Baylor University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Baylor University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Texas. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Baylor University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Texas.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHE 1101General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1102General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 1301Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
CHE 1302Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II
CHE 3331Organic Chemistry I
CHE 3332Organic Chemistry II
MTH 1220Algebra Review
MTH 1308Precalculus for Business Students
MTH 1309Calculus for Business Students
MTH 1320PreCalculus Mathematics
MTH 1321Calculus I
MTH 1322Calculus II

Health and Wellness at Baylor University

Baylor University is among the oldest operating university around Texas. With years of excellence and service, the university aims to offer the best experience to their students, including their personal life and activities. As part of that, there are health and wellness services that the university offers for their students.

The department of wellness of the university offers health education programs and services for the students to easily develop healthier lifestyle and achieve a great culture of wellness around the university through proper behavior and knowledge change.

1. Addictive Behavior Services

launching of addiction recovery center at Baylor University

Addictive Behavior Services is being offered with a recovery program that includes support groups, one-on-one mentorship, social events and also help the students to have outreach education prevention, alcohol and drug seminars, consultations, trainings, and other necessary workshops. All of it is open for all students. 

Contact Details:
2nd floor, McLane Student Life Center (SLC), suite 207

2. Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

Addiction health center at Baylor university

BARC or Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center offers recovery program that is designed to help the students in having a well-organized recovery process they need against the substance and overcome behavioral addictions. This reflects the values of the university as a Christian community where spiritual growth, wholeness and academic success are the priorities.

Contact Details:
East Village Residential Community
(254) 710-7092
[email protected]

3. Fitness and Nutrition

student fitness at Baylor University

Fitness and Nutrition is a fully-dedicated program and services that supports the healthy lifestyle of the students through group exercise classes, nutritional consults and services, personal training and special events. The trainers can help to personalized exercise program and prepare your body and mind to exercise safely and effectively. 

Notes: There are different programs offered including Barre, Bear Cycle, Boxing, Dance Fitness, F45, Gentle Yoga, Yoga and MMA. To sign up on any program, you need to visit the SLC service desk. There are forms to fill up and let you get started on the programs you prefer. 

4. Student Leadership

student leadership program at baylor university

Student Leadership program is another way at Baylor University to help students be more interested in health and wellness. This help them to lead and serve on the campus together with the Fitness and Wellness Peer Leader, Student Health Advisory Council or as a volunteer to other on-campus health initiatives. 

The students are also trained to participate on different health and wellness services of the university, and make a big impact for the others who are in need. 

Contact Details:
Academy for Leadership Development
One Bear Place #97370
Waco, TX 76798-7370

5. Health Services

health services at Baylor University

Health Services are comprised of nurse practitioners, nurses, psychiatrist, pharmacists, physical therapist, pharmacy technicians, and technical personnel that are well-trained to perform different services.

They have ambulatory clinic to offer common medical treatment and offer physicals for work or travel, minor surgical procedures, proper care for stable chronic illness, well woman exams and men’s health exams. 

Other Services Offered:
• General Services
• Pharmacy
• Psychiatry Services
• Lab Services
• Physical Therapy

Contact Details:
McLane Student Life Center
2nd Floor
Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm
Sunday: Closed

Emergency Hotline: If you have an emergency, make sure to call (254) 710-2222 or 911

10 Coolest Courses at Baylor University

Every year, universities are getting more innovative in terms of their course catalogs. Baylor University has courses that may engage students in subjects that they may not otherwise have paid attention to or showed interest. Here’s a list 10 of the coolest courses at Baylor that any student will surely look forward to attending.

1. MUS 1220 – Introduction to Music

A course for the non-music major in which representative masterpieces of music are explored. Non-technical discussions of the music, as well as the times and lives of the composers, are presented to enhance the enjoyment of the listening experience.

BU School of Music Family Day.

2. ANT 3307 – Historical Archaeology

Historical archaeology is a relatively new field, having been professionalized only since the 1960s. It is the study of the human past through material remains such as artifacts. This course is about traditional archaeology with useful applications of scientific methods. It offers fantastic career possibilities to work archaeologically-related careers.

