10 Buildings at BRCC You Need to Know

There are a number of college campuses that house buildings, both big and small. Some students are more receptive of staying if they know where they are going and are somewhat familiar with the campus setting. Below are ten of the building that you will need to know at Baton Rouge Community College!

1. Cypress Building

Outside of the Cypress Building

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is home to the departments for science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s located right next to the Louisiana building. It houses a number of classrooms, study rooms, research and teaching labs, and faculty offices.

2. Governor’s Building

Inside of an office building

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is home to the Governor’s Building. It houses the Student Government Association and a number of adjunct faculty offices. This building also houses administrative offices. Students will be able to utilize meeting rooms and event spaces here.

3. Bonne Santé Wellness Center

The Bonne Sante Wellness Center

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

Have you been getting the sniffles recently? Students will be able to receive primary care and injury treatment here at the Bonne Sante Wellness Center. It houses a number of faculty and physician staff who are ready to treat and help you. It also houses the basketball court.

4. Louisiana Building

Outside of the Louisiana Building

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is home to the departments of business and sciences and liberal arts. Students will be able to find computer labs, faculty offices for classes, advising offices, and meeting rooms. This building also houses a number of classrooms.

5. Bienvenue Student Center

Outside of the Bienvenue Student Center

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This is the heart of campus and the hub for campus life here at BRCC. Students will be able to find a number of resources to utilize. This includes meeting rooms, study rooms, a ballroom, event space, and plenty of dining options to choose from.

6. Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion

Inside of the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

Are you in need of some entertainment? Take a seat at the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion, the center for the arts on campus. Here, students can find a theater, a student lounge area, dance studios, rehearsal rooms, and practice rooms to use at their own disposal.

7. Frazier Building

A look outside the Frazier Building

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is located on the downtown main street and is seated at Julia Street. Students will be able to find the Processing Technology Center and technology support. Whether your computer stopped working for no apparent reason or you need help troubleshooting software, the staff here is here to help!

8. Purchasing and Receiving Warehouse

A pen writing out a contract

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is home to the Purchasing and Receiving Warehouse Center. The mission of this department is to produce quality products, to sustain its operating services on campus, and to extend out its professional services for colleges and departments.

9. IT Building Facilities

A look at a person looking at technology

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building houses the IT department. For all of your computer troubles or troubleshooting needs, you can visit them! They also offer a workshop for students as well as a media center. Here, students can thrive as they get their computer troubles fixed!

10. Hooper Road Building

Inside of a classroom setting

Address: Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

This building is home to a number of administrative offices. This includes the Student Success Center, career services, the Alumni Association, and the Office of Academic Affairs. Students will also have access to a lounge area to use at their own disposal.

Hopefully this list has helped you to really dive deep into campus and familiarize yourself with every step that you may take. Get familiar with the buildings so that you can steer clear of using your phone GPS and just use your sense of direction.

10 Coolest Courses at Baton Rouge Community College

College can be a difficult time for many students. Balancing challenging courses, part time jobs, and internships can be a tough task to take on. Although it is important to take courses that are required by your major or applicable to a specific field of study, it is also vital to take courses that spark joy and are a breath of fresh air from the norm. Whether your interests lie in psychology, anthropology or theatre, you are bound to find a class you enjoy. Below are ten of the coolest courses that are available at Baton Rouge Community College.

1. CDYC 1230 – Family Relationships and Issues

This class explores the dynamics of family relationships and interpersonal relationships between children. The course delves into cultural and legal issues within family structure. If you are interested in psychology and sociology, this class is for you!

A silhouette picture of a family walking hand in hand.

2. COSM 1311 – Hair Cutting

This three credit class is perfect for the student who has an itching desire to delve into cosmetology. The course reviews hair shaping techniques specific to face shape and profile. Any student who desires a break from their organic chemistry homework or statistics project should take a chance with this class.

The image displays a pair of scissors and a comb to symbolize hair cutting.

3. ARTS 2203 – Beginning Drawing

This drawing class doesn’t require any pre-requisites or prior drawing experience. The class is designed for the amateur artist who is seeking to refine skills in two-dimensional observational drawing. However, keep in mind that this class requires an additional materials fee, so it is not designed for those on a budget.

A cartoon of a man vigorously drawing on a piece of paper.

