10 Buildings You Need to Know about at Bethany College

Bethany college offers 32 major programs. There are many different buildings that all students should know about. Here is a list of 10 buildings that are essential to your success at Bethany College.

1. Cummins Community Center

The community center at night lit by lights inside.

This center houses the main safety measures at the college. The Department of Safety and Security is located on the first floor of Cummins Community Center. The Department is open and provides protection and services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is important to know safety measures for unplanned things, or things we hope will never happen. The Department aids students who may experience sexual assault or other violence. This is an important place to know if something were to happen.

2. Robert C. Byrd Health and Wellness Center

Student workers at the Health and Wellness Center.

The Health Center’s staff helps students make full use of their physical and mental capabilities. Although the major responsibility is to provide medical services, staff members are interested in students’ emotional and environmental health. The counseling center is also located here.

3. T.W. Phillips Memorial Library

Student studying at the Library.

The library serves the Bethany College community by helping users identify, select, access, and evaluate resources. Library holdings include more than 250,000 physical items, a broad yet selective group of electronic resources, extensive archival and special collections, and the Grace Ryland and William Henry Robinson Children’s Library. Online resources are further enhanced with more than 40 other online resources.

4. Old Main

Photo from the back of the Commencement Hall located in Old Main.

Old main is home to many different services. One is the Commencement Hall. The Commencement Hall is the best venue for large groups. With a capacity of over 400 people, the Commencement Hall has a large variety of uses including; weddings, speeches & lectures, worship services, music performances, and other gatherings. Many college-wide events are held here as well. The second service provided here is the Academic Parlour. One of the more traditional meeting areas on campus, the Academic Parlour combines comfort with a professional meeting area. The Academic Parlour is located on the top floor of the Old Main building.

5. Ogden Dining Hall

Photo of the main dining area in Ogden.

Ogden Dining Hall is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is an All-You-Care-To-Eat location with all of your favorites. They have a weekly menu which you can view anytime on their website.

6. Bethany Commons

Aerial view of the commons.

Bethany Commons is another quick place for students to get food in between classes. It also has study spaces for students, as well as a lounge area. It is one of the main hubs on campus.

7.  Campbell Village

Front view of Campbell Village.

These apartment-style suites provide the most modern and comfortable accommodations on-campus. The suites are designed for four people, each with his or her own bedroom. All bedrooms are full furnished. In each suite, there is a living area, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette. Campbell Village is made up of four separate buildings.

8. Thomas Phillips Johnson Recreation Center

One of the gyms included for students, specifically for basketball.

The Center is available to all Bethany students. It includes a general purpose floor that accommodates a number of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis. This building was designed to support general recreation and intramural athletics. They have a multitude of facilities, including a large gymnasium, fitness area, a swimming pool, a weight room, and an exercise area.

9. Parkinson Hill

Outdoor view of the entrance to Parkinson Hill.

Parkinson Hill is made up of six separate building which house the majority of the Bethany College Greek organizations throughout the school year. If you plan to be a part of the Greek community, this will quite likely be where you live. Each building includes 2 lounge areas with a kitchen area equipped with a full-sized refrigerator and stove, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer.

10. Cramblet Hall

The main lobby for the McCann Learning Center located in Cramblet Hall.

Cramblet Hall houses the McCann Learning Center. The McCann Learning Center provides academic support services, which are available to all students. They supply supplemental instruction, study groups, individual content tutors, course-specific software, and study and meeting rooms. The writing center is available to assist students with the writing process from generating ideas through publishing products. The final service provided here is disability services.

10 Coolest Courses at Bethany College

Located in the foothills of northern West Virginia, Bethany College is a private liberal arts college offering a conducive learning environment and support system for its students. The college offers 35 areas of study in a classical liberal arts curriculum. Among the many courses offered at the institution, here is a list of some of the coolest courses.

1. COMM 194 – Online Radio

A poster written Online Radio with a headphone set on a globe

This course equips students with concepts, skills, and strategies required for working within the online radio. Students are introduced to on-air music, production, and delivery of news programs and messages on radio. The course has practice sessions where students will practice and perfect their skills.

