10 Buildings at Barry University You Need to Know

College campuses can come in both big and small sizes. Students will be able to feel more acquainted with the campus once they walk around it a couple of times, but what about the students who want to get to know campus beforehand? Here are ten buildings that you need to know at Barry University.

1. Edwin Wiegand Science Center

The Edwin Wiegand Science Center

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

This building is home to the Wiegand Center which houses the natural and health sciences programs. This includes, nursing, biology, and chemistry. Students will find research labs and rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and faculty offices.

2. Health & Sports Center

The Health and Sports Center

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

This Health and Sports Center first opened in late 1990. It is home to the men’s and women’s basketball teams and the volleyball team. Students will find a gymnasium, a strength and conditioning room, a human performance lab, and locker rooms.

3. R. Kirk Landon Student Union

The R. Kirk Landon Student Union

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

This building is home to the Landon Student Union and is the heart of campus life. Students will find the Division of Student Affairs, organization event spaces, the Cove sports bar, the Roussell Dining Hall, and the fitness center.

4. James G. Garner Building

Inside of the James G. Garner Building

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

Ready for your close-up? This building is home to the Department of Communication and the David Brinkley Television Studio. It features a full-service media center, a TV program, a radio show, classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs.

5. Vivian A. Decker Alumni House

Vivian A. Decker Alumni House

Address: 103 NE 115th St, Miami, FL 33161

This building is what every university alumni comes home to when they visit Barry University! This building first opened in 1995 and is where alumni come to meet and gather. This building houses the Office of Alumni Association and the memorial of Sister Trinita Flood, Barry University’s fourth president.

6. D. Inez Andreas School of Business

D. Inez Andreas School of Business

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

This building is home to the School of Business. Students will find a number of classrooms where they can enhance their learning skills. Students will also find business faculty offices, research rooms, meeting rooms, computers, and lounge areas.

7. Kelley House

Front of the Kelley House

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33161

This building is home to the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid. These are your two main point of contact if you choose to apply to BU. Students will also find a number of lounge areas, study rooms, and meeting rooms here.

8. O’Laughlin

Outside of the O'Laughlin Building

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33168

This building is home to O’Laughlin Hall. It was in honor of Sr. Jeanne O’Laughin, OP, Ph.D. who was the university fifth president. It houses up to eight classrooms and 34 faculty offices. It also houses the departments of Theology, Philosophy, History, and Political Science.

9. School of Podiatric Medicine

The School of Podiatric Medicine

Address: 320 NW 115th St, Miami, FL 33168

This School of Podiatric Medicine was first founded in 1985. It houses one of nine podiatric medical schools in the United States on campus. It houses a number of research labs, laboratories, state of the art equipment, classrooms, offices, and lecture halls.

10. Shepard and Ruth K. Broad Center for the Performing Arts

Shepard and Ruth K. Broad Center for the Performing Arts

Address: Miami Shores, FL 33161

Do you love the arts and want to immerse yourself in it from time to time? You can do just that at the Performing Arts Center on campus! Students will be able to experience plays, operas, concerts, dance performances, and more throughout the school year and receive free or reduced priced tickets.

Barry University was first founded in 1940. It is a small private Catholic university that is home to over 8,000 students. It is located in the beautiful city of Miami Shores, Florida. Hopefully this list has helped you to familiarize yourself with Barry University’s campus!

10 Coolest Classes at Barry University

It’s easy to get bogged down in college – between the long-trodden path to a degree, dozens of seemingly pointless general education requirements, and the looming future of finding a job and starting a career…it can get stressful. Sometimes, the remedy can be a class that’s actually fun and interesting to re-ignite the flame of learning in a student. For anyone looking to branch out and try something new, here are ten of the coolest classes to take at Barry University.

1. BIO 307 – Biology of Crime

Most forensic investigations now rely on science and technology.

Ever wanted to learn how the investigators in CSI and NCIS solved crimes using biological and genetic information? Thanks to advances in modern technology and biological sciences, forensic investigations can take advantage of the unique genetic footprints criminals leave to positively identify them. Methods like blood typing, DNA fingerprinting, and blood splatter analysis can be essential in forensic science. Students in this course can learn how these methods work, as well as apply them practically in the laboratory.

2. BIO 323 – Tropical Marine Ecosystems

There are many amazing creatures that inhabit the marine ecosystems around Florida.