4. ANTH 1013 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Pre-history+

This introductory anthropology course is a perfect for anyone who wants to delve into some humanities classes, but doesn’t want a large commitment. A bonus is that no prerequisites and corequisites are required for this class. This class explores the beginnings of human culture and the evolution of people.

This image of a human skull symbolizes the complex parts of the human brain such as culture and language that have been shaped with thousands of years of history.

5. ARTS 1023 – Introduction to Fine Arts+

This class is designed for the inner artist in every student. Whether you always wanted to explore drawing, printmaking or sculpture, this class is the best stepping stone to pursue these passions. There is also a focus on why certain forms of art were created at various time periods.

Image of art spelled in colorful paperclips

6. ASTR 1103 – Introduction to Astronomy+

Ever look up at the constellations and wonder about the solar system we live in? If you have, this class is for you. With no prerequisites and corequisites required, this introductory astronomy course only requires a passing college-level math class. The course reviews the concepts and processes that humans have learned about the solar system up to the present-day.

This image is a generalized picture of a telescope observing the stars in the night sky.

7. PSYC 2073 – Human Sexuality

This course delves into human sexuality and how it is influenced by cultural and biological forces. If you’ve ever wanted to delve more into the psychological realm of sex-ed class, this course is for you. Furthermore this class examines our attitudes and perceptions toward others as well.

Picture of gender symbols intertwined

8. SOCL 2213 – Marriage and the Family

Ever wonder about how the institution of marriage and family came to be? This class introduces students to fundamental theories on how gender roles, cross-cultural variations and conflict influence marriage and the family dynamic. This class also does not require any pre-requisites or co-requisites!

This picture shows an outline of an average family structure.

9. SPCH 2213 – Interpersonal Communication+

This class is designed to enhance each student’s communication skills whether in social or professional settings. Regardless of whether you’re studying business or pre- medical studies, this class reinforces skills that are critical to any profession. A greater understanding of interpersonal communication also increases appreciation for intercultural and gender dynamics in conversation.

This is a generalized clipart photo of multiple people sharing thoughts, which represents interpersonal communication.

10. THTR 2103 – Acting I

This class is perfect for anyone who’s wanted to dabble a bit in acting and needs some guidance. With no prerequisites or co-requisites required, students can learn improvisation, thought and emotion skills. Whatever major you are undertaking, make sure to check this class out!

This picture shows masks, which are a symbolic representation of theatre.

College classes can be incredibly stressful and challenging. Sometimes it is necessary to take one or two classes that ignites the creative fire inside. Take a breather and enjoy yourself with the top ten coolest courses available at Baton Rouge Community College.

10 of the Hardest Courses at BRCC

Many college students want a bit of a challenge added on to their schedule while others opt out of this, taking easy classes and easy professors. However, college is here to challenge students to learn for a reason and go above and beyond their normal way of thinking and doing things. It allows them to really study the material and apply it to their everyday life. Below are some of the hardest courses that you will find at Baton Rouge Community College.

1. CHEM 1121 – Chemistry I Lab

A look at tools used in chemistry

This class will be very hands on. It will touch base on the fundamental tools and technologies that are used in everyday chemistry. Students will learn about the field of chemistry, how to mix chemicals, chemical reactions, and how these fundamentals are applied into everyday life. This class may be difficult for students who have a hard time grasping different concepts.

2. BUSN 2103 – Business Law

A look at people talking about business relations

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Well first, you need to establish yourself and get to know the law before doing so. There a number of policies. This class is very test and lecture heavy as it contains a lot of material that is covered throughout the semester that relate to the practices and legal principles of business law.

3. ANTH 2013 – Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology

A representation of the field of anthropology

In this class, students will learn about different cultural differences around the world. This includes learning about social structures among different communities, religion, politics, law, the economy, and subsistence patterns. Students will also examine the nature of culture around the world as well. This class is difficult for those who are not good at test as it is very test heavy.

4. ACCT 2213 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting

A look at account management

This class will give students an overview on the principles of management and accounting. Students will learn about internal and external accounting, how decisions are made, and how to gather data. This class will be based straight from the book and lectures so be sure to study hard when in doubt and be prepared for the next go around of class!

5. ARTS 2313 – Introduction to Graphic Design

A look at a graphic of graphic design

In this class, students will learn more about graphic design. Students will have a chance to study different methods and materials that are used in group studios, web design software, typography, and general designing features. This class requires students with discipline to really think outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be original with their ideas.