Dr. Julie Hoggarth of BU at Baking Pot, Belize.

3. CSD 2318 – Language Development

This course provides a theoretical and descriptive framework in the study of language development. In this course, students will explore the fundamental stages and processes of language development, as well as study components of the language system. Other areas such as the development of language in special populations, speakers of a variety of dialects, second-language learners, and individuals with a variety of disabilities and impairments such as autism, cerebral palsy, SLI (specific language disorder), and hearing impairment will be tackled.

Students at BU are changing lives at the Baylor Autism Resource Clinic,  a place where Baylor students gain valuable skills and experience.

4. FORS 1390 – Survey of Forensic Science

This course is an introduction to forensic science with a focus on the history and current state of disciplines. It includes crime and death scene investigation, a chain of custody procedures, the forensic laboratory and its components, and expert testimony. There are also field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on activities each semester.

Students are exposed to the techniques, knowledge, and experiences that will allow them to succeed in graduate school and in the forensic field.

5. ENG 2306 – World Literature

ENG 1302 or FAS 1302 is the study of the literature of countries other than Britain and the United States. It gives emphasis on the work of major writers such as Homer, Sophocles, Virgil, Dante, Boccaccio, Cervantes, Goethe, Flaubert, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. It also gives attention to selected classical works of non-Western literature.

Literature map of the world.

6. HIS 1307 – World History since 1500

World History since 1500 is the history of major world civilizations and the growth of the modern global community as well as the spread of ideologies and cultures. This course is intended to give you a sense of how historians think and to introduce you to ongoing historical debates. Students get to will explore events, peoples, groups, cultures, trends, ideas, and legal institutions throughout the globe, including the multiple perspectives of gender, class, and ethnicity, between the periods when European exploration of the “New World” began, to the end of the Cold War.

Explore world history from 1500 to about 1989.

7. NSC 3320 – Learning and Behavior

NSC 3320 is an examination of human and animal learning and behavior within a nature-nurture framework. From molecules and genes to behavior and motor skills, neuroscience spans the full range of the nervous system. On the other hand, psychology seeks to understand the origins and processes of thought and emotion by drawing from the biological, social, and cultural aspects of the human experience.

The Ph.D. program in psychology prepares students for university teaching and research.

8. ENG 3300 – Technical Writing

The English Department at Baylor University has been ranked best in the nation for Student Support and Outcomes by the National Research Council. This course emphasizes theories, principles, and practices of effective technical writing and writing in the sciences. Students will compose technical genres such as reports, proposals, memos, and documentation with weight on usability, accessibility, data analysis, information design, ethics, writing style, and collaboration.

BU students work with top scholars in their fields and benefit from small, discussion-oriented classes.

9. ID 1332 – Introduction to Interior Design

Students learn technical skills and creative thinking as they build a portfolio. The course includes elements and principles of design, as well as their theories and applications related to the built environment. It covers programming, spatial relationships, materials and components, design styles, sustainability, and universal design. Students are also given an overview of the profession.

The Interior Design program prepares students to serve in the design profession in residential and commercial markets.

10. THEA 1206 – Theater Appreciation

The Baylor University Department of Theatre Arts is an elite program combining an excellent liberal arts education with rigorous training in both academic and artistic fields of theatre study. Theater Application is applicable toward fine arts-humanities requirements for Bachelor of Arts degree. It comprises of the basic elements of theaters such as acting, costume design, lighting, scene, directing, and dramatic literature.

Theater Arts at Baylor University.

Top 10 Majors at Baylor University

Baylor University is one of the top Christian Universities in Texas. It is located in quaint Waco, Texas, and is known for its school pride and high graduation rate.

1. Biology (BS)

A picture of DNA

The biology program studies the organisms and systems that permit life. Through classes, labs, and research opportunities, students become prepared to get out into the biology field or pursue medicine.

