Top 5 Coffee Shops for ASU Students

Whether it’s a late nighter or an early morning, coffee gives students the drive to get work done. Arizona State has no shortage of coffee shops, many within walking distance of campus. With the sheer numbers of options available to students, it is safe to say ASU students run on caffeine. For those looking to step away from the usual Starbucks cup, here a just a few of the awesome cups of joe.

1) Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Coffee is a student favorite offering their infamous annihilator iced coffee drinks and flavored red bulls called, “rebels”. With a location on Rural road directly adjacent to campus, the 24 hour coffee joint is within walking distance to thousands of students living in the area. Dutch Bros is also open 24 hours with a drive through to serve students up late studying. Warning: once you have tried a single Dutch Bros coffee, you may never return to Starbucks.

2) Cartel Coffee

Cartel Coffee is a hole in the wall joint which provides the perfect atmosphere for working on a laptop and studying for class. This coffee shop is only a few minutes off campus on University and serves very reasonably priced coffee and specialty drinks. The baristas here are always open to having a conversation and offer very friendly service. Cartel Coffee is a great alternative to the larger chain coffee stops in the area.

3) The Human Bean

The Human Bean coffee shop has much more going for it than simply a unique name. This place has amazing house coffee daily and much lower prices than other coffee competitors. The location is also excellent, a block away from Gateway apartments on University Drive many students drive by this spot on their daily commute to class. Apart from coffee, the Human Bean also blends up some amazing fruit smoothies and a full kid friendly menu. This is a great place for a morning breakfast and coffee stop.

4) Cupz

Cupz is geared towards student customers with it’s low prices and on campus location. This place is perfect for students without a car who live on campus, especially the north end, as it is located at the base of Manzanita hall. Cupz also offers a variety of snacks and sandwiches for hungry customers. The tutoring center is right next door and plenty of seating and lounge areas surround the coffee shop creating a great environment for hanging out with friends or studying.

5) Bikini Beans

Nothing says ASU quite like a coffee shop staffed entirely by bikini wearing girls, who are mostly students themselves. This place is actually very cool, and serves great drinks! The drive through makes a quick stop by easy. Bikini Beans caters mostly to the downtown campus as it is located between Tempe main campus and downtown Phoenix. Many students commuting to downtown campus will pass right by it on their morning drive. If you are looking for a coffee shop mixed with beach vibes, Bikini Beans is just the place.

Coffee is a drink loved around the world, especially by ASU students. With so many great options for coffee around Tempe, it is no surprise that ASU students seem to run on caffeine. Many shops have their own quirks which make them unique, and add extra spice to their own house cup of joe. Each of these coffee shops is special in it’s own way, so be sure to give them all a shot before deciding on a regular favorite!

5 Ways ASU Engineers Can Go Beyond STEM

Engineers at ASU have to take a lot of rigorous courses in order to obtain their diploma. At times, it can be difficult to balance all the college courses as well as extracurriculars and just simply enjoying the college experience. Many engineers have a desire however, to receive an education outside just STEM, but don’t feel they have time in their schedules. However, here are some ideas to help out!

1. Pursue a Certificate

Certificates are similar to obtaining minors, but don’t require as much work. They have students take less classes around 12 credit hours to add this to their resume. Those pursuing STEM degrees can therefore pursue a certificate in something completely outside this scope. For example, there are Computer Science majors looking into certificates in an art field. This is a great way to balance out class types and be able to study something beyond STEM.

2. Study Abroad

This is a fun and memorable college experience to be able to study outside STEM! Especially during the school semester, engineers can feel overwhelmed with tough classes. ASU offers many disparate types of study abroad opportunities. Students can travel for just a couple weeks if they do not want to take a whole semester off, or can even go over summer break and avoid missing classes during the semester all together! The opportunities to study something different then STEM are all over- from art in Paris to literature in Switzerland.

3. Join a Club

This is a very affordable and low commitment outlet for engineers to obtain an education beyond STEM. ASU especially offers a plethora of clubs tailored to a variety of likes and hobbies for its students. They usually meet once a week and allows students to find time around their classes to attend as they are usually at night time. Students can learn about something very casual such as knitting to art history.

4. Research

Research is a very important aspect of college that most students want to take part of at one point in their career. Not only does it look good on resumes, it also offers invaluable experience. Specifically for engineers, there are many STEM related research opportunities. However, although uncommon, it can be a great idea to pursue research in something different than engineering. This makes a thesis project standout and displays breadth in knowledge. There have been past students pursing an engineering degree that perform research in the arts such as dance or even literature.

