10 Coolest Clubs at UTSA

Hey y’all and welcome to Texas! Home of the Alamo! We are now in San Antonio for, you guessed it, the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Home of Rowdy the Roadrunner and about 24000! Wow! Here are some of the coolest clubs at UTSA and some activities you MUST participate in because they are really a blast!

1. Wrestling Club

Some men wrestling.

Pretty much a club all about wrestling and learning different styles.  You will get to practice what you love and meet tons of new people!

2. Club Tennis

UTSA Club tennis logo

A great way to stay involved with tennis throughout college.  If you played in high school and want to continue throughout college  this is the perfect club for you! You will have a great community and team who will always support you.

3. Climbing Club

woman rock climbing

This is for anyone interested in climbing and really wants to explore their passion.  All levels are welcomes and there are plenty of trips to go on with your peers.

4. Table Tennis Club

table tennis table, rackets and ball

Table tennis players of all levels welcomes! Have lots of fun playing the sports and eventually work up to a competitive level.

5. Wake Club

Some members of the club.

This club is all about the sport of wake boarding for all levels! You will get out on the water, attend numerous events and meet tons of new people!

6. Roadrunner Powerlifting Club

Logo for this club.

This is a club all about powerlifting! They compete at all levels and meets.  The team is open to anyone and is a great way to get in shape and have a fun time together!

7. Club Ultimate Frisbee

A few members posing for a photo.

This is a competitive team more than a club! The team is made up of 25 undergrad and graduates so it is open to all ages and students! They practice twice a week so it is a time commitment, but is a great time!

8. Swordplay

A few members of this club.

Yes, this is a actually a club! Not part of your imagination! It teaches the sport of fencing and doesn’t really matter your experience. Just join the club!

9. Roadrunner Swimming

The pool where practice is.

Do you love swimming? Do you want to continue after high school? Well than this is the club for you! Like the rest of these clubs, you can be any skill level.  Nothing is mandatory so you can just go when you want.  Very fun and flexible schedule!

10. Roadrunners Triathlon

Logo for this club.

Are you training for a triathlon? Do you want to train with other members of your school? THAN JOIN THIS CLUB! This is a competitive team to encourage students who are interested in either running, biking, or swimming.

Top 5 Events this Semester at UTSA

1. Best Fest

Picture from this event. in 2007.

This is an event hosted by UTSA each fall! It is held during Homecoming Weekend and is full of food, fun and festivities.  It is held in the parking lot of the Convocation Center.

2. Homecoming 

Picture from the homecoming football game.

This kind of goes with the first one but homecoming is a huge thing at UTSA! There are tons of events this weekend and always stuff to do.

3. Homecoming Gold Tournament

Flyer for this event

This is an event for anyone! Perfect for alum, students, and parents of students to come out.  A lot of people always come and is a really good event to go to during Homecoming!

4. Curbside Food Trucks

One of the popular trucks.

This is a food truck that happens at 7 am each day during the week.  Takes place in the Central Plaza and features tons of yummy and quick food!


Flyer for this year's fashion show.

This is a fashion show that has happened for the past 2 years.  It is called “FREEDOM” to represent the different designers who are part of it and made designs on their own.  Super cool event!

Hopefully if you go to UTSA this helped. This should have given you an idea of what clubs/events to participate in this semester. Hopefully you participate in at least on of them!

10 Coolest Clubs at University of Southern Mississippi

Hey guys! Here we are in Southern Mississippi, Seymour the Eagle! The University of Southern Mississippi is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is home to about 12,000 people.  Here are some cool clubs here and if you keep reading there will be some recommended events that are a must-do!

1. Athletic Training Club

This club focuses on bringing knowledge about athletic training to anyone interested in the field.  You will work around the community and must have a real passion for this field.

2. Chaotic Movement

This is a dance team that dances at events on and off of campus.  You will be allowed to show your dance skills off at events and is for men and women who have a passion for expressing themselves through dance.

3. High Def 

This is a dance group that lets students from all ethnicities and different demographics grow as dancers overall.  You will get more confident in your dancing skills as well as gain more experience.

4. The Investment Club

This club is of main interest for finance majors, but is also perfect for anyone interested in investing or business overall.  You will manage a mock portfolio and work with peers to do so.  This club doesn’t have a set meeting time, but is perfect for students to apply concepts they have learned.

5. Tea Club

This club isn’t about gossiping.  No, we don’t want that kind of tea! This one is all about relieving stress and being g welcomed into a positive and calming atmosphere where everyone drinks tea together.

6. Active Minds

This is the logo for this active club.  It includes two circles coming together to show that no-one is ever alone when it comes to mental health.

