10 James Madison University Buildings You Need to Know

With 721 acres and an undergraduate student body of almost 20,000, there is a lot to take in when you step on campus at James Madison University. With a mixture of classic and modern buildings and picturesque landscaping, this school truly feels like home.

1) John C. Wells Planetarium

john c wells planetarium

The John C. Wells Planetarium is a two million dollar, state-of-the-art, hybrid facility. There are free full-dome shows every Saturday night as well as many other camps, science talks, and star parties throughout the year.

2) Rose Library


Rose Library is one of three library locations on campus. Its features include: 24-hour study spaces and computer labs, a DART card machine, group study rooms, PC and Mac workstations, photocopier equipment, printers, Wi-Fi, and a Starbucks!

3) University Recreation Center


With four levels, this recreation center has everything a college student could wish for; a 33-foot climbing wall, eight racquetball courts, three multi-activity gyms, two indoor tracks, fitness and cardio theatre, aquatics center, adventure center, locker rooms, wellness suite, equipment center, two outdoor courtyards, and six group exercise studios.

4) Bridgeforth Stadium/Zane Showker Field


Bridgeforth Stadium opened in 1975 but was renovated in 2011, reaching its current capacity of 24,877 seats. This premier facility is home to the James Madison University football Dukes.

5) East Dining Hall


With everything from an all-day breakfast sandwich and waffle bar, custom pasta dishes, stone-oven pizza, a dessert section, hibachi bowls, and a soup and salad bar, E-Hall truly has anything you could possibly want! This dining hall is categorized as “All-You-Care-To-Eat” style.

6) Festival Conference and Student Center


This multi-purpose facility houses food options, conference rooms, recreational facilities, a convenience store, information operations, the Madison Art Collection, and the JMads Sports Lounge. The lounge features billiards, foosball, and large bean bag chairs.

7) University Bookstore

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 1.06.17 AM

In 2002, the bookstore was moved from Warren Hall to its current building at the center of campus. This two-story building has campus apparel, school supplies, textbooks, and even a reading room!

8) The Bioscience Building


The Bioscience Building landscape serves as a laboratory for learning within the growing east campus of James Madison University. Educational gardens feature unique and thought-provoking displays of native plants grouped by family. Outdoor classrooms are surrounded by gardens with a variety of native trees and perennials.

9) University Health Center


The University Health Center provides care and education that helps students be well, stay well and do well. Medical services that are offered include general medicine appointments, urgent care, a pharmacy, consultations with a nurse, a women’s health clinic, an allergy clinic, lab services, nutrition services, and health insurance options.

10) College of Business


The College of Business is ranked #1 for “Business Schools With The Best ROI” according to Poets&Quants. There are eight majors and six minors offered, and approximately 4,000 students in this college. A major addition is being made to the College of Business; The project will provide 210,000 square feet of space that will include new and refurbished classrooms with flexible configurations, space for the international award winning Digital Marketing Program, cutting-edge technology for cybersecurity, collaborative space for students and an expanded Capital Markets Lab.

Interesting Facts About James Madison University

1) There is a series of tunnels that run underneath The Quad.

1704 Old Tunnel medium

The tunnels are now only restricted to JMU service technicians, but for 50 years one of the tunnels was widely used by students and faculty to get between the campus’ first two buildings, Jackson Hall and Maury Hall, in times of inclement weather. It was around 1960 that the tunnels were closed down to students.

2) The rock on the Quad is called the “kissing rock.”


In the early days of JMU, women were not allowed to be alone with men on campus without a dorm mother present, so they would hide behind the rock to kiss. Rumor has it that if you kiss someone on the rock, you will marry them.

3) The acceptance rate is 68.5%.


81% of the admitted freshmen class was ranked in the top third of their class in high school. The SAT mid-50% range is 1160-1320, and the ACT mid-50% range is 24-30.

4) The original name was, “The State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.”


It was a teaching school with a primarily female student body; about 200 females to 15 males. Men were only allowed to be daytime students until 1966 when they were allowed to enroll full-time, making the university co-ed. The school was re-named Madison College in 1938, and adopted the current name of James Madison University in 1977.

5) The official mascot of JMU is Duke Dog.


In 1947, the first men’s basketball team named themselves The Dukes after the college President, Samuel P. Duke. The mascot, Duke Dog made his first appearance in the 1972-73 school year.

