5 Steps to Transferring to Ball State

IF you are not happy with your current university or are enrolled in a two-year community college, Ball State University could be a good fit for you to transfer to! Over 24,000 courses in the country are accepted by Ball State which means that Ball State could be a perfect place to continue your education. Here are the five simple steps you need to do to transfer to BSU!

1. Review Admission Criteria

The first step to transfer to Ball State is making sure that you are qualified and meet certain criteria to be admitted. Some of the criteria you must meet is a GPA above a 2.0 from your prior educational institution and a good standing financial status with that previous school. If you meet all the requirements set by the university for admission, you are sure to be able to apply for Ball State as a transfer student!

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2. Apply for Admission

The Second step that you need to complete is your application for admission to the university. Transfer students have an application to fill out that is very similar to the regular undergraduate application but with a few changes. These changes are focused on your academic performance during your time at the other school. This whole process is very easy and is worth the time to complete!


3. Send in a Transcript

As a part of the application process, you will need to send the university a copy of your official academic transcript in order to show your achievements. This is important because Ball State has a certain standard that students must meet in order to be admitted. Based on your transcript, you will also be able to find scholarships that require a certain academic standing. The better you do at your previous school the better chance you have to become a Cardinal!


4. Send Test Scores

Similar to the transcript, you will have to send Ball State the official scores of your standardized tests. Whether you took the ACT, SAT, or any other official test, you need to give the university that sort of information. This is another tool used to see where you are placed among other students and how you will fall academically. If you do well on these tests you are one step closer to being admitted!


5. Make a Statement

The final step of being admitted, besides hitting send, is completely optional. This area gives you the option to make some sort of personal statement or resume about yourself. This is optional because it is aimed towards people who have incomplete information or missing requirements. It is recommended that you do this step anyway because you can tell them why you should be a Cardinal.


Transferring to Ball State University may serve as one of the best decisions you will make in your educational career. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your education and need a change, Ball State might have what you are looking for! As long as you follow these five simple steps, the chances you have of getting into BSU are strong!

7 Popular PFW Classes Offered at Ball State

One of the categories of classes that fall under the University Core Curriculum at Ball State University is PFW. PFW stands for Personal Fitness and Wellness and is a key part of your health as a student. Here are seven very popular PFW classes that are offered at Ball State!

1. Jogging

PFW 104 is a class that is worth two credit hours and is a jogging class. If you partake in this course, you will be expected to attend class and jog for two hours per week. There is a set route that you must complete twice a week in order to get a good grade. On the stormy or colder days, the class will use a big fieldhouse that is attached to the Rec Center on campus. This class is usually taken by serious athletes that love to run, but anyone can take it no matter the skill level!


2. Swimming

A great way to mix it up on campus is to take the Swimming PFW course at BSU. PFW 217 is a course that allows you to get in your bathing suit and take a dip in the university pools. This class is a little more serious than you may think. This is not casual swimming. You will have to swim laps for the entirety of the time so you will get a good workout in!

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3. Water Aerobics

If you want a more laid back environment but you still feel very comfortable in the water, Water Aerobics could be a good fit for you! PFW 117 allows you to still get in the water but get a workout in a less intense way. At the end of the sessions you will still be burning, but it isn’t as of a high-intensity rate like Swimming or Jogging.

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4. Walking

Walking does not really sound like much of a class because of how simple it sounds. College students walk every day so why make a class out of it? PFW 103 is a popular class because it does not require a lot of work and is easy to complete. This is seen as a “blow off” class at Ball State.


5. Aerobics

If you are looking to get a good workout in without the intensity of running for a few hours at a time, Aerobics is where you should be. PFW 148 is another option you have to complete a core curriculum that will give you a good workout in a friendly and accepting setting.

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6. Physical Conditioning

Along with Walking, the Physical Conditioning class is one of the more popular options that are given to students. PFW 100 is the class that a majority of students take because it is simple and fun to participate in. Physical Conditioning is based on weightlifting and personal progress in the weight room.

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7. Physical Fit Wellness Lecture

All of the classes listed above are worth two credit hours. In order fulfill your UCC requirement, you need three credits in PFW. The Physical Fit Wellness Lecture takes place once a week and fulfills the other one credit needed. This part of the class focuses on the scientific and textural themes of whatever class you decide to take.


