10 UCM Library Resources You Need to Know

At any university, there are a plethora of resources that you can take advantage of. At the University of Central Missouri, there are plenty of libraries and resources available to students. Here are five of the most efficient library resources (on and off campus) that you need to know.

1. ReferenceUSA

the logo for the company referenceUSA, a library reference resource
Image courtesy of ReferenceUSA

This reference tool contains relevant and up-to-date data. Anything that you may need to find can be accessed in this comprehensive database. Students often use this tool for their research and as a reference.

2. Subject Guides

A white book with a green spine.
Image courtesy of Unsplash

On the UCM library website, students can access Subject Guides. These comprehensive guides can give students help in specific major areas as well as different papers.

3. Library Services Desk

a high shot of a library.
Image courtesy of Unsplash

 Library employees are available at the Library Services Desk to aid students with their research projects. Library sources that best suit your research project are introduced, including databases and the library catalog.

4. Laptop Loans

a person using a laptop.
Image courtesy of Unsplash

For students that are enrolled at UCM, laptops can be borrowed and checked out. Students can get these from the library and loan them for seven days. The Harmon Computer Commons offers these services to students.

5. Course Reserves

books and others stacked in a bookshelf.
Image courtesy of Unsplash

The library also offers physical and online course reserves for students to use. They can be found by the Library Services Desk. A UCM ID is required to check out a course reserve and can be done for 2 hours, 1, 3 or 7 days.

6. Missouri Libraries to Go

Missouri Libraries 2 Go logo in blue.
Image courtesy of MOLib2

This resource offers access to online books, journals and magazines. Organized by subject and collections, it is easy to access any materials one may need. As well as this, books can be downloaded in audio book form. Alternatively, Kindle downloads are available for certain works.

7. Facebook

a Facebook graphic with a screen and different technology devices.
Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Facebook and other social media sites are always great resources to find updates on your library or resources. Closures and special events are usually posted on Facebook, and you can always learn more about them. Students can even connect directly with the host of the page if they need assistance or more information.

8. Hoopla Digital 

an advertisement for Hoopla digital media with a tablet.
Image courtesy of Redding Pilot

Hoopla Digital is a service that can be used just by having a library card. People can stream audiobooks, borrow movies and books and more instantly. It is a digital library at your fingertips.

9. Study Rooms

a sample spreadsheet of private study room reservations that can be made online.
Image courtesy of UCMO Library Guides

At the JCK Library at UCM, students can utilize private study rooms. These can help them prepare for exams, work on projects or even just do homework. They are organized online and can also be reserved.

10. Off-Campus Database Access

a person in a yellow sweater at a desk with their laptop.
Photo courtesy of Unplash

If a student is not on campus, they can still access the necessary library databases. This way, there is no limitation on the resources that students are able to utilize. The technology help services are also always able to assist with any issues.

Libraries at the University of Central Missouri

1. James C. Kirkpatrick Library

The interior of the UCM's James C. Kirkpatrick Library
Image courtesy of School Designs

Generally open from 7:30 p.m. until midnight, this is the official library of the University of Central Missouri. Located on campus, there are study rooms, subject experts, textbooks and more at students’ disposal.

2. Warrensburg Branch, Trails Regional Library

The interior of the Warrensburg Branch Library.
Image courtesy of WordPress

This public library is near the UCM campus. This library serves the Johnson and Lafayette counties in Warrensburg, Missouri. All library resources are open to the public, and open Monday through Saturday.

3. Mary M. Smiser Heritage Library

A sign outside of the Mary M. Smiser Heritage Library Buiding
Image courtesy of 1973 WHS Reunion on Blogspot

This historical library and museum is open to the public and close to campus. Students can find archives and original county records here. This library is run by the Johnson County Historical Society.

4. Whiteman Air Force Base Library

The outside of the Whiteman Air Force Base Library building.
Image courtesy of Whiteman FSS

This library is part of the Whiteman Air Force Base. It contains books as well as library resources such as the Whiteman catalog. It is open Monday through Friday 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturdays from 10:30am until 4pm.

5. Regional Building

the exterior of the Regional Building, a library in the Trails Regional Library division.
Image courtesy of Yelp

Regional building is a library under the Trails Regional Library company. It is located in Warrensburg, Missouri, close to the UCM campus. It is open six days a week, excluding Sunday.


10 of the Coolest Clubs at the University of Northern Colorado

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There is much more to do on the beautiful campus of the University of Northern Colorado than just study.

1. American Indian Student Organization

Image result for American Indian Student Organization university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC: the Native American Student Services committee stands before a brick building.

This club focuses specifically on Native American culture. Understanding and knowledge of this culture is found by studying current issues. The organization often works together with NASS.

2. Bear Den

Image result for bear den university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC: A student stands before a building decorated for New Student Orientation.

