10 Buildings Azusa Pacific University You Need to Know

A college campus can be big, medium, or small. Nevertheless, it’s important and vital that students know it from top to bottom. This all starts with your surrounds. If you’re one who is curious about the buildings, take a look at some of the most important buildings that you need to know while at Azusa Pacific University!

1. Barbara and Jack Lee Place of Prayer

Barbara and Jack Lee Place of Prayer

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is home to the Barbara and Jack Lee Place of Prayer. It is located by the Mary Hill Center on west campus. It’s a place for the campus community to reflect on the past and present and pray. Students will also find a small-scale replica of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.

2. Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center

Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

The Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center is located on the west side of campus. It is home to the basketball ad volleyball teams. It also hosts a number of events for the community such as the Night of Champions, concerts, conventions, Dinner Rally, and commencements.

3. Munson Chapel and Recital Hall

Munson Chapel and Recital Hall

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is home to the Munson Chapel and Recital Hall. Here, students will be able to attend campus concerts that are put on by students, faculty, and guest performers. Students will also find a lecture hall and practice rooms here.

4. Wilden Hall

The outside of Wilden Hall

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

Wilden Hall is located just on the east side of campus by the Ronald Building. It houses the School of Business and Management. It also contains many faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, a lecture hall, and seven computer labs.

5. Student Union

Side view of the Student Union

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This is home to the hub for campus life, the Student Union. This building is located on the east side of campus. It houses a pool, a ping-pong table, air hockey, Foosball, a basketball court, computers and an information center. It also hosts different kinds of ticketed events.

6. Segerstrom Science Center

Upside view of the  Segerstrom Science Center

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is located on west camps. It is one of the campus’ state of the art science facilities. It houses math, science, and health student facilities which includes lecture halls, classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, faculty offices, and an electron microscope room.

7. Carl E. Wynn Academic Center

Carl E. Wynn Academic Center

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is home to the Carl E. Wynn Academic Center. It houses eleven classrooms, lecture hall for classes, and over twenty faculty and adjunct offices. It is also home to a computer lab, focus rooms, viewing areas, a small archive library, and a conference room.

8. William V. Marshburn Memorial Library

William V. Marshburn Memorial Library

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is home to one of the university’s three main libraries. Students will find research resources for English, history, political science, music, and business resources. Students will also find a computer lab, independent study rooms, and a media center.

9. Hugh and Hazel Darling Library

Hugh and Hazel Darling Library

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building is home to the Hugh and Hazel Darling Library. It houses books, online databases, individual workstations, and the information center. Students will also find special collections, conference rooms, and several study rooms.

10. Turner Campus Center

Lower part of Turner Campus Center

Address: Azusa, CA 91702

This building has both upper and lower parts. It houses the 1899 Dining hall, several administrative offices, large gatherings, events, and campus activities. Students will also be able to book rooms here to host meetings for student organizations or classes.

Hopefully this list will help you feel more acquainted with the college campus and what you’ll encounter. Whether you are a visitor or a new/returning student, you should always know your surrounds to be safe and to know your place!

10 Coolest Courses at Azusa Pacific University

Learning is essential – so as a student, you must grab the opportunity of enrolling yourself in the class where you want to enhance your skills and develop a wide understanding on the things you are interested in and wants to pursue it. Here are the top 10 coolest courses at Azusa Pacific University!


man checking the neck's alignment of a lady

This class studies the procedures on how to assess someone for early detection of disease. This is one of the coolest course because some procedures are easy to learn and apply if there’s bump or pain then you might have already detected early signs of disease! As a nursing student, your skills will improve in doing an assessment of physical and psychosocial of adult clients.


nurse checking blood samples in a lab

This class is an introduction to a study of theories relating to etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestation of diseases that affect the body. You will learn about the diseases that can invade the body and how to treat it; class also includes maintenance of cellular tissue oxygenation, fluid and electrolyte balance, and genetic balance.


