Jobs for College Students at North Carolina A&T State University

Have you been enrolled in North Carolina A&T State University for your graduation? Then you must be willing to join some part time job and collect experiences and some dollars. Here are some of the student jobs you can search, hope this will make your search more specific and shorter.

1. Package Handler

the employees are taking care of the packages in the store room

The job and responsibility of the student is to take care of the product and packages of the store/warehouse. Take all the detailed information about the entry and exit of the product packages. This is great for the students who want to develop the managerial skill and data stats along with some earnings.

2. Phone Operator

the employees are dealing with the clients over the microphone

It is never a big deal for the youths of this generation to handle the phone calls. But this needs to be specific. You must be friendly to the client and deal with their issues properly. You must develop a quality within yourself to connect yourself with all types of personalities and deal with their nature. This is a great opportunity for the personality development along with some earnings.

3. Cleaner

the cleaner is cleaning the floor

Every college and university want their premises to be clean and tidy. So, they hire some students for the daily cleanliness. The same work is done at the North Carolina A&T State University, you can earn extra dollars by cleaning the classroom floors, doors and windows. Making the college premises is the only responsibility for which you will be paid.

4. Juice Maker

the girl is making juice for the customers

This is one of the crowd’s favorite jobs as a part time worker. No previous experiences are mandatory and not any particular skill is needed. So, you can start fresh and immediately begin earning dollars. All you do is prepare a fruit juice or a smoothie out of a smoothie maker. Give it a try, this one will be easier for the start up.

5. Social Media Manager

the employee checking out the social media status through computer

Youths (college students) are the best option for the companies for the post of a social media manager. The most used internet used to people, is the undergrads, so you are given the twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts to manage the followers, posts and news feeds. All above this, you get paid, using Instagram and twitter! Cool? So, seek for the companies and take the social media responsibility over yourself, enhance your skill along with the earnings.

6. Cafeteria Worker

the girls are serving food in the college cafeteria

Get engaged into the college cafeteria, learn the work there and earn some dollars, within the college premises. Every time in your shift, you get to interact with the college students. You may be given different works, serving foods, managing the crowds, helping the cooks, you could be learning any work inside the cafeteria. So this is an opportunity to enroll yourself to earn as well as to learn.

7. Pet Care

the girl is taking care of the dog

Are you an animal lover? If yes, this is your golden opportunity. Do something you love, and make a living out of it. Cool? Many pet owners don’t have enough time to take care of their pets so they hire some individuals for this job paying some dollars. Being a college student, you do have too much leisure time, make this time productively, take care of your loved creature and all above make a living out of it.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Above is some part time jobs you can seek for some earnings and enhancing your skills while you are studying at North Carolina A&T State University for your graduation. Hope this article helps you to choose your student jobs wisely.

Jobs for College Students at Howard University

It could be messy for the undergraduate students to deal with the part time jobs for their knowledge enhancement as well as some earnings. Let’s make those doubts clear of discussing the student jobs suitable for the college students studying at Howard University.

1. Storeroom Clerk

the boy is taking care of the products in the store

The students should be responsible for data of every product that comes in or goes out the storeroom. This is very helpful for the students to develop their managerial personality during their graduation. Students in this job are able to resolve the customer issues and handle the storeroom supplies along with the organized receipt and all the documents.

2. Restaurant Server

the girl is asking for the food orders to the customers

Restaurant server is the most common job for the college crowd. Waiter/waitress get a chance to adapt themselves in a crowd of people, pleasing them. This is an invaluable skill. Along with, you get paid and if you do extra shift, you get free meals as well. So, if you are thinking about a part time job, this one for you go to start your initiation!

3. Teller

a bank teller is dealing with the client

Are you a good listener and have a customer pleasing skill? Get ready for your thing! You have to develop a connection with the client. A simple smile and pleasant attention to the customer along with the welcome greet will do it all. Listen to the client and solve his/her issues gently, this is the main responsibility of the job holder. This is a great thing for the students to develop themselves as a crowd pleasure personality along with some dollars earning.

4. Package Handler

the boy is taking care of the packages in the storeroom

Every company hires some individuals for lifting, managing and sliding the packages or their products, by paying them. So, at the free time from college, students can engage themselves here, where you learn some skills and get money as well. These lifting and packaging work can be done with extra shifts, if you have spare time.

