10 Hardest Courses at Drake University

Drake University is one of the best colleges in Iowa.  It was founded in the year 1881, and since then it has offered students varieties of activities that keep them engaged and dedicated to learning. The school offers a lot of courses and organizes seminars, workshops and other events that do not only open opportunities that are beneficial to students but also prepare them for the future.

However, some of these courses are a hard nut to crack for students taking such courses at the college. You wouldn’t dispute that although every course has its specifications, some courses demand a more significant and conscious effort to paddle their canoe to the river bank. Here are the ten hardest courses at Drake University.

1. SCS 110 – Culture, Knowledge, Power

You have to be sharp and be able to think fast to do well in the course. Skills required for this course includes how to question things, read and write, and discuss themes about humanities and human social science in western scholarship. You would be expected to critically rethink your conventional understanding of culture, knowledge, and power. As if that isn’t enough, students taking this course has to be well versed in literary theories and criticisms to succeed.

Study of Culture & Society-SCS

2. SCSG 092 – Field Studies

SCSG 092 is one of the most demanding courses at Drake University, especially if you are taking geography courses. It requires a lot of time and energy because it is an off-campus field course. The students taking this course have to study the geographic and regional significance of the areas chosen by their instructor. SCSG 092 is a time-consuming course, and you might neglect other courses that you need to pass.


3. EDUC 264 – Perspectives in Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

EDUC 264 has a vast scope that entails knowing the historical, social, and cultural analysis of relationships among entities like class and ethnic groups. It also entails examining the social, individual and institutional construct of stereotype and prejudice among other important scopes you have to study.


4. PSY 011 – Introductory Statistics

Introductory statistics can be a thorn in the flesh, especially if you aren’t a mathematics guru! Having to spend four hours in class and two hours in the lab conducting theories and experiments with empirical researches on behavioral and life sciences isn’t easy. A student taking the course will have to study the theoretical and practical approaches to statistical analysis consciously.


5. PSY 123 – Biological Basis Of Behavior

Anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry are difficult on its own. A course where students have to have a great knowledge of these three subjects and its correlation with human behavior is definitely not going to be easy. Students taking this course are mostly found asleep in the laboratory after a long day study, or digging their noses in books.

Psychology course

6. HIST 060 – Africa In World History

While studying the history of a country is a thing on its own, studying the history of a continent, its effects, and how it is affected by the world’s history can be a harder nut to crack. Students studying history courses at Drake University have given kudos for taking this course because it has a heavy workload and requires more time to study.

History department

7. ENG 114 – Advanced Poetry Writing

Most students of literature see poetry as the most difficult genre of literature in the literary world. Students have to study, digest, cram, recite, memorize poetry lines and stanzas. ENG 114 doesn’t only require all the previously mentioned tasks from a student, it also demands that each student makes a critical analysis of a series of selected texts and poets.

English department

8.ASTR 185 – Introduction To Astrophysics I: Stars

Astronomy classes require a lot of critical thoughts and examinations, while physics requires a lot of in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematical calculations. If you aren’t good at mathematics, then studying physics and succeeding in it can be a real challenge. Now, imagine a course that combines these two heavy bodies as one. You would agree that students will find it difficult.

Astronomy department

9. BIO 095 – Medical Microbiology

At Drake University, you will likely find three out of five students of science department complaining bitterly about how difficult it is to study medical microbiology. Probably because it involves the structural and functional aspect of microorganisms and its emphasis on human pathogens.

Biology department

10. CS 139 – Theory Of Computation

Computer students of the college mostly complain about how wide and elaborate this course is. Eventually, you might have to agree with that submission when you walk in their shoes. It is not easy to navigate theoretical foundations in computing with an introduction to the grammars,  languages and automata theory at a time. Also, the course’s mathematical analysis is a mountain to climb on its own.

Computer Science department

Drake University is not referred to as one of the best colleges in the UK for fun. When you get to experience the drills and teachings the school offers to its students, you would instantly agree with our submission.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Ohio University

Sometimes, the only thing that crosses your mind as a student of Ohio University is where to grab a decent meal with tasty varieties. Here are places near or on campus that you can go to satisfy your craving without having to drain your pocket.

1. Hungry Cat Food Truck

The Hungry cat food truck picture of students waiting in line

This is where you should go when you can’t spare many bucks. With less than $10 you are good to go! You get to eat yummy food without the need to stay longer than usual. It’s one of the best places you can be when you are hungry and in a hurry. The green bleeding food truck has the school logo on it. You can always grab some Mac and Cheese or fries depending on how you want it.