2. Nursing (BSN)

A picture of a nurse

Receiving a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a great way to enter out into the field directly after college. If you are passionate about medicine and are looking to do a minimal amount of schooling, this is a good program to enter into.

3. Accounting (BBA)

Accounting picture

The accounting program has a strong foundation of financial accounting. Accounting is a versatile degree because of the wide variety of fields that accountants can enter into, be it business, government, etc.

4. Marketing (BBA)

Marketing Graphic

The marketing program is a comprehensive study of product placement and sales. Students often into Advertising, Retail management, and Marketing Research.

5. Psychology (BA, BS)

Psychology Graphic

The Psychology Program studies mental processes and resulting behavior. Students in this program can pursue either a humanities study of psychology or a science study of psychology.

6. Finance (BBA)

Finance sheets

The finance major at Baylor has two fields of research; Corporate Finance and Investments. Both of these concentration allow students to enter into the Commercial Banking Program. Students who are in this program graduate straight into high paying positions.

7. Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

A picture of a machine

The mechanical engineering major is a combination of two stem studying. It combines both mathematics and physics to teach students about engineering materials and designing machines.

8. Liberal Arts (BA)

Liberal Arts graphic

Liberal Arts degrees are beneficial to students who are passionate about many fields under the liberal arts umbrella. Students who get a Liberal Arts Degree enter into economists, sociologist, psychologists, and a variety of other high paying fields.

9. Humanities (BA)

Humanities graphic

Humanities majors challenge students to develop communication skills, critical thinking skills, reasoning skills, and to connect their learning across their fields of studies. This intersectionality makes humanities applicable to many fields of study.

10. Journalism (BA)

Journalism Picture

The Journalism program educates its students in the fields of writing, editing, photography and pubic relations. The students take both written and graphic communication courses as an attempt to create well rounded professionals.

Baylor University is an excellent school and has majors for all students in all fields of study. The programs above are the most popular among students and graduates of Baylor University.

10 Baylor University Library Resources You Need to Know

Baylor University consists of many unique libraries and offers many different library resources. These libraries house a diverse amount of manuscripts and materials related to history, art, and technology. They also offer many resources to the students. Here are some of the important library resources you need to know.

1. Electronic Resources


Baylor University offers a variety of electronic resources. The most common type that is used by students is library databases which help with research assignments. Other electronic resources include the BearCat catalog and e-journals.

2. Ask a Librarian


Need help navigating the many libraries of Baylor University? Well, librarians can help! Baylor University offers an “ask a librarian” resource. This resource allows students to ask librarians for help whether they are in the library or not. Students can use this resource to help find materials and get help with databases.

3. Library Books


Of course, every library has books and the Baylor Libraries are no different. Baylor allows its students to check out library books. There are many books ranging from pleasurable reads to reliable research sources.

4. Printing


Baylor University offers printing resources at their libraries. Printing is available to all students when needed at a low price. You can even print from your laptop and smartphone.

5. Distance Users


The library also offers services to distance users. Distance users are students that live away from Waco but are still enrolled in Baylor classes. Distance users can request document delivery and use interlibrary services.

6. Graduate Research Center

baylor university graduate resource center

The Graduate Research Center is a space designed for graduate students to focus on their studies. The center supports grad students by having collaboration rooms and lounges. It is a great place for graduate students that need a quieter space to focus on their studies.

7. Research Assistance

Baylor University_Research Assistance

For students that need help with their research or just do not know where to begin, there is research assistance offered. The service is free for all students and faculty at Baylor. You can get help with most classes and research projects.

8. Library Study Commons

baylor library study commons

The Library Study Commons is a space for students that need to study. Each library in Baylor has its own common study area. The study areas are good for students since it allows them to be productive.

9. Study Rooms

library study rooms

Each library offers study rooms for students who have group work. The study rooms are designed for groups to work on projects and presentations in a quiet and more private area. Study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.

