5 Peaceful Places to Sit and Study on ECU’s Campus

As a student in college, there are many instances when one needs to study for long periods of time. Sometimes when you need to study for an exam or do some homework, your dorm room isn’t the quietest place to get it done and focus. ECU‘s campus has many places that one can sit and relax and get whatever work or studying that they need to get done. Why not pick somewhere different and relaxing to make your studying experience more effective as well as fun!

1. Outdoor Area in Joyner Library.

Many people know that studying in Joyner Library at ECU is a great idea, buy many don’t know about the secret outdoor area in the middle of the library. There is a small garden with tables and chairs that is very peaceful and quiet that is perfect for studying. This area is right behind the front desk area when you walk into the library and there is easy access to it. If you haven’t tried this spot out for studying, what are you waiting for?

2. Study Rooms in Residence Halls.

One of the best places of all time to study when you don’t want to go too far from your room is a study room in your building. Many students utilize these rooms, and for good reason, as they are very quiet yet comfortable, and you can control the lighting as well as temperature of the room. You can also bring blankets, music, food, and whatever else you like to have while you study. They also usually have some of the most comfortable chairs to sit on in these rooms as well!

3. In an Eno Hammock in the Mall.

The Mall area of ECU‘s campus is a wonderful place to be when the weather is nice, especially for those with Enos who need to study. As the temperatures rise, more and more people in hammocks will appear in the mall of ECU. This is a fantastic and fun place to study as you can sit or lye comfortably while reading or writing a paper on your laptop while in nature! Even if you don’t have an Eno, many people bring blankets or sit on benches in the mall to sit and have a good study session!

4. Starbucks in Joyner Library.

One of the most common things used to help one study is caffeine in coffee or tea. Not only does this keep you focused and awake, but can also bring you to a great environment to study. The Starbucks in Joyner Library is one of the quietest yet most comfortable places to sit and study. The atmosphere of this area is very focused and will keep you studying so you can be prepared for that exam. What a better way to reward yourself for being a good student other than some delicious Starbucks!?

5. Mendenhall.

Not only is Mendenhall Student Center a great place to have a little fun with ping pong, pool, or bowling, but it also has a great sitting and relaxing area for peaceful studying. The sitting areas in the building have some of the most comfortable chairs as well as regular tables and chairs as well as a tv if you prefer to have noise in the background. There is also a Java City right beside the sitting area for easy access to a good coffee or snack! Not only is there a Java City in the building, but also right next door there is a Destination 360 where you can also find meals from Chick-fil-a, Grill Works, and Panda Express.

There are so many different places to check out on ECU‘s campus, but these places are some of the nicest places to study that you could find to study for exams or complete homework. ECU does a fantastic job at making the atmosphere for students tailored exactly for what they need at any given time, whether it be for some fun, some relaxation, or even some studying!

5 Off-Campus Restaurants to Try at ECU

If you attend ECU and are feeling a little lack-luster about the on-campus choices to choose from for a good meal or maybe a snack, there are awesome places to try off-campus! Some of these places are known for being amazing for the college students on campus, have amazing new things to try, and might even deliver to your dorm building! Try the following restaurants out for size next time you have a little cash to splurge!

1. Sup Dogs.

The number one restaurant any student will here about as a suggestion if they attend East Carolina University is without a doubt Sup Dogs. This food joint has some of the best hot-dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings, you name it off-campus! The food is satisfying and creative as they even have their very own fry sauce which is absolutely delicious. You can also even get bacon cheese fries on your burger! Sup Dogs is the best place to go on a weekend or before or after an ECU sports event! It’s also right downtown in walking distance of any dorm on campus!

2. Duck Donuts.

This donut shop in Greenville is without a doubt the best there is to offer. These donuts at Duck Donuts are not only the most delicious you will ever have, but also the most unique. At a college-student-level price of about one dollar per donut, you can get a bacon maple, blueberry waffle, or even key lime donut! You can also pick the kind of icing and toppings completely original to your own taste if you like. These donuts are no regular donuts, as they are also a unique, light, fluffy, and funnel cake-like consistency, and not a far drive from campus!

3. Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookie company is the holy grail of cookies when it comes to college students, or anyone. This cookie company not only has the absolute best cookies in the game, as they are extremely melty, gooey, and warm, but has also done what no other cookie company has, made them delivery. Not only does Insomnia deliver straight to you dorm, but does this until three in the morning, still warm and fresh! This cookie business is located right in downtown Greenville as well, so if you decide you’d like to get out of the dorm and avoid the delivery fee (even though it is considerably small) it is a simple walk. They offer the best classic cookies as well as new ideas such as confetti, double mint chocolate, and red velvet!

4. Chico’s.

Chico’s Mexican Restaurant in downtown Greenville may seem like an ordinary Mexican restaurant, but it is actually one of the best places to eat off campus. This Mexican restaurant is known for having some of the best salsa and quesadillas, but it is most known for serving the best fried ice cream there is to offer anywhere. The service and atmosphere at Chico’s is amazing as the decorations are fun and the service is amazing. If you are looking for some different as well as tasty cuisine this is absolutely a fantastic choice.

5. Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy Johns may not be somewhere you have not tried before, but it is definitely one of the best places to order from when attending ECU! Not only does Jimmy Johns have a great sandwich selection, but they also deliver right to any dorm on campus. This can save you time and energy when trying to decide what to eat, especially if you are on a tight schedule or don’t want to leave the building so that you can keep studying. It’s also a healthy alternative to ordering a pizza or giving into Chick-fil-A for the fourth time in one week!

Not only do these spots off-campus offer some of the most high-quality and most unique food items you could find, but they are also very affordable and convenient! Having the option of delivery while your in college is something that can make the difference when trying to finish a homework assignment, studying for a test, or writing the best essay you have ever written! Try these options to stay satisfied during your semester!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About ECU

ECU may have a bit of a reputation to be a party school, but if you were to actually attend it would most definitely surprise you. East Carolina University is a fantastic place to get an education and really cares for their students. Here are 5 things you most likely never new about East Carolina University and its campus!

1. It’s no more of a party school than anywhere else.

East Carolina University is often misjudged for being a laid back school with a lot more partying than other schools. This cannot be farther from the truth. ECU is a very well put together, rigorous school for serious students that has no more partying than any other university one can think of, whether it be UNC Chapel Hill or UNC Wilmington. The students are expected to preform just as well as other colleges and the professors, while being extremely helpful, do challenge their students. Don’t let the stigma around ECU’s name prohibit you from considering ECU as one of your top choices for school!


2. ECU has one of the best Nursing schools in the state.

As an attendee of East Carolina University, an often heard major from other students is nursing. Many students come to East Carolina University hoping to eventually getting into their nursing school. This nursing school is extremely competitive as well as prestigious. Many people that haven’t researched what schools have good nursing programs have no idea that East Carolina is so well known for its medical schooling.


3. ECU has 3 pools.

One of the best things about ECU is their student and recreational centers. Not only is this university challenging and helpful, but it has also been made fun and functional. One of the coolest characteristics of the Rec. Center is its huge, double sized pool as well as its outdoor pool. This is such an amazing addition to the campus as it is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and have fun when your trying to destress from classes. These pools are definitely shown off during touring season, and not wrongfully so as many students use them in the fall and spring when its very hot!

4. ECU‘s staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful.

One of the best qualities ECU has to offer is their staff. The first time you tour or visit ECU you will notice how friendly and welcoming the people on campus are. They make you feel like you belong at the school and that they want you to be here succeeding, whether it be an advisor, staff in the dining hall, RA’s, tour guides, or a janitor! This can make a huge difference when attending a school, especially when you realize that all universities don’t share this important characteristics. The campus is also extremely welcoming on its own as it is so pretty and fun!

5. ECU has a very prestigious Honors College.

Many students, when applying to colleges in their senior year of high school, tend to miss the fact that East Carolina has an Honors College. Through the Honors College at ECU one can get half of tuition to a full-ride paid for in scholarships. This is a fantastic opportunity through ECU that no one should ignore, as it allows scholastic student applicants to get perks such as early registration, living in an LLC on college hill, and much more!