2. MUSI 110 – Digital Audio Production for Music

Equipment in a music production studio

This course provides students with hands-on experience in using a digital audio workstation for music production. Students learn the various techniques and methods used for producing music. Students will use the production equipment available at the institution to practice and polish their skills.

3. THEA 153 – Makeup Design

An image of a woman's face with makeup

If you love makeup, then this course is recommended for you. The course teaches the theoretical and practical concepts and techniques related to makeup application. Students will be required to practice the various makeup application methods and techniques before the end of the course.

4. VISA 203 – Three-Dimensional Design

A sculptural art piece

This visual arts course introduces the theory and practice of various media through sculptural forms. Students in the course will learn various techniques and interact with different materials as they explore and design sculptures. The course seeks to also increase the creativity of students when it comes to design creation.

5. FINA 135 – Ballet

A ballet dancer performing on stage

If you like dancing, this course is recommended for you. Students in the course will learn the specific techniques related to ballet dancing. Students will be required to practice the art of ballet dancing throughout the course in order to polish their skills. This course is recommended for students that have not had any past exposures to ballet dancing.

6. RELS 210 – Yoga and Meditation

A lady practicing Yoga on a dock near the lake

Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn the philosophy, history, and techniques of various styles of yoga. Students will be introduced to the postures, chants, breath work, meditation techniques, and religious and philosophical scriptures related to yoga. Students will also be expected to engage in yoga sessions.

7. PHED 175 – Introduction to Teaching Physical Activities

Children playing soccer on a field

This course focuses on the factors that relate to the teaching of physical activities. The coursework in the course majors on the relationship between the teaching and learning environment. The course also involves field placement sessions where students will engage in physical activities themselves.

8. HIST 202 – U.S. History II

A poster written US History on top of capital hill picture

If you like history, then this course is meant for you. This course discusses the economic, political, and social growth of America from 1865 to the present times. Students will read and research on very interesting historical writings in order to understand specific facts about America.

9. FREN 110 – French Language & Cultures I

A poster written in French "learning french" on top of France flag

This is the first course among three others that teach the French language. In this course, students are taught the basics of speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the French language. Students will in the course engage in debates and public speaking in French to improve their French-speaking abilities.

10. ENGL 240 – Creative Writing

A poster written Creative Writing

This is an intensive course in imaginative writing. Students will engage in sketch, short fiction, poem, and dramatic scene writing throughout the course as part of their practice in creative writing. This course is recommended for students that are passionate about creative writing.

10 Hardest Courses at Bethany College

If you want to bring up your GPA or just want to avoid hard classes in general, you’ve come to the right place. It can be easy to sign up for classes that are hard without knowing if you’re not informed. Keep reading this article to learn about some of the hardest classes at Bethany College.

1. BIOL 291 – Animal Genetics and Breeding

DNA and animals

This class is definitely interesting but also challenging. In this class, students will study genetics and breeding principles in relation to domesticated species. Focus is placed on mating selection and mating systems for planned breeding programs. Other topics such as genetic and environmental bases of variation and methods in quantitative genetics are covered.

2. GENS 151- Astronomy

Stars in the sky

Space is so big and mysterious that not even scientists know everything about it yet. This class introduces non-science majors to astronomy and covers topics including light, the solar system, stars, stellar evolution, galaxies, and more. In addition, some of the physical principles underlying astronomical phenomena are taught.

3. HIST 311 – The Age of Transition: 1300-1600

An image of the 1400s

History might not be a difficult class for you, but this specific one is even worse for those who do happen to struggle with the subject. Students in this class will study the transitional phase from the Middle Ages to the Modern World. Focus is placed on the political and economic development of Italian city states and the rise of monarchies.

4. BUSI 312 – Principles of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance

This class may be about money, but that doesn’t make it any easier. In this class, students will learn about different corporate organizations and how they plan for their financial requirements. More specifically, students will learn about cash flow, ratio analysis, budgeting, capital decision making, financing, and corporate failure.

5. POLS 401 – Constitutional Law

The American constitution

What makes this class particularly hard is that it’s based on the constitution and constitutional issues. Many people find this document to be dense and hard to understand. In addition, students will familiarize themselves with the structure and functions of the federal court system.