This club focuses on school spirit and involvement. Run by students for students, the Bear Den supports athletic teams and school pride. Community and camaraderie.

3. Caminando Unidos

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, indoor
Photo courtesy of Facebook: students involved in Caminando Unidos

This organization is one that all students can be part of, though it is specifically geared towards Dreamers and allies. The goal is to create a safe environment for Dreamers and receive support. Resources invluce study hours, academic support, tutoring, events and retreats.

4. Clay Club

Image result for clay club university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts: a student uses the ceramic studio to make pottery.

This organization focuses on ceramic arts. It is not limited to the UNC community as well as the surrounding Greeley community. The club hosts pottery sales, lectures and workshops that include visiting artists.


Image result for nafme university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of NAIME: the logo of the music organization.

This music organization meets monthly to provide opportunities for students in music. It is a professional organization regarding the knowledge of music practices. Music education, philosophy and function are discussed during meetings.

6. Halau Hula ‘O Ha’aheo

Image result for Halau Hula 'O Ha'aheo university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC: students in the Halau Hula ‘O Ha’aheo organization pose for a photo at an event.

This organization seeks to bring the unique culture of Hawaii. The club represents the desire to share their unique culture and Spirit of Aloha with the university. Meetings are bi-weekly.

7. Manifesto Theater

Image result for manifesto theater university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts: Students perform with student theater groups such as Manifesto Theater.

This is a theater company at the University of Northern Colorado. It provides students with a platform to produce their student work. Practicing artists can also use this as an inclusive creative outlet.

8. Operation: CHEESECAKE

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
Photo courtesy of Facebook: The Operation: CHEESECAKE profile picture.

This organization with bi-weekly meetings focuses on performance. The concentration is on social action to promote community unity. Collaboration between the theater and music programs is something that the this group strives to foster.

9. Ping Pong Club

red and brown ping pong table on green panel
Photo courtesy of Unsplash: a red ping pong paddle sitting on a green surface.

Not every university has an official ping pong club. UNC does! This club is open to all players of all skill levels. Tournaments, doubles and singles are all available. The goal is to provide a “fun, casual way” to meet new people.

10. Printmaking Club

close-up photo of black camera lens
Photo courtesy of Unsplash: a magnifying device over blocks of color.

The printmaking club seeks to inform the community of visual arts, specifically printing. Modern day printmaking as well as historical context of printmaking is discussed at their weekly meetings. Local art is also frequently showcased.

Top Events During the School Year at Rider

1. Catalyst: Social Justice Retreat

Image result for catalyst university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of UNC: students at Estes Park for the annual Catalyst retreat.

This retreat in held in January, is a three-day retreat. Participants must apply by November in order to be considered to attend. The focus of this retreat in Estes Park is to discuss diversity and social action. Students, faculty and staff alike attend.

2. Relay for Life

Image result for relay for life of university of northern colorado
Photo courtesy of The American Cancer Society: Luminaria bags line the track at R4L of Northern Colorado, honoring those affected by the disease.

A popular event on college campuses, Relay for Life raises money and awareness for cancer. Students can come together and form teams to raise the most amount of money for cancer research. The event is usually held early April.

3. Basketball Season

Image result for university of northern colorado basketball division
Photo courtesy of the Greeley Tribune: UNC students play another team at a DI basketball game.

The University of Northern Colorado is a Division I school and spirit is everywhere. If you have an interest in athletics of school spirit, the Tar Heels basketball season will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Homecoming Weekend

students prepare to run through the tunnel onto the field at the home opening football game
Photo courtesy of UNCO.edu: University of Northern Colorado students pose during Homecoming Weekend.

Mid-October marks Homecoming Weekend at UNC. Along with football, alumni, and post-game parties, this weekend is one of celebration, win or lose.

5. Bear Brawl

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing
Photo courtesy of Facebook: UNC eSports members competing at Dreamhack Denver in 2017.

This gaming festival at UNC is one of the most popular in the nation. It a free event hosted by the eSports club. The festival allows attendees to play games, battle their friends, try out new things and more. It is usually late February.


Feature photo courtesy of UNC: University of Northern Colorado students gather at a game.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Rider University

At Rider University, academics aren’t the only key to a great college experience. Students can participate in a variety of unique clubs and events. These can be academically, socially and even philanthropically beneficial.

1. Alternative Film Club

a roll of film unraveled on a table.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

If you love film, the Alternative Film Club is perfect for you. It discusses alternative film and raises general awareness for them. While this is the goal, it also increases appreciation for these films as an art form.


Student wins an award as a DAARSOC medalist.
Photo courtesy of Rider University

Don’t let the name confuse you. This academic club stands for the Developing Administrative Abilities and Resources Through the Synergistic Training & Organizational Competencies at Rider. The focus of the business administration organization are to maximize students’ personal and professional effectiveness.

