Jobs for College Students at Duke University

Duke University is situated at Durham, North Carolina. It is amongst the world’s leading institutions regarding patient care, research, and education with an 11% acceptance rate. At Duke University, a student can find plenty of jobs, but that require nearly zero working experiences but come with compensation. Below is a list of some of the jobs on offer.

1. Middlesworth Social media and outreach fellow

Social media and outreach opportunities are great for students

This job entails writing, editing and posting creative blogs on the internet. No experience is required to complete the task. The working hours needed are 6-10 hours and comes with a compensation of $11.50.

2. Library assistant

Library assistants help visitors get necessary information

As the name suggests, the job entails assisting in performing library tasks. This may include arranging the books and dusting the shelves. While the time and compensation are not stated, it is a fact that no previous working experience is needed.

3. Slavic material assistant

Slavic materials are Russian research collections

The task ideally entails unpacking of Slavic library materials once they have arrived at the respective department. Working hours needed for this job are 6-10 hours with a compensation of $11.50. Like the others, you don’t have to have the experience to qualify for this post.

4.  Music library circulation assistant

 Opportunities for students are also available at the music library

A student who qualifies for this kind of post is normally tasked with staffing the circulation desk as well as serving the library users. Working hours are 6-10 hours, and the remuneration is $10.00 hourly. No work experience is required, but one must be familiar with the music and its terminologies and also be excellent in the English language.

5. Russian language archival collection processing assistant

Processing special collections and rare books is necessary

Involves aiding in arranging and describing a collection of original photographs, manuscripts, digital media, audio-visuals, and printed materials. No experience is required, but an eloquence in the Russian language is a must. The working hours are similar to the rest. The least compensation is $11.50 per hour.

6. Hebrew material assistant

Arranging Hebrew materials requires adequate knowledge

Not any different from the Slavic material assistant. Usually, it involves unpacking of the Hebrew materials upon their arrival at the department. No experience is required. The stipulated working hours are 6-10 hours, and the compensation is $11.00

7.  Library stack assistant

Students can engage in stacking materials at free time

This is the last but apparently not the least student job you find at Duke University. It entails sorting, shifting and shelving library materials, processing library materials and providing patron services. An applicant does not need any work experience. The working hours are 6-10 hours, and the compensation starts at $10.50 per hour.

8. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Along with these paying student jobs, one can also engage in volunteering in the following tasks:

•    Research associate

•    Manager hospice

The volunteer task does not, however, offer remunerations in most cases but they are good as they add to your experience in various fields.

?10 Coolest Courses at UCM

The University of Central Missouri is a public institution located in Warrensburg, Missouri, United States. It was formerly known as Central Missouri State University (CMSU). Some of the favourite courses to enroll are listed below.

1. ECEL 3510 – Social Studies and Economics for the Young Learner

 Economics and social studies issues are fundamental

It is essential for a young learner to know economics and social studies issues. Students who study social studies and economics are able to make reasonable and informed decisions.

2. MUS 1510 – Piano I

Learning to play the piano is amazing

A number of students have the passion for playing the piano. A piano class like this one is the one that fits their desires. While in the class, you will learn about various easier compositions that you will find enjoyable.

3. HM 3800 – Lodging Management

Proper management of hotel rooms is crucial

For the students pursuing, hospitality programs, learning how to manage lodgings. A student will learn about the interaction and operation that takes place in the rooms’ division department of a particular hotel. The course focuses on forecasting, group decisions, internal service management challenges, and managing guest accounts.

4. FAME 3445 – Fashion Seminar 3

Fashion trends are changing at a high pace

In modern times, fashion has become very popular and widespread. Students have a chance to know how to treat the existing fashion trends professionally. Analyzing fashions will be done in an effective and informed way after learning the course.

5. ESE 3710 – Entrepreneurial Business Planning

 Entrepreneurship skills are crucial to the running of businesses

Entrepreneurship skills are very useful to business students. In this course, students gain exposure with successful entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Hands on experience to engage in small businesses and to run new business ventures is what makes this course exciting.

6. PHOT 1203 – iPhoneography

Taking photographs using iPhones is cool

In the current digital era,iPhones have become useful and popular gadgets. Due to that fact, the course illustrates the importance of communicating and taking photographs using the iPhones. Students will get a chance to explore basic operations in a digital camera, image design and impacts of photographs on culture.

