App State University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Appalachian State University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in North Carolina. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at App State University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around North Carolina.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHE 1101Introductory Chemistry I
CHE 1110Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1102Introductory Chemistry II
CHE 1120Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 2201Organic Chemistry I
CHE 2203Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHE 2202Organic Chemistry II
CHE 2204Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
CHE 2210Quantitative Analysis
CHE 2211Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
MAT 1110Calcuus with Analytical Geometry I
MAT 1120Calcuus with Analytical Geometry II
MAT 2110Techniques of Proof
MAT 2240Introduction to Linear Algebra
MAT 2130Calculus with Analytical Geometry III

10 Hardest Courses at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University was founded in 1899 originally as a teacher’s college. In 1967 it was institutionalized as a university offering 176 undergraduate programs, 47 graduate programs and a few doctorates in educational leadership. In 2017 it was awarded the 9th place in the U.S News and World Report magazine’s ‘Best Regional Universities in the South’. With an estimate of 18,100 undergraduate enrollees enjoying 415 acres of rural campus. Appalachian State University is a great university to earn your degree, on the other hand, its reputation only means that they offer a lot of challenging courses.

1. BIO 4570 – Parasitology

Parasitology laboratory at the Appalachian State University.

It is safe to assume that anything scienc- related would be a difficult to pass. Biology is among the branches of science that is too difficult to understand without having passion for the subject. Parasitology is a course where you will study parasites and organisms focusing on their practical applications for medical and veterinary studies. A main topic for this course is the veterinary importance of arthropod and helminthic organisms.

2. ACC 5210 – Advanced Managerial Accounting

Accounting class discusses how commodity affects the market.

If accounting is difficult for you, then this course will be much more problemtic. Advanced Managerial Accounting focuses of course in accounting, but with an added twist. The course contains informative content and application of the student’s role in critical decision making. Topics will include business and non-business principles that help the accounting industry integrate.

3. TEC 4618 – Sustainable Building Design and Construction

Sustainable energy designed by students of Appalachian State University.

Sustainable Building Design and Construction is theapplication of its pre-requisites, which makes it difficult to go through. Thiscourse presents the principles and practices for a sustainable design andconstruction. The course is mixed not only with construction techniques, butalso with effective technology variables, such as water efficiency, passivesolar design and indoor air quality. Expect to use unconventional softwareprogramming materials for building designs when taking this course.

4. FIN 5020 – Applied Financial Analysis

Professor explaining various formulas in financial analysis.

Applied Financial Analysis packages the principles offinancial structures and use of modern electronic programs. The course offers capitalbudgeting and working capital management. This course also adds an applicationfor financial structure decisions, which makes it one step harder than thestandard finance and banking courses.

5. CJ 5670 – Crime Analysis and Criminal Justice Planning

Criminology class at the Appalachian State University.

This is the application of most of its pre-requisites, from research methods to criminal court studies. Crime Analysis and Criminal Justice Planning is an observation of effective justice policies. Added application of justice policy process and influence will be also tackled in this course. Planning of tested policies from regional, state, and national scope will be emphasized in this course.

6. CS 5570 – Design and Analysis of User Interfaces

Computer laboratory at the Appalachian State University where software and hardware parameters are discussed.

Human-computer interface theories and principles will be studied in this course. Design and Analysis of User Interfaces is one of the hardest courses at Appalachian State University because of the overall studies of user audience, interface architecture, design issues, and social technology issues. This course practices written, oral, and application of interface. Development, testing, and evaluation of different and specified designs will be also applied in this course.

7. STT 4812 – Statistical Concepts and Applications II with Probability Modeling

Group competition in Probability class.

This course is hard simply because of its mathematical principles. Statistical Concepts and Application presents the introduction to design of experiments and modeling relations of variables, regression models and logistics. In this course, concepts will be developed with exceptional simulations. Concepts will also be developed though simulations and problem-solving. It’s no wonder why statistics, a mathematical branch, will always be one of the hardest course.