You may have thought you knew all there is to know about what is in store when attending East Carolina University, but it might actually surprise you with what it offers. ECU supplies students with the best atmosphere possible for learning and that should definitely be recognized more often! Consider ECU when deciding where to apply!

5 Tips for Graduating Early at ECU

When it comes to going to college, the biggest part you have to give up is time and money. One of the best ways to shorten the amount of time and money you put into college is by graduating early, a feat that many wish they could do, but not all achieve. Here are some ways you can increase the likeliness of graduating early from ECU.

1. Take online college courses in High School.

The number one best way to get ahead in your college career at ECU is to come in with as many credits as possible for your first year. Most high schools offer the option of taking online college courses your senior year of high school for this exact reason, and better yet, these college courses could be free! You can save loads of time and money by going ahead and taking those awful general education courses online through a local community college before you actually get to the university. You could be even a year ahead of the rest of the people in your graduating class, and although this might not seem like much in high school, its incredibly advantageous when you get to college. You may want to take online classes that will be credit for your area of study when you go to college, as you wouldn’t want to take an online class that won’t count for your major. Here is a link to all of the plans for each major so that you can make sure to take the right online classes!

2. Take as many AP Exams as possible.

Another quick way to get credit for general education courses for college is to get good grades on AP Exams in high school. You may think that these tests might be too hard or that “if you don’t have to take them than why take them?”, but giving yourself the possibility to get a good enough grade on as many as possible for credits is extremely appreciated when you get to college. You may talk to other freshman at ECU and ask them if they are in your English 1000 class and they might reply, “oh no, I got a 3 on my AP test so I don’t have to take that class.” and this is when you will seriously regret not taking as many as you could. Give yourself a chance to get ahead! Here is a link to ECU‘s website showing all of the possible high school AP credits as well as others that can be transferred to ECU credits based on scores!

3. Talk to your advisor.

The first two points are extremely important for graduating early to really work out, but the next best thing you can do is consistently meet with your advisor. ECU‘s advisors are extremely helpful and the first thing they are meant  to do is get you through your four years of college in the most efficient and least expensive way possible. If they haven’t mentioned your possible ability to graduate early already it is a great question to ask during a meeting with them. If you express a good amount of interest in really wanting to graduate early they will do their very best to figure out a plan to help you do exactly that!

4. Take Summer Classes.

This is another 100% full proof way to make sure you can graduate early from ECU. Summer classes may seem like such a hassle, but they are actually even better and quicker than normal semester classes. There are two sessions during the summer that anyone can take that are each both about a month long (way shorter than a semester). This is a fantastic way to get a bunch of credits in between semesters and shorten the amount of time you will have to stay in college!

5. Get good grades!

The absolute most important thing to make sure you do in order to graduate early or at least on time is to get good grades in the classes you are already in. This may seem like common sense, but it’s often forgotten that this has to be done before any other classes can be taken. Having to drop classes and take them later or not getting the grade you want in a class can really inhibit one from trying to get as many classes done as possible. It’s extremely common to see people trying to graduate early but also see the same people drop classes or not focus on their grades. This has to be your main focus!

It may seem impossible to graduate earlier than four years, but it can actually quite easily be done with all that high schools and colleges offer! Advisors can make a huge difference in the amount of time and money you spend at a college but your grades are also the core difference when getting credits for classes as well as being able to move on to the next course. Graduating early can be a huge advantage, especially if you are trying to go to a grad school, so get to studying!

5 Differences of being in the Honors College at ECU

When applying for colleges in senior year of high school, many do know think of applying to the Honors college of universities, including East Carolina. There are many advantages to being enrolled in the Honors College instead of attending as a regular student, but there are also some extra things required of you as an Honors student.

1. Early Registration

Arguably the best perk of becoming an Honors student at East Carolina University is most definitely the ability of Honors Students getting very first dibs on all of the classes available. Honors students get to register classes before all other students, including seniors! This allows you to avoid all the 8am classes and pick exactly when, where, and with exactly what professor you wish to take with each class. Maybe you don’t want any Friday classes or you want to finish all of your days early. You can easily do that as an honors student! The hardest classes to get into are easily at your fingertips. 