2. The Farmacy

sign for the Farmacy

This restaurant is about a few minutes walk from Palmer Palace. You only need to stroll down with friends to enjoy a healthy meal after you might have been loading your tummy with junks for days and you would agree that the value of a tasty and healthy meal cannot be overestimated. The Farmacy provides yummy and nutritious meals like pitas, hummus, and organic veggie dishes.

3. Salaam Restaurant

Salaam restaurant interior

Sometimes, as a student, you might be on the romantic side with the hope of impressing your date with a meal that will spice up the feeling. If you ever find yourself in that shoe, take your date to hang out at Salaam. You will always get varieties of meals with delicious tastes that go with the flow of your mood and that of your friend.

4. Sol Restaurant

Ohio University students participate in the Homecoming "Dinner with 12 Strangers" event at Sol on Oct. 8, 2014.

On campus, Sol Restaurant is where you can get one of the best Cuban food like nachos for instance. You can always gulp down those sweet nachos or pizza with drinks which are equally sold at the restaurant. Remember, Sol is a place to be when you need to show off to your immediate family about where to wine or dine in Ohio.

5. Fluff Bakery

Fluff bakery interior

If you ever feel like teasing your taste buds with something very sweet and delicious, then you may have to stop by Fluff Bakery. Cupcakes of different flavors, cookies, brownies, cannolis and special treats for vegans will definitely satisfy your quest for something sweet. If these varieties don’t do the trick, you can try out their locally brewed beer if you are 21 years old or above.

6. Ginger Asian Kitchen

Ginger Asian Kitchen advertisement for ordering online

Are you are a vegetarian or with vegan friends? If yes, then Ginger Asian Kitchen is the place to be! Veggies of various kinds like hibachi bowls and lots of sushi, rice or lo mien, steamed and seasoned veggies, as well as organic tofu with a taste to die for,  are provided by the kitchen. Fish-free rolls are also available for grabs anytime you opt to have sushi. It won’t be a mistake to say their sweet potato roll is something you will always crave.

7. Big Mama’s Burritos

Big Mama's Burrito picture

At times, during your stay on campus, you may suddenly be stirred up by the wave of hunger at around 2 am in the wee hours of the morning. Do not fret or worry, Big Mama’s Burritos has got you covered! All you need to do is to take a stroll down there to save your hungry soul, and you can be assured of getting tasty and yummy burritos to do the job.

Above are some of the great café and restaurants near Ohio University. So whether you are a student of OU or not, keep this list of nearby spots handy.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Alabama – Huntsville

At the University of Alabama – Huntsville, life as a student is great, and this is true because of the great meals provided at the cafes and restaurants in and around the school. You can’t debate that students who take healthy meals are mostly the brilliant ones! Are you a hungry student or visitor at the University who is looking for a place to satisfy your cravings? If yes, here are some of the best restaurants and cafes in and around the University of Alabama.

1. Buffalo Phil’s

burger and fries

At Phil’s, you don’t need to be told you are in Alabama. The decorations in the restaurant and the music being played are enough to feel the air in Alabama. You can’t get enough of the greasy and delicious meals on their menu. They serve great chicken dip that will have you longing for more and your mouth wouldn’t stop watering from the sweet-savory. You will be amazed to discover they accept dining dollars.

 2. Quick Grill

menu for quick grill

Your stay off or on campus is not complete without a visit to Quick grill. The taste of their tasty fries is unexplainable. Words of mouth can’t describe this very sweet, lip-smacking, mouth-watering, and grilled to taste messy fries. We can bet you will always choose to dine there with friends.

3. Surin of Thailand

a picture of sushi roll

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel hungry in the wee hours of the night. At times like that, visit the Surin to get some midnight Sushi. The Sushis are really delicious and are available in different rolls and cuisines. A few bucks are enough to purchase the delicacy as it is very cheap. It is important to go for the sushi early to avoid waiting in a long queue filled with other hungry students.

4. Taco Mama

logo for taco mama

Taco Mama is a great place to be if you can’t give out your taco for the safety of the world. The restaurant has a refreshing allure to it. You can always eat your taco in the cool, calm and serene environment. When your parents stop by, take them to Mama’s restaurant as a treat for them to have a taste of the restaurant’s tasty and refreshing taco.

5. Cypress Inn Restaurant

Whenever you feel homesick and long for a meal that tastes as sweet and as refreshing as your mum’s, take a close pal and find your route to Cypress, there you will find what you are looking for. The inn is located on the riverside and owned by a great family. At the inn, you will not only enjoy a tasty dinner you will also have to see the beauty of the river just by the inn. You would agree it feels great to be away from food eaten in the dining hall.

