Health and wellness services at Ball State

One of the largest issues that you will have to deal with while at school is your physical and mental health. Depending on what school you go to, you should have access to some health resources to help you get through your education. Ball State University makes it a priority to ensure that you are mentally and physically healthy and happy while at school. Here are five health and wellness services at Ball State University!

1. Student Health Center

The main resource that you have access to as a student is the Student Health Center. This is a location on campus that has actual doctors on hand just about every single day. If you come down with an illness, this is the first place that you should go. This allows you to get the help you need without having to actually leave campus. There are also tons of different resources and events that are sponsored by this center on campus. 

Ball State wellness center in background

2. Child Study Center

A different type of health and wellness offered at Ball State is the Child Study Center. This is partially a research center that focuses on the health of children. The other part of this area is dedicated to actually helping children in the area. If you are a student that is also a parent, this is where you can bring your kids to get medical help. There are even some child care services that are occasionally offered through this building. 

Child study center logo

3. Counseling Center

One of the most popular resources that you have access to as a student is the Counseling Center. As the name suggests, this is where you can go to professional help for your mental health. In fact, as a student, you have access to 16 free counseling sessions every single year. This ensures that you get the necessary help to stay yourself while away at school and maintain the necessary information and skills to be mentally sound. 

a Ball State counseling session

4. Ball Memorial Hospital

The Ball Memorial Hospital is the main place for emergency and serious medical help. This is a fully functioning hospital that borders campus. These services are within easy walking distance from main campus. This is actually a hospital that is run by Indiana University and co-sponsored by Ball State. If there is any sort of emergency on or off campus, this is the place that can help. 

 ball memorial hospital

5. Nutrition and Health Science Building

The Nutrition and Health Science Building is the final great health and wellness service that students have access to. Although this is mainly an educational building that houses classes, you can still go here to get some professional help. There are tons of professors and other professionals that are here to help you get through school. This is often times a resource that goes unnoticed with students. 

a nutrition seminar

Top 10 Majors at Ball State University

Ball State University is a public coeducational research university in Muncie, Indiana, United States. The school has an average enrollment of about 16,000 students. Here are 10 majors at the school that you need to check out.

1. Spanish Language Teaching

a person pointing towards the board while teaching spanish

The language of Spanish is one that in America is the second most used language . As with its major popularity this program is a great choice to go into if you have already taken plenty of Spanish classes or you are looking for an exciting subject to teach.

2. Spanish

grapes and a guitar

Spanish Majors are meant for those students who are looking to use their bilingual capabilities to good use. Those people who become teachers or interpreters for others are helpful in that they can be utilized for smoother communication. You will see interpreters in major events such as large-scale concerts.

3. Travel and Tourism

 a plane and a globe

If you are going into the travel and tourism major you will need to take classes such as geography. As someone who is to be a travel person it is good to note the info of major landmarks or where certain places are such as mountains and lakes. You can have a career as a tour guide or even work for a company that advertises fun things to do in an area.

4. Sales/Professional Selling

 people having a meeting

The art of sales and professional selling is more than just the initial buyer and seller. You will learn all the tips and tricks to be aware of when you go for your big sales job. It is helpful to take public speaking and psychology classes as knowing the human mind allows you to create more of a friendly relationship with the consumer.

5. Risk Management and Insurance

 toy cars and calculators

Everyone needs insurance right? At the very least you will need it to get around if you have a car. By going into the risk management and insurance program you will first hand have the knowledge on what steps are needed to sell insurance such as: filing and inputting income and location data(those are just a few) as well as the process of underwriting and cold calling.

6. Religious Studies

 different religions and their symbols

Religious studies are a crucial major to have as it looks upon religion as a whole as well as individual religions to know why certain events and beliefs occur. The major explores major events that were faith-based in motive. If you are looking to be a possible campus minister or counselor this is a great major.

7. Public Relations

 a person being interviewed

Public relations are the study of what is thought of as crisis management but in the sense that it is mainly used in mainstream media. If a person is a PR professional they are there if a company is looking to make an official statement from a scandal or in general answering customer questions online.

8. Journalism

 a large stack of magazines

If you are a journalist it isn’t just a newspaper company that is your options. You could easily be your own “journalist,” and report out events and opinions that are strong-minded to you, all you need a personable writing style and an audience willing to listen. The journalism major can range from:photojournalism, journalism graphics,news and magazine media.