5. Unique Minors

Minors are similar to certificates but a little more in depth. If you are willing to put in some extra work with classes and homework, it could be great to look into adding a minor to your course work! This allows for engineers to obtain something beyond engineering to place officially on their resume, but it displays something notably achieved. If you are really passionate about a subject outside of engineering, this is a perfect idea.

Engineering is a tough major, but definitely doable with hard work and determination! Don’t feel intimidated that you will only be reading textbooks in the library all four years at college. There are many ways to learn beyond STEM. You can find the best way to incorporate classes or clubs into your schedule and make the most of your college experience!

5 Grocery Stores Around ASU Tempe Campus

Every student needs to go shopping for some essentials like toiletries, stationary or food.  Arizona State University has a great location with many stores nearby.  Plus, all these stores can offer stuff that every type of student needs. Below are a few stores near campus where you can go and buy your daily needs:

1) Walmart

Image result for walmart near me

As we all know,  Walmart is one of the biggest stores and located in almost every city in the United States. There are actually two Walmart’s near the Arizona State University Tempe campus. One of them is the On-Campus Walmart which is located near Vista Del Sol on the East Apache Road. The other one is the Walmart Supercenter, which is much much bigger than the On-Campus one, located on the Southern Avenue. You can get almost everything you need at Walmart and at a very good price.

2) Safeway

Image result for safeway near me

Safeway is one of the best places that offers whatever you need to eat at the best price. Arizona State University students are very lucky to have a Safeway on East Broadway Road, which is very close to campus. It might be a maximum 10 minute walk. If you have the Safeway membership and if you know their weekly offers, you can save a lot of money and get a lot of things in return.

3) Bharat Bazaar

Image result for bharat bazaar near me

Bharat Bazaar, a traditional Indian store, located on East Univesity Drive. It is an Indian grocery store that sells all the Indian food you need. You can get Indian spices which are used to make delicious Indian food, frozen food, Indian snacks and much more. The prices may be a little bit more expensive, but this is just because they are exported items (but definitely worth it).

4) Food City

Image result for food city near me

Food City is the best place to buy food items for your dorm room. Food City is located on the East Apache Road, which is right behind the Sun Devil Fitness Center commonly called the SDFC. Food City sometimes has insane food offers. There are some great offers on every Wednesday of each week, where you can really good quality food for the best price. You can get all the groceries you need for your dorm or  apartment from Food City and store it in the fridge.

5) Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s has many signature items which are really tasty and worth it. The closest one to Arizona State University campus is located on South McClintock Drive. Some of its frozen food is really tasty and they also have the largest variety of food. You can get chopped vegetables, Indian food, Chinese food, and the spices needed to cook.

All the above mentioned places are the close to Arizona State University Tempe campus and the most convenient places to get stuff for your daily lives. Student life can be very strict on the budget, so you should try and visit some of these places to save money and get the best out of what you spend.

5 Things to Know Before Taking ‘The Human Event’ at Barrett, ASU

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University is known to hold the notorious ‘Human Event’ class tailored towards incoming freshmen. It is a rigorous two semester course full of historical and cultural readings. Students spend each week reading books and articles, writing essays, and discussing them in a socratic seminar style class. Here are something to expect before you walk in on your first day.

1. There Will be A LOT of Reading

Expect to spend time reading…a lot. Some weeks will have less than others, but there will be plenty of nights you will have to devote hours to reading. Make sure to balance this with your other work, since it is easy to lose track of time and not devote enough to another class. Try your best not to wait until the night before class (or morning of!) to go over the readings because it will make your discussion rough!

2. Expect Awkward Silences

A lot of times, the professor for Human Event will leave the discussions open for the students. As a socratic seminar style class, the hour and fifteen minutes is typically devoted to a free for all. Students are encouraged to develop their own questions and build upon each other’s point. While some discussions will be riveting and in depth, there will be days where awkward moments happen. No one will say anything for a seemingly eternal few seconds. Don’t worry, eventually someone poses a question..or maybe you will!

3. First Essays will be Rough

Known to be one of the toughest honors classes within Barrett, The Human Event will most definitely challenge you to improve your writing. Expect to receive your first essay and not see the best grade you may have wanted. Don’t worry though- this class is all about improvement and growth. All the professor genuinely care and want to help you improve your reading and writing skills, so keep putting in the work to see the grades improve!