10. G-42 Classroom

G-42 Classroom

An important library resource would be the G-42 classroom. The G-42 classroom allows for a classroom-like setting with big study groups. Like study rooms, the classroom is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Libraries at Baylor University

1. Armstrong Browning Library

baylor university armstrong browning library

The Armstrong Browning Library is a very beautiful, 19th-century style library.  The library is also a museum and is dedicated to the work of 19th-century poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning. The library houses the largest collection of Browning material and other rare 19th century materials.

2. W.R. Porage Legislative Library Center

 Porage Legislative Library Center

The Porage Legislative Library Center is located near the central libraries.  The library consists of Baylor University’s legal collections and the Graduate Resource Center. The library is devoted to the political history of Texas.

3. Central Libraries

baylor university central libraries

The Central Libraries consists of two libraries: Moody and Jones. The Central Libraries are the main libraries on-campus for students. The Moody Library has conference rooms, gardens, and a Starbucks. The Jones library has a conference room and is smaller than the Moody Library.

4. Crouch Fine Arts Library

baylor university crouch fine arts library sign

The Crouch Fine Arts Library is different from other libraries and is an art library It houses the music and visual arts collections, as well as audio and video recordings. The library is recognized as a distinguished library and houses material going as far back as the eleventh century.

5. The Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society

baylor university keston center exterior

The Keston Center is a unique library at Baylor University. The library houses the religion and teaching of the former Soviet Union and other Communist regimes. The library contains the world’s biggest collection documenting religious persecution. Materials also include underground publications and rare trial transcripts.

6.  Library and Academic Technology Services

library and academic technology

This library is designed for academic technologies at Baylor University. The library is really new and was only built last year. The library houses academic technology and student digital services for students.

7. Caroll Library

baylor university carroll library

The Caroll Library is another interesting library at Baylor University. The Carroll Library houses some important material related to Texas heritage, history, and culture. Materials include Civil War manuscripts, photos, and maps.

Top 10 Dorms at Baylor University

There are several options when choosing a place to stay while schooling at Baylor University. Students have the opportunity to select the residential hall that best fits them financially and is convenient for them. Here are some of the top rated residential areas at the institution.

1. Collins Hall

Collins Hall

Residence Address: 1310 S. 8th St Waco, TX 76706

It is home to over 600 first-year female students of all majors. Residents enjoy a conducive environment that allows them to interact with others, connect to campus life, and grow their faith and cultural competence. The available room types are double rooms that include a bed, a chair, desk, dresser and closet for each student and a triple room with the same add-ons. However, residents share community bathrooms that are on each wing of every floor.

2. Martin Hall

Martin Hall

Residence Address: 1101 S. 5th St Waco, TX 76706

This is a men-only residence hall with a little over 250 first-year men. There are two types of rooms; double and triple room that come with a bed, chair, desk, dresser and closet for each student. Residents, however, share community bathrooms on each wing of every floor. Residents will be able to develop strong relationships and explore their interests and callings alongside their neighbors.

3. Penland Hall

Penland Hall

Residence Address: 1110 S. 5th Street Waco, TX 76706

The residence is home to more than 400 first year male and female residents of all majors including members of the Outdoor Adventure LLC. The hall is equipped with modern equipment and facilities to that provide the residents with a comfortable environment.

4. Kokernot hall

Kokernot hall

Residence Address: 1110 S. 7th St Waco, TX 76706 254-292-7012

It is home to 200 first-year female students of all majors. It has well furnished single and double rooms  that have a desk, bed, chair, dresser, and closets. There are shared bathrooms on every floor.

5. Texana House

Texana house

Residence Address: 1201 S. University Parks B Waco, TX 76706 254-292-7032

This is one of the three houses that are located in the north village. It houses more than 150 upper-division and first-year female residents of all majors. It has 4 different room types, they include a single room, double room (shared bathrooms), and apartment single gold and apartment double gold (last two have private bathrooms and kitchens)

6. University House

University House

Residence Address: 1201 S. University Parks D Waco, TX 76706 254-292-7026

Located in the North Village, the University house houses more than 150 upper division and first-year male residents of all majors. The house has 4 types of rooms; single room, double room, apartment single gold and apartment double gold. Every room has a desk, bed, chair, dresser, and closet.

