Jobs for College Students at Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University is a famous public institution in Russellville, Arkansas. The school is prominent for providing programs at different levels including the graduate and baccalaureate levels. Therefore, the institution is a competent campus with an ambitious spirit of overachieving. As such, the college focuses on not only education but also the future well being of the students. Arkansas Tech University operates student jobs, which learners seek to sustain their livelihood in school. Here is the list of the postings and opportunities at the school.

1. A Cook

 A student working as a cook

Usually, working a cook at the university is a full-time task. As such, students apply for this position during holidays. As a cook, you need to showcase your kitchen techniques thus ensuring that you prepare healthy and tasty meals. Besides demonstrating and improving your skills, students earn up to $250 while working as chefs.

2. An Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A scholar working as an assistant professor of Mathematics

As a Mathematics professor, you will demonstrate educational excellence in manipulating numbers. Besides, you will help students with negative attitude towards the subject by changing their mentalities. Traditionally, an assistant professor at Arkansas Tech University works part-time during the stipulated hour. Moreover, the students derive motivation from not only understanding concepts comprehensively as they teach but also from the basic payments.

3. Graduate Assistant

 Graduate assistants at Arkansas Tech University

Usually, graduate assistants at the institution work for four hours a day. The job description entails helping with evaluations and analyzing research for the precise faculty. Moreover, the job favors graduate students, whose work involves advising junior students as well. Majority of postgraduate students benefit from working as graduate assistants because they earn handsomely.

4. Peer Health Educators

Peer health educators at the institution

Peer educators work part-time educating their fellow students about issues affecting them and the community. Usually, applying for this position is quite easy. Moreover, the selection for the position is always definite because of its usefulness. Peer educators not only educate others but also acquire the necessary skills to interact with people in society.

5. A Volunteer Teaching Assistant

A student volunteering to teach students in the community

Besides working for payment on campus, students volunteer to perform other tasks as well. As a volunteer teaching assistant, you will work part-time on Saturdays and Sundays. Often, a volunteer teaching assistant helps tutor learners in the community during their class session and outside class. It is always a great experience to work with kids in the society as you help them realize their academic excellence.

6. A Volunteer, Event Host

Arkansas Tech University event hosts

Arkansas Tech University hosts a variety of events on-campus. Resultantly, students grasp the opportunity to pioneer the different programs organized. Usually, a student applies for the position, which he/she attains the position upon verification. Traditionally, students volunteer for event host opportunities because of the exposure it grants to them.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

Take notes with and earn while you go to class. When you take Notes with, you not only gain but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.


Restaurants and Cafes at or near Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University wants the student to make healthy food choices which is why there is an opportunity for the students to go to the restaurants near campus. Although there are college cafes on campus but for a new experience, the students can reach out to the restaurants for different types of meals. The prices of meals are affordable for every student to try in any of the restaurants with exploring new kind of food every day.

1. Chartwells

Pork Tacos with Mango Salsa_

When you are hungry at the campus, then there is nothing better than this café. The location is at the Chambers Dining Hall which offers a variety of Mexican food items. Along with that, there is a salad bar where you can pick and make your favorite salad. You can also get on the go sandwiches along with smoothies made out of fresh fruits.

2. Which Wich

which wich storefront

If you want to has fresh and edgy sandwiches, then try this café. There are more than 50 types of sandwiches at this place made out of meat and cheese. You can also get hot beverages of your choice to make it a combo with the sandwich during lunchtime.

3. Whatta Burger

burger serving

Burger and fries are all time favorite of students. If you are looking for a great and filled burger, then try Whatta Burger café. There is beef hamburger for you to try which is the specialty of a chef with tasty and unique ingredients. Walk a few steps from the campus and visit there with your friends.

4. La Villa

pizza serving

If you are missing out on Italian food, they prefer to go to this restaurant. You will be able to find the best pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more. The serving is big, so you can try it with two to three friends and enjoy your time there.

5. C-Js Butcher Boy Burgers

interior of cafe

If you want to have fresh burgers with a spicy taste, then try the amazing restaurant near the campus. You can get the best dining experience at this restaurant. Along with that, there are other items to try such as steak, desserts and much more.

6. Stoby’s Restaurant

steak serving in plate

The atmosphere of this restaurant is peaceful and pleasant which you will surely love. Most importantly, it service sure American food for you to try out of the menu. There are many options like a burger, fries, steaks, cold and hot beverages, and desserts.

