10 Coolest Courses at Amherst College

As a student, it is really important to choose a class that will fit your interest because it will help you boost the fun you will be having at school. It will also develop your skills if it aligns your interest and here are the top 10 Coolest courses at Amherst College!


girl sitting on the ground while playing the guitar

Are you a music lover? This course teaches the basic of music including developing a theoretical and practical understanding of how music functions especially to those people who do not have a background in music. Musical notation, intervals, basic harmony, rhythm, and meter can also be learned in this class.


people listening to a band performing at a concert

This class is more than just listening to music and connecting on the internet, it is also about examining the stake for performers and listeners in a live setting. You will understand how music changes or stays on its formats styles and cultures.


an illustration of a brain split into creative and mathematical side

This class focuses on the nature-nurture controversy. If you are interested in studying human behavior and the process of cognitive and emotional development, then this class is for you. This class is the introduction of psychological inquiry regarding change of behavior.


a picture of a night sky

Stargazing at night is fascinating to most people and learning the variety of phenomena in the nighttime sky and even in the daytime will make it even more fascinating. In this class, you will be taught about the universe and understand the celestial phenomena of the sky.


silhouette of a man looking at the night sky

Are you a “wonderer”? Do you wonder how stars formed and die? The shape of the universe in it? This class will explore and answer all your curiosity and teach you the fields of astronomy and cosmology and understanding proportionalities, relative sizes and visual representation of data.


three ladies practising synchronize dancing

This class teaches movement vocabularies by working with weight, posture, gesture, pattern, rhythms, space and relationship of body parts. You will understand how movement communicates with emotions, thought, and physical structures.


woman wearing a traditional asian costume while dancing

This teaches you how to analyze the character along with its action the role it is playing. Activities include exercises that will make you understand about the creative and collaborative process. This class teaches the creation of dramatic action and character.


silver coins on top of paper money

This class studies the relationship between economic activity and environmental problems and its effects on the problems the country is facing in term of scarcity and the ways of micro and macroeconomics systems allocates among people. If you are interested in learning how to help your country how to resolve this problem enroll yourself in this class.


photo of rooftops of houses

This class is an introductory class that deals with the basics in architecture. You will learn through practice the basics of sketching up to parallel drawing, theoretical and form historical and critical perspectives. You will also have field trips and sketching; at the end of the semester, you will understand the challenges of architecture.


photo of circular stairs

The practice of art enhances your skill in applying elements of composition, weight, line, value, perspective, form, spatial concerns, color theory, and graphics. This class also teaches the understanding of the visual vocabulary of art.

10 Hardest Classes at Amherst College

If you are going to attend college, there are a few classes that are just too hard for you to put into your schedule. You will have much less stress in your life if you avoid these classes. Here are 10 of the hardest classes offered at Amherst College!

1. ASLC 172 – Asian Languages and Civilizations

The first difficult class to look at is Asian Languages and Civilizations. This is a pretty hard course because there are a lot of different cultures that are located in Asia. It can be hard to keep all of them straight. 

a map of Asia

2. ASTR 228 – Introductory Astrophysics

Another class that could be a little too stressful is Introductory Astrophysics. Although it is an intro class, the topic is super involved and complicated. That being said, you should probably stay away from this class if you have the option. 

a depiction of space

3. CHEM 155 – Fundamental Chemistry Principles Lab

Fundamental Chemistry Principles Lab is one of the most difficult freshman labs that is available. You will work hands-on every single day. This will cause your life to be pretty busy in and out of the classroom. 

some test tubes and beakers used in chemistry labs

4. COSC 211 – Data Structures

Data Structures is a computer-type class that will have you thinking all day. This will add an element of difficulty in your schedule. You will learn a lot, but you will also have to spend a lot of time working. 

some binary coding

5. ENST 260- Global Environmental Politics

A very complicated subject matter is Global Environmental Politics. This is an ever-changing topic that has a lot of moving parts. It can be very difficult to grasp these concepts. 

a tree in a large field

6. GREE 441 – Advanced Readings in Greek Literature

Advanced readings in Greek Literature is just as hard as the name implies. This is because the culture and language of Greek can be very difficult to understand. That being said, you should stay away from this class if possible.

the Greek alphabet

7. MATH 211 – Multivariable Calculus

One of the most difficult branches of math is calculus. That being said, Multivariable Calculus is a pretty difficult option that you have. You should only pick this class if you constantly want to solve equations and problems. 

some equations of calculus

8. NEUR 361 – Consciousness and the Brain

Consciousness and the brain is another one of the complicated class that can add a lot of stress to your schedule. There is a lot of homework involved in this class. That is on top of the already hard curriculum that has been written.