Itching to get off campus and onto the beautiful Florida coast? A class that requires students to truly dive deep (pun intended) into the learning process, BIO 323 allows students to explore tropical marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, swamps, and rocky beaches, firsthand through diving and snorkeling. This will definitely hook students in.

3. COM 349 – Social Media and Identity

A screen on a phone with social media mobile applications

From MySpace and Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat, the advent of the internet and social media has changed the face of modern communication and global relations. COM 349 takes a critical academic look at the ethical, cultural, and social impacts and variables that govern this sphere. In an increasingly digitally connected age, this class is extremely timely.

4. ENG 333 – Introduction to Fiction Writing

Fantastical worlds and creatures are one type of element employed in fiction writing.

Ever wanted to be the next Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, or George R. R. Martin? If so, then ENG 33 is the class to take. Students will study fictional models, novels, and complete writing exercises to hone their craft. The course also challenges aspiring writers to write and revise original fiction, compiling a writing portfolio at the end of the semester.

5. TH 441 – Contemporary Theatre

Picture of Hamilton, an American Broadway show that has become a pop culture phenomenon.

For all the Hamil-stans and Broadway buffs out there, in depth analyses of Shakespeare’s greatest hits may not be enough. For a fresher take on this ancient craft, TH 441 covers modern twentieth and twenty-first century plays and theatre productions – Rent, Les Miserables, West Side Story, and more, all take center stage. Move over, Hamlet.

6. PHO 206 – Digital Photography I

PIcture of a camera taking a landscape picture

Want to take your Instagram game to the next level? Designed for non-majors, PHO 206 aims to get the layperson familiar with the tools and craft of digital photography. Students will be able to operate a digital camera, alter shutter-speeds and apertures, and do basic computer editing. Sit back and watch that follower count soar!

7. MUS 180 – University Chorale

Group picture of a choir singing

Choral music can be breathtakingly beautiful; students can also benefit from the team spirit found in many choirs. For students who like to sing and want a fun class to practice their hobby and be among like-minded students and community members, MUS 180 is the perfect course. Everyone is welcome – no audition necessary, just a passion for vocal performance and the enthusiasm to learn and work together in a team.

8. TH 155 – Acting I: Fundamentals I

Picture of the theatre masks in front of a red curtain with spotlight on them

Acting is an ancient art; it was practiced the ancient Greeks, who wrote popular comedies and tragedies. Whether it’s on the shining stage of Broadway or the silver screens of Hollywood, acting is a craft that many have made a lucrative professional career out of, and entertained millions of people with. For every aspiring Leo DiCaprio or Audrey Hepburn, TH 155 is a great place to start. A performance-based course, students will be able to practice various techniques and receive crucial feedback on their acting.

9.DAN 119 – Latin Dance I

picture of latin dancers on stage.

Latin Dance is a beautiful art that exposes students to a new culture and allows them to learn a new skill. Dance is an extremely important cultural and social art form, originating in the earliest human societies and becoming an aspect of nearly all global societies. The cultures of Latin America are home to many beautiful dances, such as salsa, merengue, and cha-cha. Students will be able to the basic steps to these dances, practice with partners, and understand the social and cultural contexts of these dances.

10. HIS 352 – Politics and Music

Historical painting of men playing music on a warfield

True story: American soldiers taunted the defeated British with a loud band playing Yankee Doodle – originally a British tune that mocked American patriots. Did rock music inspire nation-wide protests in the US? Did the US militia band really burst into Yankee Doodle to taunt the freshly-surrendered British Army at the end of the American Revolution (the answer is yes, and it was absolutely glorious)? These essential questions and more will be answered in HIS 352, where music is explored as a cornerstone of political commentary on issues like war, race and gender equality, and economic justice.

10 Hardest Courses at Barry University

Barry University is a private, Catholic university founded in 1940. It is located in Miami, Florida. They currently have around 9,000 students enrolled. Here’s 10 of their hardest college courses!

1. BIO 220 – Human Anatomy

human anatomy

Anatomy is a really difficult class for most people. Students are required to memorize all bones, muscles, organs and veins in the body, which can get very hard. Tests are super hard for this class.

2. BIO 253 – Microbiology

blue bacteria

Microbiology is another hard biology class. Students learn about different microorganisms like bacteria, how they function, how they have evolved, and more. This class is heavy in homework and reading.

