10 of the Easiest Courses at Capella

When it comes to registration, everyone wants the easiest courses that they can find that will fulfill requirements and not hurt their GPA. Plus it is nice to have classes that aren’t going to be super stressful all semester long. So here are ten examples of easy courses to take at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1. BUS-FP3012 Fundamentals of Leadership

How hard can learning how to be a leader really be? This course is an easier course because it is all about setting goals and trying to become a better leader which makes for a better business person. So basically the course is all about learning about oneself and how to become more confident in their abilities. It isn’t too difficult to learn about these new skills and then applying them to daily life and actions. It will also be beneficial in the future no matter what career a student goes into.

A leadership meme saying it is a big deal.


2. WRIT 7086 Becoming an Academic Writer

Luckily all students in college have had to do some writing, well probably a lot of writing throughout high school and some of college already, making this class more of a review. Most already can write academically, so this course will just freshen up their skills and probably teach a few other techniques that will be beneficial in the future as well. It is always a good thing to practice writing and becoming better in general. There is always room for improvement!

Someone writing on some paper.

3. IT 1006 Information Technology Concepts and Practices 

This is going to be another easier class since it is an introductory level class. It will just cover the basics of information technology to create a structure of learning for beginners. It will be basic concepts and practices that will show students the beginning of IT work. Plus learning the basics of IT will be beneficial no matter what since technology plays such an important roles in our lives.

A laptop and other technologies.

4. IT FP3212 Introduction to Web Development

This is also another introductory course so it won’t be to difficult. It is also a very interesting and fun course to take! It allows students to be creative and shows them what it takes to design websites and more. This is a beneficial skill to have in the workplace and just for fun. It won’t be too difficult to learn and may be more of a relaxing course for students to have a creative outlet while learning a lifelong skill.

The Office website meme.


5. LIT 2001 Introduction to Literature: Short Stories 

Who doesn’t like stories? Especially if they are short! This is an introductory level course that will be fun, entertaining and of course easier than others. It will take care of some requirements and be an easy few extra credits, plus it will be fun along the way. Students will get the opportunity to create their own short stories and listen to many others along the way. It will be a fun way to write and read while getting a little GPA boost.

A bunch of books on a bookshelf.

6. PSYC 2300 Introduction to Addiction Theories

While this class may not be super easy, what will make it easy is how interesting the topic is. When the topic is entertaining, it will keep students’ attention, making it easier to understand and know what is going on in class at all times. That will make it easier to get a good grade in the class. Psychology is always a fun topic and since this course is also introductory, it won’t be too hard to understand and follow.

Different kinds of addictions.

7. SOC 1000 Introduction to Human Society 

We all live in it, so what would be more easy than to learn about something students have already had to experience. It will help them understand everything going on around them and will be easy to connect and relate to. It is introductory, so it will not be very challenging and actually may be pretty interesting to learn about to create new understandings of life. It may be a beneficial course for life in general.

People in society around the planet.

8. COM 2050 Visual Design in Communications

Visual design just sounds artsy and creative, which is what the class is about. Design is always pretty fun and easy as long as it is a lower level class, so this course definitely won’t be too challenging. Since it is design in communications, it will be a beneficial skill to have no matter what career a student is going for. This course will be fun and entertaining to take and another creative outlet for students to enjoy.

What goes into web design.

9. LIT 2100 Women’s Literature 

To get a literature course fulfilled, this is definitely a fun and easy course to take. Plus it is different than most literature classes since it focusses on women. It is a great way to learn about women in literature and actually focus on them and their successes rather than men as well. It is introductory level, making it an easier course to take and will also be fun, a bit creative and interesting to learn about for students.

A woman reading a book.

10. COM 1000 Public Speaking

Public speaking is always a good skill to have in life and can always be worked on. It is an easy introductory course that is creative and based on progression and learning about oneself. It is basically practice for writing and performing different speeches. Students will learn how to improve their speaking skills and will have fun along the way doing it. This class will definitely benefit all students in life.