6. GENS 353 – History and Philosophy of Science

Cartoon of the materials used in science experiments

History and philosophy aren’t words you often see paired together with science. This class largely focuses on some of the major ideas created by Western thinkers, a lot of the ideas we know and use today. Students will use their knowledge of these ideas to comprehend and describe the natural world.

7. ENGL 240 – Creative Writing

Cartoon character Spongebob writing an essay

This class may or may not be hard for you, that depends on how creative and imaginative you are. Students who find it hard to be creative tend to struggle with creative writing. In this class, students will write sketches, fiction, poems, drama scenes, are more.

8. INTD 204 – Human Sexuality

A cartoon of the two gender symbols

This class is difficult because of the stigma surrounding the topic. Here, students will learn about issues concerning sexuality and sexual functioning. Some of the topics included are psychological and sociological aspects of sexuality, the development of sex roles, myths, religion, and changing genders in today’s world.

9. CHEM 255 – Introduction to Pharmacology

Prescribed medications

Chemistry, not to mention pharmacology, is hard. Students will learn about the pharmacological properties of common types of organic compounds and medical ethics. In addition, this is a discussion based class, so if you don’t like talking in class, stay away from this one.

10. CPSC 240 – Introduction to Computer Security

A lock over a computer

Although this is an introductory class, it’s not an easy one. Some of the topics covered include computer vulnerabilities, policies, access controls, database security, authentication technologies, and network security. Not to mention, students will learn how to design and build secure systems.

While college is designed to be challenging, it doesn’t need to be unnecessarily difficult. By reading this post, you’ve already taken the first step to figuring out what classes you want to take and which ones you want to avoid. Keep this in mind when you’re picking your classes for next semester!

Top 10 Library Resources at Bethany College You Need to Know

The college is a private, liberal arts institution located in Bethany, West Virginia. While at the institution, Bethany College students can visit the libraries often to conduct extensive research. There plenty of resources that are found there as discussed below.

1. Video Tutorials

Amazing video lessons from video tutorials

Videography and motion graphics are good methods of facilitating faster learning amongst Bethany students. As a student in that institution, it is prudent to take advantage of amazing video lessons on various topics found at the library.

2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan facility aids students

Whenever you are certain that the material you are looking for is not in one of the Bethany libraries, you can go ahead and initiate an Interlibrary Loan request. As such, interlibrary loan facility can not be ignored.

3. e-Books

Reading ebooks using an electronic gadget

It is possible to get ebooks in pdf format for research at the libraries. The ebooks will cover a wide range of subjects, including political science, industry, physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

4. eJournals

Academic ejournals are useful in research

Students can obtain case studies and surveys of different kinds of researchers from various academic ejournals. Through any electronic gadget, you access various kinds of ejournals at the libraries’ website.

5. Course Reserves

Course reserves are enjoyable to utilize

Students can get topic guidance and helpful tips from the available course reserves. Instructors usually put various academic materials on reserve in the library for students to access.

6. Books

Books are the major research materials

The libraries are enriched with diverse kinds of books that support student learning. Those books cover current topics extensively giving opposing viewpoints.

7. Nonfiction DVDs

Non-fictional DVDs at the library shelf

You can find non-fictional, and various other kinds of documentaries in DVDs found at the library. Some of these are particularly useful in linguistics and world religion.

8. Movies

Movie reviews found in the library

There also a substantial amount of new movies and movie reviews at the library. Such kinds of visual materials contain additional information that can supplement the normal research work.

9. Articles

Peer-reviewed journals are useful

Articles from peer-reviewed journals and scholarly publications are useful in many research undertakings. Students can, therefore, get an in-depth knowledge of a particular topic whenever they visit a library.

10. Audiobooks

Liten to a book instead of reading

There are a couple of students who prefer studying using audio books instead of reading books. Bethany college libraries have a couple of audiobooks that you can listen into and enjoy. This is especially beneficial to nonreaders or struggling readers and learning-disabled students.