5. Ice Cream Scooper

a person is using an ice cream scooper

A fun this to get involved. Ice cream attracts all age groups of people. All you do is to scoop the ice cream according to money and with accordance to the flavor. It is as interesting as it sounds right now.

6. Food Truck Staff

the girl is busy inside the food truck

Food truck is a growing local business. If you are studying at Howard University then you just need to get out on the street. You don’t need any previous experience and any skill to start. Serving people with their orders is all your responsibility. In most cases, you get free food in end of the day along with the money.

7. Library Assistant

the girl is taking care of the books

Library works are the most convenient work to do as a part time worker, especially for a student. You get to interact with the students all the time. The responsibility of the worker is to take care of the books in the library, help students find the book they are searching for and sometime keep the floors clean. Also, library work has the most convenient money provision an accordance with their hard work.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

These are not the all student jobs you could find but these are the most appropriate part time jobs for the undergrads studying at Howard University. This will not only help you with your finance but also to develop your skills in different fields.

Jobs for College Students at Central Connecticut State University

Do you want to adjust yourself in this competitive world by gaining knowledge in different fields while you are graduating from in the university? Then this article is for you to choose any field for your part time work where you enhance your knowledge along with making some earnings. So, these are some of the student jobs, studying at Central Connecticut State University.

1. Bell Person

the bellman getting ready to serve the customer

The prime responsibility of the bell person is to assist guests with their belongings, and requests. A warm welcome with the service information of the hotel should be carried out by the job holder. During this job, you have an advantage of developing your interaction skills with the people. Also, this job has the payment slightly higher than any other ordinary jobs.

2. Room Service Server

a room service employee serving the orders to clients

For your part time job as an undergrad, this would be a good option. No need of any specific skill or technique. Be energetic, polite and punctual with the guests. Take the orders from them properly and serve their room. Sometimes you may have to take care about the table preparation, tray pick up etc.

3. Bakery Clerk

an employee serving bakery items to the customers

Display, store and manage the products of the bakery which are freshly baked. A bakery clerk has to make the data entry of the number of products in accordance with the bakery production charts. As you extend your shift, you get paid more.

4. Assistant Photographer

a photographer is taking photos

Do you have a DSLR? Then you have a choice where you learn and make an earning from learning. Most of the professional photographers hire a student as their assistant. You have to take care of the photographic tools, carry along them. But if you have an interest, then you will get a chance to learn a lot about the photography and fun is when you get paid for this.

5. Fitness Trainer

fitness trainer is helping his clients

Use your knowledge about the fitness to the fitness freaks out there. Likewise, you can enhance your knowledge in the relevant field, along with the earning opportunity. You can train any fitness enthusiast from any age group in your leisure time from college. In this way, you can best use your free time.

6. Cook

the boy is cooking the food items at the restaurant

Cooking in the restaurant is a good choice for the part time job, especially for the students. Here you can learn cooking in the next level from the senior cooks, in case you want to pursue your future in this particular field. If not, at least you can make a good amount of money while working.

7. Delivery Driver

the boy is delivering the product to the destination

The responsibility of the employee would be to allocate his/her time for the product delivery to different places. All you need is a valid driving license and some leisure time to make earnings. In most of the cases, you are provided with the vehicles, which is a bonus point.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

These are some of the part time student jobs of Central Connecticut State University to make some dollars of earnings along with gaining experience in the respective field.

Jobs for College Students at East Los Angeles College

In the world full of competition, you must be a step ahead in every second of your living. Don’t let yourself limited, always broaden your boundaries. During your college life, push yourself to different aspects grabbing the life long experience. You can involve yourself in different part time student jobs. Here we discuss about some of the jobs for the college students studying at East Los Angeles College.

1. Homework Helper

the girl is helping out a child with his homework

This is an after-college part time job. For the needy children, you have to be interactive about their homework and projects. Also, you have a responsibility to take the child to school and pick him/her back. This develops your skill of handling the children in a healthy manner along with some dollars for your expenses. In a nutshell, this is a great job for the start up students as a part time worker.

