10 Buildings You Need to Know at Bentley University

Bentley University is a private university is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, focused on business. The average undergrad enrollment is around 4,000 students. Here are 1o different buildings you need to know about at Bentley University.

1. Dana Athletic Center

 inside the workout gym with treadmills

The Dana Athletic Center is home to the basketball team’s home court. It is also used for the volleyball team and has been renovated multiple times to keep up with its demands for state-of-the-art equipment. The center features a great workout area with machines and weights.

2. Bentley Library

 outside view of the library

The Bently Library is a library for students who need resources and technology to conduct their research projects and homework. The library features tons of physical books as well as the staff there to help find databases online as well. The library also has computers, printers, and scanners making homework easy to do.

3. Adamian Academic Center

 outside view of adamian academic   center bentley university

The Adamian Academic Center holds the first of its kind for the Center of business ethics. Business ethics is an important field to go into as it shows students what are appropriate behaviors in the business world. The academic center is most notably known for its international office and the prime place go-to for questions about study abroad.

4. Morison Hall

 outside view of morison hall  center with trees

Morison Hall is the place to go-to for hands-on marketing solutions and problems. The hall is a creative hub for businesses, nonprofits, and students to get their feet off the ground. As a student, you are able to work with a company/nonprofit in helping to create a solution to their toughest problems. You also get access to state of the art research resources to guide your journey.

5. LaCava Center

 la cava center outside view

There are many administrative offices in this building. The LaCava Center holds the admissions offices for both graduate and undergraduate. This is the building to go into also for the alumni office, that allows students and alumni to partake in fun events around the year. There is also a cafe in the center that gives students a much-needed relaxation time.

6. Jennison Hall

outside view of jennison hall with a tree

Jennison Hall houses newly renovated science and research labs. The hall is used for up-to-date technology to be used for finding and understanding new research for the betterment of society. The hall has plenty of space for teaching students how to use the equipment as well as offices for additional help.

7. Lindsay Hall

 outside view of lindsay hall

Lindsay Hall is home to the media lab. The media lab is where you will find the school’s TV production. The school’s TV show is always looking for students looking to get hands-on experience in video production as well as those looking to gain exposure on their resume. It also has offices and labs for students in accounting to get real-world experience with the type of technology and programs they use.

8. Multipurpose Arena

 stands and a large hockey arena

The multipurpose arena was built in 2018. The arena is used primarily as the space for the school’s hockey team for home games. The arena is also used for concerts, career fairs, and any other events that require a large amount of used space.

9. Bentley Falcons Football Field

 the football field and its stands for seating

The football field is used for students to find entertainment on the weekends with their football team. The field and surrounding area has plenty of space for walking and talking with friends and family. It is a great way to cheaply have fun as well as show off your school colors.

10. Student Center

 students walking outside student center

The student center is the busiest place to go to. It features plenty of tasty dining options as well as “the bubble,” which is a collaborative space for meetings and optimal study time. The student center has over 100 different organizations that it helps to service.

Bentley University has a smaller amount of students that attend the school. The smaller size makes it easy to form close relationships with friends and acquaintances as well as gives optimal one-on-one time with teachers and staff. The school has plenty of buildings to fit your every need from career advice all the way to getting in a good workout.

10 Hardest Courses at Bentley University

Is course registration coming up and you’re not sure what classes you want to take yet? You’ve come to the right place! It can be overwhelming to pick classes when you don’t know what to look for in them. If you’re looking for some challenging classes at Bentley University, keep reading!

1. MLCH101 – Elementary Chinese I

some Chinese text

Although this course is meant for students who don’t know any Chinese, it’s still hard. Most Americans struggle to learn Chinese because of its complex characters and different sounds. Students will focus on practicing words and sentences and basic grammar.

2. CS230 – Introduction to Programming with Python

some computer science code

Like the above course, this programming class is for students with no prior programming experience. Students will be introduced to the basics of Python and will use these new ideas to write well-structured code. Although this is a beginner level, people new to coding may struggle with this.

3. MA235 – Differential Equations

a student looking confused with math equations in the background

If you’re not sure exactly what differential equations are, you’re not alone. The course focuses mainly on first order differential equations, second order linear equations with constant coefficients, and first order linear systems. In order to better understand about these topics, students will learn about the formulation of equations, analytical and graphical solution tecnhiques, and interpreting solutions.

4. LA104 – Gender and the Law

a gavel and some books in the background

This course is particularly difficult because of the political topics that it covers. Students will learn in depth about the history of the social evolution of gender issues and how it impacts the world we live in. In addition, students will learn about the different ways that the law can help promote or stop this evolution.