Top 2 Libraries at Bethany College

1. Bethany College Wallerstedt Library

The Wallerstedt Learning Center Library

The Learning Center aims to give various information resources and services to help in the education of various students. The Wallerstedt Learning Center Library provides a vast array of and information, and services.

Some examples include a variety of databases, an online catalog, an enormous academic research resources. It also entails collections from special libraries, about curriculum, Swedish literature and children’s literature.

2. T.W. Phillips Memorial Library

Outside T.W. Phillips Memorial Library

The library is situated on the Bethany College campus in West Virginia. Since it is the hub of academic information for the campus, the facility has over 300,000 local materials like books, journal articles, audiovisuals, archival materials, and other resources. Students can also subscribe to online databases such as Britannica Online, JSTOR, ProQuest Direct, and Lexis-Nexis Universe.

Top 10 Residences at Bethany College

Bethany College is located in West Virginia . It is an amazing college that offers a lot of cool educational and social experiences. It is a private  liberal arts college. The community at this school is amazing, and all the people that go here are amazing both academically and out of the classroom. If you are interested in attending this university, here are 10 of the top places to live on and off campus.

On Campus Housing

1. New Residence Hall

Picture of the outside of the dorm hall

Address: 335 East Swensson Street

New Hall is a great place to live on campus. It’s co-ed and separated by halls. You can choose to live in a single, double, or triple. Each room has private bathrooms. It has keyless entry, so it’s very secure.

2. Anne Marm Hall

Outside of Anne Marm Hall

Address: 335 East Swensson Street

This is a dorm where only females can live. The community is very close knit. The rooms are divided into suite styles. Each room has a sleeping area and then two lounge areas.

3. Gregory Hall

Outside of Gregory Hall

Address: 335 East Swensson Street

Gregory Hall is a great place to live at on campus. It’s a co-ed dorm, and it’s separated by halls. The rooms are suite-styles and each have a  double. The bathrooms are private for each suite, and they all even have bathtubs!

4. Swede Suites

An iamge of the exterior of Swede suites

Address: 335 East Swensson Street

5. Warner Hall

Picture of Warner hall

Address:335 East Swensson Street

Warner Hall is a great place to live on campus. This dorm hall is only males. It is suite style with double bedrooms. Each room is separated with its own bathroom.

Off Campus

1.Campbell Village

Image of an apartment complex

Address: 1 Main St, Bethany, WV 26032

This is a great apartment complex to live in. It’s not too far from campus, and there are a lot of unique places to study. They offer single and double rooms.

2. Culler

image of culler apartment complex

Address: 312 Culler Rd

This is a great apartment complex. It offers single rooms and is super affordable to live at. The complex is clean and has many amenities.

3. Locust

image of a living area

Address: 561 Locust St

This is another place to live off campus. It’s a two bedroom apartment and has all furnishings. It’s a little farther off campus, but it’s a very peaceful and secluded area.

4. Ritchie

image of a living room

Address: 259 Ritchie Ave

This is another great apartment complex to live on off campus. It offers two bedrooms and one bathroom apartments. It’s very clean and very secluded. It offers a peaceful area to focus on school work.

5. Mildren

image of an apartment room

Address: 300 Mildren Ave

This is a great place to live. It’s a little further off campus, but it’s great for a quiet, peaceful environment. It offers one bedroom apartments.

Bethany College is a great place to go to! It has a lot of cool opportunities for students as well as very cool living areas pretty close to campus. The type of community this school has is very unique, and anyone would be lucky to attend this university!

Here is your move in packing list at Fordham University

1) Room Basics

A pink pillow on a brown couch

– Blankets
– Pillows
– Comforter
– Door Mirror
– Shower Caddy
– Hangers
– Slippers

2) Food and Snacks

A bowl of pretzels

– Juice boxes
– Granola bars
– Bottled waters
– Instant mac and cheese
– Instant ramen
– Poptarts
– Dried Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

Image of a pair of headphones

– Charger
– Headphones
– TV
– Speakers
– Printer

4) School SuppliesAn image of a green box of pencils

– Planner
– Notebooks
– Different colored pens
– #2 Pencils
– Backpack
– Empty binder
– Stapler

