Restaurants and Cafés for Students at OCU

Oklahoma City University is a private, co-educational university situated in the uptown district of Oklahoma. Not every café or restaurant around its 104 acres is worth your time or money. This list is made up seven great restaurant and cafés near the campus of Oklahoma City University.

1. Waffle Champion

Waffles with different fillings

This is one of the gems of Oklahoma City. For many residents, Waffle Champion is the champion for breakfast, brunch, and lunch in the city. The restaurant prides in making all of its meals by hand.

The menu features an impressive list which includes cinnamon roll, bacon grilled cheese – you probably should try this out, tacos, crab benedict, buffalo chicken, and some waffles for you to choose from. Small snacks start at $2.95.

2. Health Nut Cafe

Fresh salad made by  Health Nut Cafe

Located at the University Health Club is one of the most visited restaurants in the campus of Oklahoma City University. This on-campus café specializes in sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. The eatery places emphasis on healthy meals, so a lot of its food is cooked and served fresh.

The Health Nut Cafe offers a great menu that should please even the most adventurous of eaters. The Health Nut Café is known for making some really great sandwiches and wraps. You can get a good breakfast for $5 and an expresso for $1.89.

3. The Mule

Cheese curds at the Mule

Oklahoma City University advises anyone looking for great cheese curds to visit The Mule. This American restaurant promises to blow your taste buds away with its food. $7 is an excellent place to start on the menu.

Another exciting thing about this restaurant is the long list of beers and cocktails featured on the menu. It features drinks that will give you a hangover, and one that will cure it – the Gatorbomb.

4. Café Kacao

Different entrees at Café Kacao

Aside from its café services, Kacao specializes in Latin, Guatemalan, and Central American cuisines. The menu is made up of Guatemalan favorite. Unique dishes include the potato chicken picadillo, crumbled cheese, the burrito, and pancakes.

5. Empire Slice House

Different slices of pizza from the Empire Slice House

This is one of the best restaurants around Oklahoma City. Empire Slice House has built a reputation for consistently serving delicious meals. The restaurant specializes in Italian and American cuisines. The menu also features a good number of vegan and gluten-free options.

Their pizza has a reputation around town. It also serves excellent pies and slices. It also features a full bar and stays open for late night dining. A good number of the items on the menu comes under $10.

6. Chae Modern Korean Restaurant

A cauliflower salad at Chae OKC

For all the Korean food lovers, Chea is your best bet around Oklahoma City. The restaurant prepares the best of Korean cuisines using modern methods. If you visit, you should try the pork belly bun. Chae OKC also has a list of great original dishes which starts at $6.

7. Pie junkie

A Chef preparing the pie

Pie junkie is an excellent stop for every lover of pies in Oklahoma. You can get a little adventurous with the homemade pies on the menu. However, one thing remains, every pie on the list is fresh, delicious, and would have you coming back for more. Desserts start at $5 while burritos start at $8.5.


Restaurants and Cafés for Students at Northwestern State University

Northwestern State University is a public school located in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The campus of the NSU is located in the rural area of Louisiana which limits the number of places students can go to eat. This list is made up seven great restaurant and cafés near Northwestern State University.

1. Mayeaux’s Steak & Seafood

Steak at Mayeaux's Steak & Seafood

This restaurant is one every student of NSU has to visit in Natchitoches. The food served in this restaurant is always cooked to perfection. While they specialize in serving excellent steaks and seafood, you can also get burgers, bread, and salads from the top drawer too. Food service is excellent. Mayeaux serves good portions at reasonable prices, what more can you ask for?

2. Merci Beaucoup

Dining hall of Merci Beaucoup

Means thank you in English, which would be your comment after dining here. This restaurant serves local cuisines, American cosines, seafood, and a good number of vegetarian-friendly diets. Stand out dishes include crab cake, gumbo, oyster, and potato with crawfish etouffee. $7-12 is enough to get you a good starter here.

