10 Hardest Courses in Catawba Valley Community College

These hardest courses at Catawba Valley Community College make it challenging for students to pass from this semester to the next. Below are the most competitive courses for students, requiring a lot of hard work to get a good grade.


Group photo of students at graduation day

This course deals with promoting essentials skills for the social, academic and physical environment of students. It facilitates students with procedures, study skills, goal setting, motivation, and life management issues. This course also includes the resources which will help students to function effectively upon its completion and meet the necessary objections in educational perspective. It covers the broad aspects of student success in the premises which may be hard at first but practical implications make it easier to comprehend.


physiology of human body

Anatomy and Physiology are two courses which are difficult to comprehend together. The basic study of functions and structures are available in this course. It also covers the introduction to cells, homeostasis, acid-base balance, nutrition, tissues, and electrolytes. Also, learning about the human body in this depth is complex, which can be a hard thing to do. So, this course builds a basic understanding of the principles of biology/anatomy with the interrelation of physiology within it.


biochemistry and its relation with others sciences

This course deals with compounds of chemistry, which are organic and biochemistry. The approach to this course is with topics like properties, structures, reactions, and biological molecules. Understanding and learning content in this course can be difficult but through the workbook and exercises, students will distinguish basic chemical concepts while pursuing studies in their field of interest.


graph showing business cycle trends

Students will have to go through a lot of complex processes to learn the principles of macroeconomics. It is an aggregate version of income, employment, and prices. There are major topics which are taught under this course such as measures of economics, money, and banking, techniques for stabilization, fluctuations, demand, and supply and much more. It helps students to make wise decisions related to the economy and achieving the goals of socioeconomics by the end.


Picture of Durdle Door

The course deals with the hardest general physical geography with shaping out the minerals of the earth, and rocks on the landform. It places an emphasis on cartography, climate, geographic grid, fluvial processes, and mineral compositions. The requirement of learning the components is generally hard for students as they get started. But the more they interact with the processes, the easier it gets later on.


Basic greetings in French

Language learning is always a challenge for students in the beginning. This course helps in enhancing the fundamentals of the French language. So, the development of basic listening, writing, reading and speaking skill are tested in this course. Also, there are supplementary media and materials to help the students learn and practice on their off hours. Hence, speaking is the hardest part of this course and the most crucial one.


Picture showing African-American history

This course allows students to learn about the broad history of America. The culture of America in the historic times of the Civil War era, colonial and revolutionary times, migrations, development and much more. Also, the details are crucial to understanding and important for people to learn how America is leading in today’s challenging world. Thus, the significance of socioeconomics and culture development is hard to comprehend this subject.


calculus formula and solution

The concepts of calculus are always difficult for students. It is demanding, especially for those who wish to pursue their career in it. There is applications, integration and concept differentiation involved in this course. The course helps by drawing out real-life examples from businesses, economic and biological point of view.


 A man listing available advertising media

The complexity of the market and sales are never-ending. Students will be able to identify the topics related to media selection, sales promotions, advertising, marketing tools and most importantly, the right time to use a certain type of media to reach out to the audience. The effectiveness of reaching out in the industry is the most challenging part to learn in this course which is done through building the base covered in this subject.


Illness-Wellness Continuum

Studying concepts of healthcare is always hard at the beginning. This course emphasizes nursing, healthcare, and individual altogether. The concepts of cellular regulations, quality improvements, stress coping, metabolism learning, caring intervention and much more is offered in this course. Hence, three domains in one course are difficult to get started with for the students who wish to pursue in the nursing field.

Even if the university offers these hard courses, they can help students to develop their skills with the goal of maintaining their overall GPA and keeping it stable throughout. Also, it helps by showcasing their hard work and dedication towards the course to get through it successfully.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Castleton University

Castleton University is famous for offering some of the hardest courses that can be a deciding factor in a student’s success. It is because they are far beyond sole learning of concepts. Instead, students need to strategize different study methods to learn.

1. ARH 2012 Survey of Western art II

painting of 2 horses

This course is very broad because students need to study it from different domains. The art of the western world is not something that students take for granted. Instead, it covers the role of society, individual and various institutions in its spread and maintenance throughout times.