7. PE 1200 – Fitness Through Activity and Sport

Imaging a toddler lifting enormous weights

Students who participate in various sports and physical activities improve health and reduce the risk of developing diseases. The course introduces the learner to a wide variety of physical activities that can boost the fitness levels.

8. ANTH 2830 – Hoax and Myth in Anthropology

A lot of myths and hoaxes surround Anthropology

Anthropology is usually a reliable source of historical information. However, the field has numerous outrageous claims and  archaeological hoaxes that ought to be examined. Hence, this course provides tools and a good environment to evaluate the claims that exist in the pseudo-science and science.

9. SOC 1830 – Social Problems GE

Wise students can deal with social problems effectively

The contemporary society usually has several issues that people find it challenging. Fortunately, this course enables a student to study the sociology of those social problems wholly. Some of the social problems evaluated in this class include civil rights, population, race, crime and poverty.

10. POLS 1510 – American Government GE

Students can learn a lot about the American government

There are a couple of students who will be excited to find out how the government operates. If you are one of those, it is recommendable to enroll in this course. While in the class, you will be able to learn the United States government and politics concerning the processes, functions, nature, structure, and philosophical bases.

?10 Coolest Courses at Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute is a private and non-profit higher education institution situated in New York City. Students who seek admission to this institute usually find the following courses favourite.


Great port cities exist in several continents

A substantial amount of students at Pratt institute find it appealing to discuss the ports that are found at various cities of the world. This course gives them that pleasure as it analyses famous cities like New York, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Venice. It focusses on ships, goods, communities, people and political relations that create hubs of human activity.


Finding out who built New York is cool

Is it cool to find out who built this great city, New York? To discuss this, the course analyses the environmental material and physical characteristics that preceded the formation of New York City. Such entails the pre-European settlers, early English, Dutch colonizers, and the huge European immigration wave.


Getting a three-dimensional experience of the physical world

Students get to know the physical world’s dynamics and fundamental principles through the Space, Form and Process course. The class enables the learners to appreciate and comprehend the three-dimensional experience through the hand (realization), mind (analysis), and eye (observation) training.


Philosophical conceptions of nature are many

When talking about nature, there are usually a lot of philosophical conceptions. Such theories influence the way people treat animals, environment and other things in the ecosystem. You will discuss issues surrounding the authority and power to improve or restore nature.


Images are vital in telling stories and transmitting messages

Imagery is used in a variety of fields and Image as Communication course delves into it much deeper. While in this class, you will learn how an image is useful in telling stories and transmitting messages. You will primarily explore the usefulness of sequencing, scale, editing, context, composition, and visual rhetoric.


Digital Analytics assist organisations to understand user’s behaviors

The digital phenomenon is a great sensation to many. As such, the class illustrates how cultural institutions can utilize digital media to communicate and interact with their audience. The behaviour of a particular organization’s social media, mobile apps and website are well understood using Digital Analytics.


Environmental planning involves solid waste management

With so much waste created now and then within your locality, would it be good to know how it is managed? This course enables planners and architects to seek and adopt more sustainable solid waste management ways.


 Tales are useful in displaying historical accounts, stories and myths

Telling tales is a common way people pass various cultural aspects. When in this class, you will learn the meaning of narrative, how it’s relevant in culture and the relevance of the stories. There is a discussion about stories, myths, historical accounts and various contemporary and classical theories.


 Re-thinking shaped the modern American history

The two most prominent words that stand out in the United States political history is Freedom and democracy. Such a course gives you an understanding the past development in cultural, political and social history that has occurred due to rethinking.


Instructional and assistive technologies are crucial in distributing information

The course deals with the selection and use of various kinds of technology, software and media forms. These technologies are useful in acquiring necessary information for teaching, communicating, and learning.

?10 Coolest Courses at IU South Bend

In South Bend, Indiana, you will find a public university known as Indiana University – South Bend. The institution offers a wide range of courses that are favourite to many students.

1. GEOL-G 219 – Meteorology

Meteorology enables people to know the weather patterns

Most of the plans that people make depend on the weather patterns. Hence, this class offers tremendous knowledge about meteorology and atmospheric dynamics as it gives an understanding of climate and weather forecasting. Learning about meteorology is exciting as you will know how the atmosphere behaves.

