Restaurants and Cafes in or at Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University offers different dining options that match the students and visitors needs perfectly. Thus, the university shares with its students America food that has its unique flavors and colors. Also, there are organic options present for those who want to maintain their figure during their university. There are also plenty of restaurants near the campus so let us have a look at them:

1. Hell’s Backbone Grill

seating area of cafe

The café that follows the Buddhist principles in cooking offers organic food. All the ingredients and raw materials are locally produced. The seasoning in the food has local flavors. The restaurants have a garden where they grow these vegetables. The specialty of the restaurant is grill food that includes meat and veggies sidelines.

2. Aristo Greek Restaurant and Café

Front of aristos-greek-restaurant-

The restaurant offers Greek and Mediterranean food that is very healthy and tasty. The menu of the restaurants offers students a lot of option to choose from, and all of them are tasty. The pricing is reasonable, and the environment of the restaurant is very friendly. Many people recommend the lemony Avgolemono soup that is the specialty of the restaurant.

3. Asian Tao

seating area of Asian Tao

This restaurant offers Asian and Chinese food in a full package. It means that the food quality is perfect, the prices are within the range of every customer and the service is friendly. On top of all of it, the food is really tasty. Also, the lemongrass beef bun, Thai iced tea, and dumplings are the favorites of the visitors.

4. Avenues Proper

outside view of Avenues Proper cafe

This restaurant offers typical American food including fries, burgers, and fish along with weekend brunch. In the brunch, the students can get traditional American breakfast, different choices of eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, toasts, waffles, and jams.

5. Banbury Cross Donuts

entrance of banbury cross cafe

This café near the university campus is the perfect place for students who wish to have a good breakfast. The place offers local coffee along with different options in donuts, egg sandwiches, muffins, and bagels. Also, the place offers brunch on weekends.

6. Bento Truck

Bento Truck

This food service is present at the University campus Marriot Library. This Japanese Truck offers fresh food which the truck prepares in front of the students and is tasty as well. So not only the Japanese students can enjoy the food but also the other students as its food has a local taste. The main dishes are Chicken Teriyaki with steamed veggies, shrimp tempura bowl, the regular combo and veggie bowl with tofu.

7. Soda Run

toasted coconut cookie

Soda Run is one of the highly recommended stop-and-drink places for students. They are offering a variety of diet coke along with some baked items like toasted coconut cookies. All the items there are cheap and refreshing, even the most expensive item costs $2. Their baked items are delicious, soft, and fresh. So, go and grab some snacks for you!

Thus, with these cafes in or near the University campus, the students surely have an enjoyable time. As their tummies fulfill with great, fresh and tasty food, they start to concentrate on their studies more.


Restaurants and Cafes in or near South Dakota State University

Studying at South Dakota State University is extremely enjoyable as it offers 19 dining options for students and visitors. This means that whenever they need a study break and want to relax in a café with refreshing food or drink, the cafes are always there for them. Besides offering food from the chain restaurants, the university prides in offering its own catering service. Also, the students are part of the dining services. So let us see what these dining options are offering in South Dakota State University:

1. The Daily Bar

people enjoying and ordering food at the bar cafe

This bar is the must to visit place while you are studying at the campus or making a visit to it. It is because the main experts in food offering are the students themselves. They take pride in making ice-creams and desserts by themselves and offer at reasonable prices to the other students of the campus. Also, the bar offers homemade cheese to the students. If the students want to see how the bar makes the ice-cream, they can visit the bar’s plant that is present on the west side of the campus.

2. Union Coffee

front of union coffee

This coffee shop offers specialty drinks and beverages that include freshly brewed coffee and different snacks. Also, the place offers grab and go options to the students such as sandwiches, muffins, pastries, bagels, quick salads and much more. In this way, they can grab a quick bite before heading their way to their classes.

3. Greens to go

creamy mashed potatoes in bowl

This café is a perfect place for the students who want to get a fulfilling tummy and be healthy. It is because the place offers green veggies that are fresh and healthy to the core. Thus, a fresh mix of veggies, greens, fruits, pasta, croutons, protein and toppings are present to make students happy.