2. Personal Assistant

the girl is assisting her manager’s phone call

Every owner of company hires a personal assistant. So, for the undergrads looking for the part time job, wouldn’t it be great? Assistants are provided with the responsibility of sending mails, making phone calls and running errands. You should be highly active during the program and events. This helps a lot to develop your personality as well as a managerial quality within you. And all these with you being paid, absolutely something to involve yourself.

3. Restaurant Dishwasher

the boy is washing the dishes at the restaurant

Dishwasher is the backbone of every restaurant. To ensure that the food delivered to the customer is in a healthy manner, restaurant hires loyal personnel for this job. To start up your part time job, this one is the great initiation. You don’t let your free time go unused instead you can make a earning through it.

4. Swim Instructor

the boy is instructing the children how to swim

Flourish your knowledge by spreading it. Students studying at East Los Angeles College can work as a swim instructor as their part time job. During summer, many people visit institution to learn swimming, this is the place you get paid by sharing the knowledge you know. This is a great start up for your carrier as a swim instructor.

5. Lifeguard

men enjoying their play on a golf course

Want to take a summer break and earn some savings? Working as a lifeguard will be a great choice (lifeguard in different fields). Lifeguard on a golf course is a common practice. You ought to carry the golf bags, and serve as an ambassador for the interested individual. Spend your time on the golf course, fulfill your responsibility being polite and punctual and get paid, seems interesting?

6. Purchasing Clerk

the employee is checking out the product details

A purchasing clerk is responsible for the receipt, verification and purchasing of the goods in the company under direct supervision of the manager. This helps in your managerial skills, and data analysis techniques. It can be a great opportunity for the students to learn about the data entry and relevant aspects.

7. Cashier

the girl is preparing bills for the customer

Handling the money transaction in the stores is the only thing cashier has to do, easy enough? Seek for the restaurants or stores in need of the part time cashier, and get involved in it. It is the most efficient and easy way to learn and earn at the same time, especially for the beginning part time worker.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Hence, these are some sectors for the part time student jobs, especially for the undergrads of East Los Angeles College. Look for the vacancies and get involved. Hope this helps you out.

Jobs for College Students at Troy University

Who doesn’t want to make themselves busy in some work or jobs while studying in college along with some part-time earnings? So, let’s discuss some of the job descriptions for the undergraduate students of the Troy University. These student jobs may help the students to gather some experience in that relevant field which is very helpful for adjusting themselves into their future jobs.

1. Bookseller

the girl is showing a book

Isn’t it a great opportunity to gather experience, broaden your knowledge and make an earning alongside? So, the college students of troy university can enroll themselves as a part-time bookseller. All you have to do is to be interactive with the customers, arrange, clean and organize the product within the store. Anyone with basic data entry skill can be part of this job, high energy friendly personality is favored.

2. Bus Driver

the employee is driving a bus

If you have a CDL Licence with passenger endorsement, this is the best way to use your free time for earning some dollars. This job mainly deals with driving the shuttle buses to carry students to and from college premises. So, undergrads, who are willing to gain experience in driving, cheers! You have an option.

3. Babysitter

the girl is playing with a child

You have to take the particular student from home to school and pick him/her from school. Especially when he/she is ill, you must be available to sit and care him/her. Sometimes parents want you to help their children with their homework, but most of the time it’s not compulsory at all.

4. Receptionist

the hotel receptionist is dealing with the clients

Build your confidence and make yourself more interactive with the people. Students from Troy University can engage themselves as a receptionist as a part time job. This will provide themselves a lime time experience along with good earnings. You must be customer friendly and should have the skill of handling any sort of personality, easily.

5. Tutor

the girl is helping out the baby with study

Many students every year are sought for providing tutoring services. This provides you with the opportunity of gaining the experience in the same field, along with the handsome amount of earning. You need some good grades in the respective tutoring subject with good explaining qualities. To pursue your future in teaching, this could be the golden initiation.

6. Salesperson

the salesgirl is posing for the camera

The main responsibility a person should carry is to take care of the products inside the store premises and provide DIY services to the customers. DIY services may include the testing, wrapping, battery installation, etc. Some stores with higher dollars payment may include the responsibility of the sanitation and floor cleanliness of the store.