8. MUS 5006 – Philosophy of Music

Broyhill Music center at Appalachian State University.

Philosophy of Music is a hard course. One can’t simply sing or play music without knowledge of the principles behind it. In this course, students will be studying the major principles in both historical and contemporary perspective. Different music methodology will also be examined in this course.

9. CS 3667 – Software Engineering

Testing a software project for the university digital walk through.

This course is one of the trending courses that students want to take around the world. Software Engineering isn’t easy at it seems because of the mixed principles between mathematics, electronics, and systematical engineering. Computer-aided software engineering will also be used for application and object-oriented modeling

10. PHY 4860 – Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy

Low Vacuum electron scanning at Physics laboratory.

Last but not the least, physics. Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy is the study of fundamental principles of electron microscopy. The course includes the study of electron optical components like electron guns, lenses, stigmators, and deflectors. Physics theory and principles will be heavily exercised in this course. Expect quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques development in this course.

Appalachian State University is generally recognized for its remarkable graduates and their innovation over their selected industry. Appalachian State University is focused on student empowerment and potential. Because of these standards, students are excited to be part of the university’s historic progress. With all that said, hard courses might be experienced inside the university’s walls, but excellence will be awarded to those who pass the challenges Appalachian State University has to offer.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University can provide anybody with an exceptional degree, proving to be an invaluable opportunity for thousands of students every year. We’ve listed our favorite and coolest classes at Appalachian State University. Find out which ones made the list below.

1. A S 5035 – Local Music

Music scores on a piano

All in relation to folk and popular music in Northwestern North Carolina in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is a super unique class, that explores music styles in a new, interesting way.

2. B E 5510 – Office Management

Working in an office

This might not sound like the coolest class, but we promise it’s really great. This studies all the responsibilities that a modern office may have, all from a management viewpoint.

3. BIO 5570 – Parasitology

A bug on a net

A study into protozoan, arthropod and helminthic parasites, with a focus on medical and veterinary work. This is not only super interesting but will prove to be super useful in post-grad life.

4. GWS 5650 – Feminist Theories

A person writing in a red notebook

This is a cool class as it focuses on contemporary theories – a slight change to most. This way,you can analyse gender-based inequalities that exist in today’s world, hopefully giving you insight into how you can help.

5. IND 5565 – Applied Furniture Design and Construction

A chair, a vase and a desk

Obviously a cool class. Where else would you be able to design and construct a piece of traditional or contemporary furniture, as part of your studies? You could even add it to your dorm.

6. P S 5400 – Washington at Work

The white house

This class combined academia with a hands on exploration of Washington, D.C. How cool is that? It includes a week in Washington, D.C. as well as classroom teaching.

7. PSY 5701 – Personality Assessment

post it notes with a different facial expressions on it

We’ve all been made to fill them out, but do they really work? This class considers the underlying theories, validity and reliability of these personal assessments. You might learn a lot in this class.

8. GS 5510 – Environmental Problems

Hands painted with the world map on it

A pressing issue in today’s world, making it super important to study. It looks at the history and culture aspects of environmental problems and any possible solutions. This would be a great class to study, for the world, too.

9. C S 5740 – Digital Image Processing

computers with digital images

This class could contribute to so much – like, engineering, medicine and science. For the modern world, a class like this is super important and could really change the future.

10.TEC 5604 – Sustainable Transportation

Tesla electric cars

Be a part of the future with this cool class. Focusing on the emerging technologies of bicycles, electric vehicles, energy and alternative fuels, you’ll be shaping the way the world moves around

An amazing institution, with amazing classes to match. Appalachian State University has everything you could dream of.

Restaurant and Cafes at Appalachian State University

While college can be a tough time for students, they also need time to relax and have fun. A great way to relax is to go to the local restaurants and cafes near the university. While the food may not always be great, it is perfect for hungry, broke college students. Here are the 7 restaurants and cafes at Appalachian State University

1. Macado’s

Food at the restaurant

The first restaurant on this list is Macado’s. This is a pub style restaurant that serves things such as burgers and hot dogs. There is always some game on the televisions, so it is a great spot for anyone that loves a good sports bar. There is a lot of sports memorabilia, and the staff is very friendly. While the food may not be the best, the atmosphere makes up for that.

