Jobs for College Students at Lock Haven University

Students have it difficult. They need to work for long hours studying in order to make sure that they get a GPA or grades that will allow them to get a degree and job in the future. Living on campus is not cheap but you also need money. Many students choose to find student jobs on campus or around it in order to earn a bit more money. The following list of jobs for Lock Haven University have low qualifications and can help students get a bit more cash for use.

1. Office Assistant at Powder Corp – Off Campus

An office assistant is mainly responsible for general work around the office including mail sorting etc.

Do you wish to develop general office skills like filing documents and others? This job will allow you the ability to develop those skills along with providing you experience on how to work in an office. Office Assistants are responsible for general work around the office this includes answering the phone, filing documents, running errands on the ground and sorting mail amongst others. The position is entry level paying slightly above hourly minimum wage. Requiring at least a high school diploma and preferred to have some administrative experience, along with a good work ethic. The hours to be scheduled are flexible and a professional appearance is a must.

2. Retail Stocking Associate at Harbor Freight Tools USA Inc. – Off Campus

Retail Stocking Associates will be charged mainly with taking stock of items and marking availability.

Simple and easy is what describes this job most effectively. If you are good at basic math, do not mind a bit of labor and are good at taking stock and other such things then this job is definitely the one for you. Retail Stocking associates are responsible for working as a team to work towards profit maximization. They take part in the company programs and events. Other responsibilities include taking stock of items, making sure they are priced right and maintaining decorum of the retail store. Some customer service experience is preferred and the minimum qualification is a high school diploma. Physically the candidate should be fine with lifting etc. and be able to work flexible hours.

3. Team Member at Tractor Supply Company Mill Hall – Off Campus

Team members need to interact with customers and provide them good service.

Are you good at being a team player and have a good way of talking to and interacting with people then become a Team member today? Team members are responsible for interacting with customers and members of teams. Along with providing good service to the customers of the company. Responsibilities include taking part in cash register operations and using forklifts etc. No experience is required and a high school diploma is preferred. Each working shift is around 4 to 8 hours.

4. Food Service Worker for Aramark- On Campus

Food service workers make finished products out of food ingredients while maintaining food safety standards.

This job will allow you the opportunity of working with good without needing fancy chef skills to do so. You will be responsible for the preparation and building of food items and providing customers good experience. Food safety, handling and sanitation need to be maintained. The candidate is preferred to have worked in food service before, demonstrate skills for customer service and occasionally lift weights.

5. PA Customer Service Representative at Family Dollar- Off Campus

Customer service representatives are responsible for providing stellar service to customers along with greeting them and making them feel comfortable

Some people generally have an in born talent of being able to talk to people and interact with them extremely well. If you have these skills then put them to good use today and become a customer service representative. As a customer service representative, the candidate is responsible for providing the best service to customers. The priorities are greeting and making sure customers feel welcome. Helping them select merchandise and finishing transactions. The completion of a high school diploma is preferred, previous experience in a similar environment is preferred, lifting moderate weights is a requirement as well. The selected candidate will need to work a flexible schedule which may include days, weekends and holidays.

6. Store Driver at Advance Autoparts- Off Campus

Store Drivers deliver items and products to customers of both a retail and corporate nature while maintaining punctuality in delivery times.

Driving is something you do normally, from home to class and then back home again. So why not get paid for it? A good way to do that is to become a store driver today. The position is entry level and requires a candidate who will be responsible for delivering parts to customers. In store work will also be required from the driver. The position can be part or full time. Command over the English language, a high school diploma, valid drivers license and the ability to occasionally lift weights is required.

7. Unit Desk Clerk at Geisinger- Off Campus

Responsibilities are mostly clerical which include maintaining records and solving customer queries.

As a desk clerk you will be the first point of contact for anyone who walks in through the doors of your organization. This will allow you to develop important people skills, learn about functioning in an office environment and also get paid while doing all of this. A high school diploma and basic knowledge of medical terminology is preferred as well as having the ability to work well and cohesively in a team.