A funny public speaking meme.


Easier courses are always the most enjoyable for students, especially when they are interesting and fun as well. Theses are definitely some of the easier classes at Capella University that students will enjoy taking and hopefully get a little GPA boost from them while even learning some lifelong skills.

10 of the Easiest Classes at NNMC

When looking at taking classes that fulfill college requirements, it is always nice to find some easy ones. That way, it is less stressful and is a little GPA booster. Here are ten classes that students will find to be interesting and easy at Northern New Mexico College.

1. FDMA 140 – Digital Imaging I: Adobe Photoshop

First of all, who doesn’t have fun photoshopping? Especially if you can do it semi-professionally after taking this class? It is an introductory class, so it won’t be anything too challenging, just explains and teaches students how to use Adobe photoshop and how the tools work. This is a great skill to have in life and is cool and fun at the same time! It would definitely be a great class worth taking.

A funny photoshop meme.

2. MUS 131 – Introduction to Music

Here is an introductory class that will not be too challenging to take. Especially if you have some sort of music background from high school, this will not be too hard. But even if a student does not have any background, it won’t be bad at all because it is all just the basics. Notes, tones, rhythms, instruments and more. It will be an interesting class to learn about what all goes into making music.

A colorful music note.

3. PSY 210 – Theories of Personality

This course definitely will be an interesting one to take, which means it will be easier if it is something that isn’t going to be extremely boring. Personality is what makes up everyone. Psychology is an interesting topic, so a more focussed class on personality will be fun to take. It is the basis of all people. There are so many different personalities, good and bad, that this will be super cool to see maybe why things are the way they are and what in the brain causes that.

A picture representing personality in the brain.

4. CJ 320 – Theories of Crime

Crime is such an interesting topic, because it happens all the time in different ways and sometimes we never know why. This class is all about those theories about why crime may happen. This will be an interesting course to get an inside to what criminals may be thinking, why they do what they do and why they target certain things or areas. Because this is an interesting topic to study, it is definitely an easier class to take.

Yellow crime scene tape.

5. ENG 221 – Creative Writing

Writing is always a required class to take in college anyway, so why not take one where the student gets to be creative an decide what they want to write about. It allows students to have fun with their creative ideas and really do something different and unique. It is unlike other writing classes that just tell you what to write or research and write about. So this is definitely an easier writing class to take if needed.

A book with creative writing written above.

6. MATH 150 – College Algebra

Okay, so math may not be the most fun or easy class at all, but math is always a requirement. But if the student isn’t a math major or something that needs all sorts of math classes, College Algebra is the way to go. It is definitely the easier level that students most likely have high school background in. Knowing some of the content is always helpful, which makes the class more of a review, therefore, making it easier.

An algebra equation.

7. FYE 101 – Freshman Year Experience

This is definitely one of the easiest classes offered at this and any school. It is a course that just wants students to learn about themselves like their interests, personality and more. It teaches managing school and social life and how to balance everything new going on in life. It is just a good way to get used to college and help with the big transition from high school. This all makes it a super easy and semi-interesting course.

Funny freshman meme.

8. SPCH 130 – Public Speaking

This is another introductory course that is not very hard at all. Especially if students like speaking or want to just improve in public speaking. This is a great opportunity to do that. Students choose what they want to say and how they want to say it based on what they are taught to focus on. Students will learn how to be better and more interesting, influential speakers which will definitely be a beneficial skill now and later in life.

A microphone in front of an audience.

9. PSY 150 – Personal Growth

Since Psychology is always a pretty interesting topic, when it focussed on the student, that makes it that much more interesting. It will actually be a beneficial thing to learn about that will be something to help the students in the future. Knowing how to help and let one’s self grow is something that it very important to know. It will help students understand how to overcome challenges that might be because of themselves.

Plants growing over time.