7. Parts Delivery

the man is delivering parts' box to the customer

Deliver the parts and products up to the customers in a company provided vehicles, as simple is that! All you need is a valid driving license and some spare time to make some earnings for your college life. Maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicles come under your responsibility.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

So, these are some of the job descriptions of student jobs for the undergrads to make themselves involved. Choose any field wisely so that it will help you in future.

10 Coolest Courses at CUNY Brooklyn College

For the undergraduates, selection of the suitable courses is the messiest job. This article includes some of the creative and cool courses offered for the undergraduates at the CUNY Brooklyn College, let’s have some read over the topics.

1. PHYS 1070 – Cosmology

students having a group discussion about physics

Are you a physics enthusiast? If yes, this one is for you. You will get the detailed knowledge about the most exciting topics. Topics include the evolution of the universe, cycle of stars, atmospheres, black hole, spacecrafts, extraterrestrial life and many more.

2. MATH 1311 – Thinking Mathematically

geometry equation is being solved by the professor

Don’t be afraid about the mathematics in the heading. This is one of the easiest yet exciting topic to go on through. It includes the fun section of mathematics and chapters includes probability and geometry, which can be implemented practically. This is the most basic of the mathematics so upgrade your result along with the fun reading.

3. CISC 1003 – Exploring Robotics

the man is trying to make robots

It deals with the group projects in the field of robotics and automation. If you want to pursue your career in the robotics field, there are no other alternatives for the initiation. This also helps in your presentation skill and improves your team work.

4. KINS 1125 – Ballroom Dance

everyone is dancing in the ballroom

Who doesn’t love to perform dance with his/her partner, especially in any college program? This is a course including the lesson on classic ballroom dances like merengue, waltz any many more. You can enjoy this course here.

5. PSYC 2100 – Social Psychology

students attending the lecture class of social psychology

To enhance your social interaction, group structure, and human behavior with every sort of personality around you, this is the best course out there. For a fun fact, this has been a GPA booster as well among the most students in the university.

6. ANTH 1100 – Culture and Society

students are taking notes in the class

Anthropology deals with the creative topics like religion, gender, socio-political issues and many more. It deals with every aspect of the societies in a global order. Students here deal with both socio-cultural anthropology and physical anthropology constituting the society.

7. MUSC 1300 – Music

students are very attentive in the music class

This course overviews the concept of the evolution of music in different cultures. Not particularly focusing into the music theories, notes, chords, but purely directed into the origination of different cultural music.

8. HIST 3005 – The Shaping of the Modern World

students gaining knowledge through attending a history lecture class

Have you ever wondered how much the world has changed from the age of Christopher Columbus in this 21st century modern world? This course is the detailed study about the major advancement of the world in different aspects like technology, culture, industrialization, modernization, living standard in a nutshell the development and the shaping the modern world we are living in.

9. CASD 1707 – Public Speaking

students learning how to deliver public speech

For the students willing to enhance their speech construction and delivery, this is the best course to get into. Here students are provided with the special techniques and skill in delivering their speeches with the confidence and proper pronunciation. Practical based lectures are provided in order to make the classes effective.

10. FILM 2114 – Introduction to Film Genres

students acting in a short movie

For all the movie freaks out there, this is the coolest course you will ever find. This course includes the introduction to genres of movies (especially American movies). This also provides students with the special ability to interpret the movie contents on the basis of their genres. The analytical method of genres comparison and method of learning makes the course fun to study on.

Now you must have gained some knowledge about the courses and hope it helps you in your selection of the courses. Enjoy reading!

10 Coolest Courses at New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University has been one of the best universities to provide students with the cool and unique courses by the time. With every year, thousands of undergraduates enrolling into the university, this article may help them a little in their course selection.

1. THTR 396 – Theater Management

students learning through video and audio concept

This is one of the coolest courses at NMSU, where you are provided with the detailed knowledge about the background of theater and its managerial techniques. Haven’t you been under your seniors during any theater play? Now it’s your time to take that position and manage the theater and keep everyone actually from making any accidents during the practice. In this course you undergo with many practical skills and knowledge necessary to make your theater act successful.