4. Wagner’s café


This café is a fine place to enjoy a fulfilling lunch. The place offers tasty sandwiches, light soups along with fresh drinks and delicious dessert options. Also, on the request, the café offers vegan options to the diet-conscious students.

5. Cottonwood coffee

front sign board of Cottonwoof coffee

This is the local restaurant operating in the university campus. Those students who do not want to go all the way to the Student Union building for coffee can visit this place with ease. It offers locally produced coffee that is fresh along with various snacks.

6. These and Those Noodles

Teriyaki Chicken Noodles in pot

This café offers customized noodles and pasta. This means that students can choose their own pasta, protein, sauces, and toppings. The café prepares the dish right in front of the students and present with garlic stick sideline.

7. Larson Commons

dining hall of Larson Commons

This dining area allows the students to have all-you-can-eat dining option. This means that they have a choice of having different kinds of soups, ethnic food, grill food, soups, pasta, pizza, and desserts.

Thus, with these dining places at the campus, the students can fulfill their hunger. Also, as they get access to different cuisines and dining options, their studies become full of fun.

Restaurants and Cafes in or near University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans offers the students with different dining options on the campus. The university prides in offering different kinds of meal plans that are tasty and healthy. And for the most part, all the items are fresh and cooked in front of the students. These dining options offer students a refreshing study break. Also, by visiting the university cafes, they can do some quiet studying along or combine study with groups of friends. So, let us see the dining options at the university campus:

1. The Galley

Serving of Chicken-Parmesan

This all-you-can-eat café is present in the University Center of the University of New Orleans. The breakfast timing is from 7 to 10 am so that the students can have a healthy start right from the beginning of their day. The café offers culinary options that reflect the style of restaurants and friendly environment. Thus, this café is also a perfect meet-up place for friends.

2. C-3 Express Convenience Store


The students can easily visit the Pontchartrain Convenience store on the campus. It offers a range of fresh food and produces to the students. Also, the express store has fresh grab and go snacks with the students can eat all the way to their classes.

3. Cafe Rose Nicaud

student ordering food at cafe's counter

This cafe excels in offering simple and tasty American breakfast snacks. That means that students can easily fill their tummies in the morning hours before starting their day at the university. Also, the cafe offers lunch along with locally brewed coffee and pastries. Thus, those students who need a study break off-camus, can visit this cafe, sip coffee and relax.

4. New Orleans Cake, Cafe and Bakery

people sitting inside cafe

This cafe offers tasty breakfast dishes to the students heading to the university either by walk, car or bus. The cafe features a counter where fresh breakfast snacks are present including breakfast sandwiches, baked muffins, bagels and cupcakes. Also, the cafe offers lunch items and makes customized cakes on demand.

5. The Cafe Gentilly

Entrance of cafe

This cafe is present close to the university campus and offers all day breakfast dishes to the students. Also the cafe excels in offering tasty burgers with different kinds pf toppings. The students also love its light sandwiches. There are a lot of fried dishes especially fish and shrimps that are all time favourite of the people

6. Juju Bag Cafe

Seating area and food counter of Juju Bag Cafe

This cafe has an informal setting which means that students can visit the cafe to celebrate. A bar at the cafe offers different drinks including cocktails and beers that add on the fun in the environment.

7. 9 Roses Cafe

mix soup serving in bowl

This cafe offers simple vietnamese dishes including soups, stir-fries and varieties in seafood. Also, the cafe offers some chinese fare.

Thus, these dining options at the campus make sure that the students will enjoy their studies. Also, the university offers different dining solutions ranging from fast food to grill to organic ones. This means that the students have a lot of options in food to consider.

Restaurants and Cafes in or near the UTSA

The University of Texas services joins hands with Aramark and aims to offer different on-campus dining services. These dining services strive to fulfil the different dining needs of every student. Also, there are certain off-campus local cafes that appeal to the local taste. Students of different backgrounds can also enjoy the food both on and off campus. It is because these cafes offer food of their origin as well and they enjoy them a lot. So let us look at the cafes in and off campus:

1. Indy Coffee Club

cup of coffee

This place is small, and the environment is friendly and warming. So, the students can relax and do some quiet reading alone or with a group of friends. The place offers fresh coffee from finely roasted beans. The students love the Coco Loco there as the flavors of vanilla and Chocolate is very yummy. Also, the students can enjoy light, healthy snacks along with their coffee.