9. Japanese Language Teaching

 a woman teaching japanese

The major of Japanese Language teaching is a combination of your core classes that are on bettering yourself in the realm of the Japanese language, but also you will take teaching methodology classes. Teaching methodology is simply tactics that make the retention of information the best it can be.

10. Hospitality and Food Management

 a person testing out the layout and food tastes

The major of hospitality and food management is one that is build on service of the customer. There are many different jobs to get with this major. You could work for a travel agency, be a manager at an upscale hotel, or even manage a restaurant. You will learn such things like safety and sanitation best practices.

At Ball State University, with its medium amount of students, the school offers every major under the sun. At Ball State you are guaranteed the best education for you dollars. Now make sure to check out more info about these majors to pick the one for you.

5 Buildings and Facts to know at BSU

If you are going to attend Ball State University, there are a few buildings and areas on campus that you need to know about. All of these buildings will be key areas that will affect your time at school. Here are 5 buildings that you need to know about to be successful while at Ball State University. 

1. Emens Auditorium

Emens Auditorium is the main hall that a lot of keynote speakers and other events take place. This building is also where important college-wide events are held by the university such as student orientation and other university stuff. A couple thousand people can pack this hall to view performers, bands, and other entertainment forms. 

Emens auditorium

2. Pruis Hall

Pruis Hall is one of the most popular meeting spots on Ball State University’s campus. This hall holds hundreds of seats where students go for large lectured classes and other events. Other events include guest speakers and celebrity appearances on campus. You will know this building really well right off the bat because a lot of orientation events are held here. 

Pruis Hall

3. The Atrium 

One of the most popular food spots on campus is the Atrium that is located within the Arts and Journalism building. Places like papa johns and Chick-fil-A reside here which makes it a favorite social spot. Located in the center of campus this area is always bustling and flowing with student life and other social events and groups. 

Ball State Atrium

4. The Student Center

The student center is yet another versatile building that has so much to offer. On the food side, there is Taco Bell and a grill that has a ton of great food options. There is also a full bowling alley with tons of other student activities that are available to everyone. In addition, there are a lot of conference halls and big rooms where guest speakers and presenters hold events for students and faculty alike. 

Ball State the student center

5. Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Also known as the rec the student recreation and wellness center is the perfect place to stay fit while on campus. This area has tons of basketball courts Raquetball courts and fitness equipment. There are an entire weights room and a cardio room that offers everything you need to stay fit while at school. This is a great place to get fit and hang out with friends at the same time. 

Ball State the Rec

All of these buildings are unique and have special connections with students. In time, you will be able to have experiences in these places that will help mold your future. Go out and see which buildings will stand out to you.

Interesting Facts about Ball State

1. Largest Planetarium in Indiana

The Charles W. Brown planetarium is the largest planetarium in all of Indiana. Certain classes even can take place within this building. There are also star and planet shows that take place here every weekend. You can visit this building to learn more about our universe while enjoying state of the art equipment. 

Ball State Planetarium

2. The Ball State name

The name of Ball State is named after the ball brothers. You have may be recognized by this name that is printed on ball mason jars. These brothers donated the land of the school and have been dedicated to the naming of the university. Now every time you see a ball jar you can connect it to one of the largest universities in Indiana. 

Ball Jar

3. Chirp Chirp

One of the most popular traditions on campus is chirping. As the Cardinals fans chirp with their hands to show spirit for the athletic teams at the school. The process is simple and involves making a bird head with your hand and pumping it up and down. This fires up the athletic teams to do well on the field. 

Ball state chirp

4. Centennial Year

This year, 2018, is the one-hundredth year of Ball State’s existence. Founded in 1918, Ball State has grown from one little teacher’s college to a university with over 20,000 students. So, this next year will house tons of special events and guest speakers to celebrate this anniversary.

Ball state centennial

5. The Princeton Review

A great attribute of Ball State is that the school has been named one of the best universities in the Midwest by the Princeton Review for 13 years in a row. This shows that the school strives for excellence every year.

Princeton review

Top 10 Professors at Ball State University

It is quite clear that your professors have a pretty big impact on your college career. That being said, it is important to try and get classes that are taught by some of the best professors out there.

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Here are 10 of the best professors at Ball State University that will ensure that you have a great classroom experience.