2. ARH 2030 History of architecture

Egyptian Pyramids

This course deals with the origin of architecture, which is hard and can be boring and very demanding. Students need to trace the development of architecture from the ancient Greek and Roman times to the present. Also, they need to analyze the role of art and other factors that led to its evolution.

3. FRE 1112 French II

French alphabets

This course in French is advanced and hard compared with its predecessor. It is because students learn about French culture, customs, politics, institutions of society, people’s way of life and many other things. Then, they need to do the comparison with their western culture which is what makes the course hardest.

4. FRE 1010 French Pronunciation

French pronunciation

This course is very hard because it deals with the lingual aspects of the language and culture. Students need to learn methods of pronouncing French words correctly with respect to phonetic symbols and transcription.

5. MAT 2015 History of Mathematics

Diagramatic presentation of Pythagoras theorem

This courses deals with the origin of the Math discipline and how the early numbers looked like. Also, it deals with the fact that mathematicians in the early days used to employ sticks and sand to do calculations. The evolution of calculators with the progress of time is an important concept that is hard. Students need to approach this course very carefully.

6. MAT 4035 Teaching Mathematics II

Teacher explaining mathmetical question to a student on board

Teaching mathematics is far more difficult than actually learning it. It is because every student has a different mindset and learning capabilities. So, this course deals with tough concepts of learning how to teach to different kinds of students.

7. OER 1210 Orienteering and camping

Rob Hill Presidio Campground

This practical course allows students to come out from their comforts zones and explore their surroundings. This course deals with the study of the challenges nature places before us and how students can become strong in dealing with this. Thus, with so much learning possibilities, the course is hard because it has a touch of reality and physical experiencing of nature.

8. OER 1170 Ice climbing

A man climbing Ice in Iceland

This course is only for those who love thrill and adventure. Climbing in harsh climates is no walk in the park. Instead, the course prepares students with some tough and enduring exercises that tests students’ patience to the core. This is the course hardest to pass given all these challenging activities.

9. WGS 3310 Feminist methods

Feminists and related concepts

The male counterpart who opts for this course in Gender studies will find that it is very hard to understand the workings of female mind. It is because a lot of brain working and complex thinking of females form the major part of the course. Understanding society from a female perspective is very hard.

10. WGS 4510 Activism and Advocacy

people doing protest against water pollution

This course in gender studies traces the origin of women empowerment especially from the voting rights event. The course deals with struggles women faced throughout their way to gain a place in society. And the hard part is approaching them through various viewpoints and approaches.

Thus, with such courses around, students will definitely fear the status of their GPA. But with hard work and focus, they can go the extra mile and be successful in their own way.

10 Hardest Courses at Colorado State University

Colorado State University excels in offering courses that require students to do a lot of studying. In this respect, students need to realize that only rote memorization of concepts will not mean they get to pass a course. These courses require a lot of analytical work for students to maintain their good GPA throughout the university classes. Here are some of the hardest courses at CSU:

1. PSY 100 – General Psychology

division of human brain as per psychological emotions

Although this course gives an overview of basic psychological concepts, students need to get mastery on them. In this respect, the course becomes hard. What adds another element of difficulty is the inclusion of science. Students need to approach all the psychological concepts with the scientific method to understand human behavior and mental growth.

2. LIFE 102 Attributes of Living Systems

Hierarchical nature of living systems

Students need to understand and approach the course from three broad domains. They include the levels of the organization, an evolutionary pattern in living systems and the extent of stability in living processes. Such a high level of understanding make the course hard to grasp.

3. PSY 250 – Research Design and Analysis

steps of research process

This course deals in detail with the aspects of research and this makes the course hard to approach. Through this course, students will realize that carrying out psychological research is no walk in the park. They need to follow all the tiniest details of research processes, recording of human behavior and make clear assessments through insight.

4. CHEM 111  General Chemistry I

periodic table made out of cubes

To approach this course, students need to do a lot of practical work and design hypothesis on their findings. The course requires a detailed knowledge of biological and physical sciences to understand general chemistry principles. These principles include complex types of chemical bonding and stoichiometry.

5. PH 122  General Physics II

Einsteins equation

This course includes hard topics such as electromagnetic radiation and its use in daily life. Also, complex electrical concepts such as circuits, nuclear physics, radiation, optics, and biological sciences concepts are present in the course.