2. Honors Curriculum

One of the extra classes you have to take at any level of honors student is the Honors Curriculum course 2000 and 3000 required in your first year. These classes, with their teaching style most recently completely redone, is built around having Honors students finding a problem on campus at ECU and creating a group to assess, research, and attempt to solve the problem. These problems could have to do with sustainability, dining, or even health on campus, but have unlimited possibilities for topics. Groups are required to do many many interviews around campus with anyone associated with the problem in order to understand the problem and trouble shoot. The conclusions that students come up with are presented, criticized, and made better than ever before. This may seem like a little more work and effort than usual, but will make your first year experience very involved and is great to prepare you for your future. 

3. Scholarships

Along with entering the honors college comes with three levels of scholarships that you could receive. These include the centennial fellows scholarship, an award of $2500 a year, chancellor fellows scholarship, an award of full tuition, and EC Scholar, a full ride to ECU. All of those who are enrolled in the Honors College are the highest quality of hardworking students, but your involvement in your community and scholarly achievements will determine exactly which scholarship you will be rewarded. EC Scholars are required to do much more work, take specific and more classes, and have to go on certain trips to keep their scholarship. 

4. Gateway East

Ah yes, the Honors College dorms. All Honors College students are required to live in Gateway East Hall, the newest dorm building on campus. These dorms are located on College Hill of ECU and are at the very tippy top. The entire building, Gateway, is split into an East side (where the Honors students live) and West Side (other LLCs). Living with the Honors students specifically is a fantastic atmosphere for everyone to relate to one another, make friends with the same scholarly values, and focus on school work while also having fun! This building has a basketball and beach volleyball court next to it along with the Neighborhood Service Office where one can get loaner keys, print in a computer lab, and receive mail! 

5. Academic Requirements

The academic requirements to become and stay an Honors student may seem worrisome, but can easily be achieved! A 28 on the ACT or a 1310 (new) SAT score is required in order to be invited to apply for the Honors college as well as at least a 3.50 grade point average. Once in the Honors college a grade point average of at least 3.30 is required to stay in the college (for centennial fellows). It is also required of the EC Scholars to attend certain Honors classes as well as to take Honors versions of normal classes taken at ECU. The Honors College at ECU is a very prestigious program to be involved in and can bring many opportunities for students that apply and get into it! Many Honors students wonder why there isn’t more recognition for East Carolina and its Honors college as it makes many honorable achievements comparable to other schools such as UNC Chapel Hill and NC State.

5 Fun Things to Do on ECU’s Campus

Have you ever run out of shows to watch on Netflix, had no homework or studying to do, or just been super bored over a weekend or during the week at ECU? There are actually many things you can do on campus with your friends or even on your own you might not even know about! The resources on ECU‘s campus are endless and they have created a campus that will cater to many of a student’s needs, including fun!

1. Play Volleyball!

There are two places you can play volleyball on ECU‘s campus that is open to all students! Volleyball is a great way to get active, make friends, and get competitive. Not only is volleyball a super fun sport, but it can also be played by almost anyone. Getting your friends together to go play some volleyball in either the REC Center or at the beach volleyball court beside Gateway West dorm on college hill is a great way to have some fun. There is almost always someone playing volleyball in both places, especially when there is nice weather! It’s also a great idea to bring snacks and music!


2. See a free movie!

Every weekend, Thursday through Friday, Mendenhall Student Center on ECU‘s Campus plays a free movie for students in Hendrix Theater! All you have to do is bring your one card. These movies are either timeless classics or recently released in theaters! They even do early showings of new movies that aren’t even in theaters yet! This is a great way to get out of the dorm or the library and take a break from school and hang out and watch a great movie with friends. It’s also a great idea to bring blankets, pillows and snacks! There is also vending outside of the theater and a Java City where you can get coffee, shakes, desserts, and hot chocolate!