3. Council for Exceptional Children

a student in the Council for Exceptional Children holds open a book.
Photo courtesy of Rider

This organization seeks to improve qualities of individuals with exceptional abilities. The council focuses mainly on educational and scientific purposes of improvement. As well as this, charitable purposes are another main part of the focus.

4. Japanese Pop Culture Society

Chureito Pagoda in Japan.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

This multicultural organization at Rider focuses on Japan and Japanese civilization. Anyone can join, and overall the goal is to enrich students about the aspects of Japanese culture.

5. Minding Our Business (M.O.B.)

The M.O.B. logo with their slogan,
Photo courtesy of the Press Release Distribution

This organization stems from the College of Business Administration at Rider. M.O.B. is a community outreach project towards the youth of Trenton, New Jersey. The goal is to advance personal and vocational development through entrepreneurship education and mentoring.

6. On Fire!!!

a burning book.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

This is one of the Campus Media clubs on Rider’s campus. Focusing on contemporary, literary art, this organization focuses on media and its impact. The goal is to be the premier college literary journal. For the most part, the focus is African Diaspora and to elevate and maintain creative standards.


students from Rider University sitting outdoors in the grass.
Photo courtesy of Rider University

This organization is designed specifically for students who are not local. Those who are not part of the New Jersey or Southeastern Pennsylvania community are welcome to join one another at meetings and connect. The purpose is to provide these students, many of which live further away, with a social network.

8. Slocum’s BOWL-O-Drome

the Slocum's BOWL-O-Drome interior.
Photo courtesy of Yelp

This organization is part of the Recreation, Sports and Entertainment category at Rider. It allows students who are passionate about bowling to go to lanes. Students can practice and also play against one another.

9. Trenton Thunder

the logo of the Trenton Thunder baseball team.
Photo courtesy of Bairfin

Trenton Thunder is the AA Affiliate of the New York Yankees. This baseball team plays at the Waterfront Park in Mercer County. It is filed under the Recreation, Sports and Entertainment category at Rider. Players play games between April and August.

10. WRRC 107.7FM

a graphic of the nationally-ranked Rider radio station.
Photo courtesy of 1077 The Bronc

This campus media organization is the official radio station at Rider University. WRRC 107.7FM is also known as The Bronc. Located in the student center, students can listen and get involved.

Top Events During the School Year at Rider

1. Howell Living History Farm

the Ice House pictured.
Photo courtesy of Howell Farm

This farm is located near Rider University. It serves as a museum and an example of how farming was in the late 1800s – early 1900s. Over 250 years of farming practice and life can be found here.

2. New Hope Ghost Tours

A member of the Bucks County Tourist Commission and New Hope Chamber of Commerce dressed in a black cloak.
Photo courtesy of Ghost Tours of New Hope:

Another nearby attraction to Rider University that is especially popular in the fall is this ghost tour. The streets of Warrington Township are eerily lit as tours are led by lantern on a walk. The history of the town as well as the ghosts that inhabit it are all part of this attraction.

3. Vox Blue Fall Concert

a collage of images from past performances of the Fall Concert at Rider.
Photo courtesy of Rider Events

In December, Rider University hosts their fall concert, highlighting talents from students and conductors alike. Timeless works from the Great American Songbook as well as popular music are showcased.


characters from the musical Assassin stand on stage.
Photo courtesy of Broadway Musical Home

This musical at Rider University explores the assassinations of nine United States presidents. The story is woven together so that the characters interact with one another. The show is put on during the early spring semester.

5. Relay for Life

Balloons with the R4L logo adorn the photo along with the slogan of the event.
Photo courtesy of Rider Relay on Facebook

In March, Rider hosts its annual Relay for Life event. This fundraiser brings students together to find a cure for cancer. There are also multiple different ceremonies and giveaways throughout the evening to bring the community together.

Feature photo courtesy of Rider University Athletics: the Alumni Gymnasium during a basketball game.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Eastern Michigan University

No one ever said that college was solely focused on school. There are so many different activities that one can do at Eastern Michigan University. Not to mention that aside from the unique clubs that EMU, there are many interesting events that students can partake in.

1. Active Minds at EMU

Students hold signs at an Active Minds Event
Photo courtesy of EMU Active Minds on Facebook:

Active Minds gives students the strength and inspiration to challenge the stigmas against mental health. This club involves many different kinds of people to come together on this important topic. Mental health awareness and suicide prevention are the main focuses of the club. Active minds promotes a seek-health culture and promote positivity around mental health.

2. Eagles Boxing Club

Students in the boxing club pose after a match.
Photo courtesy of EMU Eagles Boxing Club on Facebook:

If you need a healthy way to get your anger out, Eagle’s Boxing Club is the perfect outlet for you. This group of students is passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This is the official boxing team at EMU.