7. Taco John’s

2 burgers of Taco John's

Who does not love tacos filled with beef and vegetables? If you are someone who is crazy about eating tacos, then make sure to visit this great café. You can find chicken, vegetable, cheese and other fillings in the taco as well. Along with that, this café also serves great options for breakfast as well.

If you are missing out on food within campus, then prefer the ones who are few steps away from the campus. Get together with your friends and walk there to enjoy the delicious meals at the various restaurant. Once you try the food, you will start getting a habit of enjoying delicious meals every day.

10 Coolest Courses at Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University has always been providing students with the numerous courses every year. Let’s list out some cool courses that you may want to look upon. Hope this could be an informative article.

1. LBMD 2001 – Introduction to Library Resources

the students are researching about work

The practical course where students are provided with the knowledge to retrieve, evaluate and recite the research materials. This includes the students to write the research papers properly with the reference of the research materials provided. This course helps students to develop the research paper writing skills.

2. HA 2023 – Hospitality Leadership and Ethics

students getting ideas about how to behave with others

This course is especially designed to enhance the leadership skill of the students and to make a wise decision economically and in a socially acceptable manner. Students will get a chance to flourish their existing leadership and build the basics and fundamental aspects necessary for hospitality leadership.

3. MUS 1751 – Introduction to Music

students enjoying the music class

For all the music lovers, it is a great one to have a startup. Here the students are provided with the knowledge of the music history from the medieval age to the rock and roll era. It focuses on the contrasting changes in the music and relation with the different forms of art.

4. TH 2273 – Introduction to Theater

students attending the theater class

The theater is the place to reflect the environment through the art. In this particular course, a less focus to the performance, but higher importance to the scenic, dramatic and historic aspects are given. You can enjoy the course here.

5. GER 2013 – Intermediate German I

students are learning German language

If you are interested and fascinated about the German language then this course is designed for you. It focuses on the German language and makes you able to read, write and communicate in the German language along with the cultural aspects. Students are provided with an hour foreign language lab every week.

6. DE 4543 – Driver and Traffic Education II

the signs about the traffic rules

Anyone with a valid driving license can join the course. This course is especially included to give a safety traffic measures to the undergraduates along with the traffic education. This course includes administration, supervision and a research project.

7. CSEC 1213 – Wireless and Cellular Security

wireless security camera is being installed

Students are provided with the overview of the smart phone technologies, internet securities. This course also includes theoretical knowledge of wireless and mobile securities along with the practical experiences. As this is the era of technology, it has been mandatory to have the basic knowledge about what we use in our everyday life.

8. AGED 2104 – Introduction to Agricultural Systems Technology

the man showing how to use agricultural equipment

The main aim of this course is to clarify the students about the technology and equipment’s that has been practiced in the agricultural field. It provides students with the basic fundamentals of the agricultural mechanism with emphasis in the area of energy, power, and land measurement. Discussion about the future potential in the agricultural field, along with the interpretation of ideas are included.

9. RS 3004 -Medical and Psychological of Disability

getting idea about therapy in the water

Have you always been into caring the disabled personality? If yes, this is the course designed for you. Here students are provided with the knowledge about the treatment and care about the disabled conditions personality. Emphasis is given to the medical information, reports and everyday psychological adjustments.

10. MUSM 4403 – Education through Museum Method

people getting knowledge through visiting the museum

This helps the students to interpret the cultural resources, including interpretive techniques for preserving the essence of it. This course includes the project on managing special problems in a museum setting. It can be a perfect course for you.

So, you’ve already read about the cool and creative courses, and it’s up to you to choose any one that fascinates you. Be wise and be smart while choosing any course, have fun reading!

Top 10 Majors at Arkansas Tech University

The college package includes searching for friends, places to live, and figuring out your whole life. On top of that, you need to decide what you will be studying while you’re at Arkansas Tech University. To help you make those decisions, we have compiled a list of top 10 majors offered at this institution. Hopefully, you can find something of interest to you!

1. Business Administration

people doing work on paper

This major will give you the principles of management and organizational behavior everything from staffing and organizational change and development. If this is your cup of tea, you should definitely check this out.