2. PHLS 150G – Personal Health and Wellness

important knowledge about health benefits

Health is wealth. Nothing is more important than your self-care, so this course helps you how to do it efficiently. Through the theory knowledge about the nutrition and daily health tips, it boosts your health along with the GPA. As everyone needs to be aware about the healthy habits, this course is very important for everyone to enhance their personal health.

3. PSY 359 – Psychology of Women

students attending the lecture class of psychology

Understanding girls has been the most difficult thing following through the past. This course offers the students about examining the theories and research based upon the psychological functioning of the women. Lectures includes about the mental and physical behaviors, biological, cultural influences and stereotypes of women.

4. GEOG 281 – Map Use and Analysis

image showing how to read and analyze a map

Though maps and geography nowadays are simplified by the mobile phones but what if when your phone is dead? So, this course is for you to navigate your position and make you geographically conscious. Now you can impress your friends by analyzing your current position without touching your phone, how cool is that?

5. ANSC 100 – Introductory Animal Science

students getting knowledge about dog health

Are you an animal lover? Now this one is a great opportunity for you. This course includes the theory as well as practical knowledge to make your favorite pet healthy and know their emotions. Here students are taught about the feeding and breeding basics along with the management of the farm animals.

6. JOUR 110 – Introduction to Mass Media Writing

the girl is writing news

Writing a big news, publishing it and influencing the mass audience is the main motive about this course. Learn how to distract the people through your writing and enhance your advertisement skills and public relations.

7. ART 356 – Graphic Design & Multicolor Digital Production

designing template is being done through pen and computer

How much are you fascinated about the digital art and design? Graphic design helps you to pursue your future in this creative field. Students in this course have access to the MAC labs. This course has the vast contents where students can show their creativity in any field designing the digital art.

8. WELD 101 – Fundamentals of Welding

the men are getting practical experience through welding work

Welding seems to be the most difficult task for the observer, but when you know a little theory and some practical knowledge, it is the most fun work to carry. Here students deal with the ARC and oxyacetylene equipment and terminologies along with the safety measures.

9. MUS 102 – Fundamentals of Music

students learning how to play a guitar

Are you a music lover and want to know about the theory of the music you listen everyday? You came to the right place. Here you can gain the knowledge about the notations in music, scales and notes theory, rhythm, fundamentals of harmonic progression and what not.

10. RESP 110 – Respiratory Therapy I

students getting an idea about the respiratory system

This course goes through the basic knowledge about the respiratory care techniques. This is one of the most important topics during the emergency health requirement case. So, students are provided with the knowledge of oxygen therapy, cardiopulmonary AP and medial terminologies.

So, these are the creative courses at the New Mexico State University. Hope this article helps you to choose the course of your concern, cheers!

10 Coolest Courses at East Los Angeles College

East Los Angeles College is a community college offering every year lots of students with the cool courses along with the best quality education. For the undergraduates, it’s a difficult task to choose any course which they can pursue it in the future. Let’s talk about some unique courses which may be your field of interest.

1. THEATER 260 – Acting I

students practicing about the acting

It is a two-year fun program where students are provided with the invaluable skills in the field of technical theater. Students who are highly influenced in the acting field are taught about the basics of the craft of acting through the theories, techniques on a lecture based. With less focus on the performances, students are directed towards the foundational class where they are not pushed with the burden of the assignments.

2. PHOTO 121 – History and Appreciation of Photography

students attending the photography training

If you want to follow your passion in photography and hence sparkle it with the techniques and skills, East Los Angeles College offers you a unique photography course. Here students are introduced to the creative and advanced photographic proficiency based on culture, art, historic processes. It is designed for the students without the previous training in photography.

3. FRENCH 010 – French Civilization

students attending the  history class of French civilization

Are you fascinated about the French history, geography and their way of living? If yes, this is the coolest course for you to pursue. The course is operated in English where students are provided with the lectures about the norms and values about the French people and their important contribution to the world culture in intellectual and artistic domains.

4. HEALTH 008 – Women’s Health

students taking notes about women’s health

This course is especially designed to counsel you through daily life by providing the knowledge about exercises, reproduction, diseases, mental and sexual health and overall prosperity of women’s personal health. It perfectly boosts your knowledge about the personal heath which applies to women of any global region.