Staying fit and learning about your health is an important topic to consider when at college. Ball State University offers an array of Personal Fitness and Wellness classes that you can participate in. Be sure to find a class you are interested in so you can have fun while knocking out this University Core Curriculum requirement!

10 Hardest Courses at Ball State

During your time at college, there will be some very hard courses that you will have to push through and grind out a good grade. At Ball State University, there are a few classes known to students as being very challenging. Here are 10 of the hardest classes to take at Ball State!

1. Pre-Modern Theatre History 

Pre-Modern Theatre History covers information that is directly related to the name of the course. THEA 317 is a challenging course because it goes in depth to the reasoning behind works of theatre and how they were produced. Unless you are already an expert on ancient theatrical ideas, this class can be very challenging.theatre-masks

2. France Since 1789

The course France Since 1789 is a very niche and challenging course that is offered at Ball State. HIST 471 focuses on France and its ideology from 1789 all the way to present day. This course has some complex ideas that can be hard to grasp. This course will make you study a lot and pay attention during class.france-eiffel-tower.adapt.945.1

3. Intro to Critical Reasoning

PHIL 102 is an introductory level course that covers the basics of Critical Reasoning and philosophy. Although people usually think that intro classes are easy, this class can become a challenge because of how much work is involved. The content itself may not be the hardest, but the amount of work revolving around it will be a struggle.philosophy-1.2

4. Human Behavior and Social Environment

SOCW 250 is another class known to have challenging content along with a lot of classwork. Human Behavior and Social Environment will show you the relationships between your own behavior and how that affects society as a whole. Although it may be hard, the ideas of this concept can be very important to understand societal ideas.social-media-gets-political

5. Chemical Communications

One of the most challenging and diverse courses offered at Ball State is Chemical Communications. CHEM 400 is a course that will make you work more than many other classes. This, in turn, will make you think and apply all your academic skills in order to do well in this class.Inorganic-Chemistry-1

6. Native American Literature

One of the more unique and challenging classes offered under the Department of English is Native American Literature. ENG 492 offers an in-depth look into the world of the Native American culture and how literature was developed and created during this time. This will give you a look into Native American ideas that no other class can!Image result for native american

7. Governments and Politics of Western Europe

Governments and Politics of Western Europe is a class that has very unique topics and ideas that are not really covered in detail in other courses. POLS 382 is a pretty advanced course that you should take if you want to learn more about European government or your major requires it.colosseum-ancient-rome-rome-italy-europe_main

8. Sociology of Media

SOC 333 is another class that is known to have a pretty gruesome workload on top of the already difficult content. If you want to be a part of the media, this will be a good class to take to get a good grasp on how it works and run is the real world. If you can handle the pressure of the class, this is a great option to get more knowledge about the media.sociology-course_107090_large

9. Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

If you are up for a real challenge, COMM 412 is a very difficult and advanced course that discusses the elements of rhetoric. Even the name Rhetorical Theory and Criticism sounds challenging. There is a lot of deep thinking that is required and you must be open to learning a lot of new ideas.Image result for rhetoric

10. Advanced Legal Research and Writing

POLS 344 is yet another very advanced and complex course that will have your mind working all the time. Advanced Legal Research and Writing is a class that will challenge your thinking and writing skills. This is a good class to take if you want to be a lawyer or want to get involved with Political Science.writingIn order to have a semi stressfree college experience, you will not want to take the hardest classes that the school offers. At Ball State University, there are some very challenging courses that can make or break your college experience. These 10 courses are just some of the hardest courses at Ball State!

5 Coolest Courses at Ball State

Unfortunately, there are many classes you will have to take while in college that has nothing to do with your major. That being said, you will want to take some interesting courses that will fill certain requirements. There are many interesting classes offered at Ball State University. Here are 10 of the coolest courses at BSU!

1. Swimming

PFW 217 is a class that is offered at the Ball State pools that will cover a University Core Curriculum requirement. You will have to take some sort of personal fitness course and Swimming is an excellent choice for this requirement. Be sure to grab a bathing suit and towel to prepare for this class!

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2. The Sun and Stars

The Sun and Stars, also known as ASTR 120, is all about what the title implies. If you have been fascinated with space, this class is a perfect choice to fill your Natural Sciences requirement. This is an entry-level class that offers some interesting topics and cool ideas for you to learn!