3. Maglieaux’s

Outdoor dinning at  Maglieaux with a view of the river

Maglieaux is one of the jewels of Natchitoches. The restaurant specializes in local, Italian, and American cuisines, at the same time has a decent list of seafood and vegetarian-friendly meals. You can get snacks (the Mini Meat Pies) for $6 while soups from $7 and entrees from $9. Its magnificent view of the local river is an added advantage it has over other restaurants.

4. El Nopal

Tasty El Nopal Chicken

Here is your best stop for Mexican food if you are in Natchitoches. El Nopal serves Mexican food to the finest. Diners favorite include the Carnitas, enchiladas, and chimichanga. You also get chicken from the top-drawer of professional chefs. They also have great staffs to make your visit worthwhile.

5. French Market Express

Pastries at French Market Express

Unlike the name suggest, French Market Express specializes on spectacular local and American cuisines. It may be located at a gas station, but it doesn’t stop the restaurant from offering delicious, tasty, and inexpensive food. The menu defies what is being provided at usual traditional convenience stores. While you are here, you should try eut the meat pies, boudin balls.

6. Lasyone’s Meat Pie Kitchen

The famous Meat pie from Lasyone's kitchen

Here we have a long-term family business of making meat pies. The quality of meat pies, pastries, and snacks you would get here is on the national level. $5 will get you a good meat pie, but more advanced meat pies cost more.

7. Peggy’s Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza from Peggy's

If you are looking for pizza around town, Peggy’s Homemade Pizza is the best place to start. This restaurant spoils you with a variety of homemade pizzas to choose from. Asides pizzas, the menu includes Italian and American dishes.

If you do not know which pizza to pick, you should try the mozzarella and cheddar breadsticks, the super veggie pizza, or the bacon cheeseburger pizza. $8 is enough to get you a standard small sized, but delicious pizza.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at the UW Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire is a public liberal arts university located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This list contains seven great restaurants and cafés in and around the campus of the university.

1. The Informalist

Cozy looking hall of The Informalist

For a restaurant, the Informalist is a perfect combination of great food, staff, and environment. The Informalist also has a decent collection of wines and cocktails. Breakfasts start at $4.00 – Side of Multi-Grain Toast and Side of Crispy Fried Potatoes.

2. Houligan’s Steak & Seafood Pub

Cuisine from Houligan's Steak & Seafood Pub

Steaks and seafood are served at the finest at Houligan’s. Excellent cheese curds, tenderloin tips, shrimp, trout, mashed potatoes, and salad can also be found here. The service here is also among the best in Eau Clarie. The restaurant also has a bar with an excellent collection. Starters begin at around $10.

3. Erberts and Gerberts

Marketplace of  Erberts and Gerberts

A great example of a top-tier local restaurant. For years, this American fast food joint located close to the university campus has been serving residents with fresh, delicious food. The soups, the meat, and the bread are all excellent. Most of the item on the menu are between $5 and $10.

4. The Nucleus

Pancakes from The Nucleus

At the heart of some of the best foods, you can get at Eau Claire is The Nucleus. The restaurant specializes in local, American, and vegetarian-friendly cuisines. Some great dishes include stuffed French toast, blueberry pancakes beautiful, and burrito. You can get some delicious breakfasts at The Nucleus $5.

5. Randy’s Family Restaurant

The Dining hall of  Randy’s Family Restauran

This family restaurant is one of the best around. Randy’s has a reputation for delivering some of the best quality food at great prices in Eau Claire. You can always drop by as the restaurant stays open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Most dishes you get here are homemade and as fresh as it can get. Standout dishes are the vanilla pudding, pancakes, chicken dumpling soup, gizzards, hash browns, homemade pies, Friday fish fry, potatoes, and bread. $5.50 is enough to get a starter.

6. Egg Roll Plus

A variety of Egg Roll Plus cuisine

Your best stop for authentic Asian cuisine is Egg Roll Plus. The restaurant also offers excellent Thai and Vietnamese cuisines along with a good number of Vegan options. Egg rolls spring rolls, pho, and papaya salad are some of the favorite dishes. For $7, you can get a decent lunch.