7. Arbors


Residence Address: 1825 S. 3rd St Waco, TX 76706 254-297-5500

The Arbors house is home to over 200 male and female on-campus residents of all majors. It is located near the East Village. The residence has two types of rooms that students could choose from: apartment single green and apartment double green. The rooms have private bathrooms, a living room space, and a full kitchen

8. University Parks

university parks

Residence Address: 2201 S. University Parks Dr. Waco, TX 76706 254-710.2772

University Parks is home to over 500 on-campus residents of all majors, including members of the Transfer Year Experience LLC. The residence has two types of rooms: apartment single green and apartment UP single. The difference between the two is the bathrooms. Single green apartment has private bathrooms while the UP single apartments have a shared bathroom.

9. Brooks Flat

Brooks flat

Residence Address: 1212 S. 7th St Waco, TX 76706 254-292-7008

The Brooks flat is located near Pat Neff Hall.  It houses more than 300 male and female residents of all classifications including members of the business and innovation LLC.  There are two room types to choose from; Apartment single gold and double gold.

10. Fairmont Apartments


Residence Address:1600 S. 5th St Waco, TX 76706 254-297-5500

Fairmont is located near the Foster Campus for business and innovation. It houses 45 female residents of all majors. Residents can choose from two room types; Apartment single green and single gold.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Baylor University

1. Room Basics

A student room

  • Towel
  • Wastebasket
  • Closet organizer
  • Shoe Rack
  • Desk lamp
  • Sheets, blankets, comforter and mattress pad
  • Full-length mirror
  • Posters
  • Toiletries
  • Hangers
  • Plants

2. Food and Snacks


  • Beverages (coffee, tea, Chocolate)
  • Juice
  • Biscuits
  • East-to-cook food (pasta, spaghetti etc.)
  • Fruits

3. Tech and Entertainment

Bluetooth Speakers

  • Laptop
  • Game console
  • Music player
  • TV
  • Headphones

4. School Supplies

books, pencils, stapler, pair of scissors

  • Notebooks
  • Exercise books
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Sticker notes
  • Marker pens
  • Paper clips

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Clothes in the closet

  • Mop/broom
  • Hangers
  • Storage containers
  • Bucket
  • Dustbin

6. Campus Gears

A Baylor-branded sweater

  • Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
  • Bag pack
  • Umbrella
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Ask first sign post

  • Pets
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboard

10 Coolest Clubs at Baylor

At Baylor University students are given a chance to choose clubs from a different array of choices. The clubs come in handy in helping students and other members of the Baylor community learn new things and also meet and make new friends. The following list contains 10 of the coolest clubs that you could join.

1. Aikido Club

The Aikido Club strives to teach members of the Baylor community about Gyokushin Ryu Aikido and other essential Japanese martial arts. It is a fun club and a great way to interact with other students who share the same interest. Self-defense techniques are also learned.

People practicing aikido

2. Active Minds

This is a cool as well as an important club. It teaches its members about mental illness and related health concerns. Mental health is an important aspect that should be taken seriously considering the rise in depression cases, suicides and self-related concerns. Information from the Waco community and the Counseling Center will come in handy.

3. Badminton Club

The importance of sports cannot be over emphasized! The Badminton Club is a great opportunity to learn about the sport, practice it and exercise. Focus will be on learning high speed Olympic badminton.


4. Baylor Buddies

Baylor Buddies is a club determined to mentor young people and school going children who are at a risk of dropping out of school. Focus will be offering mentorship around the Waco community. This in effect ensures the development of a reliable and focused generation.

