker to the receiver

5.  COM 220: Group Communication

This will be an easier class compared to COM 110 because presentations in front of the class will be done in groups. Students will spends their time with group and interact with one another. This will help the students to gain group management and teamwork skill at the end of the course.

A group of professional listening to someone sharing his thoughts

6. EDU 275: Kindergarten Education

The class will be useful and easy for students who wants to be a teacher. Students will learn characteristics and behaviors of kindergarten students and appropriate curriculum and strategies used for effective teaching.

A kindergarten teacher reading a story for kindergarten students while showing them images from the story book

7. ENL 111: American Life Stories

Students will analyze autobiography of Americans. Some of the things that students will learn from this class is how an individual American write their autobiography. After analyzing American autobiography students will be ask to reflect on American. The class will be easy as long as students will throughly read the biographies.

An autobiography from 9/11 written by Megan Brown

8. ENS 104: Environment and Humanity

The class will allow students to be aware about the relationship of humans with their environment. Other things that students will learn are causes and solutions of environmental problems such as water and air pollution.

A usual symbol of human being caring for the environment

9. FRE 101: Introduction French I

The class will teach its students the basics of French language. This will allow student to communicate in French using their basic knowledge that they will learn from taking this class. The class will be easy since the language is similar to Spanish.

Bonjour means hello or good morning in french

10. HAS 263: Coaching of Basketball

The class will teach its students rules, skills, strategy and techniques in coaching basketball. The class is mostly recommended for students who have a coaching minor. The class is easy because most students have the basic knowledge of basketball.

Erik Spoelstra the coach of Miami Heat basketball team

These classes are mostly three units and will greatly affect the students GPA so taking these easy class seriously is needed. These classes gives the students the chance to keep their GPA up and of course only take classes that is helpful for your major.