7. Ray’s Place

The sports bar at Ray’s Place

This is one of the best restaurants closest to the campus of UW – Eau Claire. The Hot Beef and Hot Ham sandwiches are particularly famous here. Ray’s Place also features a dive bar with a decent number of beers and wines available. Most options on the menu cost around $20.

8. Mona Lisa’s Restaurant

Chicken wings and toppings

Lisa’s restaurant is the crown jewel of restaurants in Eau Claire. The restaurant offers some of the best food, wine, and service around town. The restaurant specializes in Italian, Pizza, and Seafood. If you want to try out something new, the menu of the restaurant has your back.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at ESU

East Stroudsburg University is a public university in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. A good survey will reveal that there are many food options available to students. This list contains seven great dining options around the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

1. Tony’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

Pizza from  Tony's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Every pizza lover should definitely pay a visit to Tony’s. From the outside, it resembles every other pizza shop, but the pizza you will get here outshines most others. The restaurant is close to the campus which is even better for students.

You can get a medium pizza for about $10, or the restaurants own special for $18. Moving on from the pizza, the pie, spaghetti, meat sauce, baked ziti, and stuffed shells at Tony’s are also fantastic.

2. Sweet Creams Café

An ice cream from Sweet Creams Café

This is an excellent joint for all the lovers of pastries and desserts. The café’s menu features a variety of creatively made sandwiches and salads, incredible bread, personal pizzas, homemade ice cream, and lattes. All individual items on the menu cost under $20.

3. Rudy’s Tavern

Rudy's Tavern

Rudy’s Tavern is one of the few great places close to ESU’s campus for students to hang out and grab a drink. Here you will get foods and drinks for about the lowest prices in East Stroudsburg. For example, Miller Lite and Yuengling Lager pints both start at $1.50.

While this tavern may be famous for its fine collection of inexpensive drinks, it also serves quality foods at meager prices too. The bars special, the Super (a hot dog with cheese in the middle and wrapped in bacon) is particularly famous in the neighborhood.

4. STC Café

A close up shot of a latte cup inside STC Café

STC maintains its position as one of the best joints to grab breakfast and lunch in the campus of ESU. STC Café is located in the Science and Technology Center. From the coffee to the hot breakfast sandwiches, cookies, muffins, and pizzas, they are all freshly homemade. The prices are also kept student friendly.

5. Compton’s Pancake House

Chicken waffles at  Compton's Pancake House

Compton is home to some of the best food in all of East Stroudsburg. It does particularly well in its breakfast options. Favorites include pancakes omelet, home fries, sausage, scrapple corned beef, hash cheesecake, and ham potatoes. The menu also integrates vegan and gluten-free options.

6. Thai Orchid

Cuisines served at  Thai Orchid

If you are looking to get the best Asian cuisine near the ESU campus, then you should stop at Thai Orchid. The chicken dumpling soup, baklava, tofu, drunken noodles, and spring rolls are some of the diners’ favorite. Starters and soup begin at around $10.

7. Lewis’s Drive-In

Signpost for  Lewis's Drive-In

This restaurant is located only 0.3 miles away from the campus of East Stroudsburg University. Lewis’s specializes in desserts and fast foods, and it serves them to perfection. Favorites include various ice creams, batter onion rings, sundaes, and milkshakes. With $8 you can get yourself a great dessert.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at University of the Pacific

The University of the Pacific is a private student-focused university located in Stockton, California. Food in itself is a basic need of everybody, but getting great quality food can sometimes be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of seven great restaurants and café around the campus of the school.

1. Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi

Various delicacies at Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi

This small restaurant has earned a deserved name among the best in Stockton. Cocoro specializes in Japanese and Asian cuisines, receiving praise particularly for its sushi. Other meals that do not disappoint are the scallop roll, the bento box, and the noodles.

Cocoro’s menu is pleasantly long and also features some great wine and cocktails on its list. The great atmosphere is another factor that has contributed to its growth. Starters begin at around $8.95.

