10 Buildings to Know About at American River College

American River College is a great place to get an education in California. They are great for both traditional and non-traditional students. Some of the most important resources for students to know about are listed below!

1. American River College Library

One of the many areas in the Library where students gather to study.

The library is one great place to study on campus. It has big rooms, which are great for group study and projects. It also has hidden nooks where you can focus. Whatever your study needs are, the library can meet them. It also houses many of the academic resources you may need while in college. You can also take research classes in the library.

2. Learning Resource Center

One of the many classrooms held in this building.

The learning resource center has classrooms, where many entering students may have their first classes. They also offer quiet learning spaces and instructional support services. You can get supplemental instruction for classes you are struggling in and individualized tutoring with peers. This is one building that all students should know about.

3. Child Development Center

A teacher working with children by reading through a child book.

The child development center provides child care programs for student-parents. American River College sees the obstacles facing non-traditional students, such as parents. They offer these services especially to help those people. They not only supply care for these young children, but also education. Many education students help at this building to put what they are learning into practice.

4. Student Career Services

Student receiving help on his resume.

The student career services have programs including resources you need to choose a career, plan for your college career, prepare for employment, and research job openings. These services are free to all students. It is important for students to remember why they are in college in the first place. Using student career services to your benefit, from the minute you arrive on campus, is important to your success in the long-run.

5. Student Services Resource Center

Tutor helping a student with their homework.

This center has resources to help students with math, reading, writing and science. The building has many different tutoring resources for students. Tutoring can sometimes be seen in a harsh light. In college, tutoring is a must, and you should not feel ashamed for needing help. This center has resources for all classes offered at ARC.

6. Placement and Assessment Services

Student preparing to take a placement exam, while others behind her complete their own.

This service has test proctoring services for many disciplines. The main goal is to place students in the correct classes. Whether you are trying to see where you should start in a particular subject, or you are trying to move into higher level courses, you will have to make a visit to them at some point.

7. ARC Theatre

Teacher and students performing a piece in the ARC theatre.

ARC holds their major performances in this building. This includes theatre, dance and musical performances. This is one great location for students to see performances by their peers. If you are a student in the fine arts, you need to know about the theatre.

8. Oak Café Restaurant and Bakery

Wide-variety selection for busy students looking for a quick lunch.

The Oak Cafe is a student-run restaurant for lunch for students. They offer coffee & tea, breakfast pastries, cookies/desserts, and lunch choices. For busy students, this is a must-know location. Many students eat and study here in between classes, or meet with their professors to discuss questions they may have.

9. Natomas Center

The front of Natomas Center where students can enroll in classes off of the main campus.

The Natomas Center offers the same credit classes as those taught on the main campus. For students who cannot be at the main campus, this building is important to know about. The center also offers counseling, assessment and other support services. Counseling is something a lot of students need during their college career. No one should be ashamed to use these services.

10. McClellan Center & Sacramento Regional Public Safety Center

The front entrance of the Public Safety Center.

The McClellan Center is for students who are interested in public service. They provide high quality training and educational programs for public safety personnel. They also house the security personnel for the campus. This is another example of a hands-on learning environment for ARC students.

10 Coolest Courses at American River College

American River College (ARC) is a community college located in Foothill Farms, California. The current student enrollment at ARC is 35,000; both full-time and part-time students. The institution prides itself in being one of the largest community colleges in California. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the college.

1. ART 312 – Portrait Drawing 

A portrait of a child

This course discusses the art of the human image in portraiture. Students will spend time developing the skills required in portrait drawing. The course also includes practical sessions where students are required to create a series of portraits as a way of sharpening their skills.

2. ARTNM 324 – Digital Design

A poster Written Digital Design

This course introduces the fundamental design principles using Adobe Illustrator as the main tool. Students learn various concepts that seek to improve their design skills. Students in the course also enjoy the practical sessions where they have to create their own designs using the available tools.

