5 Fun Historical Facts About Baylor

Baylor is in the heart of Texas definitely has a few historical stories behind it that make this university so special. From its finding and initial story to today’s amazing culture, Baylor is rich with history and fun facts that compel you to come to this school just to be a part of it. Don’t take my word for it, here are just a few historical fun facts about this amazing university that you will want to know!

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1. Original Campus was in Independence, Texas

Despite the amazing college town that Waco is today, it was not founded there. Baylor‘s original campus is in Independence, Texas a place where you must go during your time at Baylor. The original campus is full of history and stories from the past that just leave everyone speechless or in tears. The campus was split into girls and boys campus and has the origninal pillars that is the image of Baylor. It became a university when Texas was a republic, seperate from the rest of the U.S. making it the oldest university in Texas. And, when Baylor moved to Waco, it merged with the Waco university to become what it is today. Baylor has come a long way and looking back it was an amazing journey that thankfully gets to continue.

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2. Bear Mascot

When Baylor started participating in sports such as intercollegiate football, they did not have a mascot, just went by “the Baptists”. That is, until one of the president’s of Baylor in the early 1900’s decided that it was time for Baylor to have a mascot. So he created a contest to make it fun, having the students enter poems or songs or yells based on the mascot. Then the student body voted on what was entered and although the buffalo got 2nd place, the bear took the win and became Baylor’s mascot. Many of those chants were then used at Baylor sport games and began to stick. The Bears have been Baylor’s mascot for over 100 years and continues to bring pride to the university.

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3. Baylor Line

The Baylor Line is such an important part of Baylor‘s history and culture and many students cannot imagein life at Baylor without it. Interestingly enough, the Baylor line didn’t form until around the 1970’s by male students as a spirit organization. Back then, they just wore special t-shrits and sat in a section and cheered for the players. Later in the 90’s it became what the line is today, finally adding woman and running across the field, wearing gold jerseys with a fun nickname of their choice. The Line brings to life Baylor‘s football games and cheers and motivates the players as they run through the man-made tunnel and get cheered by their classmates. This is a tradition a part of Baylor that will forever be timeless.

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4. Memorial Light Posts

Baylor University has an amazing, beautiful campus that many people look at and instantly decide to come here. One of the unique aspects of Baylor’s campus is the light posts that are scattered all throughout the university. Many do not know, but these as well have an interesting history behind them. Each one of the light posts commemorates each of the men and woman who fought and died in World War II. Names have been added to each of the lampposts to truly memorialize the soldiers who fought and Baylor even has a plaque in the shape of a shield to commemorate those who died as well. This is just another light that Baylor illumines.

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5. Fixer Upper

Yes, as many of you know, the show Fixer Upper is centered here in Waco. It has a special place in our hearts and many Baylor students visit Magnolia as a nice weekend day trip, walking just a few blocks to have a fun day at the beautiful market and bakery. For a little up to date history, the amazing Chip and Joana actually attended Baylor University and met there and eventually got married and started a show that is cherisehd by many across the U.S. Baylor has brought forth so many amazing people and showcasing their talents when they didn’t even know they had any. It is such an amazing university and these two amazing people attended and created a new community and name for the Waco town. You know what they say, ring before spring!

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I hope that you fall in love with Baylor‘s history just as much as the rest of the Bear Family and learn to appreciate and cherish what this university is know for. It is such an amazing environment that has so many wonderful traditions that connect you back to the past days. This is what makes Baylor so special and hopefully you decide to attend because of its amazing culture!

How to Survive Pre-Nursing Major at Baylor University

Many people talk about the trials and tribulations of pre-med majors but I’m here to tell you that Pre-Nursing is going to be a hardship as well at Baylor University. Don’t panic because it is all going to be worth it, just make sure you have the tools and information to pass your first two years of college so that you can go on to Dallas and become a nurse. Though you might not have as many classes or extracurricular like pre-med majors, you will have many hard classes and things you have to do to be qualified to head to the nursing school. Here are a few tips on how to survive those first two years before you leave Waco.