2. PHIL-P 201 – Ancient Greek Philosophy

Great philosophers of Ancient Greek philosophy

A large part of the Western intellectual tradition was shaped with the Ancient Greek philosophy. The class analyses the opinions of some of the great philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates and their influence in the ancient historical world.

3. POLS-Y 201 – Controversies in United States Politics

Politics in the United States entails numerous controversies

United States Politics is usually filled with a lot of controversies that excite many.  The course provides a thorough examination of various perspectives contemporary issues take. After learning, students become aware of many controversies surrounding both the domestic and foreign policy of the U.S.

4. COGS-B 190 – Human Behavior and Social Institutions

Human Behavior depends on various Social Institutions

Some individuals find pleasure in monitoring the behaviour of others. COGS-B 190 offers insights about social institutions, human nature, and contemporary social processes.

5. GNST-G 299 – Self-Acquired Competency

Learning experiences outside of college is vital

Experiences that occur out of school are usually exciting to students. For that reason, this is a class that evaluates learning experiences that are gained outside of college.

6. CMLT-C 297 – Film Genres

Film provides a lot of entertainment

Screenwriters and filmmakers understand how the genre is useful in the film industry. This course covers different kinds of genres like action, science fiction, comedy, the thriller, melodrama, and many more. When analyzing the genre films, special focus is given to their political nature.

7. CSCI-A 106 – Introduction to Computing

Imagine a computer wizard updating software

Computers are one of the exciting gadgets we use to carry out our daily activities. The course gives you skills on how to use computer packaged programs for file management, spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, and communications.

8. ANTH-E 323 – Indians of Indiana

Native American Nations of Indiana

The history of American culture is usually fascinating to the learners. A course such as this introduces you to the culture and history of the Native American Indiana Nations that majorly entails the Potawatomi and Miami. While in the class, you will take an ethnohistorical approach based on historical documents and anthropological research to investigate these communities past and present.

9. AST-N 190 – The Natural World

Science is important in civilization development.

Getting knowledge about the biological life and surrounding environment is vital.  The course enables students to comprehend the importance of science in the contemporary world and civilization development. Students later will be able to evaluate crucial technological and scientific issues that the modern society faces.

10. AHST-A 102 – Renaissance Through Modern Art

Surveying major artists, movements and styles

Art has undergone various historical development and stylistic contexts that are fascinating to know. This course surveys western art from the Renaissance up to the modern art in the 20th century.  A student who enrolls in this class examines major artists, styles, sculpture, painting, and architecture in Europe and America.

10 Coolest Courses at Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is progressive, regional research university that has with campuses at and Coffs Harbour and Lismore in New  Wales, and the southern Gold Coast of Australia. There are a couple of exciting courses at the university worth taking.

1.  MNG93215-HumanResource Management (Online)

Human resources should be managed economically

Planning of human resources is crucial in any organization. The unit enables HR practitioners and line managers to get adequate knowledge about strategic human resource planning. Students get to know the HRM operational processes and practices that HRM professional carry out.

2. MNG92305 -Leading and Managing Projects

Any project ought to be led effectively

Every individual wants to ensure that the project being carried out is successful. The class gives you essential tips for human capital and leadership. With proper leadership, a project is usually well managed.

3. CUL00408 -Health and Indigenous Australian Peoples

Learning health practices of Indigenous people

Learning health practices is usually essential and a couple of times exciting to many people. The class explores Indigenous healing practices as well as the mainstream health industry. Individuals study the Indigenous spiritual integrity, well-being, and community cohesion.

4. HMS00203 -Sports Conditioning and Training Methods

Conditioning sports training helps individuals

For any individual to be successful in sporting, there is a need for intensive training. The class offers crucial principles that are used in sport and exercise. Students who are involved in a variety of recreational and sporting activities need this knowledge.

5. SCI10703 – FoodScience

Food entails a lot of components

Apart from the preparation of food, many people want to be aware of what constitutes food. Therefore, students who take this unit will study about the biological, physical and chemical properties of foods. The aspects of food also involve and food legislation, food safety, food quality evaluation, and handling.

6.  MUS 71001 -Musicianship I

The art of music is fulfilling to learn

A considerable number of students like to know about the music people listen. Through this course, students will be able to learn the basic musicianship skills related to digital, keyboard and aural skills.