This club is all about mental health awareness ranging from worldwide to just campus-based.  This club is present at many other campuses around the world so you will have a chance to connect with other students who may be having the same struggle as you.  You will feel safe, comfortable, and NEVER ashamed to talk about your mental health!

7. Student Eagle Club

This is a club focusing on promoting Eagle sports.  This is even one of the largest organizations on campus!!! You will get to meet tons of new people as well as promote the university and be part of something big!

8. USM Social Dance

This is a small club of currently only 6 members dedicates to learning a bunch of different types of dances.  This club is open to people who have never danced before to experts.  You will need to meet weekly with the club and then you are welcomed to go to different events.

9. USM Ultimate Frisbee Club

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  You get together with people who are interested in the same sport and get to all play together.

10. University of Southern Mississippi Football Club

This club is all about welcoming international students through the sport of football.  Members will be able to enhance their endurance through the sport as well as meet new people from around the world.

Thanks so much for reading hopefully this article helped you decide what you want to get in to/participate in this semester. Go eagles!


Top Events this Semester at USM

1. Immigration Panel

A discussion about immigration and different people’s perspectives on it. This panel will be super interesting and is a must-see!

2. 2018 Southern Miss Ceramics National 

This is an exhibition of various sculpture and pieces from artists all across the country! If you are interested in pottery or the arts this is a great event for you!

3. Southern Miss Art + Design Open House

This is another free event that takes place in the George Hurst Building. It takes place from November 2 from 9 to 3 pm. Great event to look at art and design!

4. Eagle’s Nest Food Many Benefit Concert

This is an event put on by the School of Music in the March Auditorium.  All proceeds will go to a good cause!

5. Bachtoberfest

This is an event on October 29th at 8 pm.  It is a free event! This event is mainly focuses on Bach and you will for sure have a great time.

10 Coolest Clubs at University of North Georgia

Hey guys so now we are headed to North Georgia for, you guessed it, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA! Home to about 16000 in Dahlonega, GA.  If you are looking for clubs to join or events to participate in than keep on reading. Here we gooooooo!

1. American Sign Language Club

Picture of someone using sigh language.

This is a club for people in the deaf community or those just trying to learn sign language.  This club helps the deaf community find their place and be able to communicate with hearing people.  This club is a great way to learn a new language and meet many new people!

2. Arabic Language and Cultural Club

Some popular Arabic symbols.

This is a club for people who are really interested in the Arabic language. This club is completely open to EVERYONE and everyone at UNG!

3. Art Club

Cool art design.

This club is kind of self-explanatory but is for people interested in art.  It is open to all students and has meetings every Wednesday! Plus, you don’t need any prior experience or expertise to join this club.

4. Baseball Club

Logo for UNG baseball club with an eagle on it

This is for anyone who is interested in baseball and wants to keep up their play in college.  From beginner to expert are all welcomed and encouraged to join!

5. Biology Club

Picture from this club.

The goal of this club is to educate and network those interested in the biology field.  You will have a bunch of interactive activities and even meet some guest speakers.  Anyone can join!

6. Boxing Club

Inside a boxing ring.

This is a place for anyone seriously interested in boxing.  You will train and work together to develop your boxing skills and practice a great sport! You will focus on fitness, academic success and maintaining a love for boxing throughout college!

7. Cycling Club

Two cyclists in this club.

This is another fitness related club! You will meet other people interested in cycling and meet together to focus on something you love.  You can like mountain biking, road biking, or anything along those lines.  You will get to meet many different people and get to live out your love for cycling!

8. Dodgeball Club

Event for this club.

You will get to play dodgeball with your peers as well as create a community where dodgeball is welcomed as a sport. Great times and new friends!

9. Fencing Club

Logo for fencing club

This club is open to all students and you don’t even need any experience to participate.  You will get open access to equipment and meet people with the same interest.

10. Film Club

Picture from a popular film.

This is a club for anyone interested in movies and really has a passion for them. You will get to watch movies as well as meet other students.  You will watch new and old movies and normally meet on Fridays.

Top Events this Semester at UNG

1. Starlight Celebration

A picture of the fireworks from this event.

This is an event that has already passed but happens every year.  You will get to see a bunch of fireworks from your car at $10 per car.  There will also be food and tons of fun!

2. Soccer Game

Photo from a soccer game.

Soccer games are a ton of fun at UNG.  A super fun and interactive event!

3. College Speaker Series

Picture from a recent speaker presentation.

This is event that takes place at the end of October.  It takes place in the Student Resource Center and has a wide range of speakers to come and talk to the students.