2. Melanie’s

Some of the food at the restaurant

The second restaurant on this list is Melanie’s. While this is a more expensive restaurant it is really nice for a special occasion. It is a country style meal, and is open from morning until night. There are so many different options students can choose from on the menu. In the morning they can have amazing eggs and at night they can have a really tasty burger. 

3. Dan’l Boone Inn

Some food at the restaurant

The third restaurant on this list is Dan’l Boone Inn. This is a very special restaurant. It is located in the town’s oldest building, and is now an inn. The Dan’l Boone Inn Restaurant serves comfort food style cuisine, which is perfect for stressed out college students. It can be pretty expensive so students usually come her for celebrations.

4. Wild Craft Eatery 

People eating at the restaurant

The fourth restaurant on this list is Wild Craft Eatery. This is a brewery type of restaurant, but they also serve wine and spirits. Usually students who are of age to drink come here for some nice cuisine and drinks, however students who are not legal to drink can come and eat as well. It is a really nice restaurant for students who love a nice place to eat and drink.

5. Proper

Some of the food at the Proper restaurant

The fifth restaurant on this list is Proper. This is a very aesthetically pleasing location that serves southern comfort food. Students can decide to either eat inside the restaurant or outside. It is a really nice place to go for some lunch or an early dinner. The staff is extremely nice and professional, and the food is truly amazing.

6. Red Onion Cafe

Inside of the restaurant

The sixth restaurant on this list is the Red Onion Cafe. This is also another aesthetically pleasing location that also serves comfort food. It is very airy, and students can choose between outside and inside seating. The atmosphere is very nice, and is a very comfortable location. 

7. Vidalia

Outside of the restaurant

The seventh restaurant on this list is Vidalia. This is a very casual cafe that is a perfect spot to relax. It is very beautiful on the inside, and the food is placed on the plate in a great way. Students really love coming here for a great meal, and a nice place to relax. 

Health and Wellness Services at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University is located in Boone, North Carolina, and is one of the most beautiful and well-attended schools in its area. Appalachian State was founded as a teacher’s college in 1899 by brothers B.B. and D.D. Dougherty. Today, though, it is a public, co-educational university with almost 200 majors offered. With so many students interested in a variety of subjects, it is no surprise that Appalachian State University has the health and wellness services to cater to everyone!

1. University Police

This shows one of the best officers on campus!

In addition to patrolling and enforcing critical laws and rules, the University Police Department posts Crime Alerts on campus when serious incidents occur. The University Police also provide instructions on how to prevent or report crime, and these can  be found on their website. The University also supports a campus escort service, titled Mountaineer Safe Ride, which is operated specifically by the Parking and Traffic Department section of the Police Department. Students who need an escort to or from any campus owned building or parking lot can call 262-RIDE between 7:00 P.M. and 2:45 A.M., 7 days per week.

2. Counseling and Psychological Services

Screening is one of the services offered by the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

The Counseling and Psychological Services Center offers services to students who are currently enrolled in courses at ASU. The Counseling Center provides all interested students with an Initial Consultation. During this initial meeting, the counselor will recommend services to meet the student’s needs. Such services include short-term individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, educational programming, and prevention programs, as well as emergency mental health services.

3. M.S. Shook Student Health Service

This poster advertises for the SHS!

There are a variety of general health services offered to students here. First of all, the purpose of the Clinic is to evaluate students without pre-scheduled appointments. This Clinic is best used for the management of acute illness or injury, like a cold or rash. Further, the SHS prefers that all chronic visits be scheduled through the appointment desk, as it gives them more time to prepare and match students with a doctor who specializes in that particular issue.

4. Daymark Recovery Services

This building shows the Daymark Recovery Service Center.