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1. Get to Know Other Nursing Majors

I know this seems kind of a redundant tip about college, but as a nursing major, this is super important! There are a little over 200 students in the nursing program each year, and these are the people that are going to be in all your major science classes and most likely in some of your other required classes and then, when you are off to nursing school, these will be your only classmates on campus. Because of this, you will want to become close with at least some people for when you need some apartmentmates to make living in Dallas a little cheaper because trust me, it is not going to be cheap. So it is important to make sure you know lots of people to form study groups and meet up for hanging out or needing support together for here and in Dallas.

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2. Get in a Group Chat

I cannot stress this enough! When you are in classes such as Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry or even Psychology, you are going to want to be in multiple group chats with your fellow classmates, who talk about the class and questions and answers they have and it is a lot of helping each other out with confusing homework or stuff before tests or final exams. People in group chats help give answers and form study groups together which is essential for passing some of these classes. You are going to need a good support group for some of these classes and people to vent to and discuss things that are going on in class. Make sure you get an in for this type of thing because it will be a lifesaver for your major! GroupMe is where it’s at

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3. Join NSNA

As a Nursing student, I would advise you to join the National Student Nursing Association because it is a great way to get more involved in your field and work more with the subject to see what you like and dislike and get lots of advice from registered nurses and nurse practitioners. This can help build up your resume for sure, as you will be more involved and getting into your area and will definitely be helpful for you. Lots of different people in the field come and talk about their experiences and going through nursing school and different areas of nursing you can go into as well as the education you can go through to get you further in your nursing career. Baylor has a great NSNA Club that you can join and should definitely get involved with if you can!

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4. Don’t get Behind on Reading

I mean, this is obvious for all your classes, but especially your core four science classes: Chemistry, Anatomy&Physiology 1&2, and Microbiology. These classes are honestly brutal and you do not need to get behind on them. If you do, this is going to affect all your other classes as well as your grade in that class. And trust me, once you get behind, you stay behind and it is hard to catch up and stay on top of other classes and no one likes to play catch up. Make sure you try to keep up with readings and not fall behind for these reasons, and keep up the good grades so that you don’t have to struggle with you pre-nursing years at Baylor!

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5. Take the HESI Early

If you don’t know, one of the qualifications for nursing school at Baylor, and many other schools is to take the HESI Exam. You need like a 90% on this exam to get into Baylor’s Nursing Program in Dallas and so you should start studying as soon as possible! You have to start your application the fall of your sophomore year to find out if you get in for the fall of your junior year and you usually find out in the spring of your sophomore year. But in order to guarantee that you get in with a good score on the exam, you want to take it probably in the spring of your freshman year. That way, if you do not get the score desired, you can take it again. There are many study guide books and review books on Amazon or anywhere that can help you with this test, and Baylor proctors it regularly so make sure you do that before heading home in the summer. I am sure there are places near where you live that will also administer it and that is fine if you end up not liking your first score. Just make sure to keep trying and make sure you get the desired score for when its time to apply for nursing school!

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Make sure you keep these couple tips in mind when you want to switch your major while taking Dr. Taylor’s classes and when you are struggling with the grades and classes. The pre nursing years are getting you ready for your time in Dallas, which will also be challenging. But just remember that it will all pay off and you will have an amazing job with amazing pay and hours. Good luck and remember that with the help of your classmates and professors, you will survive!

All You Need To Know About the Baylor Student Union Building

The Bill Daniel Student Center is a very important building on campus for all Baylor students to know about, as they will frequent it and pass by it many times during their time here. It is a large building pretty hard to miss at the beginning of Fountain Mall right next to the Bear Habitat. Here, a lot of student and school organizations host events. Below is a list of the key activities that go down in the SUB that you need to be aware of.

1.Dr. Pepper Hour


The cherished Baylor tradition of Dr. Pepper Hour is held every Tuesday at the SUB. This is where faculty and students mingle over Dr. Pepper Floats and a common interest in and contribution to whatever the theme or topic for that week is.