4. Discussions Will Vary

Some discussions will be great and nearly everyone will participate. The professor will barely have to cut in and add their input. Other times, though, it is very slow and thoughts do not always connect. The professor helps more often and introduces questions they believe will help move the discussion along. Expect that sometimes discussions will be slow and even dull at times, but that’s always an opportunity to find your own unique view to share!

5. You Will Learn More Than You Think

As rough as the class can be, over the weeks in each semester you will be surprised by how much you learn. Not only will your breadth of knowledge about culture and history widen, your speaking skills will improve immensely. Each discussion professor stress the importance of critical thinking and expressing your own views as effectively as possibly. Over time, you will see how much your essays as well present ideas more clearly. This will in turn improve other facets of your education as you continue your college career.

The Human Event is a tough class- that is no question. Yet, there are some surprising parts you may have not expected. The most important part is to always do your best and try to improve your skills each discussions. Luckily, all the professors have offices right below the Barrett dorms so it is easy to check in on your progress!

6 Tips for Success in ASU Engineering

Arizona State University‘s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is a world class engineering program, focusing on student immersion in real world projects and hands on learning. It can be difficult to stay on top of every class with a full schedule, especially with all of the extra curricular activities happening around campus. With so much fun to be had, focusing on classes can be hard. Here are a few tips for success in any of the many concentrations under Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

1) Classmates

This is probably one of the most helpful resources at any university. Making acquaintances in classes (especially the more difficult ones) can make all the difference while studying for exams. Making a friend or two in every class gives you someone to text with any due date questions as well as the perfect collaborator for group work. After a semester or two you will likely be familiar with many of the other students in your classes given that all Ira A. Fulton students take the same course load for two years. This makes it easy to find a study buddy or two.

2) Office Hours

Forging relationships with professors early in the semester is always a good idea. A strong relationship with a professor can offer a student anything from grade leniency to career advice. Above all, attending a professor’s office hours is statistically proven to increase a student’s grade in the course. If you have an unanswered question from lecture, office hours are the perfect place to get a one on one explanation.

3) Tutoring

ASU offers at least one tutoring center on each campus, with the main Tempe campus offering over 4 separate tutoring facilities. Subjects being tutored change daily and hourly, so a schedule is available online for students. The best part about tutoring? The tutors themselves are also students, and 99% of the time the tutor has already taken the class you need help with. This is the perfect setting to receive customized help in a specific area. The tutoring center is a great place to sit down and work on homework, then when a question arises a tutor is only a mouse click away.

4) Sleep Schedule

Just as important as any good study habit, is a good sleep schedule. Studies show a student is more alert and capable of retaining information after 7+ hours of sleep. Throughout a college career, some late nights will inevitably be necessary, but in general it is best to sleep by 1 or 2. For this reason, it is especially important to take care in choosing room mates, ideally ones also in an engineering program!

5) Nutrition

This one is especially important. Being hungry in class makes it almost impossible to retain information, not to mention the drowsiness that tends to accompany hunger. A large morning meal is the foundation to a productive day in class, and nutritious (and portable) snacks make it much easier to get through the day. A few student snack staples include bananas, beef jerky for meat eaters, fibrous energy bars, and smoothies. Smoothies are especially helpful when packed with leafy greens and fruit, and they are easy to take to class in a canteen or re usable water bottle!

6) Don’t Miss Lecture

It is very easy to self justify missing a lecture or two, and the occasional missed class may not be a death sentence. However, consistently missing lectures can cause some serious issues for your grades and for relationships with professors (which are incredibly valuable in engineering courses!). One key to making morning attendance a success is sleeping at a reasonable hour, which can be very difficult but will ultimately pay dividends. Another technique for being ready for class is staying on campus between classes. If you have an hour or two gap between classes, rather than running home consider taking advantage of one of many on campus facilities including the fitness center, tutoring center, and library. Alternatively, find a comfy couch anywhere on campus and catch a quick nap.

Arizona State‘s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering can be a place for incredibly in depth learning and career preparation. These are a few tips that are guaranteed to help students maximize learning in their engineering classes, prepare for careers, and take advantage of resources available around ASU to help future engineers be successful. College is not cheap, so it is always best to make the most of it!

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations for ASU Students

March is a great month to be a student at Arizona State. Packed with pool parties, amazing weather, and most importantly Spring Break, the nonstop fun can make it hard not to miss a class or two. Right at the heart of it all is the beloved holiday that is Spring Break. Whether fleeing south of the border, heading out to the west coast, or hopping on a plane to Miami, Spring Break is the best time to let loose with friends.