8. OneClass Note Takers


A good way to work online and gain some extra cash would be OneClass. OneClass hires you to go to class, and take notes which can then be shared with other students in the same class. This allows you to get paid while studying and also focus during your studies as well. Become a notetaker today by visiting

10 Coolest Courses at Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University is deeply committed to creating an environment that recognizes and values the differences and diversity people bring to our campus. These differences serve to strengthen our community. We also support all our students and staff to maximize their personal potential.

1. 31701 Ceramics- Advanced Throwing

ceramics art in form of crockery

The ceramics course with the university is one of the most interesting that it offers. Having a wide range of directions and areas that can be explored and also allow your artistic talents to rise. This includes sculptures, architectural wall reliefs as well as designs which can be applied for commercial purposes.

2. 30828 Intro to Graphic Design 

Graphic Design Banner Image

Today is one of the fastest growing professions in the world graphic designing is included in a list of skills that you need to absolutely have in your arsenal. Plymouth state university offers an extremely comprehensive graphic design program and explores both the digital aspects and the commercializing aspects of the course itself.

3. 30820 Sculpture

girl sculpture

The program of sculpting explores multiple areas in the creative side. It explores multiple different avenues and this includes two major areas. The first is the building and development of technical skills and expertise and then exploring and implementing artistic concepts and d3signs etc. This also includes woodworking and modeling, welding etc.

4. 30724 Art Foundations Drawing

Girl pencil sketch picture

This studio art option is included in a large variety of courses which explore several different artistic options at the same time. This can include studio area course, art history and others. Drawing and painting are the main focuses and connecting the artistic side with more academic things like a thesis keeps the course extremely interesting.

5. 5560 Studio Art

Students working in studio-clay art

Including a large variety of course on the area, the art history courses are a large amount of core courses and include the more practical aspects of courses and course creation. It connects art with the display and representation of art.

6. 31567 Art History

History of Art

This course works to develop a historical understanding of the art and appreciation of the context in which it was creation. The history, theory and criticism of art which includes western and non western forms of art at the same time are included and this course also develops connections with other disciplines.

7. 31086 Intro to Music Composition

Music symbols

Music is an extremely popular form of self-expression and perhaps one of the most interesting as well. The course works to prepare, teach and develop understandings of general music within the minds of students as well as provide a valid certification for students regarding their musical capabilities.

8. 31337 Theatre History II

Peoples performing drama in Theatre

Quickly becoming an extremely popular course Plymouth State University offers an all-around course which will develop the understanding of theatre and the nuances of the performing arts within the minds of students. Stressing the artistic as well as the academic side of the theatre and focusing on both to a great degree.

9. 31535  Intro to Travel & Tourism

Tourism Management

Tourism Management prepares students with a certification allowing them to develop an appreciation for the rich world of tourism and exploration of the tourism industry in general. Allowing you to understand the relationship of people amongst tourism and the environment in which tourists and tourist management operate.

10. 30703  Intro to Sports Management

Sports stadium

Combining business and sports in a way that develops the major within the mind of students the students will explore and work with the skills of business and develop an essential career for the sports industry. Incorporating business concepts like marketing and connecting them to things like management of human resources and relating them to sports etc.

Health and Wellness at University of Cincinnati

Some universities pay special attention to the mental and physical wellness of their students. The prime reason for that is because the University of Cincinnati want to ensure that their students are equipped with the best facilities. The state of art facilities provides to them to give them a comfortable and appropriate environment. Health and wellness have always been a core factor for universities to attract students and to provide them with the best services possible.

1. Health Insurance

A doctor showing the Health Insurance card

The University of Cincinnati has its health insurance program for their student that insures that students are secure and in case of any mishap or urgent medical need. So in times of need, the medical costs can cover fully or partially by using the health insurance. Each student asks to sign up for this health insurance. A detailed plan for each student is devise that is feasible and affordable for them. This is something that is done on a very professional level and is a requirement to fulfilled by all the  students of University of Cincinnati.