2. Sip Brew Bar & Eatery

students sitting inside cafe

The coffee shop as a trendy and modern design and the students love to visit the place in groups or alone. This coffee shop excels in offering light espresso drinks, light sandwiches and baked items that delight the visitors.

3. The River Edge’s Café and the Patio Bar


This café invites the students and visitors to have a relaxing time at the café. The café offers students with refreshing drinks and hot coffee so that they can ease their mind off the worries. The café is present on the shores of San Antonio , and its dishes have local Texas and American taste.

4. Gold Rose Café

different food items of cafe

This café has an informal setting that is mainly on the roadside. This means that the environment is not quiet or cozy for serious studying or a romantic date. The students usually visit the place for hangouts and enjoy with one another. The place offers Thai dishes and brunch on weekends.

5. Commonwealth Coffee House and Bakery

apple streusel serving in plate

This café has a relaxing environment and modern décor. The snacks of the café have French tastes, and the soft, spongy homemade pastries are all-time favorites of the students. In lunchtime, the café sells soups, salads, and sandwiches.

6. Candlelight Coffeehouse

Interior of Candlelight Coffeehouse

The coffeehouse offers comfy and cozy sofas and seating to the students. The main focus of the place is the offering of wines and drinks at late night. This means that the late-night party of the students will be in full swing there. Also, the place offers gluten-free food choices and cakes along with freshly brewed coffee.

7. Cuppencake

Entrance of Cuppencake

This café is popular for its three main attractions. One is comfortable seating and surroundings. Second is that it has an outdoor seating or a patio. This means that the students can sip coffee and bite tasty snacks in the open air while seeing the beautiful views. Third, the café offers grab and go snacks for breakfast and lunch.

Therefore, these are the local cafes near the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Along with the university dining services, these off-campus cafes allow students to taste local flavors.

Restaurants and Cafes in or near USM

Different varieties of restaurants that bring the tastes of different countries surround the University of Southern Mississippi. It means that the students have a great choice in dining. They can enjoy American, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai and many other food choices. The best part of these cafes is that they have a local spark which means that all the ingredients and raw material have a local source. The food is very clean and healthy and offers the students great taste. Their aim is both to enjoy the cafes’ tasty food and do some reading in the friendly environment they offer. So let see some of these off-campus cafes:

1. Petra Cafe Greek & Mediterranean

greek-salad serving in plate

This café offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food varieties. The all-time favorites of the students are their gyros, burgers, wraps, and kebabs. The best part of the café is that its atmosphere is warm, friendly and relaxing. There, people can ease their minds from study-related worries.

2. Purple Parrot café

seating area of cafe

This café has a shiny and glossy interior where the students sit to enjoy their dining. The place excels in offering traditional American food with a little twisting of flavors. On the whole, the drinks, food, and service is number one. Also, the café’s cocktails are much-loved among the visitors due to their taste and freshness.

3. Asian Café

Inside of asian cafe

The café is much-loved among the students for three reasons. One is that the café offers comfortable seating and environment. Second, the food at the café is healthy, tasty and gluten-free. Lastly, the café allows the students to grab a quick bite on their go.

4. Cotton Blues


The café has a modern setting, and the environment is perfect for homemade, hearty Southern Cuisine. Also, the place offers refreshing cocktails and drinks. So, the students and the visitors love the café’s lobster taco and crawfish mash potatoes. Students normally book the venue for special events that can include event planning and bridal showers.

5. Marlins Bar & Grill

dining hall of Marlins bar & grill

This is basically a seafood eatery that has relaxing wood-paneled seating throughout. Also, the place a large deck for live music. Thus, this café is the ideal place where the students celebrate with a group of friends or spend weekend nights.

6. Branch

American Cuisine platters

This cafe surrounding the university campus is a new inauguration and offers American cuisine. It has a great outdoor seating in the patio along with ample seating in its lounge area. Also, the students can buy whatever drink that suits their interests and mood.