2. Tepa Taqueria

The counter of Tepa Taqueria

Few restaurants in Stockton can match the quality of Mexican and Latin Cuisines Tepa Taqueria puts on the table. The menu offers you the chance to be a bit adventurous with the great food served at Tepa. For the prices, the servings are reasonably large. The excellent services of the staff are sure to leave you with a good memory of the place.

3. The Lair

A section of The Lair

Students on campus would be familiar with the lair. It is situated at the Health Science building and is an excellent place to go and grab launch. The Lair offers students a variety of pastries, sandwiches, salads, and espresso beverages, all of which are freshly made and are available on the go. A good number of the items on the menu start at $1.95.

4. Seoul Soon Dubu

A table with various Asia cuisines at Seoul Soon Dubu

Asian and Korean cuisines cooked to their finest is a straightforward way of describing Seoul Soon Dubu. The soon tofu is probably the favorite here, but they also make remarkable kimchi (in different varieties), spicy pork, japche, and the potato dish. You are treated to fresh superbly cooked food at Seoul soondubu.

5. M and W Dutch American Bakery

M and W Chocolate with toppings

Not everybody gets to discover this hidden gem in Stockton. M and W offer a menu stuffed with a variety of cakes, cookies, pies, sandwiches, fresh bread, and more. The menu is not just full, but its contents are from the highest drawer too.

6. Mile Wine Company

Hallway of Mile Wine Company

Wine is not the only thing spectacular about this restaurant or company as the owner likes it. It features some excellent dishes too. The roast beef, roasted Brussel sprouts, grilled potatoes, pear, and blue cheese, and flatbread are a few of the wonderful delicacies this wine company offers.

Mile Wine Company also has an independent summer menu and children’s menu. If you visit for the wine too, you cannot be wrong. $14 is required to get a complete brunch here.

7. The Grove

Outside The Grove

The Grove is located in the McCaffrey Center, and it also features a grocery store. This means you can stop by, grab lunch, eat, and get some grocery necessities. The café features a good number of snacks, beverages, and a large natural foods selection which makes it an excellent place to eat.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at the UNH

The University of New Haven is a private, coeducational university located in West Haven, Connecticut. This list contains eight great cafés and restaurants in and around the University of New Haven.

1. Hazel Nut Café

Hazel Nut Cafe & Bar

Hazel Nut is a student run café which offers an excellent dining experience. The café is located in the heart of campus in Maxcy Hall. The menu includes sandwiches, pastry, coffee, its signature pizza, and lobster rolls all for student-friendly prices. You can get a decent snack for about $3.

2. BAR

A taste of BAR's pizza

BAR is both a restaurant and a bar (with a dance club). They are quite apart and are managed excellently. The restaurant serves some of the best pizza in Connecticut, and some belief in the United States. The restaurant also has an impressive menu which includes soups, salads, veggies, and street food all at reasonable prices.

3. Prime 16

An empty Prime 16 dining

The restaurant is located in a clean, service and offers excellent facilities. Prime 16 has a great menu and beer collection. The dishes served here have been tested and have been proven to be absolutely fantastic. The burgers, goat cheese croquettes, and Cubano are some of the standout dishes served here.

4. Olea

Cozy looking dining of Olea

Located downtown New Haven, Olea is a classic restaurant that specializes in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. The menu includes an impressive list of food, wine, and cocktails. The services and food offered are among the best in New Haven. The main meal starts at $12.

5. Shell & Bones Oyster Bar & Grill

Different cuisines at Shell and Bones

The simplest way to describe Shell & Bones is, seafood served to perfection. Shell & Bones is an award-winning seafood, steak, and raw bar restaurant on the waterfront in New Haven. The clam chowder, calamari, and fried oysters are some of the favorite dishes served here. While the food may come on the high side, every penny spent here is to be remembered.

6. Zuppardi’s Apizza

 Freshly delivered pizza from Zuppardi's Apizza

This is one of the best family-run restaurants in New Haven. Zuppardi offers some of the most excellent pizzas in town. The white clam pizza, sausage pizza, and mushroom pizza are some of the most ordered pizzas here. Everything served at Zuppardi’s is top-notch and would have you running back for more. Meals are also decently priced.

