5 Reasons to Join ASU Rocketry

Plenty of clubs exist around ASU for students to take part in and enhance their learning experience as an undergraduate student. These clubs are a great for for students to get involved and meet other students as well as learn something extra outside of the classroom. One amazing club at ASU which nicely complements STEM majors is ASU SEDS, or rocketry club. SEDS, or Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, is a great organization which hosts annual competition in which students from universities around the countries compete to design, build, and launch rockets. The competitions guidelines vary and include maximum height competitions, specific height competitions, and payload delivery competitions. Here are a few reasons why SEDS ASU is so awesome!

1) Meet Other STEM Students


In classes it can be easy to associate with only students in the same or very similar majors. Especially since students often progress together from one class to the next. A club such as SEDS brings together engineers from all disciplines including but not limited to mechanical, aerospace, software, chemical, robotics, and manufacturing. Getting to work together on a project creates an environment rich with shared knowledge and interdisciplinary learning.

2) Work with COOL Materials


The materials involved with even inner atmosphere subsonic rockets can be very fun to work with and learn about. ASU SEDS provides the opportunity to work with materials such as carbon fiber, industrial fiber glass, as well as a plethora of chemicals used in mixing the propellants. Many of these materials may be hard to find a chance to work with otherwise!

3) Resume Builder


While ASU SEDS is, at its core, an extremely enjoyable and enriching experience, it is also a great thing to show employers that you have hands on experience in applicable fields. Due to the nature of building a rocket, hands on experience here demonstrates a strong understanding of physics, electronics, and teamwork principles. Not to mention the fact that you may meet a future employer through the competitions!

4) The Launch


Design of a single rocket for competition can take months, as can the build process. All together you are looking at 5-6 months of hard work and countless man hours. After all of this effort from so many people it is ironic that the launch itself lasts only a few minutes, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences available. Seeing all of your hard work operate alongside the hard work of so many others and seeing the massive achievement come to fruition is absolutely breathtaking.

5) Practice for Class


SEDS ASU provides the perfect opportunity to apply loads of knowledge gained in classes, and often provides students their first real world application of these skills. Design and build of a rocket requires quite a bit of math which is often learned in a STEM majors courses. The design and build processes allow students to see the real world application of their hard work in action, leading to better understanding and a deeper learning in classes.

With so many amazing benefits of SEDS ASU, it is absolutely worth it for anybody with the time to do so to join and take part in an incredible feat of teamwork and STEM achievement. The process to join is easy, go online today and reach out to a member of ASU SEDS to see how you can get involved! This is not an opportunity you want to miss out on.


5 Best Food Discounts Around ASU’s Tempe Campus

Living on a college budget can be tough. Between groceries, books, and transportation, it can be difficult to save money for weekend fun. Luckily, some local businesses in Tempe have student sympathy, and offer discounts geared towards ASU students. Taking advantage of these discounts can help college students save money here and there and alleviate some of the pressure of college life. Here are a few of the best discounts around Arizona State.

1) Sprouts Sushi

Sprouts is a grocery store offering a nice hybrid combining the prices of Trader Joe’s with the great quality of Whole Foods. The best thing about Sprouts? Every Wednesday the deli sushi bar, which offers a variety of house made sushi, changes all roll prices to 5 dollars. This is significant considering most of the rolls are regularly closer to 10 dollars. For any student sushi fans, this is a weekly stop.

2) D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a college favorite with locations around the country all near large universities. They offer a wide range of made to order calzones and sides with ingredients far superior to your standard pizza parlor. Every day of the week D.P. Dough has a different “Zone of the Day” for 5 dollars, which would normally be about double that price. The daily special rotates between all of the offered zones so your favorite zone will eventually be the half priced option. Plus, D.P. Dough is open until 3 AM so it is perfect for a late night meal!

3) Uberrito

This is a new burrito chain which originated in Texas and only recently made it’s way to Arizona. The location is about 10 minutes north of campus, technically in Scottsdale, hence why not many students know about this one. Think of this place as a Chipotle with a higher quality of ingredients and a much larger variety of options. Every Monday, Uberrito offers Chicken and Pork burritos for 5 dollars, approximately 50% off. The value of this particular deal is unbeatable.

4) The Vine

vine tavern

The Vine Eatery and Tavern is directly adjacent to campus on the south side, and offers a wide range of classic tavern dishes and snacks. The atmosphere draws a large crowd of students and creates the perfect place to hang with a group of friends. Every Monday and Wednesday night the tavern offers 1 dollar drinks. Yes, you heard me right. Only 1 dollar for any of your favorite mixed drinks. Be careful, these nights can get out of hand.