Daymark Recovery Services is a non-profit organization that aims to provide comprehensive behavioral healthcare services to students and the larger Boone community. All staff are highly qualified individuals who have been trained to give individuals the care they need. Each of the facilities has a core set of of service options available, however; some centers offer various group meetings or community outreach programs, too.

5. The Red Flag Campaign

This image shows a variety of students supporting and promoting the Red Flag Campaign.

The Red Flag Campaign is a campus-based campaign designed to raise awareness and educate people about being active bystanders. It encourages people to speak up if they see a “Red Flag” on campus. “Red Flags” can include sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence ,and stalking. Sexual violence and dating abuse are visible on college campuses, and it is absolutely preventable–especially with active bystanders. People can be educated and motivated to intervene when they see a Red Flag and stop perpetration before it happens- and that’s just what Appalachian State University’s Red Flag Campaign is all about.

In summation, Appalachian State provides students with the chance to grow as individual thinkers, learners, and people. Though various initiatives and programs aimed at increasing physical and mental well-being, Appalachian State works towards improving the quality of life for the overall campus community.



Top 10 Majors at Appalachian State University

Are you still wondering what you want to do for the rest of your life? There is still plenty of time to do so. No one will know exactly how their own career will play out, but majoring in something will surely help you to find something you may want to have a job in. Below are some of the top majors at Appalachian State University!

1. Accounting 


Are you interested in learning and working with numbers? This major is all about the money and the math as well! As an accounting major, you will learn the ins and outs of banking, trends in the economy, and how to handle cash and transactions.

2. Anthropology

A graphic of the word anthropology

What exactly is anthropology? This major will uncover the depths of trends within society and cultures. Students will also learn about the field of anthropology and the careers that many anthropologists can have upon graduating.

3. Biology

A graphic of the word biology

This major will give students an inside look on the field of biology. Students will learn how biology works to help us understand the nature of science as well. Topics that will be discussed include biological science of animals, DNA, and more.

4. Chemistry

Tools that are used in chemistry

Do you have chemistry? This major will explore chemistry. Students will learn about how chemicals work and react with one another. Students will also explore what it takes to become a chemists and to have a career that relates to their major.

5. Commercial Photography 

An inside look at a shoot

Are you into taking pictures? Students in this major will learn about how photography works and acts as a commercial. Students will learn about taking pictures for commercials, how to take different pictures from different angles, and more.

6. Criminal Justice

A depiction of the criminal justice system

This major will explore the role of the criminal justice system around the world. Students will also learn about how criminal justice works to help nations have a sense of order. Students will also learn about different legal cases that have affected the world around us.

7. Computer Science

A computer that is programming

As a computer science major, you will learn about how computers work. Students will learn about the art of programming, how computers work to help us on a daily basis, and how to solve many problems using computers that are around us.

8. Economics

A graphic of the word economics

Do you know where your money goes? If you like to count your money all the time, then this one is for you. As an economics major, you will learn all about the trends in the world economy, how economics works in the world, and more. Students will also learn about money and banking.

9. History

A graphic of the History Channel symbol

Do you like to explore history? Students in this major will explore the history of the world. Students will learn about how history allows us to see into the future and how history has affected our future in many ways whether it be negative or positive.

10. Music Therapy


Are you a music person? Can it help people? This major will explore music therapy and how therapy works to help others who are in need. Students will also explore how music is used as a form of therapy for individual and group sessions.

10 Appalachian State Library Resources You Need to Know

On any campus, the library is an invaluable resource for all students. It’s the perfect space to get work done alone or as a group. That’s no exception at Appalachian State University. Keep reading to discover all the resources your library offers.

1) Course reserves

Many courses have extra resources available online.

Instructors at ASU often collaborate with the library to create course reserves for their students. Here, you can access homework, practice problems, and text passages. In addition, you’ll find anything else your instructor thinks could be helpful.

2) Research databases

Databases are an amazing start for research.

This is the perfect place to start for you next big project or paper. With so many databases accessible to students, you can find sources for virtually any topic. From science to humanities databases, Appalachian State students are lucky enough to have access to all of them.