1. Kathleen Kreamelmeyer

Kreamelmeyer is an Education Professor at BSU

Rating: 100%
Department: Education

Courses Taught:

EDEL 244 – Learn More
EDEL 600 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Dr. K is hands down the best prof I have ever had. The most genuine, and caring professor Ball State probably has. There are not many like her out there so I highlyyyyyy recommend taking class with her.”

“Dr. K is by far the best prof. I have had. She loves teaching and children and it really shows in her lectures. She loves when students participate in class and offer their own input. There is some reading, but not much. Theres not a lot of points though so you have to do well on everything.”

“She was everything I heard and more. I would take her classes every semester if I could! VERY caring individual. BSU needs more profs like her.”

2. James Stroud

James Stroud - BSU

Rating: 100%
Department: Education

Courses Taught:

EDEL 101 – Learn More
EDEL 300 – Learn More
EDEL 244 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Dr. Stroud is such an amazing professor. Definitely try to take his class, he is a great guy and you will love him!”

“Amazing professor! Dr. Stroud is so inspirational. He is truly passionate about what he does and he is so helpful. Classes are interesting and fun.”

“I had the honor of having Dr. Stroud as my EDEL professor. His passion for teaching made me want to be a better teacher. If you are unsure of elementary education as your major, Dr. Stroud will show you the way.”


3. Zach Posey

Posey is a Phsyical Education Professor at BSU

Rating: 100%
Department: Physical Education

Courses Taught

PFW 100 – Learn More
PFW 148 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Posey is very excited about his work which makes the class more enjoyable. You can go at your own pace and he’s more than available to help instruct on new lifts or help with tweaking programs. Posey is very funny and high energy. I’ll actually miss his class.”

“Posey is a great guy. He’s helpful and wants to see you succeed. Not a bad looking guy either. Attendance is mandatory but you get 3 absences. A lot of running and weight lifting. But overall an easy A.”

“Best professor ever. Super chill. Pushes you to do your best. Knows what he is doing and knows how to teach about different lifts/movements if you’re not quite sure. Awesome guy.”

4. Kate Elliot

Elliot is a Journalism Professor at BSU

Rating: 100%
Department: Journalism

Courses Taught

JOUR 101- Learn More
JOUR 104- Learn More

Student Reviews

“Kate was an enjoyable person to listen to because she was always telling stories. She really cares about her students. This course was basically an overview of different media-related careers. She also taught about the importance of critiquing your media, which is an important lesson for anyone. Honestly, I’m sad I don’t have her anymore.”

“I loved Kate Elliot. She is so sweet and cares so much about her students. She is very open and the majority of the class was based on discussions about various topics in journalism. Great stress reliever class. I would 10/10 recommend.”

“This was an immersive learning project, so the rules are somewhat different than a regular course, but she is a great instructor. She cares about you as a person.”


5. Monica Heller

Heller is an Education professor at BSU

Rating: 100%
Department: Educational Psychology

Courses Taught

EDPS 351 – Learn More
EDPS 603 – Learn More
EDPS 250 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“She’s an absolutely brilliant teacher. She was a graduate student who taught for a semester to earn her doctorate and hopefully will get to remain at Ball State. If you get the opportunity to take her class, do so. She is incredible. Great speaker, very knowledgeable, interesting, and really cares about you as a student. I would recommend her.”

“Amazing prof! Quizzes and tests are open book, but still read! (or at least skim before hand)! On paper assignment, her feedback was very helpful.”

“Just make sure you buy them and read the book – daily participation prompts and tests are based on the chapters. Test and quizzes are timed, but are open book! One of my favorite professors – she’s always there for questions or help if you need it and is well respected by all of her students. Can be a very easy class if you just attend and read!”


6. Jason Dunham

Dunham is a Chemistry professor at BSU

Rating: 96%
Department: Chemistry

Courses Taught

CHEM 100 – Learn More
CHEM 231 – Learn More
CHEM 101 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“There’s nothing really to say other than Mr. Dunham is a great teacher. I understood everything he taught and I was truly engaged in the course material. I can say this truthfully and I’m not even a chemistry major. What a great semester!”

“Great professor who cares about each individual and tries to have a relationship with each student. Explains material well and makes it easy to understand. He is willing to help.”

“He was a great teacher. He made learning chemistry so much easier! Easily the best professor I’ve ever had. I would be a chemistry major if he could instruct all my courses.”


7. Kristin Ritchey

Kristin Ritchey is a social science professor at BSU ball state

Rating: 91%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught

PSYS 100 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Available to meet outside of class to answer any questions. Does not have a specific attendance policy but it helps to be in class. Need the textbook for tests.”