 6. Depalma’s

The first thing you should know is that you need not to break a bank to wow your friends or yourself whenever you choose to dine at this sophisticated restaurant just around your school. Their Italian cuisine is very delicious and nutritious. Their Breadsticks are also worth writing a book about. You might even be tempted to carry out your thesis on their meals and building.

7. Jack’s Restaurant

breakfast wrap with egg

You don’t want to miss a great and healthy breakfast. Jack’s restaurant gives you the American vibe. You call always order for their burgers, chicken fingers, and fries. You might also want to try out their chicken fried steak biscuit and the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. They are extremely delicious, and they sell at a very fair price.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Pittsburgh

It’s a thing to get a delicious meal to satisfy your craving; it’s another to identify where to get it at a reasonable cost.  If you are a student at Pittsburgh University or if you stay around the campus, here are some of the best cafes and restaurants you can find around the university area.

1. The Porch at Schenley

PIcture of exterior of Porch

Location: 221 Schenley Dr, 15213, Pittsburgh

Schenley’s Porch prepares very sweet, delicious, yummy and tasty specials. Yes, their Jerk Brisket Hash and Cast Iron Cinnamon Rolls are worth dying for. They offer excellent meals for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Meals like their tender and flavorful brisket served with potatoes, and an egg is really delicious. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss a hot, straight out of the oven cinnamon roll, would you? If you are a lover of Shrimp ‘n Grits, then this is the right spot for you.

2. Union Grill

PIcture of food from Union Grill

 Location: 413 S Craig St Pittsburgh

There are times you may be extremely hungry and need some grills to kill the urge for food, stop by the Union Grill at Carnegie Museum of Art near Oakland. The restaurant is highly welcoming. You could order for their Cod sandwich with Cole slaw; I bet you won’t be able to finish such tasty cod with enough fish in it alone. Their baked onion soup, seafood cake, and salmon Caesar salad are also worth dying for.

3. Asia Tea House

Asia tea house exterior

Location: 4230 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh

Asia Tea House is relatively close to the university and Carnegie Mellon. They offer different types of Asian foods and American food such as fries. If you are a student in Pittsburgh, you will have heard of their famous dumpling loved by most students in the university.

4. Lu Lu’s Noodles

Plate from Lulu's noodles

Location: 400 S Craig St, Pittsburgh

Yes, Lu Lu’s Noodles meals are delicious! From their Earth Ramen Bowl, fresh veggies and tofu, and Chicken Teriyaki Rice, to their Gyoza and nicely flavored sauce, you would want to have more and more. Top these meals with a Bubble Tea drink, Honey Boba with Mango pop or their Mango gloved tea.

5. Yuva India Kitchen + Bar

Picture of plates from Yuva India's restaurant

Location: 412 S Craig St, Pittsburgh

You don’t have to travel to India to enjoy the great taste of Samosas especially one with nice feelings and great sauce. Taking the Rita would cool off your tongue in case the sauce is harsh for your taste buds or a big cup of basmati rice. Whenever you go there to eat, try not to forget to order their Shiraz wine with a bowl of Chicken Dhaba and Garlic naan.

6. Legume

Fancy plate of food from Legume's

Location: 214 N Craig St, Pittsburgh

The simple decor with warm lighting and absolutely wonderful service found a place in our hearts. Additionally, lobster ravioli and the skirt steak made with fresh vegetables are also irresistible. You can also order for their tasty salad or their delicious carrot soup and other varieties on their menu for dinner.

7. Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

Picture of PIttsburgh Popcorn company

Location: 3710 5th Ave, Pittsburgh

There are days you feel like eating tasty popcorn, especially when there is a game on campus. Their Popcorn is not only delicious, but it also comes in different flavors. The great thing about this popcorn company is that their charges are relatively fair and they have one of the best customer relation services.

Above are some of the best cafes and restaurants in and around Pittsburgh University. Your years of study in this University are incomplete if you haven’t visited any of these cafes and restaurants. Try to visit any of these today, and you will be glad you did.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students in San Francisco State University

If you are a lover of great meals and you find yourself in or around San Francisco State University, and you needed to grab something yummy, here are some of the best restaurants and cafes where you can pick delicious grab of tasty bites.

1. Cafe 101

PIcture of cafe 101 with customers lined up

Cafe 101, is located on campus around Cesar Chavez Student Center, Plaza Level. The cafe is where you can always get pastries to yearn for, yummy donuts, and a gulp of good and organic coffee. Should you need to take tea beverages or espresso, you can always stop by this great cafe. You don’t need to drain your pocket whenever you choose to dine at the cafe.