7. Elm City Social

A barman at Elm City Social

Elm City is one of the gems of New Haven. The restaurant features a cozy environment suitable for dining and relaxation. Standout dishes include eggs, sliders, salads, duck and tuna tacos. The restaurant also has a fantastic rooftop view, and meals are decently priced.

8. ROIA Restaurant and Café

The Dining of ROIA Restaurant and Cafe

This is a downtown restaurant that is perfect for lunch, dinner, and even special occasions. ROIA specializes in Italian, and as such, you will find the best tapas, brick oven pizza, and mozzarella from around New Haven. $10 will get you a decent meal at ROIA. They also have very professional and friendly waiters who are always responsive to customer’s need.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at the University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky, Lexington, like many other colleges has many restaurants and cafés both on and off campus. However, not all offer you great food and a lasting memory. This list contains eight great restaurants and cafés near the campus of the University of Kentucky.

1. The Local Taco

Outside view of the Local Taco

Local Taco is one restaurant every student of the University of Kentucky should know about. This restaurant offers amazing fried shrimp tacos, great tortillas, and a variety of other great dishes different options. It also has a bar which provides a decent selection of craft cocktails, draft beer, and margaritas. You can get four tacos at $10.

2. Carson’s Food & Drink

The bar area of Carson's Food & Drink

Carson’s is one of the best restaurants students of the University of Kentucky can go to grab lunch or dinner around campus. The restaurant offers a large selection of food and serves huge portions of the meal too. Service at Carson’s is also one of the best around. You can get great starters from $11.

3. Grillfish Lexington

Grilled Branzini at Grillfish Lexington

This restaurant specializes in serving the freshest and finest grilled fish & seafood. Grillfish also offers some of the best pasta, steaks, salads, and chops around Lexington. Along with a robust menu, it has an impressive collection of wine, bourbon, and beer for you to choose from. Starters begin at around $8.

4. Nat’s

Chicken wing at Nat's restaurant

Nat’s is often referred to as the hidden gem in Lexington. The restaurant offers the best Asian, Thai, and Vegan dishes you can get anywhere in town, and at a reasonable price too. They also share the building and are partners with McArthy’s Irish Bar which offers outstanding Irish food. You can get great starters at Nat’s from $10.

5. School Sushi

Delightful Sushi served at School Sushi

Commonly known as School, this restaurant offers some of the finest Japanese cuisines. It features traditional Japanese entrees; Katsu Curry, Makunouchi, Udon noodles, and Okonomiyaki are some favorite dishes served here. You can get a Shushi for about $2 or a decent roll for $5.

6. Coles 735 Main

Interior of Coles 735 Main

Coles is a perfect example of your cozy, friendly, neighborhood restaurant. The restaurant offers an excellent collection of American classics, global flavors, and rustic artisan dishes. You can get a decent starter from $10.

7. Dudley’s On Short

Beautiful dining of  Dudley's On Short

Dudley’s Restaurant has been on the scene of delivering great food to residents of Lexington since 1981. The restaurant specializes in offering local cuisines, and it does that to perfection. Some of its classics include Steak Frites, Pasta Dudley, and Tournedos Maxwell. The Crisp Salt & Pepper Calamari starter costs about $11.

8. Han Woo Ri

Steak being cooked at Han Woo Ri

Han Woo Ri offers some of the best Korean-Japanese fusion food in all of Lexington. If you are new to this cuisine, there are a lot of great dishes to try out this restaurant. They include the Gyoza, Sushi and Bulgogi, Dragon roll Sushi, among others. In such a cozy environment, the prices are kept decently low.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at ECSU

Eastern Connecticut State University is a public liberal arts university in Willimantic, Connecticut. While there are many restaurants and cafés inside and around the campus, not all will leave you with a spectacular experience. This list contains seven great restaurants and cafés around the campus of the university.