5) Cabin

The Cabin is a new bar on the scene off Mill Avenue. With wild popularity among students, this new establishment certainly isn’t going anywhere. The best part about it? Every Thursday evening the bar and restaurant offers admission for 5 dollars, which then grants access to 1 cent tacos, 10 cent wings, and 50 cent beers. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal than this in Tempe!

Given the limited budget of students everywhere, we are all looking for the newest deal on the scene or the best value option. There is no shortage of businesses in Tempe willing to accommodate students in order to draw a larger customer base, and this guide will help you take advantage of some of the best weekly deals!

5 Benefits of FURI Research at ASU

Nowadays college graduates need to do everything they can as an undergraduate student to make themselves attractive to employers. Competition is fierce for entry level STEM jobs, and doing undergraduate research can be a huge asset to a graduate’s resume. Arizona State offers a program called FURI, or Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative. Under this program students may form groups and formulate a research proposal alongside a faculty member. The benefits of getting involved with FURI as an engineering or science major are vast, here are just a few.

1) Hands On Experience

Lecture classes are great for teaching the math and formulas that govern the science students learn. However it is very valuable to the learning process to be able to apply these techniques learned in the classroom in real world situations. For example, if a physics student is learning about applied forces, it may be valuable to be able to experiment with a machine capable of applying extreme forces. FURI projects often require students to use technology and machinery to accomplish the research initiative’s goal.

2) Access to Laboratories

The Arizona State campus has numerous laboratories with great equipment for students to use. However, many of the machines are in buildings which require special access. FURI programs give students the opportunity to be trained on many machines that they otherwise would be unable to use. Often times use of these machines will be directly applicable to the work students do after graduation, so this training is a nice jump start.

3) Letters of Recommendation

letter of recommendation

With the competitive nature of the current job market, a graduating student needs all of the letters of recommendation they can get. FURI puts students in direct contact with a doctorate professor who will oversee the research project. The professor is also available to answer questions and offer guidance to the students. At the end of a research project it is almost guaranteed that the professor will be willing to write a letter of recommendation for the FURI students. These professors are especially qualified to speak to the ability of the students making for a very valuable recommendation.

4) Research Stipends

Have you ever had a curiosity about the scientific world, but been unable to fund an experiment to test the hypothesis? Look no further than FURI. FURI funding is an amazing opportunity for students to perform an experiment that they otherwise would be unable to fund. Some FURI projects will even pay a stipend to the student each semester to cover expenses and to compensate the students for time. What’s not to love?

5) Work with Grad Students

As an undergraduate student, working alongside a graduate student on a project can be an invaluable experience. Having recently finished undergrad they are a great resource for information and can act as a mentor. Making connections like these allow undergraduate students to network with other students in their respective field who are further along in studies.

While attending ASU, or any university, it is a very good idea to do all you can to beef up your resume. Employers are always looking for something that sets a candidate apart, or makes them more qualified than the rest. ASU FURI research is a great way to make a resume more attractive, while gaining a deeper understanding of the material from classes.

Top 5 Coffee Shops for ASU Students

Whether it’s a late nighter or an early morning, coffee gives students the drive to get work done. Arizona State has no shortage of coffee shops, many within walking distance of campus. With the sheer numbers of options available to students, it is safe to say ASU students run on caffeine. For those looking to step away from the usual Starbucks cup, here a just a few of the awesome cups of joe.

1) Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Coffee is a student favorite offering their infamous annihilator iced coffee drinks and flavored red bulls called, “rebels”. With a location on Rural road directly adjacent to campus, the 24 hour coffee joint is within walking distance to thousands of students living in the area. Dutch Bros is also open 24 hours with a drive through to serve students up late studying. Warning: once you have tried a single Dutch Bros coffee, you may never return to Starbucks.

2) Cartel Coffee

Cartel Coffee is a hole in the wall joint which provides the perfect atmosphere for working on a laptop and studying for class. This coffee shop is only a few minutes off campus on University and serves very reasonably priced coffee and specialty drinks. The baristas here are always open to having a conversation and offer very friendly service. Cartel Coffee is a great alternative to the larger chain coffee stops in the area.