7.  COM 10113 -Visions of Light: Making Music Video

Audio-visual media production involves a lot

Many people like to visit cinema theatres but are now aware of how the films are made. However, this unit offers you both theoretical, and practical skills and knowledge in the production of audio-visual media. Examples of these skills include scripting, producing, research, editing, camera operation, and experimentation.

8. POL 30001 -Environmental Politics

Ideas and activism form the basis for environmental politics

 A lot of people are conversant with politics but have no clue what environmental politics entail. But, it is crucial for students to enroll in this class and get to understand the political dimensions of major environmental issues. You will learn about various ideas and activism, challenges and responses.

9. ART 71001 -Aboriginal Visual Arts Studio I (2019)

Aboriginal visual arts are spectacular

This course displays different visual arts materials and methods that operate in the studio. It mainly delves more on Indigenous visualarts more so the research, conceptual, cultural frameworks. Some students find learning about the Aboriginal visual arts exciting.

10. BIO 10185 -Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation

Survival of marine mammal populations is essential

Some people find it fascinating to know more about marine mammals. This unit is suitable for them as it enables students to be aware of the ecology and biology of various marine mammals. Apart from that, students will understand the main threats to the survival of marine mammal populations and the necessary recovery strategies.

10 Coolest Courses at Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is higher learning institution withwell reputation that entails multiple campuses in Queensland, Victoria, Wales,New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory. It has courses that most students prefer

1. SSS 064 Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking concepts are essential in learning

Students should always think and read critically as it will determine their success at the university. The class will train a student how to make claims and reasons that are substantial. There are extensive critical thinking concepts and examples that a student learns.

2.  ACT 125 Rise of the Avant-Garde

Avant-garde brought useful media conventions

This class is nice for those taking a media course. There are main conventions of European and American Theatre like avant-garde, epic theatre, naturalism. You study play scripts of mid-1960s such as Pinter and Albee.

3.  ACT 219 Comedy and Tragedy

Comedy are part of many classical theatre plays

Comedy is such a stress reliever for many people. Comedy and Tragedy give you a chance to analyze classical theatre plays based on  Ancient Greece, and medieval mystery cycles. You also learn professional Commedia dell-arte players of Jacobean England,Elizabethan, and Renaissance.

4.  INF 211 Information Sources and Services

Information services play a crucial part in research

Studying about information services is essential. Students get to know about the nature and structure information services in archives, museums, galleries, libraries, museums, and government organizations. You also get to understand the underlying ethical, legal cultural and Technical aspects of various information services.

5. EHR 221 Exercise for Health & Fitness

Exercises are vital for health and fitness

A lot of people know that regular physical activity improves fitness thereby enhancing health and wellness. In this class, a student gains the capability to plan and implement effective and safe exercise programs that produce the desirable health and fitness outcomes.

6. VIT 211 Viticultural Science

Wine production involves using grapes

Learning about the production of wine for many party goers iscool. This is a foundational course for other viticulture subjects as it explores grapevine growing. Students get knowledge about the composition of grape and wine as well as vine performance and balance.

7.  BUS 110 Workplace Learning 1

Knowing the workplace environment is important

It is usually crucial for students to be aware of the workplace. This class teaches students on career planning, personal skills, and employability skills that are useful in the work environment. There is a lot of practical experience gained in various learning activities.

8. HCS 111 Introduction to Human Services

Human services uplift social welfare

Activities that uplift the community are usually fulfilling a couple of times. There are various human services concepts to learn in this class. At the end of the course, a student can appreciate the role of professional human services in welfare provision.

9. ECO 130 Business Economics

Basic economic principles are useful in business

In the daily life, people involve themselves in plenty of business economics activities. Students get to know basic economic principles and concepts that are applicable in everyday life and workplace. The class also focuses on crucial macroeconomic concepts like monetary and fiscal policy as well as inflation and unemployment.

10. IKC 101 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities 

Indigenous Australian people’s cultures are accommodating

If you are an international student who is not aware of the Indigenous Australian peoples, this is a good course for you. There a lot of historical and contemporary practices and policy that affect Indigenous Australian people’s lives. You will use a relational framework to learn the institutional, cultural, historical, and social factors that affect the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian peoples.

10 Coolest Courses at the University of Otago

The University of Otago located in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand has a history of excellent reputation. There are a number of classes that students in that campus find exciting.