5. EC111 – Principles of Microeconomics

a stock graph

Microeconomics is a category of economics that people find particularly challenging. Students will get a basic understanding of different economic principles and tools. Specific topics include demand, supply, market equilibrium, cost of production, and resource pricing.

6. CS440 – Advanced Net-Centric Computing

a graph depicting net-central networks

This class allows students to learn about planning, design, implementation, and operation of organizational information technology infrastructures. This includes network and transport layer protocols as well as the related addressing and routing issues that come with it. However, this class is good for gaining some basic knowledge of networks, IT systems, and management.

7. AC475- Information Technology and Auditing Principles and Practice

a magnifying glass in front of a file, depicting auditing

IT and auditing are two things that the typical college student doesn’t know much about. Students who take this class will be introduced to the three most typical aspects of information technology audits (audits of computerized information systems, computer facilities, and developing/implementing information systems). Students will do those through readings, case studies, exercises, and discussions.

8. MA131 – Calculus I

math board

Students at all colleges tend to struggle with calculus. In this course, students will learn about differential calculus using their previous knowledge of algebra and trigonometry. Specific topics taught in this course include limits, continuity, implicit differentiation, sketching curves, optimization and more.

9. MA139 – Calculus II

a student doing math on a chalk board

If you struggled in Calculus I, you’re likely to struggle in Calculus II. This course picks up where Calculus I ended, although it focuses largely on integrals. Specific topics include indefinite integrals, definite integrals, integrals by substitution, and differential equations.

10. LA105 – Race and the Law

lawyers in a court room

This class focuses on examining the role law has in maintaining the way racial minorities are treated and how the law is used as a tool in changing racial discrimination. It views the law in two very different perspectives– as an oppressor and as an effort to liberate and empower minorities. To further the analysis, students will take gender into account and look at problems unique to females who are of minority.

Getting informed is the first step to finding what classes are right for you. Without knowing the full information, it can be easy to accidentally pick a class that’s too challenging for you. Or, if you like a challenge, now you know what classes to take!

10 Coolest Courses at Bentley University

Bentley University is one of the private co-educational university that offers the best set of courses. This university is located in Waltham Massachusetts in the west of Boston. Students always look forward to getting good grades from university, but they might be ignorant of the right courses that will them their desired grade. If you’re in Bentley University or you have the ambition to study in this school, then here are the top 10 coolest courses that might be useful for you.

1. EC111 – Principles of Microeconomics

Funny picture of the Principles of Microeconomics

This course provides students with an understanding of fundamental economic principles and tools. Students also learn. Market structures of pure competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and monopoly. Principles of Microeconomics is a straight-forward course and it’s very easy to comprehend.

2. CS213 – The World Wide Web

funny carton representation of The World Wide Web

This course emphasizes mainly on the use of HTML and JavaScript as programming tools to develop web pages that include text, graphics, animation, internal and external linkages, frames, forms and, with JavaScript, alert boxes, remote windows, events and cookies. If you’re a very good programmer, then this is the best course for you.

3. EMS201 – Introduction to Cultural Studies

Image of a bird passing an information on Cultural Studies

This course considers culture as an arena of social and political struggle. This is the best and the easiest course for students offering English and Media studies. This class gives students a vocabulary to enter debates about the meanings of cultural texts.

4. GB215 – Human Behaviour and Organizations

pictorial representation of Human Behaviour

Human Behavior and Organizations examines the behaviour of people in organizations and the relationship between this behaviour and organizational effectiveness. The course introduces students to analytical frameworks for understanding and influencing individual, group, and inter-group and total organization dynamics. Inasmuch you attend classes regularly and write all the class assignment, then you’re good to go.

5. IPM210 – Information Security and Computer Forensics

Funny carton representation of computer crime

This course provide students with an overview of information security management issues that must be addressed by organizations in today’s ubiquitously networked environments. The course covers computer forensics issues, including discussion on what organizations can do to collect evidence from various types of computer systems that might be employed to commit a crime.

6. HI200 – The Making of Our Contemporary World

this is an historical image

This course is designed to provide a broad conceptual grasp of the modern world by examining the major developments and events of the past century. This is the coolest course for the students of history.

7. PH134 – Healthcare Ethics

This is a funny medical carton

This course examines ethical issues that arise in healthcare. Possible topics include the ethics of medical procedures such as abortion and euthanasia, the rights and duties of patients and healthcare professionals, the ethics of reproductive technologies; the management of medical information; justice in the distribution of healthcare resources, and the role of health in the good life.