2. Criminal Justice

a road with trees and a yellow line

Criminal justice gives you the overview of the criminal justice system and the workings of each component. You will be learning about the history, structure, and functions of law enforcement, judicial and correctional organizations, their interrelationship and effectiveness, and the future trends in each, just to name a few.

3. Cybersecurity

A laptop with google pulled up.

If you’re into computer and communications, you should definitely take a look at this major. You will learn about how cyber operations are conducted and networks they are situated in. A thorough understanding of these networks is crucial to cyber operations activities.

4. Early Childhood Education

science jars and beakers

Early Childhood Education is about the developmental principles affecting the individual from the prenatal period through early adolescence. Furthermore, they will provide an introduction to the profession including historical and social foundations, awareness of value issues. This program prepares its students to advocate for children and families.

5. General Education

a man teaching on the board while a girl texts

Integrating language arts creates linguistic opportunities where literacy skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) can be used together for real purposes and real audiences. Students in this course will explore, evaluate, create and apply a variety of integrated literacy strategies and activities, which will enhance their own as well as their future student’s cognitive (critical thinking skills) and metacognitive (thinking about thinking) language art skills.

6. Economics

a girl with pen in her mouth reading

An examination of the theories of consumer behavior and demand, and the theories of production, cost, and supply. The determination of product prices and output in various market structures and an analysis of factor pricing.

7. English

A student studying or reading with a latte

Arkansas Tech also prepares its students have thorough understanding of  English grammar, composition, reading, aural comprehension, and oral communication. All of these components prepare students who speak English as a second language for the six hours, college-level composition courses.

8. Art

hello December written nicely on a bullet journal

If art is something you are looking to pursue but you aren’t completely sure, this could be an option for you. This major covers topics such as: review career options, curriculum, studio concentrations, opportunities, and program requirements. They aim to prepare incoming art students for their specialty programs in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, or Art Education.

9. Business Data Analytics

a worker talking about a presentation being given

Are you looking to learn about business? Are you into problem-solving? If the answer is yes, then this major is for you! This major aims to train you to solve business problems. You will work both individually and in groups on projects to put the various problem-solving skills into practice. Some of the concepts you will learn about include general problem solving, systems thinking, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning. Other skillset you will gain include project management, quantitative models, and software applications.

10. Hospitality Administration

two girls reading their phones together

This major help student develop skills necessary to lead and manage hospitality organizations in an ethically- and economically-friendly manner. The coursework teaches you how to analyze organizational work environments and critical situations. Students will improve upon their existing leadership styles, and adhere to their own moral compass to enact best practices in the professional world.

Top 10 Library Resources at Arkansas Tech University

Are you looking for ways to make your research easier or just to improve your grades in general? If so, consider using the library and all it has to offer. Here are some especially useful resources available at Arkansas Tech University.

1. A-Z Database

Pictured: graphic view of a database

A-Z databases are great for when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. ATU provides an extensive database that allows you to sift through information to find exactly what you’re looking for.


2. Research Guides

Pictured: cartoon picture of a guide

Research guides are perfect for if you are struggling with a class, doing research, or are just interested in a certain topic. ATU provides its students with guides on 33 different subjects.

3.  Find it…

Pictured: a cartoon depiction of a search engine


Find it… is the ATU’s library search engine. But this isn’t any normal search engine! With this, you can borrow or renew books, create a list of your favorite, export citations, and more!

4. Introductions to the Library

Pictured: the inside of a library

Introductions to the Library are sessions that teach you all you need to know about navigating through the library and finding what you need. You can choose to attend a 15-20 info session, a 15-20 minute tour of the library, or a 30 minute session including both.

5. RefWorks

Pictured: the RefWorks logo

Being a student at ATU gives you automatic access to RefWorks. RefWorks is a bibliography and resource manager that helps you create your own personal database. You get to import references from text files or other databases and sources. RefWorks allows you to use these references in your papers and automatically formats the reference for you.

6. Media Collection

Pictured: shelves of books

ATU has an extensive media collection for you to use. You can stream video, audio, and even a research tutorial series!

7. ArkLink

Arklink library resources

ArkLink allows students to use and request books from other schools and colleges in Arkansas. This resource is available for any ATU student, faculty, or staff!