3) Video collections

An example of a camera you could check out through the library.

Similar to the above resource, the video collections are an archive of movies and videos that can assist in research. Not to mention, they can add a little extra pizzazz to a presentation.

4) Group study rooms

An example of a group study room on campus.

For a group of students looking to complete a group project or long study session, this is the perfect thing. Reserve a study room now and get your own private space to work together.

5) Print, copy, scan, and fax

You can print at the library for a small price.

Head to the library now to print, copy, or scan anything you may need for classes or homework. You can even fax, if needed. All can be done for a small price.

6) 3D printing

Visit the library today to utilize the 3D printer.

Perhaps one of the most unique resources that ASU has to offer, this modern resource can be helpful. It can definitely add an awesome visual aspect to your next project. And no doubt your professors will be impressed!

7) Audio and video recording rooms

These professional recording devices are great for any project

In the 21st Century, it’s unlikely you’ll take a class that doesn’t require the use of technology. If your next project includes any kind of video or voiceover, then the audio and video recording rooms were made for you. Simple head online and reserve the space in the same way you would a study room.

8) Game development room

A student busy at work with game development.

These rooms are another unique resource. Here, you can find a variety of video games, including in the up and coming field of virtual reality. Additionally, there are computers available to help you develop your very own game software.

9) Library instruction

A library workshop at Appalachian State University.

This resource offers students the chance to learn how to cite, create bibliographies, begin research, and follow style guides, among many other things. Citation styles can be confusing. That’s why it’s a great resource for any student confused about formatting on their next paper.

10) Technology checkout

If your computer is broken, try checking one out at the library.

The library checks out laptops, video cameras, tablets and many other things. As a whole, there’s a number of different technologies that students can check out for personal or educational use.

Libraries at Appalachian State University

1) Belk Library

The Belk Library, located on campus at Appalachian State University.

Located right on campus, this is an awesome space for students to study and get work done. With quiet areas overlooking the mountains and trees around campus, it’s beautiful too.

2) Watauga Public Library

The Watauga Public Library, a great area located just downtown.

This library is located downtown in Grandview Heights. However, it’s great for any student looking for a change of scenery. Additionally, it can offer other books and sources that aren’t available on campus.

3) Northwest Area Health Center Library

This library offers a number of biology-related and medical resources.

This library is actually located in the Watauga Medical Center. Although small, it is again a great place for a change of scenery. In addition, there are many medical resources available, making it great for the next biology lab.

Top 10 Dorms at Appalachian State University

Welcome to Appalachian State University! Congrats on coming to such a great school.  You made a big decision to come here, and now it’s time to make another big decision: what dorm to live in!  Read this article to find out what dorm you will like best.

1) Appalachian Heights Residence Hall

Outside the Appalachian Heights Residence Hall.

Residence Address: 536 Bodenheimer Dr, Boone, NC 28608

The Appalachian Heights dorm is located on the West side of campus.  It is apartment style and is co-ed by suite. The rate by semester/year is $2,700.00 / $5,400.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

2) Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH)

Inside Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH).

Residence Address: 949 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone, NC 28608

The Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH) is located on the East side of campus.  It is hotel style and is exclusively for female students. The rate by semester/year is $2,685.00 / $5,370.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

3) Belk Hall

Inside Belk Hall.

Residence Address: 324 Stadium Heights Dr, Boone, NC 28608

Belk Hall is located on the West side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by wing. The rate by semester/year is $2,488.00 / $4,976.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

4) Bowie Hall

Inside Bowie Hall

Residence Address: 418 Stadium Heights Dr, Boone, NC 28608

Bowie Hall is located on the West side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by floor. The rate by semester/year is $2,235.00 / $4,470.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

5) Cannon Hall

Inside Cannon Hall.

Residence Address: 536 Bodenheimer Dr, Boone, NC 28608

Cannon Hall is located on the East side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by room. The rate by semester/year is $2,488.00 / $4,976.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

6) Coltrane Hall

Inside Coltrane Hall.