10. BIOL 499 – Animal Behavior

This is definitely not a course most people hear or talk about, which makes it seem pretty interesting. If a student loves animal or wants to know what their pet is thinking, this is the course for them. It takes care of a science requirement, so this is going to be an easier option for that. Since it is a fun class as well, that will make it an easier one that will be more enjoyable than other. And who doesn’t like animals?

Different wild animals.

Students are always looking for some easy classes to take in college. Everyone needs a relaxing-ish class that will be a GPA booster. So, here are ten easy classes offered at Northern New Mexico College. They are fun and interesting, which make them different from most classes and especially, easier.

10 Easiest Courses at BWU

College courses can be difficult, especially when you are not interested in the subject. It is hard when schools require students to take classes to fulfill other requirements, so it is helpful to know what the easiest options are to meet those requirements. It is a GPA booster and a way to have less stress during the school year. So here are ten classes that are easy and interesting at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio.

1. ART 110 – Drawing 1

Who doesn’t like a little bit of art, drawing and creativity. Drawing is a great way to express yourself, relax and destress a bit. It allows students to be creative and not really have to stress about learning information, but instead learning technique. Students can gain new perspective from this class and learn creative problem solving. It is an introductory drawing class that focusses on basic drawing topics, which makes it not too difficult and interesting to take.Some pencils that are used for drawing classes. 

2. COL 115 – Career Decision Making

This course is all about the career development process. The class teaches students to get to know themselves and learn about what they are interested in. This way students can learn about their skills, personality, values and more. It also teaches professional skills, which is very important at this time in life. What makes this class easy, is that it is all about the student learning about them. It is about goals and learning to be successful.A picture that says "Find a career for Life." 

3. CAS 107- Film and Culture

This class teaches students to analyze different motion pictures throughout the course. What could be more fun and interesting than that? Watching movies sounds a lot better than taking notes on some boring topic. Different culture and communication can be observed in the different movies watched. Art and context is also focussed on when analyzing the movies. It is interesting to actually break down different parts to theses films and look at things normally not noticed when watching them.A picture of movie film. 

4. CSC 135 – Introduction to Website Development 

This is anther course where students get to use their creativity and have some fun with it. Students will learn the technology to create their own websites and how to use all of the tools. It is an easy course where everything is learned by experiencing and testing out all of the tools. It is a fun class that is different from normal ones. It is interesting to learn about and easy due to the opportunity to play around with being creative.Your own website created by you. 

5. DAN 324 – Hip Hop 1

This course includes dance warm-up learning, progressions and choreography in the schedule. This is an introductory course that focuses on the progress a student makes during the semester and is a creative outlet for students. Plus, exercise is always a great thing, especially to destress and have some fun. They will learn about stamina, flexibility and rhythm. Most classes are just sitting around learning information, this class, is actually moving and experiencing, which makes this an easy and course.Three hip hop dancers. 

6. ENG 111- College Composition 

This course is an easy one for students because it is a college introductory level writing course. Writing courses are always required, so an easy level one like this is the way to go. It focusses on grammar, mechanics, logic and content, which most students should have learned and perfected in high school. This course should be a review and just an easy course to get a quick requirement done. Plus writing is creative which makes it a little bit more interesting to take.A picture of someone writing. 

7. FYE 100 – First Year Experience 

This course focusses on its students and their college experiences. Its goal is to help students become acclimated to college life on campus and in school. It is to help first year students in their transformation. This class is an easy class to take first year because it is learning about life as a college student. It is not a challenging topic and is something that will be beneficial right away in life which will only help students later on in their college careers.A funny student loan meme. 

8. HPE 110W – Personal Wellness

This course is an online computer course which already makes it an easier course to take than others. Plus it is all about personal health which makes the focus basically on the student. Learning about oneself is always easier than learning about some boring topic that a student isn’t interested in. Learning about nutrition and exercise that is specific to one’s health should be an interesting and beneficial life lesson that will be helpful to know now and in the future.Personal wellness examples in the shape of someone meditating. 