6. CHEM 107 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

apparatus of chemistry lab

As opposed to CHEM 111 and 113, this course deals less with math and more with quantitative reasoning. So, to pass the course, students need to have a broad understanding and command on certain chemistry topics. They include atomic theories, gases, liquids, solids, acid and alkaline solution, kinetics and oxidation and reduction reactions.

7. STAT 301 – Introduction to Statistical Methods

chart showing statistical method

This course in statistics is highly descriptive. It is because it deals with inferring and summarizing data, deals with simple and multiple regression. Also, it deals with hypothesis tests, variant and power analysis and correlation.

8. AREC 202 – Agricultural and Resource Economics

cows eating grass in field

This course requires an in-depth study of how the market allocates and distributes resources. So, on the basis of such allocation, the course expects the students to analyze the decision makings of firms, government, and consumers.

9. CS110 Personal Computing

a girl working on computer by typing on a keyboard

Through lectures and lab work, students need to broaden their understanding of the use of personal computers. Also, they need to understand all the tools and software that will be necessary for them in conducting modern research. Also, the course teaches students about security networks, search engines and how to prepare professional documents and plot and analyze data. In this way, with all these concepts and understandings, the course is hard and demanding.

10. ACT 205 – Fundamentals of Accounting

a man checking balance sheet values using calculator

This course is very hard because it requires students to study accounting from wide perspectives. They include the role of economic events, financial information and recording, financial statements and the business decisions investors take in accounting principles.

With these hard courses out there, the studying at Colorado State University is far from easy. As these courses move away from simple learning of concepts, students will find it hard to approach them at first. But through continuous hard work and effort, they will become understandable in the near future.

10 Hardest Courses at California State University-Sacramento (CSUS)

Studies at the California State University-Sacramento (CSUS) are far from easy. Unlike high school studies when tudents just need to learn concepts, in university, students need to do mature learning. They need to understand the practical implications of what they study in textbooks. After university, you’ll be heading to professional life. So let us look at the hardest courses in at CSUS:

1. CHEM 6A. Introduction to General Chemistry

chemical structure of methane

This course, despite being beginner’s, is hard because it expects you to get grip on the basics. Thus, the students need to know the concepts of oxidation, reduction, chemical bonding, and stoichiometry. So, from the because it is a foundational course in terms of emphasizing the basics, this course can be hard.

2. BIO 125.  Body Fluid Analysis

 types of body fluid diagram

The reason this course is hard is that it is a combination of theoretical and practical work. All the fluids from the body need to undergo practical testing in laboratories. On the basis of results, students need to develop a thesis and correspond it with theory in books. This practical testing is something which students may find difficult.

3. ART 1A. Art in the Western World: From Stone Age to End of Middle Ages

picture of iron age of middle ages

The focus of the course is very broad and students need to develop a firm grip on its different approaches. Thus, it becomes hard to approach it. They need to study the art of the western world from the perspective of architecture, sculpture, painting, and crafts. In this way, you will learn to appreciate the importance of the Eastern Mediterranean and European cultures.

4. CHDV 135. Crosscultural Child Development

8 kids of different cultures

This course is very broad as it deals with child development from cross-cultural understanding. The students need to look at all the areas of child development. They include cognitive, cultural, socio-economic and physical aspects.

5. BIO 22. Introductory Human Anatomy

image of human anatomy

By making use of a detailed and systemic approach, the course deals with the study of the human body. It looks at the body from gross and microscopic viewpoints so that tiny details can come into study and contemplation. In this way, the course becomes hard.

6. GEOG 1. Physical Geography: The Distribution of Natural Phenomena

world map of natural hazard

In order to approach the subject, students need to do a lot of analysis of physical constituents of the earth. They include plants, soils, landscapes, processes and climate in different parts of the earth. Students have to compare them and then arrive at a conclusion. Thus, it is hard as it is different from rote memorization of concepts.

7. NURS 14. Pharmacology

different types of medicines

In order to deal with major categories of drugs, this course deals with hard pharmacology concepts. The students need to learn them and apply them in their analysis of the drugs. These concepts include pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and how to relate them in the therapy sessions.