4. Student General Recital

Picture from a recent recital.

This is a musical event full of a student recital and is about an hour long performance.  The music department puts this event on.

5. Flamenco and the African Diaspora Flamenco

Beautiful flamenco dancer.

This is a really fun dance event that takes place in the Hoag Student Center! You will get to see some amazing dancers put on a show for anyone interested.

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, this article helped you decide what to get involved in and participate in.  Have a great rest of the year!


10 Coolest Clubs at University of New Orleans

Hey guys! We are going to go down south a bit to visit the University of New Orleans.  Home of Captain BrUNO, reflex blue and silver, and about 8000! Here is a list of some cool clubs to take at UNO and even some cool events that you should DEFINITELY attend this year! Hope you enjoy!

1. UNO Sailing Club

A person sailing.

This club is pretty competitive and even competes against other schools. If you have a passion for sailing than this is the club for you.  You not only meet new people but get to do what you love! Weekly meetings are on Monday and Friday at the yacht club.

2. UNO Running Club

Group of runners gathered together.

Pretty simple club; all about running and having a safe environment to run your heart out and do what you love.  You will learn how to love yourself and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.  This club meets on the last Sunday of every month.

3. Social Justice Club

A recent large march taking place.

Do you want an open environment to discuss global, social, and economic issues? Well than this club is the one for you! In social justice club you will work along side peers to develop an open atmosphere for people to talk about their opinions on issues in our world.  Meetings at Monday at 3:30 and this club is open to all!

4. Pre-vet Medicine Club

Logo for this club.

This is club focusing on allowing students interested in this field a shot at learning a lot about it before they enter the field. You will work alone side peers to learn new information about vet medicine and gain experience in the field.

5. Community Garden Club

Two students helping out by gardening around campus.

This club mainly focuses on sustainability on campus.  You will get to grow crops and learn more about how local produce is made.  This club will help you be more aware of our environment and learn how to sustain it for years to come.

6. Brazilian jiu-jitsu Club

Two men practicing this sport.


7. Lip Sync Battle Club

Picture from the popular lip-syncing show.

This is a super fun club based of the show pictured above.  You will work with other students to make your own team battles or do a solo battle if you like. After everyone preforms judges will judge the teams and a winner will be chosen.  This club meets on Thursdays at 5.

8. Wrestling Club

This is a lot like the other clubs focusing on sports so it doesn’t really need that long of an explanation.  Basically this is for anyone interested in wrestling.  You will get to learn and practice the art of wrestling.  Practices are during the week in the afternoon.

9. Soccer Club

Group of the soccer team.

The purpose of this club is simple, to play soccer.  But even more than that you will meet new people and even get to teach the sport to newcomers.  You will learn to work together as a team, but also have tons of fun!

10. Physics Club

Physics professor at UNO.

Great club for anyone with anyone slightly interested in physics.  Has even an Einstein Week for students to get a hands-on experience with different physics theories.  This is a really cool informational club!

Top Events this Year at UNO

1. Drive-In Movie

Graphic of a drive in movie.

This may sound a little old fashion but this event is a super fun one! This event has been going on since 1996 and in October (date TBD) across from the Education Building a projector is put up in a parking lot for everyone to come and watch, not one but TWO movies!


A bunch of crawfish!

LISTEN UP! This is the “world’s largest crawfish boil”.  About 12000 pounds of crawfish are purchased by the university and sold for FREE to all students! There is also live music, games, and other amazing things! Plus, its during the last week of classes, so you have no excuse not to go!

3. Homecoming

Pictures from a recent homecoming game!

This is especially great for UNO alumni.  This features a basketball game, featuring homecoming court, and a sponsored party put on by the school afterwards.  This is a great time to relieve stress and have a great time with your peers and friends!

4. Greek week

Members of sororities/fraternities gathering together.

This is an event that may interest some, but not others.  But that’s okay! Greek week is a great time for all the sororities and fraternities at UNO to come together and unite as one. There are activities for philanthropies, as well as ways to show your spirit for your community/group!

5. Welcome Back Luau

Flyer for this event!

This is an event for all students at the beginning of the semester to welcome everyone back to school! It is held on the first Friday of the semester and is perfect for students to get to know one another and have a great time doing it!

Thank you guys so much for reading and hopefully this really helped you pick which clubs to join and which events to participate in this year! They all seem super fun, but at the end of the day it’s about what you are personally interested in.  Hopefully you will participate in at least one of these activities and have a fun time doing it this year!