3. Play Basketball!

There are two places to play basketball on campus! The Rec Center at ECU has six basketball courts as well as another beside Gateway West Dorm! Basketball is a well known common sport that almost everyone has played and can have fun playing. There is always someone playing basketball at the Recreational Center as well as on College Hill and getting a team together to play is a great way to have fun at any time of day! The Rec Center will supply you with as many basketballs as you want as well as the Neighborhood Student Office by Gateway.

4. Play Ping Pong!

In the bottom floor of the Student Center there are so many things to do including Ping Pong! It is 50 cents for a ping pong ball and a dollar an hour for the paddles; a cheap way to have fun! There are also a bunch of arcade games as well as pool tables in the basement of the student center for students to enjoy and some nights at the student center, called pirates after dark, include everything free and free food and sometimes t shirts for those that wish to attend! What a cool activity that ECU has to offer!

5. Go Bowling!

Not only is there ping pong, pool, and arcade games in the basement of the student center, but there is also and awesome bowling alley! This bowling alley was made specifically for students! Shoe rental is only 75 cents and one game only cost $2.50! This bowling alley is so cool as it is miniature, perfect for a game and hanging out with friends, and they play the best music! Bringing snacks or even pizza is a great idea to have a little outing with your group of friends or even a date!

It isn’t hard to find fun things to do at ECU, as they try to make the campus as best as possible to make their students happy! These 5 things are super fun and can make a whole day of hanging out with friends super rad! Don’t forget to bring snacks!

5 Ways to Get an A in Chemistry 1150 at ECU

Chemistry, the one class that many college students dread taking. Although chemistry might seem so impossible some days, whether it be uninteresting or you have hit a road block when trying to solve a problem, there are some ways you can make your experience in a chem class much smoother.

1. Do the practice problems during lectures.

The center of chemistry is the many different formulas and math problems that you are expected to know how to solve, and although they might not seem very complicated, it is imperative to practice them. It is best to begin this practice in the classroom while your professor is going over how to do the problem step by step. In this way you can also ask him for help and check your answers to make sure you get the basics down. This can make a gigantic difference in your grade.

math problems

2. Do as many problems as you can before tests.

While studying for other tests in other classes might involve reading or memorizing, chemistry tests are much more practice oriented. In order to be confident to get an A on a chemistry 1150 test, it is extremely important to do all kinds of different problems that you might expect to be on the test. This will make you much more comfortable and fast when doing the problems on the exam, and you can also work out all of the confusions and kinks before the test is in front of you.

A+ grade written on a test paper.

3. Understand certain terms, elements, and compounds.

Chemistry 1150, being one of the first chemistries one will take, has a lot of basic lessons about polyatomic compounds, elements, ionic and covalent compounds, and nomenclature, but most chem 1150 college professors will expect you to be fairly familiar with these before class even begins. These foundation concepts can make chemistry seem impossible if you don’t know them, but if you do it can seem like a breeze. Studying up on these concepts and continuing to keep up with them will keep you prepared for learning anything new.


4. Ask for help if you need it.

It is extremely easy to get stuck with something that seems to make absolutely zero sense with chemistry. In order to avoid these barriers it is imperative to be open to asking for help, whether it be from the professor (the best choice), a tutor (second best), or a classmate. Having someone fix the tiny miscalculation or the small misunderstanding that is holding you back from succeeding in a whole lesson can completely change your feelings and motivation as well as your grade. Use the tutoring center and your instructors office hours as much as possible to make sure you don’t let yourself down when you are in need of help!


5. Relate your Chemistry 1151 lab to 1150 lectures.

While a chemistry lab may seem very long and agonizing, a hands on experience with chemistry can really help keeping you engaged and understanding with what you are learning in class. Most chemistry classes and their corresponding labs go over the same concepts in lecture as lab, therefore what you learn in a lecture you put into action in your lab. Making this connection can help you remember how certain reactions take place, the characteristics of many different elements and compounds, and can supply you with a visible representation of the math that you do. Maybe you are confused on a test on how to solve a problem, but you remember that you created the example reaction in lab! This can be extremely helpful and might even make it fun.