8. CHIN 120. Chinese Civilization

ancient China huang he civilizations

Those English language students who opt for this course will find it hard as they need to understand the Chinese language first. In order to understand the Chinese language, they need to learn all its aspects. This includes phonetics, semantics, pragmatics and other linguistic aspects. Once they learn the Chinese language, only then they can understand the cultural achievements Chinese got through its language and culture.

9. AERO 1B. Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force II

In this course, students need to analyze the US air force through the development of air power, social media, and the air force structure. It is very hard to understand all the technicalities of the air force and prepare a conclusive thesis at the end of the course.

10. BUS 162. Project Management

project management and related concepts

The course is hard because it deals in detail about how to manage a business project. Thus, it focuses on aspects such as methods, tools, process, software, economic analysis, and product life-cycle mechanisms. These aspects are hard to grasp and require a lot of attention.

Thus, with these courses, it is clear that studying at thos university is far from easy. The students need to putin a lot of hard work and spend time to pass them so that they can maintain their GPA throughout.

10 Hardest Courses at Excelsior College

When a student goes to university, they find that their studies will be totally different. Rather than solely learning the concepts they will need to spend time thinking out of the box. In this respect, let’s explore some of the harder courses that require deep thinking and analysis at Excelsior College:

1. Eco 100- Micro Economics

graph of demand and supply

This course, although it appears easy, is no walk in the park. It is because students need to work very hard in applying the concepts of micro economics in real life situations. If they are learning about concepts of GDP, Inflation, foreign exchange, trade deficits, imports, and exports, they need to see their impact on the economy.

2. ACC315 – Intermediate Accounting II

balance sheet

This is the sequel to the intermediate accounting I and ideal for those who want to pursue a career in the accounting field. Thus, this course focuses on the accounting methods relating to plant, property, investments, liabilities, leases, tools, long-term notes and bonds.

3. ACC360 – Cost Accounting

diagrammatic presentation of elements_of_cost

This course expects that the students understand the deep concepts relating to accounting. They include management planning, control system, cost behavior, and cost accumulation network and methods.

4. BIO106 – Anatomy and Physiology II

Anatomy of human heart

This course not only discusses the respective roles of different bodily systems. It also gathers all the systems of our body and allows students to develop connectivity in them. So, circulatory, reproductive, digestive, nervous and other systems need connection and coherence.

5. BIO275 – Bioethics

bioethics and related terms

This course expects students to research deeply and critically assess the use of ethics in biological researches. Basically, the course looks at the ethical considerations of animal testing and expects students to do great in-depth research on it.

6. BUS222 – Business Communication

Businesswoman raising hand asking senior coach questions at team meeting

This course focuses on the skills students might require in order to interact in a global business environment. Also, the course explores the extensive use of information technology and computers to increase communication with different business environments.

7. BUS225 – Consumer Behaviors

factors influencing consumer behavior

Through this course, students will realize that operating a business is never from one side. In fact, businessmen need to study deeply the consumer purchasing and responding patterns. In this respect, the course has a psychological appeal. The course discusses the aspects of motivation, changing preferences, the scope of information technology and tastes and how it impacts consumer behaviors.

8. HUM300 – Ethics

sign board of ethics

The reason why this course becomes hard is that it uses multiple genres to approach ethics. It uses literature, film, art, cartoons, animations, and blogs to involve the students deeply in the subject. In this way, they can respond to deep human issues and the controversies that are prevalent in our society.

9. HUM306 – Creative Problem Solving

creative process of problem solving

This course explores the concept of problem-solving not through skill but through different tools in the workplace. Students need to study tools which will provide them the basis of approaching the emerging problems with creativity. Thus, the course expects a lot of analytical work and smart learning and full focus.

10. MLS693 – Social Justice and Societal Oppression

social justice and related terms

This course is very wide in scope and hard to tackle because it flows both in the present and past. The students need to explore the history of oppression in American society and analyze its implications in the present day.

Thus, with these courses, university studies become hard and full of stress. So, in order to overcome the hard part, students needs to work a little extra and show their full potential. In this way, they will be able to save their GPA from falling and get a good grade at the end of the semester.