3. CHE 152 – Intro to Organic and Biological Chem

chemistry test tube

Organic Chemistry is another class that’s usually hard on any college campus. Students have to learn about the importance of carbons in chemistry and how they work in chemical reactions. Tests are super difficult in this class.

4. CHE 352 – Biochemistry


Biochemistry is another difficult chemistry class. Students learn about physiochemical processes in living things and how they work. This class is super heavy in reading and testing.

5. MAT 211 – Calculus

kid writing on chalk board

Calculus is another tough class. Many students struggle to understand this classes tough math concepts. There is a lot of reading and homework required, and tests are pretty hard.

6. PHY 151 – Introductory Physics

doodles for physics

Physics is another class that’s usually really hard. Students learn about the principles of matter and energy, gravity, thermodynamics, and more. There are a lot of tough tests in this class, as well as loads of homework.

7. PHI 314 – Metaphysics

golden brain

Metaphysics is a very abstract philosophy class about the principles of things, being, knowing, cause, identity, time, etc. These concepts may be difficult to grasp for some. There is also a lot of reading and writing in this class.

8. PHI 353 – Bio Medical Ethics

person with gloves and test tube

Bio Medical Ethics is a philosophy class that teaches students about ethics regarding medicine. Students need to take a lot of prerequisites for this class, as well as be prepared for a lot of homework.

9. PSY 283 – Developmental Psychology

gears in the brain

Developmental psychology is a class that requires a lot of memorization. Students learn about the different developmental stages throughout human lives and how people’s brains are affected in these stages. There’s a lot of reading in this class.

10. PSY 325 – Theories of Personality

puzzles of personality

Theories of Personality is another psychology class that requires a lot of memorization. Students need to memorize all the different theorists and their theories about why people act the way they do. These theories are often hard to understand and grasp, which makes testing and essays difficult.

Top 10 Library Resources at Barry University You Need to Know

Barry University is a private, Catholic university located in Miami Shores, Florida. Its well-facilitated library provides necessary research support to students pursuing undergraduate through doctoral programs.

1. Course Reserves

A course reserve library catalog

Barry University students can gain access to course reserves prescribed for non-commercial educational use. As a student, you will know more about a particular course through course material that instructors usually assign.

2. Audiobooks and Music CDs

Listening to audiobooks and CD music

Textbook recordings in audiobooks and music in CD are available at the library for those students who need them. These resources can be renewed after a week.

3. Videos and DVDs

A pile of videos and DVDs

Depending on the learning needs, it may be appropriate to use graphics and video information in DVDs to better understand a particular subject. When picking up a video or DVD, a student may stay with it for three days without renewal.

4. Electronic Databases

Electronic Databases at the library

Barry University Libraries consists of numerous Electronic Databases which available for students. For instance, eBook Collection (EBSCO), FirstSearch (OCLC), Gale Databases, GreenFILE (EBSCO) and Morningstar.

5. Reference books

Common reference books in the library

When writing a particular shared knowledge in any academic areas, reference books are vital. At the library, you will find Directories and Almanacs, encyclopedias and handbooks.

6. Scholarly Journals or Newspapers

A display of numerous scholarly resources

Some of the scholarly resources include CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, PsycINFO, JSTOR and Nexis Uni.

7. Interlibrary Loan Requests

Obtaining a interlibrary loan request

Students and staff of Barry University can utilize the interlibrary loan requests when necessary. To avoid copyright infringement, the university uses the interlibrary loan facility according to the CONTU guidelines access books which are not at its library.

8. Writing Center Resources

Writing Center resources are beneficial in writing

Any student who is writing an essay or a project paper may find the Writing Center is very useful. It contains several websites that provide information on how to write various academic papers, e.g. http://owl.english.purdue.edu.

9. Books

A student perusing a book

When in the library, Barry students have enormous access to various textbooks in different disciplines. You can get books on social sciences, social work, natural sciences, law, philosophy, and many other disciplines.

10. Journals

some peer-reviewed journals at Barry library

Barry library has a significant number of peer-reviewed or refereed journals. Students can use these journals to do high-quality research and give an expert opinion on various matters.

Top 2 Libraries at Barry University

1. Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library

A photo of Monsignor William Barry Library

The Library aims to serve Barry University students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding community. It develops teaching, learning, and research through the provision of the necessary information. Monsignor William Barry Library contains 950,000 physical items including 5,000 audiovisual items 2,600 periodical titles, over 40,000 online and print journal subscriptions, and 150 electronic databases.