9. HPE 233 – Sports in Society

If a student is especially interested in sports, this is the class for them. It is interesting because the course also focusses on culture within sports, which may be a new perspective to most students. A lot of evaluation is done on different sports, race, gender and more. It is an interesting topic which creates an easy lower level class for students to take to fulfill a requirement.Different sports' items. 

10. HUM 250iE – The Art of Travel

First of all, who doesn’t like traveling and taking a vacation? This is a fun class where students who want to participate it travel to Europe. It will help with skills necessary for travel, teach journaling, narratives, drawing, photography and digital publishing. This is a great way for students to learn how to make and save memories from their travels. Not only is this a fun, interesting and easy class, but it is also a great opportunity for a new experience.Different places to visit when traveling.  All of these courses are great options for students who are looking for some easy courses to take at Baldwin Wallace University. They are fun, interesting and are a great way to easily fulfill some requirements. Students will love these courses and have a bit of a GPA booster and some time to relax, exercise or learn about themselves in them.     

10 Easiest Courses at St. Thomas University

College classes can be very challenging, especially when they are classes that some may not want to take but have to for requirements. If possible, it is always helpful if those required classes happen to be some of the easiest available. It is a GPA booster and is not super stressful. Here are ten of the easiest courses offered at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.

1. 2560 Catholicism

The catholic religion might be a tough one, but when it comes to learning about it, it is not that hard. It is an introductory course that will be easy to listen and learn all about the Catholic religion. The history is actually pretty interesting. It is a great way to explore one kind of religion in order to compare to others or to being not religious at all. There is a lot to take away from this class.

A Catholic Priest and religious crosses.


2. 331 Introduction to Shakespeare

This is an introductory course, so obviously it is going to be an easy one. It won’t take up much time compared to other classes, just may be a decent amount of reading of Shakespearian plays. Which most students have already read quite a bit of his work in high school, so most of the information and reading will just be review. Plus it is an interesting topic.

A funny Shakespeare meme about no happy endings.

3. 303 Writing for TV

Now this seems like a fun class to be taking. It is unlike most classes that students are forced to take but still takes care of some writing requirements in an enjoyable way. This course allows students to get creative and allows them to have fun in their writing. Creating a TV show would be such a fun job, so why not take advantage of this class and do something that normally cannot be done in class.

An old television with some television writing career subjects.


4. 105 Speech

For students who like to talk and present in front of others, this is a great and easy class to take. All it consists of is writing speeches on different and fun topics over the course of the semester and then presenting them. Its only requirement is to be creative, have fun and to be expressive. It is the closest thing to an acting class without having to be taking theater. It is a great way to become a more confident student, person and public speaker.

Someone about to give a speech to a large audience.

5. 390 Terrorism

With all of the incidents of terrorism happening across the country and the world, this is a very interesting class to take. Since it is so interesting and current to problems the world faces, it is easy to follow and learn. It also keeps students up to date with what is happening in the news and even out of the news. It is a great learning experience for students to get an idea of real world problems.

Darkness and disaster that is terrorism.

6. 2930 Crime in South Florida

This is the perfect class to take to learn more about the state in which the school is. Because this is about crime in a close area, it is interesting to students to see what is going on in the area. The crime can be very intense, keeping the attention of students, making it easy to learn about. It is more about understanding what is happening in South Florida and allows students to be more attentive to real life crime around them.

Yellow crime scene tape blocking off a door.

7. 3326 Advertising

When a student thinks of advertising, they may think of Super Bowl commercials or the ads one may skip over during a television show. In this class, however, students get to learn how to make advertisements and all what it takes to do so, like finding the target audience and the technique they want to attract that attention. It is a great way to see the behind the scenes part to advertisements that people see every day. It is easy because it just takes some creativity.

A funny advertising meme representing how different people see the career.