2. Clinics and Services

Doctor analyzing the blood test sample in lab

The clinical laboratories of the University of Cincinnati provide clinical services ranging from blood tests to critical medical parameter tests. The patients can avail the facilities during business hours both with and without the appointment. The tests are only done with orders written by a provider so the need and urgency of a test can use by the laboratory. Another prominent service is the tuberculin skin testing that is available to all UC students to check if they have any symptoms of tuberculosis.

3. Mental Health and stress

Mental Health and stress-Human brain showing all type of stress

Student life at the University of Cincinnati may be stressful. UHS Mental Health provides professional, confidential mental health services for UC students and works actively with the clinical and campus partners. It ensure that it addresses the needs from a bio-psycho-social perspective. These services may include detailed counseling sessions where experts try to take students through their stressful events. Students learn how to accept them and combat it.

4. Pharmacy

Person arranging the medicines in Pharmacy rack

The University Health Services pharmacy provides pharmacy and medicine related services to the UC students. Located on the main campus, University of Cincinnati provides high quality care by properly educating patients on the use of the medicine. The pharmacy keeps a rack of the stock of medicine and calls ahead refills to save time and to make sure that no customer is sent back unsatisfied.

5. Health Portal

Health Portal-Patient history clipboard with pen

The University of Cincinnati has a health portal for its students that keep track of their health from the moment they got admission. This is something highly innovative and really helps the university to keep a tack of the medical history and mental health of its students. The health portal not only tacks the medical reports but also keeps a tack of the appointments and medications of each student.

Health and Wellness at Temple University

At Temple University one can find everything needed to nurture ones physical health along with medical health. The work out facilities are state of the art that cater to trainers and beginners. Student Health Services provides many of thesame offerings as a family doctor, right on campus. With convenient walk-in hoursand appointments, Temple’s staff of highly qualified doctors and nurses who canmeet all healthcare needs of students.

1. Self care center

self care centre - first aid box with medicines

The University has a separate centre for self-care where students treat themselves for minor ailments like colds, headaches, stuffy nose or a small cut. There is no need to make an appointment to visit this center and it is open 24/7 for the students. The self-care centre is fully equipped with medications for pain, fever, decongestants, bandages etc. , and a scale for tacking weight. The staff is present to help students diagnose their illness and take medication according to that. A prime motive for this self-care center is to make students ready to cater to their minor illnesses by themselves.

2. Dental care options

Dental care options- A person displaying an healthy teeth

Kornberg School of DENTISTRY gives oral medical services to its patients which could go from routine checkups to treating oral infections. The clinic accepts most dental insurance plans as well. It has an amazing set of individuals that work to provide beyond satisfactory oral services to the patients. There is a 24/7 available helpline through which urgent appointments can also be taken. The Temple University students are offered discounts and in case of utmost emergencies students are allowed to walk into the Emergency Dental Clinic to get immediate medical care.

3. Allergy shots

The nurse filled the injection for Allergy shots

The nurses are available to give allergy injections by appointment. Students must hand-carry their serum, along with written instructions from their allergist/family doctor. Serums are not accepted by mails. A letter is sent to the allergist’s doctor to gather all the information required in order to administer the shots. The shots are given after complete instructions from the doctors. The nurses ask for complete allergy treatment records and the first dose is given at the allergist’s doctor’s office.

4. Immunizations

Immunizations facility at the Temple university

Student Health Services provide immunizations like Diphtheria-Tetanus, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Flu and Meningococcal vaccines. They also administer polio vaccines on special orders. Illness can interrupt a students focus and affect their career. The record keeping prevents such interruptions. Immunization records are extremely important for any sort of clinical rotation. The students are not given clinical services if their immunization records are not complete.