2. Chickasaw Branch Library

Chickasaw Branch Library is an off-campus library

Apart from the on-campus Library, there is a library nearby plenty of resources. The library is the Chickasaw Branch Library. You will find a computer lab that features 14 diverse computers and a 3D printer. It opens from 10 am to 9 pm on Monday through Thursday, and from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Top 10 Residence Halls at Barry University

Barry University is located in Florida. It is a private, Catholic University that was founded in 1940. It’s a great place to go to college and has an amazing community. It’s one of the largest Catholic Universities in the Southeast. If you are interested in going to this college or living on campus, here are the 10 best places to live at Barry University.

1. Sage Hall

Picture of Sage Hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

Sage Hall is one place to live at on campus. It offers free cable and free laundry. There are co-ed suites with shared bathrooms. The rooms come fully furnished, and there are double rooms offered.

2. Browne Hall

Browne Hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

Browne Hall is a great place to live on campus. There are double rooms offered in suite style dorms. Each suite has its own bathroom. The community here is super inclusive and offers a lot of fun events.

3. Weber Hall

Weber Hall

Address:  11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This dorm is made up of mostly freshman students. It offers singles, doubles, and triples. It is air-conditioned and has community bathrooms. There is free laundry offered.

4. Dalton Hall

Outside of Dalton hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

Dalton Hall is only for first yer students. It is co-ed and made up of suites with double rooms. It has free laundry and air conditioning. There are community bathrooms on each floor.

5. Kolasa Hall

outside of Kolasa Hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This is another really cool place to live. The rooms and outside of this building are very modern and pretty. It’s a co-ed building. Only upper class men students can live here.

6. Benincasa Hall

Aerial view of this dorm hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This is a really cool place to live at on campus. It’s only for upperclassmen students. It’s co-ed by room. Each room has a single room with its own private bathroom. It’s air-conditioned and has free laundry.

7. Dominican HallDominican Hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue Miami Shores, Florida 33161

Dominican Hall is an awesome place to live at on campus. There are study lounges throughout the building. There are co-ed floors with private and shared bathrooms. It’s only for upperclassmen.

8. Flood Hall

Outside of Flood Hall

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This is an awesome place to live at as well! It’s co-ed and offers suites. Each suite has its own private bathroom. The rooms are doubles. There is free laundry and air-conditioning.

9. Mattram Doss Hall

Image result for dorm hall

Image of a decorated college dorm

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This Hall is another amazing place to live. The community here is super close and if you live here, you will make friends very quickly. The building has a lot of cool study lounges. The rooms are doubles and they have community bathrooms.

10. Dunspaugh Hall

Image of a decorated dorm room

Address: 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

This is another place to live on at campus. The building is very unique and beautiful. There is free laundry and air conditioning. The rooms are doubles and there are community bathrooms.

Those were the 10 best places to live at Barry University. This college offers a lot of cool and interesting living spaces. No matter where you live, the community at this university is incredibly inclusive and fun. The academic and social opportunities  are amazing, and you would love going to this college!

Here is your Move-In Day packing list at Barry University

1. Basics


– Books
– Bedding
– Pillow
– Robe
– Slippers

2. Food and Snacks

water bottle

– Mac and Cheese
– Ramen
– Chips
– Candy
– Bottled Water
– Fruit

3. Tech and Entertainment

– TV
– Headphones
– Charger
– Speaker
– Computer Monitor

4. School Supplies

– Pen
– Pencil
– Planner
– Notebooks
– Folders
– Backpack

5. Cleaning up and Organization
shoe rack

– Wipes
– vacuum
– Drawer organizer
– Air freshener
– Shoe rack

6. Campus Gears


– Bike
– Bike Lock
– Good walking shoes
– Umbrella
– Rain coat

7. Items you should ask before bringing to campus

– Candles
– Hot plates
– Microwaves
– Irons
– Iron board

10 Coolest Clubs at Barry University

Barry University is a private, Catholic university founded in 1940 by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. The school is located in the Miami Shores, Florida. It is a great location that is warm and bright, here are 10 different clubs you will want to check out.

1. Green Team

Green Team is a team that gathers students together to make for a better tomorrow. The group supports the idea of living a zero waste life and improving the environment one step at a time. It is a great way for students to make a positive change.

 green team logo for recycling

2. Lacrosse Club

The Lacrosse Club is a high contact sport that has a bit less aggression than football or rugby. The Lacrosse club is a great way to meet other athletes as well as be given an opportunity to work in a team setting. Lacrosse Club is a competitive sport.