3. Ballroom Dance Club/Swing Society

Two students dance at an event for the Ballroom Dance organization.
Photo courtesy of the EMU Ballroom Club Facebook Page

As a social dance club at EMU, the Ballroom Dance Club works to increase the number of dancers at the university through many different styles of dance. These styles include ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing. No dance background is required to learn these skills, except for a willingness to learn. Events are all optional and being a member varies based on how involved you would like to be with the organization.

4. Bronze Beauties

members of the Bronze Beauties philanthropic organization pose for a group photo.
Photo courtesy of EMU Bronze Beauties Facebook

This organization works towards inclusiveness and bonding of minority women. Promoting, encouraging and uniting this bond is a very important part of this club at EMU. Volunteering and philanthropy are also very important components. The founders aspire to uplift families in need through their efforts as well.

5. Inspired Motivational Activists Gearing Towards Education

The logo of the Inspired Motivational Activists Gearing Towards Education Club at EMU.
Photo courtesy of I.M.A.G.E. on OrgSync

This academic club known as I.M.A.G.E. has a goal to inspire students. The goal is also to apply students’ personal talents towards their educations. I.M.A.G.E. showcases students talents with the hopes to make them more confident in their abilities.

6. Feminists for Change

students gather at a meeting where they voice their opinions on different topics that interest and concern them.
Photo courtesy of EMU Feminists for Change on Facebook

This politically active organization on campus is centered around feminism. Historical and social justice issues as well as activism are core concepts of this club at EMU. Feminists for Change covers a variety of different topics during their meetings. Some of these include equality, sexuality and identity, but is a generally open forum for people to voice their opinions.

7. Medieval at EMU

a cobblestone bridge leading to a medieval castle in the forest.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

This historical academia organization at EMU focuses specifically on medieval living. Medieval society, including culture, warfare, dances and feasts are among topics of discussion and research in this organization. How daily life was structured as well as how countries reacted to one another is delved into in these meetings.

8. Animeniacs

A chalkboard with the title of the club as well as different anime characters drawn on it.
Photo courtesy of EMU Animeniacs on Facebook

This club at EMU is for anime lovers. Every meeting, a different show in the anime genre is watched and then the next episode is voted on for the next meeting. After 2 or three episodes, a game involving the content is played in order for the members to bond.

9. Phoenix

students involved in Phoenix stand with their nicknames on their shirts.
Photo courtesy of EMU Phoenix on Facebook

The goal of the organization Phoenix at EMU is simple: to provide service for students. They wish to educate, cultivate and promote the business learning experience for students. They are a service-oriented organization. Community service, fundraising and raising awareness for different causes are some of the primary objectives of the club.

10. WarriHERS

women in the WarriHERS organization gather for a photo at their weekly meeting.
Photo courtesy of WarriHERS via Weebly

This organization is specifically for Christian women. The goal of the organization is to love, uplift, educate and support one another. The hope is to continue a righteous path through Christ.

Top Events During the School Year at Rider

1. End of the Rainbow (OUTober) 

Silhouettes of students behind a rainbow flag.
Photo courtesy of EMU Today

OUTober is an event in October catered towards students in the LGBTQ community at EMU. This celebration takes place in the Ballroom. All students are welcome to attend. Dancing, light refreshments, an award show and prizes will be occurring throughout the evening.

2. EMUsic

a woman at a music festival with her hands in the air.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

EMUsic Fest is an event that occurs during the month of September at EMU. This community event is powered by the SURGE organization on campus. Local artists and businesses are showcased at this event. This event is free and open to the public.

3. Oozeball Tournament

a volleyball net with people's silhouettes before the sunset.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

This athletic tournament involves mud and volleyballs. Hosted by the Rec center, “Got Ooze” is a free, outdoor event. Combining the principles of volleyball with the muddy touch of a mud run, this event is sure to be one for the books.

4. Relay for Life of EMU

EMU Luminaria bags honor those affected by cancer.
Photo courtesy of Relay For Life Events

Relay for Life is a yearly event held at many universities to raise awareness and fundraise for cancer research. At EMU, the event is typically held in early April. Students can make teams with their friends or their specific organization. Different events occur within the event throughout the night, including giveaways.

5. June Splash Bash

swimmer does the free stroke in a pool separated into lanes.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

At EMU, the June Splash Bash is hosted in May by the swim organization on campus. It is one of the major events in college swimming at EMU. Athletics at Eastern Michigan University are very popular, and they are a Division I university.


10 Easiest Courses at Grace College and Seminary

No matter where someone chooses to attend school, classes will range in difficulty. Some classes are easier than others and these classes may be useful to students in many ways. They may lighten one’s course load or schedule and perhaps even fulfill distribution requirements. These are 10 of the easiest courses offered at Grace College and Seminary.

1. BIB 1050 – Exploring the Bible

Most students at Grace College and Seminary have a good understanding of the Bible already when they come into the university. This course evaluates the Bible as a story within the framework of creation. It connects the Bible to a “worldview” and connects the biblical storyline with key developments.