2.Food Court


One of the main things that makes the SUB such a hotspot is it is the largest location of retail dining options on campus. Einstein Brothers’ Bagels, Panda Express, Moo-Yah, Chick-fil-a, and Freshii’s are all located here with ample dining space surrounding them.

3. Game Room


The game rom facility in the basement of the SUB boasts a bowling alley, billiard tables, foosball tables, ping-pong tables, shuffle boards, board games, and a TV with video games.

4. Mail Room


The mail room is located in the SUB as well. You pick up all your packages here and in some cases all your paper mail, depending on if you live in a residence hall with P.O. boxes in it (most don’t, especially considering this would only apply to freshmen, and at that only some).

5. Union Board


The Union Board congregates at the SUB and basically organizes events for students to enjoy and enrich their lives with community and diversity in activities and appreciations. For example, they plan the Sundown Sessions that are held every weekend that basically provide options for something to do on the weekends if you just want to stay on campus or meet new people. Often times these involve movie nights or arts and crafts.

All this to say, the Bill Daniel Student Center is a place full of liveliness and opportunity for both relaxation and growth that encourages the thriving of students. These are the main facets of what make the SUB the SUB. You will never go to the SUB and find it empty or boring; something is always going on here. Try to take advantage of all it has to offer as much as you can, whether that be eating your lunch on the beautiful patio seating outside the food court overlooking Fountain Mall, or bowling in the game room on a night you and your friends have nothing to do.

5 Ways Christianity Influences Baylor

Baylor University is a private, Baptist university. To some who share this faith or one similar to it, this is one of its appealing factors. To others who are non-religious or of a different religion altogether, this may repel them from considering going to Baylor or from taking it seriously as a whole. While it is Christian, its main boast still is its upstanding education, as it is a nationally-ranked research university. So, don’t let the religious roots fool you into thinking this is one of those small, crazy schools that only exists for a certain group of people and has lack-luster education and athletics. This is not the case with Baylor. However, it is not on the other hand one of those schools that was founded as a certain religion or with an affiliation to one and has now abandoned it as merely a part of their history. Baylor‘s Christianity still plays a part in how business is carried out at this school, so it is important to know how exactly it affects you as a student. Here are some of the ways that Baylor‘s Baptist roots are relevant to the institution itself today and therefore to you as well as a student.


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Baylor has some non-negotiable course requirements for graduating, and two of these would be Chapel and Religion classes. Students are required to pass two semesters of chapel in their time here (which is literally just graded based on attendance), and two semesters of a religion class (usually Christian Scriptures and then Christian Heritage). These are easy to knock out freshman year so that for the next three years you can move past the gen-ed’s and get on with the classes specific to your major. Most students try to get all their pre-requisites (not just religious ones) out of the way as early on in the undergraduate process as possible. These two courses are really not something to sweat about as long as you do what is required of you and place it in your class schedule appropriately.

2.Drug and Alcohol Policy

Baylor is very strict when it comes to substances. If a student is caught on or off campus consuming alcohol underage or illegal drugs, they are severely reprimanded. Community service is guaranteed, as well as academic probation and drug testing in the case of drugs. This is not directly linked to Christianity of course, as any private university can make whatever rules it wants concerning these matters for whatever reasons. However, it is clear and obvious that the conservative Christian roots play a big part in the severe treatment of such violations of school policy, especially since policy involves governing students’ actions even when they are off campus in order to control how Baylor is represented.

3.Visitation Hours in Dorms

Guest policies at Baylor are obviously dictated by the traditional Christian perspective. Visitation hours are from 10 am-1am everyday, and one of the rules for overnight guests is that they be the same gender. So basically, this is Baylor saying in short that boys and girls cannot have sleepovers and they can only be in each other’s rooms until 1 AM. And by making the visitation hours start at 10 AM, they are bolstering that rule even more so because that makes it harder for people of the opposite sex to sleep together as they cannot leave the next day until that time. Tricky tricky.

4.Prayer is Welcomed (Gasp!)