6) The student to faculty ratio in Fall 2017 was 16:1.


JMU employs 925 full-time and 450 part-time instructional faculty.

7) Non-Greek life students are the majority of the population.


10% of male students and 12% of female students are associated with fraternities and sororities.

7 University of Pittsburgh Buildings You Need to Know

University of Pittsburgh is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a D1 university. There are over 18,000 students enrolled at the university. There are a lot of buildings on campus which is why not many people know the nicest ones on campus. The following buildings are the ones that everyone needs to know about.

1. Cathedral of Learning


The building was made to be very tall and not take up a lot of space because the university had a major space problem at the time of construction. The building’s architecture was made with parallel lines that would never touch which implies that the learning is unending. The extensive proportions of the building shows high achievement of the university.

2. Wesley W. Posvar Hall

Wesley building

This building houses the College of General Studies, the Office of Veterans Service, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, School of Education, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Center for International Studies, and social science departments. It is the largest academic only building on campus. The building is at the site of the former ballpark for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

3. Litchfield Towers

3 buildings

The towers make of the largest residential complex on campus. The three towers house 1,868 men and women in the building’s air-conditioned single and double rooms. The lobbies of the buildings house the mail center, a fitness center, laundry, vending machines, email kiosks, a coffee cart, a small shop, a made-to-order dining facility, and Quick Zonel.

4. Music Building

Music Building

The building was recently enlarged and renovated. It houses classrooms, a piano lab, the music library, offices, practice rooms, the Electronic Music Studio, the Ethnomusicology Lab, a lounge, and teaching studios. The music studio in the building houses a mix of hardware and software synthesizers, samplers, signal processors, and digital recording equipment.

5. Heinz Memorial Chapel

Heinz Memorial Chapel

The chapel is a nondenominational chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus and was a gift from Henry John Heinz. It was dedicated in 1938 and currently hosts about 1,000 events annually including religious services, concerts, tours, and more.

6. Allegheny Observatory

Allegheny Observatory

The observatory is one of the major astronomical research institutions in the world. It is a few miles off the main campus but is an important building for astronomy majors. The main function of the building is pure research, the telescopes and instrumental equipment are available for use by the students and teachers.

7. Fitzgerald Field House

Fitzgerald Field House

The field house is home to gymnastics, indoor track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. It was built in 1951 and was named after Rufus H. Fitzgerald, the chancellor from 1944-1945. The field house has a weight room, locker rooms, and a wrestling room.

Interesting Facts about University of Pittsburgh

1. Mark Cuban

shot of mark cuban

Mark Cuban went to University of Pittsburgh for one year before dropping out of school.

2. Victory Lights

victory lights on building

The upper section of the Cathedral of Learning illuminates gold after the football team wins.

3. University of Pittsburgh Panthers

panthers logo

The athletic team is called the panthers not only because it is a fierce animal but also because panthers were once indigenous to the Pittsburgh area.

4. Cathedral of Learning

light show on cathedral

The Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest university building in the world.

5. Star of Films

Sorority Row movie poster

The Cathedral of Learning is such a landmark that it’s appeared in Sorority Row, Wonder Boys, and Mothman Prophecies.

6. Destined for Marriage

Chapel view of bridge

There is a legend at University of Pittsburgh that says if a couple kisses on the steps of Heinz Memorial Chapel then they are destined to be married there.

7. Polio Vaccine

newspaper headline

In 1952 the world’s first vaccine for polio was created at the University of Pittsburgh by Jonas Salk.

The University of Pittsburgh is home to many beautiful buildings and success stories. Stories range from one-year students like Marc Cuban to the pioneers of medicine. Most students do not know a lot of the interesting things about the university due to its large size, but the above facts and buildings provide a great base of history about UPitt.

7 University of Vermont Buildings You Need to Know

University of Vermont is located in Burlington Vermont and is a D1 university. There are over 10,000 students and over 100 buildings on campus. Since there are so many buildings, not many people know the nicest buildings on campus. The following buildings are the ones that everyone needs to know about.

1. STEM Complex

This is a picture of the recently completed STEM complex.

The STEM complex is made up of three interconnected buildings: Discovery Hall, Innovation Hall, and Votey Hall. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics which are the areas of study that the complex houses. The building was completed in 2017.

2. Billings Library

This is a picture of the front of Billings Library.