picture of two pieces of paper, one with the word illegal and another with legal

This class is one of the coolest courses because you will learn how criminal justice operates. Criminal issues are being unraveled and you will understand how society responds to crime. The criminologist uses different methods to measure the extent of time, the people involved in crime, the crimes they have done and the reaction of the people in the community.


golden gavel

This class is for students who are interested in addressing issues that are happening in the 21st century through organizing community forums. In this class, you will learn the different types of civic engagement in a democracy as it relates to the criminal justice system.


rose on top of a book

Enhance your reading skills now and enroll in this class! This class will help you read and write more effectively as well as comprehension and vocabulary. Activities include reading, writing and enhancing grammar which focuses on paragraph, essays, summary and response writing.


kid reading the holy bible in bed

This class is for students with no Christianity background and fundamental knowledge about Christianity is being taught. This will teach you about Christianity and fosters reflection on how t o apply a biblically founded worldview in each life.


set of make up kit

To those who love makeup and want to bring their talent in theaters, this class is for you! This class revolves around applying make up for theatrical characters and you will learn the techniques on how to apply makeup for each person fit for her character. It also focuses on developing attention to facial structure, and use of each makeup for characters.


man using a studio camera

This class teaches the fundamentals skills in filmmaking and evaluate their own film in light of the current cultural context. This is an introduction to producing films, form principal photography, post-production to the exhibition. This class will develop your skill in film making and deepen your understanding that needs to evaluate each film.


man wearing black jacket and hat while playing the guitar

This is an introduction to the music from all over the world; classical, popular and folk music from countries such as Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Indonesia, and Latin American. You will learn the connection of music and belief system, aesthetic and history. This class also utilizes basic theories and methodologies of ethnomusicology.


image of two men with red background

Human Anatomy and Physiology studies the human body parts form an integrated perspective. This is one of the coolest courses because you will learn everything about the human body, from its parts, the functions of its parts and even the disease that might occur in the body. Topics include different systems of the body and its special functions.

10 Hardest Courses at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a private Christian University located in Azusa, California. Azusa Pacific University has several campus locations throughout Southern California designed for working professionals. While each location hosts different programs, they all provide quality, professional service in an open, relaxed, and personal atmosphere. They also offer a wide range of amazing courses. Below are the hardest courses at Azusa Pacific University.

1. CHEM 401 – Physical Chemistry I

Picture of chemistry's laboratory apparatus

This is an advanced course covering the theoretical basis of thermodynamics, including the laws of thermodynamics and their applications. Topics include energy, enthalpy, entropy, gas laws, kinetic model of gases, phases, chemical potential, and the kinetics of chemical reactions.

2. CS 250 – Operating Systems

Image showing various Operating Systems

This course provides an introduction to the basic functions of modern operating systems. These include multitasking, process synchronization, deadlocks, memory management, virtual memory, file systems, protection, and security. The course also includes a comparative analysis of several popular operating systems.

3. ENGR 380 – Systems Design

A typical example of complete Systems Design

This course examines the techniques for developing, analyzing and portraying design and life cycle systems requirements. Students will apply the principles of system design to real-world systems. Students will learn the use of tools and techniques including Quality Function Deployment and Enhanced Block Flow Diagrams.

4. BIOL 280 – Cell Biology

This image is showing the structure of cell

This course covers a theoretical approach to cellular and molecular biology, including ultra-structure, cytology, metabolism, and molecular genetics. Laboratory emphasis is given to electron microscopy, centrifugation, and DNA and protein electrophoresis. It is a 4-unit course and very hard to pass.

5. ENGL 402 – Principles of Language

Chart showing the five Principles of Language

This course provides an introductory survey of the nature and use of language: basic speech sounds, syllable structure, word formation, grammar systems, language acquisition and variation, historical aspects of language change, and their relevance to language teachers. The course content of ENGL 402 is very bulky, so students need to read ahead.

6. SOC 464 – Social Stratification

An image of Social Stratification

Theories and research on social stratification are the focus of this course. Topics covered include role, status, and structure of differential rankings in society, criteria for ranking, functions and dysfunction, correlates of class positions, social change, and social mobility.