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This point is more broad and just has to do with the Baylor culture in general. As is common in many public schools, prayer is uncommon and even often times banned. And in many nonreligious private schools, it is not banned but it is simply not present due to the type of culture there is. At Baylor, you will find prayer around every corner. Before sports games you might see a team pray together, a professor might pray for your class before taking an exam, or campus-wide prayer events may take place in the case of a local or national tragedy. Obviously all of these things are optional, but they are part of the culture you will encounter here.

5.Spirituality is Encouraged

In many ways, Baylor fosters spirituality in its students. There are many chapels on campus. Also, they install Resident Chaplains in all Residence Halls, who are there to be a resource for students and a “pastoral presence”. Another example of Baylor‘s emphasis on a spiritual life would be the Church Fair at the beginning of the school year, an event where dozens of Waco churches set up tables for students to come grab a pamphlet and talk with them to learn more about the church in an effort to find one that fits them.

Overall, you can see that Baylor is proud of its Christianity and uses it as a guidance and overall ruling power in most of what it does. For the most part, this can only benefit you. And if some of these points on this list are things you have a problem with (like the drug and alcohol policy or visitation hours) and Baylor is your dream school, don’t let these trivial things ruin it for you. Don’t miss out on a good school that could literally be a pathway to much success and joy for you just because of some rules that are broken by thousands of students daily. Visitation hours are navigable and only apply to you when you live on campus, which for most people is only freshman year. And many students also find their way around the prior rule mentioned at their own risk and to vastly varying degrees, of course. Whatever you do, be careful. Overall, enjoy the spirituality and religious aspects of Baylor! If you yourself are religious then this obviously could be a great place for you. And if you are not religious, don’t let this be a dealbreaker and instead find ways to appreciate other’s differences from you, as the ways its Christianity affects the school does not take any drastic or negative tolls on your life. Many nonreligious people attend and love Baylor.

Everything About the Baylor Student Life Center

The McLane Student Life Center, otherwise known as the SLC to students (pronounced “slick”), is the place to be. This lively campus hotspot is a 156,000 square foot recreational facility for students, faculty, and staff. In fact, these groups of people are welcome to bring friends and family along with them as long as they pay the minimal guest fee and fill out the Guest Waiver Form. Let’s get started learning what all there is to do and what services are offered at the SLC!

1. Fitness Center

The fitness center is a 10,000 square foot gym available to all Baylor students, faculty, and staff, designed to satisfy all their exercise needs. It has three different levels, Cardio, Machine, and Free Weight, all with the right equipment according to the category. With the generous hours of the SLC, its easy to get a work-out in at some point in your day and hard to find an excuse not to work out.

2.The ROCK

The ROCK is one of the main attractions of the SLC. It is a 53 foot free-standing rock wall located in the center of the SLC that you behold everytime you enter the building. It has more than 30 climbing routes indicated on it with varying degrees of difficulty. To the side of the ROCK there is also a 13 foot bouldering wall which is a type of climbing where you use no ropes. There are also designated paths with different difficulty ratings so you know which one is best for you based on your skills.


The SLC also offers a very nice pool to members and visitors. Whether you are wanting to work out or to have a fun time swimming, this pool has got you covered with its three 25 yard lap lanes, a lazy river, a water slide, a vortex pool, a water basketball pool and a 13 person spa.

4. Gymnasium

The gymnasium includes four basketball/volleyball courts complete with court-divider curtains and scoreboards. This is a go-to spot for intra-mural sports teams as well.

5. Racquetball Courts

There are also seven enclosed racquetball courts, one Squash court, and one Walleyball court.

6. Indoor Jogging Track

The track is on the second floor and surrounds the basketball and volleyball courts. It is 1/9 of a mile and has four lanes and an additional matted area to the side for individual exercise.

7. Aerobics Room

The 2400 square foot multi-use exercise room has its own sound system and is used for activities like yoga.

8. Outdoor Courts

There are two sand volleyball courts outside of the SLC, along with one basketball court. This area also includes some picnic tables and a shower to rinse the sand off your feet once you’re done playing.