Billings library was constructed in 1885 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is located in the university’s green district and acts as an anchor of the district. The building was recently renovated in the spring of 2018 to update and enhance some portions of the upper level interior.

3. Dudley H. Davis Center

This is a view of the Davis Center taken from another building on campus.

The Davis Center is the student center on campus and houses some of the dining options as well. It was also the first student center to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold-level certification. Aside from a place for students to hangout and eat, there are also career services in the building and life advice centers.

4.Fleming Museum of Art

This is a picture from the front of the Fleming Museum of Art.

The Fleming Museum has been on the UVM campus since 1931. The building was created with the goal of making it “a practical place of learning — a vibrant, ongoing educational institution for both children and adults.” Today, it houses contemporary and historical art from around the world as well as year-round educational programming.

5. Morrill Hall

This is a picture from across the street of Morrill Hall.

The construction for Morrill Hall began in 1904 and finished three years later in 1907. The hall is another building listed on the National Register of Historical Places. It is home agricultural and life studies as well as the UVM Agriculture Extension Service.

6. Ifshin Hall

This is an artistic representation of Ifshin Hall since it was very recently completed.

Ifshin Hall is the newest building on campus. It was completed in August of 2018 and is an expansion of Kalkin Hall. The expansion houses much needed classrooms, a multi-purpose room for presentations and speakers, a graduate case, and much more.

7. Alumni House

This is a picture showing the Alumni House during a public event.

The alumni house was recently renovated in 2016. It was a complete interior renovation and a 2,600 square foot addition of a pavilion. The first floor of the building is now a public space that is used for events. The building also has earned silver certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Interesting Facts About University of Vermont

1. Creation of the Sports Bra

This picture shows the original jogbra on the left and the current sports bra on the right.

The sports bra was originally made at UVM. Students Polly Smith, Lisa Lindahl, and Hinda Miller created the first sports bra by sewing two jockstraps together and nicknaming it the “jogbra.”

2. Called UVM

This is an aerial shot of campus to show the mountains that surround campus.

University of Vermont is also called UVM which means Universitas Viridis Montis, Latin for “University of the Green Mountains”.

3. Motto

This is a picture of the university seal.

“Studiis et Rebus Honestis” — “For studies and other honest pursuits” this motto means that the students at the university are there for studies and other pursuits of honor.

4. Intramurals/Club Sports

This picture shows the beginning of a trench ball game at UVM.

At UVM there are 60 club sports, some engaged in intercollegiate competition, and around 20 intramural teams. The teams vary from typical intramural sports like basketball to new sports like trench ball.

5. Faculty

This picture depicts the recipients of the distinguished faculty award

84% of the full-time faculty (not including medical faculty) hold a Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field.

6. Team Canada

This is Laurence St. Germain during tryouts for Team Canada.

UVM senior, Laurence St. Germain will be representing Team Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

7. Only South Africa Olympian

This is a picture of Connor Wilson, a first-year student at UVM, alpine skiing.

Connor Wilson, a first-year student, is the only athlete representing South Africa at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The university of Vermont is home to many beautiful buildings and success stories. Stories range from Olympic athletes to inventions of products. Most students do not know a lot of the interesting things about the university, but the above facts and buildings provide a great base of history about UVM.

10 Easiest Courses at Texas Wesleyan

There are tons of courses at each different university that students have to take and then even more electives that can be taken. Easy courses are tough to find and fill up quickly because everyone wants the easy grade. Below are a list of some of the easiest courses at Texas Wesleyan University.

1. MAT 1302 – College Algebra

College Algebra is an entry-level course that goes through a lot of the same material learned in a high school algebra course. The course goes over quadratics, exponential functions, and rational functions. It is a prerequisite for a few different math courses like MAT 1302 (Mathematics for Business and Economic Analysis).

Some college algebra showing some basic equations.

2. MCO 1302 – Mass Media and Society

This course studies the fundamentals of communications theory in order to provide a foundation level of understanding about how mass media works. The goal of the course is to help students describe key forces of media production, understand major theories that drive media research, and to help students evaluate media content. This course is a  prerequisite for MCO 3320 (Digital Design and Editing) and MCO 2200 (Practicum).

Showing how mass amounts of people read the same media.

3. MGT 4308 – Leadership

There is a prerequisite of MGFT 3319 (Management Theory and Practice) with a grade C or better. This course is a basic overview of the theory behind leadership. There is a large emphasis on one’s own leadership behavior. The exploration of the behavior is through self assessment, case studies, discussion, and simulations.