10 Hardest Courses at Strayer University

Strayer University offers multiple courses in diverse fields of practical life. In this way, the university is different from others who focus on simple academics. In this respects, the Stayer University courses are hard and demanding. So, let us look at the extent of difficulty in these courses:

1. MKT 505 – International Marketing

globe representing components of international marketing

This course focuses on the pointers of international marketing. They include product demand and supply graph at a global level, marketing policies and ethics, channels, pricing, and legal aspects. In this way, due to being too broad, the course becomes hard to study.

2. MKT 510 – Consumer Behavior

a girl shopping grocery items in her shopping cart

This course expects students to get good command in analyzing the concepts of consumer behavior. The main focus of the course is on consumer relation to marketing strategies of various companies.

3. MAT 104 – Algebra With Applications

linear algebra questions

This course does not discuss the numerical of algebra. Instead, it allows students to apply algebra concepts. So, the areas where the students need to apply the concepts are probability, finance, and statistics.

4. MAT 300 – Statistics

Probability graph

Being a compulsory subject, the students need to pass it anyhow. Thus, all the vast topics of the subject are present in the course that the students need to get expertise. They include sampling methods, normal distribution, and central tendency and probability concepts.

5. ACC 206 – Accounting II

a man calculating values on calculator

Being an advanced course in accounting, the course discusses in detail the core accounting pointers. Thus, the course focuses on the use of accounting principles at the corporate level such as stocks, bonds, and business income.

6. ACC 307 – Federal Taxation

graph for federal taxation in the USA

In this course, students need to do an in-depth study of methods to federal taxation. Besides, the other concepts the course covers include tax deduction and credits, property, depreciation, and income realization.

7. BUS 302 – Management Concepts

5 functions of management

This course is hard to tackle because it does not introduce business management concepts in isolation. In fact, it requires the students to take into account the role of environment, managers, and skills of the authorities to make all the operations uniform and organized.

8. BUS 313 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

signboard for entrepreneurship

This course clearly shows students that a mere thought of starting a new business venture is not easy. People need to look at a lot of factors before starting a new project. They include venture opportunities, need of creating a good business plan, financing, and marketing principles.

9. HSA 515 – Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics

a nurse checking patient

This course explores major concerns in lawmaking regarding health care. Students need to learn the root causes that give rise to the creation of new health-related policies. Also, they need to look at how the lawmaking bodies revise the policies every year. Besides, the main focus of the course is to study it from an ethical and moral view. In this way, the course becomes hard.

10. HSA 300 – Health Services Organization Management

4 doctors taking patient towards emergency room

This course focuses only on the management aspect of health care organizations. Students get to know their management style, team working, the role of managers, use of technology, strategic decision making and more.

Thus, when difficult courses expect a lot from studentsincluding analyzing and responding, they become hard to study. But with sheer effort and quality time investment, students will find them easier to handle.

Top 10 Hardest Courses in Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is one of the leading national colleges in the country. Many of the notable US personalities have passed the university with flying colors by gaining competence in all hardest courses. Thus, it is true that the hardest courses indeed make university life very tiring yet the dedicated students pass them. It is because they require great reading stamina and continuous focus throughout. Also, in some cases, the students need to harbor the smart approach in studying them in order to pass them. So, let us have a look at some of the hardest classes at EMU:

1. MET 470- Mechanical Vibrations

The notes of the course mechanical vibrations

This course has a technical approach and expects students to show mathematical calculations of complex nature. In this way, they will be able to do the time, frequency and linear calculations. The concepts that the course addresses are very hard: oscillations, viscously damped and undamped system response, motion equation and discrete system analysis.

2. PSY 101- General Psychology lecture

Comparing the old and the new concepts in psychology

Although this course acts as a companion course with the PSY 103, it is highly difficult. It is because students need to exercise thorough reading of concepts and critically assess the theories. They need to apply concepts in present-day situations and different case studies. So, the course does not limit to learning the concepts but also its application.

3. MATH 110- Mathematical Reasoning

The banner of the course Mathematical Reasoning

This course first introduces the concepts of mathematical reasoning. Then, it expects the students to move ahead of just learning them. They need to develop the capacity of applying these concepts and arguing the importance of them critical in the light of contemporary situations. So, the top topics of the course that require practice and a firm grip are probability, statistics, and mathematical modeling.

4. SAG 105 – Introduction to Simulation, Animation and Gaming

Animation model

This course has a technological approach and introduces students to applications of hardware and software. Thus, the main focus is gaming and simulation, and the students need to harbor creativity and progressive skills in order to pass the color with good marks.