3. DEAF 310 – American Sign Language I

An image of hand signs

Students that enroll in this course will spend time learning the American Sign Language (ASL). The course focuses on an immersion approach, where learners grow language competency in source and target language. Students will be required to engage in sign language conversations with their classmates to improve their skills.

4. AT 143 – Automotive Parts

A computer-generated image of various car parts

If you love cars, then this course is meant for you. Students get to examine car parts and learn how each part integrates and works with each other. The course also involves practical sessions where students will interact with real car parts. The course acts as a preparation for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

5. DANCE 310 – Jazz Dance I

A group of dancers performing on stage

If you love dancing, this is a great course that covers the concepts of jazz dance. Students learn about simple balance, the beginning alignment, single turns, and basic technique. This course can be enrolled by any student even those without previous dance training. The course may also include some field trips to jazz dance concerts and theatres.

6. MUFHL 330 – World Music

A poster written World Music

This course acts as an introduction to popular music from around the world. Students get to learn through guided listening presentations that showcase the evolution of music from traditional forms and styles to the urban, professional music popular in many countries today. Students enrolling in this course do not require any previous experience in music.

7. ADAPT 310 – Adapted Lifetime Sports

Physically challenged athletes on a track

This course introduces students with physical disabilities to a variety of sports. They learn about the assistive devices and modifications used to enable them to safely participate in a variety of sports. The course involves practical sessions in the field where students get to enjoy different sports.

8. IDES 105 – Color and Interior Design

A well-designed living room

Students in this course learn about color and how it relates to interior design. They will discuss interesting topics such as the principles, applications and the basic dynamics of color. The course includes field trips where students will visit various interior design exhibitions.

9. FASHN 334 – Vintage Costuming

Two people wearing vintage costumes from the 1950s

The field of fashion interests many individuals today. Through this hands-on course, students will familiarize themselves with the principles and techniques involved in developing costumes and accessories through the individual creation of costume pieces. The course involves field trips where students visit various fashion houses and attend fashion events.

10. ENGCW 400 – Creative Writing

A poster written Creative Writing

This introductory creative writing course provides students with writing skills in poetry, short story, creative, and script writing. Students will increase their creativity levels and explore since they will be required to employ the concepts learned in creating their own content.

10 Hardest Courses at ARC

College life at American River College can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. It can be fun due to student lifestyle and freedom. Various clubs and societies keep students occupied and entertained. Some have hard terminologies, many week assignments and tough concepts to grasp. The hardest college classes require an exclusive approach that students find it difficult to cope up with. Majority of these classes are mandatory, and you can’t progress to the next level without taking them. Here are some of the hardest college classes to watch out;

1. DESGN 100 – Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

A student learning CADD

If you have no basic knowledge of computer, hold back from this class. It is an introduction to computer-assisted drafting and design and basic technical drawing. It covers the orthographic and isometric projection concepts. The concepts are hard to grasp, and classes are boring.

2. DESGN 299- Experimental Offering in Design Technology

This is a highly technical course beyond the capacity of many students

Use of drones and the way they operate has been rocket science to many students. They do not know the science behind it. This course introduces you to both the ARC and FAA rules for flying drones for use in the building design and construction of industries. You learn new topics that are hard to understand.

3. MATH 25 – Computational Arithmetic

This Course requires a strong mathematical background

Mathematics has never been a favorite subject to many students since time immemorial. The same case applies to American River College. The course introduces you to the fundamentals of arithmetic with an emphasis on computational skills.

4. MATH 402 – Calculus III

Calculus 3 is pursued during the final year

This course has messed up with GPA of many students. It is a continuation of MATH 401. If you don’t have prior knowledge of MATH 401, you are advised to abstain the class. It involves the application of calculus that makes many students freeze.

5. ACCT 101 – College Accounting

This course is a mixture of theory and maths

As there is still demand for professionals in today’s accounting sector, students shy away from this course. It is among the most dreaded classes in American River College. It covers the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. The class has some terminologies and computations that students find it difficult to grasp.