the human brain

9. RELI 330 – Latinx Religion

Religion is another one of those topics that have vast histories and hard concepts. Latinx Religion is one of the harder religion classes to take. This is because Latin cultures have very long histories and a lot of information associated with them. 

symbols of religion

10. SWAG 345 – Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

The final hard class that is available to you is Gender and Sexuality in Latin America. A lot of this area is still developing socially, so there is a lot to be said about these topics in this region. 

a map of Latin America

Top 10 Best Library Resources at Amherst College

Amherst is not only known for its excellent academics, but also for the resources they provide to their students to allow them to succeed. It can be hard to find what you’re looking for with so many options on the Internet, but look no further! Use this guide to help you find all the library resources you need at Amherst College.

1. A-Z Database

Amherst College has a large database available to all of its students. Here, you can search for topics and find books, catalogs, journals, newspapers, and more. Find all the information you need in one place!

Pictured: graphic view of a database

2. Course Guides

Struggling in a specific course? Use the course guides available online at Amherst’s Library website to get help and learn more. You can even see course guides from previous semesters for more help.

 Pictured: cartoon picture of a guide

3. Research Guides

Similar to the last reference, research guides are available online. They make it easier to find the information you are looking. You can search for information by department or by topic.

Pictured: sources that can be used for research


4. Off-Campus Access

If you’re off campus and need something that requires authentication, you can log on through Amherst College. This will give you free access to sites like jstor.com that require you to pay for membership.

Pictured: cartoon of being off campus

5. Archives and Special Collections

This resource is perfect for history majors or students simply taking a history class. The collection features rare books, journals, photographs, recordings, and more, perfect to use as a primary source for a paper. The collection holds over 80,000 books, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Pictured: a woman in the MOMA archives

6. WorldCat

Amherst Students can use WorldCat to search for and request items from libraries all over the nation. You can also check to see if it’s available through Interlibrary loans or just directly ask the library to purchase it for you.

Pictured: WorldCat logo


7. E-Book Collection

On top of Amherst’s extensive book collection, they also have a large e-book collection. This makes it easier for you to search for specific information in documents and you don’t have to worry about returning or damaging your book.

Pictured: someone reading an e-book

8. Study Group Rooms

You can book study group rooms to use all to yourself! Enjoy some quiet study time with no distractions or have some friends come with you so you can all study together!

Pictured: a study space at Western Michigan University

9. Librarian

At Amherst, you can make a research appointment with a research and instruction librarian. They know everything about the library and can help you find what you’re looking for!

Pictured: a librarian holding a stack of books

10. Request Items

If there’s a physical item (such as a book or film) that isn’t available, you can request it and have the library buy it for you. You can also request journal articles and book chapters that aren’t available as books or 3-books.

Pictured: clipart of a request box

And here are the best libraries on campus and in Amherst.

1. Archives and Special Collections

This library was mentioned as a resource but what wasn’t mentioned is the wide variety of material held there. It has major collections of famous writers Emily Dickinson and Richard Wilbur as well as collections from other authors. The library also holds a lot of history about Amherst and the surrounding community.

Pictured: a picture from Amherst's archive collection

2. Frost

This library is conveniently located, it’s on the first-year quad and holds a lot of the university’s collections and departments. It mainly has books on the arts, humanities, and social sciences although there are other departments available.

Pictured: Robert Frost library at Amherst College

3. Morgan Music

This library is located in the music building and it contains books, journals, music scores, and recordings. In addition, the library has equipment available so you can listen to CDs, cassettes and records.

Pictured: library at Amherst College

4. Keefe Science

This library is located in the science building and provides information on most science topics such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, math, neuroscience, physics, and psychology.

Pictured: science building at Amherst

5. Center for Russian Culture

This might not be a conventional library but it certainly is cool. This library contains rare Russian books, newspapers, and periodicals. So, if you’re a Russian or Russian History major, this library is perfect for you but you can also just check it out for fun!

Pictured: the Russian collection at Amherst College


Use this guide to your full advantage and excel in your academics! Visit the library and see what it can do for you!

Top 10 Cool Clubs at Amherst College

Amherst College is a private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. It happens to be a VERY exclusive and hard college to get into, the average acceptance rate is only about 14%. If you do manage to get in here are 10 cool clubs you need to check out.

1.Her Campus

 her campus at amherst college

Her Campus is an online publication that is meant to serve as your go to for all things girl. They do a number of different articles on recipes, boys, advice, and organization. The community of writers is always looking to expand so if you are looking to write don’t forget to reach out.