1. BUSC 512 Enhancing Leadership

Good leadership is a crucial in an organisation

This course examines the way to enhance leadership. It greatly assists those students who want to be in a leadership position in the future. The topics covered include leading organizational change, corporate culture, leading the subordinates performance and team leadership.

2. TOUR 216 Sport Tourism

Sports tourism important in revenue generation meme

The tourism sector is very adventurous especially sports tourism. There are fantastic development concepts and themes around sports tourism. TOUR 216 shows the growing intersection between tourism and sports particularly in common areas like adventure activities, sub cultural sports, sports mega-events, elite sports competitions, and many other activities.

3. GLBL 101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication is essential in a diverse culture meme

New Zealand is a country with a diverse culture. If you need to understand how communication occurs across various cultures, then this classfits you. The class focusses on intercultural competency, interpersonal relationships, and communication styles of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

4. FREN 131 Introductory French 1

Learning French is cool for international students

If you do not know anything about French, perhaps this is the class to enroll at the University of Otago. The class aims to make students independent French users through using a teaching methodology is more student-centered. Students can learn French vocabulary and structures that give confidence when traveling to another country.

5. MUSI 104 Music in World Cultures

Music is influential accross world cultures

Learning music to a lot of students seem cool which makes knowing music of different cultures even more interesting. This course explores the traditional, contemporary and popular music of world cultures. You will gain insights into various kinds of music and musical instruments of M?oritaonga p?oro, Hawaiian ukulele, African djembe, Japanese taiko, and Indonesian gamelan.

6. HIST 107 New Zealand in the World from the 18th Century

New Zealand has a rich history

Many people are not aware of the history of New Zealand. However, this course describes the history of New Zealand from a global perspective. It examines how racial conflict, colonization, capitalism, imperialism has defined modern New Zealand in the global perspective.

7. ANTH 208 Archaeological Methods

Archeologists usually use several methods of obtaining data

Archeology is one of the areas that uncovers various past architectures, artifacts, and cultural landscapes. This class delves on the practical and theoretical methods of obtaining and interpreting archaeological data. The topics that students will cover include dating techniques and site formation processes, finding, recording, and archaeological mapping sites.

8. CHTH 102 The History of Christianity

Ancient Christian history is largely unknown

Many students are not aware of the history of the dominant religion. The course explores the history of Christianity all the way from 100AD to the present day. It engages the story of Christianity in Europe and the West, as well as in Asia and Africa.

9.  CLAS 106 Words and Ideas

Greek and Roman is the foundation of many disciplines

This is the kind of course that offers insights on the Greek and Roman worlds that are useful in modern academic disciplines. Those students that study in Words and Ideas will be acquainted in certain English words and phrases that are connected to the Greek and Roman worlds. Fortunately, some of these are adopted in several current disciplines like History, Politics, Myth, Medicine, Law, Economics, Commerce, Philosophy, and Psychology.

10. MAOR 102 M?oriSociety

Maori is an interesting culture

It is good to study the M?ori culture and society theory and practice in both the contemporary and traditional contexts. M?ori society has developed through history in various cultural aspects.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is a world-class research institute situated in Christ church, New Zealand. In this institution, there a couple of courses you will find interesting.

1. ARTH103 ‘Picasso who?’ Introducing Modern Art

Meme about Picasso, renowned for magnificent artefacts

Picasso is one of the renowned artist figures who was famous for poet, playwright, ceramicist, stage designer, printmaker, sculptor, and painter. The class covers major art movements like Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism. It dissects these movements in a historical, social and political setting.

2. CINE102 The Backpacker’s Guide to World Cinema

Meme about falling into Niagara Falls

 In this course, you will learn about formal, thematic and stylistic concerns of contemporary films. Discover some hidden treasures found in the contemporary world cinema. It covers 12 films from 12 countries such as South Korea, Sweden, South Korea,Iran, Colombia, Mali, Iran, Poland, Japan, the USA, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.

3.CLAS104  Greek Mythologies

Greek myths has influenced modern societies meme

The Greek myths have endured for over 3,000 years in art and literature. Students will be able to learn how ancient Greece substantially influenced Western and European culture over a long period. You get acquainted with figures like Achilles, Odysseus, Oedipus, Heracles, and Troy.