5. MEDIART 101 – Introduction to Digital Film

both the man and woman discussing about how to shoot a video

This is one of the unique course where students are taught about the film production and professional editing techniques. All the necessary knowledge and techniques about the camera operation, lighting skills, lenses, post production process and visual storytelling are included along with the practical classes. If video production is something you want to flourish your skill on, this course is the best to go with.

6. LIB SCI 101 – College Research Skills

students doing research about the projects on the computer

This is a practical course where students are provided with the skills essential for approaching, evaluating and citing the research assets during their research project. This course makes the students able to do an organized research based on academic libraries, developing a strong skill for writing better research papers.

7. FAM & CS 021 – Nutrition

students having a discussion about health

For all those health-conscious minds out there, this course is for you. Students here go through the detail study about the heath-related daily life issues. Not to make the classes boring, classes are organized with the assignments, quiz games and a lot of health related interactions.

8. MATH 107 – How to Do Word Problems

the teacher is solving math equations

Have you always been fascinated by the math word problems? This course is designed for the students to master the wide range of word problems. To encourage you with the solving techniques, quizzes are organized which too contributes your grades. This unique course assists students to choose a suitable method of solution.

9. DANCEST 452 – Introduction to Choreography

students learning dance step by step

Attention dance lovers! This is so far, one of the coolest courses at ELAC. Here students are introduced to the basic knowledge of choreography with a special attention on the dress up, music beats and the theoretical knowledge to pursue your future in this field.

10. COMM 76 – English Speech as a Second Language

students attending English lecture class

This course points out about the proper pronunciation and fluent speaking skills. For the students who want to deliver their speech in standard American English effectively and fluently, this one is for you, go grab this opportunity.

So, these are the coolest and unique courses for the undergraduates offered by East Los Angeles College. Hope this helps you out to choose the best one for your future, and yes, go for the one according to your interest.

10 Coolest Courses at Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech University has always been providing students with the numerous courses every year. Let’s list out some cool courses that you may want to look upon. Hope this could be an informative article.

1. LBMD 2001 – Introduction to Library Resources

the students are researching about work

The practical course where students are provided with the knowledge to retrieve, evaluate and recite the research materials. This includes the students to write the research papers properly with the reference of the research materials provided. This course helps students to develop the research paper writing skills.

2. HA 2023 – Hospitality Leadership and Ethics

students getting ideas about how to behave with others

This course is especially designed to enhance the leadership skill of the students and to make a wise decision economically and in a socially acceptable manner. Students will get a chance to flourish their existing leadership and build the basics and fundamental aspects necessary for hospitality leadership.

3. MUS 1751 – Introduction to Music

students enjoying the music class

For all the music lovers, it is a great one to have a startup. Here the students are provided with the knowledge of the music history from the medieval age to the rock and roll era. It focuses on the contrasting changes in the music and relation with the different forms of art.

4. TH 2273 – Introduction to Theater

students attending the theater class

The theater is the place to reflect the environment through the art. In this particular course, a less focus to the performance, but higher importance to the scenic, dramatic and historic aspects are given. You can enjoy the course here.

5. GER 2013 – Intermediate German I

students are learning German language

If you are interested and fascinated about the German language then this course is designed for you. It focuses on the German language and makes you able to read, write and communicate in the German language along with the cultural aspects. Students are provided with an hour foreign language lab every week.

6. DE 4543 – Driver and Traffic Education II

the signs about the traffic rules

Anyone with a valid driving license can join the course. This course is especially included to give a safety traffic measures to the undergraduates along with the traffic education. This course includes administration, supervision and a research project.

7. CSEC 1213 – Wireless and Cellular Security

wireless security camera is being installed

Students are provided with the overview of the smart phone technologies, internet securities. This course also includes theoretical knowledge of wireless and mobile securities along with the practical experiences. As this is the era of technology, it has been mandatory to have the basic knowledge about what we use in our everyday life.

8. AGED 2104 – Introduction to Agricultural Systems Technology

the man showing how to use agricultural equipment

The main aim of this course is to clarify the students about the technology and equipment’s that has been practiced in the agricultural field. It provides students with the basic fundamentals of the agricultural mechanism with emphasis in the area of energy, power, and land measurement. Discussion about the future potential in the agricultural field, along with the interpretation of ideas are included.

