10 Coolest Courses at Butler University

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…and so does for any university student! Butler University not only offers the finest courses to their students but also interesting and cool ones for them to enjoy. Here are 10 of the coolest courses you can take at Butler University.

1. AN 302: The Body and Society

Woman doing different action with her body

Wouldn’t it be cool to get a good identification of someone just by how he moves? Students will learn the social construct that views aesthetics as a factor for other things. This course explores symbolism, ideologies, and treatments of the body cross-culturally. 

2. ART 305: Animation + Video

Making of Disney's Frozen

You probably grew up watching tons of animated movies and series. Pixar and DreamWorks are just two of the top animation companies of today. This class allows you to explore animation, digital imaging and video on a basic level.

3. DA 107: Modern Dance

Modern dance group

Having formal dance lessons will help you better especially if you’re a novice at popping and locking. Learn dance techniques as a combination of movement improvisation and modern technique. This class is open to all students even non-dance majors.

4. JR 311: Visual Storytelling

Open book with animated figures

Storytelling comes in many forms: from our childhood picturebooks and today’s modern social media. This class is about the latter and focuses on storytelling through digital techniques, media, and design principles.

5. MK 483: Consumer Behavior

Graphic image about consumer behavior

Understanding buyer’s behavior allows a closer hit to reach your sales quota. This class is about the manager’s point-of-view on analyzing the consumer’s own analysis of the market and how these two different perspectives will be met.

6. NW 221-PS: Human Behavioral Measurement

Graphic image about human behavior

A class that discusses that philosophical and scientific angle of human cognition and behavior. Topics include the development of surveys, tests, time and event sampling, reaction time measures, signal detection methods, as well as physiological measures of human behavior.

7. ORG 454: Persuasion, Compliance, & Social Influence

Keep Calm and Keep Persuading

Persuasion is somehow an everyday occurrence for all of us but some people are naturally-gifted to charm others. This course does not only examines the psychological and communicative processes but also helpful tips and tools for effective persuasion, compliance, and influence.

8. PCA 250-TH: Masks

Man holding a mask over his face

Students get to make three masks in this class at the end of the semester as a project. Learn the creative conception of masks at the theater and its incorporation to performance and productions. Open to all students!

9. PCA 252-TH: Fashioning Identity: A History of Dress

Historical dresses of ladies

Before we landed to this mainstream-induced dress styles, the history of dresses presents classical styles for the ladies of the time. This class will not be exclusive to the analysis of designs but also to the attached individual and cultural identity to dress styles.

10. PWB 141: Cheerleading

Cheerleading squad doing formation

Not everyone gets to be a cheerleader and if you didn’t make it the cut for the squad, you can still learn some fancy moves! You can learn the basics and principles behind cheerleading that includes gymnastics, safety, fitness, and how to throw out the perfect spirit fingers.

Health and Wellness Services at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University impresses their prospective enrollees with their ranking as the 27th best university of the country as well as their 1:11 faculty to student ratio. Among that, they also have excellent health and wellness services that the students use at times of dire health emergencies and other crisis management and personal welfare services. Here are 5 health and wellness services at Wake Forest University.

1. Health Care

Health Care Services

The university Health Care Services take care of the overall health and wellness affairs of the students and other members of the WFU community. They offer various services like annual flu shots, nutrition drive for promoting healthy eating, and exercise and fitness events to encourage them to stay fit.

2. Counseling Services

Talk to counselors for support and advice

WFU also has counseling services for students who need emotional and mental support. All staff professionally-trained to deal with various issues and provide the student with ways to manage their personal situation in healthy ways. They offer individual/group counseling, mandated assessment, and referrals.

3. Recreational Center

Aquatic area for recreational activities

Students look forward to their free time a lot and some may opt to not go out for a drink and instead spend their free time in more meaningful ways. WFU has tons of recreational areas and activities that will suit your interests. They have facilities for fitness, swimming, sports, and even have employment opportunities.

4. AOD Services

Alcohol and drugs on the table

Alcohol and drugs are common highlights of university life and while it may be considered acceptable with minimum to moderate use, they may be alarming issues most times. The AOD services educates students to be use alcohol and recreational drugs with caution and still place education and personal health as priorities.

5. Safe Office

Wake Forest University Safe Office

Safe Office is the crisis response and management team in the Wake Forest University. They take over concerns about violence, sexual assault, and other alarming matters that students and other people in the campus may encounter. They have a 24/7 Help Line: 336-758-5285.

Health and Wellness Services at Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is an all-around, all-star educational institution for its students. They’ve got a whole array of academic classes, interest clubs, and other facilities their students can use. One of the most important thing that a university can provide for them is quality health and wellness services. Here are 5 health and wellness services at TSU.