3) The Human Bean

The Human Bean coffee shop has much more going for it than simply a unique name. This place has amazing house coffee daily and much lower prices than other coffee competitors. The location is also excellent, a block away from Gateway apartments on University Drive many students drive by this spot on their daily commute to class. Apart from coffee, the Human Bean also blends up some amazing fruit smoothies and a full kid friendly menu. This is a great place for a morning breakfast and coffee stop.

4) Cupz

Cupz is geared towards student customers with it’s low prices and on campus location. This place is perfect for students without a car who live on campus, especially the north end, as it is located at the base of Manzanita hall. Cupz also offers a variety of snacks and sandwiches for hungry customers. The tutoring center is right next door and plenty of seating and lounge areas surround the coffee shop creating a great environment for hanging out with friends or studying.

5) Bikini Beans

Nothing says ASU quite like a coffee shop staffed entirely by bikini wearing girls, who are mostly students themselves. This place is actually very cool, and serves great drinks! The drive through makes a quick stop by easy. Bikini Beans caters mostly to the downtown campus as it is located between Tempe main campus and downtown Phoenix. Many students commuting to downtown campus will pass right by it on their morning drive. If you are looking for a coffee shop mixed with beach vibes, Bikini Beans is just the place.

Coffee is a drink loved around the world, especially by ASU students. With so many great options for coffee around Tempe, it is no surprise that ASU students seem to run on caffeine. Many shops have their own quirks which make them unique, and add extra spice to their own house cup of joe. Each of these coffee shops is special in it’s own way, so be sure to give them all a shot before deciding on a regular favorite!

6 Tips for Success in ASU Engineering

Arizona State University‘s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is a world class engineering program, focusing on student immersion in real world projects and hands on learning. It can be difficult to stay on top of every class with a full schedule, especially with all of the extra curricular activities happening around campus. With so much fun to be had, focusing on classes can be hard. Here are a few tips for success in any of the many concentrations under Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

1) Classmates

This is probably one of the most helpful resources at any university. Making acquaintances in classes (especially the more difficult ones) can make all the difference while studying for exams. Making a friend or two in every class gives you someone to text with any due date questions as well as the perfect collaborator for group work. After a semester or two you will likely be familiar with many of the other students in your classes given that all Ira A. Fulton students take the same course load for two years. This makes it easy to find a study buddy or two.

2) Office Hours

Forging relationships with professors early in the semester is always a good idea. A strong relationship with a professor can offer a student anything from grade leniency to career advice. Above all, attending a professor’s office hours is statistically proven to increase a student’s grade in the course. If you have an unanswered question from lecture, office hours are the perfect place to get a one on one explanation.

3) Tutoring

ASU offers at least one tutoring center on each campus, with the main Tempe campus offering over 4 separate tutoring facilities. Subjects being tutored change daily and hourly, so a schedule is available online for students. The best part about tutoring? The tutors themselves are also students, and 99% of the time the tutor has already taken the class you need help with. This is the perfect setting to receive customized help in a specific area. The tutoring center is a great place to sit down and work on homework, then when a question arises a tutor is only a mouse click away.

4) Sleep Schedule

Just as important as any good study habit, is a good sleep schedule. Studies show a student is more alert and capable of retaining information after 7+ hours of sleep. Throughout a college career, some late nights will inevitably be necessary, but in general it is best to sleep by 1 or 2. For this reason, it is especially important to take care in choosing room mates, ideally ones also in an engineering program!

5) Nutrition

This one is especially important. Being hungry in class makes it almost impossible to retain information, not to mention the drowsiness that tends to accompany hunger. A large morning meal is the foundation to a productive day in class, and nutritious (and portable) snacks make it much easier to get through the day. A few student snack staples include bananas, beef jerky for meat eaters, fibrous energy bars, and smoothies. Smoothies are especially helpful when packed with leafy greens and fruit, and they are easy to take to class in a canteen or re usable water bottle!

6) Don’t Miss Lecture

It is very easy to self justify missing a lecture or two, and the occasional missed class may not be a death sentence. However, consistently missing lectures can cause some serious issues for your grades and for relationships with professors (which are incredibly valuable in engineering courses!). One key to making morning attendance a success is sleeping at a reasonable hour, which can be very difficult but will ultimately pay dividends. Another technique for being ready for class is staying on campus between classes. If you have an hour or two gap between classes, rather than running home consider taking advantage of one of many on campus facilities including the fitness center, tutoring center, and library. Alternatively, find a comfy couch anywhere on campus and catch a quick nap.