10 Coolest Clubs at UNK

Hey Guys! So now we are headed to Nebraska to visit the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  With about 5000 undergrad this article will be important for those of your looking to get involve in cool clubs. Also, stay tuned to the end of this article to get some of the coolest events coming up this year on campus!

1. UNK Billiards Club

A bunch of pool tables

This club title kind of gives away what this club is all about, but if you love pool you will love this one! You will get to play pool with your fellow members and have a great time doing so.  You possibly might even get to participate in competitions through out the year!

2. Psychology Club

Showing a love for psychology.

This is for people interested in the major of psych.  You will learn more about the field and the staff involved in it.  You will learn how to be a leader and learn a lot with your fellow club members.

3. Sports Administration Majors Club

Logo for this club.

This is a club for anyone interested in a career focusing on the sports industry.  You will be able to network and possibly even get connected with a future employer through the numerous activities you can find through this club.

4. Math Club

Girl talking math strategy.

This is a club for anyone who is secretly or outwardly obsessed with math and just can’t get enough! Come to meetings on Thursdays and Wednesdays to get more of an idea of the structure of the club and meeting some of your fellow club members.

5. Criminal Justice Student Club

Group of students in the club.

This is for anyone interested/studying criminal justice.  You will even get to take field trips! Anyone is welcome to join! Meetings occur every other week and there are even parties! This is a great way to bond with people who are interested in the law like you.

6. Biology Club

Looking inside biology.

This explores different interests inside biology, but needless to say this club will feed your guilty pleasure of biology.  You will interact with other students with the same passion.  You will also study and discuss plants, health science, and animals.

7. UNK Photography Club

Students playing with a camera.

This club is perfect for any photography lover.  From taking pictures of nature to people this club is for anyone interested. You will also get the chance to improve your photography by working with professionals and peers to take the best photos possible.

8. Aviation Student Club

Plane flying in the sky.

This club is for anyone who loves flying or just has the interest! You will connect with other people of the same interest and also learn more about flight. You will also have group study and get to make some great friends!

9. UNK Rotaract

Important aspects of this club.

This is an organization of about 8400 clubs.  Mainly focuses on issues like Basic Education, Economic Development, and Disease prevention.  This is a service club! Come to a meeting to find out more about this cool club!

10. Phi Delta Theta

Symbol for this club/group.

This is a fraternity at UNK that will make you “become the greatest version of yourself”.  You will make friendships, learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and celebrate the true personality of each person.

Top Events this Semester at UNK

1. QSA’s Amateur Drag Show

bunch of drag queens

While this might not be the event for everyone this is sure to be an interesting and fun event! This event is put on by the queer straight alliance and will take place on October 25th at 7pm.  This event doesn’t happen every year so don’t miss out! Also is a free event!

2. Halloweentown Movie

halloweentown movie cast

This is a perfect event to get in the Halloween mood! It will take place on Friday October 26 at 8pm in Copeland 142. Halloweentown will be showing and snacks will even be provided!

3. Pike Haunted House

haunted house

This is also a perfect event for this time of year! On October 27 Pike will be hosting a haunted house! It costs $5 to enter but will be perfect to get your scared on!

4. Pike Spike

volleyball spike

Pike will also be hosting a volleyball tournament on October 27th from 8 TO 5! The proceeds will be donated to a charity and the public is free to participate but the event itself isn’t free.

5. King of Hearts Male Pageant

male pageant contestants

This will take place on November 1st! You can buy tickets through an Alpha Phi or at the event! This is a philanthropy as well and is for a great cause!

6. UNK Reasonable Faith Meeting

man leading across a ledge

This is a meeting for talking about faith and how that relates to today’s modern culture.  This is perfect if you feel like you are loosing your faith in college and need to talk to someone.  This event will be about an hour with a discussion after the short talk.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully these events and clubs interest you.  While some of them might not be that “cool” there are a wide range of clubs at UNK so you can always find something to get involved in.  But hopefully you will attend these club meetings and

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at MSU

Welcome to Mississippi State! Yes you guessed it we are now in Mississippi.  Home of service, research and learning! Here are some of the 10 coolest clubs at this university and top events to look forward to this year!

1. Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club

A picture of agriculture.

The title kind of explains this one, but you will learn about agriculture and the environment.  You will do hands-on activities with your peer and advance your overall knowledge!

2. Agronomy Club

Man studying agriculture.

The purpose of this club is to increase knowledge about agronomy.  You will work with other students and develop a deep bond about a passion of yours.  Do this if you love this sector of science!

3. American Red Cross Club

Logo for the American Red Cross.

Help the American Red Cross on a national level.  You will participate more than just volunteering for the Red Cross and will learn more and more about the Red Cross.