Residence Address: 536 Bodenheimer Dr, Boone, NC 28608

Coltrane Hall is located on the West side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by wing. The rate by semester/year is $2,235.00 / $4,470.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

7) Cone Hall

Inside Cone Hall.

Residence Address: 135 Brown Street, Boone, North Carolina 28608

Cone Hall is located on the East side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by wing. The rate by semester/year is $2,488.00 / $4,976.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

8) Doughton Hall

Inside Doughton Hall.

Residence Address: 222 Hardin Street, Boone, NC 28608

Doughton Hall is located on the East side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by room. The rate by semester/year is $2,488.00 / $4,976.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

9) East Hall

Inside East Hall.

Residence Address: 175 Locust St, Boone, NC 28608

East Hall is located on the East side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is Co-Ed by wing. The rate by semester/year is $2,305.00 / $4,610.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

10) Eggers Hall

Inside Eggers Hall.

Residence Address: 388 Stadium Heights Dr, NC 28608

Doughton Hall is located on the West side of campus.  It is traditional dorm style and is exclusively for female students. The rate by semester/year is $2,235.00 / $4,470.00.  This residence hall is smoke free!

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Appalachian State University

1) Room Basics

A decorated dorm room.

When you start college at Appalachian State University, you’ll want to have several things with you in your room! Be sure to include: comfortable sheets, blankets, a comforter, a good mattress pad, pillowcases, and pillows.  You’ll also want to have your alarm clock (if you don’t use your phone as an alarm), a water filter, and things to decorate your room with!

2) Food and Snacks

Some dorm room snacks.

At Appalachian State University, you’re inevitably going to get super hungry during those late nights while studying!  Don’t forget to bring food that you can keep in your dorm and make easily. Examples include healthy snacks such as granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit.  If you have a mini fridge and a microwave, you can also keep fresh fruit and veggies as well as instant ramen.

3) Tech & Entertainment

An apple laptop.

You’ll want to remember these important things as you start college at Appalachian State University! Be sure to bring your laptop, all your chargers (for computers, tablets, phones, etc), earbuds and/or headphones, cables, speakers, a keyboard and mouse if you are bringing a PC, printer and ink/paper, and if you want, a TV and video game console!

4) School Supplies

Closeup image of school supplies.

Every Appalachian State University student should be prepared for their classes! With this list, you’ll be ready in no time.  Make sure you bring notebooks, a backpack, binder paper, pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips, a stapler, calculator, index cards, highlighters, binders, folders, and a good planner to write down your assignments and due dates.

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

Shelves to stay organized.

Now that you’re on your own and living away from your parents at Appalachian State University, you’ve got to make sure you are organized and independent.  Keep your place together with the following items: shelves for your books and supplies, a laundry basket/bin and laundry detergent, dish soap and a sponge, a shower caddy and shower flip flops, a towel and bathrobe, and clothes hangers.

6) Campus Gears

Some great school gear!

LET’S GO YOSEF!!! Show off your school spirit by bringing your school apparel.  Some examples of great spirit wear include these: a school hoodie, a t-shirt with your mascot, various clothing items and accessories in black and gold, a cap or a beanie with your school’s name on it, and sunglasses in your school’s colors.

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

Coffee maker with breakfast.

There are some things that Appalachian State University might now allow you to bring to your dorm room.  Just in case that might be the situation, check with the people in charge of your housing assignment before bringing these items: microwave, mini fridge, hot water maker, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, candles, electric space heaters, and anything flammable.

Hopefully with this list of dorms and packing supplies, you will be able to ease into college and get used to it while making some fun memories and lifelong friends.  For other students who have already been at Appalachian State University for a year or more, this list should provide a nice refresher in case you have forgotten and need a reminder.  Whatever the case, we hope this list has helped you and provided some ideas for things you might want to do in your years at Appalachian State University!