5. Dispensary

Dispensary facility- capsules tablets box

Student Health Services works along the Student Health services and at discounted rates offers medicines and vaccines prescribed by them. The dispensary does not entertain any prescriptions beyond the SHC. For medicines unavailable at the dispensary, they are fulfilled by the local pharmacist ot the Temple University Hospital at the same discounted rates.

Health and Wellness at JMU

The emerging shift towards attention to health services in universities is very prominent. They are considered to be a supporting facto in a student’s success at the university. Thus every university has several health care services and is extremely serious about it student’s mental and physical health. James Madison University (JMU) is not an exceptional case. It makes sure that the students are given the most comfortable and supportive environment possible and health is given importance.

1. Patient Portal

Patient Portal banner showing all medical facilities

The James Madison University’s patient portal is an online portal through which students receive messages about health care, enables them to schedule appointments and maintains records. It is a very helpful tool as student’s date and medical conditions can always be monitored and analyzed if needed. The portal has all the medical records of all its students and they can be viewed by the practitioners in the clinics to make better choices while treating the students.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacist analyzing the medicine inventory at pharmacy

The University Health Center Pharmacy is equipped by a staff of professionals. The pharmacy offers prescribed medicines to the students. Strong checks are done to ensure that the prescripted medicines are endorsed by medical health providers from Counseling Center, University Health Center andIntercollegiate Athletics. Drugs prescribed by off-campus medical providers are not provided by the UHC pharmacy. However, over the counter medicines are available and can be purchased using credit cards and health benefit cards.

3. STD/STI Testing

STD/STI Testing sample bottle

The UHC believes in confidentiality and provides a safe zone for students by creating a judgment-free environment. STI/STD test results are highly-secure and available via MyJMUHealth secure online portal. If students have symptoms, they log-in to MyJMUHealth and easily schedule an appointment with a doctor. If the symptoms are real and the tests are positive then the students are informed and they are treated accordingly.

4. Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services banner

The university provides psychiatric services to James Madison University students who are currently receiving treatments from the counseling center. Psychiatric staff at the Counseling Center is a team of very qualified medical professionals that are trained to understand medicines and treat mental health conditions. These services are high in demand hence community providers are also consulted to manage to medicine.

5. Consultation

Consultation - person taking the consultancy for stress

As there are many students that go through stress and need proper guidance, thus James Madison University have counseling Center that helps students to develop a plan to respond to the conditions that are the root cause of their stress and connect them with appropriate resources. The procedure of counseling is slightly different as the one suffering stress doesn’t realize it; in fact, the people around them notice the stress and help them to get over it with the help of a consultant. The consultants assess the students and walk them through their stress issues to get over them.

Health and Wellness at USC

Students spend a great amount of their time in the university thus a university should be fully equipped with all the facilities that a student may need. University of Southern California (USC) makes sure that it caters to all the needs of its students especially related to their health. The university has several medical facilities that are used by its students and lead to a healthy living style.

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance document

The University of Southern California has its health care coverage program for their students that protects that students are anchored and if there should arise an occurrence of any accident or critical medicinal need. Along these lines, in the midst of need the restorative expenses can be secured completely or mostly by utilizing the medical coverage. Every student is approached to agree to accept this medical coverage and a nitty gritty arrangement for every student is formulated that is attainable and reasonable for them. This is something that is done on an exceptionally proficient dimension and is a necessity to be satisfied by every one of the students of University of Southern California.

2. Mental Health Services

Brain shape images displaying the all cause of bad mental health

Student life at the University of Southern California. Might be distressing. USC Mental Health gives proficient, secret psychological wellness administrations for Southern California students and works effectively with the clinical and grounds accomplices to guarantee that it tends to the requirements from a bio-psycho-social point of view. These administrations may incorporate point by point advising sessions where specialists attempt to take understudies through their upsetting occasions with the goal that they figure out how to acknowledge them and battle it.