4. Archery Dawgs

Picture of an archery target.

Hey Dawgs!!! Do you like archery? Do you want to be an Archery Dawg?? This is the only archery club at MSA and you can be a beginner and join! This club is very open and fun for beginners and advanced!

5. Men’s Lacrosse Club

Men playing lacrosse.

Do you like lacrosse? Are you a lax-bro? This club is perfect for you! It is a competitive club focusing on playing lacrosse and accepts all skill levels.  This club competes in the National College Lacrosse League.

6. Ballroom Dancing Club

Couple Ballroom dancing in a dance room.

This club is all about ballroom dancing.  You will learn how to ballroom even if you never have before. This club is perfect of anyone interested in this topic!

7. Bass fishing Club

Man bass fishing on a river.

This club is really focusing on getting the word out about bass fishing to increase their membership.  You will compete in this type of fishing at a competitive level and represent MSU!

8. SCUBA Dawgs

A man scuba diving.

This is a diving sport club of MSU. You will even have SCUBA sessions in the Sanderson Pool! You will also take trips with the club and adventure deep into the sea to scuba dive when you become experienced enough.

9. Sigma Phi Lambda

Flyer to rush Sigma Phi Lambda

This is a Christian sorority that focuses on glorifying God and getting his Word out! However, you don’t have to be Christian, but instead just have a want to get to know God with your fellow peers.

10. Soaring Club

View from flight.

This club involves lightings and involves teaching students about flights and other aeronautics.  You will learn more at their interest meeting, but basically all you need is a passion for flight!

Top Events this Year at MSU

1. Democracy in Crisis

Someone voting in Brazil.

This is an event focusing on Brazil’s current presidential election.  It takes place in the International Center room 303 and Brazil experts will talk to your about their perspectives on democracy and compare their government to ours.

2. Coffee with the Profs

Example of an Ad for this event.

This is a 5 session event that sadly costs money.  However, it only costs $75 for all 5 sessions and includes coffee and parking.  You will get to have some coffee with the professors from your university.

3. The 3M Interest Group

Diagram of a membrane, one of the 3ms.

This is an interest group that is mainly for graduate students. The price is free and ranges over a wide array of dates from September to December.  It is in the Biomedical & physical sciences building and is currently still being planned so all details may not be available.

4. Sigma Sigma Phi Gleaners Volunteering 

Some of the volunteers participating in this event.

This is a volunteering event to pack food for those in need! This is a perfect volunteering opportunity for those who want to help other people around them.  It is sponsored by Sigma Sigma Phi.

5. Studio (in) Process

Students in the studio.

This is a drop-in event on Thursdays to use different art materials and make your own art! You get to experience with daily things that can be made into art! It is only $8 too!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this article helped you decide what to attend and get involved in this semester. Hopefully you will also attend all these events. Thanks, peace out MSU!

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Millikin University

Hey Big Blues! We are now headed to Millikin University in Decatur, IL home of the Big Blue.  There are numerous clubs offered at this university but here are some of the popular and cool ones. Enjoy and join

1. DECA 

Some students in DECA.

This club stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and is open to all! In this club you can get great business experience in any business-like area.  There are currently more than 13000 students and is also in many other campuses.  You will not only gain experience and meet your own students, but also from numerous universities!

2. Student Senate

Logo for the Student Senate.

This is a great way to get more involved in the overall student body of this school.  You get to represent the school in a fun and positive way, as well as other clubs in the process.  You also will be able to show school spirit and prove how much you love your school!

3. Spanish Club

Some common Spanish phrases.

This is one for many! Even if you are a beginner you can join! You will learn more vocabulary and get to interact with other students that are interested in the Spanish language.  This is a great way to improve your speaking as well as comprehension and speaking!

4. French Club

Common/important French phrases.

This is much like the Spanish Club in that you will learn more about the language. Any level is accepted and welcomed.  You will be welcomed with open arms and learn so much about the language.

5. Model United Nations

Members of this club at an event.

This is a club that is also offered at numerous other universities.  You will be able to represents a certain part of the world and act in part of them in a conference/mock trial. You will gain international experience and knowledge as well as leadership skills.

6. Math Club

Photo showing some love for math!

This club does require an interest in math, but that is about it! If love numbers and have a guilty pleasure when it comes to math problems than this is the club for you!

7. Philosophy Club

Some key phrases and concepts of philosophy.

Do you have an interest in religions? Reality? Existence? Knowledge? Than this is the club for you! Gather with other constituents to talk about different philosophical thought. You will learn a lot!

8. Organizational Leadership Club

Some students participating in this club!