10 Buildings at App State You Need to Know

Founded in 1899, the Appalachian State University (ASU) reflects the hardy nature of the people of the mountains who find the courage and will to overcome all kinds of problems. With a vast and verdant campus, the number of buildings in ASU can confuse even the brightest ex-high school on his or her first day of college. Here are some of the Appalachian State University Buildings you need to know

1) Peacock Hall

A college building

Formerly named Thelma C. Raley Hall, this building has been modernized and renamed as Peacock Hall to honor Chancellor Peacock’ 31-year stint at Appalachian State University. With newly renovated and modernized classrooms replete with state-of-the-art technology, Peacock Hall now houses the College of Business and also has a dedicated space for student networking.

2) Garwood Hall

A well-lit building

This academic building houses the physics, astronomy, and chemistry departments. If you have taken up a major or a general education course in any of these subjects, then you will be visiting Garwood Hall regularly.

3) Roess Dining Hall

College dining hall

This centrally located dining hall is entirely owned by Appalachian State University. It is the biggest dining facility here. There are two sides to this dining hall including the Sanford Commons and the Riverside Café, both of which offer delectable meal selections. Meet a friend, take a coffee break between classes, or simply relax in this splendid place.

4) Holmes Convocation Center

Learning health sciences

Located close to the beautiful green Durham Park, Holmes Convocation Center is home to the College of Health Sciences. So, if you have taken up nursing, exercise science, nutrition, or other health sciences related subjects, then this is the building you will spend a lot of time in.

5) Sanford Mall

Sanford Mall in the winter

Right in the middle of academic buildings is the Sanford Mall where students can spend time relaxing and socializing. Play a sport, relax on a hammock, participate in any events, or simply sit on the lawns and write poetry.

6) Belk Library and Information Commons

A view of a library

This building contains five floors of books and academic resources for students. This building also houses the writing center, study rooms, the Research Advisory Program, and a Digital Media Studio for students’ use. The first floor has a coffee shop too!

7) Student Recreation Center

a picture of a stadium

This building houses the largest and the best fitness center in the whole of Appalachian State University. An Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 50-foot rock climbing wall, gymnasiums, indoor tracks, and more; this recreation center has everything a modern college can offer. A perfect place for fitness freaks and sports lovers.

8) George G. Beasley Media Complex

The Solar Decathlon House

Housing all departments of media, broadcasting, and journalism, this building complex is replete with audio and computer labs, control rooms, television studios, and a radio station. An ideal place to earn a degree in media education!

9) The Arts and Hayes School of Music

College students gathered for an event

This building houses two concert halls and more than 50  practice rooms, it is the ideal location to learn music. The Split Rail Record, the University’s own student-run record label is also in this place. You cannot find a better place for a great education in music!

10) Frank Residence Hall

A picture of an old residence hall

This is an on-campus community-style residence hall with 2-person rooms. Multiple common areas, kitchenettes, and laundry facilities are available too. A comfortable home-away-from-home place at ASU!

Interesting Facts About Appalachian State University

1) Committed to Sustainability

Energy efficiency

ASU is committed to sustainability through various programs including lower tuition fees as compared to other comparable institutions, textbook rental programs, equitable citizenship, economic viability, and commitment to energy efficiency.

2) Increased Civic and Community Engagement

community engagement

The curriculum combines classroom instructions with real-world experience to ensure students are able to implement their learning through active civic and community engagement works. This approach to learning enhances the students’ ability to value their lives with respect to the society they live in and the environment.

3) ASU is Very Famous for Football

A football stadium

ASU’s Kid Brewer Stadium is fondly called The Rock, and in addition to football matches that render an electrifying atmosphere to the place, also hosts multiple athletic sporting events too.

4) Incredible Student Diversity

Student diversity

All you need to do is watch people at the Sanford Mall, and you will see diversity in front of you. Diversity in cultures, in gender, in the race, and in nationality can all be seen at ASU even as the common thread of the pride of ASU keeps everyone connected and united.

5) Amazing Outdoors

On a trail

If you are a trekker or a nature lover, then ASU is the place for you. There is a slice of mountain everywhere and for everyone. Breathtaking views, countless trails, and verdant valleys beckon students and you will find a lot of them indulging in these activities on weekends.