6. CISP 300 – Computer Info Science- Program

You need a prerequisite in computer programming

This course introduces methods for solving typical computer problems using algorithm design. It covers programming plans and detailed design documents. It is hard for students who have no prerequisite know-how in computer programming and design.

7. PHYS 310 – Conceptual Physics

This course covers several branches of Physics

The course has a lot of mathematics and physics. For you to register for it, you must have taken MATH 32. You will encounter topics like motion, gravity, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, light, and atomic and nuclear physics. If you are not keen when the professor is teaching, the classes will be boring.

8. SOC 301 – Social Problems

Some concepts used in studying social problems

If you want to mix learning with partying, this course is not for you. It examines contemporary social issues in the US within a theoretical and global context. It has a lot to cover. Learning about the past sometimes may make you feel bored.

9. BIOL 102 – Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course entails the study of the human body

The course examines body systems from an anatomical and physiological point of view. It covers all the basic anatomy and physiology of all the body systems. It is a significant course for many science programs.

10. PHYS 421 – Electricity and Magnetism

This course has a history of low pass-rates and dropouts

If you aim to have a higher GPA, keep off from this course. It has a lower pass rate and many students retake this course. It is a major for students who want to pursue engineering. To excel in this course, you must have a prerequisite in more than two other classes.

Some of the hard classes are majors, and you cannot skip them. The only way out is to commit themselves and consult their professors whenever they are in a fix. America River College has produced prominent people in society. They have passed through the system, done the hard courses and emerged victoriously. The toughest classes in college demand a lot of commitment.

10 ARC Library Resources You Need to Know

There are a few things that all college students use to reach academic success: the library is one of these things. If you’re fortunate enough to attend a university with a comprehensive library on campus, you should make use of such a building, for decent college libraries are not always easy to find. Students at American River College know the importance of academic success, and that’s why most of them spend hours and hours in the libraries affiliated with the school. Here’s some information about these libraries and resources they offer students!

1. Unisex Bathrooms

The sign for a unisex bathroom

There are multiple unisex bathrooms and traditional bathrooms located in every one of the libraries on and around this university’s campus. Students of all genders are able to come here and confidently use the bathroom without fear or ridicule.

2. Reliable Wifi

wifi sign

Are you looking for a place to study where the internet won’t cut out on you? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

3. IT Services

An image of a computer being fixed

An unresponsive computer could spell disaster for a project or assignment. Many students on campus have tech-related problems that they cannot fix themselves, which is why the university staffs all of its libraries with experienced IT people who will likely have your computer up and running quickly. If there’s something very wrong with your machine, you may have to seek outside help.

4. Open Computers

An image of a computer lab

Don’t own your own laptop? Then come to any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Students who are without their own personal computer never seem to have trouble finding space to work on a computer, even at peak library hours. There are MACs and PCs you can use.

5. Printing Stations

This is a printing station

Those long lines in front of the printing station are not a thing here, and this is especially true if you go before noon. The staff is also very attentive when it comes to the printing stations, which means a machine is never down, if one should go down at all, for too long.

6. Google Scholar

Graduation cap

Professors love Google Scholar, and many of them actually recommend the platform in their course outlines. If you know how to use the platform with some sophistication, you should show your peers!

7. Copying Stations

An image of a copier in a library

Copying things on your own is going to get expensive fast, which means it’s all but required that you use the copiers here. If you copy a lot, there’s a chance the library will expect some kind of minor compensation in return, but this will, in all likelihood, not amount to much.

8. Extensive Collections

An image of a vast collection of books

You’ll never be without the book you need or the reference you must cite when you are enrolled at this school. At the university library and all libraries affiliated with the school, the collections are expansive; you’ll never go without!

9. Reliable Librarians

A librarian on a computer

One of the most important fixtures in any university library is its staff.  Students who attend this university can trust that there are experienced librarians and associates working every day. If you ever have a question, these should be the first people you consult.