8. LA315 – Court and Alternatives

informational carton on court cases

This class discusses the fundamentals of a trial, emphasizing those aspects that have led to an increase in the use of alternative means of resolving legal disputes. It prepares students for the costs and risks of business litigation.

9. SO225 – Drugs and Society

Funny image about drugs

This course explains the basic principles of sociology in the context of an investigation of the socio-cultural background within which drug use occurs. Students will also learn about other dimensions of social diversity, such as gender, age, class, disability and sexual orientation. The course contents are well explained and very to comprehend.

10. MA123 – Applied Calculus for Business I

This is a mathematical image representation

Students learn the basic concept of functions, graphs and differential calculus. The topics covered in this course include the notion of a function, properties of linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions, and basic techniques of differential calculus. This is the coolest course for students in mathematics department.

Top 10 Majors at Bentley University

Bentley University is one of the major schools in the country providing unmatchable services in the field of business. Students of more than 80 countries are enrolled in this university. The school is currently offering 25 majors and 36 minors. Below is the list of top 10 majors at Bentley University.

1. Accounting & Finance

Tools used in Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance is one of the most important fields of nowadays and Bentley University is right up there in this field. In 2016-17, there were 219 graduates in the field of Accounting and 210 in the field of Finance. If you are looking to have Accounting & Finance as your major, then Bentley University is a decent place to do so.

2. Business Administration and Management

Communication - a vital part of Business Management

Business Administration & Management- another crucial field of modern study. At Bentley University, 162 students got a degree in this field during 2016-17. If you are interested in Business Administration & Management, Bentley is definitely the place for you.

3. Marketing

Tools of Digital Marketing

Nowadays everything needs proper marketing and that’s what gives this field a handful of importance. Bentley University is a great option if you are looking to keep Marketing as a major. In 2016-17, 156 graduates got a degree in Marketing from Bentley University.

4. Liberal Arts and Humanities

Person reading a book

Not so much popular but a great way to learn about Humanities. This major got a hype in recent times. Last year, 116 students got a degree in Library Science & Humanities.

5. Managerial Economics

A Person trying to change the direction of Economics

Managerial Economics is a must have if you are to become an Economist. You will learn how to manage your resources according to the situation. At Bentley, you will be able to learn all the ins and outs of this field. In 2016-17, 46 graduates got a degree in this major.

6. Computer and Information Studies

Students discussing graphs and pie charts

This major gives students a chance to learn everything about Software and Hardware. It is an era of Technology and the knowledge of Computer is a must. Last year, Bentley University awarded this degree to 31 students.

7. Corporate Communications

People discussing ideas with each other

Corporate Communications is a subfield of Humanities and in this major students learn how to work in groups and how to communicate with each other.  At Bentley University, you will be able to learn this major in detail. In 2016-17, 30 students got a degree in this field.

8. Actuarial Science

Formulas of Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is all about estimating the risk factor in finance and insurance using mathematics and statistics. At Bentley, 2 students got this degree in 2016-17.

9. International Studies

A collection of international flags

In this major, students learn everything about International Languages and International relations. In 2016-17, 3 graduates were graduated in this field from Bentley University.

10. Mathematics & Statistics

Equations of Mathematics & Statistics

In the field of Science & Technology, Mathematics and Statistics are a must have. With the formulas of Maths and Stats, students can estimate a lot of factors. In the session of 2016-17, 10 students got a degree in this field from Bentley University.

Bently University is providing a lot of majors to choose from and if you are planning to have an admission here, take a thorough look at the majors mentioned above. For more about the University admission and academics schedule, you can visit their official website.

Top 10 Library Resources at Bentley

Bentley campus is nestled in Waltham, Massachusetts. The institution covers 163 acres and provides excellent services to the two worlds: a local university neighboring Boston, the most popular college town in the nation. With the focus of enhancing the learning and research standards of the campus, Bentley library is determined in providing a myriad of services to its clients. The following are top 10-library resources at Bentley University.

1. E- Resources



Bentley Library provides and allows you free library and online access of various electronic resources. You may use your campus network password and username to access a variety of library databases. In most cases, Bentley’s proxy server grants you authentication on being prompted to provide Bentley’s password and username. Unlimited access of the electronic resources requires you to make initial registration with correct Bentley university address.


2. Course Reserves

Reserve Collection with books on shelves


Course reserves enable the professors to quickly locate the assignment materials for the entire student population in a specific class. Course reserves exist in two categories: Physical and Electronic reserves. Mostly, the instructor will put some printed course materials on course reserve for easy borrowing by students in a shorter period. These collections are referred to as physical reserves.