7. C’est La Vie Bakery

serving of Paris Brest

The beauty of this café lies in offering unique tastes and quality in the dishes. The main focus of the place is on the desserts that include different kinds of pastries. Also, the pastries go very well with the coffee. The flavors in pastries include blueberry cheesecake, almond, chocolate, pear cranberry, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

Thus, these are the local cafes that offer different varieties of breakfast, lunch and dessert menus. Here, students enjoy tasting different types of food in their university life. And this is what makes university life exciting and full of life.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near MSU

Student’s health is important for the administration of Mississippi State University which is why there are many college cafes on campus for them. If you do not want to go to the restaurants near campus, then it is best to try a new place within the campus to pick your favorite spot.

1. The Fresh Food Company

Fresh salad in bowl

The location of Fresh Food Company is in the MSU Dining where you can find a variety of meals to eat. It is an atmosphere of the restaurant style which students love to visit every day. There are more than ten stations for food where you can order the food or pick the already made meals. The meals include salad, pasta, appetizers and more. There is also a seating area with a TV so you can enjoy with your friends after the long tiring day.

2. Pegasus

Chicken tenders serving in plate

You will remember the homemade food taste when you try the food from this café. The savory taste of burgers. Chicken tenders, quesadillas, salad and much more is exceptional. Along with that, there is a soup bar for you to try whether you are a vegetarian or chicken lover. You can get a great meal in less than $5 at this place to fill your empty stomach.

3. Templeton

Pasta serving in bowl

There are a lot of options for you to try at this restaurant. You can eat pasta, grilled favorites, vegetarian options and much more. Also, there are meal plans for the students who like to have heavy meals in the middle of the day. The location of this restaurant is at the north side of the campus with offering premium meals from the expert chefs.

4. State Fountain Bakery

Freshly baked donuts

If you are missing out on bakery stuff such as pastries, bagels, bread, buns and more, then this is your kind of place. Also, you can find amazing coffee blends to try with bakery food items in the morning before running to the classroom, so you do not stay hungry until your break time.


Outside seating area of restaurant

Summer becomes easy when you get fresh smoothies from JUVA in the campus. The location of this café is in the Sanderson Center where you can find any fruit smoothie you wish for. The service is genuine along with natural ingredients in the smoothie to keep you active and fresh all day long.

6. McArthur Café Express

Fresh salad in dish

You can get a fresh salad and on the go sandwiches here at any time of the weekday. Even if you want to have full meals, those are available in the afternoon for the students to try.

7. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Food counter of cafe

You can find amazing Mexican food at this café such as tacos, burritos, rice bowls, quesadillas and more. Along with that, there is a gluten-free diet available for the health conscious students to maintain their standards of lifestyle.

University life is full of hustle which is why you may forget to eat at times. There are multiple options for you to available at the university to grab food items on the go to the class. If you do not have time for full meals, then make sure to grab the bite, so you stay in good shape of health.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near MTSU

Middle Tennessee State University is a big campus where you can find all sorts of food items. If you are in a worry of college cafes on campus, then know that there are immense options for you. You can also try the restaurants near campus, but first, these are worth trying.

1. McCallie Dining Hall

interior of dining hall

The location of this dining hall is in Corlew Hall of the campus. The menu of this place changes on a daily basis depending on what students wish to it. There are many options for breakfast such as pancakes and omelets along with burgers, pasta, and pizza for lunch time. Also, there are desserts variety like ice cream, pie, cookies, pastries and more. You can also opt out for the gluten-free and vegan diet if you wish to. The amazing variety is worth visiting once, and you will surely love it.

2. Raider Zone

staff of cafe serving different food platters

You can get breakfast and lunch meal plans at this café. There is a pizza station, desserts, grill items and much more to select from. The location of the café is in the Peck Hall of James Union Building. If you are passing through the hall, grab the bite and eat it before you reach to the class. You will love the taste because of the different ingredients which keep you active all day.

3. Restaurant Rotation

spicy fries serving

You will be able to find the new menu in this restaurant every day. The ingredients are authentic with a variety of dishes from South American to Latin. You can make a plate of your favorite things by yourself at this place along with trying the signature plate by the chef. There are steaks, burgers, fries, drinks and much more for you to explore here.