This is perfect for people working on being good leaders or need to brush up on their leadership skills.  Work and meet with other students to organize possible leadership opportunities.  You will not only get to make new friends, but also get to improve your skills overall and become a better leader!

9. Alliance for Active Music Making

Screen used in the process of making music.

This club kind of says it all in the title but mainly focuses on making music.  This one is definitely one of the coolest if you are interested in making your own music! You will have fun and work together with other people passionate in music.

10. Millikin Sapphires

Millikin Sapphires team group photo.

This is the dance team at Millikin.  You can learn and do a variety of styles from hiphop to jazz to many more.  You will meet new people and have fun dancing together!

Top Events During the School Year at Millikin University

1. DAMTA Duet Festival

Students/non-students dressed up in awesome halloween costumes!

This event will take place on October 28th from 1:30 to 6 pm.  Pianists of all ages will be there and is FREE! Anyone can go so you really have no excuse.  Three prizes will also be awards and you SHOULD wear your halloween costumes!

2. Carrie: The Musical

Known scene from Carrie the Musical.

This one is a must see! It runs from October 29 to November 11 at 7:30 and is based on a really popular musical. Supposed to be an amazing production!

3. John O’Conor

Photo of the Irish pianist.

On October 27th at 7:30 John will be preforming a variety of pieces by numerous composers.  This is part of his world tour and we are lucky enough that he is stopping by Millikin.  This will be perfect for any O’Conor fans or just anyone interested in a fun, interesting concert.

4. Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid

Picture from the well-known silent film.

This is a tribute to the 1921 silent film The Kid. It will take place on November 3rd at 2pm.  It will pay tribute to Chaplin as well and interest any fans of his at Millikin.

5. Vespers

Picture from this event.

Lastly, is the 60th Annual Vespers.  It will take place on December 1 and 2nd at 2pm and 7:30 pm.  You will get to listen to a bunch of Christmas music and listen to about 300 musicians.

Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully these events and clubs interest you and you will be attending/participating in these events! While many other events and clubs are at this University, these are some of the up and coming and favorites of the year.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Millersville University

So deep in PA is Millersville University and with each college comes some great opportunities to get involved: Clubs! Here are some of the cool ones that you could get involved in.  Also there are 5 key events at the end that are a must see and participate!

1. Psychology Club

Psychology club set up at a club fair.

Whether you are interested in psych or not this club might interest or fascinate you. You will learn more than just psychology even though that is the focus.  Everyone is welcome!

2. Art Club

Logo for this fun and creative club!

Focuses on the professional aspect of art and improving art over time and experience.  Art pieces can be sponsored and many students work together to make pieces.  This is a club for the serious art makers!

3. ASL Learner’s Club

Flyer for this awesome club!

The name of this club kind of state’s it all.  This is perfect for beginner to experienced ASL signers.  The goal is to learn to communicate with the deaf communities as well as learn simple phrases in sign language.

4. Best Buddies

Group of students gathered for a club picture.

This club focuses on volunteering in order to meet new people, get jobs, and interact with people with disabilities.  This is perfect for anyone looking to possibly reach a little out of their comfort zone and help someone else in need.  This club is super fun and meets from 7-8 in Stayer!

5. Biology Club

One member going zip lining on a recent trip!

The next one is for anyone interested or pursuing a career in biology.  You will do some community service as well as trips involving camping or a trip to the Zoo! You will get the full experience out of this club 100%!

6. Board Game Club

Picture of possible board games you could play!

This one also sums itself up in the title.  Basically you all just get together and play board games. Yes, board games! You will meet new people as well as have a fun time and exercise your mind.

7. Bowling Club

Picture from a bowling game.

Just bowl! Honestly, no explanation is needed here. You get together on Wednesday’s at 8:30 with your bowling shoes and just all bowl!

8. Circle K

Picture of the club's flag.

For people who are SUPER interested in community service! CKI uses events like canned food drives and other fundraisers to raise money for good causes.  Students get together to make the world a better place for everyone!

9. Climbing Club

Picture of one of the members climbing a huge cliff!

This club is open for professors, students, and everyone! You all can get involved in rock climbing with a great community of people.  Teachers will teach you the right and safe way, all you have to do is have a good time! Simple enough!

10. Entomology Club

Picture of a beautiful butterfly.

All about insects! This club meets Fridays at 4 to observe nature’s creatures in their natural habitats. Perfect for someone interested in studying entomology or just is fascinated with insects!

Top Events During the School Year at MU

Bra for a Cure 

Blinged-out bra that was decorated for a cure!