3. Inter-library Loan (ILL)


5 stages in Inter-library loan process (verifying bibliographic data, checking IRC print and e resources and collections, submitting to partner libraries, getting response and delivery time

Current Bentley students, staff, and faculty can request for articles and books that are not in Bentley Library through ILL. All requests concerning inter-library loan should only be made online. Your Bentley email address serves as your username for the inter-library loan. You are required to use your Bentley password as your ILL password.


4. Bentley Library Museum Pass Program

Ticket icon

This initiative enables current Bentley staff, students and faculty to explore the art and culture of local museums. The tickets offer discounted entry to a wide range of museums. Booking for the museum passes should be made online. The library service desk requires a genuine Bentley ID for the reservation and the picking process of the passes.


5. Research Help

Library writing and research project

Bentley library has experienced librarians who are ready to help in all research areas. Whether it is on the phone or via email, the library guarantees full access to its staff. On any inquiries pertaining research, feel free to contact them during library hours or email them after hours. They are prompt in following up with you as soon as they resume.


6. Study Spaces

Study spaces during Bentley Library hours

Both study and research spaces are essential aspects of any library facility. Bentley library offers new areas for both collaborative work and personal study. The three floors of the building feature 24 modern collaborative study rooms. Bentley library comprises 36 study carrels sited on the upper level.


7. Borrowing

Library patrons borrowing books

The library services desk may be responsible for the checkout of the library materials. This place is sited on the main floor of the library building. Your campus ID serves the purpose of the library card. The checkout of the library items requires that you present your Bentley Id card.


8. Streaming Films

Library gadgets for film streaming


Bentley library offers film-streaming services including classic feature, instructional videos, contemporary films, award-winning documentaries, presentations, and news broadcasts. The facility avails these videos in three significant collections: kanopy, Swank Digital campus, and Films on Demand. The streaming videos can be watched on or off campus. The ones in the Films on Demand may likely be accessed in the catalog of the library.

9. Audio-books & E-Books


New audio-book display


You may access Bentley Library’s audiobooks and eBooks by delving into the catalog of the library. Some eBooks can be read while connected or just in PDF style. However, some are downloadable and may be saved on external devices such as Kindle or iPad. You may use your computer or phone to enjoy overdrive audiobooks.


10. Archives


Bentley Rare Book Museum houses ancient artifacts


The Archives at Bentley University collects and offers access to Bentley’s historical data, growth, and activities. The information stored in the archives includes photographs, documents, and multimedia. The objects may consist of data that was gathered years down the line to offer a complete image of Bentley University’s culture. Bentley archives welcome all researchers to come and exploit its resources.


Top 5 Libraries at Bentley University

1. Bentley Library


Students walking in front of Bentley Library


Bentley Library is quickly spotted by its clock tower. This feature protrudes from the heart of its roof. The  library and research facility is sited at the core of the campus. The building is in the midst of the academic halls and the college building. Bentley library is not labeled. However, it is identified as no 54 and it is well captured from the college drive.


2. Waltham Public Library


Green garden in front of the Waltham Public Library


The Waltham Public library is an independent facility that is entirely financed as a community hub. The library enhances a productive society by offering a myriad of contemporary information, recreational and educational free services to all community members. The Walthman public library is popular for its professional and friendly staff. They offer safe, convenient, and helpful assistance to the visitors.


3. Watertown Free Public Library


The main entrance of the Watertown Free Public Library


This library attends to people from all the occupations. The library building can be accessed both from the back and the front entrances. The facility has an elevator that offers access to the second level of the building. Watertown free public library has an average collection of books, music CDs, books on CD as well as films in ASL.


4. Newton Free Library


Newton Free Library – Front View


The Newton Free Library is an associate of the Minuteman Library Network. NFL’s library card allows you to borrow items from this facility besides other 41 academic and public libraries. Loan period, renewals, and fine policies differ regarding the specific library. Newton circulation policies apply on all items checked out in the facility.


5. Robbins Library


Students plying outside Robbins Library


You are expected to present your ID, current address, and name for the issue of a Minuteman Library Network card. You have to carry your cad along on every library visit. The MLN library card is required in borrowing materials from the Fox Branch Library, Robins Library or any other MLN library. Items not provided in the MLN library may be asked for from the related library via inter-library loan.



Top 10 Residences Near Bentley University

Students from Massachusetts who are looking to pursue a career in business have a few options regarding where they may receive their education. Bentley University, a renowned business school located in Waltham, Massachusetts, is often the preferred choice of students who wants to receive a good education, an enjoyable college experience, and assurance that they’ll have a job once they graduate. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around Bentley University, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Avalon at Lexington

This is Avalon

Address: 100 Lexington Ridge Dr, Lexington, MA 02421

Looking for a place that’s ideal for college students? Look no further than Avalon at Lexington. Elegance meets modernism at this beautiful complex, and you’ll come to realize what this means the second you walk through the door. As far as amenities go, you’ll have only the best of them here! Best of all: it’s so cheap!