8. 1800 Food and Beverage Management

Food and beverage, what could be better than that. Everyone has to eat, and everyone usually likes eating. So this is a very easy and interesting course that teaches management of food companies, restaurants and more. With a great topic, it is hard to lose focus, except for maybe if a student gets hungry! Plus learning about management for food is a great skill to have, since food will never be something that goes out of business. There’s always the need for food and beverages.

People taste testing out different foods.


9. PET 3218 Sports Psychology

Psychology is already a pretty interesting topic. It is the study of the human mind, which is such a crazy thing. Sports psychology is that much more interesting, Learning why certain behaviors happen and how they are decided in different sports is a new way of learning psychology, especially if the student is interested in sports as it is. It is just amazing what the human brain can do and is fascinating to see why decisions are made based on different contexts.

Russel Wilson in a meditation pose.


10. COM 409D Video Game Analysis

This is the perfect class for a student who wants an easy topic and easy assignments. Also if the student loves video games, this is definitely the course for them. Playing and analyzing different video games all day for class and homework doesn’t sound like a hard job. Plus it is probably interesting to learn what makes up video games and why some are more fun than others.

Just your average video gamers.

When students at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida are looking for some easy courses to take, these are the ones they should look at. These courses are not too difficult and can be very interesting topics, which makes it a lot easier if it isn’t hard to pay attention. These will be very enjoyable courses for many students.

Five Concepts to learn in JOUR 3004W Information for Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota

JOUR 3004W Information for Mass Communication has a lot to do with learning about research and how to know what is a reliable source. There is much to be learned about journalism, advertising and public relations in this class and how to communicate to a specific audience. One must learn how to be a professional, know how to find a target audience, learn to research and evaluate information.

1. One thing to learn right away in this class is how to be professional.

It is required for probably all or most professions, but it is very important to know what a boss will look for in someone’s personalities and abilities. It takes a lot of character to be persistent, determined, flexible, patient and more. Critical thinking and communication skills are also a must. These skills will only help one succeed in the field.

Image result for professional

2. Knowing the target audience is important to do a communications job.

It is important to know who is receiving the information, who won’t and how people will respond. This will help know how to communicate with them and be persuasive and successful. It is a must to know demographics, which is age gender and background, their interests and their needs. Getting to know who is being targeted is the first step in communicating with them.

Image result for audience

3. Ethics also plays a huge role in this profession.

A journalist, advertiser, or PR person must not cheat, copy, lie or purposely try and hurt someone’s image. Ads can never lie about a product or not provide the correct information. Journalists must do their research and make sure they are giving the truth and nothing that will tarnish someone’s reputation. The goal is to always try and minimize the harm that can be caused in these professions. Ethics is very important whether it be for personal reasons or the reputation of the agency one works for.

ethics graphic

4. Research is a big part of mass communication.

Research is important, but doing good research is even more important. There are a lot of untrustworthy sources out there and it is important for journalists to avoid spreading fake news. This class spends a great deal of time going through all sorts of different sources that are available and how to know which ones are reliable. Fact checking is important and it is necessary to know where to find academic and scholarly sources that will provide the right type of information.

Image result for research

5. Knowing how to interview is always helpful.

Being able to have a primary source is always beneficial. Learning how to correctly interview someone is also important. One must be very professional when it comes to planning and going through with an interview. It is also important to know what to ask based on the task at hand and how to then evaluate that information received. Sometimes not all of the information the interviewee provides is necessary or fitting for a certain story. Interviewing is an important skill to have.

Image result for interview questions

There are a lot of things that go into being a good communicator. One must learn a lot and this class helps to understand everything that goes into communicating well. From the little things like being professional to how to be able to conduct research, it will teach students all they need to know if they are pursuing a career in journalism, advertising or public relations.