5. SWRK 120 – Introduction to Social Work Services and Professional Roles

A motivating banner for care

The focus of this course is to explore the dominant concepts of society such as crime and justice, mental health, family and child services, medical, industrial and public services. In order to understand the concepts and pass the exam, students need to develop a critical insight and philosophical approach. In this way, they will see beyond the big picture.

6. HIST 101 – Western Civilization to 1648 (Gen Ed Area IV)

Museum of Galileo

This course not only provides the details of the western civilization ending in the 17th century but also traces major evolutions. Students need to detect the changing patterns in the civilization cultures, thinking, critical approaches, concepts of reformation and the external influences of other civilizations on the Greco-Roman Empire.

7. GEOG 107 – Introduction to Geography (Gen Ed Area IV)

The world atlas

Although this is an introductory course preceding other courses students take in social sciences, it is hard. It is because the course expects that students strengthen their concepts regarding geography from the very start. If they fail to do so, then they will find difficulty in approaching the hard courses in social sciences in the long run. Thus, the students will need to do hard learning and totally understand the concepts with full focus and attention.

8. ARTH 161 – Survey of Non-Western Art (Gen Ed Area III, IV)

Non-western art

This course expects that students give a thorough learning and historical approach towards visual art. The hard part of this course is that it does not focus on western art which a majority of students know. Instead, the course discusses the artwork of various native people of Africa, Oceania, America, and Asia. And in the process, the students need to examine the importance of art in their cultures and way of life.

9. MGMT 490 – Business Policy

Picture of business policy

This course expects students to look beyond the concepts regarding business policies discussed in the books. The students should be efficient enough to understand the policies and see how well they can fit in present-day situations and case studies.

10. ACC 342 – Managerial Cost Accounting

Flow chart of managerial accounting

This course is purely evaluative and requires critical assessment. Students need to assess the managerial performances of different companies in the light of companies’ planning goals and objectives. They need to apply the adaptable budgeting system, profit, and loss relationships and different criteria to reach a conclusion.

Thus, with these hard courses, university studies become hard and difficult. However, if the students learn to approach these subjects smartly and study from day one, they can pass them out.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Ferris State University

University studies are undeniably hard. It is because the students do not only need to learn the concepts but must apply them in real life situations. This approach calls for critically assessing the topic and understand what lies beyond. So, here are some of the examples of hardest courses at Ferris State University:

1. ECON 221 – Principles of Macro Economics

The banner of macro-economics

Although the course discusses the concepts of macro-economics, students need to understand them very well. It means that they need to apply them in all the situations while analyzing the scope of the free market economy. They need to apply the demand and supply curve in instances such as the allocation of resources and price and income decisions. Also, they should gain efficiency in analyzing the falling market and economy situations and explore the reasons and the results.

2. HIST 250 – The Craft of History

 Painting of 2 girls

This course not simply teaches students the knowledge of all the events that happened in the best. Instead, it allows them to interpret the events in the light of modern perspectives and realize that everyone needs to learn from their mistakes. This course strives to enlighten your minds and introduce the zeal of arguing over past issues. In this way, they can draw connections with the present.

3. HIST 227 – American Business History

The old cheque

From the colonial times to the present, the course explores in detail the history and the development of corporate culture in the USA. In the process, major themes and concepts emerge. They include understanding the ethics, dealings with consumers and the critical thinking of the entrepreneurs that evolved over time. Thus, this course expects focus, reading stamina and a lot of time investment.

4. HVAC 132 – Fund of Heating-Mechanical System

System of air conditioning

The students need to develop command on drawing technical blueprints and sketching of mechanical aspects. Also, they need to do laboratory experiments on system identification, heating, and analyzing the use of fuel in different compositions. With such technicalities and hard practical work, the course becomes stressful and time gaining.

5. IDSL 840 – Qual Research Methods/Data Analysis

Diagram of data analysis procedure

Students need to approach this course with a good understanding and practically implying the concepts of data analysis. However, in the meantime, they also need to identify and include the limitations of quantitative data in their study. In this way, they should ensure that their research carries both sides of the picture.