2) Avalon at Lexington Hills

This is the complex's grounds

Address: 1000 Main Campus Dr, Lexington, MA 02421

There are a few things you might have to sacrifice, as far as amenities go, when you go away to college. Fortunately, such is not the case here. If you live at Avalon at Lexington Hills, you can expect your apartment to come with all the state-of-the-art features you can think of.

3) Windsor Village at Waltham

An apartment inside Windsor Village

Address: 976 Lexington St, Waltham, MA 02451

Charming, beautiful, and landscaped like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Windsor Village will have you never wanting to end you time in school. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city: come here!

4) Waltham Overlook

This is outside Waltham Overlook

Address: 15 Dolores Ave, Waltham, MA 02452

Want a low-key place to finish out your last couple semesters at school? This remodeled apartment complex is the perfect place for anyone who likes a cozy community. Bring your pets too—there’s a dog park for your furry friends!

5) The Ridge Luxury Apartments

The complex's pool

Address: 55 Ridge Ln, Waltham, MA 02452

Wouldn’t you give the world to have an enjoyable experience at college? Well it starts with where you live. Don’t go into the fall semester living far from campus, far from the action and from the life you can feel. Live at The Ridge: you’re only a few miles from campus.

6) Gardencrest Apartments

This is a bedroom inside one of the apartments here

Address: 20 Middlesex Cir, Waltham, MA 02452

Forget living on campus. When you go here, the real party is off campus! And when you sign a lease to live at Gardencrest, you’ll know what college fun is all about from the moment you walk through the door of your very own apartment!

7) Watch Factory Lofts

The interior of one of the lofts here

Address: 185 Crescent St, Waltham, MA 02453

When it comes to off-campus housing, there are some priorities you should keep in mind. You’re going to want a apartment with state-of-the-art appliances and amenities, and such is what you’ll get if you live at these lofts. Don’t go into the fall semester living in an uncomfortable home; you’ll be destined for academic defeat.

8) Bell Watertown Apartments

This is outside the complex

Address: 100 Woodview Way, Watertown, MA 02472

Let your worries disappear; you’ve found the ideal place to live: Bell Watertown Apartments. There’s topnotch security and a staff that’ll make the main areas of the building spotless, which means you can rest easy every night in an apartment here. Get in touch with an associate here soon; units go fast!

9) Gables Arsenal Street

 A living room inside a unit here

Address: 204 Arsenal St, Watertown, MA 02472

You’ve just spent all day in class: wouldn’t you like some privacy during your leisure time? At the Gables, you will feel right at home in your very own studio or two bedroom apartment. Best of all, you’re within walking distance of so much cool stuff!

10) Hamilton On Main

An image of a fine kitchen

Address: 233 Main St, Watertown, MA 02472

Part of what deters students from living at school is the fear that they’ll have to live in some barely-inhabitable shoebox somebody passed off as an apartment. Students who live at Hamilton On Main will never have to worry about such a nightmare; the units here are exquisite!

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Bentley

1) Room Basics

an empty dorm

– Toiletries
– Bedding
– Lamps
– A Vacuum
– Towels

2) Food and Snacks

An assortment of popular snacks

– Paper plates
– Paper towels
– Chips
– Ice cream
– Plastic utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

Tablets and phones in a row

– Tablets
– Chargers
– Controllers
– Power strips
– Extension cords

4) School Supplies

A pile of school supplies

– Binders
– Folders
– Tape
– Writing utensils
– Sharpies

5) Cleaning and Organization

An image of someone cleaning

– Gloves
– Windex
– Detergent
– Sponges
– Drier sheets

6) Campus Gear

An image of a college store

– Hats
– Scarves
– Sweatshirts
– Flags
– Water bottles

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of popular pets

– Weapons
– Black lights
– Pets
– Illegal substances
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at Bentley University. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

The 10 Coolest Clubs at Bentley University

Bentley University is a private co-educational university in Waltham, Massachusetts. The college is only about 10 miles from Boston, which makes it a close drive to plenty of entertainment and job opportunities. Here are 10 clubs you need to check out.