2. Cafe Rosso

Cafe Rosso exterior

You can be on campus and have the sensation of being home away from home. At Cafe Rosso, meals taste like meals your mum might surprise you with. Café Rosso offers a variety of house-made specialties including, but not limited to, rice dishes, curry, fresh salads, premium sandwiches, coffee, and espresso.

3. iNoodles

picture of iNoodle

Nothing can take the place of yummy noodles and rice dish, especially when it has a traditional Asian taste to these meals. Should you want to try it out, find your way to Cesar Chavez Student Center, Recreation & Dining Level, and come back with your testimonies.

4. Spiazzo Ristorante

Spiazzo restaurant exterior

Sometimes you can’t help but crave something Italian. If you do, you can always check into Spiazzo Ristorante classic Italian restaurant where you can always spend some cash to satisfy your cravings. You can order your wood-fired pizzas, specially made tasty pasta, varieties of salads and great wines to spice up your night or day depending on when you choose to dine. Whenever you want to try it out, drive or walk down to the West Portal located just two minutes drive away from Muni stop.

5. Hall of Flame Burger

Hall of flame burger and fries on tray

You can always take a walk with friends ten minutes away from campus purposely to eat Cheesesteaks and Burgers at Hall of Flame Burger where it is prepared with love and dedication. A shake has proven to go smoothly down the throat with either the Burger or Cheesesteak. And the best thing is that you can get all these with just a little amount of money.

6. Taqueria Dos Charros

Lit up sign for Taqueria Dos Charros

When you are quite famished, and you need affordable and delicious combo plates like Pollo, carne asada, or carnitas, then you may have to visit the Taqueria Dos Charros restaurant. The restaurant is located just behind the university, and it will take nothing more than ten minutes to locate this restaurant where great Mexican meals are prepared.

7. El Toreador

Picture of interior of El Toreador

El Toreador is a very lively restaurant plus they offer delicious meals. The restaurant puts you in the traditional spirit probably because you will have to dine using traditional plates where homemade chips and salsa are served. A bonus to this restaurant is its student-friendly prices charged for their meals. Ensure you drop by early to avoid the long queue.

These are some of the best restaurants and cafes in and around San Francisco State University that offer nutritious and delicious meals at a very reasonable cost. Find time to dine in any of these restaurants, and you will always want to be there.

Restaurant and Cafes for Students at Seattle University

Life as a student is not just all about reading and studying. There are times you may need to satisfy your cravings or dine with friends around the university. If you are a student at Seattle University or you stay around the campus, there are some restaurants and cafés near the university where you could always grab some treats with your friends, dates or coworkers. Below are some of the best restaurants and cafes near Seattle University.

1. Cafe Presse

Interior of Cafe Presse

Location: Capitol Hill, 1117 12th Ave.

If you are a student at Seattle or live around Seattle University and you haven’t dined at Café Press located in the Capitol Hill, we will have to conclude you are missing out on a lot of delicatessens. Why don’t you take your time to go there and order for Croque Madame with a bowl of salted fries topped with lemony mayo accompanied by their hazelnut butter lettuce salad? Trust us; you won’t hesitate to take your friends there after your first visit to the café as a treat.

2. Katsu Burger

Location: 1410 12th Ave, Capitol Hill

At times, you might not have the luxury of time to stay at a café or restaurant because you have to attend a lecture. Katsu Burger is a relaxed spot where you can get a super delicious fried burger plus nori fries and mis mayo. We bet the scenery of the restaurant is quite alluring. While you are at it with the burger, get their tea milkshake to gulp it down.

3. Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar

Picture of two people holding drinks at the restaurant

Location: 1420 12th Ave, Capitol Hill

Whenever you decide to impress your date or friends, think of no other spot other than the Barrio’s kitchen. At Barrio’s, you have the perfect scene. The candles and mosaic bar in an upscale Tasco temple are enough to do the job. The kitchen serves frozen rose sangria, vegan nachos, and goat cheese empanadas. And lest we forget, their chopped salad is not only delicious, but it is also nutritious.

4. Bateau

Location: 1060 E Union St Capitol Hill

At times, you might want to surprise your best friend with a birthday party. When this happens, take that special friend with your group of friends to Bateau.  Take heed; your veggie friends might want to be somewhere else! The restaurant decor will actually appeal to the celebrant. The steaks, french fries prepared with beef tallow will definitely make your both mouth and taste buds water and thank you! While you take your leave, you might as well order their off-menu burger.