5 Reasons DES 3331 is Not Exciting at the University of Minnesota

Street life at the University of Minnesota is not exciting for someone who is not an an Urban Studies major. You must be very into learning about streets, how they are used, safety, sidewalks, signs and more. It can be a very long class trying to listen and trying to participate. Long classes aren’t enjoyable for anyone, especially when the subject can put a person to sleep. Some might think differently, and enjoy the class, but here are 5 reasons some will not:

1. The class is almost three hours long

Three hours is a really long time. Especially when it is in class and one that is so completely boring. Sitting in one spot listening to why streets are or aren’t safe is not a fun way to spend the day. There’s also only a 5 minute break. Basically it takes up the whole day, and it is just one class. So having more classes before or after, really make the rest of the day drag on.

Image result for clock ticking


2. The readings every week are the worst 

First of all, there are at least three of four of them and you have to do a reading response on each one. Each one also can range from 10 to 100 pages. Try summarizing a hundred paged article. It is not fun. It also is boring, so trying to comprehend all of those pages and then write about it is quite the task.

Image result for reading

 3. Projects

There are three projects in the course and they are not easy. Street styles, safety and sidewalks are not the most interesting things to research. Especially when part of the research consists of going to different places in Minneapolis to observe the street. It’s cold, it’s boring and isn’t in walkable distance.

Image result for projects

4. Weekly Challenges

They aren’t hard to complete, but they aren’t fun. It is just an extra thing to do that no one has time for. Taking pictures of weird street signs or problems in the streets is not the way anyone wants to spend their weekend. Then there is a write up involved and a blog post to be made. It’s easy, but not enjoyable.

Image result for street

 5. Group Projects

No one likes a group project. Well, maybe if they get out of doing work, but in this class, it shows if someone didn’t participate. This means multiple meetings outside of class, which means more time discussing, learning and reading about boring subjects about streets. Plus, presenting a long powerpoint in front of the class is not fun at all.

students working on project together

Some may like this kind of thing, others may not. It is just not super interesting of a subject. The class could be changed to make it more enjoyable, but three hours is just not necessary. It is too long and boring to be sitting around learning about some streets. When looking for a design class, or just any random class to take, this is not the one. It is easy, so it can be tolerated, but there are definitely too many cons that go along with the easiness.

5 Reasons Why LA 1301 is Actually A Fun Class at University of Minnesota

A drawing class at the University of Minnesota may seem a bit intimidating at first and many people might not take it for many reasons. They might think that it would be hard to get a good grade or even expensive having to buy so many different materials. Turns out the class is actually enjoyable, even for a non-art or architecture major and here are five reasons why.

1. The professor is very kind, helpful and understanding.

The professor of this class is always giving feedback and willing to help his students improve their drawing. Even during midterm time and workbooks get turned in for grading, he allows his students to earn back points by redoing a drawing. He just wants everyone to learn and be able to become a better drawer by the end of the semester.

Image result for professor

2. Getting a good grade is not hard.

As long as a student does the homework in the workbook each week and goes to class, it is not hard to get a good grade. The drawings don’t even have to be good or perfect as long as it shows effort and follows the directions. It is easy to get an A if the drawings over the course of the semester just show some sort of improvement. All it takes if a little bit of effort and drawing.

Image result for A plus


3. There are field trips.

Throughout the semester, there are two field trips to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The class goes for an hour and a half to two hours and just gets to explore and draw. It is an enjoyable experience and is a nice way to spend class time. Plus it is actually a bit relaxing to just draw in the peace and quiet of the museum. The professor is good at connecting what is learned in class to what is looked at in the museum.

Image result for minneapolis institute of art


4. Class is not like a normal lecture.

Instead of listening to the professor rant about something for the entire two hours of class, he talks for about only ten minutes and then the rest of the time is spent drawing. It is relaxing and is time to listen to music and just concentrate on the work. There is always an assigned drawing, so it is easy to recreate the work and add in other techniques to change it up a bit. The two hours just flies by while drawing.

Image result for easel drawing


5. There are no tests!

Literally all the class consists of is drawing! There is no studying needed, just drawing. Maybe an occasional reading just to understand how to draw something, but it is not even a lot. Just draw and go to class and the good grades will follow. Plus it is a nice way to unwind and just be creative for a bit. It is a nice break from normal and stressful classes.