3. Pharmacies

Pharmacist standing with the medicine rack at pharmacy

USC Pharmacies provide medications as per prescription, vitamins and other supplements to its customers. The pharmacists are expert in identifying the therapies according to the patients briefing or doctor’s prescription. USC Pharmacy is staffed by clinically trained pharmacists that are highly proficient. It also not only serves the entire USC but also caters to the demand of Los Angeles.

4. Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists doing the therapy of two children

USC Occupational Therapy services are promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle and rebuild the lives’ of the patients at USC. The occupational therapists involve themselves in the patients lives to provide rehabilitation and help them restore daily routine once they are out of the hospital. Occupational Therapy is highly important to be provided by any University as the stress and pressure of studies at times get to students’ minds and there should be activities that aid them to come out of this stress and ensure their mental stability.

5. Physical Therapy

Doctor help a person in his Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries or diseases without the use of surgeries or drugs but rather through methods such as exercise, heat treatments and massages.

University of Southern California has a Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy that is focused on providing the best quality physical therapy services for the community and also promotes research by creating models that connect the university’s faculty with doctors and nurses. Outpatient services are also provided though a faculty practice plan known as USC Physical Therapy Associates.

Health and Wellness at Ohio University

As any other university in this world, Ohio University also has a keen focus on the health and safety of its students as the university believes that the students’ healths one of their core objectives and there has to be special attention paid towards this area of concern. The students also consider a university’s health facilities before making the decision of getting admission in that university. Students enrolled on the Ohio University Athens Campus are eligible to receive the medical care facility regardless of the insurance plan taken/not taken by the student.

1. Counseling and Psychological Services

A psychiatrist doing counselling of women

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) department of University of Ohio is open to students and the their parents along with the faculty by providing therapy and consultation facilities to regenerate mental health.
It offers individual counseling, group counseling, and psychiatry. It also makes referrals to a wide range of other services both on and off campus. The counseling sessions Psychological to students and consultation the University of Ohio believes that its students are its utmost priority and special attention should be paid to guide them to students and help them combat their stress or any other mental pressure that they are facing.

2. Emergency Programs

Image showing the Emergency Alert Programs symbol

An emergency is an unexpected event that causes disruption, loss of lifeand property and needs immediate assistance. The Emergency Programs look after the emergency planning, emergency response, disaster mitigations, life and, and business continuity planning. This is a very important area of concern as the emergency programs are used to make sure that immediate help is provided in case of any mishap. It works to take quick decisions that lead to the betterment of the students.

3. Patient Portal

Image for helping people how to enter in  Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is the service through which students have online records of their health and medical related information. It has the updated medical records and test results. The portal also has the option through which a student can message their care team directly. The portal could be used to schedule or request appointments and the medical records are also present so refill prescriptions can be accessed and printed out. The patient portal tends to be a very interactive tool to ensure the health and wellness of the students.

4. Community Clinic

Community Clinic? Health Centre logo image

The Heritage College’s Community Health Programs offer medical aid and care services for adults and children. CHP has a variety of services that include women health screening, free medical assistance and immunization facilities. These facilities focus on the patients who cannot afford to cater to their health needs and provide them the care they need. The program is fully supported by a dedicated team of students, healthcare professionals, physicians who contribute to the center with their time and expertise.

5. Bio-metric Health Screening Services

doctors are discussing the student disease

This administration particularly suits the youthful group going to the university. Understudies will in general abstain from setting off to the facilities when these administrations are accessible in the grounds. Thus, the university gives a Biometric health screening services benefit where the understudies can check whether the manifestations they are having merit getting looked at by experts. As it’s been said, information is control, they will have an unmistakable thought of what sort of administration they ought to solicit the assistance from. In the event that it’s something awful, they could contact the crisis focus, or else they could pick clinical administrations.