4. Far East Restaurant

thai cashew chicken in plate

It is an amazing restaurant to enjoy Asian, Thai and Chinese food. Find the best sushi, chili beef and much more on the menu. Along with that, you can order Manchurian and fried rice under the Chinese menu. So, make sure to try this restaurant if you never ate Asian food items.

5. Asian Express

Asian food servings

Asian express offers you a variety of meals like egg rolls, sushi, fried rice, and others. You will be able to find fresh and great taste of food which is like no other. Additionally, there are drinks of your choice which you can purchase to enjoy with the meal.

6. Brewed Awakenings

entrance of cafe

If you are someone who cannot live without coffee, then this is your place. Get the best tea, coffee, frappucino, cappuccino, and other beverages at this café. Alongside, you can also grab bagels with your favorite filling to keep yourself awake in the long lectures.

7. Happy Tomato

entrance of happy tomato

Want to have something quick, so you do not get late to class after the break? Well, this is a great place for you to try with a variety of wraps, salad, potatoes and much more. The healthy menu is there for you if you do not have enough time to have a full meal.

So, treat yourself well when you are studying at the university with the food you love. Try all the healthy option so that you stay fresh and active to perform well in your classes.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near LHU

The Lock Haven University does have a lot of college cafes on campus, but there are great choices of a restaurant near campus as well. You could walk to those restaurants quickly and enjoy the time with your friends if you tried everything on campus.

1. Nano Bites

sandwich serving for 2 in a plate

Nano Bites offers you sandwiches which you can customize according to your choice. You can also try other snacks and coffee of this café which you will surely love. The healthy sandwiches are a great bite to your day when you are getting late to class. You will feel light after eating the sandwich and would want to go there again. The location of this café is in the east side of the campus.

2. Robinson

mix salad platter

You can find this café at the Robinson Learning Center. There are many options to try such as sandwiches, soups, snacks, and salad. You can also get on the go sandwiches to eat in your class if you are getting late in the morning. Soups work best during winters so make sure to try it once, and you will love it.

3. Grille Works

food counter of cafe

If you are someone who loves fast food, then this is your place. You can find burgers, sandwiches, fries, drinks and much more. There are chicken and beef sandwiches for you to fill your stomach when you do not want to eat anything else. Grab your favorite drink along with it, so you do not feel hungry until night time.

4. Italian Pizza

Italian pizza serving

Get the brick oven pizzas at this place. There are a variety of pizzas to try such as chicken, BBQ, beef and much more. Also, you can get LaBreadis, strombolis, and calzones at this place. The freshly baked pizza is there for you at all times even if you are hungry in the middle of the night. Make sure to visit this place with your friends to enjoy and make memories.

5. Broken Axe Brew House

Crunchy cheese burger serving with fries

You can find pure American food along with pub here. The hamburgers are popular from this café, so if you did not eat anything since morning, this is a place which you should visit. You can walk to this café from the campus in less than two minutes.

6. Fox’s Market House Restaurant

3 steaks in a dish

This place offers a great sitting area for the students to have a great dining experience. Get the favorite combination of steak, drinks, burgers and much more here. It is one of the top places near the campus which students like to visit if they want heavy meals.

7. Dutch Haven Restaurant

dining hall of cafe

You can find a buffet at his restaurant during lunch and dinner time. There is an immense variety of food such as pasta, pizza, appetizers, desserts, steaks and much more. Usually, students visit there on Sunday because of the weekend so they can enjoy food and have a great time with their friends as well.

Enjoy your time at the university as it passes quickly. Make sure that you intake healthy food so you do not fall ill as it will be difficult for you to study and keep up with others in the class.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near College of DuPage

The College of DuPage helps the students in exploring different places to have food. not only the college cafes on campus are there, but there are a lot of restaurants near campus as well. You can try any you like and have your favorite kind of meal every day. There are many places where you can enjoy with your friends and hang out with them over the weekend as well to stay relax and easy.

1. Fire + Wine

lasagna serving

You can find interesting food at this place along with a glass of wine. There is American and Italian food on the menu for you to pick your favorite food item. You can find pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more from the menu. The prices are reasonable, and most importantly you get to have a good time with your friends.