1. Golf

Golf is a relaxing sport that brings the great outdoors right to you. Be a part of a team of winners that can put your A game to the test. This is a great way to be active in nature as well as have a leisurely time trying to enjoy yourself and the sport.

 golf is for the patient

2. Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta is a national sorority. Their motto is “”Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” The sorority looks towards sisterhood and community. The community is helped by a variety of fundraising events and service projects.

group picture of sorority sisters

3. Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi is a service fraternity. It is recognized on a global scale. The group is mostly holding different social events to recruit new members and make them feel comfortable. But the group is also seen doing many service projects or fundraisers throughout the year.

 sigma pi is a service fraternity

4. Club volleyball

Vollyball is a game that is both competitive and fun. It allows the group to learn how to use team work in a way that allows for being completely in sync in order to win. It can be a high contact sport so be sure to be on the lookout to avoid any serious injuries.

 volleyball is a contact sport

5. Sailing Club

Sailing Club is a club that uses many different techniques. Firstly you need to be aware of the direction winds as well as teamwork. There will be times that you will need your teammates to help you with direction as well as competitions.

Image result for sailing club

6. African Student Association

The African Student Association is meant to be a source of love and acceptance within the African American community. The association is meant to educate others on the struggles that come with being African American.

logo for African Students Association

7. Korean Student Association

The Korean Student Association is meant to be a haven for those who are Korean or seeking to learn more about the culture. The student association is meant to make people feel comfortable around eachother by having events that are community and education related.

 korean student association for acceptance

8. Bentley Club Hockey

Hockey is a sport that uses all types of skills. Not only do you have to be well versed in the ways of the ice, but it is a combination of speed and high contact. It is not the safest sport to play. Make sure to be wary before trying out and it helps to have previous experience.

 bentley club hockey

9. Culinary Arts Society

The Culinary Arts Society is a great group to go with if you are looking to improve your cooking skills. It makes for a tool that can be loved by many. There are usually 1-2 events a month that talk about different skills that the culinary arts school uses such as knife handling and technique.

 culinary arts is the craft of food

10. Noise Slam Poetry

Noise Slam Poetry means that the poem makes NOISE meaning just reading or listening to it really jumps out at your. Slam poetry is a very freeing way to let out emotion. It is vital that you are open with the group and when poetry is read are not judgemental.

 slam poetry is meant for the emotions

Top Events of the School Year at Bentley University

1. How to Pick a Study Abroad Program

The event is created by the Office of International Education staff and Peer Advisors. The event is meant to be an open space for those to know the real facts of study abroad and to clear up any misconceptions. Join the event to be given the best advice on the fit for you.

How to Pick a Study Abroad Program

2. R.A.D Self-Defense for Women

This event is meant for those women who want to learn how to defend themselves. It is an affordable option for those who need it. Knowing how to defend yourself is much-needed when trouble might hit your way. The event will be held in Slade Hall at Wellness Studio.

R.A.D Self-Defense for Women

3. Spirituali-TEA

This event is a great networking event to truly find the group of people who can have inspiring spiritual conversations. You can relax with a group of people over delicious tea, coffee, and sweet treats. It is sure to be a fun event for friends .

picture of tea cup

4. Making Study Abroad Affordable

This event is an information session that is meant to show people who doing a study abroad program is affordable and attainable. You will get to speak with peer advisers and for those that work for financial aid. You might be able to start fundraisers or be given loans.

Making Study Abroad Affordable

5. Homecoming

Homecoming is a day that alumni, students and faculty can all come together to enjoy a day of fun and football. You can come out for a day of supporting the football team and tail gating. Make sure to wear your school spirited colors.

group picture of students at homecoming

10 of the Easiest Classes at Bentley University

Whether you’re majoring in business, law, medicine, or even the aesthetic design, there are courses offered by Bentley University that can enrich your college experience.  Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses at Bentley University:

1. CDI 101 – Career Development Seminar

This introductory course is targeted toward first-year students, and it is not difficult in terms of concept because it focuses on the student’s career goals. Students will learn how to write a resume and cover letter, gain interview skills, acquire networking techniques and learn about the role of social media. An emphasis will be placed on creating a four-year plan, and developing the tools and skill set required to succeed in one’s future profession. This course is usually taken with CDI 102, Career Development Internship, which offers a field-based learning environment.

close up photo of man wearing black suit jacket doing thumbs up gesture

2. CS 150 – Introduction to Data and Information Management

Yet another introductory course, CS 150 aims to acquaint students with information management, databases, storage and data collection. You do not need to have any experience or background knowledge to take this course, since it serves as a foundation. While particularly useful for computer science majors, this course can also help you decide if this is the type of path you want to partake. If you’re looking to strengthen your data and information management techniques or are looking to learn completely from scratch, this basic course is for all levels.

person writing on notebook

3. CIN 270 – Introduction to Cinema Studies

Almost every college or university has an easy theater or cinema based class. These classes are not only convenient schedule fillers, but are also very entertaining.  This specific cinema class emphasizes four topics: cinematic history, implications of cinema as a cultural institution, authorship in literature/film, and the characteristics of the cinematic medium. American and foreign, as well as sound and silent films will be studied. Serving as the introduction to cinema studies, in-depth concepts in the cinematic world will not be studied. If you’re looking for a less generic or all-encompassing course, try taking the next level, CIN 370, or Selected Topics in Cinema Studies.