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

A broomstick

– Clorax wipes
– Under bed organizer
– Drawer organizer
– 3 tiered shelving unit
– Dresser
– Kleenex
– Paper towel

6) Campus Gears

A blue bike

– Bike
– Bike lock
– Lunch box
– Keychain
– Travel water bottle
– Hand lotion
– Hand sanitizer

7) Items you should ask first before bringing 

A golden toaster

– Wifi router/ motem
– Candles
– Toasters
– Hot Plate
– Iron
– Ironing Board

The 10 Coolest Clubs at Bethany College

Bethany College is a private, liberal arts college in Bethany, West Virginia, United States. The average acceptance rate is about 70%. This makes it fairly attainable to get in. It also means once you’ve selected the college you can check out everything it has to offer, such as these 10 cool clubs.

1.Big Brother/Big Sisters

 big brother big sister organization

Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a way for youth to reach their academic potential by being in a one on one relationship with an older mentor that can help them through. The mentors are usually highschool or college age, and will be a guide for these students.

2.French Club

 french club is meant for conversational french

French is the romantic language of love. It is also behind Spanish as one of the most common languages to learn in college. Brush up on your skills by joining French Club. You will be using basic conversational French as well as you will be able to enjoy French culture events and food.

3.Folio Magazine

 Folio Magazine for students and their art

Folio Magazine is a campus form of media(in a magazine) that allows students to have their voice heard. If you are a writing major this is the perfect group to be apart of . Simply submit your work and have the team edit it. You can have your work featured under: non fiction, creative writing, or poetry.

4.BethCom TV14

 make sure to have a good tv to enjoy on campus news

TV should never be an amateur thing to do. At Bethany College, the school goes above and beyond to create quality content for its students. The content ranges from talk shows, sports and entertainment and even news and events.

5.Equestrian Club

 equestrian club is knowing your horse

Equestrian is a sport that is loved by those who enjoy the thrill of riding on a horse. It is a sport the requires great patience and endurance. Horses are not easily controlled, which is why the relationship between the rider and the horse is crucial.

6.Black Alliance

 black alliance celebrates african american culture

Black Alliance is a group of students that are made to educate and embrace. Many colleges even today are not aware of the racism or stereotyping that happens on campus. Black Alliance is meant to be a safe haven for African-American students, they educate on struggles throughout history as well as cultural upbringings.

7.WVBC 88.1 FM

 WVBC 88.1 FM is bethany student radio

The group is made of people with a passion for high quality broadcast radio. If you are majoring in anything that deals with entertainment or media this is the group to be a part of. The radio station is used as a teaching tool to learn about the business world.

8.Writers Club

 be exposed to fellow writers

Calling all writing majors! This club is the one for you. Ever heard of writers block? The club understands the pain of writers block. Writers club gives you access to fellow students with a passion for writing that gives you the chance to bounce ideas from one another.


 public relations student society of america

PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. This is a great opportunity for students studying PR and advertising and communications to sink their feet into the professional world. The club has agency tours, fundraisers, and professional speakers to talk about the PR world.

10.Outdoors Club

 the logo for outdoors club

Outdoors club is meant for those students who are passionate about the outdoors. Nature is a beautiful wonder that allows students to appreciate the natural wonders of the world. This group will attend nature walks, hiking and climbing, as well as possible nature clean ups.

Top Events of the School Year at Bethany College

1.Relay for Life

 relay for life helps the american cancer society

Relay for Life is an event that is used as a fundraising opportunity in order to help those that are suffering from cancer. The money directly goes to the American Cancer society. Each year students participate in either a walk or run.


 oktoberfest celebrates german culture

Make sure if you partake in most of the events that you are 21+. This great event celebrates the culture of German roots and the delicious foods of it as well. The event will happen at night and feature beer, German games as well as German food.

3.Green and White Visitation

 green and white day bethany college

This is the day to visit if you are a prospective student. It is the day that everyone (usually) is outfitted in their most school spirited attire of the colors green and white. You are invited to come for a student led tour as well as be given a presentation by enrollment and financial aid.

4.Halloween Fundraiser

 Brooke County Special Olympics

This fundraiser will be benefiting the Brooke County Special Olympics. It will be a night of fun and Halloween centered activities. Costume is encouraged but not required. Spend the night with all your ghoulish friends with live entertainment, snacks, dancing, and prizes.