7. GLBL 201 – Anthropology for Everyday Life

An ancient image of a battle

Anthropology for Everyday Life aims to equip students with a practical methodology for exploring the social and cultural reality of group members within local communities through the development of cross-cultural relationships combined with reflection on anthropological concepts and experiences.

8. ETHN 356 – The African American Experience

Picture of The African American Experience

This course introduces students to the experience of African Americans in the United States, including an examination of their contributions to the nation’s development as well as an exploration of the dimensions of their identity. Students are challenged to critically analyze and interpret history and culture.

9. LDRS 303 – Career and Life Planning

Five successful steps of Career and Life Planning

For students entering the professional world, this course aids in understanding career development options, finance management, and coping with stress. Students gain a greater understanding of their strengths, values, interests, skills, and personality as they seek employment and/or apply to graduate school. Relevant guest presenters spend class time sharing important information that benefits students in planning for careers and life.

10. EDLS 303 – Introduction to Special Populations

A picture of a silhouette crowd of people

This course will provide an overview of educational practices that influence the identification, placement, and teaching of students with mild to moderate disabilities. The basic principles of special education, including its history, legal mandates, and descriptions of various types of disabling conditions will be examined.

Top 10 Library Resources at APU Library You Need to Know

Azusa Pacific University is a top Christian university located in Azusa, California. Its libraries have research materials that help APU students, staff, and the surrounding community carry out extensive research. There are plenty of resources in APU libraries.

1. Media resources

students at the Media Centre

At the Media Centre on most libraries he will be able to find DVDs, CDs, and other musical collection. Microforms in different fiche, ultra microfiche and film are available for books journals and newspapers.

2. Interlibrary loan

Books sourced through interlibrary services

The department concerned with interlibrary services usually avails the resources that are not found in its libraries. It promptly delivers books, articles and other useful resources to APU students.

3. Research tools

Research tools aid in researching projects

ArticleReach: Enable researchers to gain full-text articles that are not present in other libraries.

Article Finder: Useful in getting citations of different articles.

Past Masters: An important collection of major philosophers and theologians works.

Cambridge Collections Online: An online connection of Cambridge religion, culture, and philosophy downloadable essays.

4. Reference books

Reference books on the shelf

APU has various reference books that students can use in research. Examples of such sources include handbooks, directories, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. These books can either be in print or online format.

5. Databases

Databases and library information systems

Some APU libraries consist of a number of databases and library information systems. These databases have resources such as e-books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.

6. Print Journals

Print journals are useful research materials

Its libraries house print journals that were published at regular intervals. These include serials, magazine or periodicals important to a specific subject.

7. Rare Archives

Rare collection at the library

APU houses special collection items in its libraries. Examples of such collections include manuscripts, miniatures, scrolls, tablets, and other historical materials.

8. Articles

Some scholar articles at the website

Popular scholar articles found in the library are useful in various researches. These articles are sourced from approved journals, newspapers or magazines.

9. Copyright Resources

Copyright materials help in copyright compliance

These resources are useful educational and support materials that guide students on fair use and copyright compliance. They provide guidelines that help students avoid copyright violations.

10. E-books

eBooks for students on library catalog

APU libraries provide a library catalog of eBooks for students to refer. These are book publications that are in different digital forms which are readable through computers or other electronic gadgets.

Top 5 Libraries at APU Library

1. Darling Library

Students at Hugh and Hazel Darling Library

It is located in APU west campus at Hugh and Hazel Darling Library holdings. Darling houses special collections Such as professional psychology programs nursing education and computer science. Ahmanson Technology Center with accessible hardware and software is found at this library.

2. Marshburn Library

A view of William V. Marshburn Memorial Library

William V. Marshburn Memorial Library is a good APU library located on East Campus. It includes collections supporting music, liberal arts, businesses, Children’s Literature, and sciences. Other educational tools are also found in the Sakioka Technology Training Center, writing center, theology reference room, and the Ed Peterman Reading Room.