1. Childcare

University daycare center

Students and faculty members with kids can drop off their kiddos at the university day care center so they can focus on their studies or university work. They have professionally-trained staff to take care of your child/children and give them quality care and early learning. 

2. Disability Services

Disability services logo sign

Tennessee State University has a department that is solely tasked to provide accommodations to students who have disabilities. They engage these students with special needs to their full potential as a member of the TSU community. Students just need to register and show medical proof documentation to avail of their services.

3. Student Health Plan

The Student Health Services is open to answer any questions about health insurance. Students are prone to various illnesses during their stay at the university especially with all the school works needed to be done and a health insurance is the best option in case of emergencies. The TSU website has more information all about them.

4. Wellness Center

Exercise swim class for the students

TSU has the Ralph H. Boston Wellness Center that offers different recreational activities and classes for the students, faculty, staff, and administration. They have classes for martial arts, aerobics, toning, and zumba and have a fully-equipped gym, pool, locker room, and shower areas.

5. Counseling Center

Counseling Center TSU

The TSU Counseling Center offers individual, group, and couples therapy among the members of the TSU community. They also hold personality assessment and evaluation, training and workshops, crisis response, intervention and emergency support among those who are dealing with issues while staying inside the campus.

Health and Wellness Services at Utah State University

Utah State University is not only a world-renowned academic institute but also a great home to students that fosters their well-being. Health and wellness are as important as any academic programs a university can offer. A healthy student is a magnet to more academic and social opportunities inside the campus. Here are 5 health and wellness services at Utah State University.

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy session in the university

The physical therapy services at USU include sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. You do need to have a physician referral for you to schedule an appointment. The physical therapist works with an athletic trainer to make more comprehensive diagnoses to the patients.

2. Immunization

A guy getting shots

You can get your immunization at the university clinic. However, they only prescribe TDaP, TB skin, and influenza vaccination. Otherwise, the university clinic refers you to the Bear River Health Department for all other types of immunizations.

3. HIV & STI Testing and Counseling

Keep calm quote about sexual disease awareness

Engaging in sexual activities as a university student is not unheard of however proper caution is still a must in order to maintain physical health. USU Health Services offer STI and HIV testing for the students. They also hold events that deal with spreading awareness and raising the stigma of getting tested.

4. Support Groups

Support group for students

USU has support groups for students who are dealing with various issues. Such issues include alcohol and substance abuse. These support groups promote 12-step recovery among the members in order to help them cope better and make progress with their academics and overall lifestyle.


Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information

Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information (SAAVI) provides counseling and awareness to students of USU. They offer a 40-hour training and lessons on what to do when you or anyone you know unfortunately became a victim of the two. Their crisis hotline is 435-797-7273.

Health and Wellness Services at West Chester University

As the 4th largest university in the Philadelphia region, West Chester University has a big community of students it needs to provide for. That also means that WCU must not only academically serve their students, but give them the best health and wellness service there are as well. Here are some health and wellness services at WCU that you may use if you are thinking of enrolling there.

1. Student Health Services

Student having a checkup at the university clinic

WCU has student health services that answer to a wide range of medical needs of the students. They are equipped with facilities for general health care and fees apply to your tuition fee and are added to your student account. They have sexual health services, immunization, TB testing and even general physical exam as a requirement for other personal affairs.

2. Campus Recreation

Campus recreation for students

Students can take advantage of the various recreational activities that the university offers. From leisure activities like rock climbing to fitness programs to help rid of that belly fat from all the munchies during all-nighters, this is just a little treat to rest your mind and get your body moving instead. They also have on-campus employment opportunities to the students.


Hand united together in care

The CARE team responds to students with various needs including but not limited to mental health concerns and academic misconducts. Their goal is to spread positivity inside the campus by fostering safety, academic excellence, and personal healthiness. You can notify them in case of emergencies through 610-436-3311.

4. Wellness Consultations

Cutout letters for wellness

Students can get wellness consultation from the Student Health Services. Their 45-minute sessions can include personal issues with sleep, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle choices students may have that are detrimental to their academics. You can call SHS at 610-436-2509 to schedule an appointment.

5. WCU Police Bike Patrol

WCU Police Bike Patrol

WCU is the first to use bikes for their university police patrol unit for convenience inside the campus. Established in 1991, the team takes care of routine patrol to observe and maintain peace among the WCU community. All members are specially trained to respond to cases of emergencies.

Health and Wellness Services at Montclair State University

Since 1908, Montclair State University has been serving the communities of Montclair, Little Falls, and Clifton. Today, they have more than 20,000 students studying within their walls and hopefully, give back to the community of the future. It’s not just their courses and faculty that helps the students, but even the living conditions inside the campus. Included is the health and wellness services that keep the students in tip-top shape. Here are 5 health and wellness services at Montclair State University.