 Team USA Spring Premiere to Be Streamed

3. Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi international women’s fraternity is a sorority that features plenty of chapters throughout the country. The Alpha Phi group is a group of women that band together for philanthropic events as well as social events to bring women into a sisterhood.

 the logo for alpha phi

4. Barry College Democrats

The Barry College Democrats is a group of students that meet together to talk about political issues that has to do with the democratic side. They look to get their beliefs out into the world, in a positive way. There are plenty of events that will be happening throughout the year.

 the logo for the Democrats

5. Barrytones

The Barrytones are a group of people that perform live music on the campus. The group is featured in many different events as a way for entertainment. If you think that you would enjoy the group make sure that you go into audition.

 the logo for the barrytones

6. Eclipse Fashion Society

The Eclipse Fashion Society is made up of mostly women. It is the perfect club to join if you are looking for a opportunity to get into the world of fashion. The group does a number of fashion shows, photo shoots and even makeovers.

the logo for the Eclipse Fashion Society

7. Lambda Theta Phi

Lambda Theta Phi is a Latin fraternity. It was created to celebrate Latin roots as well as the culture. It is a great place to go if you are looking more into the roots of Latin as well as might think you have a percentage of Latin in you.

 the official logo for Lambda Theta Phi

8. Phi Sigma Phi

Phi Sigma Phi was originally formed in Indiana. Now it is featured all across the nation. It is considered now a national organization. The group is different from the rest, it allows students and alumni alike to be given state of the art connections, events, and fundraising opportunities.

 the official logo for Phi Sigma Phi

9. Sports Medicine Club

Sports Medicine deals in part with the sports world. Often students who go into the major are looking for a way to specifically attend to injuries or be able to prescribe medicine/relief for those who do high intensity sports. In the professional world it is usually sports such as football and basketball that are most needed.

 the logo for Sports Medicine Club

10. Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club is meant for people who are majoring in any courses before they go the dental route. Going to school to be dentists are a long and tiring process. But the club can help be your guiding to surviving and thriving through the major.

 the logo for Pre-Dental

Top Events of the School Year at Barry University

1. MLK Junior Day

MLK Junior Day is the day that is seen in history as one of great sacrifice. It is a special annual service day that allows students to dedicate their time for the greater good. It is a holiday that is not only a day of remembrance but that of service.

 martin luther king junior day

2. Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break is the event that happens during the students spring break. It is usually at a decently far location. During the time students dedicate their spring break to doing a variety of service projects. The experience is quite the rare one.

 the alternative spring break group

3. Make a Difference Day

Make a difference day is the day that students during the fall time come together to do a day of service. It brings students up close and personal with the community and their needs. It is a great way to bring to light issues within the community as well as possible volunteer opportunities in the future.

 logo for make a difference day

4. Founders Week Community Fest

The founders week community fest is the week that is meant to celebrate the history of Barry University. There will be talks about different historical events as well as alumni are invited to join in the festivities. There will be a crazy bed race.

 Founders Week Community Fest

5. Festival of Nations

The festival of nations is meant to be a festival that brings all of the students together. It celebrates diversity within the school by holding different events within this event as well as showing all of the food and different cultures to be seen.

 the look of festival of nations

10 of the Easiest Classes at Barry University

Located in the heart of Miami, the classes offered at Barry University are as diverse as the population. This liberal arts school promotes well-rounded learning, illustrated through the variety of courses and electives offered. Not all of these courses are difficult, and some can be added to your schedule as GPA boosters. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest classes to take at Barry University:

1. COM 104 – Interpersonal Communication

Unlike your typical communication classes which emphasize public speaking and writing, this communication course is more applicable to the everyday world. Less professional-based, this class focuses on the study of emotions, language, perception, and listening. That said, there are still 2 speeches given over the course of the semester and frequent quizzes. As long as you skim the textbook and take decent notes, these quizzes should be a breeze. The professor is engaging and understanding, and encourages class discussion. Due to the lack of tests and intensive studying, this 3 credit class should be not be a concern.