Painting of people with masks holding hands. One is jumping

5. Baylor Brunch Club

Are you interested in expressing yourself freely in a comfortable environment over brunch? Well, this club is for you! This cool club ensures that its members have good and productive conversations within themselves. It is also a good opportunity to meet new people. The food is also amazing!

food on the table

6. Baylor Dance Company

Dance, no one’s watching! Don’t just sit there and think that you know how to dance. Check out the Baylor Dance Club for a chance to improve your moves through a dance atmosphere that is conducive.

Two people dancing

7. Baylor Green before Gold

This cool club is focused on promoting a healthy environment in the Waco community and the world as a whole. Environmental sustainability is a common goal shared by the members of the Baylor Green before Gold. Become a member to have your influence on saving the environment felt across the community.

Green plant and golden ground

8. Baylor Helping Hands

Baylor Helping Hands is a chartered club that offers assistance to families and children that have been affected with different types of disabilities. The services include meeting financial needs of the affected persons, offering food and eating with the kids who don’t have anyone to eat with because of their disabilities among others.

Hand stretched to another

9. Baylor Linguistics Club

In this club, topics relating to linguistics and world languages are discussed. In addition, awareness on essential issues in linguistics within Baylor community are raised. It is a cool club for students interested in the field of linguistics. Membership is open to everyone.

linguistics word cloud

10. The Photography Society

The Photography Society brings you together with other photographers within the Baylor community. Current issues and trends in the field are discussed. In this club you get to learn and enhance your knowledge and skill in photography.

Digital camera held by both hands.

Make sure to share this article with your friends and go and check out these clubs to make some new friends and make some memories. Have fun!

Top Events During the School Year at Baylor University

1. After Dark

This is an annual event held during the Family Weekend and presented by the Department of Student Activities. It is essentially a platform where creative students at Baylor get to showcase their talent. Come see dances, solo performances, stand-up comedy and more!

After Dark

2. Texas State Fair Trip

This is a proud tradition in Texas where students get to engage in famous fair activities such as live music, car exhibits, eating fried funny goods and get to see a rodeo. Register and come have fun!


3. Movie Mondays: Backpack Full of Cash

An event for movie and documentary lovers. Students will participate in a viewing of ‘Backpack Full of Cash’ a documentary that highlights education ‘reform’ by corporates. It is a free event!

Movie and entertainment industry items, including a box of popcorn a movie clapboard and a strip of 35mm film

4. Sundown Sessions: Pottery Painting

This is an event that is partnered with Lambda Phi Epsilon. It is a fun activity that gives you an opportunity to paint ceramic tiles with other students. It’s a chance to explore your artistic capabilities!

 Ceramic products

5. Lattes and Resumes

Come get helpful tips on career and professional development! It is a chance to learn how to prepare your resume, how to ace interviews and much more. Free coffee will be provided.

writing and typing

The 5 Must-See Statues on Baylor’s Campus

Much has been written about all the beautiful fountains, landscaping, and architecture on Baylor’s stunning campus. However, another significant landmark to see and appreciate would be the statues. Scattered in various parts of campus, statues have been erected and stand tall in order to pay homage to important figures in the Baylor community who shaped it in one way or another. Let’s take a look at which memorials there are to make your way to and even snap a picture with if you want.

1.The Pyfer Bear Statue


This 9- foot, bronze statue of a bear is located in front of the SLC, an are frequented constantly by Baylor students on their way to classes. It was sculpted in honor of the first ever Baylor mascot and dedicated generously by his niece (who also did it for her parents) who are all Baylor alumni. It is the biggest statue ever made by its sculptor Douglas Crow (who also happens to be a Baylor professor).

2.Robert Griffin III Statue


This statue is of the most legendary football player of all time at Baylor and is located front and center at the entrance to McLane Stadium. Robert Griffin III became such an all-star and icon because he is the first ever Bear to win the Heisman Trophy and make the amazing stats he did. Of course, he went on to a career in the NFL playing for various teams.