6. MATH 2084 – Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Different tools used in the field of statistics

This class will teach students about the fundamentals and principles of statistics. Students will also learn more about different interval estimates and proportions. This class is a lot to take in as it has a lot of equations and concepts in which students have to learn as well. This class will also learn more about how to apply these concepts in their everyday life.

7. FINA 1503 – Introduction to Financial Management

The word finance spelled out

This class will teach students about the principle foundational tools of finance. Students will learn more about borrowing loans, saving money, budgeting their personal finances, and organizing as well. Students will also examine capital structure and financial planning. This class is very hands on and challenges students to create their own plans as well.

8. ECON 2213 – Principles of Macroeconomics

A balance of money on a scale

This class will discuss the principles of macro-economics. Students will also learn more about the income, employment, and business cycles of economies as well. Students will also learn more about the growth of banking in economy. This class will challenge students to learn more about the economy that affects them on a daily basis.

9. CJUS 2613 – Court Systems and Practices

The different areas of the court system

This class will introduce students to roles and structures of court systems and practices. Students will also learn more about basic elements of substantive and procedural law. Students will also learn more about principles as well that will challenge them to apply terms used into their lives as well.

10. CNET 2503 – PC and Network Security

Different tools used in cyber security

This class will introduce students to basic computers and network security skills as well. Students will learn more about how to protect themselves on the internet and how to stay away from threats via the internet as well. Students will learn more about protocols and designs as well. This class is difficult for students who aren’t familiar with network security.

10 BRCC Library Resources You Need to Know

There are many facets on an American college campus that are directly related to student success: the campus library is one of these facets. Students come to the library to study, complete work, and do, well, virtually anything. And at Baton Rouge Community College, students know how important the library is to their academic success. If you’re an enrolled student looking for information about the libraries affiliated with Baton Rouge Community College, then you need to read on!

1. Movie & Audio Collections

A movie collection at a library

The libraries affiliated with this institution offer a lot more than just books and study space. In fact, some of their collections of movies and audio are so extensive, you’ll wonder if there’s more digital information in the library than print information.

2. IT Services

A 'Service' button on a keyboard

Your computer acting up again? Still having troubling getting on the campus’s wifi? If so, then you need to consult the individuals who operate the IT desks at any of the libraries here; they’re great!

3. Accessibility

This is a wheelchair ramp

Don’t panic if you’re someone who requires special assistance; your needs will be attended to when you visit any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Whether it’s an elevator or a ramp, these libraries are well equipped.

4. Extensive Collections

The interior of a library

What is a library without books and references? Far from a library, that’s for sure. At all the libraries affiliated with this school, an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out whenever you want, are what you can expect.

5. Reliable Librarians

This is a librarian working

One of the most important fixtures in any university library is its staff.  Students who attend this university can trust that there are experienced librarians and associates working every day. If you ever have a question, these should be the first people you consult.

6. Unisex Bathrooms

This is a public bathroom

There are multiple unisex bathrooms and traditional bathrooms located in every one of the libraries on and around this university’s campus. Students of all genders are able to come here and confidently use the bathroom without fear or ridicule.

7. Google Scholar

A cap and diploma

Are traditional resources and databases just not cutting it? Try Google Scholar. Most teachers assign scholarly readings in class, and they as well expect these to be referenced on most of your assignments. Google Scholar is a great place to get supplementary scholarly readings.

8. Google Maps Panel

This is a Google Maps logo

If you want to view your house or apartment on a large projector, then you should use this panel (which is located on the second floor). The navigator is a little tricky to use, but you’ll get the hang of things quickly.

9. Open Computers

Open computers at a library

Don’t own your own laptop? Then come to any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Students who are without their own personal computer never seem to have trouble finding space to work on a computer, even at peak library hours. There are MACs and PCs you can use.

10. Private Study Rooms

This is a private study room

Do you anticipate needing a small study room for projects involving multiple team members? If so, then you will most likely be able to book one for whenever you want at any of the libraries on campus. These private study rooms can usually be booked for multiple hours, however there are circumstances where you can’t do this.