5.Spring Carnival

 spring carnival at bethany college

Spring Carnival happens as a way to let students destress from their loads of exams and projects. This event features fun games, inflatable, and plenty of carnival inspired food that will be picture perfect for your social. Come out for a day of food and merriment.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Bethany College

Bethany College was founded in 1840, and today it serves as a small, private, and liberal arts school in West Virginia. It is interesting to note that Bethany College is West Virginia’s second oldest institution of higher education–second only to West Liberty University. With such a long history, Bethany College has had ample opportunity to tweak their courses to ones that students will undoubtedly be interested in! So, what follows is a list of the ten easiest courses available to students at Bethany College!

1. THEA 103 – Introduction to Theater

This course provides students not only with an introduction to the form and function of theatre as a creative art, but it also gives them the opportunity to create their own pieces in workshops. Students ultimately discover the process of creating theatre through the study and practical understanding of playwriting, acting, design, and the audience.

This is an image of luxurious seats found in a theater.

2. PSYC 100 – General Psychology

This course is four credit hours, and it provides a detailed introduction to the general field of psychology. Topics that are covered include learning, motivation, sensation, perception, personality, abnormal behavior, testing, and social psychology. Students tend to find this course interesting and easy.

This image displays all of the inner workings of the brain, which are studied in this course.

3. SOWO 340 – Research Methods and Statistics

This course is not only useful, but it also provides students with an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. An emphasis will be placed on conducting statistical analyses and interpreting findings in the behavioral and social sciences.

This image summarizes everything that one needs to learn during statistics.

4. SPED 207 – Exceptionalities and Diversities

Many current teachers feel that in order to become exceptional teachers, it is necessary to understand how students’ personal values are expressed in beliefs and behaviors, so Bethany College has designed this course, which is designed to teach future educators to study the relationships among diverse groups of students within our society.

This image captures the diversity and acceptance in a classroom full of children.

5. EDUC 100 – Strategies for Effective Tutoring 

This course can only be taken by those who want to become approved tutors for the Academic Center of Excellence, as this is part of their training. For students to then tutor for a particular course, they must have received at least a B in it, and they will tutor while that course is in session.

This image demonstrates a college tutor working with a peer.

6. EDUC 282 – Instructional Technology for Teachers

This course is a methods course specifically designed to give education majors a practical, working knowledge of various instructional technologies as they apply to the teaching/learning process. Essentially, this course combines lectures and hands-on activities to help students master technology.

This image captures the kind of technology often utilized within the classroom in conjunction with traditional learning methods.

7. ENGL 111 – College Writing 

This course provides students with the chance to developing their argumentative writing and research skills. After research, students write effective essays to convey the information they’ve gained. Students will use varied sources, argumentation and persuasion, and grammar and mechanics. This course is meant to help students thrive in college.

This image captures the key components of researching for writing for students in college.

8. ENGL 240 – Creative Writing 

This unique course is intense, as it provides instruction into imaginative writing. Students create sketches, short fiction, poems, and dramatic scenes throughout this course. Work will be reviewed through both small-group conferences and the submission of some assignments

This is a collection of creative titles that students may try to imitate in this course.

9. PHED 240 – Prevention and Care of Injuries 

This is a course for students who want to be first responders or who are simply interested in learning more about keeping their community safe. This course is designed specifically to instruct students in CPR and first aid care. And, even more importantly, successful completion of the course can result in American Red Cross certification in both Community CPR and Community First Aid and Safety.

This is an image of a first aid kit, which is something that students in this course will learn how to assemble.

10. PHED 102 – Introduction to Lifetime and Sports Fitness

This course specifically deals with the performance, teaching, and study of various team physical education activities and lifetime activities. These include soccer, softball, speedball, volleyball, basketball, scooter games, and gym games.

This image is of students walking together, something that will surely be learned in this course.

Bethany College has had so much time to perfect their courses, and it is clear that they provide students with an array of courses that vary from easy to hard! And, above is a list of the easier courses for students who need to knock out a few credit hours.