Image result for drawing supplies


Intro to landscape architecture drawing is a more relaxing class that is easy to get an A in as long as effort is shown. Go to class and do the work and it will pay off. There is really no lecture or even any tests. It is a great class to just be creative in. It may take some patience to get the drawings right, but the professor is just looking for students trying their best.


5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota

There are a ton of options when it comes to food on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. With a huge campus comes a great amount of food. Whether it be in buildings on campus, in Stadium Village or in Dinkytown, the options really are endless. Any kind of food can be found here.

1. Bar Luchador

This is one of the better Mexican food restaurants on campus. It is located in Stadium Village and is way better than any Chipotle or Qdoba (nothing against those two restaurants, cause they still are great). It is cheap, fun inside and has a great menu. The chips and guac are a definite favorite there. No matter what it ordered, it is going to be a wonderful and tasty meal.

5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota

2. Annie’s Parlour

No matter what, no one can go wrong by going to Annie’s. Anyone who goes to or visits the U of M must go to Annie’s. The burgers, shakes and fries are absolutely amazing. It is a cute, little place located in Dinkytown. In the summer they have seating outside on the deck that over looks the city. Annie’s is probably everyones favorite.

5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota

3. DP Dough 

Calzones are amazing as it is, but calzones at DP Dough are life changing. This place is open till 3 am which means it is accessible at all necessary hours. The calzone options are endless and great no matter what is ordered. They also have the best tater tots and a huge whiteboard inside that is always quite entertaining to either add to or even just read. They are located on University Ave closer to Dinky town.

5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota

4. Punch Pizza

Punch Pizza is located in Stadium Village and has some of the best personal pizzas around. There are so many options and the pizza is cooked in a wood fire oven. It is in a cute little place where in the warmer months a garage door is open and it is like eating outside while being inside. Punch is the perfect date night or game day lunch break.

5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota


5. Al’s Breakfast

Al’s is tiny and always crowded and busy, but only because of how great it is. The food is amazing and totally worth waiting for. It is in the tiniest space ever which makes the place so cool to go to. The service is wonderful and entertaining and it is a fun experience to eat there. It closes at 1PM during the week days, but on Fridays and Saturdays, it is open until 1AM which is an amazing time for breakfast food.

5 of the Best Restaurants at the University of Minnesota

The U of M has a lot of wonderful restaurant options that it is hard to go wrong with really any of them. There of course are just the top favorites that everyone who ever steps on campus needs to visit. Dinkytown and Stadium Village offer a wide range of options, it just takes some exploring.

5 Best Study Places (Other than a Library) at the UMinnesota

The University of Minnesota is a beautiful campus with so many different, unique places to study on campus. Here are five of the best places to set up, study and get some homework done in a peaceful and fun place around campus.

#1. Northrop

Northrop is one of the main buildings on campus. It is beautiful and quiet, which makes it the perfect place to go get some homework and studying done. There are many different spaces to find a nice spot to sit and it also has a great café to eat at while working. It is close to most classes which makes for a convenient place to stop and work before, between and even after classes. It is a beautiful building that offers quiet and comfortable study room.

Image result for northrop study areas

 #2. Coffman

Even though Coffman can be very busy, the chairs and couches on the main floor are extremely comfortable. Plus, there are also a ton of other places to study on three other levels. Surprisingly the game room is a nice place to relax and work. Not to mention food can be found all throughout the place. This is also right in the center of campus, so it is easy to go to between classes. It also is connected to the Gopher way, so it’s easy to avoid going outside when it is freezing outside.

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 #3. 17th Avenue

Not only is it the nicest dorm, it also has great study lounges. Sneak in with a friend and  find a quite lounge with a beautiful view. The temperature can be controlled too, so it can be set to the perfect comfort level. It’s a great place to get a lot done. The dining hall there is also one of the best on campus, so getting food before getting to work is very nice. Or even getting food and then studying in the dining hall is convenient. There are lots of rooms to find a somewhat quiet space.