An open Bible on a wooden surface outdoors

2. FYE 1010 – Freshman Foundations

This course is designed for freshman transitioning into a college setting. Many different aspects of the transition are gone over throughout this course. Social and academic concepts, as well as self-awareness, are among the basic concepts of the course. Spirituality also plays a major role in this course.

Four young people smiling while talking near a staircase outside a building

3. ENG 1100 – Effective Writing

College-level writing skills are essential at a college level. This course focuses on helping students become successful in their persuasive writing for college and beyond. Many different writing styles are workshopped in the course to help students get a well-rounded writing experience.

A woman showing off her apple watch and the amazing display on the watch screen

4. HUM 2100 – Creative Arts and Culture

This course gives students a more rounded connection between arts and culture. How creativity plays a part in culture as well as art and artist’s roles within a culture are major points of this course. How culture and creativity reflect one another within arts is another key component. Themes of survival, religion, the state and the self are influencing factors.

A figurine of a stormtrooper under a desk lamp with an incandescent light bulb

5. COM 3030 – Persuasion

Most students have been introduced to persuasion of some sort throughout their lives. This course examines the different sources, formats and features of persuasive communication. How to be a successful persuasive communicator is a key component in this course. Persuasion in politics, advertising, religion, and everyday settings are evaluated.

6. HUM 2000 – Global Perspectives

This course gives students an introduction to many different cultures all over the world. These are discovered through a multitude of mediums, including literature, film and dialogue. This course is built around cultural discussions through films and guest speakers. Students will develop a more global worldview.

A person holding a black globe between their arm and hip with the sun leaking through the opening

7. COM 3600 – Social Media Communication

Today, it seems like social media comes naturally to college-age students and milennials. This course gives students a deeper look into successful social media usage. How to use communication as an effective communication device is the main point of this specific course.

8. GEN 1000 – Academic Fundamentals for College

This course gives students an introduction to the skills that are essential for college education as well as life. Making connections with peers and teachers as well as lasting relationships are important points of the course. Self-management and self-responsibility are essential basics covered in the class. Skill sets and how they can be effectively utilized are another major discussion point.

A woman with a black leather backpack standing back to camera near cherry blossom trees

9. HIS 3360 – Wild, Wild West

This course specifically focuses on the Western part of America during the ‘Wild West’ era. The historical, geographical and mythological aspects of the West in this period are the main focus. The effects of the Western image during that period as well as today as discussed. The global reactions to this image are also discussed.

10. PSY 1200 – Essentials of Behavioral Science

This psychology course gives students the basics of behavioral science. It goes over all of the major theories as well as concepts. It connects these concepts with real-life applications as well as different contexts they can be utilized in.

A transparent skull model in a corridor

All students need to properly balance their schedules. At Grace College and Seminary, it is just as important to have a good weight of classes one can handle. These classes are mostly introductory, and will generally help lighten the load of coursework a student has within a semester. Plus you may get a GPA boost!

10 Easiest Courses at Hebrew Theological College

At every college or university, there are classes that are easier than others. At Hebrew Theological College, this is also the case. These courses will make course loads for students lighter and could even fill a distribution.

1. Sociology 101 – Introduction to Sociology

This course introduces students to the field and topics within sociology. Students will learn to analyze human societies and groups. How societies connect and relate to one another is also a core concept.

Crowd of people

2. Jewish Law 101 – Introduction to Jewish Life Cycles 1: Calendar

This course gives students basic knowledge regarding the observations of Jewish holidays. Many students at Hebrew Theological College will already have this knowledge. There is an emphasis on liturgy and modern questions in this course.

Person praying near window

3. Computer and Information Sciences 150 – Computer Science Principles

Most college students have prior computer experience in the modern world. This course gives students the very basics in computer programming. It gives them a deeper outlook into computers and how they work in a more complicated way.

A macro shot of a Macbook Pro screen with a few dozen lines of code

4. Psychology 101 – General Psychology

This course introduces students to the topics of psychology. It teaches students the fundamental theories of this department. Emphasis is placed on the study of human behavior. Topics include personality, learning, thinking perception and more.

Close-up of a person's eye and brow in black-and-white

5. Education 200 – Principles and Foundations of Education

Most students who have been admitted to a college institution have experienced education in one form or another in their lives. This course focuses on the historical and current teaching outlooks as well as problems facing the education system. The courses focuses specifically on Illinois Professional Teaching Standards.

6. Hebrew 101 – Beginning Hebrew

This course teaches students basic Hebrew reading, both modern and Biblical. Basic vocabulary and grammar structure are emphasized. Students who grew up practicing the Jewish faith likely also have a general grasp of Hebrew. However, this course does not require any prior knowledge.