4. EDUC101 Spark! How & What People Learn

Social and political aspects of New Zealand is crucial meme

This course addresses the crucial questions that aid the understanding of the global, social and political contexts. The questions allow learners to explain various perspectives in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally.  It is one of the popular introductory course for those interested in the sociology and psychology ofeducation.

5. GEOL111 Planet Earth: An Introduction to Geology

Geologist state that the earth is dynamic

This course focuses on explaining the dynamic Earth and its geology. The planet earth class provides an opportunity to study the volcanic activity, minerals and rocks, plate tectonics and the entire earth structure.It is a chance to explore the planet from the tallest mountains to the deepest oceans.

6. PHIL110 Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus

Philosophy explains how logic works

For those who want to study the way logic work, this is perhaps a very good course to consider. The course aids to distinguish between science and pseudo-science, logic and rhetoric, truth and falsehood, and much more. Philosophy is interesting as well as a challenging subject that teaches people various skills.

7. MAOR172 Science, Maori and Indigenous Knowledge

M?ori indigenous people offer a lot to learn

M?ori knowledge still remains relevant in contemporary Aotearoa. The course offers a basis of understanding the Maori and indigenous peoples in various fields like aquaculture, astronomy, physics, health sciences resource management, and conservation biology.

8. POLS106 Plato to Nato: Introduction to Political Thought

Meme about trump and politics

There are groups of people who wonder what the right thing to do or how the society is governed. This class focuses on the basis upon which many political beliefs lie. It explores differing political ideologies such as multiculturalism and democracy, fascism, nationalism, conservatism,socialism, and other concepts.

9.  ANTA103  Antarctica: Life in the Cold

Meme about Antarctic, the coldest continent

The polar region next to New Zealand is quite interesting. It is a course that aims to guide students on the understanding of how human, animals, microbes, and plants interact in extreme environments like the Southern Ocean, sub-Antarctic and Antarctic.

10. CINE104 The Oscar for Best Picture: The Envelope Please!

Oscars Academy generates numerous entertainment award

For those curious with entertainment awards, this is the course to study. The Oscars Academy has shaped the American film and popular culture over a long period. You will study the history of American Cinema from the 1930s backstage musicals and screwball comedies to the celebrated classics films.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Waikato?

The University of Waikato, located in New Zealand, has been gaining substantial rankings in the most prestigious international rankings over the past 5 years. Waikato is, therefore, one of the ideal places to conduct your postgraduate studies. The coolest courses you will find at UW include the following:

1. ARTSC 110   Old Worlds-New Worlds

Diparity of the Oldwords and New worlds

The course is one of the Bachelor of Arts courses that offers a rich study background. This cross-disciplinary class is structured around cultural encounter and metaphors of journey. It entails a wide range of interesting texts, sounds, and images that explain various phenomena.

2.  THMGT 201   Visitor Experiences   

Visitor treatment is crucial in success of hotel business

For those with ambitions in hoteling, this is a good course to take. Visitor experiences are designed to aid students on how to anticipate and react to changing behavior and demand. It presents innovative ways to sustain the hospitality, event economy and connected tourism.

3.MAORI 257  Kapa Haka: Noble Dances of the M?ori   

Maori are an interesting indigineous community

Studying the M?ori and Pacific peoples current aspirations is usually interesting. The class describes the kapa haka theoretical and practical components influence and politics of Aotearoa/New Zealand landscape.

4. STMGT 305  Doing Business Internationally   

Business aim to operate effectively in the global market

It is encouraging to be aware of how the global business environment is operating. This course examines the international dimensions of carrying out business. You will be able to learn business growth, new markets, and the complexities involved (regarding scale, regulations and different regulations, cultures).

5. SOCIO 200  Modern Sociology and Western Capitalism: A Cosmopolitan Perspective

Western Capitalism and Modern Sociology shaped current politics

Some students find it exciting studying about Western Capitalism and Modern Sociology. It involves learning about modern sociology ascendancy through looking at the classic works of Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and other contemporary themes like and individualization, globalization, and cosmopolitanism.

6. WKEMP 201   Employment Relations in New Zealand   

Healthy  Employment Relations in New Zealand is important

Learning about the employment environment is usually exciting for students who are heading to the employment market. Here you learn about various employment relations legislation and how it impacts workers, employers, and unions. It also considers other issues like industrial training, employment relations practice, and occupational health and safety.