9. Additional Services

The SLC itself also offers Massage Therapy from Baylor’s licensed massage therapist who offers a variety of different kinds of treatments. The SLC also offers Safety Education to anyone interested in learning CPR or other first-aid things of that nature.

10. Partnerships

These partnerships are all conglomerated here because technically they are not part of the recreation center itself. But since they are in the SLC building, and are very important institutions that serve alongside the rec center, they are important to briefly mention in this article. These would be the Counseling Center, the Health Center, the Department of Wellness, and the Health, Human Performance, and Recreation facility.

So, to wrap up, it is obvious from this extensive list that the SLC has everything you need and more for the health and wellness of your body and mind. Baylor takes good care of its students in providing facilities like this. And, it is nice to have all these things grouped together in one building. The SLC is a lively place to be and you will find yourself going there for sure for some reason or another, like going to the doctor or meeting with a club you signed up for, but hopefully you will also find yourself going there in your free time, as it is a fun place with a variety of opportunities you don’t want to miss out on.

14 Baylor Football Players who Made it to the NFL

It’s the truth when fans chant “Baylor Bears Fight” at football games. There have been countless Baylor Bears who have fought there way to the NFL. Here is a list of the players who were drafted and are still going strong in the professional football world.

1. Andrew Billings


He played for Baylor from 2013-2015 and is now a Cincinnati Bengals player. He has been known as a Bear and a Bengal for his superb skills in the Defensive Tackle position.

2. Matt Bryant


He played from 1997-1998 and now is an Atlanta Falcon. He has always been a placekicker and played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a few other teams for a short-lived time before he starting playing for the Falcons.

3.Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman was a well-known Baylor player from 2012-2015 and plays for the Cleveland Browns. He is a wide-receiver who despite many injuries has found immense success during his time in the NFL and obviously at Baylor as well.

4. Spencer Drango


Spencer played on the Baylor field from 2011-2015 and also plays for the Browns now. He is a guard who was a starter during all four years of his career at Baylor.

5. Kyle Fuller


Kyle was a Baylor Bear from 2012-2016 and now plays for the Houston Texans. He is known for his aggression in general and his excellence in the cornerback position.

6. Rico Gathers


He played for Baylor from 2012-2015 and is now a Dallas Cowboy. Something very interesting about him is that he actually never played football in college; he played for Baylor‘s basketball team. So, he still counts as a Baylor athlete who went pro in football, he just had a very different path getting there than the others on this list. He is a tight end today.

7. Demetri Goodson


He played for Baylor from 2011-2013 and now plays for the Greenbay Packers. He was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season for use of performance-enhancing substances and has suffered quite a few injuries in his day. He is a corner back.

8. Bryce Hager


Bryce went to Baylor from 2010-2014 and plays for the Los Angeles Rams. He is an inside linebacker.

9. Xavien Howard


He played at Baylor from 2012-2015 and now plays for the Miami Dolphins. Like many others on this list he is a cornerback.

10. Bryce Petty


Bryce played was at Baylor from 2010-2014 and currently plays for the New York Jets. Bryce is a quarterback and was placed (but did not ultimately win) multiple times for the Heisman Trophy during his years at Baylor.

11. Phil Taylor

Phil played from Baylor from 2008-2010 and is now a Washington Redskin. He was originally drafted as a Cleveland Brown and plays as a nose tackle.

12. Jon Weeks


Jon played from 2004-2007 for Baylor and now is a Houston Texan. He is a long snapper.

13. Terrance Williams


He went to Baylor from 2008-2012 and plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He earned All-American recognition during his time at Baylor and is a wide receiver.

14. Kendall Wright


Kendall played for Baylor from 2008-2011 and today plays for the Chicago Bears. At Baylor he is the career leader in receptions, yards, and touchdowns and is a wide-receiver.

There have been many more legend-making Baylor Bears who went on to play in the NFL but have since retired. For instance, Robert Griffin III is probably the most famous Baylor football alumni who played for the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns but currently does not. Seth Russell is also fairly famous and is worth looking up if you are interested in learning more about Bears who have gone pro. There have been hundreds; this is just a comprehensive list of those who you can catch today in the pro world.