8. Interlibrary Loan

Pictured: map showing interlibrary loans

Similar to the resource above, interlibrary loan is a free service that gets books, articles or audio/video items that aren’t already part of the school’s collection. Like ArkLink, this service is available for all ATU students, staff, and faculty.

9. Tech Library FAQ

Pictured: a cartoon spelling about the abbreviation FAQ

If you still have questions and can’t seem to find any answers for them, check the library’s FAQ. Here, the answer the most popular questions they receive. If your question wasn’t answered, you can email them through the page and they will email you back directly with an answer.

10. Technology Center

Pictured: row of computers at a library


The technology center has electronic resources available for ATU students. The tech center and lounge rooms have items like Apple TVs, printers, projectors, copiers, and computers among others.

And here are the top 5 best libraries both on and off campus.

1. Ozark Library

Pictured: Ozark Library at Arkansas Tech University

The Ozark Library is dedicated to providing a place for students to learn, research, and discover among the university. The library is open five days a week, nine hours a day.

2. Curriculum Materials Center

Pictured: the Curriculum Material Center at ATU

The center provides curriculum materials and children’s literature for students and staff in the College of Education. The center also has materials such as K-12 textbooks and teacher guides, teacher activity books, lesson planning material, and learning games.

3. Ross Pendergraft Library

Pictured: the Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center at ATU

This library also doubles as a technology center so your study options and resources are endless.

4. Arkansas State Library

Pictured: the Arkansas State Library

This off-campus library is a special library that acts as a state agency within the Arkansas State Government. Here, you can find information and resources for state agencies, legislators, and legislative staffs.

5. Baxter County Library

Pictured: the Baxter County Library


This library is also off-campus and hosts many events annually. So, if you want to get off campus but still get some work done, check out the Baxter County Library.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in providing you with resources at Arkansas Tech University that can help you exceed in your academic career!

Top 10 Coolest Clubs Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University is a public university in Russellville, Arkansas. The school has a variety of undergrad, grad and even doctorate programs. The first doctorate program happened in 2015. Here are 10 clubs that you need to check out.

1. Fisheries and Wildlife Society

 Fisheries and Wildlife Society

This group is dedicated to fisheries and wildlife in the area. They go on different field trips and even do info sessions on the dangers of pollution. If you seek to make a difference in the community join this group , you will also have a great view of nature.

2.Ducks Unlimited

 the official logo for ducks unlimited

Ducks unlimited is the club to join if you have a passion for conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people. It is a group of people that gather to do cleanups for trash as well as talk about the topics to the greater public.

3.Campus Life

 greek life is huge on campus life arkansas tech

Campus Life is group that helps to oversee all the events and happenings of the school. There are no elections for officers and there are no dues to be paid. If you want a large say in how the campus runs this is how to do it. Know the ins and outs of campus.

4.African-American Student Union

 the logo for African-American Student Union

African-American Student Union is a group on campus that is accepting of all. Many students who are African-American are still struggling with the hardships of being a minority. The union is there to be an open arm to gather students, it is meant to make them feel comfortable and loved.

5.Anime Club

 the different shows to watch at anime club

Anime Club is meant for those students who are looking to find like-minded individuals. The club is great to meet new friends and to just network in general. The club is open to suggestions on what to watch and you might find some great new titles.

6.Cricket Club

 example of people playing cricket

Cricket is usually seen as a sport for those countries that are seemed as wealthy. Now the sport is played all over the world. It is a great club to be in if you are looking for a more leisurely game to play. If you are confused how to play the ball game make sure to contact Rajib Choudhury the faculty adviser for more info.

7.Game Design Club

 game design as a career option

If you are interested in what goes on in designing a game this is the club for you. There are many aspects to game design such as graphics as well as creating dialogue and shadowing as well as sound and structure of flow. The group holds workshops and other events that go beyond the classroom load.

8.Yoga Club

 people taking part in yoga

Have you ever wanted an avenue of destressing? Look no further to yoga club. Yoga club is designed to bring students together to enjoy the benefits of yoga. All are welcome from a beginner newbie to even someone who is advanced.

9.Best Buddies

 the logo for best buddies

Best Buddies allow one on one relationships with mentors and those who are suffering from an intellectual or developmental disability. Being paired with a volunteer gives those struggling a chance at normalcy . It allows the person an opened ear for conversation.