Top 10 Clubs at Appalachian State University

When attending college, there is always the following stress that comes with it. It is important to remember that balancing a social life is what’s necessary to be happy. Luckily for students attending Appalachian State University, they have a series of different clubs and events to suit every interest. Use this as your guide to different clubs and events that may catch your interest.

1. Advocates Promoting Positive Self Interest (APPSI)

In Advocates Promoting Positive Self Interest (also known as APPSI), you will get to meet others who value the importance of self-interest. You can take workshops that will help you work on your self-worth. It is also a great way to meet supportive friends.

This is a picture of happy face balls that represent happiness.

2. Child Advocacy Club

In the Child Advocacy Club, you will get to work in a foundation dedicated to helping children. You can volunteer for events or help fundraise. You will also get to work with other students who also value children.

This is a group of children.

3. Campus Cooks

Do you have a passion for cooking? If so, Campus Cooks is the club for you. Here you will get to take workshops that can teach you to make simple and easy recipes that anyone, even college students, can make.

This is a food preparation picture.

4. Disneyeers

If you absolutely love everything Disney, Disneyeers is the club for you. Here you can learn about possible Disney careers. Or you can learn basic skills that it will take to become a Disney employee.

This is the Disneyworld castle.

5. First Generation Students Club

This club was made for those who are the first of the their family to go to college. It is understanding that this experience can be overwhelming and no one should go through it alone. This is a great way to meet others who are going through the same experience as yourself.

This says proud to be first generation.

6. Mentoring Club

Mentoring Club was created to help younger students be guided by more experienced students. Anyone who is a freshman will be the mentored and the older students will be the mentor. It is a great way to help you school and change the life of a student.

This says mentoring and what is associated with it.

7. Pencils of Promise

In Pencils of Promise, you will get to help raise awareness and fundraise for kids who need school supplies. You can volunteer to work with kids or fundraise on campus. Do your part in helping the kids of society today.

These are pencils.

8. Sexuality and Gender Alliance

This club was created to help raise awareness of sexuality and gender identification. It is a great way to meet others apart of the LGBTQ society. However, everyone is welcome to support.

These are images of men and women.

9. The Hiking Club

If you love hiking, Hiking Club is the place for you. Here you will get to meet others who love the outdoors while getting exercise. Don’t be afraid to sign up for one of their outdoor excursions.

These are people hiking.

10. Women in Computer Science

Women in Computer Science was created due to the lack of women in STEM fields. Women should have a place where they feel safe. It is also a great way to meet the other women who have chosen the STEM field.

This is a code used in computer science.

Top Events During the School Year at Appalachian State University

1. Run for Hope 5K

In the Run for Hope 5K, you will get to either volunteer for or fun for an organization. This organization was created to raise awareness for kids who are in troubled situations. It is a great way to also either get volunteer hours or get exercise while helping a great cause.

These are people running a marathon.

2. Love, Simon Movie Viewing

If you love movies, this is the event for you. They will be viewing the movie “Love, Simon” on campus. It is free to all students and popcorn will be provided.

This is a picture that says movie night.

3. Whitewater Rafting Trip

Every year, the school allows students to go on the Whitewater Rafting Trip. Here you will get to join other students on an outdoor excursion. It is an amazing way to meet others while getting exercise.

These are people whitewater rafting.

4. Money Moves

Money Moves is a workshop created to helping students budget and handle money. This workshop will go on during the day so you can attend when it fits your schedule. It is a great way to learn money handling skills that you can use beyond college.

This is a picture of money.

5. Mental Health Check-Up Day

Mental Health Check-Up Day is the Appalachian State University’s way of ensuring that students feel like they are getting the attention they need. It is another event that will go on all day so you can attend at your convenience. You can receive supplies and other resources to help you.

These are scrabble pieces that spell mental health.

Don’t let the stress of college get to you. Let this be your guide to different clubs and events that can help lead you to a healthy and balanced social life.