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4. EMS 201 – Introduction to Cultural Studies

This class is particularly interesting, because it is debate and discussion based. It gives students the background and vocabulary to debate on the meanings of cultural texts, and considers culture in the light of social and political struggle. It also looks at how cultural texts change meaning as they become more “popular” and the use of the word “popular” itself in different contexts.  Although dealing with seemingly dense material, the professor breaks down concepts in a way that is easy to understand and as a bonus, does not hand out too much work.

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5. MC 200 – Introduction to Media Theory 

Keeping the trend of introductory classes, this easy 3-credit class will help students become more aware of the messages embedded in the media. It will look at the way we perceive media through theory by analyzing its production, distribution, uses and meanings. This class is easy as it focuses on analyzing different media platforms, rather than actually doing much physical work. If you are aspiring to have a career in the journalism-related field, then this course is definitely for you.

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6. GB 110 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

You don’t need to have aspirations of wanting to be an entrepreneur to take this class.  This basic class will provide you with an overview to the legal and ethical issues confronting business people, and will provide you with the tools to analyze and pick out these issues. This course also discusses sales, crimes, employee discrimination, contracts and E commerce. Not all work in this class is to be completed alone, as group projects are also assigned. Again, this is meant to be a basic, simple class, so more difficult topics like accounting and finance are not introduced.

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7. IPM 140 – Adding Value with Information and Processes

This elemental course will serve as an easy 3-credit addition to your schedule, and provides with you the base for developing techniques in definition, modeling, and standard process design. Students will often work in groups, and the final project will not be an exception to this. Groups will represent a non-profit organization and compete in terms of process design and information. Activities like this promote an engaging, light atmosphere and help make the class a lot easier than it could be.

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8. ID 211 – Introduction to Gender Studies

Not all classes that get you thinking need to be hard. This class will investigate insightful questions relating to gender roles, power distribution, gender relations and stereotypes. It is a discussion-based, rather than work based class. By coming to class and listening to both your professor and classmates, this should be an easy A for you.

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9. MG 225 – Career Management

This 3-credit class is not demanding and will help set you up for the future. It considers career management from various perspectives, but primarily from the perspective of the student managing his/her future career. It aims to explore the characteristics which affect a person’s success in their designated career choice, and the significance of career management for organizational effectiveness. The only background required for this class is a prerequisite, General Business 102, which is another easy class to take. The professor for it does not hand out any tests or quizzes, but rather a few case studies. Still, students come out learning a lot. How’s that for a two-in-one?

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10. NASC 100 – Astronomy: Solar System

If you’re looking for an easy 4-credit science class to take, astronomy is the one! Lots of the topics covered in this course should already be review for most students, such as the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, climate, and environmental issues. Students will also gain appreciation of the solar system through NASA and telescopes, and learn how studying other planets helps us to better understand the Earth. The material is not dense, and should not take as long to study as other science classes.

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That about sums up some of the easiest classes to take at Bentley University. A lot of times, easy, introductory courses can also be used to gauge your interest toward a certain career path. Who knows, maybe Introduction to Cinema Studies will make you the next big star? And your GPA will be higher, so what’s there to lose!

Tips for Course Registration at Bentley University

Course registration is right around the corner. Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared to register when your time slot comes and to enroll in the courses you want and need!

Meet with your Adviser

At Bentley University, the instructor of your freshman seminar course is also your adviser for the remainder of your time here. Your adviser is supposed to act as a resource for you with any needs you may have. Course registration is a great time to schedule a meeting with your adviser and gain feedback on courses to take. As you progress with your degree, there are more degree specific requirements you must fulfill and it is helpful to make sure you are on track to do so.

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Go to the Academic Services Center

The Academic Service center is a great way to speak with either a professional or an employed student. These are the expert on what classes you need to take in order to graduate with your desired degree and can help you plan your semester accordingly. They will also make sure that you have met certain requirements and will assist you if not. In addition, if you are planning to study abroad, they will be able to alert you of the program details and which classes you can take while studying abroad.