While chemistry can be frustrating, these tips have hopefully inspired and relieved any worries you had with taking the class. It seems impossible sometimes but there is always a way to come out on top with all of the available resources a college can offer. Some concepts in chemistry just need a little extra effort to click! Good Luck!


5 Ways to Get an A in Nutrition 1000 at ECU

Many health majors, including exercise physiology, nursing, biology, and much more are required to take Nutrition 1000. This class can actually be quite rewarding as many people wonder about how they can eat better effectively and easily. This class, while being interested, can be a bit challenging, but there are some ways one can still get an A.

1. Take notes

Although the professor may put the powerpoint presentations on blackboard or any other education website, it is still extremely helpful to take notes during the lecture. Making sure you are taking the right notes can also ensure that you are thoroughly paying attention. This will keep you very engaged and will make it much easier when it comes to studying for the first exam or even a final. It’s always best to learn as you go than all at once, most definitely.



2. Try eating better based on the lessons.

Putting the lessons into action in your own life is a great way to learn and be engaged with the lesson. In nutrition they often lecture on the importance of essential as well as macro nutrients and certain amounts one should eat. Applying this to your own diet is a great way to “study” without actually studying. Maybe try downloading a nutritional app or if you have a Fitbit the app that goes with it does a fantastic job of counting calories as well as macro nutrients. Keeping track of these in real life will not only help you retain the nutrition information, but might create a healthier lifestyle.

food gif


3. Try using OneClass!

OneClass has many resources for students that go to college! You can find notes from many different courses from days that you might have missed or felt you didn’t quite take the notes you should have! OneClass also has many blogposts like this one giving you even more tips on how to succeed in certain classes as well as ways to reduce your stress stemming from class. With Nutrition 1000, there is a lot of note taking, so OneClass can be a great resource to find those notes!



4. Go to class

This will be imperative in order for you to make the best grade possible in this class! Going to each lecture in person and being able to take notes and be engaged with the lesson is the best way to stay on top of the curriculum. This will definitely keep you from feeling behind in any way. Being able to come to class and learn a little more each day is the best way to learn, as well as getting your money’s worth for the tuition you paid for is extremely worth it!



5. Meet with the professor if you need help!

Most professors are extremely helpful if you visit their office hours for questions you might have. Not only will they answer your questions more thoroughly and understandingly in a one on one situation, but they will also remember who you are and that might help your grade on its own! Going to a teacher’s office hours isn’t as much extra work as it seems to be, as usually when you pop in to see a professor it doesn’t take long and it turns out to be totally worth it! They can also really help you with any future references you need for graduate schools, internships, or more!



Nutrition may seem like a super challenging class, or it may seem super interesting or fun! Either way these are some full-proof ways to make sure you don’t get lower than an A in the class! Going to class is probably the biggest and most important way to get this A! You will come out of the semester proud and ready to take on the next courses you need for your major!

5 Reasons to Apply to be an RA at ECU

Ever thought about becoming an RA at ECU or another college? Ever felt you were a good leader or wanted to become more involved in your school? Becoming an RA has many benefits and is most definitely worth the application!

1. As an RA, you get your own room.

That’s right, RAs get their very own dorm room. With a room to yourself, you could have so much room for activities and would have more privacy. There would be more room for video games, movie watching, or anything else your heart desires! You could dance in the room whenever you want because a roommate isn’t there to judge you! (unless you would normally offer for them to join) Either way, having your own room is a huge benefit to being an RA.


2. Your room and board would be paid for.

Another very important advantage of being an RA is that the huge chunk of your school expense; school and board, is paid for. This large sum of money could make a huge difference in your future! Think of what you could do with the money you save, or how happy your parents would be if they help you pay for your education. Having you room and board paid for is a huge part of this job (not to mention the monthly stipend of around 300 dollars).


3. You get to plan fun dorm activities.

The job of an RA may seem hectic, as it entails taking care of college students like yourself, but it can actually be quite fun! All RAs plan fun and educational activities for their residents, including those that offer stress relief, sex education, culture exploration, and most importantly food! As an RA, you would get to plan these fun activities throughout your time as one!