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3. 3D Prototyping

TDPT 280 is one of the most unique and interesting classes that is offered at Ball State. 3D Prototyping is a class that revolves around the growing industry of 3D printing and how it works. Ball State has 3D printers on campus and they are at the disposal to the students. This is a great class to get real experience!

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4. Family Relations

Family Relations is a class that is about just what it sounds. FCFC 250 is a class centered around the family structure and how it functions in today’s society. This is a very cool and unique class that offers knowledge not popularly known. Take this class if you are interested in learning something new and interesting!



5. Congress

This Congress class is made specifically for Political Science majors but it can be taken by anyone to further their knowledge of how the U.S. government works. POLS 431 is an advanced level course that goes into extensive detail of how the U.S. Congress works. This is important information because not many people actually know much about the government and how it functions.

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6. Water Aerobics

Another option that you have to fulfill your personal fitness requirement is the Water Aerobics Course at Ball State. PFW 117 is a class that gives you a good change of pace from the natural class setting. You will learn all about aerobics while in the comfort of a pool. This class will be fun and worth your time!

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7. Perspectives of Jazz

For those who love music and its impact on society Perspectives of Jazz is a very interesting class offered at Ball State. MUHI 139 is a class that offers an array of knowledge to people who are very interested in jazz or who just want to learn something new.

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8. Social Interactions

SOC 260, or Social Interactions, is a cool class that gives you some insight on topics usually not covered in a typical classroom. As the name implies, you will be learning about social interaction and the effect it has on people. This will teach you tons of information not offered in many other classes!



9. Photography Intermedia Basics

The Photography Intermedia Basics class has very cool and unique topics revolving around the very popular topic of photography. ART 291 is a semi-introductory class because it is designed to cover the basics of photography and how it plays into the media. If you want to learn more about this growing industry consider this cool class!



10. Earth, Life, and Time

GEOL 201 is a second level sciences class that discussed the Earth and its relationship with our lives and the time of the universe. Earth, Life, and Time focuses on the history of our planet and how that directly relates to the inhabitants of that planet. This course will get your mind thinking and deep into thought!

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During your time at Ball State University, you will have to complete some requirements that have classes not centered around your major. It is important to pick classes that are easy and interest you. Keep these 10 classes in mind when creating your schedule to get the most interest out of your time in school!

5 Ways To Pass MATH 125 at Ball State

MATH 125 is an introductory level math course that most students will have to take at Ball State University. It is important to do well in this class because you will need to fill in this requirement as a part of the University Core Curriculum. Here are five ways to pass MATH 125 at Ball State!

1. Do the Online Homework

One of the best features of this class is that the homework is completely online and you have to purchase an access code that will give you full access to the homework assignments as well as the textbook. This is a good perk so you don’t have to carry around a huge book everywhere and you can do the homework without the said book. This program also lets you fix incorrect answers for full credit and without punishment!



2. Prepare for Test Days

Unlike a majority of classes at Ball State, the tests are not administered online and you must take them during a particular class period. That being said, it is very important to attend class and prepare for these days. You also will have to schedule your time to study in advance because you do not have the option of taking it whenever you want at a testing lab.



3. Attend Class Religiously

Because the homework is online, it is important to soak up as much information in class as possible. The vast majority of the class time revolves around a lecture with the material that is on the homework and tests. It is important to not only attend class but actually pay attention. From time to time there will be participation points revolved going to class.

keep calm and go to class


4. Do the Group Project

Along with the homework and tests, more points come from a group project that is required of all students. This groups project revolves around a certain topic and your group must create a presentation as well as a paper going along with it. This is an important task to complete because it is worth just about as much as a test. This is a good way to bounce ideas off of your peers as well as getting used to working in a group.

group work


5. Stay In Touch With Your Professor

In college, it is easy to fall into the feeling that you are just a number and have no identity within the other students. Since many people need to pass MATH 125, a big chunk of professors are actually graduate assistants. That being said, they are young and know what you are going through. They are easily approachable and are there to help you with anything. If you have any questions keep your professor in mind!



If you follow these simple tips, you will surely do well in MATH 125 at Ball State University. This is a very important class because it is required to some extent by the University Core Curriculum. Be sure to follow these steps and try to enjoy yourself because this class offers a lot of value. Keep these tips in mind to ace your math class!