woman sitting on chair near laptop computer

2. CAT 102 – Basic Computer Applications

This class does not compare to a computer science class. It is a very basic, introductory hands-on course that provides you with elemental computer application training. If you have used applications such as Word, Excel spreadsheets, and know how to generally navigate the Web, this class will be a piece-of-cake for you. This lab course will also cover online library skills, using electronic mail, and word processing. It is primarily targeted toward students who have never used these online applications or skills, but could also just be used as an easy class filler.

photo of man and woman looking at laptop

3. THE 209 – Life and Afterlife in World Religions

Regardless of whether or not you come from a religious background, this class is sure to pique your interest and provoke your mind. Eastern and Western religions will be examined, and will be primarily studied through their sacred scriptures. Although the class deals with heavy, sensitive material, only a general overview will be examined. This means you won’t need to know the nitty-gritty and specifics of the religions discussed, but rather the more greater, overall themes. If you want to explore some religious implications on life without having to do a lot of work, this class is perfect for you.

beads bible blur book

4. ENG 102 – College Writing for the Adult Learner

This class focuses on the principle concepts of aim, audience, and mode. For most students, these topics should already be a review of middle and high school English class. The course emphasizes proper grammatical and idiomatic techniques, so that ideas can be lucidly conveyed at the college level. Considering this class covers the basics of writing and serves as a preparation for English 202, it is an easy way to add 3 credits to your schedule.

people notes meeting team

5. MAT 106 – Survey of Mathematics

Don’t let the “mathematics” in the title fool you, or scare you away if you’ve barely slid by your math classes all your life. This is not a difficult class because it aims for students to develop an appreciation of the history and applications of math around us, rather than to perform hardcore calculations or calculus problems. Therefore, theories, counting methods, consumer mathematics, numeration systems, as well as some algebra, statistics, and geometry will be explored. The topics covered are not dense, and should be relatively easy for all levels. If you’ve maintained at least a B, or even a C, in your math courses, then an A for this 3-credit class is definitely attainable.

black and grey casio scientific calculator showing formula

6. PSY 206 – Principles of Psychology

Introductory psychology courses serve as a prerequisite for a multitude of college classes, serving as not only easy, but useful. This is an easy course because it simply provides an overview of core psychological concepts, including intelligence, the brain, social interactions and personality. It does not go into depth on more intensive psychological topics, such as the psycho-social issues of disaster or the psychology of drug and substance abuse. Take this course if you’re looking for an easy, fulfilling class – or if you simply need it to take other classes for your major.

analysis blackboard board bubble

7. TH 304 – Creative Dynamics

If you’re looking to blow off steam from your time-consuming and work-dense classes, try out this fun, hands-on elective. It will help you develop creativity and spontaneity, as well as confidence. Students will learn how to improvise, role play, and undergo character development to experience personal growth and cultural enrichment. This class is meant to be enjoyable, and should not be stress-inducing. If you have a creative background or are looking to expand upon it, take this easy 3-credit class.

architecture room indoors auditorium

8. POS 303 – Public Policy and Administration

This course is especially relevant to students with an interest in politics. This course will provide you with an overview of administration and policy formation in the United States, with regards to the local, state, and federal governments. These topics will be taught with reference to classical policy and administration dichotomy. Unlike the higher-leveled political science classes, this class does not focus on specifics and comparative analyses. Instead, the course focuses on creating a strong foundation in the political science field by covering broad, generic principles relating to the U.S. government system.

america ancient architecture art

9. SWS 336 – Social Welfare as a Social Institution

This class is the first class in the social welfare sequence, so it serves an introductory course. Students will be introduced to social welfare through service, historical, political and policy viewpoints. The aim of this class is to become familiarized with social welfare professions, and their contributions to the growing world. Considering that the material is not in-depth and rather surface-level, this should be an easy class if you come to the lectures.

three toddler eating on white table

10. TH 360 – Elements of Contemporary Theatre

The next level up from Theater 304, this theater class is not much more difficult. Rather than having a focus on actual acting, however, this course emphasizes the study of plays and their elements. Most students should already be familiar with some of these elements, such as setting, plot, dialogue, characterization and music. These will be studied within a historical context, so studying will still be required. Nevertheless, the content is not difficult to comprehend if the student already has, or develops, a strong understanding of basic play elements. If you love history and theater, this easy might be a no-brainer for you.

people at theater

Regardless of your major, this liberal arts school offers courses that cover a range of interests. Many of these courses are easy, and don’t require much time or work at all. Hopefully, this list will help de-stress your schedule, and as a result, you.