4. You meet new people.

One of the funnest parts of being an RA is creating a bond with your fellow RAs. The RAs on campus at ECU are like family and would tell anyone that they were. In the weeks of intense training the RAs go through (intense but fun), they get the chance to bond with their fellow staff, therefore making great friends. You also get to meet all kinds of new people that will be living in your hall and dorm! Meeting new people leads to new opportunities and ideas. What else could you ask for?


5. In interviews, they just want you to be you!

When asked about how one should go about an interview when pursuing to become an RA, the most common answer an RA will give you is to be yourself. The Resident Hall Coordinators at ECU want to see you for who you are and how well you can confidently be yourself in social situations. The two interview processes, one a group process and another individual, are structured to find the most positive, friendly, and easy to cooperate with staff that the coordinators can find. So if you are currently applying or thinking of applying, remember to be yourself!


If you’re still not sure if you want to go apply for an RA position at ECU, consider these points, as they make it very difficult to not give the job a shot! Becoming an RA at a University is an honor, as they pick the best students to lead the others and make them feel the most welcome. As an RA, one represents the school, and as a student this is one of the best ways to be involved and feel part of the school itself!

5 Best Foods at East Carolina University’s Dining Halls

Ever run out of ideas of what to choose to eat at the dining hall? Don’t feel like going elsewhere on campus and spending pirate bucks or using pirate meals? These 5 foods are some of the best options to choose from when dining in the dining hall at East Carolina University!

1. Homemade Waffles

The waffle machines in both Todd and West End dining halls at ECU are a great way to get a fresh, different, and filling meal at any time of day! Anyone can make a waffle with the provided batter, butter, syrup, and waffle maker in the dining halls. An even better hack or idea for you waffles is to get M&Ms or sprinkles from the ice cream toppings section and put them in your waffle batter for a rainbow delicious waffle! Breakfast has to be the best meal of the day!

waffles with bacon


2. Salad Bar

For a fresh, yet healthy option in the dining halls your best bet is to grab grub from the salad bar! Todd and West End dining always has the most options ranging from spinach, ice berg lettuce, romain, carrots, cucumbers, banana peppers, and all kinds of dressing (plus much more)! These salad bars are always available at any time of day have so many options for you to change up the flavor! Adding sunflower seeds or fruit to your salad can really make a huge difference!



3. Deli Sandwiches and Wraps

Ever seen the line at the deli stations in the dining halls? There is a reason why there is always a number of people waiting to get their very own custom made sandwich! The staff at ECU‘s dining halls give you the option of many different sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces! The options never end, as you can also get your sandwich as a wrap, a sub, a panini, or on white or wheat bread! They can also toast or press your sandwich for you! These are always super fresh, super tasty, and so customizable! Next time you try the deli try their homemade potato chips as a side as well, they are delicious especially dipped in ranch!

sandwich bar


4. Pizza

Whenever you walk into the dining hall the first thing you smell is the amazing aroma coming from the pizza ovens! This option comes without failure, as the pizza in the dining halls is also always available at any time of day and is always cheesy, saucy, and satisfying. The dining staff at ECU makes sure these pizzas are cooked to perfection and always have different kinds of pizzas available as well such as cheese, pepperoni, sausage, buffalo chicken, and many more!

Slice of pizza margarita lifted up



The best quality of the dining halls at ECU is their never ending bar of desserts. The dining staff at ECU never fails to come up with a new dessert item for students to try and love or to bring out the classic desserts such as homemade cookies and brownies. There are so many ways to get dessert in these dining halls that it is hard to know where to start! They even have soft serve eddy’s ice cream along with many different toppings such as Oreo pieces, sprinkles, M&Ms, chocolate chips, peanuts, caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce! Another brilliant idea to try is making your own float by putting vanilla soft serve ice cream in a cup and filling it with root beer! Delicious!



As you can see, ECU‘s dining services can bring you some amazing meals and treats if you explore what they have to offer. Some of the best foods to eat from the dining hall simply come from mixing and matching certain foods from different stations until you find the best meal you have ever gotten there! The possibilities never end!