7.  SOCWK 302   Bicultural and Multicultural Social Work Practice

Bicultural and Multicultural Social Work Practices increase productivity

For those who want to learn more about the culture around New Zealand, this is a nice course to consider. As a student, you will learn about the bicultural and multicultural social work practice dimensions and context in Aotearoa /New Zealand. There area lot of notions and theories of cultural competency.

8.  BIOL 562   Marine and Estuarine Ecology

Studying oceanograhy is fulfilling

There are students who find fulfillment learning about the ocean environment. If you are one of them, this is the right course to study as it focuses on contemporary issues about and biological oceanography and marine ecology. You will get knowledge on aquaculture, benthic-pelagic coupling, the ecology of disturbances, and fisheries.

9. MEDIA 505   Human Interest Storytelling   

Human interest storytelling development is fun

There is usually a sense of enjoyment storytelling. In this class, you will explore a wide range of social issues using short non-fiction content. You will also learn about the production of short documentaries and human interest storytelling development.

10. MAORI 204  M?ori, Pacific and Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing of indigeous communities is essential

When you are in New Zealand, there is a lot of things to learn about the health and wellbeing of M?ori, Pacific and other indigenous communities. It gives you a chance to get to know the sport, health, human performance frameworks and models of the Indigenous communities.

10 Coolest Courses at Bridgewater State University

Taking a class that suits you is sometimes quite challenging. At Bridgewater State University, you will find numerous classes to choose according to desire. Below are some interesting and unique classes you would consider taking.

1. ENGL 306 – Sagas of the Icelanders

meme about arthurian literature

For those who are a fan of literature, this is a cool course to study. In this class, you study medieval Iceland literature and cultural history. There are various crucial texts and authors to rely on, including Hrafnkels saga, Njals saga, the Eddas, Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla, and others.

2. CHEM 298: Food Chemistry 

egg peeled with words on it

Apart from eating, you can learn more about food through this course. Food, science, and culture, is an interactive and enjoyable class for any sophomore to take. There is usually a lot to learn about food.

3. PHED 203: Basic Rock Climbing

meme about fear of heights

Imagine learning rock climbing in a class- is it cool! Rock climbing involves climbing up, down or even across various rock formations. This course teaches you the fundamental skills and techniques used in rock climbing and necessary safety measures to pay special attention.

4. GEOG 221 – Meteorology

meme about meteorology

Learning to forecast various weather changes in the atmosphere is usually fulfilling. As a student, you become aware of several kinds of state-of-the-art instrumentation used to observe weather patterns. The course analyses the impacts of clouds, precipitation, wind patterns, jet streams, and various forms of weather forms on society.

5. COMP 426 – 2D Game Design

Game design meme

In today’s digital age, Video games have become pervasive among youth culture. If you are not contented with playing, but you want to develop your own game, then, this is the course for you. Students learn how to develop and experiment with various kinds of 2D games.

6. SOCI 255 – Juvenile Delinquency

meme about baby

The behavior of most juvenile is changing in modern times. This social course enables you to analyze the nature and types of juvenile behavior that violates the law. After learning the course, you will know how to handle social situations that involve juvenile offenders effectively.

7. GEOL 210 – Oceanography

meme about oceanography

Many people who visit the beach just enjoy and see the ocean but aren’t aware of the composition of the ocean. If you want to learn more about the earth’s ocean, then, enroll in oceanography. It is interesting to get to know about the geological nature of ocean currents, waves, tides, submarine hot springs, and sediment transport.

8. SOCI 353 – Experiencing World Cities

meme about chicago

With the urbanization of the world, many cities have emerged. This course covers the globalization process that is taking place in world cities and its impact. You will get knowledge of global cities like New York, London, and Tokyo as well as poorest cities like Mexico City, Cairo, and Sao Paolo.

9. NUTR 210 – Introduction to Nutrition

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The eating habits of people have changed significantly. This course enables you to explore the various dietary habits in relation to heredity, work, and environment. Students will thereafter understand how it is crucial to have healthy food choices.

10. ENGL 304 – Classical Mythology

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On several occasions, you have encountered various films based on mythological creatures. In this class, you learn Classical Mythology about gods and heroes literal accounts that exist in Greece and Rome. The course uses several approaches to study the ancient imaginative world using various major ancient sources.