1) Rocky Point

Situated just a few hours drive south of the border and only 4 hours from Arizona State, Rocky Point is the perfect place to get the full blown Mexico spring break experience without breaking the bank. In Rocky Point, aka Puerto Penasco, a strip of super luxury resorts lines the beach and creates a private party paradise for college students. The water is warm, the clothing is minimal, and the legal drinking age is 18. What more could one ask for in the month of March?

2) Cabo Wabo

Cabo San Lucas, also known as Cabo Wabo, features such bars as the infamous Mango Deck and Squid Roe all nestled amongst numerous high end resorts and hotels. Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula so a plane flight is almost required. This can make the trip slightly more expensive, but it is more than worth it for this unforgettable Spring Break party experience.

3) Miami

Miami beach is a massively popular destination for ASU students on Spring Break. Home to the notorious Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival, Miami is a 24/7 party in the month of March. This is a great destination that does not require a passport! Only a plane flight away, Miami spring break is a great place to meet thousands of other college students from eastern universities as well. March is truly the month the Sunshine State earns it’s stripes.

4) Cancun

Cancun is truly the ultimate Spring Break destination for ASU students looking to escape the country and dip their feet in the Caribbean. Flush with beach front parties and crawling nightlife, Cancun is the sure to make all of your friends jealous. Rumor has it, Corona is cheaper than water and Tequila is on tap in this tropical paradise. Plenty of big name DJ’s also descend on Cancun in the month of March to play nightclub shows as well as beach front parties.

5) Mission Beach

No passport required for this one, Mission Beach San Diego is a Spring Break hot spot located only 5 hours by car from ASU on the California Coast. The 5 mile long beachfront is packed all day long throughout March, almost all of it with west coast college students on Spring Break. Epic flotilla parties (pictured above) are an annual tradition during March. At night, Pacific Beach is only 10 minutes away and offers a wide variety of night life including Backyard Bar and Duck Dive.

Due to Arizona State‘s central location, the options for Spring Break are vast. To the west, San Diego is only 5 hours by car. To the south, Rocky Point requires only a passport and a half day drive. Plane flights to Cancun and Cabo are almost too convenient. Whichever destination you choose, Spring Break at ASU will not disappoint.

5 Interesting Things in Noble Library at ASU

Noble library as we all know is one of the best libraries not only at Arizona State University but in the whole United States. Talking about Noble Library, The students at Arizona State University studying at the Tempe campus have conveyed through a survey that the best place to study with all the facilities they need on campus is the Noble Library. This library is open 24 hours and has a studios environment which helps the student to focus on its work rather than getting distracted.

1) Moving shelves

Image result for moving shelves noble asu


Arizona State University is considered to be Number 1 in Innovation. They have proved us in many ways by showing its innovation skill and they still show us with the help of their library. The noble library has moving electronic shelves which are really cool. One big benefit of these moving shelves is that it consumes a very less amount of space and makes the sorting of all the books very easy. This helps the students to find the book they need faster.

2) Wireless printers

Image result for printers noble asu


Wireless printers are something very important for every student. Students need to print their projects, quizzes and notes that they need for their studies. Noble library at Arizona State University has wireless printers which are accessible 24 hours and through the student’s laptop too. The ASU student can take printouts from his laptop or use the computer at the library and take printouts.

3) Private Study rooms

Image result for private study rooms noble asu


Private study rooms are something every student at Arizona State University needs. There are few classes where you are required to work in groups and therefore the study rooms come in use. You can use them to study with few other friends and discuss stuff freely. The Private study rooms also have the whiteboard and its pen so that you can use the board for better understanding.

4) Silent Study room

Image result for silent study rooms noble asu


Again this is something only the number one school for innovation can do, Silent study rooms. There is a big room on the second floor of the Noble library which is specially assigned for silent study. Over here no one is allowed to make a little bit of noise too. Every student over here is expected to study silently and focus on the work.

5) Writing center

Image result for writing center noble asu


The third floor of Noble Library has a writing center which helps the students to succeed in the English language, which is not their first language, and also helps those students at Arizona State University in their Essays for their English classes. Generally the tutors over there are the students who have done really well in English classes or those who are fluent in English as language.