3. Stamps theological library

Inside The James L. Stamps Theological Library

Located in the Duke Academic Complex, The James L. Stamps Theological Library gives theological resources and ideas for research or study.  The collections in this university library focus in areas such as theology, biblical studies, church history, philosophy, and ethics.

4. Off-campus library at the APU High Desert

APU High Desert off-campus library

It is located in Victorville at the High Desert Regional Campus. Graduate and professional students in High Desert can get resources and services. There are numerous print collection as well as periodical titles.

5. APU Los Angeles regional campus library

APU Los Angeles regional campus library

This library is found in the regional campus in Los Angeles. It houses microforms in sections like American civilization and American literature. You will also find a variety of citation guides, tutorials, research guides, and other kinds of useful information that is subject specific.


Top 10 Dorms at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a private, Christian university in Southern California. Azusa Pacific University has many dorms for students to live at while attending school. Here are top ten dorms at Azusa Pacific University.

1. Adams Hall

Adams Hall sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Adams Hall is a three-story, all-female residence hall. Adams Hall has a large lounge and a few smaller lounges. Adams Hall is a great place to form a community as most of their dorm rooms are a traditional double occupancy.

2. Engstrom Hall

Engstrom Hall exterior and sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Engstrom Hall is a co-ed dorm for freshmen at Azusa Pacific University. The dorm is set up suite-style with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Each floor has a lounge, conventional ovens, and laundry facilities. All residents must have a meal plan.

3. Smith Hall

Smith Hall exterior and sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Smith Hall is an all-male dorm at Azusa Pacific University. Smith Hall is a traditional dorm building with community style bathrooms. Smith Hall has a large lounge and laundry facilities. Residents are required to have a meal plan.

4. Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall exterior building

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Trinity Hall is the biggest residence hall and is co-ed in Azusa Pacific University. Each floor contains a meeting room, coffee area, and a prayer room. There is also a large lounge on the first floor. Trinity Hall also has an elevator with access to all floors.

5. Alosta Place

Alosta Place exterior

Address: 1130 E Alosta Ave., Azusa, California 91702

Alosta Place is an apartment complex at Azusa Pacific University. Alosta Place is a community mixed with individually owned units which is what makes it unique. These apartments are either one or two bedrooms and all units include a kitchen and living room.

6. Shire Mods

Shire Mods houses and the courtyard

Address: 18757 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

Shire Mods is a residential community with apartment-style living. The layout is more spacious and has a large courtyard. These apartments also include utilities, a laundry facility, and furniture. There are two main floor plans: one with two bedrooms and one with a large five bedroom style suite.

7. University Village

University Village building exterior

Address: 801 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

University Village is an apartment designed for students and located in a unique location. The apartments feature a living room, kitchen and a few bedrooms each. The apartments are furnished and include utilities.

8. Bowles

Bowles Apartments exterior

Address: 1150, 1160, or 1170 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702 (depending on assignment)

Bowles is an apartment-style housing option across the street from the main campus. Bowles has a tight-knit community and has shared courtyard areas and lounges. There are laundry facilities available on site.

9. University Park

University Park apartments and pool

Address: 1000 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

University Park is an apartment complex which offers housing for sophomores. University Park has an on-site laundry facility, recreation activities, and a pool. The apartment offers one and two bedroom floor plans.

10. Avalon Glendora

Avalon Glendora pool, lounge, and buildings

Address: 121 E Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740

For students that have a car, there are the Avalon Glendora apartments located only a mile from the main campus. The apartments offer one bedroom, two bedrooms, and studio floor plans. The apartment comes with a pool, lounge, fire pit and washer/dryer in unit.