10. Private Study Spaces

A private study room

There are a plurality of reasons why one might need to rent out a study room: a group project, private space for studying, access to the whiteboards or projectors therein; study rooms are just so useful, and moreover they’re incredibly easy to book.

Libraries at American River College

1. American River College Library

The interior of this library

You can bet that a spot will always be open for you at this library. If you need some space to study for an upcoming midterm of final, this is a great place to come study.

2. Arcade Library

The expansive inside of this library

If you’ve been looking for a great place to study with friends and peers, look no further: this is the place you want to go to. Research and studying can be done here in a quiet setting, which means you’ll always get a ton of work done when you come here.

3. Carmichael Library

The exterior of this library

This library’s expansive collections and offset study rooms are what make this building so popular. Students and faculty come here for a plurality of purposes each day, which means it’s likely you’ll see someone you know.

4. Sacramento Family Search Library

This is inside the library's computer section

This is an appealing library both inside and out, and many students make it a point to spend time here each day for a variety of purposes. If you’ve been looking for a quiet but casual place to study off-campus, this should be one of the buildings you consider.

5. Arden-Dimick Library

The library's interior

Like most public libraries, this one offers a decent selection of books and references. If you’re looking to do some studying in an off-campus setting, this is the place you should go to. It’s pretty close to the main campus too!
With the information you now have from this list, you’ll be able to confidently enter any of the libraries affiliated with this school and know exactly what to expect. Take advantage of such wonderful libraries while you go to school here!

10 Cool Clubs at American River College

American River College is a California community college located in the unincorporated community of Foothill Farms. The school is not too far from the large area of Sacramento. Their mascot goes by the name of Bucky the Beaver. Here are 10 cool clubs you need to check out.

1.American Marketing Association

American marketing association

The American Marketing Association is a group that is on the national level. It brings together students who have a passion for marketing(though communication /advertising and graphic design/pr are encouraged as well). The group holds different speaker events and networking nights.

2.Black Student Union

 the logo for black student union

Black Student Union is a group of students who fight for the right of black minority students. It is meant to be an open arms space that allows for people to be properly educated on the different issues of today. It allows students to go to different info events and try to be a change for good.

3.Computer Science Club

logo for computer science club

The computer science club is meant for those who are within the major of computer science. Computer science is a fairly broad topic of learning, which is why during the club meetings the group dives into many topics within it. Some topics might be design work or coding.

4.Fashion Club

 fashion club brings out creativity

Fashion Club is a club for those who want to know how to create go. The group was made for those who have an eye for style. The group makes different designs on paper and has the ability to have their design come to life.

5.Honors Club

 honors club advocates for more honors students

Honors club was made as a tool to get new honors students recruited who are prospective high school students. The group is meant for those who are looking to find a community. The group also partakes in taking honors classes as well as service projects.

6.Meditation Club

 meditation is the act of relaxation

The meditation club is the club to be in if you are looking for a way to get rid of your stress(if only for a little bit). It is a great club to take part in any yoga or breathing exercises. Join the club if you are looking for a destresser and make sure to bring friends.

7.Smash Bros Club

 a look at smash bros

Smash Bros club is meant for the gamer in yourself. Smash Bros is a game that combines many popular characters in other games. The game is meant to be a RPG game which stands for role-playing game. It is a great way to make new friends and let off school stress.

8.Sociology Club

elements of sociology

Sociology club is meant for those who are in the sociology major. It looks at the relationships, social interaction, and cultures of everyday life. It is a club that gives its students a chance to safely discuss outside of the classroom any sociological topics.

9.Wisdom Keeper

 photo of older college students

Wisdom keeper is specifically made for those who are of the older age sect. Students who are on the older side might need additional help such as mentoring. This group is great because it is a tool that can be used to help these struggling students.

10.Soar Club

 fully accepting of all races

Soar club is a club that is open to all people. The club is meant to be a source of hope for those who have been discriminated against for race, religion and sexual preference. It is a club that can give you advice on any one of these topics and be there for you in your time of need.