“Dr. Ritchey is an amazing professor! She is always in a great mood, tells funny stories, and takes the test questions right from her study guides. She makes sure you learn everything you need to. As long as you pay attention in class and do the study guides, there is no reason that you should not get an A!”

“She’s the best teacher that I’ve ever had. She’s so much better than other psych profs. She reserves the textbook in the library so you don’t have to buy the textbook if you don’t want to. All you have to do to get an A is show up in class (the online powerpoint is not very helpful)and do the study guides.”

8. Dan Boylan

Rating: 89%
Department: Finance

Courses Taught

FIN 101 – Learn More
FIN 100 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“He is very passionate about helping his students not only succeed in his class but in life. He understands that a lot of students are busy and stressed about other classes, so he offers a lot of extra credit. If you get 900 points in the class, you don’t have to take the final. I would recommend taking his class.”

“Great class. I loved his casual style. I learned more this semester from him than all my other classes. Very real information. High impact.”

“By far the best at Ball State. Other teachers show up late and read the PowerPoints. He cares about what you learn. He is flexible and when I had to miss class let me attend a different section. Tons of work but expectations are communicated well.”

9. Carolyn Malone

Malone is a history professor at BSU

Rating: 93%
Department: History

Courses Taught

HIST 150 – Learn More
HIST 476 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“She clearly loves history, she likes to make puns. If you come to class and take notes you will pass.”

“I personally loved her lectures and she never failed to keep my attention. She is very sweet and caring. I would definitely recommend her because she is one of the best history instructors I’ve ever had.”

“Dr. Malone is one of the best core curriculum profs I’ve had. She understand you probably would rather do something else, so she makes the class fun and pretty easy. Only grades tests and optional extra credit. Gives test questions on Fridays. I’ve never read the book and currently have B-B+ in the class. Super nice and willing to help you.”

10. David Thomas

Thomas is an Economics professor at BSU

Rating: 95%
Department: Economics

Courses Taught

ECON 202 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Dr. Thomas is a really nice guy. The homework is all pretty easy but the only thing that goes in the gradebook is the homework and two test grades. The lowest three homework grades are dropped and the midterm is only worth 20 points.”

“Great Professor! Loves what he does and has interesting and engaging lectures. Word to the wise: when you are doing the online homework scroll down because sometimes there are more than one assignments due and you can easily overlook them and accidentally miss 1/2 the homework points (not that I did that or anything).”

“Great professor for ECON 202! Attendance is not mandatory, but you need to go to class if you want to pass. Dr. Thomas keeps it very interesting through telling stories of his real-life experience.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at BSU

1. Research Project by Briana Lomax

Image result for briana lomax ball state

Faculty of Architecture

Lomax works with a group of other faculty members to try and come up with alternative energy sources that are good for society and the environment. They also focus on how modern buildings can be made to be efficient and good for the environment.

2. Research Project by Mark Pyron

Image result for Mark pyron ball state

Faculty of Ecology

Pyron and his team work on discovering how people affect the watery ecosystems that inhabit the world. They work to uncover how we have affected the animals and plants that are within these water systems. Pyron devotes his time to traveling the world and analyzing famous waterways.

3. Research Project by Kevin Nolan

Image result for ball state kevin nolan

Faculty of Physics Nolan is devoted to studying and testing radar systems that can go through the Earth. He and his students are working on a machine that does just that. Nolan sees the machine as a way to continue his department’s objectives of advancing science.  

4. Research Project by Zhihai Li

Image result for ball state zhihai

Faculty of Chemistry Zhihai is a professor of chemistry that has also taken on the challenge of finding out how to convert light energy into electricity. He dedicates his time outside of the classroom to use his knowledge to find this solution out.

5. Research Project by Matt Moore

Picture of Matt Moore

Faculty of Physical Education Moore spends his time researching the stigma that is within the athletic community surrounding mental health issues. He wants to give the world light that this is common and nothing to shame. With his research, the community can know how often these problems occur.     The professors are the cornerstone of your education. It is important to get professors that want you to succeed in and out of the classroom. Above is a list of Ball State University professors that all want you to do well and have fun at college.

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5 Fun Social Sciences Courses at Ball State

Another big chunk of the University Core Curriculum requirements are the social sciences courses that are offered at Ball State University. Since you have to complete a course on this subject, you may as well take one that peaks your interest. Here are five of the most fun and interesting social sciences classes that are offered at Ball State!