7. Speech and Communication Disorders 210 – Public Speaking

This course allows students to better their public speaking skills. Different principles and techniques in oral communication are introduced in this course. Persuasive rhetoric, voice and diction are all among the course’s concepts.

A close-up of a microphone with a group of people in the blurred background

8. Mathematics 100 – Developmental Math

This is the most fundamental course in the mathematics department. Here, students will learn to do basic mathematical operations. Among these are decimals, fractions and rational numbers. This course gives students the building blocks necessary to take more advanced level courses in the future.

Equations written in chalk on a worn-out blackboard

9. English 350 – Southern Literature

This course focuses on literature written in the American south. Themes in works from the antebellum period to the present are discussed. Classic books, such as works by Twain and Faulkner, are evaluated.

10. Philosophy 214 – Social and Community Ethics

This philosophy course focuses specifically on major mitzvot. It includes an investigation of individual rights. These rights include property, privacy and the integrity of self.

These courses are mostly introductory or fundamentals and therefore require little prior knowledge. They are among the easiest at Hebrew Theological College and can really make a student’s schedule less stressful and boost their GPA at the same time!

10 Easiest Courses at Heidelberg University

Every student needs a manageable schedule in college. In order to do this, it is important to balance one’s schedule. Not all courses should be exceedingly difficult and do not need to be in order for a student to succeed. These are 10 of the easiest courses at Heidelberg University.

1. LIT 102 -Literary Genres

This course is required for all majors. It assesses the major literary genres including fiction, poetry and drama. Practice in writing these different forms is a focus of the course as well as understanding the differences between genres.

A vast collection of older books in the library, spines facing out. Full of history and antiques.

2. MUS 005 – Music Education Lab

This course gives students the basics of teaching music. This course meets every other week. Students are to observe practiced teaching, reflect upon their own skills, and share their experiences. Profession development is an important component of this course.

A black-and-white shot of an open music score on a stand

3. EDU 110 – Vital Connections

This course under the education department helps students create effective communications. It introduces students to the history of education as well as the basic issues in the field. Trends in education, as well as the role and influence of teachers, are important topics.

A meshwork of green ropes against a red background

4. ELI 011 – Low-Intermediate Level Speaking and Listening

This course can be found under the English Language Institute department. It gives students the necessary skills for communication competence. How to communicate in an academic setting as well as everyday life is covered in this course. There is a specific focus on conversation, role-playing, oral presentation and listening.

Two young friends whispering secrets to each other in winter

5. NDI 090 – Turning Points

This course is filed under non-departmental and integrated studies. It allows students to explore strategies for improving academic success. Skills and resources that are necessary for college students are discussed and honed in this course.

A direction arrow etched in a white wall

6. HEI 101 – AIM Hei

This course is designed for first-year students and is universal across all majors. Transitional issues are discussed in this course that are generally common among students. How to engage with others as well as engage in academic life on campus is also covered in this course.

A glowing red “change” neon on a wall

7. ANT 100 – Anthropology: An Introduction

This basics course gives students an introduction to the field of anthropology. It allows students to understand the use and nature of anthropology. How anthropology impacts humans, human culture and social institutions are a major focus.

8. MED 156 – Media and Culture

This media course allows students to assess media forms and their functions. Students look at media and its influence in different mediums, and how it impacts the culture. Cultural mediums include newspapers, films, sound recordings, advertising and public relations. Media literacy is a major focus of this course.

A person reads a newspaper on a bench in front of a graffitied building in Berlin

9. COM 101 – Explorations in Communication

This course gives students an introduction to the communication field. The different definitions of communication are covered as well as how they influence people. How communication changes from a personal to professional setting are important aspects. Career opportunities, research and the breadth of the field are covered.

Three vintage olden days telephone hanging on the wall for public use.

10. HSC 110 – Foundations of Professional Practice

This health science course gives students an introduction. The expected behaviors of a health care professional are the main focus of this course. Concepts related to this are also important.

While college courses are generally not simple, some courses are easier than others. These can be great to fulfill distribution requirements, or just lighten a student’s course load and boosts their GPA!

10 Easiest Courses at Governor’s State University

Regardless of one’s education level, there will always be varying difficulties in coursework. Some courses will always be easier than others, just as there will always be courses that are very difficult. At Governor’s State University, these are 10 of the easiest courses offered.

1. HLSC 2300 – Human Sexuality

This course is filed under the Health Professions Department. This course focuses on issues of human sexuality relating to health. Ethics and legality in terms of sexuality are broadly covered as well. This course does not require much prior knowledge and no prerequisites.

A boy in a dark area has golden glitter thrown in the air around him.

2. CDIS 2100 – Introduction to Sign Language

Learning ASL is not necessarily easy, however, English-speaking students already know half of it. The only thing left is to get down all of the gestures of ASL. While this is not a simple task, it is a foundations course. Students can come into the course with no prior knowledge.