5 Grocery Stores Near the Ball State Campus

Stereotypically, college students are usually poor with a very tight budget. That being said, it is important for you to be able to find sales and deals at the local grocery stores. At Ball State University, there are a few spots on campus where you can get groceries. Unfortunately, the stores on campus can be pretty expensive. Here are five grocery stores near campus that you can visit to find some deals!

1. Meijer

A student favorite in Muncie is the Meijer store located about 4 miles from campus. Because of how close it is, it is easy to stop by for a few minutes to get some groceries. Whether you need some food, drinks, or clothes, Meijer can provide you will some awesome deals! A great partnership that ball State has with Meijer is an event that gives college students to get extra savings. Meijer closes from the general public for a couple of hours in the middle of the night toward the beginning of the year. This event gives you a ton of options to get school supplies and deals.

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2. Walmart

The other main student favorite by Ball State is Walmart. Walmart is known to have some of the cheapest products you can get and cheap is an important factor for college students. This is a great place to get most of your grocery shopping out of the way and save a ton of money. Walmart has school supplies and clothes that are known to come at a very low cost. There is also a city shuttle that goes through campus and brings you to Walmart.

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3. Muncie Mall

Although this place may not be a technical grocery store, the Muncie Mall has an array of different shopping options for you. The closest option to groceries you can get at the Muncie Mall are from a couple different convenience stores and food court. You will be able to go here and buy food and snacks to fill your dorm with. If you need clothes or other supplies there are department stores like Macy’s and JC Penney who have what you are looking for!

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4. Rural King

Similar to Walmart, there is an option that you have to take a city bus over to Rural King. This will save you money on supplies and gas at the same time. Rural King is a hardware-type store that also has a few grocery options in the stores. You will not have the selection size of stores like Walmart but you can still find some good deals. You will be able to buy some snacks as well as any hardware products you may need.

pictured exterior of rural king

5. Menards

Menards is a chain store that is similar to Rural King but it has many more options and is a much bigger store. Menards is really a big hardware store but surprisingly has a big grocery selection! Menards is only about 2 miles down the road and is usually not as busy as Walmart or Meijer. Keep this place in mind to find those hidden deals!

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A great way to save money and find deals around campus is to visit the local stores that are cheaper than places on campus. These stores, along with many others, are located very close to Ball State and offer great deals that will keep your wallet happy. Before you spend too much on basic items, check out these places near Ball State!

5 Reasons to Join the Criminal Justice Program at Ball State

If you have a passion for the law and justice and you want to carry that passion into the real world, you should consider participating in Ball State University‘s Criminal Justice and Criminology programs. These programs will properly prepare you for a career in the field of justice. Here are five reasons to join the Criminal Justice and Criminology programs at Ball State!

1. Internships

One of the most important aspects to consider when picking a program are the opportunities that you will be given outside of the classroom. If you are in the Criminal Justice and Criminology programs, there are many internships that will directly cater to your career. You are actually required to go through an internship during your time at Ball State in order to get your degree. This may just be the motivational force that gets you a good career!

Businessman drawing Internship concept

2. Criminal Justice Honor Society

As the only Criminal Justice Honor Society in the country for Criminal Justice majors, Alpha Phi Sigma serves to help and recognize majors in this field. By being a part of this group, you will be surrounding yourself with others who have a love for justice just like you. This group also hosts annual events that bring together the members and promotes positive messages.

Image result for criminal justice honor society

3. Associate’s Degree

When considering a degree, the amount of time you will spend studying is a very prominent issue. Fortunately, Ball State offers an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice to get you into the workforce earlier than the competition. If you know that a future employer does not require a full Bachelor’s degree, this can be a great opportunity to save some money and be working in only two short years.

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4. Bachelor’s Degrees

There are three options for you if you want to get a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology at Ball State. One of the options is the Bachelor’s of the Arts and the other is the Bachelors of the Sciences. The difference between these degrees is that the BA requires you to take some foreign language courses on top of everything else. The other option you have is a completely online course that you can do from the comfort of your home. this will save you money and time!

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5. Master’s Degrees

Finally, if you want to go even more in-depth and continue your education, you should consider participating in the Master’s degree program at Ball State. This program will give you vast amounts of experience and knowledge in the field of justice. This graduate program offers you some experiences and resources that are not necessarily offered in the undergraduate programs. If you want to partake in graduate school, keep Ball State in mind!