A picture showing how leadership is more helpful than typical boss-mentality.

4. HIS 2324 – Fundamentals of Modern American History 1877-Present

This course goes over a lot of what high school late history courses go over. The course aims for students to be able to develop adequate survey knowledge and understanding of American geography, politics, economics, and beliefs during the 1876 to present time period. It is not a prerequisite although it does fill three credit hours and help fulfill basic degree requirements.

A picture of the American Flag which holds great history.

5. FAR 2313 – Enjoyment of Music

This course is very fun and easy for students since it is targeted at non-music majors. The course is a music appreciation course which means that during the three credit hours that this class fills, students will listen to a lot of music and learn how to better appreciate it. The course is suggested to fill the general education fine arts requirement.

A picture depicting how music makes you feel.

6. EXS 1116 – Walking to Wellness

This course (previously known as KIN or ESS 1116) is an activity course under the exercise science department. The course involves walking for an hour per week and aims at the positive health effects of walking. This course is a nice break from the typical in-classroom course.

A sign showing that walking leads to wellness.

7. CHE 1318 – Introduction to Chemistry

This course is an intro to the general principles of the organic functional groups and their relevance to anesthesia. This course is great for students who do not know chemistry well or have not yet taken a chemistry course because the course introduces students to atomic theory and structure as well as organic structure. The course focuses heavily on chemistry as it relates to anesthesia which makes the course different than the typical course.

A picture of some chemistry related things like molecules and an atom.

8. BUA 1301 – Introduction to Business

This course is not a prerequisite for any business courses, but it does give the student a great start to the fundamentals of business. The course is an overview of the historical development of businesses. It also includes the study of nature of businesses which makes it not only an easy course, but also a great course to help a student figure out if business is right for them.

A stock image depicting lost, hopeful businessman waiting for their introduction to business.

9. ART 1311 – Basic Fine Art (FAR 1311)

This course is an introduction to drawing and other forms of art. The course is intended for non-art majors which means that the grading is not very strict or detail oriented. ART 1311 is also great for non-art majors because it fulfills the fine arts credit that is necessary.

A picture of a fine art drawing.

10. ASE 1111 – Freshman Seminar

Freshman seminar is the first course that is required for students. The course is designed to help students make the switch from high school to college. Students cannot drop the course and if they fail then they have to retake it until they receive a passing grade.

A graphic design made for a freshman seminar course.

There are a lot of different courses that students can take at Texas Wesleyan, but the above ten are easy and can help you raise your GPA if you do well in them. Make sure to sign up for these courses as early into registration as possible because they fill up fast.

5 Free Things to do Near UTampa

Free may very well be one thing that will make every college student immediately interested in whatever the conversation is regarding. People, college students especially, are always looking for the cheapest things to do. If you’re trying to do something fun without breaking the bank or don’t have enough money to go out, try one of these things that doesn’t require a dime out of your pocket.

1. The Pool

The pool on campus, or at a nearby hotel, is a timeless classic for something to do while down in Tampa. It’s always pool weather here and there’s not very many better places near downtown to get your tan on than at a pool. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even go swimming to cool off from the Tampa heat. 


2. Tampa Art Museum

Right across the river from campus is the Tampa Museum of Art. As a student you can gain free entry to the museum. Art is not for everyone, but going to an art museum is a good way to relieve stress from living the tough college life. You can explore the different type of art there like sculptures, paintings, and more.

3. Walk the Riverwalk

The river walk is is somewhere that is great for anybody. You can walk, run, bike, or even just chill out. If you’re looking for something to do near UT that’ll also keep you active, the river walk is definitely a good idea, especially if you’re looking at doing something at night. At night the river walk is lit up beautifully and not only a calming place to walk, bike, or run, it’s also a nice place to it’s also somewhere that you can do work at. The atmosphere is perfect for chilling, working, or anything you can really think of doing.


4. Beach Volleyball

Staying on campus to do something is one of the best things to do when you don’t want to spend any money. The beach volleyball courts are a great place to do something active, fun, and most importantly, free. You don’t even have to have a ball to play, just grab a group of your friends and go over to the courts to play some games. If you want to get the most out of the trip to the courts  bring some music to listen to while you play.