This event on 26th focuses on a cure for cancer.  Girls will learn more about breast cancer and decorate their own bras to show support.  Events like these are great because you can have fun, get a souvenir, and then learn more in the process.

Scare at the Ware

Logo for this event as a little preview.

These event focuses on Edgar Allen Poe and students will explore each room in a haunted house. Perfect for Halloween!! Ages 7+ can participate and you will learn more and possibly even get a little spooked!

Voter Importance

A man casting his vote!

Basically says in the title but this event takes place in SMC 118 from 7-9ish and is all about the importance of voting.  Young voters have the lowest voting turnout so it’s important to educate the youth on the importance of voting and the effect YOU can have!

Studies Buddies Tutoring 

Student tutoring another student.

Probably less eventful, but heck of a lot more educational! Takes place on Monday and Tuesday where you can serve as a semester long buddy to a child younger than you.  This is great tutoring activity around campus!

Nightmare on George Street 

Flyer for this awesome event!

Takes place on October 27 and is PERFECT for Halloween! Live music and is a great show to keep you entertained! Starts at 7:30!

Well, hopefully all these news flashes helped and gave you more of an idea of what to get involved with at Millerville!

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at UMass Lowell

Hey guys! So whether or not you are a River Hawk or not these clubs are, not gonna lie, pretty cool! The cool thing is that they range from mental health awareness on campus to a parent’s club. Read on if you are interested in learning more about cool activities at UMass Lowell and future awesome events!

1) Active Minds

This is the logo for this active club.  It includes two circles coming together to show that no-one is ever alone when it comes to mental health.

This club is all about mental health awareness ranging from worldwide to just campus-based.  This club is present at many other campuses around the world so you will have a chance to connect with other students who may be having the same struggle as you.  You will feel safe, comfortable, and NEVER ashamed to talk about your mental health!

2) Spanish Language Club

A picture of some alum of this club at a fair supporting their fellow club mates.

This club focuses on learning more about the Spanish language more outside the classroom.  Sure, you can take the classes, get your minor/major, and move on, but this class will really help you learn to interact in Spanish and feel more comfortable in the language. You will have weekly meetings, but also celebrate the Spanish culture!

3) Christian Student Fellowship

Group of students gathering to discuss their Christian views and lifestyles.

This club is also an organization on campus that focuses on keeping the faith throughout college.  You will work in fellowship with other students in order to amplify your faith throughout your college experience. Everyone is very welcoming and will help you along your Christ-witnessing journey.

4) UML Chess Club

Some members of the chess club showing off their club spirit!

Okay, okay so this may not seem like a good club, but it actually could open your eyes to the chess world. Basically, everyone gets together and can learn or play chess together.  It will not only focus your mind, but also help you learn strategy and healthy-competition.

5) Philosophy Club

Picture of the Last Supper that is often the logo for this club.

This club is all about different faiths and learning the different values each one offers.  Weekly meeting will occur at 6 each week in order to discuss philosophy openly and honestly.  Each member will be able to give their own perspective and point of view without being judged.

6) League of Legends Club

League of Legends game logo representing the different sectors and worlds that students imaginations can take them.

This club started in 2013 and participates as a team in IvyLol.  You will work with students of all skill level to work together and play league together.  You will be able to do what you love in  a fun and competitive gamer environment.

7) Lighthouse Bible Club

A group of students gathering for the club meeting.

The title of this club kind of sums it up, but basically you will discuss the Bible throughout the semester in a group setting. Meetings will be consistent, but most likely not every week.  You will bring Christ to other people as well as your own.  This club is cool because you can give your own interpretations of the Bible and truly find out what is being said.

8) History Club

Photos from a recent Neo-Victorian Bake Sale!

This club is for anyone! If you are interested in history and want to learn more, come on down! Cool club to learn more in your extra time and join people who have the same interest as you.  Simply, learn about history and grow your understanding of it!

9) Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Photo from a recent National Conference in Detroit.

Okay, while this club is more narrowed for its audience but still is an interesting one if you are a hispanic engineer! You will learn more about your future career as well as increasing your exposure to future jobs.  You will learn to lead and be proud of your culture and your future career.

10) UMass Lowell Marketing Society

Recent meeting full of Marketing Society members.

This is an organization focusing on marketing and the implementation in a future career.  Guest speakers will come and visit the club to talk about their professional experiences and what the job world is like once you finally get there.  You will learn from real workers and also get hands-on experience.

Top Events During the School Year at UML 

1. River Hawks Hockey Games

Hockey team members gathering before a recent game.

These games are definitely where it’s at! You can gather with your friends and represent how proud you are of your school, plus the games are super fun.