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If you have dreamt of being a police officer or someone of the law, these programs are calling your name. Ball State University offers an array of programs and opportunities for you to get a good career in the law enforcement industry. Keep Ball State in mind if you are dedicated to enforcing justice!

5 Reasons to Major in Business Law at Ball State

This world’s economy revolves are business and how it works. If you choose to major in Business Law at Ball State University you will be the next generation of leaders in business. They have all the resources and tools to get you impacting the world. Here are five reasons to major in Business Law at BSU!

1. Many Career Paths

Since Business Law falls under the umbrella of Political Science, you will have many options for a career once you graduate. If you want to become a government official, this is a great path for you to take this major. However, if you do not want to be employed by the federal government you can still be a part of private organizations like UNICEF or international organizations like the United Nations. Ball State is known to help students and alumni get partnerships with these types of companies. With this degree from BSU, you are sure to have many options from both the university and its partners!


2. National Accreditation

It is important that you are involved with an accredited program to show that there is worth being given to you. The American Bar Association has recognized this program as of quality and has approved the curriculum. This is very important because you now know that you are involved with a quality program that will help you get a job in the future. This is another way that Ball State is better than the rest. Many other programs do not receive this recognition, so you now know that Ball State will give you a quality education.

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3. Business Option

If you want to be the one practicing law for a particular business or organization, this path is catered to you. Possible career paths for this option is private business law, insurance law, finance law, and accounting law. This option will give you an array of different paths. Some courses surrounding this class include Business Ethics, Insurance Law, and many others. This is important because things don’t always go as planned. This will give you some backup options when getting a career.


4. Public Law Option

The other option that you can take this educational path is with the public law option. On the other hand, this course path is catered to government officials and public policymakers. If you want to make a presence in politics and practice law in regards to public policy, this option is for you. The curriculum of this option is vastly diverse and covers an array of topics to ensure that you get as much information as possible in regards to public law. A lot of these courses are politically motived like International Law and many other policy classes.


5. Professional Staff

Another important factor when it comes to furthering your education is the credibility and professionalism of the staff. The staff of the Legal Studies, or Business Law, has years of legal experience under their belts and are dedicated to making sure that you get a quality education. They know that you will be the future of business and the legalities of it so they make sure to share their passion with you. You will be in good hands at Ball State!


If you want to be the backbone of American business and represent the law portion of the industry, this major is for you. Ball State University is a perfect option for you if you want to get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Law. Keep Ball State in mind in order to make a difference in this world.

10 Easy Courses at Ball State University

When you decide to further your education by going to a university, you will have some options to take classes that aren’t really related to your major. At Ball State University, there are a few classes you should consider to get some fairly easy credits. Here are five of the easiest classes offered at Ball State!

1. PSYSC 277

PSYSC 277 is a class otherwise known as Psychology of Sexual Behavior. This is a very odd and unique course offered at Ball State. If you really need to fit a requirement relating to psychology, this class should be a top choice because of how easy it is. There is only one professor teaching this class so you will be in a small and relaxed setting.


2. MUSE 265

This class called Basic Music for Classroom Teachers is centered around early education music curriculum. There are four professors who teach this course and each of them has good reviews that show the easiness of the course. There are very few homework assignments and only a couple projects to make your grade.


3. AHS 101

As a part of the core curriculum, you will have to take an entry-level fine art class. Probably the easiest option of these choices is History of Art. This is an introductory course to the history of art and how it has evolved over time. If you need a class in the fine arts that isn’t going to stress you out too much this course is for you!


4. ISOM 135

This Business Information Systems class is known to have pretty dry content but fun professors who make sure that you pass. There are six different professors who teach this class and everyone is dedicated to making sure that you pass. This is a good option to just breeze through and get some credit.


5. POLS 293

POLS 293 is a class that revolves around politics and international relations. This seems to be a pretty boring course taught by two professors who enjoy the subject and try to make it fun. This is a good class to get your required credits and enjoy your professors and time rather than the curriculum.


6. PFW 100

On Ball State’s campus, one of the biggest “blow off” classes that are offered is the physical conditioning class. This class is all about physical fitness and you spend one day a week in lecture and two other days working out in the gym on campus. Some people take this time to improve themselves, but some just try to goof off.