2. Ivy Restaurant

inside of Ivy Restaurant

A pure American restaurant for you to try when it’s the time of the long weekend. You can find special meals on the holiday season here. Get the best steak whether in chicken or meat along with the side dishes of fries or mash potatoes. You can also find nachos and other appetizers on the menu.

3. GIA MIA Pizza Bar

people enjoying at cafe

Craving for a good pizza? Walk a few steps over to this café, and you will get what you are looking for. The taste of pizza is exceptional at this café which you will surely love. So, pick your favorite type of pizza and crust to order. There is chicken, cheese, veggie, BBQ and other flavors of pizza which you can try.

4. Alfie’s Inn Incorporated

2 men and 1 woman enjoying at cafe

If you are missing out on the home food, then try this place. You can find perfect recipe of mashed potatoes along with chicken or beef. Along with that, there are beverages to try like cold coffee, margarita, pina colada and much more.

5. Egg Harbor Café

Food counter and sitting area of cafe

Finding a place to have a homemade type of breakfast? You can try this restaurant by walking a few steps from the campus. There are pancakes, omelets, bread, coffee and much more to try for the breakfast menu. Thus, you can kill your hunger completely after visiting this café.

6. Egg’lectic Café

interior of cafe and food counter

It is one of the popular places to have breakfast among the students. You can find delicious and full meal breakfast such as oatmeal with fruits, pancakes with Nutella, coffee, tea and much more. You will always feel happy after eating breakfast from this café because of the unique taste and environment.

7. Nothing Bundt Cakes

2 person cake serving in a plate

If you are missing out on delicious cakes, then prefer to go to this place once. You will be able to find tasty brownies, simple cakes, pastries, cream cakes, cheesecakes and much more. So, try the desserts, and you will fall in love with sweets all over again here.

Be consistent with having the right food when you are studying at the university. To keep the focus on the studies, you have to maintain healthy food habits. So, make sure that you visit various cafes to try new kinds of food.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University wants the student to make healthy food choices which is why there is an opportunity for the students to go to the restaurants near campus. Although there are college cafes on campus but for a new experience, the students can reach out to the restaurants for different types of meals. The prices of meals are affordable for every student to try in any of the restaurants with exploring new kind of food every day.

1. Chartwells

Pork Tacos with Mango Salsa_

When you are hungry at the campus, then there is nothing better than this café. The location is at the Chambers Dining Hall which offers a variety of Mexican food items. Along with that, there is a salad bar where you can pick and make your favorite salad. You can also get on the go sandwiches along with smoothies made out of fresh fruits.

2. Which Wich

which wich storefront

If you want to has fresh and edgy sandwiches, then try this café. There are more than 50 types of sandwiches at this place made out of meat and cheese. You can also get hot beverages of your choice to make it a combo with the sandwich during lunchtime.

3. Whatta Burger

burger serving

Burger and fries are all time favorite of students. If you are looking for a great and filled burger, then try Whatta Burger café. There is beef hamburger for you to try which is the specialty of a chef with tasty and unique ingredients. Walk a few steps from the campus and visit there with your friends.

4. La Villa

pizza serving

If you are missing out on Italian food, they prefer to go to this restaurant. You will be able to find the best pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more. The serving is big, so you can try it with two to three friends and enjoy your time there.

5. C-Js Butcher Boy Burgers

interior of cafe

If you want to have fresh burgers with a spicy taste, then try the amazing restaurant near the campus. You can get the best dining experience at this restaurant. Along with that, there are other items to try such as steak, desserts and much more.

6. Stoby’s Restaurant

steak serving in plate

The atmosphere of this restaurant is peaceful and pleasant which you will surely love. Most importantly, it service sure American food for you to try out of the menu. There are many options like a burger, fries, steaks, cold and hot beverages, and desserts.

7. Taco John’s

2 burgers of Taco John's

Who does not love tacos filled with beef and vegetables? If you are someone who is crazy about eating tacos, then make sure to visit this great café. You can find chicken, vegetable, cheese and other fillings in the taco as well. Along with that, this café also serves great options for breakfast as well.

If you are missing out on food within campus, then prefer the ones who are few steps away from the campus. Get together with your friends and walk there to enjoy the delicious meals at the various restaurant. Once you try the food, you will start getting a habit of enjoying delicious meals every day.