2. A Conversation with Oprah Winfrey

Picture of the talents, multi-platform Oprah Winfrey.

O-P-R-A-H! This event doesn’t happen every year, but this year Oprah is coming to visit and talk to the students.  She will also come to raise money for student scholarships on November 15! The community will be able to hear from a successful public figure and personally-relate to her story.

3. Fall Career Fair

Students gathering for last year's career fair.

This fair is for students to know more about what they want to do with their life.  This is especially a good event for freshman or students looking to change their major. You can get more of an idea of what you want to do with your life, so why wouldn’t you come!

4. Conversation with Actor Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim in the popular movie <em>Clear and Present Danger.

This actor has appeared in 100 films like Clear and Present Danger and is coming to UML on November 28.  His talk will be a popular event on campus this year because the talk is free and will give students advice and insight into the acting industry.

5. Table for One Tuesdays

Student studying at her table that she reserved for Table for One Tuesdays.

These are special events that take place for students to study and focus on their school work.  The Honors College sets this up for about three weeks, but the event is so popular (AND full of food) that slot do fill up quickly.  You can sit at your own desk, enjoy some complementary food, and get all of your work done. Win, win!

10 Easiest Courses at Medaille College

Hey guys! Whether you go to this college in Buffalo, NY or know someone who does, this article will be helpful to you! The easiest classes at Medaille College (not meaning that you have to put in no work whatsoever) will be pointed out and recommended for anyone who needs them!

1. INT 101 – Medaille Academic Pathways: An Integrative Seminar

This class is amazing because the teacher is really nice, but can be somewhat boring.  However, it will help you be introduced to college and really work your way in.  You will learn how to study, test-taking skills, and how to communicate well with others.  At the least, you will get an easy A and a really nice professor!Introduction to Collage

2. VET 206 – Handling and Care of Exotics

This class really focuses on examine exotic pets and the diseases that each of them can contribute.  This class is easy because the information is so interesting you will actually want to learn.  It is a 2 credit class and the teacher is amazing! You MUST pay attention in class and do the work, but it really isn’t that much. She is nice for advice and she is always everyone’s favorite teacher.Exotic pet

3. MAT110 – Introduction to Algebra

This class is a basic algebra class that focuses on graphs and functions.  As long as you listen in class and take notes you can easily get an A.  The teacher is super nice and will help you when needed.  All that is needed to say is, this class is an easy A.Introduction of Algebra

4. ECO380 – Economics of Sport

This class basically says what it’s in the title, basically meaning that it’s all about looking at the money behind sports.  You will look at the athletic market, the demand, and the financials behind everything.  You have to take ECO201 before this class, but that class isn’t hard either.  SUPER EASY A!Soccer Game

This class looks at the skills needed to learn how to read, simply stated.  You will look at both reading and writing, along with have a fieldwork that requires at least 10 hours outside of class. This class might be a little time consuming and the book is boring, but the teacher is great and you are basically guaranteed an A.reading a book from the back of the class

6. SPA101 – Elementary Spanish I

This class is a basic Spanish class, focusing on basic grammar and somewhat speaking in front of the glass.  You will learn new vocabulary, but not an overwhelming amount and earn 3 credit hours.  Plus, the teacher is nice once you really get to know him and is really understanding.Elementary

7. GEN230 – Creative Expression

This class looks at how to creatively express yourself in the performing arts.  You will look at different ways to artistically express yourself and will figure out how to best do it to fit your personality. The professor is really great and always explains things in detail.  You need to read the textbook, but nothing about this class is hard.Creative Arts

8. POL101 – United States Government

Obviously if you aren’t into looking at our government this won’t be the class for you, but if you love history than you for sure love this class.  You will learn about the basis of the Constitution, our national government, and political problems today in society.  He is known any many people’s favorite teacher and the class is packed with information, but not too much.The class is not stressful and the teacher actually cares about you.White House

9. SPE130 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This class again basically describes itself in the title, but mainly focuses on mastering public speaking. You will learn a lot about oral communication and how to write speeches.  The teacher is great and a SUPER easy A overall!

Public Speaking

10. HON130 – Honors Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This class might scare you just because of the “Honors” part, but it is still super easy.  You will learn more about oral communications, how to write speeches and overall it is very similar to SPE130.  The professor knows that speaking in front of people can be really hard, but he always encourages and takes it easy on his students.  He is really funny and this class is amazing!!!Public SpeakingWell there you go!! Hopefully this helped anyone who is looking for easy courses to take at Medaille. Also just a quick reminder, these might be easy classes, but you still need to respect the professor and try your best. After all, you are wasting your own money if you don’t and that really isn’t the professor’s problem!