Concluding it, Arizona State University has two libraries: Noble Library and the Hayden Library in which Noble being the more used by the students due to the above-mentioned facilities it provides. The noble library is a very nice and appropriate place for students to study who cannot study in their dorm rooms. If you haven’t visited the Noble Library then you should consider visiting it.

5 Indian Events to Join at ASU

Arizona State University is the university with one of the highest number of International students enrolled. Futhermore, there are many Indians at the Tempe campus. Many years ago, a group of Indian students formed a group that organizes Indian events on campus so that students who come from India can celebrate a few of their festivals. They also meet other Indian students so that they feel less homesick and can make a lot friends.

1) Holi

Image result for holi asu


Holi is one of the most enjoyable and highly celebrated Indian festivals. Holi is basically known as the festival of colors. People usually celebrate it in the first week of March. Everyone who celebrates Holi apply colors on each other faces. Arizona State University‘s Indian organization also organizes Holi festival every year and helps the Indian students celebrate this beautiful festival and enjoy their culture. Along with organizing the celebration, they also cater Indian food for everyone participating in the festival.

2) Navratri

Image result for navratri asu


Navratri is a Gujarati festival celebrated in the month of October. In India, this festival lasts for almost nine days and the people celebrating this festival dance the traditional Navratri dance called Garba for all nine days. At Arizona State University, Navratri is not celebrated for nine days straight but it is celebrated for 1-2 days. All the students play Garba during the celebration and remember their Indian culture.

3) Events by Andaaz

Image result for andaazasu


Andaaz is a group of Indians at Arizona State University, Temp campus. Andaaz emphasizes dance, community, and culture not only throughout campus, but across the nation as well. This group, Andaaz, also organizes a few events throughout the year for students at Arizona State University. The events are usually Dance parties which are considered really fun and one of the best Indian events.

4) Events by Indian club

Image result for indians club asu


Apart from the Andaaz group, there is also an Indian organization which organizes other interesting and fun events. Holi and Navratri are a few of the events organized by the Indian group. Apart from Holi and Navratri, there are many other events organized which help to spread the Indian culture and helps people experience Indian festivals in the United States.

5) Diwali event

Image result for diwali asu


One of the highly celebrated Indian festivals is Diwali. Diwali is a festival of happiness, celebrated in the month of October. Every person from India, no matter the region, will celebrate Diwali. Since Diwali is very close to every Indian. The Andaaz group of Arizona State University organizes this Diwali event to celebrate and have fun with other Indian students.

Indian festivals are very important to every Indian and especially the youngsters from India. The students who have traveled from all over India to study in the United States, left their culture and country and will definitely miss these festivals. That is why all the Indian clubs on campus started by the Indians organizes these events to celebrate the festival and it also helps to meet new Indian students. Hopefully, you find this informative and have fun to enjoy Indian culture.

10 Things that Will Surprise You About Barrett at ASU

Barrett is the Honors College at ASU. It provides students with the opportunity to take on another challenges  in college and increase the rigor or their studies. It has its many perks, and is located at the corner of the Tempe campus.

1. Dining Hall


The Barrett Dining hall is known to be the best dining hall on campus! They provide the most variety of food and ensure their students get the best. The best desserts are served and they have the best vegan options too. An all year round gelato bar is also a highlight- and hey…they are the only dining hall on campus that has avocado!

2. Close Classrooms


The freshman class, known as ‘Human Event’ is a staple for the Barrett students. It involves reading many cultural and historical books and texts to then discuss them in a socratic seminar style in class. Lucky for the honors students, all these classrooms are located within the Barrett community. There are many classrooms in each of the separate dorms. This makes it super convenient to roll out of bed, walk down stairs and be at your classroom!

3. Burning B


In college, we all know how important coffee is. Of course, there are several Starbucks and coffee shops around campus, but there is a unique one in Barrett. It is named ‘Burning B’ and is actually within the Honors Hall. They proudly serve Starbucks. This is the best way to start your day without having to walk halfway across campus! It is also a great place to study if you need to get out of your dorm.

4. Style Dorms


Barrett offers many different types of dorm rooms. They have the typical shared room and shared bath option, but also a single room with a shared bath. This makes it nice when you want your own room but not to spend as much for a studio. Speaking of which, there are some studio rooms as well for Barrett. Yet, the most popular choice is the suite style! This gets you your own room, shared living space, and kitchenette.