10.Delta Zeta

 a logo for delta zeta

Delta Zeta is organization that is a sorority. It is nationally acclaimed and known for all the great contribution to the community. The group is dedicated to philanthropy by holding fundraising events or some sort of service project.

Top Events of the School Year at Arkansas Tech University

1.Delta Zeta New Member Meeting

 a logo for delta zeta

Once inducted into a new sorority or new fraternity the group holds a new member meeting. The meeting for Delta Zeta is a welcome to the new girls as well as an avenue for the girls already in the group to get to know you better.

2.Meet and Greet

 chi alpha campus ministry

The group Chi Alpha Ministries holds a meet and greet to welcome people into the school. This is a great way to try to do some recruiting as well as give advice to new students on different similar groups on campus. Make sure to look out for them at the Bellower.

3.Chapter Meetings

 chapter meetings for sororities and frats

Chapter Meetings are usually an event that happens for most if not all students in some sort of fraternity or sorority. The groups will usually meet on a Monday or a Sunday. These are mandatory meetings and unless there are reasonable excuses you must be there.

4.Where are you Motivation?

 the key elements of motivation

This event is sponsored in part by the Arkansas Tech University Campus life. It will feature a talk that gives you helpful advice to having and keeping motivation up. There will be room for questions. The event is held at Doc Bryan 133.

5.Spooky Study Break

 halloween themed candy and treats

Everyone needs a little time to cool their heads and get out of the books. This event is located at nutt hall. There will be an assortment of different Halloween themed snacks and treats to pick up for FREE. Make sure to pick them up ASAP before they are gone.

Top 7 Dorms at Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University is a public university in Arkansas related to tech fields. Arkansas Tech also offers a variety of on-campus accommodation. Here are their top seven dorms.

1. Caraway Hall

Caraway Hall exterior

Address: 1403 N Arkansas Avenue, Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Caraway Hall is one of the residence halls at Arkansas Tech University. This residence hall is all-female and houses only sorority members. Caraway Hall has singles, doubles and triple options. There is a strong sense of community at Caraway Hall and they have spacious lounges, a laundry room, and wireless internet access.

2. Baswell Hall

Baswell Hall exterior building with students in front of it

Address: 1204 N El Paso Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Baswell Hall is a co-ed dorm in Arkansas Tech University. The dorm is near the stadium and provides a beautiful facade for the stadium with its unique architecture. The residence hall houses the Hospitality Living Community. There are 234 residents living in this hall with two elevators and community style bathrooms.

3. Brown Hall

Brown Hall dorm room with a bed, desk, personal tv, mini fridge, and window

Address: 501 W O Street Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Brown Hall is another co-ed dorm in Arkansas and is the newest one. Brown Hall has newer furniture, new carpeting, new lights, and a newer roof. Brown Hall has 152 co-ed residents, mostly double rooms, wireless internet access, and community style bathrooms.

4. Nutt Hall

Nutt Hall exterior

Address: 1505 N El Paso Avenue Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Nutt Hall is a co-ed residence hall at Arkansas Tech University. Nutt Hall is a five-story structure that has suite arrangements. There are double, triple and quad occupancy rooms. The building is divided into ten wings with two per floor and also includes a common living area.

5. Paine Hall

Paine Hall exterior

Address: 1704 N Glenwood Ave Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Paine Hall is a smaller residence hall and houses only two hundred students. Since Paine Hall is a smaller community, it has its own student government. Paine Hall also has an updated lobby, new floor, and painting.

6. Stadium Suites

Stadium Suites

Address: 107 West L St Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Stadium Suites offers suite-style living and is located south of the Thone Stadium. The suites house only forty-four residents with a living room, two single rooms, and a double room. Stadium Suites is a great place to live for students who do not want a traditional dorm experience.

7. Jones Hall

Jones Hall

Address: 1804 North Boulder Avenue Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Jones Hall is a traditional suite style and co-ed dorm. There are over two hundred residents with mostly double rooms and very few single rooms. Jones Hall houses the Engineering Living Community and has an engineering lab on the first floor.

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at Arkansas Tech University 

1) Room Basics

Dorm room with a bed, bedding, books, desk etc.