Arizona State‘s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering can be a place for incredibly in depth learning and career preparation. These are a few tips that are guaranteed to help students maximize learning in their engineering classes, prepare for careers, and take advantage of resources available around ASU to help future engineers be successful. College is not cheap, so it is always best to make the most of it!

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations for ASU Students

March is a great month to be a student at Arizona State. Packed with pool parties, amazing weather, and most importantly Spring Break, the nonstop fun can make it hard not to miss a class or two. Right at the heart of it all is the beloved holiday that is Spring Break. Whether fleeing south of the border, heading out to the west coast, or hopping on a plane to Miami, Spring Break is the best time to let loose with friends.

1) Rocky Point

Situated just a few hours drive south of the border and only 4 hours from Arizona State, Rocky Point is the perfect place to get the full blown Mexico spring break experience without breaking the bank. In Rocky Point, aka Puerto Penasco, a strip of super luxury resorts lines the beach and creates a private party paradise for college students. The water is warm, the clothing is minimal, and the legal drinking age is 18. What more could one ask for in the month of March?

2) Cabo Wabo

Cabo San Lucas, also known as Cabo Wabo, features such bars as the infamous Mango Deck and Squid Roe all nestled amongst numerous high end resorts and hotels. Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula so a plane flight is almost required. This can make the trip slightly more expensive, but it is more than worth it for this unforgettable Spring Break party experience.

3) Miami

Miami beach is a massively popular destination for ASU students on Spring Break. Home to the notorious Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival, Miami is a 24/7 party in the month of March. This is a great destination that does not require a passport! Only a plane flight away, Miami spring break is a great place to meet thousands of other college students from eastern universities as well. March is truly the month the Sunshine State earns it’s stripes.

4) Cancun

Cancun is truly the ultimate Spring Break destination for ASU students looking to escape the country and dip their feet in the Caribbean. Flush with beach front parties and crawling nightlife, Cancun is the sure to make all of your friends jealous. Rumor has it, Corona is cheaper than water and Tequila is on tap in this tropical paradise. Plenty of big name DJ’s also descend on Cancun in the month of March to play nightclub shows as well as beach front parties.

5) Mission Beach

No passport required for this one, Mission Beach San Diego is a Spring Break hot spot located only 5 hours by car from ASU on the California Coast. The 5 mile long beachfront is packed all day long throughout March, almost all of it with west coast college students on Spring Break. Epic flotilla parties (pictured above) are an annual tradition during March. At night, Pacific Beach is only 10 minutes away and offers a wide variety of night life including Backyard Bar and Duck Dive.

Due to Arizona State‘s central location, the options for Spring Break are vast. To the west, San Diego is only 5 hours by car. To the south, Rocky Point requires only a passport and a half day drive. Plane flights to Cancun and Cabo are almost too convenient. Whichever destination you choose, Spring Break at ASU will not disappoint.

5 Best Bars at Arizona State University

At Arizona State University, the party never truly stops. In order to maintain the top notch party culture that has been a staple of ASU for decades, an infrastructure of bars and clubs has risen to the occasion. From Mill Avenue to Old Town and all of the local secrets in between, the ASU bar scene is certainly one to be reckoned with. For those of age, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights offer some of the best entertainment in the state.

1. El Hefe

The boss. Located in the heart of Mill Avenue, El Hefe is a taqueria by day and a major bar and dance hall by night. This bar serves incredible margaritas with an extensive tequila list as well as a long list of specialty house drinks. Next to the bar is a stage and dance floor which hosts nightly DJ sets. Almost every night of the week dancers line the bar top pouring shots into dance floor patron’s mouths. What is not to love? The food also shouldn’t be underestimated.

2. Maya

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Maya is the area’s best “Vegas Style” dayclub and night club. Maya features 3+ bars, indoor and outdoor dance floors and a shallow pool which doubles as a dance floor. Regular top name DJ’s perform shows at Maya, but even on regular week nights the night club is packed. Strong drinks, great music, and a state of the art video and lights production makes this club a no-can-miss.

3. The Vine

vine tavern

The Vine Tavern and Eatery is away from the main bar scene but located very close to major student housing complexes on Apache. With dollar drinks on Monday and Wednesday nights, the Vine is a massively popular location for pregames and week nights. The Vine also serves a wide range of delicious snacks and entrees.