5. Vista


Vista is known to be the honors upperclassmen housing. It is apartment style which is super nice! It is very close in proximity to the Freshman Barrett dorms, as it is just across the street. Walmart, Jimmy Johns, Frozen Yogurt, and several other shops divide the two. Vista is something to look forward to as they have their own pool, gym, and a definite upgrade in dorm styles!

6. Scholarship Office


National Scholarships are a definite way to help yourself stand out to employers. That is why it is nice for ASU‘s Barrett students that the actual office to support students is located within the Barrett complex. Just above Burning B, there is a office that is open all weekdays. Students can either make appointments are walk in and learn more about how to compete for these scholarships. They include Goldwater, Fulbright, and Killam.

7. Front Desk Help


Barrett has a front desk that is staffed by a community member 24/7. This makes it very easy to find help right away. It is meant to provide support and help to freshmen especially during the first year. This ensures there will always be someone to help out during any emergency. They have information to guide students when in need.

8. Constant Support


Barrett is known to offer an immense amount of support. It really wants all its students to succeed, so there are regular check ups on students. Students will have specific honors advisors beyond their regular major advisor. They ensure students are on track to graduate with honors and provide any type of support for each and every student. Furthermore, students receive the ‘Barrett Digest’ email every day about ways to get involved on campus and further their academic careers.

9. Tight Knit Community


A lot of comparisons are made between Barrett and small liberal arts colleges. This is because Barrett itself, in the midst of all of ASU, resembles this. The students are all very studios and take rigorous courses. This creates bonds and close friendships. Students can go out onto campus, but then reside back behind the Barrett gates in their own special community. It is surprising by how calming it is to have a separate community within the whole campus.

10. Opportunities


ASU is such a large campus and has an abundance of opportunities, but Barrett especially promotes many opportunities to its students. Most times, these are only for Barrett students. For example, there guest speakers that give lectures within the Barrett complex. Also, on the non academic, side, Barrett will host specific recreational events to unite students. One instance was a trip up to SnowBowl for a very low price that included rental skis/snowboards, a lift ticket, and transportation.

Barrett is definitely a choice to consider when attending ASU. There is a lot of information on the website, but still there are many surprising facets to it. It is a great place to be when you need to escape the huge campus beyond the gates. Next time you stop by ASU, make sure to visit Barrett!

5 Popular Study Abroad Opportunities at ASU

Many students say they went to study abroad at one point during their college careers. Those who do always seem to have amazing stories to tell with life lessons learned as well as life long friends made. Although it can be difficult to organize your schedule to find time and a little daunting at first, but ASU provides the best support! College flies by, but before you let it, check out these study abroad options.

1. Faculty Directed Travel

This is a great choice if you do not want to spend a huge amount of time away from school and classes. You get to travel with other ASU students and it is a little more controlled. A faculty member or more will direct the trip. You have a lot of days planned out for you which means less stress of organizing your own schedule. You even have the option to travel over summer break. Some trips include learning about culture and literature in Switzerland or immersing yourself in the arts around Paris!

2. Intensive Global Study

This is also taken with an ASU faculty member. You are able to earn credit as well for studying in whichever field you choose. It is another great option when the long term study abroad options do not seem feasible. It occurs over breaks such as Fall or Spring break. It can be around 7-10 days. It provides students with the opportunity to really experience the global study abroad options without having to commit so much time in a semester.

3. Exchange Programs

This program involves taking courses at a selected university while studying abroad. Financially, it can be a nice option because whatever fees are scholarships a student has at ASU will be seamlessly transferred to the chosen university. You will immerse yourself in a new culture and speak a foreign language. It takes course over summer or a selected semester. Although it is more long term, it is the most independent for students!

4. Partnership Study

This study abroad opportunity involves taking courses with American, local, and international students. It takes place over the course of a semester and the fees will cover costs of housing, tuition, and extra trips. It must be with an ASU partner organization, which there are many choices to choose from! It is mostly taught in English, so the fluency of another language is not required.

5. Scholarship Summer Study

ASU also promotes the National Scholarship opportunities which can lead to students studying abroad either over summer or during a semester. It involves different types of programs such as independent global and exchange programs. For example, the Killam Scholarship is popular where students who are awarded this will travel to Canada and swap a semester (fees included) to take courses in a University.

Since college truly does fly by, start planning now! If studying abroad is something on your list of things to complete before graduation, talk to a counselor now. There are peer advisors and many offices on campus that support students in this way.  You can narrow down which option will be best and hopefully before you know it you’ll be on an airplane set to see a new part of the world!