A hand signing 'hand loose' comes out of the ocean before a sunset.

3. EDUC 2310 – Foundations of Education

This course gives students an overview of general education. The historical, philosophical and sociological factors of education are a focus here as well as influences in American education. The education system is critiqued and students are given the chance to analyze new issues and trends within the school system.

Silhouette of a boy reading a book against a tree in front of a sunset.

4. SOCW 3200 – Interviewing Skills

This course under the social work department focuses on a student’s interviewing skills. Basic interviewing skills are the main component of this course. This course can be helpful for any major to strengthen these skills.

A woman sits at a table facing two women talking with their backs to the camera.

5. COMS 2100 – Foundations of Communication

This communications course generalizes communication for students. It focuses on basic communication as well as the different types of communication. It also focuses on how communication has changed throughout history and today with technology.

A black and white photo of a boy screaming into a microphone.

6. MST 3212 – Social Media

Nowadays, social media seems to be everywhere, and just about everyone is using it. As a college student, taking a course on social media may seem silly, but it can be very helpful in strengthening these skills. How to control the attention, attitudes and tools in regards to one’s targeted audiences is one of the main points of the course.

A cell phone open with many apps on the screen sits on a white table next to a laptop.

7. ENGL 4205 – Modern English Grammar

This course is filed within the English department. It mainly focuses on grammar today, but also reflects on styles of English grammar throughout history. The skills learned in this course also apply to modern culture, which is one of the main focuses of the course.

A neon sign that reads "All we have is words/All we have is worlds" glows red on a building at nighttime.

8. TAPS 2100 – The Storytelling Tradition

This course goes through the history of storytelling. It helps students gain a greater understanding of storytelling and performance art today. The human need for story and the tradition of oral storytelling is a main component of this course.

A bookcase filled with worn old books is taken from a low angle.

9. MGMT 4560 – Business Leadership Theory and Practice

This course applies leadership to management and business positions. It explores the practices, perspectives, and strategies of good leaders. As applied to business, this course gives students the tools and knowledge necessary to lead a team in a global business environment.

A man stands on a flight of stairs buttoning his suit.

10. PSYC 3524 – Principles of Learning and Behavior

This course is taught within the Psychology department. It introduces students to the basic principles of psychology in terms of behavior and learning. Applying theories to clinical practice is a major portion of the course.

A young girl in a white dress sits on a swing next to a pink teddy bear in a swing.

At any university, there will be courses that vary in difficulty. These are among the easiest courses offered at Governor’s State University. These courses are sure to lighten a student’s course load as well as help fill distribution requirements that boost your GPA at the same time!

10 Easiest Courses at Hawaii Pacific University

At any university, there are courses varying in difficulty. Some courses are exceedingly difficult, where others are relatively easy. At Hawaii Pacific University, there are some courses that have simpler curriculums and less heavy coursework, making great GPA boosters. These are 10 of the easiest courses at Hawaii Pacific University.

1. COM 3350 – Team Building

This course is filed within the communications department. It helps students interact with others in an effective way when placed in a group setting. The theory and practice of proper team building is a focus of this course. How to build commitment, proper communication and deal with conflict are all parts of this course.

 hands in white shirts all come together in the center of a white background.

2. ED 3000 – Foundations of American Education

This course gives students an introduction to the American educational system. With history and cause-and-effect, students gain a deeper understanding of the system today. The social, political, philosophical and historical foundations are discussed in the course. The profession of education is also analyzed in this course.

 a school bus is parked on top of a hill with a vast landscape in the background.

3. SOC 3380 – Cross-Cultural Relations

This course specifically focuses on issues that multiethnic societies face. The issue of immigration is among the topics discussed as well as how the individual, as well as the society, affect relations with other cultures. The ethnic groups of Hawaii are given priority since the university is stationed in the state.

a line of flags is intertwined with a string of light in the alleyway.

4. WRI 1100 – Analyzing and Writing Assignment

This course gives students a basic understanding of college-level writing. It focuses on argumentative writing and improving writing skills. It also helps students understand texts from other cultures that may be foreign to them. Students will come out of the course with better writing skills and a more cultured worldview.

a person dressed in white reads a book with another book on their lap.

5. ENG 3101 – Shakespeare on Screen

This course focuses on adaptations of Shakespeare’s writing into the formats of film and television. The impact of this adaptations is a focal point of this course. Different time periods also affect these adaptations and how the culture of the time period affects them is another focus of the course.

the Tragedy of MacBeth is open behind colorful streamers.

6. MULT 2060 – Modern Media Systems

Media is everywhere today in a multitude of different formats. This course gives students the historical background of media. It discusses how media came to be the way it is due to the different changes that occurred throughout the course of history. Technology, sales, advertising and the target audience in relation to modern media are also a focus.