How to Succeed in Dorm Life at Baylor University

Living in a dorm is a classic college experience that everyone goes through at some point in their college career. It can be dreadful or wonderful, depending on what you make of the situation and how you adapt to the facilities provided for you. Here are a few tips on how to make it through your first year in a dorm and maybe even your second if you plan to stay on campus your sophomore year as well.

1. Don’t think the world revolves around you.

Nothing is more annoying than the high-maintenance person down the hall who always yells at people for being too loud at 9 pm on a Friday night. Don’t be the person who complains about other people’s different lifestyles than yours; adapt to the fact that there are people out there who live differently than you and by no means have to do things your way. Learning how to deal with different personalities and basically how to coexist is part of being in the real world.

2. Don’t be a crappy roommate.

On the other end of the spectrum, still have your dignity. Don’t take advantage of the last point and feel free to let loose and be unhygienic in the community restrooms or messy in the bedroom. Have respect for fellow man, and things should fall into place. There should not be conflict between room/hall mates if no one is being a snob like in point 1 or a sloth like in this 2nd point. Differing lifestyles do not cause conflict, only disrespect on either end of the spectrum.

3. Go to open door nights.

Each floor in each residence hall at Baylor assigns a night of the week called “Open Door Nights” where CL’s (Community Leaders) organize a floor activity for you all to bond over and get to know your neighbors. These are usually pretty fun and can involve movie marathon nights, craft nights, and even collaborating with other floors sometimes. Be open to attending at least some of these, they can be a good reason to get away from your studies and odds are you will have fun going.

4.Invest in the microfridge.

Baylor specifies that students are not to bring their own microwaves or refrigerators, but rather rent through the university an appliance called a microfridge that is the two of them combined. This is definitely a worthwhile investment and really does not cost much, especially when you consider that you will probably split the price with your roommates who you will be sharing it with. They are miniature, so you should have 1 for every 2 roommates roughly. They are really good to have, even if you think you will eat the majority of your meals in dining halls or restaurants, you’d be surprised at how much you will find use for a fridge or microwave. You don’t realize until you are away from home where you are used to having one how often you actually use it (for leftovers, water, groceries if you want to be able to just eat in your room sometimes, etc.).

5. Invest in a water filter.

There is something very odd about Waco tap water. For this reason, many prefer to drink filtered or bottled water. It is very handy to keep a Brita filter pitcher or sink filter so that you can use all the tap you want instead of going with the less economical or eco-friendly option of bottled water. Or, if the weird tap water doesn’t bother you, don’t even worry about it.

These are just a few tips to make dorm life a little easier for you at Baylor University. Can you think of any others that would make your new habitat for the next year more comfortable for you now that the ball is rolling?

Top 5 Things to Expect from Freshman Orientation at Baylor

There are two summer programs for incoming freshmen students at Baylor University: Orientation and Line Camp. Orientation is required, and can be thought of as a sort of business trip in all honesty, and Line Camp is strongly recommended, and is just what it sounds like- a summer camp. While parts of orientation are certainly tedious and boring, it is all necessary and at the end of the day exciting as it gets you ready to start your college career at Baylor. You get some very important business done while at Orientation, and though it wears you out over all, they do sneak some fun in and special time with your future classmates along the way. Here are a few things to expect when you go to Freshman Orientation.

1.There will be many, many sessions.


The first day of Orientation is one big day of events and speeches and introductions and discussions and mom and dad taking notes. There is one big welcome in Waco Hall, with plenty of kind people offering you free coffee and what not, and besides that, you are pretty much on your own to select which sessions to attend for the day. There are academic ones, athletic ones, success-geared ones, financial aid ones, and more. These can be very educational and helpful for both you and your parent, so choose thoughtfully what you want to learn about while you’re here. Don’t worry, you will have enough time to cover every concern you have in these two days. There is opportunity for a few more sessions the second day if you still haven’t gotten your lecture fix.

2.There is an evening student dinner and program the first night.