1. Micro Apps for Business

If you want to major in Accounting or anything business related, Micro Apps for Business is a great choice for you. This is because that one class can satisfy a couple different requirements for your major at once. ISOM 125 offers an array of different topics to give you as much information as possible in one semester. This is a great choice to earn three credit hours and to meet the social sciences requirement!


2. American National Government

Another fun class to take is American National Government. This class is all about American government and how it works. POLS 130 is a great class to introduce yourself to politics or gain some more knowledge in some areas where you already have previous experience. It is very good to know how our government runs no matter what your major is. If you take this class you may just fall in politics and American government!

American Government

3. Econ and Stats for the Media

On the flip side, Econ and Stats for the Media is geared for majors that are centered in Telecommunications and Journalism. This class will focus on the statistical side of the media industry which will give you a well-rounded view of how media works. ECON 247 is an excellent choice of classes because it offers some fun experiences that are associated with the class. You will be able to network with professionals in the industry while earning three credit hours!


4. Intercultural Communication

Learning about different cultures and how they operate can be a very fun endeavor. Intercultural Communication is a great class to do just that. COMM 290 is worth three credit hours and is a fun class that will teach you a lot about other cultures and their languages. You will learn all about how these cultures interact and the impact it has on the rest of the world.


5. Family and Society

SOC 224, also known as Family and Society, will give you some value that many other courses. You will learn all about family and family values that affect today’s society and society throughout history. This is a simple and fun class that can actually make you think and get a little philosophical in your means of thinking. Earn three credit hours by taking this fun class and learn a little more about families and their effect on society!


The classes that you pick while at school can make or break your college experience. At Ball State University, there are lists of classes that you will choose from in order to complete the University Core Curriculum requirements. Since Social Sciences is a broad area of study, be sure to keep these fun and interesting classes in mind when choosing one for your schedule!

5 Interesting Humanities Courses at Ball State

As a big chunk of the University Core Curriculum requirements, you will need to take one course in the Humanities at Ball State University. The humanities consist of a wide range of topics and options for you to pick from. Here are five of the most interesting humanities courses that will satisfy Ball State‘s University Core Curriculum requirements!

1. Archaeology and Culture

ANTH 103 is a very unique and interesting humanities course that is taught at Ball State. Archaeology and Culture teaches you about exactly what the name implies: archaeology and culture. You will dive down into the history books and see common trends and values that happened in ancient culture. You will be tested and challenged throughout the course to ensure that you are grasping the content. Be sure to take this class to have a good time and earn three credit hours!

Skeleton and archaeological tools.

2. Intro to the Classical World

Similar to Archaeology and Culture, Intro to the Classical World will teach you about the various aspects of life many years ago. CC 105 is a three credit hour course that goes in depth about how life was a long time ago and how those values evolved over time. This is a unique class because not many others teach about life as a whole and the values that were represented at this time. This class may be a challenge, but it offers value not seen in many other classes!

picture of a textbook on classic literature

3. Geography of Cultural Environment

Geography of Cultural Environment analyses the physical and societal aspects of life throughout history. This is a great class to see if you enjoy the study of life and geography throughout the years of the past. GEOG 121 is an entry-level course that will introduce yourself to these ideas. If this class interests you there are many other follow-up classes that go along with it.


4. Inquiries of the Ancient World

Studying the ancient world and the ideals of the time seem to be a common trend among humanities courses. Inquiries of the Ancient World is no exception to such trend. However, this class will dive into my ideological and philosophical ideas of the ancient world. This class is solely made for students in the Honors College os it is a little more advanced. HONR 201 will test your mind and ideas to see how people thought years ago.

Image result for ancient world

5. The Entertainment Media

For those who are majoring in Telecommunications, Journalism, or an area that is similar, The Entertainment Media is a good option that the humanities have to offer. TCOM 100 is the most basic and introductory course of the Telecommunications department and serves as a gateway to the rest of the program. Be sure to take this class and knock out a couple requirements for your major!


Since you are required to take a class in the humanities at Ball State University, you may as well pick a class that interests you. The University Core Curriculum at Ball State requires a certain amount of credits in certain topics of study. That being said, you should find the classes that interest you and take those to have an enjoyable experience at school!