2.Spoon University

 amherst college spoon university photo

Spoon University is an online publication that is there for you when you need any advice on food or health/wellness. It is a quick way to get recipe information as well as great places on campus for food or restaurants outside of campus.

3.Sailing Team

 join the sailing team

The sailing team is made up of a great group of people with a passion for sailing. The team is there if you need any advice on best practices as well as looking for partners on the boat. It is a way to get out in the natural world and enjoy the sea.

4.WAMH 89.3 FM

 radio station at the school

WAMH 89.3 FM is the radio station that the school operates. It has a lot of room to be improved and expanded, which is why the group needs YOU. If you are especially fascinated by entertainment and media this is the group. Create talk shows or take music requests with ease.

5.Yoga Club

 a modern yoga pose

Yoga is meant to be the relaxing activity for all people. It helps you control your heart rate and breathing as well as eases you in the ultimate calm state. Join yoga club if you are looking for an avenue of relieving your school induced stress.

6.Women in Finance

 finance is a combo of advice and good business

Women are often looked at as the stay at home moms. This group is here to teach you that is not the case. If you are in the finance major it is important that you be given the tools of success. The group will hold a number of events such as networking, leadership building, and career strengthening.

7.The Green Room

 william shakespeare changed the theatre forever

The Green Room is a group of people who have full support of the theater and arts. They sponsor events throughout the year. The different events range from many different things but a few have been:  weekly playwriting workshops and full length published plays.

8.Quiz Bowl

 a logo for quiz bowl

Quiz Bowl is a competition that gives college level bowls. It is a great team building club to be in and they have competitions 3-5 tournaments a year. It is a high stakes game and you are not given much time to think about the answer.

9.Juggling Club

 a man is juggling

Many people do not know how to juggle. It is a great activity that uses hand eye coordination as well as balancing in the correct use of time and gravity. The best part of learning how to juggle is that is will serve well as a trick during parties.

10.Habitat for Humanity

 the logo for habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity on campus is a group that strives for helping out the community. They do this by partnering with the Habitat for Humanity in the area. Students raise money for the non profit, they also go to build sites or help in the restore.

Top 5 Events of the School Year at Amherst College

1.Fall Festival

 there will be caramel apples at fall fest

Fall Festival is a fun time to relax with friends while also enjoying all of the great things the season has to offer. Come for a great event of delicious food and drinks as well as fall themed activities. There will be face painting, hayrides and so much more.

2.AC After Dark Films – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

trailer for jurassic world, fallen kingdom

Enjoy a movie that is free with all your friends. There will be 4 different weekend showings. The event happens at the Keefe Campus Theater. The showing at 7pm will feature free bubble tea for the first forty people who come.

3.Chinese Language Table

 example of the chinese language

Want to brush up on your language skills? Join the Chinese language table during the semester at the Valentine Dining Hall on the 1st floor conference room. They table will be available every Monday, Friday, and Tues from the hours of 12pm-1pm.

4.Insight (Mindfulness) Meditation Group

 the posture for proper meditation

Calm yourself with the sweet sounds of the ultimate quiet. This is a great event to try to take your stress away. You will work on breathing exercises while also having a chance to learn about Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

5.Spelling Bee

 the spelling bee has been an annual event

This annual event has been going on for four years now. It is a great way to show your spelling skills under pressure. The event will be held in the Keefe Center Friedman Room. There will be refreshments available as well as a chance to win a $100 amazon gift card for winning.

Top 10 Residences at Amherst College

Are you still trying to find a place to live during the upcoming semester? Well look no further! We’re here to help. Below, we have listed some of the top residences at Amherst College that will hopefully spark your interest while trying to figure out where your next home will be!

1. Appleton Hall

Appleton Hall

Address: 19 Quadrangle Dr, Amherst, MA 01002

This hall is a first year dorm hall. Students who live here will live in a double or single room. Students will also find a laundry facility in the basement. Students can also enjoy a lounge area.

2. Charles Pratt Hall

Charles Pratt Hall
Address: N/A

This hall houses freshmen students. Students who live here will live in a suite style dorm. Students can choose to live in a single or double room as well.

3. James Hall

James Hall

Address: N/A

This residence hall is for first-year students only. Here, students can join a wide array of amenities. This includes a courtyard, laundry facility, lounge area, common kitchenette, and more.

4. North & South College Hall

North and South College Hall

Address: S Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01002

These dorm halls are geared towards first year students. Students who choose to live here can live in single or double rooms. Students also have the option of enjoying study rooms, a living room, and a TV room.