5. Go to a Spartans Game

There’s almost always a game on campus that you can go to. The games are free for all students so you don’t have to worry about paying for anything and you can also show some support for the teams there. Not only do you get to have some fun with the activities they have going on during the games, but you can also show your Spartan pride at the games.



There’s always something to do while you are in Tampa whether you have the money to pay for to do something or you want to do something for free. This article can help you and your friends do something fun without breaking the bank.

Where to Watch March Madness Near UT

It’s that time of the year. March Madness is in full swing and it’s almost time for the Final Four. Important games like those in the Final Four need an especially great venue that you can watch the games at. This article will help you find the five best places to watch the big games.


Outpost is definitely a good spot to watch the game and is basically on campus because it’s so close. They do not have many TVs, but the atmosphere there is one of the best around campus for sports. Everyone there during game time is there to watch the games and there are generally some pretty passionate fans. Outpost also has cheap, good food and drink specials most of the time so it’s also a very good place in terms of money as well. Outpost was also a great place to watch the Super Bowl and they have not disappointed when it comes to March Madness yet and they’re not expected to either.



Ducky’s is definitely a hole in the wall type of place, but does not disappoint when it comes to sports. It is the definition of a sports bar. If you are just visiting the area, Ducky’s is not a typical spot you would go to. But if you are from here or go to school here, you’ve heard of Ducky’s. With dining, a bar, a bowling area, and multiple TVs Ducky’s has to be one of your first thoughts when you think of where to watch March Madness. They have a happy hour Monday thru Friday that has good deals, like $2 domestics and $3 wells.

Buffalo Wild Wings

No explanation is really needed for why Buffalo Wild Wings is on this list. Buffalo Wild Wings is a classic when it comes to sports and some of the best wings in the area. You can either go to the one in Ybor or the one on Dale Mabry, they’re both similar distances and have similar numbers of TVs and the same food options. The one on Dale Mabry is generally more crowded, so if you are looking for a place with a lot of fans then that one would probably be a better option for you, but if you are looking for a less crowded Buffalo Wild Wings then the Ybor location is probably better for you.

Ferg’s Live

Ferg’s Live is the home of a lot of concerts and events like one of the larger Halloween parties in the Tampa area, but most people don’t think of it as a sports bar. Ferg’s has over 2,000 square feet of space and multiple TVs to watch the game. Ferg’s is known to also have the March Madness games on their wall-to-wall TVs and to have good drink specials for during the games as well.


Peabody’s is not very well known by much of the UT community, but it would be a shame not to mention such a great place to watch the games. There’s 70 TVs inside and even a 10 foot TV. Imagine watching the big game on that thing! Along with their TVs they also have 4 bars inside so you can pick and choose where inside you’d rather watch March Madness. Peabody’s also boasts that they do not have any cover so you only have to pay for what you buy while you’re there.

Tampa is home to a lot of different venues to watch sports, especially March Madness since it is so popular, but without proper guidance you could be lost looking for which place is the best to watch it from. This list can help you navigate the vast amount of places to go to near UT to watch the big game.

Five Classes for Business Majors to Take Before Sophomore Year at UT

Your adviser usually helps with this sort of thing, but what better than to get the opinions of other students on which classes you should take before being a sophomore at UT. The following classes are not just classes you need to take, but some are prerequisites for other classes that are more major focused and interesting. If you take the classes early that are a prerequisite for a lot of the other, more interesting classes, you can start your major-related courses.

MAT 225

Calculus for business, the name of the course even sounds frightening.  You probably hated calc in high school and that’s not gonna change one bit once you get to college and have to take another calc class. This class is not a class where you can just memorize the formulas to do well, but instead you have to actually understand the material to do well on the exams. This may require you to do some extra work outside of class or to meet with the teacher during office house, which is highly recommended. The class may be a pain, but getting it over with quick opens you up to a lot of better options down the road.

BUS 101

An obvious course to take before sophomore year is your 101 business course. This course is mostly online, with an online book and homework. If the online course portion is not for you, this class will be a struggle. To do well in this class you can memorize the topics that will be on the exam and do pretty well. You’ll also have some interesting portions of the class like a global trade simulation. 

ACC 202

You can only take this course after taking MAT 225, but if you can knock this out first semester, you can be done with math for the rest of your college career. Unless, of course, you are an accounting major. But then it’s fun for you right? ACC 202 is a lot of formulas, so by memorizing them you can usually do pretty well on the homework and exams even if you are not confident in knowing how they’re used in real world applications.