5 Interesting Natural Science Courses at Ball State

When you attend Ball State University, you will have to complete a certain amount of University Core Curriculum courses that are required in order to get your degree. One of the categories that fall under this requirement is three credit hours in the Natural Sciences. Here are five of the most interesting Natural Science classes offered at Ball State!

1. The Sun and Stars

The Sun and Stars is one of the astronomy courses that is offered at Ball State to beginners of the subject. This one is a little more niche because it supremely focuses on the Sun and the Stars, as the name implies. ASTR 120 is a three credit hour class that will engage your mind and knowledge to the fundamental ideas of space. More specifically, you will dive into how the Sun and stars are related to our placement on Earth.


2. People and Chemistry

CHEM 100 is a very basic introductory course that will fulfill your University Core Curriculum requirement. This is a lab class that also has time for lecture integrated into class time. People and Chemistry also talks about how the relationship between the people and science has evolved over time!


3. Planet Earth Geological Environment

Planet Earth Geological Environment is a very interesting course that focuses on exactly what the name implies. GEOL 101 is a popular class because of how unique and fun this class can be. If you want to learn more about our planet and the various ecosystems within it, this is the class for you! You will earn three credits from this class that will cover the Natural Science requirement!


4. Conceptual Physics

One of the more challenging courses that are offered under the Natural Science topic at Ball State is Conceptual Physics. PHYC 100 is the basic physics course that is offered at Ball State, but it comes with a lot of work attached. It is one of four three-credit classes that are under the umbrella of physics. If you choose to take this class for the University Core Curriculum requirement, be prepared to study and work hard to get a good grade!


5. Biology for a Modern Society

BIO 100 is the most basic Biology course that is offered at Ball State. Biology for a Modern Society covers a wide range of Biological topics and introduces many different ideas. Fortunately, this is a three credit hour course so you will be able to meet your requirement with this class. This class also focuses on modern biology because that is the type of biology that scientists use in the field. Consider this course to find out more about our world!


In order to get your degree, you will have to get some credits in the Natural Sciences section of the University Core Curriculum at Ball State University. To some people, science is a boring and bland subject that has no value to it. However, Ball State offers these interesting classes as well as others for you to choose from. If you have to take one, you might as well take one you might find interesting!

5 Introductory Foreign Language Courses Offered at Ball State

If you are someone who wants to get a Bachelor’s of the Arts at Ball State University, you will be required to take a few classes in a foreign language. Fortunately, there are a few different languages that are taught at Ball State. No matter what language you have experience in from high school, there is a good chance you can take that language at BSU! Here are five introductory courses in a foreign language offered at Ball State!

1. Beginning Spanish – SP 101

SP 101 is an entry-level Spanish class that covers the very basics of the language as a whole. A majority of the curriculum is based on grammar and the form of the language. Another portion of the class takes about the heritage and culture of Spanish speaking countries. The countries included are Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Spain, and a couple more! There is even a test you can take to see if you can skip Beginning Spanish and get into SP 102!


2. Beginning Chinese – CH 101

If you were lucky enough to be taught Chinese while in high school or at home, you can apply this knowledge to your degree by taking Beginning Chinese at Ball State. CH 101 teaches you the basics of Chinese culture and language creation. However, this class will be very challenging if you are going into it without any previous knowledge. Be sure to choose this class if you have had previous experience!


3. Beginning German – GER 101

GER 101 is another popular foreign language class that students choose to take at Ball State. There are many students that want to take this class because Ball State is known to have very experienced professors who come from Germany. This is a great language to take regardless of former knowledge of the subject. If you are good enough with the language you have the option to skip to GER 102!


4. Beginning French – FR 101

Another popular language throughout the world that is taught at Ball State is French. Beginning French at Ball State is another introductory language course that can fill your requirement for a Bachelor’s of the Arts. FR 101 teaches you about French grammar and word structure in the various regions of France. This is a great way to get in touch with your French side!

Vector Sign Speaking French

5. Beginning Greek – GRK 101

A very unique class that is taught at Ball State is GRK 101. Not many high schools teach Greek, so Beginning Greek makes sure to cover the very basics and it is good for all skill levels. This class also prepares you to expand your Greek knowledge into higher level classes that will go even more in-depth. Whether you already know Greek or not, this class is very interesting and unique!


In addition to these five courses in foreign language, there are a few other options you have at Ball State University. Eventually, you will have to take some foreign language classes if you want to get a Bachelor’s of the Arts. If you have any past experience from high school in a certain language, that is the language you should take!