Here’s Your Move-in day Packing List for Azusa Pacific University

1. Room Basics

Dorm room with beds, decoration, and bedding

– Bedding
– Room decor
– Lamps
– Pillows
– Pictures
– Storage
– Clothes

2. Food and Snacks

Different food and snacks

– Mini-fridge
– Snacks
– Easy to make food
– Groceries
– Candy
– Granola Bars

3. Technology and Entertainment

Image result for technology and entertainment

– Laptop
– Cell phone
– Video games
– Movies
– Books
– Chargers

4. School Supplies

– Pens
– Pencils
– Organization
– Notebooks
– Sticky notes
– Colored pencils

5. Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

– Laundry detergent
– Broom
– Wipes
– Sponges
– Bathroom cleaning supplies

6. Campus Gears

APU campus t-shirt

– T-shirts
– Hoodies
– Backpacks
– Water bottle
– Snacks
– School supplies
– Umbrella

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

Pets to represent things you should not bring

– Pets
– Mini-fridge
– Hoverboards
– Halogen lamp
– Microwave

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a private, evangelical Christian university in Azusa, California. The school first started to have classes in the year of 1990. The acceptance rate is fairly high with over 80%, here are 10 great clubs to meet new people .

1.Spoon University

 the logo for spoon university

Spoon university is a food and health and wellness online publication. It gives article information on recipes and different restaurants to visit as well as so much more. If you are passionate about writing make sure to apply. You wont be sorry!

2.Swing Dance Club

 swing dance is about movement

Swing Dance is a club of movement and trust. Your partner is there to either lead or follow. Do not be afraid about getting the same partner every time. Partners are constantly switching and the whole group is open and ready to give you tips and tricks to learning.

3.Umoja (Step Team)

 example of what step dancing looks like

This step team combines the love of the lord, through ministry teachings and the love of movement and dance. Step dancing is one that is one of rhythm and beat. It is a great way to connect the love of the craft with the love of religion.

4.The Marquee

 example of a theater inside

The Marquee Club was created to encourage those students who are looking to be in the theater arts. They do this by challenging productions, while providing more performance opportunities to all students, regardless of chosen major. This is good way to get hands on learning.


 hyrdate is meant for science students

Often when people think of what they want in life it is earthly things such as money and possessions. Like water you are always going to be thirsting for more in life. Which is why this group teaches that there are ways to have a balanced life with social gathers and bible studies, this is particularly meant for stressed out science majors.


picture of woman looking up with fist in the air as the sun creates a shadow

Everyone has their own struggles that they deal with on the daily. But some have to deal with  chronic pain or an illness that makes that struggle even harder. STRONG is there to be a support anchor for those struggling the toughest battles.

7.Surf Club

 people with their surfboards

The great thing about being in the sunny state is that there is no excuse not to enjoy a good day on the beach. Surfing is a sport that takes a lot of balance skills but can be learned. Join Surf club to improve your surfing skills or learn the trade.

8.The Dream Project

 superwoman costume for dream project

The Dream Project is a group of student that dress up as certain characters such as superheros or villains, they go to different hospitals and visit children. The project is meant to provide join in their eyes and make them smile.

9. Chemistry Club

 the different elements of chemistry

Chemistry Club is there to foster an interest in the major as well as give students a hands on approach to it. Chemistry can be used in many scenarios and grouping students of the same major together can make new friendships as well.

10. Enactus

 Enactus dedicated to making the world a better place

Enactus is  a club open to students of all disciplines and ages, APU Enactus allows students to develop skills in entrepreneurship. You will also learn   leadership development and business curriculum. This is all done through the School of Business and Management.

Top Events of the School Year at Azusa Pacific University


 the looks of an average chapel

This event is an open ended chapel experience. It allows students to experiment with different ways of worship in order to see what fits their lifestyle best. There will be a pastor that guides the event but for the most part there is room for adjustments.

2.Canvas Webinar

 webinars give you comfort of learning at home

If you are a faculty member who is still unsure how to use Canvas this is the event for you. The webinar will touch base with almost every single topic that would ever be asked about the site. It will teach you how to  start a new course, import content, upload a syllabus and so much more.


 dinner is a time for food and conversation

As a broke college student you might be looking for an excuse to eat well. But budgeting leads you to not. Everyone loves FREE food. Why not join the school for a night of great food and great company .The Amphitheater at Wynn  will be hosting the event.

 4.Evening Prayers Chapel

 there will be guided prayers

The evening prayers chapel event will give students a way to make special prayers on both a corporate or personal level. There will be guided prayers led by the offices of Chapel Programs and Campus Pastors. Make sure to come early seating goes fast.