ITM 220

Information and Management Technologies is a class that is not too heavy in course load because it is just a course that goes over the different informational systems businesses use to keep track of everything. You can’t take the course until second semester, because you have to have the prereq of BUS 101 and BAC 100 (which is your freshman seminar course).  Getting this class out of the way is a good idea because it is also a prereq for a decent amount of courses. 

ECO 204/205

Macro and microeconomics is not a prereq for a lot of courses, but they principles used in both classes are used in a lot of other classes you will be taking, so it is best to get them both out of the way as soon as possible. It’s recommended to take one in each of your first two semesters so they’re both done by sophomore year and you don’t get mixed up with the different lessons and thought processes in macro and micro. 

There’s a lot of different approaches you can take when it comes to picking your classes, but taking these five courses before sophomore year will help you get through all of the boring and tougher courses related to your major while you’re still taking the baccalaureate experience as well. It’s best to get the two worst portions of your curriculum out of the way as soon as possible.

Where to Meet New People at UTampa

At this point in the year, you probably already have a solid group of friends that you hangout with most days and are probably not thinking about meeting new people. But with no orientation or activities promoting branching out of your group, it can sometimes be hard to meet new people around campus. Reading this article can help you find where to meet new people on and nearby campus.

Sports Games

Sports games on campus are always a great way to meet new people from UT. The people that are there mostly attend UT outside of the parents, so if you take a seat on the UT side of the games you can always meet new people. You already have something in common whoever it is that you sit next to, you both attend UT and are interested in whatever sporting event you’re attending. Once you meet that one new person, they’re usually with friends and will introduce you to them. That one new person you meet grows to maybe two, three, four, or maybe even five. After making that connection you can branch out more with their friend group as they start inviting you to do things with them and now you have more than one group you can chill out with.

Ultimate Dining

Somewhere that most people wouldn’t really look to meet new people, but the caf is always a good spot to meet new people because a lot of people go there by themselves if their friends are busy or in class. If you want to meet new people you can just walk up and ask if the seat is taken. If they say no, feel free to take a seat and introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. There’s tons of people you can meet since it is such a popular place and maybe you’ll even see them there alone again and then they’ll have someone to sit with when they’re alone, too.


The hands-down best place to meet someone new is at Outpost. Outpost is just across Cass right across from Metro. If  you’ve ever been there, you know that there are always a good amount of students there. It d0esn’t matter when you go, there’s always people there. You can meet people while waiting for your food or a drink, or even sit next to someone at the bar and start talking to them. If you go during the daytime you don’t have to pay any sort of entry fee so it’s completely free besides whatever you decide to buy on the inside. If you go at night, most days they have a promotion or special that you can go to that will lead to the place being absolutely packed. Nights like these are the best times to meet people because you have to be close with someone once inside because of how many people are there, so you can just turn to the person next to you and say hi.

Caddy’s on the Beach

Caddy’s is a great spot to meet new students because so many people go there on their beach days. Beach days aren’t reserved only for weekends either, there are students that go to the beach everyday and Caddy’s is a spot a lot of them stop at for drinks and food while they’re at St. Pete’s.

Beach Volleyball Courts

UT has four beach volleyball courts that are usually occupied by groups. Most groups are willing to let more people come play because the more the merrier. When you play with another group there’s a 100% chance that you will get to know them and you might walk away with some of their phone numbers so you can play or hangout with them another time.

Tampa has events on campus usually, but when they don’t and you’re looking to meet new people it can be hard to find where. With the help of this article you will not have a struggle to find where to meet new people on campus and nearby. Just do one of these things and you’re guaranteed to meet someone new.

What To Do At UT On A Day Off From Classes

A day off of classes is what everyone dreams of while in college. It’s a day to yourself to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Not to mention the beauty of being able to sleep in late! There’s tons of things to do in the Tampa area on your day off, no matter kinda day you want to have on your off-day. You can have a day off like Ferris Bueller or a day filled with fun activities. This article is here to help you navigate your special you day.

Go to the Beach

This is a no brainer. The beach is always a great idea on your day off. You can go to Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach or make the trek out to St. Pete’s. If you go to St. Pete’s you should definitely check out Caddy’s. It’s a huge hotspot for students and is where everyone goes on the weekends when they go out to St. Pete’s. If you do end up going out to the beach, make sure to bring some sunscreen and a beach volleyball so you can play a couple games with friends while you’re there.