1. Pleasant Pizza

Veggies sandwich offered at Pleasant Pizza

Pleasant Pizza is a family owned and operated restaurant that has been serving residents of Willimantic with excellent meals and services. You can visit this restaurant every day for 10 days and not exhaust the meals and exciting combinations on the menu. With $10 you can get yourself a decent meal at Pleasant Pizza.

2. Olympic Restaurant

VIP Section in Olympic Restaurant

Olympic is one of the few restaurants around Willimantic where you can always go to get great meals. Just like Pleasant Pizza, it is a family owned and operated business. The restaurant offers a decent selection of quality Italian, American, Seafood, Chicken and Steak entrees. Every penny spent here is totally worth it.

3. The Breakfast Place

Potato omelet with grilled jalapeño bacon cornbread

The Breakfast place is famous for its homemade bread list. It also offers mouth-watering pancakes, French toast, home fries, and various eggs. Every week, The Breakfast Place comes up with amazing specials. They also offer free refills on coffee. The Breakfast Place has all it takes to leave you with a memorable experience.

4. Canggio Restaurant

Chefs working at Canggio Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in offering Peruvian cuisines. Canggio has some of the best services around and also serves fantastic food presented creatively. Empenadas, ceviche, and lomo salad are some of the favorite dishes served here. With $14 you can get Arroz Chaufa, a main course meal.

5. Jamaican Me Crazy

Pizza at Jamaican Me Crazy

Just as the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in serving Jamaican dishes, and that it does to perfection. This is a place to visit if you want to try out something new. With only $10, you can get the Curry Goat Dinner, Jerk Pork Dinner, or the Pepper Steak Dinner, all of which are remarkably favorite meals. The portions are also huge, just as you would like it to be.

6. Corleones Café

Night photograph of  Corleones Café

Corleones Café is one fantastic place hangout in Willimantic. The café has a great atmosphere, cool music, and very friendly, professional staffs. While it may Café attached to its name, Corleones has an impressive collection of beers, bourbons, and wines. It also features a pool table, trivia night, and the quite popular $2 night.

7. Cafemantic

Dinning hall of Cafemantic

Cafemantic is one of the gems in Willimantic. The restaurant has an excellent environment for lunch, a business date, or even a more romantic dinner. It also has a great menu which is enough to satisfy adventurous eaters who want something refreshing. Small plates which start around $10 are relatively large and creatively served.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Wake Forest

Wake Forest University is private research university in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In college, students face difficulties in finding a reliable restaurant or café where they not only enjoy great meals but the time spent there. There are a lot of dining options on and off campus, this list contains seven great cafés and restaurants in and around Wake Forest University.

1. Bernardin’s Restaurant at the Zevely House

Dining of  Bernardin's Restaurant

Bernardin’s is one of the most excellent continental restaurants around Winston-Salem. It has an imperative menu for you to choose from. Some excellent dishes popular at this restaurant include Arctic Char, Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast, Scallops, and Wagyu Beef, Horseradish crusted salmon, among others. At $21, the Sauteed Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast is the cheapest entree.

2. Zick’s

Students hanging out at Zick's restaurant

Zick’s is an age-old name in the campus of Wake Forest University. The restaurant was named in honor of Dr. Ken Zick, who served as the Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs. Zick’s offers a variety of pizzas, wings, salads, totchos, and appetizers to choose from.

3. Five Points

The outdoor dining of Five Points

Whether you are looking to grab lunch, hang out with friends, or go on a date, Five Points won’t let you down. While the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from, the vegetable choices are quite limited. It makes this up with its excellent list of freshly cooked seafood. A small plate of Five Points Shrimp & Grits cost about $15.

4. Putters Patio and Grill

Putters Patio and Grill

The Putters Patio and Grill have been run by the Schultz family since 2003. It has an impressive menu which includes a variety of vegetables, seafood, steak, chicken, soups, and snacks.

The restaurant has a reputation of serving excellent steaks, steaming fajitas, and the gorgonzola bleu cheese fries. It also has an impressive collection of wines, liquors, and draught beers.

5. Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro

Outlook of Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro

This is a Winston-Salem downtown restaurant where you can always go to get some of the finest freshly cooked food. The food is cooked to perfection and presented artistically. The restaurant also has an open-air covered patio where you can go to celebrate with friends. You can get starters from $3 and entrees $14.

6. Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar

Steak served at Spring House Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants you can grab launch outside the campus of Wake Forest University. Spring House is a classic example of a southern restaurant. To add to the cozy environment, they offer some of the best services in Winston-Salem.

Additional services include a banquet, bar dining, outdoor dining, cocktails, a fireplace, a full bar, Gluten-free Menu, and a private room. Most meals cost under $30, main courses start at $21.

7. Jeffrey Adams on Fourth

Building where  Jeffrey Adams is located

Located in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem is Jeffrey Adams on Fourth, a restaurant that serves farm-to-fork New American cuisine & craft cocktails. It offers a wide variety of food for you to choose from. Most meals typically cost under $30, a small plate of Wild Mushroom & Artichoke Dip starts at $10.

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at WMU

Western Michigan University popularly known as WMU is a public research university in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States. The school has a lot of restaurants both in and around its 1,200 acres’ campus. This list contains some of the best restaurants and cafés in and around the campus of WMU.

1. Valley Dining Center

Interior of the Valley Dining Center

Valley Dining Center is one of the best joints in the campus of WMU where students get a variety of fresh food. It features a total of nine mini-restaurants. Available here are Asian cuisine, American, salads, veggies, and lots more. The prices are also kept reasonably low for students.

2. Bruno’s Pizza

Bruno's Pepperoni Pizza

Bruno’s is the place to get the best pizza near the WMU campus. Most people who visit this joint do so because of the Pizza. For years, this local, family-owned, and managed restaurant has perfected the art of preparing pizza. You also have a list of exciting toppings for more fun. The service also matches up with the food delivered. $15 can get you a pizza you would live to remember.

3. Two Fellas Grill

Sausage served at Two Fellas Grill

Two Fellas Grill is an excellent example of a classic local restaurant offering top-notch American cuisines. Most items on the menu come under $8, including proper entrees.

For example, the Southern Hospitality (grilled chicken, pepper jack, jalapenos, banana pepper, tater tots, barbecue, and honey mustard), The Meltdown (grilled chicken, ham, swiss, lettuce, mushroom, and ranch), and The First Item on the Menu (grilled chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, tater tots, ranch and sour cream) are all sold for $7.5.

4. University Roadhouse

Exterior of the University Roadhouse

This is where students go to get excellent American dishes. The restaurant which is located adjacent to the Western Michigan University campus offers superior services to go with the excellent meals served. Highlights of the menu include the Kalamazoo Best Burger, Bell’s Fish and Chips, and the nachos. With $10, you can get yourself a decent starter.

5. Plaza Café

Street coffee and a cookie

Plaza is one of the most delightful cafés available on the campus of WMU. The café is located on the ground level of Sprau Tower, near the Fountain at Miller Auditorium. It has a great menu which includes sandwiches, fresh salads, Campbell’s soups and chili, fresh-baked cookies, sushi, Little Caesar’s pizza, soft pretzels, nachos, and lots more.

6. Bistro 3

Dining hall of Bistro 3

Located in Davis Hall, Bistro 3 is one of the gems in the WMU campus. For many, pizza is the reason for dropping by. The restaurant also serves freshly prepared omelets, waffles, scrambled eggs, ramen, bronco, salad, and ice cream. Bistro 3 is open at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. $8 is enough to get yourself a complete meal.

7. Crow’s Nest

Crow's Nest Restaurant

Crow’s Nest is one of the favorite local restaurants in Kalamazoo. The food is fantastic, and the portions are reasonably sized too. From oatmeal for breakfast to its famous French toasts, everything is terrific. The menu also includes many vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free diets, so be sure to drop by if you are a vegan. Most starters cost around $15- 25.