Libraries at Baton Rouge Community College

1. Main Library

This is outside the library

This library’s expansive collections and offset study rooms are what make this building so popular. Students and faculty come here for a plurality of purposes each day, which means it’s likely you’ll see someone you know.

2. EBRPL Eden Park Branch Library

This is inside the library here

The libraries at this school are first-rate, though this one in particular stands above the rest. If you’re someone who has been looking for a place to get bundles of work done, look no further: this is the library you need to come to!

3. EBRPL – Zachary Branch Library

A segment from inside this library

If you’ve been looking for a great place to study with friends and peers, look no further: this is the place you want to go to. Research and studying can be done here in a quiet setting, which means you’ll always get a ton of work done when you come here.

4. EBRPL – Baker Branch Library

An image from inside the library here

There’s no better place to study than this library. If you want a peaceful environment with nearby attendants ready to help you with whatever question you may have, you should come here.

5. Jones Creek Regional Branch Library

The library's interior

Chances are you’re going to need a good amount of peace and quiet while you study for your degree, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at this library. In addition, all the librarians who work here are incredibly nice!
With the information you now have from this list, you’ll be able to confidently enter any of the libraries affiliated with this school and know exactly what to expect. Take advantage of such wonderful libraries while you go to school here!

10 Coolest Clubs at Baton Rouge Community College

Baton Rouge Community College, an open admissions, two-year post-secondary public community college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The school is fairly new as it was established in the year of 1995.For instate tuition it is about 3.7k and for out-of-state the tuition is about 8k. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs to visit.

1. Mythology Club

The mythology club is the most interesting in that the information is both based on Greek history and beliefs, as well as seeing it used in the modern day. Many myths created can be seen in modern movies such as Percy Jackson, but being exposed to the real facts of the ancient myths makes for a perfect debunking of arguments.

 Mythology Club is about myths

2. Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is a group of students who are honors. The title is only given to certain students who have achieved a high GPA for a certain amount of semesters. The group will go on different service project trips as well as have access to possible rare scholarships.

 Phi Theta Kappa honor society

3. International Students Club

The international students club is made up of usually international students or students who want a better sense of what different diversities bring to the table. The group holds a number of international events and you will have access to different cultures and their delicious food as well.

 the logo for International Students Club

4. Art Club

Art club is meant for students who are ready to get down with creativity. The group meets and usually will have access to supplies (there might be fees) that can help to properly express their feelings of wanting the art within to flow out.

 the logo for Art Club

5. Christian Student Association

The Christian Student Association is a broad umbrella group for those who are looking to keep the word of the lord and his teachings alive and well in their time at community college. The group meets up usually weekly and hold different events and fun social gatherings. There are plenty of people who will share similar beliefs and interests.

 the logo for Christian Student Association

6. Creative Writing Club

The creative writing club is meant for those students who want to know how to create writing that goes beyond the ordinary. It is perfect for students who want to get rid of writers block because there are fellow writers that you can bounce ideas from.

 Creative Writing Club logo

7. Engineering Club

Engineering club is meant for students who are going into engineering. There are many different types of engineering but for all intense of purposes it is a broad topic. The club will use their skills to build and create to make the best product.

 Engineering Club is meant for those in the major

8. Computer Science Club

The computer science club is meant for those students who are studying computer science. The club will go beyond the classroom to teach about coding, features withing computers such as app and game management as much more.

 Computer Science Club logo made

9. Alpha Delta Nu

Alpha Delta Nu is the honors society for those students who are in the nursing program. It is a great honor to have this achievement as it is hard to do well in the program. Nursing is a rigorous amount of book work that has the homework to back it up.

 Alpha Delta Nu (Nursing Honor Society)

10. Future Leaders of America

The future leaders of America is a club to motivate those who are studying any type of political and social justice change. It helps students to see the impact that they can really make throughout their community and to an even larger scale, the country.

 logo for Future Leaders of America

Top Events of the School Year at  Baton Rouge Community College

1. Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is a week-long event that features guest speakers and brings about different topics within the realm of mental health. Mental health is a broad topic but needs to be reinforced for it can affect students greatly.

 mental health is not to be ignored

2. Are Your Students Global Citizens? How to Teach Diversity to the Leaders of Tomorrow

This is meant for those students to learn about their full potential. It allows them to look at the perspective of those who are high power world leaders. The event can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home as it is a faculty webinar.