Health and Wellness at Florida State University

A university becomes a second home for the students. You attend classes half the day and you live and party at the dorms the rest of the time. It becomes imperative for the students to have the health and wellness services and resources at a short notice around their universities. Florida State University provides its students such resources on campus. Roughly, those resources include a symptom checker, health centre, a special care centre, a mental health centre, an emergency centre, clinical services, etc.

1. Emergency Centre

Emergency Centre

The campus holds many events like flying high circus or dance marathon. In such events students often get hurt. To deal with such situations immediately, the University has an emergency centre. The medical response unit is in charge of it which affiliated or comprised of student volunteers, FSU Police department, health services, and student government association. Aside from special events, the centre also takes care of individual students in need of emergency help around the campus, kind of like a University 911 system.

2. Mental Health Centre

Mental Health Centre


At this point, people are beginning to realize the extent to which mental should be given importance to. That the mental health is as important as physical health. And so for that reason, Florida State University provides its students with a safe space where they can get the therapy or counseling they require. Since it’s linked with psychiatry, they are also authorized to conduct mental treatments and administer dosage to the students.

3. Clinical Services

Clinical Services

The institution provides top-notch doctors, qualified nurses, and the equipment to deal with situations that require management of chronic conditions, nutrition counseling, labs tests, EKGs, X-Rays, wart removals, and even skin biopsies. If the students who are suffering from chronic illnesses or even the students who begin to feel like that some extreme illness might be dawning on them, they will have adequate resources to figure out what and ways to treat them.

4. Special Care Centre

Special Care Centre

Sometimes few students require special care. Now that special care ranges from people needing shots for their allergies to people needing observation after a surgical procedure. It might also include students needing physiotherapy after an incident. Special Care centre makes sure to look after the students that are present in all these categories. The centre provides them care, appropriate treatment, and also quick access to the classes and professors, in case the treatment begins affecting their academic life.

5. Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

This service especially suits the young crowd attending the university. Students tend to avoid going to the clinics when these services are available in the campus. Hence, the university provides an online symptom checker service where the students can see if the symptoms they are having are worth getting checked out by professionals. As they say, knowledge is power, they will have a clear idea of what kind of service they should ask the help of. If it’s something terrible, they could contact the emergency centre, or else they could opt for clinical services.


10 Hardest Courses at University of Technology Sydney

If only undergraduate life was all about the party, the four years of students’ lives could be fun. However, it’s not. In fact, it is filled with challenging professors and really tough courses. We have attempted to assemble the hardest course at the University of Technology Sydney for you in case you want to plan ahead or avoid them.

1.  48720 – Network Fundamentals

Network FundamentalsInformation Technology is one of the budding industries where the number of people in the field keeps increasing and the job market never saturates in the technology inflated world. And this course provides the fundamentals of the networking element. Due to it being the introductory course, it involves lots of content and the workload is huge.

2.  48721 – Software Engineering Practice

Software Engineering PracticeThe course gives the chance to Software engineers to carry out their trial and error ideas. But because of this, they are expected to produce novel ideas in a perfect manner. So I will say that the reason the course is in this list is not because of course load or professor but because of the expectations.

3. 65212 – Biological Criminalistics

Biological CriminalisticsIn the Criminal Justice system when crimes are committed, how to solve them with the biology angle is taught in this course. The course involves multiple difficult branches within such as biology, criminology, forensics, psychology, and profiling that it becomes one of the toughest courses.

4. 24108 – Marketing Channels

Marketing ChannelsThose in marketing realize the importance of this course when they start working. Studying marketing channels helps the individuals come up with intricate strategic plans in the business process. Because it’s crucial, the course load is as tough as it can be.

5. 33130 – Quantitative Portfolio Analysis

Quantitative Portfolio AnalysisThis course teaches how to assess a portfolio quantitatively. Now, giving numbers too non-quantifiable descriptions requires a lot of focus and dedication. And hence, the course is classified as one of the toughest.

6. 57041 – Memory and Life Writing

Memory and Life WritingWriting is a tough one. In this course, you learn a lot. But even as you learn, since writing is a long-term skill you don’t see results right away. Hence, the course seems difficult.