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Review DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks is a wonderful resource that Bentley University provides. On it, you can see all the classes you have successfully completed thus far, and the ones you are currently enrolled in. There is an option called the ‘what if’ function. This function allows you to put in your potential major and minor combinations and will populate what courses you have completed for it, and what requirements you still need to complete. In addition, the ‘what if’ function is a great way to see if you will be able to complete your desired majors and minors in four years or if you need to take classes outside of the standard fall or spring semester.

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Ask for Course and Teacher Recommendations

A great way to learn about what courses students enjoy taking, and do well in, is by asking the upperclassmen on campus. There is nothing better than first hand experience, and receiving feedback and input from them. Not only will they be able to suggest which courses they liked best, but they will be able to inform you of the teachers you want to take, or may want to avoid.

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Choose which classes you want to take before your registration time slot

After consulting with all of the wonderful resources found at Bentley, you can now create a potential schedule for yourself on your MyBentley. Here, you are able to see all the courses available for the semester, who is teaching them, and a what time. There is a schedule generator that will take the courses you want to take, in addition to the breaks you need during the day, and create a potential schedule for you. Create at least three or four options. It will help tremendously, especially if your first choice classes fill up before you register. Having a backup schedule will help alleviate stress for the day of registration.

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Registering for courses can be very stressful, especially as seats in the courses fill up. Prepare yourself with the knowledge of what courses you should take and backup schedules in order to avoid any last-minute panic and get the courses you want and need!

7 Successful Ways to Work in Groups at Bentley University

At Bentley University, most courses you take will have some form of group project. Although this does not seem like the worst thing, working in groups can become overwhelming. Sometimes, you might have more than one large group project per semester, Below, find tips on ways to overcome that challenge and find success.

1. Create a Detailed Team Contract

One of the first things explained in the freshman seminar course at Bentley University is the importance of creating a team contract. The team contract sets standards and outlines expectations for all members of the group. Included in the contract is all team members contact information, and availability. Set a weekly time where your group members can meet and stick to it. In addition, list all the desires of each member, including what team roles they would like and what grade you all expect to receive. By creating these standards, you are able to hold not only your group members, but yourself accountable to the guidelines set in place.

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2. Start a Group Chat

The easiest way to stay in contact with your team members outside of class is by creating a group chat. This way, especially in case of a meeting change, you are all aware and can quickly respond. If not all members of the group have an iPhone, there are other apps like GroupMe and WhatsApp that you can use to create a group message.

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3. Be Proactive

One of the worst things you can do for a group project, especially a heavily weighted project, is to wait to start it until the last minute. Most projects will take numerous meetings, and individual work along with it. When you receive a project, try to schedule meetings right away to get a jumpstart on the project. This will help you to prepare in case of any last minute changes, snow days, or interruptions in the project schedule.

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4.Set a Project Timeline, and Stick to It

As a college student, it can be very difficult to manage your schedule. There are so many different events and obligations to take care of, that coursework may not always be the first priority. In order to avoid any last minute troubles during a group project is by creating a projected timeline of events and deliverables for the project. This can include meetings and what the goals of those meetings are. If a project includes a presentation or attending other events, make sure these are all outlined so when they come around, your group is prepared and ready to go. By having a project timeline, it is another way to hold yourself accountable and ensure quality work is produced in a timely manner.

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5.Work Collaboratively

As you have heard before, there is no “I” in team, and it is true! Be sure to be a helpful team member, contribute as much as you can, and produce your best work. In group projects, the best work will be completed if it is truly a team effort. This is also super important so one person does not hold the majority of the work for the project, and the work is evenly distributed for all members.Image result for group project


6.Ask Questions

One of the most important qualities of a great leader and successful group is to ask questions during moments of confusion. By gaining clarity on a part of the project or something the professor assigned, you are guaranteed to perform at a higher standard and produced higher quality work. Ask your team members, and your professor. Bonus points: if you go to your professor during office hours to discuss any questions, they will appreciate that you are taking the time out of class to clarify any issues and it will help your final grade on the project and in the class.

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7.Review Your Work Before Submitting It

There are many resources on campus at Bentley University to help provide feedback on any assignment, especially a group project. If the project has a lot of writing, visit the writing center and ask for feedback on the structure of the writing. If it is for an accounting or finance class, visit the ACE Lab to ensure accuracy on the equations and accounting processes demonstrated. In addition, making sure each group member reads all parts of the project and checks for mistakes will help in assuring all parts of the project are included.

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Overall, being proactive and working collaboratively will help you get through all of the course projects, especially the General Business (GB) course long projects! Be open minded and put your best foot forward, the result will be worth it.