They plan a nice buffet dinner for the students (they split off from the parents in the evening) where you eat in the Baylor club in McLane Stadium itself and watch some interesting videos on a big screen presented by student leaders and learn the Baylor Alma Mater and Fight Song. Then, you go out onto the football field and I won’t spoil any surprises but you experience for the first time some very unique, Baylor, football traditions.

3.On the second day comes all the busywork that makes you groan but nonetheless needs to get done.


Early morning day two is the time to get your yearbook picture, ID picture (the most important of the two), go to your first academic advising session (this is crucial as it is you sitting down to plan your first semester schedule), and stand in line to do all your financial registrations (meal plans, parking plans, financial aid/scholarships, etc.). The good news is, once it’s done, it’s done. It’s a pretty good feeling to accomplish all those important tasks in one day.

4.You’ll get a chance to visit inside your residence hall and see a room just like yours.


It is important to go to the Residence Hall Viewings because you will get your first impression of your new home for the next year. You will get a better sense of the facilities you will have and the size of your space so that you can know exactly what you want to bring when you move in instead of playing a guessing game.

5.You will have an optional campus tour.


You don’t have to, but most find it both beneficial and enjoyable to go on a casual campus tour after the day’s activity, even if you have already visited before. It will help you solidify learning your way around campus and you will also learn something new you didn’t know before about your University. The tour guides are always very nice students who can answer any questions you have.

These are the main activities you will be doing when you attend orientation. Moral of the story, Baylor‘s got you covered every step of the way and will walk you through it step by step when you get there, so all you are responsible for in the meantime is getting enough rest and packing the right clothes (it’s HOT there in the summertime!) for these two days of task achievement and you’re all set.

What to Know Before Going the Pre-Med Route at Baylor

Infamous among Baylor undergraduate programs is the Pre-Med track. Notorious for grinding down the comfortable self-assurance of even the nerdiest, most A-triple-plus-honor-roll students you can think of, this program really breaks down and then builds from the ground up many intelligent students who by the end of their four years, are fully-equipped to go ace an MCAT exam, get into medical school, and become a fine doctor one day. Because of the widely-recognized rigor of this pre-professional track, anyone entering it can be confident that if they do in fact stick to it they will come out of it prepared to follow their medicinal dreams. There are some things that many current pre-med students would have like to have been told before freshman year just so that they could have known better all that they were in for. Below are a few so that hopefully you can get ahead of the game in preparation with some background information others wish they had had.

1.Don’t be fooled by weed-out courses


There are several classes you will have to take, specifically as a first semester freshman, that are designed to psychologically mess you up basically. There are extremely difficult, taxing courses that they have you take to scare you into dropping pre-med. It sounds crazy, but it’s true when people call these classes “weed-out” classes. One of these would be freshman biology. If you really want this, hang in there and learn what it takes to pass. Don’t let it get into your head and make you think you can’t do this; its all mental and it really is survival of the fittest (=most determined).

2.Don’t get too discouraged by bad grades


If you are used to succeeding in all your classes in high school, get ready for a new reality. This is true for all college students of any major, and especially first year pre-med students. If you expect to always get the same A’s and B’s your whole life in everything, you will end up very disappointed and in a bad place first semester all because you set unfair expectations for yourself. Know that you will get C’s sometimes, even D’s (maybe even some F’s), and that’s OK. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes every once in a while. One fail does not make you a failure.

3.Prepare for tough professors


You will undoubtedly love many of your professors. However, you are also bound to come across several in your whole college career that rub you the wrong way. Whether it be their insane grading system that is impossible to come out on top of, their teaching style, or whatever, you will have to adapt to the new challenges of these doctors who ask things of you you may never have been asked before. The good thing is, this builds character and resilience.

4.Prepare to spend a lot of money


This is another point that applies to all college students, and pre-med kids are no exception. You will have to buy some obscenely priced textbooks each semester, new lab books, and more, so do whatever you have to do to get ready financially and mentally for the toll this will take on your bank account. Use this as motivation to do your work and get your money’s worth out of all these apparently highly valuable books.