9. RS 3004 -Medical and Psychological of Disability

getting idea about therapy in the water

Have you always been into caring the disabled personality? If yes, this is the course designed for you. Here students are provided with the knowledge about the treatment and care about the disabled conditions personality. Emphasis is given to the medical information, reports and everyday psychological adjustments.

10. MUSM 4403 – Education through Museum Method

people getting knowledge through visiting the museum

This helps the students to interpret the cultural resources, including interpretive techniques for preserving the essence of it. This course includes the project on managing special problems in a museum setting. It can be a perfect course for you.

So, you’ve already read about the cool and creative courses, and it’s up to you to choose any one that fascinates you. Be wise and be smart while choosing any course, have fun reading!

10 Coolest Courses at ETSU

East Tennessee State University has been offering a lot of unique courses for the undergraduates enrolling every year in the college. A common dilemma of all the undergraduates is to pick a suitable course according to their field of interest. Here are some cool courses you may have been searching for, these are enlisted below.

1. WMST 2010 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

the professor giving lectures about women races

This is an interesting course, including the study of the women from various races, culture, ethnic group, and global diversities. The course goes through the concern about the social status, profession, language, health and tradition of the women around the world.

2. SPCH 2300 – Public Speaking

the student is delivering public speeches

If you want to improve your speech delivery and present you in front of the mass of people emphasizing your confidence then this one is for you. This course is designed in the way that students develop their skills in preparing and analyzing the public speeches in a way that they may appeal to all types of audiences they encounter.

3. ARTA 2501 – Introduction to Sculpture

the girl is getting details about the sculpture

Sculpture is the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. This course includes the detailed study on sculptural techniques and skills along with the work with clay covering the historical essence. For the sculpture enthusiasts, this may be the best one to go for.

4. DANC 1500 – Dance as a Human Experience

the girls are enjoying dancing

This course is designed as to reflect the dance as a communicative process. Students are taught with the various characteristics of the dance and its relation with the society. This not only includes the dance moves, but the social reflection. So for the dance freaks to take dance to the next level of imagination, this one is the great opportunity.

5. ARTA 2200 – Basic Photography

students attending the photography class

If you have a personal camera and want to have a detailed knowledge about the black and white photography, you’re at the right place. The intense photographs taking skill and darkroom procedures along with the theory knowledge are included in this course. Students are taught from taking of the pictures of the finalized print.

6. ARTA 2401 – Graphic Design Theory

students learning about graphic design through computer

Lately graphic designing has been a hot topic for the youths. So this course deals with the theory and the principles in the design of visual communication. Here the students are allowed with the practical application of the theory and its implementation. You can enjoy the course.

7. PSYC 1310 – Introduction to Psychology

students attending the lecture class of psychology

The course is designed as to give students the basic fundamentals of psychology, which includes the perceptions and the way of thinking along with the knowledge about mental health and social adaptation. For the individuals interested about the human behavior, personality, learning and thinking pattern of contrasting characters, this is the best designed course.

8. NTFD 3465 – Human Nutrition and Metabolism

the proper nutrition to maintain health

Ever wondered about the digestion mechanism of your body? This course is designed to acknowledge the students about the detailed knowledge of the storage of nutrition, its absorption and digestion. All the metabolic activities running every second in our body along with the emphasis on endocrine physiology of an adult human are included in this course.

9. PUBH 2030 – First Aid and Emergency Care

the doctor is giving first aid to an injured student

In case of the medical assistance being delayed for the emergency case, what would you do? Exactly! This course is designed to give students the emergency care knowledge to handle the situation until the arrival of a medical professional. This also includes the proper and efficient use of first aid along with the practices.

10. SPCH 2320 – Argumentation and Debate

the teacher is delivering lectures about critical thinking

This teaches students about the healthy oral argumentation and debate. This also includes the critical thinking and case analysis. To make the fruitful decisions, it deals with the research methods as well. You can enjoy this course here.

Hope this article cleared your dilemma for the right course pick up. East Tennessee State University has been providing a lot of unique and creative courses for the students, get yourself into the field you are fascinated about.