 images of powerful world leaders

3. Student Engagement in College: The Heartbeat of Student Success (A Two-Part Webinar Series)

This webinar which happens as a two-part series is not one to be reckoned with. The event looks to administrators as well as faculty to analyze how they are doing when it comes to the topic of engagement. The engagement is looked towards the following:community, committees, and student clubs.

 student clubs and organizations

4. Minority-Serving Community College Communities of Practice: Career Pathways for Students of Color Faculty Development Webinar

The webinar is about 1 hour long.It dives deep into the way that students are able to clear a path to successfully finishing college as well as doing so with the necessary tools. The tools are meant to help obtain any career goals as well as lead into possible new opportunities.

 what it feels like to be a minority

5. Classroom Management: Enough With the Nonsense!

This event is meant to be enjoyed for those who are looking to changing the layout and behavior of the classroom. The event is to provide optimal student success while also being the right event to get the message clear about taking away any distractions from the classroom.

 what a normal classroom looks like

10 Easiest Classes at BRCC

Do you need time for some fun at Baton Rouge? Here is a secret formula that could help you save a lot of time. Take one of these courses as your elective and you would not have to give much time and effort to your courses. This would help you save a lot of time for yourself.

1) SPCH 2013: Techniques of Speech

SPCH 2013 is a course that teaches basic public presentation principles and skills and considers ethics of public speaking. This course requires you to complete at least four speeches including an informative and a persuasive speech. This part makes the course really easy.A meme reminding people that "Speech Day" is coming.

2) ECON 2223: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 223 is a course that introduces the study of price and output determination in a free enterprise economy. It is one of the easiest courses at Baton Rouge Community College.A photo showing the intersection between supply and demand, which are the major micro economic concepts.

3) ENGL 0090: Foundations of Composition I

ENGL 0090 is meant for development of writing skills with emphasis on the study of grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure as they help in building up sentences and paragraphs. The course is easy for students who have prior experience with writing compositions in English language.A meme showing how writing a composition in an hour is really difficult.

4) MATH 0097: Foundations of College Mathematics

MATH 0097 provides knowledge of basic mathematics for students who want to pursue mathematics further in university. The course covers basic mathematical functions, ratios and percentages. These topics make this a super easy beginners’ course.A meme showing the birdiness of introductory Math courses that could be aced even by studying only for 2 hours.

5) MUSC 1003 (MUSC 100) Music Theory I

MUSIC 1003 explores fundamentals of pitch and rhythmic notations and chords. This course helps in developing skills of basic musicianship through critical study and analysis. Listen to songs and develop an ear for music to get an ‘A’ in this course.A photo showing the skills needed for musicianship.

6) PHIL 1013: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 1013 would introduce you to the world of philosophy. This course helps you learn through discussing, defining, debating, and evaluating systems of thought in class. This makes the concepts interesting for you, helping you grasp the concepts practically.A meme showing how philosophers cant stop philosophizing with a pun on "Kant" which is a reference to a great philosopher.

7) RNRE 1013: Natural Resource Conservation

RNRE 1013 focuses on the relationship of humans with the natural environment, conservation, and the sustainability of soil, water and energy resources. The course requires some memorization, however, overall there are no difficult concepts to learn or tricky assignments to solve.A meme depicting how conservation of resources does not mean just setting aside all the natural reserves.

8) KIN 1001: Beginning Swimming

Do you want to swim for credits at university? A chill bath with a discussion of the technical swimming jargon, could you find a better course than this? Take KIN 1001 to learn more about swimming, jumping, diving, deep-water skills, and basic water safety.A meme showing two ways of learning to swim.

9) READ 0090: Foundations of Reading

READ 0090 is a course that would equip you with all the skills required for college-level reading. This course would help you become an efficient and critical reader. Take this easy course to save time while also learning to save time by efficiently reading for other courses.A meme showing how reading is a favorite hobby for some people.

10) THTR 1013: Introduction to Theatre

THTR 1013 dwells into the history of theatre and develops appreciation and enjoyment of dramatic art. Act your way out of university and rock the stage of life with some basic knowledge attained through this fun course.A photo showing a theatre performance by theatre study students.If you do choose one amongst these courses, be assured that you would not be burdened by heavy assignments or be required to solve astronomical calculations. You would get a chance to enjoy while learning some of the other skills in life.