Go to the Pool

Another great option if you want to spend your day relaxing is to go to the pool. You can go to the one on campus and see some people you know and meet more students or make the trip over to a hotel downtown and relax there if you want to get away from campus for awhile. The pool on campus also occasionally has some events or parties with free smoothies and festivities to keep it fresh.

Walk the Riverwalk

The riverwalk is always something that can relax you and help you forget about the stress of classes and whatever else is going on in your personal life. You can choose to walk, bike, or skate the UT portion of the riverwalk or you can walk the entire thing. If you walk across it on the downtown side, right across from UT, you may see some event or festivity happening in the park that you can check out.

Go to the Art Museum

The Tampa Museum of Art is located just across the river from UT and is free for students. If you’re into art or just want something to do on a day off or just want to do something new, the art museum is definitely a good idea. The museum has tons of different pictures and sculptures so it appeals to all different artistic tastes.

Explore Downtown

Exploring downtown is always something fun to do because there are so many places most students have yet to discover. There’s interesting stores, exciting new places to eat, and tons of cool views you can see from going downtown. You can spend a day just exploring the downtown area, eating and shopping in places you’ve never been to or even heard of and still not have explored it all.

There are tons of different options in the Tampa area whether you want a very relaxed day, or you want to be active and explore. You can even combine the two to do multiple things on your day off. Just remember to enjoy it and take the time to destress a little bit before getting back to the class grind.

5 Best Brunch Places Near UT

Brunch, a staple of the college life. Not only because you like to sleep in, but also because of options. Brunch typically has bigger portions and if you or your friends cannot decide between breakfast and lunch, why not get both? With brunch, all the pain of having to decide between breakfast and lunch goes away.

1. Daily Eats

You can’t talk about brunch in the Tampa area without talking about Daily Eats. Daily Eats not only has amazing, cheap options that taste great, but also has had its fair share of famous people recently. In recent weeks people have been seeing Aaron Judge and other Yankee players eating at Daily Eats because it’s just that good. Daily Eats also has brunch drink specials like dollar mimosas so you can get that day drinking started while enjoying a great-tasting meal.

2. First Watch

First Watch is a small breakfast, brunch, and lunch place in downtown Tampa. It’s has a lot of healthy options, but it also has new takes on some dishes that are at typical brunch places. If you’re looking for somewhere to drink mimosas or some beers while having brunch, First Watch is not your place, but if you’re looking for a fulfilling meal that won’t make you leave filling heavy, then First Watch is a great choice. They also have a great selection of juices outside of your typical apple juice and OJ that you should definitely try.

3. Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange is a very popular breakfast and brunch spot in Tampa. They serve brunch on the weekend and they make some very elevated dishes like the pancakes shown below. The prices there are not very cheap, especially if you are trying to get some drinks with your friends over brunch on the weekend. Their brunch drink menu includes mimosas, bloody mary’s, champagne, and more. If you just got your paycheck and want to impress a special someone or treat yourself at a nice place for brunch, Oxford Exchange is definitely the place you should go.

4. Boca Kitchen, Bar, and Market

Boca is located over in Hyde Park and has some really interesting and good brunch options. They have options like oysters and mussels, but still have the typical options like french toast, pancakes, and chicken and waffles. Not only is Boca a really tasty spot with some very good options, but it has a pretty good sized drink menu with manhattans, mojitos, and Moscow mules. If you’re looking for a great brunch place outside of the typical UT student norm, then Boca is definitely a great option.

5. Rusty Pelican

Rusty Pelican has their special brunch only on Sundays, but that’s perfect day for brunch. They have all of the items you’d typically think of when you think of brunch and since they’re right on the water, they also have amazing seafood you can have along with your traditional fare. If you’re looking for a great place for a booze filled brunch, Rusty Pelican is definitely a great option for you since they have complimentary mimosas and champagne from 10am-2:30pm every Sunday.

If you’re looking to get brunch you definitely shouldn’t look on-campus for it. The brunch served in the caf is not really brunch at all, and who doesn’t want to go get a real meal at a cool place? All of the places listed above are some of the best options in the Tampa area, so you will definitely not be disappointed by any of them.