7. EDHI 200

One of the oddest classes offered on campus is the Introduction to Personnel Services in Residence Halls course. This is geared toward people who want to work on campus and in residence halls. This is a one-credit class and can satisfy a few different majors required classes in a certain category.

interior picture of gym at ball state

8. SOC 100

Principles of Sociology is a class that will fill the credits of a topic under the University Core Curriculum. Sociology is a popular topic in this country and Ball State offers this introductory course that is an easy way to introduce yourself to the topic. Take this class to be introduced to the idea and have easy coursework!


9. EDEL 100

EDEL 100 is an easy class that is actually pretty important. Education in a Democratic Society teaches you about democracy and how it impacts the education system. The course load is not much but it offers information that directly affects you! This may seem boring but it impacts you as a college student!


10. CC 205

Mythologies of the World is a class centered around what the title implies, mythological stories and ideas throughout the world. For some people, this can be super interesting and it offers easy ideas and little homework. Take this class to learn about some beliefs all over the world without the stress!

Image result for mythology

Since a lot of these classes might seem pointless to you because they have nothing to do with your major, you may want to pick some of the easier courses that are offered. These classes along with others are some of the easiest offered and you should keep these in mind to get some core classes out of the way!

residence hall

8. SOC 100

Principles of Sociology is a class that will fill the credits of a topic under the University Core Curriculum. Sociology is a popular topic in this country and Ball State offers this introductory course that is an easy way to introduce yourself to the topic. Take this class to be introduced to the idea and have easy coursework!

sociology written on book spines on a shelf

9. EDEL 100

EDEL 100 is an easy class that is actually pretty important. Education in a Democratic Society teaches you about democracy and how it impacts the education system. The course load is not much but it offers information that directly affects you! This may seem boring but it impacts you as a college student!


10. CC 205

Mythologies of the World is a class centered around what the title implies, mythological stories and ideas throughout the world. For some people, this can be super interesting and it offers easy ideas and little homework. Take this class to learn about some beliefs all over the world without the stress!

creature from mythology

Since a lot of these classes might seem pointless to you because they have nothing to do with your major, you may want to pick some of the easier courses that are offered. These classes along with others are some of the easiest offered and you should keep these in mind to get some core classes out of the way!

5 Perks to Taking Summer Courses at Ball State

Most people consider college like most schooling were you have a fall semester and a spring semester with the summer serving as your time to relax and enjoy yourself. Like some other schools, Ball State University offers a semester during the summer for students to consider participating in. Here are five perks to taking summer classes at Ball State!

1. Degree in 3

The Degree in 3 option for Ball State students is one of the best options that the university has to offer. The premise of the program is for students to get a Bachelor’s degree in only three years by spending two summer semesters studying in addition to the three spring and fall semesters that are normal to most students. This will ensure that you get a quality education at the same that you will get into the workforce sooner than the competition. This is definitely a good option to consider!

Image result for ball state degree in 3


2. Special Programs

Ball State also offers an array of special programs that are only available during the summer. Although these may not be completely be centered around your major, these are still good opportunities to get involved and expand your knowledge on a certain subject. Most of these events cost a little extra money, but it is worth it to get a cool opportunity under your belt. Be sure to look online and see which programs will be offered during your stay at Ball State!

Image result for ball state summer programs


3. Laid Back Atmosphere

Another added perk to gaining credits on campus during the summer is that not many students are actually there. Most students only go to fall and spring semesters and take the summer off to work or vacation. If you are not one of these people and want to spend your summer in Muncie, there will be fewer people on campus. In turn, this will give the campus a more chill feel because there is not as much hustle and bustle. If you want a good education with less commotion, this will be a good option for you!

Image result for ball state summer students


4. Online Option

Along with the fall and spring semesters, you will have the option to take some online classes during the summer as well. This is the most popular option because you can do these classes from anywhere in the country! This allows you to still have time to work or take vacations. If you want to get ahead, this is a great option to do all your classwork in the comfort of your own bed!

Image result for ball state online


5. Off-Campus Locations

If you do not live in Muncie but are not a fan of online courses, this is a great option for you. Ball State has mini campuses in four different cities that you can visit to get an education. Cities like Indianapolis house Ball State buildings and curriculum. This is a great experience for you to not be in Muncie but still get a degree from Ball State.

Image result for ball state indianapolis


If you want to get to the workforce quicker or have some other reason to spend your summer in Muncie, you should consider going to Ball State University and participating in summer courses! This is a great feature for a university to have and it will be worth your summer!