An old television set and several amplifiers among tape cassettes and vinyl records

7. ART 3020 – Introduction to Painting

This course gives students the basic skills required to effectively paint. The techniques and practice of basic painting will be taught to students. As well as this, many different mediums, techniques and concepts will be tested by students through learning. The theory behind painting is also discussed in this course.

 multiple thick paintbrushes in various colors piled on top of one another.

8. CSCI 1611 – A Gentle Introduction to Programming

If the title itself doesn’t tell you that this course is not much of a burden, the description may. This slow-paced computer course eases students into the vast and complicated world of programming. However, it is not difficult, making sure students are always up to speed and understanding what what they are doing means.

a laptop open to a coding site sits behind a blurry pencil cup.

9. ANTH 3400 – Anthropology of Food

This course assesses nutrition and food production in regards to the national and world economy. It gives students the history behind food production as well as why the food industry is the way it is today. The questions of third-world countries and starvation are looked at as well as the overproduction of food.

Colorful salad bar with greens, broccoli, black olives, peppers and more

10. MC 3300 – Social Media

In a world where everyone seems to be connected, most students have a general understanding of social media. It allows students to produce a variety of media products efficiently. This course also highlights the change in the definition of privacy in the digital age.

a person holds up their phone, open to their Instagram profile, in a city.

These courses are not particularly difficult. They can be used to ease a difficult schedule, or even fill requirements for distributions. They should be taken into consideration by students not looking for a very heavy, challenging course for their next semester at HPU.

10 Easiest Courses at Grace Bible College

At Grace Bible College, some courses are easier than others. These courses are perfect to lighten one’s course load or even fulfill a distribution. There will always be difficult courses, but these 10 are just the opposite of that.

1. COM 331 – Communication Skills

Two people holding cups of coffee while seated opposite to each other at a round table
By the time a student gets to college, communication is a regular part of everyday life. This course focuses on communication skills necessary in life. As well as this, these communication skills can be applied to religion and ministry work.

2. SO 343 – Cultural Diversity

a crowd of people at a concert waving their hands in the air.

Today, diversity is everywhere and it only continues to grow. This course focuses on diversity within a culture. This is an important concept for all students to understand since it is becoming unavoidable. It allows students to better understand the world around them as well as the people around them and those they will encounter in the future.

3. TH 152 – Mission of the Church

The top of a building is picture before a blue sky with a cross on the tip of the roof.

For most students at Grace Bible College, the church is an important component in their lives. For this reason, most students will likely already be familiar with the “mission of the church”. This course focuses on outlining that mission of the church and explaining that to students.

4. BL 102 – Old Testament Literature

someone sits at a light wooden table flipping through a Bible.
Most students who are familiar with the teachings of the Bible will have no problem with this course. The Old Testament and its meaning is familiar to most students immersed in the faith. This course simply gives students a deeper understanding of the Old Testament. It allows students to analyze this portion of the Bible in from the literature point of view.

5. LA 331 – Elementary Biblical Greek I

Greek gods and goddesses are depicted in the forms of statues.
This course allows students to gain a deeper understanding of Greek as it is used in the Bible. No prior knowledge is needed in regards to this course. Any student wishing to gain a better understanding of Greek in terms of the Bible will find this basics course helpful.

6. PH 305 – Ethics

four people hold oversized green puzzle pieces over a wooden table
In regards to any aspect of life, ethics are very important. In regards to the church and religion, ethics are just as important. This course gives students a better understanding of church values as they apply to everyday life.

7. COM 250 – Interpersonal Communication

five hands fist-bump over a desk cluttered with office supplies.

Most people by the time they arrive at a post-secondary institution are generally well-versed in terms of communication. Forming relationships generally comes naturally to most at this point in their lives. This course delves into communication between people and how to make that communication most effective.

8. SP 131 – Fundamentals of Speech

man in a plaid shirt stands with his back to the camera speaking out to a blurry wooden background
This course gives students the basics of speaking in front of an audience. It allows students with no prior knowledge of public speaking to grasp the techniques of effective public speaking. This course also heavily applies to the church in terms of readings and becoming a minister.

9. BU 372 – Organizational Leadership

a man leans over a desk, explaining something on a laptop to a woman sitting at the desk.
This course is business related but can be applied to a multitude of different facets. It generally applies to those who hope to become leaders in a business setting. These students will learn how to efficiently organize a company as well as employees under their leadership.

10. WA 112 – Foundations of Music

a female composer stands before a neon red light illustrating many different types of instruments.
This course gives students an introduction to music. There is no prior knowledge required for this course, as most students are introduced to music and music theories in this course. The basic components of music are broadly covered.

There will always be difficult courses, but these courses are among the easiest at Grace Bible College. They offer a lighter course load and less heavy material. Students will benefit from these courses if they need to boost their GPAs or want to reduce the amount of stress they have within a given semester.