4. C.A.S.A.

Much more than a cool name for a bar, CASA is a student favorite. With an indoor dance floor, outdoor tables, and an elevated patio area it is easy to lose yourself at CASA. 3 bars located throughout the club ensure club goers glasses are never empty. CASA is famous for it’s bucket drinks, which are served in a plastic bucket complete with a handle for easy carrying (this comes in handy).

5. Cabin

New on the scene, Cabin is fast making a name for itself. Located amongst the main Mill Avenue bar scene, Cabin has daily drink specials ranging from discount house margaritas to 2 for 1 AMF’s. Complete with a dance floor, live DJ nightly, and many tables for reservation Cabin will not disappoint. This is an up and comer certainly worth keeping an eye on as it establishes itself among ASU students.

ASU has established itself as a leader in party culture and fun for students, but this extends far beyond house parties and apartment bangers. The fast evolving bar scene surrounding ASU has something for everyone when it comes to night life. There is a reason students come from all over the state (Tucson and Flagstaff) to enjoy a weekend in Tempe. Spring Break University does it best.

Best Late Night Eats for ASU Students

With a student body of over 80,000, ASU students are on many different schedules. The various restaurants and cafes near campus have adjusted their hours accordingly to provide near 24/7 access to great food. Whether you are craving a world class toasted sub sandwich from Cheba Hut, or a truly massive piece of pizza at Mellow Mushroom, ASU has something delicious for everyone.

1. D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a favorite among students for many reasons. The cafe is located directly across the street from campus and offers a wide range of exquisite calzones and other treats. Try their cheesy bacon tots which speak for themselves, or one of their famous giant cookies. One main appeal of D.P. Dough is that it stays open until 3 AM 6 nights a week, making it the perfect place for a deluxe meat of veggie calzone at any time of day. Take a look at their zone of the day as well for a discount!

2. Cheba Hut

With only a handful of locations, Cheba Hut has become a legend among travellers and a staple among ASU students. This is no ordinary sandwich shop, and each monster sub comes loaded with the freshest meats and ingredients served in a unique laidback atmosphere and they even have Kool-Aid on tap. There is no way to compare Cheba Hut quality to that of Subway. Open every night until 12 and weekends until 2, Cheba Hut is the perfect place to satisfy a late night craving.

3. Cornish Pasty

Much less known than other ASU favorites, Cornish Pasty offers a large selection of delicious home backed meat or veggie pasties. A pasty is basically a rolled pot pie with a buttery flake crust, and being open until 2 makes Cornish Pasty the perfect late night meal. This place is a staple for locals and a must try for out of towners.

4. In N Out

For those from California, In N Out is a known staple. It provides a sense of home while at school. However for east coasters, the In N Out conveniently located a mile from campus is the perfect opportunity to try this west coast favorite. Far superior to other fast food burger chains such as McDonalds and Burger King, In N Out only serves fresh beef as well as other natural and fresh ingredients. Open every night until after 1 and offering a drive thru option, this is the perfect stop after a wild night out or any other occasion. Pro Tip: try any item on the menu ANIMAL STYLE!

5. Mellow Mushroom

Located right in the heart of Mill Avenue’s nightlife, Mellow Mushroom serves delicious east coast style pizza and a wide range of other specialties until after 2 AM. What is better than a fully loaded gourmet slice of fresh pizza after a night out? Not much. After one visit Mellow Mushroom is sure to become a regular stop.

Whether it is after a Saturday night out partying on Mill, or a late Tuesday night studying in the library, Tempe has the good food you need at any hour. All very reasonably priced, these are just a few of the amazing restaurants and cafes geared towards student customers. ASU is widely recognized for many great characteristics, but it’s world class cuisine is not given the great recognition it deserves.



5 Benefits of Taking Your ASU Engineering Classes at the Poly Campus

The Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU offers many amazing majors and courses to students interested in engineering. These engineering courses can be taken at the main campus in Tempe, or at the Polytechnic campus about 25 minutes away in Mesa. Though the second option may seem less convenient to some, there are many reasons why it is a better environment for those serious about a great educational experience. Here are just a few of these reasons!

1) Small Class Sizes

Compared with Tempe the average class size at Poly is about half as large. This makes it much easier to build a relationship with the professor and ask questions in class. Getting a seat near the front is also much easier which has been proven to increase a student’s chances of success! These small classes also allow the professor to teach at a better pace for everybody.


2) More Experienced Professors

Many professors at Poly teach engineering classes as a second job, often while maintaining a full career in the engineering field. This is particularly valuable as it allows flourishing engineering students the opportunity to hear about real world work conditions first hand. This dual occupation status is common for professors at Polytechnic.