5 Core Curriculum Math Courses at Ball State

As with colleges, Ball State University has a set of University Core Curriculum classes that you have to pass in order to graduate. In some cases, you will have a few different options to choose from to meet these requirements. mathematics is a very vast subject that has a lot of different areas of study. Here are five core curriculum math courses that are offered at Ball State!

1. Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 125)

Quantitative Reasoning is the most popular option for students who want to complete their math core requirement. This is the most popular option because students have to take a placement exam the summer before their freshman year. Most students end up in this class because unless you really excel in math, you will most likely end up in this class. If you go to Ball State and are mediocre in math, this is the class you will probably be in!

Image result for quantitative reasoning

2. Brief Calculus (MATH 132)

If the university says that you are advanced enough to skip MATH 125, you can take MATH 132. Brief Calculus is an introductory course in calculus and it covers the basics of the subject. You will learn all you need to know to advance to higher level courses in the field of Calculus. Your mind will be tested and you will be constantly be challenged if you choose this course to fill your requirement!

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3. Applied Calculus 1 (MATH 161)

A step above Brief Calculus is Applied Calculus 1. This course is an addition to Brief Calculus because it focuses on some of the same topics but it goes much more in-depth. This is a core curriculum class but it still prepares you for future calculus courses. MATH 161 teaches you about the principles of calculus and how they apply in the world of math. Be prepared to go in depth.


4. Calculus 1 (MATH 165)

To take calculus a step further, Ball State offers you the option to take Calculus 1. This is a huge expansion of the content in all of the other classes. MATH 165 is a class that you should not take unless you had calculus experience in high school and a good grasp of the basics. You should really only take this class if you do well enough on the entrance exam and are ready to work hard.


5. Mathematical Exceptional Learn (MATH 207)

The most prestigious option you have to fulfill the University Core Curriculum requirement is the Mathematical Exceptional Learn class. You can only take this class if you excel on your entrance exam. All of the classes listed above are worth three credit hours. However, MATH 207 is worth four credit hours. This is an added bonus to taking this challenging course!

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If you are wanting to knock out the math University Core Curriculum requirement at Ball State University, these are the classes that you will have to choose from. You will have to take a placement test and see where the university thinks you belong. These classes are all taught by dedicated professors who want to see you succeed at Ball State!

5 Fine Arts Introductory Courses at Ball State

Whether you are a lover of the fine arts or not, you will have to complete at least one introductory fine arts course at Ball State University. As a part of the University Core Curriculum, the fine arts have a variety of classes to choose from. Here are five fine arts classes that are offered at an introductory level!


1. Introduction to Art

Introduction to Art, also known as AHS 100, is a class that you can take to understand the basic principles of art and its vast elements. This course is designed for people who do not have much knowledge about art and are eager to learn more. This is a fairly easy course because it does not dive deep into a lot of topics because it only covers the basics of a few different areas. If you want a pretty easy class that teaches you about art basics, AHS 100 is for you!


2. Intro to Theatre

Another introductory class that covers a wide range of topics is Intro to Theatre. A great option that THEA 100 is the ability to take this class online. There is even an 8-week course option so you can get full credits in half the time of regular classes! This class has a lot of work involved but it is worth it to be done in half the time. This class will also cover the very basics of theatrical form and how productions are made and run.


3. Intro to Dance History

There are not many people who know much about dance beside the dancing they do at parties and in clubs. If you choose to take Intro to Dance History you will learn about how dance has evolved over the years and has become what it is today. DANC 100 requires you to have an open mind and an eagerness to learn as the professors of this class are very passionate about dance and its history.


4. Introduction to Music

If your passion lies with music, this is where you should start at Ball State. Introduction to Music is a beginner class that discusses the basics of music and its impact on society in the history and today. MUHI 100 is a great option to keep in mind when picking a fine arts course. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it!


5. Perspectives of Jazz

If you are already interested in music and have some background knowledge in the world of music, Perspectives of Jazz is a great option for you! MUHI 139 covers the basics with a little more detail about the world of jazz. If jazz is a love of yours this class will reinforce your interests and teach you some things you may not have known!


It is important to pick classes that you think you will enjoy because that decision can make or break your semester. These are some of the fine arts classes that you can pick from at Ball State University. You must complete at least one of these classes to meet the Univesity Core Curriculum requirement. If you don’t do one of them you won’t graduate!