5.Student Game Night

 bring friends and competition to game night

Student Game night is a great way for current students as well as prospective ones to enjoy a night of friendly competition. Bring a load of your friends to this event and have a night “in,” with plenty of new people to meet.

10 of the Easiest Courses at APU

Between clubs, organizations, friends and more, college can be a busy and stressful time in everyone’s life. What’s the best way to counteract this? Take some easy classes, where you’ll get the credits you need for less stress. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Azusa Pacific University.

1. CS 200 – Basic Software Tools

This course teaches students on the basics surrounding the uses of Microsoft Windows problem solving programs. The class takes students through all of the Microsoft Windows programs and covers all the applications of each as well as how to solve day-to-day issues with each of the programs, individually.

A charting program shown on a Mac Laptop.

2. PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology

This course is a introductory course to the interworking’s of human behavior. The class takes students on an in-depth journey to a number different psychological perspectives and how relationships with the brain connect with everything we do in every second of our lives.

A colorful outline of the human skull.

3. SOCW 310 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

A practical course for future endeavors, this class dives into the Psychology of how people act in group situations. There is a big focus on problem solving, people management, decision-making and conflict resolution. Not only is this an easy class to get through, but it is one that can benefit all students at Azusa for their future’s in any field.

A team of workers showing teamwork with a collective fist bump.

4. MATH 100 – Mathematics Seminar I

A math class based less on the numbers and more on critical thinking skills. This course is a mix of learning mathematical concepts and applying logic and critical thinking skills. The knowledge learned for this course is helpful for futures in computer science and information systems. This is definitely a course for those who consider themselves math-challenged but are successful in critical thinking courses.

The pages of a math book.

5. MGMT 210 –Principles of Management

This course gives students an in-depth learning experience about how business relates to the growth of social media, the interconnectedness of the internet, online buying, security and more. This course is for those who are looking to become business owners or in the realm of business and want to learn about all things digital communications in the 21st century.

A word cluster of business development.

6. CJ 110 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This class is a starter course for those interested in the field of criminal justice, but is also a fun class for anyone who is a fan of those crime shows on television like NCIS or Law & Order. The course gives an overview of the US criminal justice system and how laws, policies and sentences play a part in the system as a whole. This class also highlights the careers of various criminal justice officials.

The outside of a historic courthouse.

7. HIST 121 – World Civilizations since 1648

This is a course where students learn how the globe has transformed from mid-1600 civilizations to present day. Students immerse themselves in world cultural including the formation of national identities, race, ethnicity, capitalism, industrialism and more. This class also shows students historical trends throughout history proving the old and cliché saying “history repeats itself”.

A globe showing American terrain.

8. UNRS 120 –Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

Something practical in a college class you say? Why yes! This course helps with a little something we all could improve on, eating healthy. The class dives into how certain diets and food effect your wellness and health risks as well as cover hot topics like obesity in America and malnutrition to the elderly. This course gives students an abundance of information that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life.

A healthy green shake usually consisting of kale and other vegetables.

9. BIOL 250 – Human Anatomy

What’s better than learning about your body and breezing through a college course? This class allows you to do just that! The course is covers an array of topics about the body including how the cells functions to create tissues, how all the body systems work together with each other to keep the body going and more. The course can be taken in a laboratory setting or lecture setting, making this class great for either hands-on learning or a more book-oriented learning style.

A nurse taking a patient's blood pressure.

10. PHYC 140 – Introduction to Astronomy

This course provides students with the history of ancient and modern astrology including the creation of the solar system, galactic systems, stellar systems and more. Although there is a little bit of math involved in the course, it is mostly a history class on how the universe became what it is today.

An astroid belt in the galaxy.All of these class are thought to be GPA boosters, but are also great courses where the skills students are learning can be carried into their real life careers. Choosing from these course though will definitely keep you sane as you try to milk the most out of your college experience while still getting a fine education in the process. Tell your friends about these courses too, no reason to not share the secrets!