3.The Immortal Ten Statues


These statues in front of Pat Neff Hall pay respect and preserve loving memory of the ten Baylor students who died in a tragic accident in 1927 on their way to a basketball game they were supposed to play in Austin. This was one of the first American athletic tragedies and it was caused by a trainwreck. Among these 10 individuals whose lives were taken too soon was a heroic boy who actually pushed his friend and teammate out of the bus window in time to save his life at the expense of his own. The Immortal Ten are remembered through this monument and through an annual ceremony of remembrance that is held every year at Homecoming for the freshmen.

4.Rufus Burleson Statue


The statue of Burleson can be found in front of Old Main in his own area called the Burleson Quadrangle. Burleson was a Baylor president who served two terms and insituted coeducation here. He also was a pastor who baptized many important figures like Sam Houston, the man who led the battle for Texas’ independence and later its entrance into the United States. Burleson also has a city in Texas named after him, so it makes sense that Baylor would want to pay dues to this particular president.

5. Judge Baylor Statue


The statue of Judge Baylor is probably the most famous statue on campus. This 12-foot bronze statue situated on pink granite depicts the founder of the University. It is located on Fountain Mall and is a popular place to take pictures at and pose in front of him, or even join him on his pedestal or sit on his lap like many students do.

All these statues represent important people (or animals) that capture some aspect of what Baylor is all about and takes pride in. These are typically passed by daily by students without a second glance as they go by their busy days here in their familiar surroundings they get used to. However, it is crucial to stop and appreciate these statues that are taken for granted at times and to be grateful for those who pave the way for you and are an emblem of Baylor‘s roots and identity.

This sketch is a rendering of a partition wall in Cultivate7Twelve which had several works of art hung mounted on it.

6 Iconic Baylor Buildings You Need to Know

Baylor University is home to one of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S. From its sprawling green lawns with colorful flowerbeds to its plethora of fountains scattered along the way, the campus is one of Baylor’s biggest boasts, and for good reason. Something else that adds to the wow factor though would be the historical and landmark buildings. There are a couple different buildings that are very important to know as a student, as they are either historical or history-making structures for this campus. The following is a list of these iconic buildings.

1.Waco Hall

Waco Hall is where everything important happens. This is where the largest auditorium is on campus, so that explains part of that. Basically, chapel happens here, orientation happens here, a lot of stuff at Line Camp is held here, when important people come to speak to students they come here, and etc. Waco Hall has a lot of historic value because it has stood on campus for 88 years now and the famous, stirring “Immortal Message” speech was delivered here in 1931 by President Samuel Palmer Brooks.

2. Tidwell Bible Building

The Tidwell Bible Building is a memorial to professor Josiah Blake Tidwell, who taught the Scriptures for 36 years at Baylor. Students loved him so much they erected this building in his memory with the story of the Bible carved in its intricate limestone panels.

3. Old Main

Old Main is a monument to Baylor‘s early days in Waco, as it was erected 130 years ago originally as a female dormitory. It goes by many names, as Old Main includes Burleson Hall, Draper Academic Building, and Bennett Auditorium. But overall, this whole castle-like building is referred to most commonly and collectively as Old Main.

4. Armstrong Browning Library

Armstrong Browning Library is a beautiful, Italian-Renaissance style building with towering stained-glass windows everywhere you turn. This building is so gorgeous it is actually a wedding venue with a few years long wait list. It was built in memory of Victorian poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and houses the world’s largest collection of their writings.

5. Foster School of Business

The Paul F. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation has not been a part of Baylor history for very long, as it is a new building, but it has made quite an impact already. It is home to the famous Hankamer School of Business. In addition, it is also useful for a lot of other purposes as well, and hosts many people during busy times and events similar to the multi-functional Waco Hall. Plus, with its sprawling atrium, multitude of windows, and modern architecture, this is a major standout on campus.

6. Baylor Science Building

The BSB is another baby building on campus compared to the others on this list but it is definitely a history-making one. This three-story whopper is the biggest building on campus whose grand scale accurately represents the strength of the science education and research here. Its design is like none other, as it has a radial shape somewhat like the spokes of a wheel meant to bridge together all the departments in the science and medical sector of Baylor.