7. 87447 – VC Studies: Concepts of Professionalism

Concepts of ProfessionalismThe reason the course, VC Studies: Concepts of Professionalism, gets into this particular list is because of the course load and the especially rigid professor. Probably the professor wants the students to see the practical example of being extremely professional that all the students are supposed to abide by the rules no matter what.

8. 58315 – Managing Digital Information

Managing Digital InformationManaging digital information in normal life is not tough. You just got to use your cloud service and the technology makes it easier, but the people behind this are the real heroes and that’s what this course makes. And heroes have to go through extreme challenges like this course.

9. 58317 – Transnational Media

This course is just as much tough as interesting it is. The course involves studying media content like film and television shows that transcend borders. And the resultant effects of it on the later produced media content.

10. 97507 – German Literature

German LiteratureAs if suffering from Shakespeare and Fitzgerald was not enough, the program of Literature poses another huge pressure, German Literature. German, one of the foreign languages that is difficult to learn, that couples with Literature is a recipe for disaster.

10 Hardest Courses at Queensland University of Technology

Being a public research university, the Queensland University of Technology is at an ideal location. However, the hardest courses make students’ lives extremely difficult and to give you a warning beforehand, we have compiled a list of those courses.

1. AMB210 – Importing and Exporting

 Importing and ExportingImporting and exporting is a very profiting industry. However, the legalities and issues are very intricate and difficult to fathom. And hence, it goes way up on our priority list.

2. KPB 211 – Writing Dialogue

Writing DialogueDramatics is interesting but those writing in the dramas have the most fun time. But to get to the fun time, the initiation where you learn all the techniques and skill is the difficult part. Writing dialogues which are also easy to grasp and story-forwarding are tough skill to acquire.

3. CVB 102 – Chemical Structure and Reactivity

Chemical Structure and ReactivityIf you thought the classes of chemistry that taught nomenclature was difficult, well, that feeling never changes in chemistry. Chemical Structures and reactivity gives you that feeling for an entire semester.

4. SEB113 – Quantitative Methods in Science

Quantitative Methods in ScienceQuantitative methods in science are very hard but also very important. You would not be able to get out if it even if you tried. It’s a step up from your normal mean median mode and in this course, you are also taught to interpret it.

5. ENB 471- Design of Concrete Structures and Foundations

Design of Concrete Structures and FoundationsArchitecture is fun and interesting if looking from the historical aspect. However, when you actually sit down to design it involves physics, maths, and geography. Such a course can only be difficult.

6. ENB 110 – Engineering Statics and Materials

 Engineering Statics and MaterialsWhen you are becoming a civil engineer you also need to know all the materials required to stand a structure with. This course familiarises you with it. The reason it’s tricky is that engineers are not very accustomed to non-nerdiness and hence, the course content becomes tricky for them.

7. KJB 101 – Computational Journalism

Computational JournalismIn this course, Journalists with the hint of technology are educating how to keep their bias from influencing their work and produce a storyline structure. The course’s content is not as difficult as much as what the goal of the study is.

8. MGN 447 – Managing in a Globalised Economy

Managing in a Globalised EconomyThe economy of the world is becoming increasingly connected. Every little issue is interconnected with international issues of the economy. How to survive in this situation in the corporate world depends on how successful you were in these classes that were tough as hell but also boring which made them double hard

9. LLB 106 – Criminal Law

Criminal LawCriminal Justice System is vast. A lot of ways for people to commit crimes. And whole different laws to tackle each. And students who are in criminal and want to clear the bar have to know each one. If criminal law as a whole was not already difficult, this one course sure was.

10. CSB 111- Foundations of Clinical Practice

Foundations of Clinical PracticeThis course is important for all those remotely inclined in a career related to medicine. It teaches how to run a clinical practice. So the students from hospital management to the doctors intending to run private practices are supposed to digest this course completely.