  • Bedding
  • Books
  • Room Decor
  • Throw pillows
  • Storage
  • Snacks

2) Food and Snacks

Assortment of snacks

  • Candy
  • Chips
  • Salad
  • Frozen Food (if fridge)
  • Dips
  • Groceries

3) Tech & Entertainment

 laptop computer

  • Laptop
  • Cell phone
  • iClicker (if needed)
  • Chargers
  • Books
  • Netflix

4) School Supplies

Variety of different school supplies

  • Pens
  • Calculators
  • Books
  • Notes

5) Cleaning up & Organizing

Image result for cleaning supplies

  • Wipes
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Sponge
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Mop

6) Campus Gear

Arkansas Tech Campus Gear

  • Campus clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Backpack
  • Hat

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

 Halogen lamp to represent something that is not allowed

  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboard
  • Electric blanket
  • Popcorn
  • Anything that can trigger a fire alarm!

10 of the Easiest Courses at ATU

Arkansas Tech University, commonly referred to as ATU, is a public university that currently educates close to ten thousand students in Russellville, Arkansas. This school has six sub-colleges that allow students to follow their passions and study the topic on their choice. With these six sub-colleges come a variety of courses for students to take. And, what follows is a list of the easiest courses available here at ATU.

1. ANTH 2833 – Cultural Resource Management

This course explores the discipline of cultural resource management, which can be described as a form of applied anthropology. Through an exploration or real-world case studies, students gain an understanding of current federal and state laws pertinent to cultural resource management, disciplinary best practices, and ethical issues.

This image shows how anthropology can overlap with archaeology and heritage.

2. ART 1001 – Introduction to Art

This introductory level course provides students with a university orientation and general introduction to the art program. Students study various topics such as career options, curriculum, studio concentrations, opportunities and program requirements in order to prepare for their specific program of study in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Art Education.

This image shows how art can be created through writing, coloring, and penmanship.

3. CJ 2003 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course gives student an in-depth overview of the criminal justice system and the workings of each component within it. Topics studied include the history, structure, and functions of law enforcement along with the logistics of judicial and correctional organizations.

This image clearly demonstrates the title of this course: Criminal Justice.

4. COMM 1003 – Introduction to Communication

The purpose of this course is to develop within each student an understanding of the various dimensions of speech communication. Furthermore, this course aims to help students increase their ability to function effectively with others in a variety of communication situations.

This image shows microphones that are often used in communication and communication studies.

5. CUL 1011 – Sanitation Safety

This course is Pass/Fail, which makes it significantly easier for students. And, it provides students with the knowledge of food safety in the areas of food service and storage. Students gain knowledge on safe food handling; receiving and storage through preparing and serving. This course will also analyze ethical considerations with regards to food and serving.

This image shows the importance of food safety in every day life.

6. EDFD 1001 – Orientation to Teaching K-12

This education course covers the foundations of teaching, educating, and leading. This class is specifically designed to provide information and expose students to college resources, requirements, and promote the development of practical skills for college success while simultaneously introducing them to educational related topics and issues. In addition, the course will also discuss the current challenges and requirements for the education profession.

This image shows how this course trains students in life and education.

7. GEOG 2023 – Human Geography

This course covers the systematic treatment of the major concepts of human geography and their application to modern problems, including the consideration of population, cultural patterns and processes, political organization of space, agricultural and rural land use, industrialization and economic development, and cities and urban land use.

This image shows the basics of human geography.

8. HIST 1503 – World History to 1500

This course covers the history of humanity from prehistoric times to the sixteenth century. Further, as this is a world history course, all of the globe is covered, not simply one or two regions.

This map shows the world between the 13th and 14th centuries.

9. LEAD 1003 – Introduction to Leadership

This course provides an introduction on leadership, where students will gain an understanding in the concepts, theories, and best practices regarding effective leadership. In addition, students will focus on understanding self and personal leadership both in the present moment and for the future.

This image demonstrates the major character traits that leaders must possess.

10. PHIL 2033 – The Meaning of Life

Prior knowledge of philosophy is not required for this course, as it is intended solo for this with an interest in philosophy as a guiding force for living life. Students consider the following questions: Does life have a meaning or purpose beyond those that we find and create for ourselves? What sources of meaning and purpose can we discover that can make our lives richer and more satisfying?

This quote comments on what the meaning of life is.

Overall, ATU provides students with the opportunity to learn, discover, and explore. Here, the can explore their passions while taking courses that fit their personal ability levels.