Overall, these buildings are all the types of landmarks that students use to give directions and refer to areas and places on campus. These are the ones you want to know for the sake of knowledge of campus hot spots and familiarity with Baylor‘s core identity.

Tips for PSY 1305 at Baylor University

Many say that one of the top five hardest classes to take at Baylor University is PSY 1305, and many can attest to this fact. It is a difficult class and the class average is usually a C, which no college student wants to hear. However, there are ways to combat this and to help get yourself to that B or A if you work hard and learn a few tips that may help you along the way. Here is a couple to keep in mind as you start your semester with 1305.

1. Attend the Class!

I know this seems like “duh!” but many students start out saying they will attend all their classes and somewhere throughout the semester that idea sort of comes to a halt. At Baylor, the Psych department does not exactly check for attendance. You have to sign in on a website on your phone and you don’t even have to be in the classroom to check in. This creates many students to not attend certain classes because they will still get credit and can sleep in or do something else. Even though you can get notes from someone else or just read the book, you should realize that this will not completely help you for the exams. The Psych department at Baylor has hard exams and a lot of the material is not on the powerpoints but in the lecture, what they say. And you will not get this information if you don’t attend classes so make sure you do it!Image result for psychology class

2. Go to SI

If you don’t know, Supplemental Instruction is a great program created at Baylor that is completely free to students. A student who has taken the course and received an A retakes the class and helps out students with material and what to expect for the tests. They have reviews and worksheets and definitely help in your journey through 1305. It is a great resource that you should take advantage of because this is definitely going to help when you enter for the test. The Psych exams are long and very situational and you need a clear understanding of all the material to understand what conditions are being displayed in examples. The Baylor Parent Fund helps support this free service to make sure you go to get help!Image result for student college teacher

3. Do the Extra Credit

There is usually one of two routes in a Baylor Psych class that you can take for extra credit. Your professor such as Riley or Weaver may offer extra credit by doing extra SONA experiences. The Psych department at Baylor is required to keep up on research and in order to make it less expensive, they have Baylor students volunteer to do it or have the incentive of extra credit to be a part of many experiences or research. SONA experiences are how they conduct their research and if you do some in person or online, and you don’t want to turn down the opportunity to get extra credit for this difficult of a class. Other professors such as Clarke offer extra credit through creating study guides before tests which give you more points and help you study.  You will regret it when you are late into the semester and are starting to panic because your grade is not at what you want it to be. Baylor professors are very understanding, so take the chance!Image result for psychology experiments

4. Go to Success Center

I know some people get weird about getting a tutor, but it is super recommended for this class! The Success Center at Baylor is a place where they have tutors for each subject waiting there to help you 8 hours a day 5 days a week and are just waiting for someone to come and ask them questions. You really should take advantage of the amazing opportunities and resources that Baylor offers you so that you can succeed in your classes. At the beginning of the semester, the Psych professors always make it a point to go to the Success Center and spend some time there a couple times a week going over material from class. This is really recommended and you should take advantage of these amazing programs so that you can get a good grade in Psych 1305!Image result for baylor success center

5. Do SONA Early

Although some SONA credits are a part of the extra credit, the Psych professors at Baylor usually require you to receive about 5 SONA hours to pass the course. These can be very annoying if you wait until the end of the semester to do them because lots of Baylor students wait and then it’s hard to get a good time for an experiment. You’ll probably get an 8 am time slot and no one wants that. Instead, if you do them early, you can get some really interesting experiments that Baylor Psych majors create such as the testosterone levels in your body dictating your personality or surveys on memory and technology. Make sure you do your SONA hours because if you don’t, you automatically do not pass the class and no one wants to retake that hard class again.Related imageThis has bee considered one of the hardest classes that people have to take at Baylor and so these tips can really help with your time in this class. Get all the help you can get because you want to do as well as you can with your time in college. Keep the GPA high and the stress low!