Top Events of the School Year at American River College

1.Statistics Drop In Tutoring

 improve your statistics skills

Do you feel the plate is stacked against you? Want to change those odds? Let the statistics drop in tutoring help you. You can come in at a most convenient time for you. Whether it is one question or 10 they will be more than app to help.

2.Club Day

 club day is a day for academics

Club day is the day that all of the clubs and organizations go to showcase what they have to offer. It is a day that people can give you info on the club and there will be plenty of great things to give away. A few things that there are usually are candy and info papers on fun meeting times.

3.West Side Story

Everyone loves a good movie. But did you think it was going to be in a theatre adaptation? Enjoy the sounds and dialogue of the most love musical to date. Tickets are $15 with student id or senior citizen. You can also receive a general admission ticket for $18.

4.Presentation on Human trafficking

 human trafficking is the enslavement of humans for own personal gain

Human trafficking is a concept that is often unseen. It is the exchange of a person for usually sexual endeavors or for forced labor. This presentation will talk about the dangers, and what the signs are to be on the look out. It happens more than you think.

5.Autumn Festival

 fall and the leaves in full color

Autumn Festival is the festival to go to if you are looking for the ultimate fall experience. It is a great time to play with the fall leaves, as well as have all your fall dreams come true. There will be min events as well as plenty of cider and donuts to spare.

10 of the Easiest Courses at American River College

American River College is a community college located in California. The current enrolment is over 30,000 students. It is a wonderful college that has programs that focus on individual success for the careers you will have in the future. College is always hard in and of itself, and sometimes you just need a break from the rigorous coursework. If you are interested in the university and want to know some easy classes to take, or just need a GPA boost, here are 10 of the easiest courses at ARC.

1. ARTH 300 – Introduction to Art

Not only is this class full of cool facts about art and its history, you also get to take field trips to different museums! It’s super easy and you learn all you can about art at a beginner’s level.Image result for art

2. FASHN 320 – Textiles

This course focuses on the different materials used in fashion design. You learn about how certain fabrics are selected and how they are cared for. It’s easy and gives you an edge of the fashion coming up!Image result for fashion

3. GEOL 310 – Historical Geology

You get to look at Earth’s evolution through different rocks and fossils of plants and fauna. This class also includes field trips and hands-on experiences! Not only is it super easy, it’s also really fun.

Image result for rocks

4. HCD 111 – College Discovery Program

This course teaches you about the multiple opportunities that American River College has to offer. It focuses on goal setting and basic study skills. It will aid you in becoming more successful for your future and other classes. You will definitely get an A in this class, and it helps you get good grades in other classes as well!Image result for learning

5. HCD 320- College Success

Also a self-help class, this course goes over tips and tricks for how to be successful in college. Time management and communication skills are refined in this course. Not only will it give you a good grade, this course will help you graduate from the university with an amazing record!Image result for graduation

6. HCD 331 – Career and Job Search Strategies

More applicable in real-world situations, this course goes over how to find employers and get jobs that you want. It goes over how to acquire internships, how to interview correctly, and how to write a good resume.Image result for career

7. HORT 201 – Floral Design

This horticulture class teaches the basics of floral design in landscaping. It emphasizes techniques such as lines, shapes, and forms.

Image result for flower landscape

8. LRC 300 – Intro to Tutor Training

This course teaches you how to be an effective tutor. It teaches you how to set goals and reach them and develops listening skills and critical thinking.

Image result for tutor

9. RECR 310 – Outdoor Recreation

This class introduces different types of outdoor recreational activities, and how the government can influence these things. Field trips are required for this class.

Image result for soccer game

10. MUFHL 330 – World Music

This course goes over the different kinds of music there are around the world and how these affect the people and the cultures. Concepts of ethnicity and racism are also introduced.

Image result for world music

These are only a few classes that are super easy and fun to take at American River College. If you are looking for an easy A or need a GPA boost, these are the classes for you!