Image result for engineering project


3) Easy Transportation to Campus

The Polytechnic campus is about 25 minutes by car from the Tempe main campus, so getting to class can seem a barrier for some. However, ASU has solved this problem with a Wifi equipped double decker shuttle bus which runs every half hour from Tempe. The shuttle stops at two locations bordering Tempe campus, making it easy for students living anywhere in the area of main campus to also access Polytech!

Image result for asu polytechnic shuttle


4) Better Facilities than Tempe

Often between classes students may have an hour or two to kill before their next begins. Polytechnic campus has a state of the art recreational facility complete with a pristine olympic pool, brand new weight racks, and seemingly unused cardio equipment. For those needing to hit the books, the Polytechnic library is much newer and less used than Hayden Library in Tempe and offers a much sleeker feel to students looking to study.

Related image


5) SIM Building / Innovation Hub

Engineering students are often required to work on complexed projects outside of class. While Tempe campus does have much of the same equipment as Poly such as laser cutters, 3D printers, mills and lathes, the Poly campus has two beautiful buildings dedicated to a student’s need to build. These buildings also house facilities not available in Tempe such as a flight simulator, interactive jet turbine room, and free classes on milling and metal working.

Image result for asu polytechnic sim building


The Polytechnic campus of ASU truly is the perfect environment for budding engineering students. Even for those who live in Tempe, the intercampus shuttle makes it easy to take all or some engineering classes at Polytechnic. The moderate isolation of the campus also makes it a more serious learning environment, as opposed to Tempe where partying is often a popular major. Those who take classes at Polytechnic truly make the most of their education at ASU, and for those who haven’t attended yet it is certainly worth a shot!

5 Amazing Outdoor Daytrips near ASU

Arizona State, also known as Spring Break University, has almost everything a college student could need. Nearby shopping malls, professional sports, and daytime parties are only a few things Arizona State has a lot to offer. What some may not know is that the geographic location of ASU also puts it within range of a number of world class outdoors destinations, easily accessible to students. From snowy mountain tops to desert peaks, there truly is a breathtaking view for everyone. Here are 5 of the best daytrips an ASU student can enjoy

1. Weavers Needle / Superstition Wilderness

Less than an hour east of ASU, Weavers Needle is an amazing hike nestled in the Superstition Wilderness. The hike itself only takes about an hour, but the view from up top is priceless. Tall stone spires and deep red tinted rocks create an almost surreal environment. Truly the perfect place for a photoshoot session with friends, or simply a place to unwind after a long week.

Image result for weavers needle az

2. Snowbowl

Great all times of year, Snowbowl is a lodge nestled atop Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff, about a 2 hour drive north of ASU. The drive is more than worth it for the ultimate outdoor experience. In Winter the mountain sides are coated with feet of fresh snow powder weekly from November until late April, and in Summer the ski lifts still operate to ferry mountain bikers up the mountain. Snowbowl is a staple for students at ASU and NAU.

Image result for snowbowl arizona

3. Sedona

Sedona is a famous hiking destination not only for ASU students but for travelers around the world. The immense red rock landscape is rivalled only by the Grand Canyon itself and Red Rocks Park in Colorado. Devil’s Bridge is a famous yet easy hike which offers an incredible view of red rock spires and expansive Arizona backcountry, and only an hour and a half north of ASU the drive is very manageable for a day trip.

4. Slide Rock

Fifteen minutes outside of Sedona lies another of Nature’s wonders. A winding creek has carved a small canyon through the red rock and created numerous great swimming holes. In the Summer months the river rocks are lined with adventurers and party goers daily. Slide Rock is a favorite for students and local Sedona residents alike!

Image result for arizona slide rock

5. Camelback Mountain

Located about 20 minutes north of ASU in Scottsdale, Camelback mountain is a weekend destination that every student must experience at least once. This is arguably the most challenging hike in the metropolitan Phoenix area, and it is important to prepare for this one. This hike is best in the Fall or Winter months where peak temperatures reach only about 80 degrees. Starting off steep and only getting harder, the view from the top is breathtaking and showcases the entire Valley area.

Image result for arizona camelback hike


Whether it is your first semester at ASU, or your last, these are some of the best places to spend your weekend. If you go and somehow don’t enjoy yourself, it is probably because you brought the wrong people. Grab some friends and enjoy the beauty Arizona has to offer!