1. University Health Center

The University Health Center

Sick? You can just head straight to the University Health Center to get yourself checked with the university doctor and nurses. Montclair provides complete clinical facilities for any medical needs of their students in times that they are experiencing any illness.

2. University Police

Montclair State University Polie

The University Police Department is your local crime-fighting team to help you inside the campus.  Just like any other police teams, the Montclair State University Police Department enforces all state and local laws as well as university rules and regulations. They are also in charge of holding various programs and events that are related to safety, crime awareness and prevention.

3. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services

You can get free personal counseling and psychological services at the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Even faculty members and other members of the Montclair State U community have the privilege to free consultation and mental health assistance. They offer individual counseling, group therapy, psychiatry and referrals 

4. MSU Cares

Hands forming a heart

MSU Cares is a great program started by Montclair to help students dealing with any issue they might have. Basically, MSU Cares encompasses all concerns a student may have and they may submit a report to the CARE Team if they are concerned about the behavior of a student or themselves. Reports can be sent directly to a member of the CARE Team, via a CARE Report Form, and/or by emailing [email protected].

5. Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Sexual Assault Response Team logo

Montclair State University SART members take charge of the responding to victims of sexual assault inside the MSU campus. Members have been trained to assist victims to access all available services 24/7 anywhere on the campus. They coordinate with the university police, violence advocates, and medical services to give solutions to the students that are sexual assault victims.

Health and Wellness Services at Tulane University

Tulane University do not only offer flexible academic programs to their students they also make it a point to be incredibly affordable for all freshmen students. And while that already somehow assures you of your school loan, there is still a lot of school issues to stress about that will be detrimental to your health. There is one more reason why Tulane is such a respected university — topnotch health services. Here are 5 health and wellness services you can find at Tulane University.

1. Reily Center

Reily Center that holds recreational facilties

Reily Center is a hotspot for Tulane students whenever they need that much-needed physical exercise. The 156,000 square feet of the facility includes a gym complete with fitness equipment, Olympic-sized swimming pool, designated courts for sports like basketball and volleyball, weight room, and saunas. You can join program offerings for personal and group training sessions, aerobics, yoga, and pilates. 

2. Campus Health Pharmacy

Pharmacy stocked with goods

If you ever run out of the medicines your mom packed for you for the whole semester, the Campus Health Pharmacy is just located on the third floor of the Health Center Uptown. There are board-certified pharmacists and technicians that can assist you with your prescriptions and other medical questions. The pharmacy is stocked with over-the-counter products and they even offer prescription services and counseling.

3. CAPS for Counseling Services

CAPS for Counseling Services

Academic success not only hinges on your ability to absorb what professors taught you or the hours you put in for late night studying but also on your mental health. CAPS offers psychotherapy sessions for students to ease through their psychological issues in order to devote more time to studying. Tulane’s CAPS Campus Health is composed of professional experts in the field of psychology.

4. The Well for Health Promotion

The Well for Health Promotion

The Well for Health Promotion (The Well) is a club formed by Tulane students who want to lend a helping hand to other members of the Tulane community that need academic and personal support. The Well’s goal is to transform the toxic perspective among students that education can be really draining. The club introduces various activities to promote their goal of a healthier campus.

5. Emergency & After Hours Care

Red emergency sign

Tulane Emergency Medical Services is there for you in cases of basic medical emergencies. You can ask for an ambulance by calling the numbers below for common medical emergencies. In case of acute medical emergencies, it is better to opt for a call to 911. State the condition of the person and the exact location. If you are in a residence hall, please notify a staff person immediately.
Uptown Campus: 504-865-5911 (Ext. 55911) 
Downtown Campus: 504-988-5555 (Ext. 85555)
Off Campus: 911

Health and Wellness Services at Seattle University

There are many reasons why Seattle University consecutively ranks as one of the Top 10 Universities in the West. Their 120 academic programs and 1:12 faculty to student ratio, plus a lively campus life for their students factors into their success. Included in these are essential health and wellness services to aid students in their well-being. Here are 5 health and wellness services at Seattle University.

1. Stress Workshop

Sticky notes to motivate your stress away

Stress is super common for any university student what with the never-ending term papers and student loan burden. Not only does stress management workshops like these teach the tips and tricks to relieve the stress but you also get to meet other Seattle U students who are going through the same thing as you. Nothing says stress reliever like making new friends, right?

2. Student Health Center

University clinic for the students and faculty

The Student Health Center is the university’s go-to place for primary medical needs of the members of the Seattle U community. It is located in Bellarmine Hall and offers affordable medical services for everyone.  They also offer advice for any questions you may have about insurance and other health and wellness-related concerns.