5. Lipton House

Lipton House

Address: 32 College St, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm hall is geared towards returning students. Students who live here will be able to enjoy a living room, game room, laundry facilities, study rooms, and more.

6. Marsh House

a dorm room

Address: 81 Lessey St, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm houses returning students. Students who choose to live here can live in a single or double-occupancy room. Students will also have the opportunity of enjoying study rooms, a kitchen, and lounges.

7. Mayo-Smith Hall

Mayo-Smith Hall

Address: 19 Northampton Rd, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm hall is geared towards returning students. Students who choose to live here are typically sophomores and up and can choose to live in a suite style dorm that is fully furnished.

8. Moore Hall

Moore Hall

Address: 85 College St, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm houses sophomores and up who are returning students. Students in this building can choose to live in a suite style dorm that comes with a semi-private bathroom.

9. Morris Pratt Hall

Morris Pratt Hall

Address: 11 Noah Webster Cir, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm houses upperclassmen who are returning to the school. Students who are housed in this hall can live in a suite style dorm. Students can live in either a single or double room as well.

10. Newport House

Newport House

Address: 32 Northampton Rd, Amherst, MA 01002

This dorm hall houses upperclassmen who will be returning. Students here can enjoy many amenities which includes lounges, TV rooms, vending machines, and a game room.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for Amherst College

1. Room Basics

a dorm

– Pillows
– Pillow Set
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Chair
– Curtains
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug

2. Food and Snacks

Chips on a shelf

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Milk
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

an iPad
– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

School supplies

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

Guy wearing a poncho

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

a microwave

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with roommate)

10 of the Easiest Courses at Amherst College

College can be stressful, but with the right tools you are sure to be successful. Taking easier courses, for example, can give you access to much more time and even lessen your stress levels. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at Amherst College.

1. ANTH 112 – Sociocultural Anthropology

This class will introduce students to the written theories and concepts of sociocultural anthropology. Students will learn how to apply concepts used to everyday life and even to other disciplines. This class will also engage students in case studies about societies.An image of the word anthropology.

2. FAMS 210 – Coming to Terms: Cinema

In this course, students will be provided with an introduction into film studies. Student swill learn about contemporary, classic, and foreign films and how they have benefited the audience. This course will also dissect many major films of various areas.The inside of a movie theater.

3. ECON 111 –  An Introduction to Economics

This class is designed to introduce students to the global economy with an emphasis on the economy in America. Student will learn about problems with scarcity, supply and demand, currency, trade, and how the US utilizes its resources and goods.An economic growth chart.

4. THEA 111 – The Language of Movement

In this course, students will learn how to tell a story with their own body movements. This class will explore how different patterns, gestures, postures, weight, space, and rhythms all combine to help give the audience a sense of individualistic expression and creativity.The sign outside of a theatre.

5. ARHA 152 –  Visual Culture of the Islamic World

This class will provide students with an introduction to architecture, manuscripts, painting, textiles, and other materials of art in the Islamic world. Students will explore artworks in chronological order to discover how they have shaped Islam and the modern world as well.The symbol that represents Islam.

6. THEA 112 – Materials of Theater

This class will discuss theater design, directing and performance. Students will take part in many workshops and class discussions to learn how these all combine to play a role in theater. Students will also learn about theater vocabulary and basic models of the theater as well.An illustration of people performing in a play.

7. MUSI 111 – Introduction to Music

This class is designed for students who have little to no background experience in music. Students will learn about musical harmony, meter, intervals, musical notation and rhythm. Students will also learn about folk, popular, and concert music around the world as well.A radio listening to its own music.

8. MUSI 101 – Discovering Music: Listening Through Music

This class will help students create an understanding of music through history. Students will take part in many guided listening classes where they will learn about the historical traditions and customs within each time period. This class will discuss music from the of the 17th century to the 20th century.A person writing on a music score.

9. ENST 160 – The Politics of Food

This class will introduce students to social and political practices related to agriculture. Students will learn about what we choose to eat around the world, marketing, the different processes of food production, and how consumers choose what they eat.An image of a hot dog.

10. BIOL 104 – Food, Fiber, and Pharmaceuticals

This class will allow students to understand why plants have become an essential for everyday life and how food, medicines, fuels, and fibers all play a role in our world as well.This class will also explore how technology allows us to improve products found in stores as well.An image of a medical prescription.Hopefully you found our list useful! These classes will alleviate some of the stress you may feel throughout the semester while providing you with the right tools to help you succeed in college. Taking easier courses will also help you to find your own balance as well.