5. Plum Bistro

Plum Bistro employee behind buffet setup

Location: 1429 12th Ave, Capitol Hill

Are you a veggie? If yes, Plum has got you covered. The restaurant is hundred percent vegan where you meet students or people of like minds. You can always call for their Pan-seared creole tempeh, Tofu Piccata, and Buffalo Portobello burgers to tease your buds and halt your rumbling hungry tummy. Be free to take Mum and Dad to Plum as a treat whenever they visit.

6. Cedars Restaurant

INterior of Cedar restaurant

Location: 500 Broadway, Capitol Hill

Don’t be fooled by its size; Cedars Restaurant has much more to offer. The restaurant takes you through a trip down memory lane with their falafel and samosas just like they do in Indian or the Mediterranean! When you check Cedars out, make sure you try out their butter chicken.

7. Italian Family Pizza

Italian family pizza exterior sign

Location: 1208 Madison St., Capitol Hill

When you feel like having great pizza find your way to 1208 Madison St. There you will get large and adequately sauced pizza. You can also try out their white pizza coated with globs of ricotta. We bet you can’t resist it! It’s advisable you take friends with you or share with a friend because you might not be able to devour the delicious crust alone.

At Seattle College, you can’t go hungry. Not with these great restaurants around!

Top 10 Majors at the University of Rochester

The University of Rochester was established in 1850 with the aim of framing and providing solutions to the greatest future challenges and making the world a better place. Since then, the university has remained faithful to this goal. The university offers numerous undergraduate majors and graduate programs. Below are the top 10 majors offered at the University of Rochester.


University of Rochester nursing students during laboratory practical

The University of Rochester is dedicated to preparing innovators, clinical leaders, educators, researchers, and exceptional team-oriented health care providers, who always do their best to improve health care provision. The university has great tutors in the field as well as the health care facilities to prepare students for the intricate and sometimes heartbreaking world of healthcare and medicine.

2. BIOLOGY (B.A., B. S., M.S., & Ph.D.)

University of Rochester biology

From cloning procedures to microscopic organisms, biology covers virtually the whole world. Rochester offers great biology courses, to help students actualize their dreams in neuroscience, molecular genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and more. The University of Rochester does not only have the state of art facilities but also have great tutors to make the study of biology at the fullest.

3. ECONOMICS (B.A., and Ph.D.)

University of Rochester economics

Economics is one of the most popular majors taken at the graduate and undergraduate levels. This major has to do with the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services as well as choices of societies, governments, businesses and individual and how time, money and resources are allocated. The University of Rochester runs a well-structured program for the excellent preparation of students for a future in business, international studies, and public policy.


University of Rochester psychology

If you find yourself trying to investigate why some people react in a certain way to some aspects of their environment, then the study of psychology will help you learn the biology of human brains. The University of Rochester prepares students for professions in guidance and counseling, psychology, social medical work, psychiatric and many other occupations that involve resolving the issues surrounding human behavior.


University of Rochester student music performance and training

The University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music is one of the best music schools in the world. It offers performance-intensive graduate and undergraduate degree programs that do not only enhance musical literacy but also develop all-inclusive musical skills. These degree programs integrate professionalism, pedagogy, music scholarship, and performance skills to get students ready for new challenges in the modern and professional musical world.


University of Rochester mathematics and statistics

The University of Rochester’s undergraduate program was created to prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for successful careers in business, research, and industry. The department has 22 full-time members with PhDs in mathematics. So, students in this faculty do not only learn from this premier math faculty but also from its advanced graduate students (the 22 full-time members) who enjoys teaching.


University of Rochester computer science students working

The studies in this department are broad and in-demand; it influences areas like big data, entertainment, health and many more. The emphasis on elite graduate and undergraduate programs and cross-collaboration at the University of Rochester prepares students for research, industry, and academic positions.

8. BUSINESS (B.A., and B.S.)

University of Rochester business students getting instructions from a local teacher

The University of Rochester partner with Simon Business School – one of the nation’s top graduate education institutions – to allow undergraduate students to learn from business leaders and gain stellar people skills. The university runs a well-structured program to ground students fully in the principles and theories of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources functions, statistics, and economics. Students will be able to develop their skills and talents in decision making, number crunching, communication, and problem-solving.


Rochester biomedical engineering lab

Biomedical engineering is a broad field that merges the clinical experience of medicine and health care providers with the technical expertise of engineering to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovations in healthcare and medicine.


University of Rochester english

The English Department focuses on a thorough study of literature and language. The department advice and encourages students to indulge in writing, editing, translation, internship, personal researches that prepares them for future careers or programs.

The majors discussed above are the ten comprehensive academic degrees available for graduates and undergraduates at the University of Rochester.