3. Disability Services

Graphic logo about disability services

The Disability Services (DS) department of Seattle U take care of the concerns of the students with special needs. Not only do they give physical help to the disabled (providing them routine assistance and other necessary guidance) but even extra uplifting motivational push for the disabled students to be as involved as anyone!

4. Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC)

Graphic logo about health and wellness

You can sign up for the  Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC) where student volunteers are trained to become certified peer health educators. The HAWC members provide all kinds of support to fellow Seattle U students be it academics, emotional, or physical assistance. If you’re interested to be a part of it or to be one of their beneficiaries, you can personally ask them for their schedule but it is usually flexible as needed.

5. Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO

eCheckup To Go Alcohol

Some alcohol break from school (as long as it’s not a school night!) is okay but it is not uncommon for university students to go overboard.  This is a prevention program to help students suffering from alcohol abuse to get their life back on track and ultimately, be able to focus more on their academics more than anything. 

Health and Wellness Services at CCU

Coastal Carolina University sits on a portion of Waties Island giving it a natural picturesque view for the students. That is enough as it is to provide the students with organic relaxation but there will always be times that they will have health issues for unforeseen reasons. CCU makes it a point that they are given the best of health services. Here are 5 health and wellness services at Coastal Carolina University.

1. Consult-A-Nurse

Male student talking to a nurse

When Student Health Services is closed, students can receive medical advice, via telephone, from a licensed registered nurse. To access this service, call Student Health Services after hours, and press “2” when prompted. Students must be taking classes during the current term to utilize service.

2. Accessibility and Disability Services

Persons with Disability ramp

Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS) offers support and assistance to current and incoming students with disabilities and medical conditions by coordinating and implementing appropriate accommodations and providing resources and services as they relate to academics, university housing, dining and campus activities. ADS also functions as a source of information, educational outreach and advice, as well as a communication link among individuals with disabilities, faculty and staff, and the university community at large.

3. Crisis Services

Graphic image depicting woman defeating crisis

Crisis services are offered after hours when students are experiencing psychological emergencies such as suicidal behavior, sexual assault or psychotic thoughts. A counselor can be reached after hours by contacting Public Safety at 843-349-2911.

4. Rx Delivery

Delivery man delivering medicine icon

No need to drive to the pharmacy. When you’re too sick to get out of bed to buy your medicine yourself, this is the perfect option for you. Your prescriptions can be delivered right to you. Sign up today at Walgreens.com(Register->Create Your Account) AND call 843-903-5695 to schedule delivery.

5. Student Health Insurance

Graphic image about health insurance

Coastal Carolina University sponsors a comprehensive medical plan through Blue Cross and Blue Shield managed by Academic Health Plans, Inc. for a reasonable cost for students who do not have comprehensive health insurance coverage. Students may obtain a health insurance brochure at Student Health Services or from the Academic Health Plans website at coastal.myahpcare.com or by calling toll free 1-855-306-9474.

Health and Wellness Services at UArk

Health and wellness facilities are as integral as the academic programs and resources in an educational institution. University of Arkansas provides the needed physical support plus the intellectual nourishment for their students and faculty staff. No matter how intellectually gifted you are, a robust health still assures your success. Here are 5 health and wellness services at the University of Arkansas.

1. Wellness Coaching

Woman having a talk with her coach

The department of Wellness and Health promotion wants to help students achieve academic and personal success, which is why students have access to free wellness coaching provided by certified wellness coaches. Wellness coaching is offered either individually or as a group. Wellness coaches are professional certified health educators.

2. Allergy, Immunization & Travel (AIT) Clinic

Girl getting a flu shot

The AIT Clinic assists students with required immunizations, TB testing and other screenings required by graduate programs or clinical assignments. They also administer a variety of immunizations including those needed for foreign travel as well as provide advice on health and safety conditions for several countries.

3. Nutrition Counseling

Woman having a meeting with her nutritionist

The health center offers nutrition counseling to empower you to respect and nourish your body. Nutrition Counseling provides 1:1 nutrition assessments & on-going care at no cost to students. Pat Walker Health Center has a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) that provides individualized care

4. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Guidance counselor talking to a student

Counseling and Psychological Services help students navigate the pressures of college life and beyond with various evidence-based mental health services and programs. All CAPS programs and services are designed to meet the academic, developmental, remedial and preventive needs of the campus community. Students can schedule an appointment with CAPS by calling 479-575-5276.

5. Suicide Prevention

Graphic image depicting depression and suicide

Suicide is a crucial issue that many university students face today with the constant pressure of academics. U of A set up a hotline for students who are thinking of attempting suicide to reach out for a talk. They always have an available professional mental health person. Emergency hotline is 479-575-5276.