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 #4. Tim Hortons

Why not study where donuts and great coffee for a decent price can be found? It is a cozy place in Dinky Town to get a nice place to sit and study with some great snacks. It is an easy place to sit at for hours and concentrate on getting work done. It is close to most apartments, so it’s a nice location for upperclassmen. It will also make for a great place to meet up with others for group work or even with friends to study and eat with.

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 #5. The Recreation and Wellness Center

Who would have thought the gym would be a nice place to study? Seriously. There actually is a lot of comfortable and quiet space in the front entrance. There is a café and a fireplace which makes for a cozy place to work, even maybe workout after for a quick and healthy break. It has plenty of comfortable space that makes for great individual or group work. Also with a little exploration, other quiet spots throughout the gym can be found.

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There are so many great places to study at that aren’t at a library around the University of Minnesota. All around campus and even in Stadium Village or Dinky Town, great places can be found. It just takes some exploring of simple buildings and restaurants to find new and comfortable places to get some work done.

Ranking of Freshman Dorms at the University of Minnesota

None of the dorms at the University of Minnesota are horrible nor luxury but some are better than others. Depending on the location and age of the building, freshman dorm experiences are all different.

#1. 17th Avenue

This is definitely the nicest dorm on campus. It is new  and also happens to have the best food around. It is hard to get in there as a freshman because mostly sophomores and athletes live there. All the furniture is basically brand new compared to the other dorms and the food options are endless. Living in 17th is the best it can get.

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#2. Sanford

Sanford is another newer dorm at the U. It is closer to Dinky Town which is perfect for going out on the weekends, but it is a bit far from most freshman classes, but no worries because there is a bus stop right in front of the building. It has better food than Super Block dorms, which is also a plus. Living by all of the apartments in Dinky also makes it feel less freshman-y.

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 #3. Middlebrook

Even though it is on West Bank and way farther from most classes or any events on East Bank, it turns out to be one of the nicer dorms. It is newer and is also one of the better dining halls with a better variety of food. Also, West Bank has a lot to offer with cute cafes, restaurants and shops right by the dorm.

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#4. Frontier

In the Super Block, Frontier is probably the best. It is the newest out of them all and is a nice quieter dorm to be living in. It is in the Super Block with all the other freshman, so it is hard to miss out on events and it is close to most classes. It doesn’t have a dining hall, but there is one in two of the other dorms that can be reached very easily.

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#5. Centennial

Now this dorm is still pretty old, but the dining hall was recently updated and is very nice. Of the two dining halls in Super Block, it is the best one. It is a nice dorm, a little old, but still will create wonderful freshman memories, even if it isn’t the best on campus.

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#6. Territorial

This dorm is the party dorm. Loud weekdays and loud nights. Don’t expect to get too much studying done, especially on Thursday through Saturday nights. At least it will be fun though! It is an older dorm, so not the nicest on campus, but the crazy nights may make up for it.

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#7. Pioneer

This may be the least favorite dorm at the moment because it is very old, very not nice and has the worst dining hall food around, but it is currently closed and being redone. While is might have a bad reputation now, it might become the favorite by 2020 when it is done being remodeled.

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#8. Comstock

Comstock may actually be a nice dorm, but it is always so easily forgotten about. It is hidden behind Coffman and sort of goes unnoticed. While it is nice to be so close to classes, there is a huge downfall that is it is so far away from Dinky Town. Makes getting a nice dinner a bit hard. Food is fine but it is still an old dorm, so not the best place to be living.

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No matter what, freshman year will be a new experience. No matter what hall, the rooms are tiny so there really isn’t one amazing dorm, unless you have a single with lots of room (but that’s boring). Whether it is in the best or one of the least favorite dorms, it will still be a fun, exciting time.