5.Prepare for no sleep


There will be many nights you have to stay up very late to study for tests, write your pre-labs and your lab write-ups, read for lectures, and complete online assignments. Make sure to be in tune with what works best for you when it comes to getting work done so that you can maximize the amount of sleep you get each night and not end up saving it all for one big, miserable all-nighter.

6.Prepare to put in a lot of time outside of class


This goes hand in hand with the last point. However, besides just doing homework and studying on your own time, you will find that it is necessary for you to attend SI sessions (Supplemental Instruction offered for all science courses) and maybe even schedule visits with your professor on multiple occasions during their office hours. Be aware that there is more to the pre-med life than just the hours you clock in for actual class time; you will have to put in work in your own personal time as well.

Hopefully none of these points scared you away from pursuing your desired pre-medical path at Baylor and only motivated you to get one step ahead in preparation. It’s all totally doable as long as you know you are just as capable as the thousands who have done it before you and commit to doing your best in everything.

Your Complete Go-To Guide for Fountain Hopping at Baylor

Fountain-hopping is a wildly popular, fun tradition among all Baylor students that is exactly what it sounds like: jumping in fountains. Often, it is  a bucket-list activity completed fairly early in one’s Baylor career at Line Camp or during Welcome Week as a freshman, however, you are free to do it however often you wish after that as well. The idea is to go to every fountain on campus and take a dip. Here is a comprehensive list of every aquatic display on campus so that you can make sure you don’t miss a single one.

1.Fountain in the Moody Library Courtyard


No, you can’t hop into this fountain, but it is still a pretty sight to see and is tucked away in a tranquil area making it an ideal study spot or merely a calm place to visit.

2. Fountain near the Armstrong Browning Library


This one is just another pretty landmark too that you definitely should not try to walk on, but its understated and serene vibes, pretty words, and commemoration of Robert Browning make it a worthwhile stop on your trip to see all the Baylor fountains.

3.BSB Fountains


Now, let the fountain-hopping begin. The jet fountains shooting up from the ground outside the giant science building are some of the best to run through because there are two on either side of the building, they shoot up at varying unpredictable heights, and a lazy river connects them. They are especially fun at night when they light up.

4. Fountain across from the SUB on Fountain Mall


This fountain is a beauty that is not only perfect for some more laid-back fountain-hopping after playing in the more lively ones outside the BSB, but it is also a  quiet spot to study for when you aren’t trying to get wet. There are a few picnic tables around this one in its secluded, sunk down area in Fountain Mall.

5.The Ruyle Family Fountain Courtyard/ Fountains outside the Sid Richardson Building


These beautiful, blue, twin fountains with mosaic tile bottoms are perfect to climb in on your fountain-hopping venture, located in the lawn of the Success Center, a building on the end of Fountain Mall.

6.Student Memorial Fountain


This peaceful fountain, with its beautiful quote and Bible verse inscribed upon either side of it, is located near Brooks Flats and the bookstore. Being tucked away under the trees in a quieter spot on campus and with its two benches on either side, this makes for a great place to clear your mind or have a conversation.

7.Fountains on the foot bridge between Brooks Flats and Pat Neff Hall


This fountain is shallow but the perfect size for everyone to sit on the edge and dip their feet in. In the evenings you can often find dogs wading in this fountain to cool off, as it is more on their level for swimming.

8.Fountain at North Village Community Center


This two-tier stone fountain is very attractive and is located outside of the North Village Cafe near the Heritage House.

9. Rosenbalm Fountain


Rosenbalm Fountain is the grand finale of them all. Strikingly beautiful at night, as shown in the picture, this immense fountain is just as stunning during the day as it livens up the already highly active, central area of Fountain Mall where thousands of students walk by and are energized by it daily. It is definitely the newest, most grandiose, and attention-demanding fountain on campus.

Use this list and you won’t miss a single fountain on campus! All of these are gorgeous sights to see, fountain-hopping or not, and are one of the things that make life as a Baylor student so special, as students can have the pleasure of walking by them or studying and eating by them every day. Which fountain is your favorite?