6. ISIN 429 – Legal-Ethical Issues Infor Sec

The Diagram of security

Students need to carefully research the ethical and legal concerns in the field of information security. The research is not an easy job. They need to invest quality time and focus fully on the course in order to pass with good marks.

7. ISIN 305 – Developing A Web Presence

A man Using a laptop

Those students who do not have a web programming background will find the course hard. However, to make the concepts easy, they can look at different technologies that set the pace for the World Wide Web to function. In fact, independent study from different sources is what counts most to pass the course. In this way, web development, graphics and the uses of social media understanding require effort and time.

8. ISYS 325 – Networking Essentials

Image of communication protocol steps

This course has both a theoretical and practical appeal. The students need to learn the correct terminology in order to apply them successfully in practical work. All the concepts regarding system integration, establishing LAN, communication protocols and software and hardware makes the course hard.

9. ISYS 288 – Web Application Development

Difference between web application and website

The focus of the course is to present the students with the technical skills that they can use to develop web applications. Also, they need to understand hard concepts such as human communication, programming languages, client side and server side scripting and database interfaces.

10. HORT 151 – Landscape Plant management

Landscape designing

The reason why this course is hard is that students need to learn the theories regarding landscape management. Also, they need to apply these theories in practical situations. The students need to show understanding of environmentally friendly concepts, plant inspection, the ruling out of plant diseases and the concept of water conservation.

With these courses, the students may find it hard to maintain the GPA of their semester. However, if they become serious towards them and give quality time and smart study, they can pass with good marks.

Restaurants in or at California Lutheran University

Students studying at the California Lutheran University will find a lot of dining option both at the campus and outside. Those dining areas present on the campus ensure to keep the quality, taste, and hygiene of the food up to the mark. Also, they aim to give a suitable environment for the students that can cater to their specific needs. So, there the students can do a quiet study, group discussions or plan a get together with friends. Sometimes, when the students need to experience food outside the university, there are diverse dining solutions near campus. In this respect, let us see the dining solutions both within and outside campus:

1. Ullman Dining

A girl standing at fresh salad bar

This dining place within campus offers the students and staff with plenty of made-to-order food options. The place specializes in brick-oven pizzas, grilled items, salads and fresh fruits bar, pasta bar, deli counter, and bakery goods. The student and staff can tailor their meals with the help of a digital kiosk system.

2. Centrum’s Café

Entrance of cafe

Over the years, this café has been the top choice of all the students. In fact, it is the all-time favorite of every person on the campus. This café offers fine quality grill food and healthy salad options along with home-made hot beverages and refreshing drinks. The café environment is for all the students who want to do serious studying, type the lectures on a laptop or have a good time with friends. Its patio seating is very relaxing and perfect to sip a refreshing drink to beat the heat of the day.

3. The Royal Egg café

Juice and breakfast serving on table

The café is perfect for light morning breakfasts as it uses fresh organic ingredients to prepare the dishes. The ambiance of the place is highly inviting and warming. The place is clean, and the staff is very helpful and polite. Many students are seen having breakfasts and completing their assignments and skimming through their books before their scheduled test or quizzes. Home-made pastries and jams, sandwiches of different protein varieties, pancakes, fresh food, salads, and hot coffee are the place specialties.

4. 3 Amigos Restaurant

Mexican tacos

This dining place near the university campus offers a lot of Mexican delights. The students find the Chicken tortilla soup, breaded fish tacos, and Supreme Burrito very tasty and rank them as specialties. The food is up to the mark, hygienic and tasty as the hot sauces, chipotle and salsa complement them.

5. Cajun Crab shack

Seafood platter

Those students who need to taste made-to-order seafood dishes and authentic Cajun taste, this place is right to go. The servings of the restaurants are big, and the tasty and food quality is up to the mark. Full of flavors and spices, the checks cook the dishes to perfection. Students can opt for different flavors in their dishes such as lemon, garlic-butter, lime pepper, and Cajun. Fish and chips, crab cakes, Buffalo wings, shrimps, calamari and lobster complemented with potato, sausage and corn are the specialties.

6. Rachada Thai Cuisine

Thai soup

This restaurant specializes in offering Thai food and is a family-owned business. Thai soups and salads are the place specialties, and the taste is very yummy. Even the Indian students who love spicy food will not find the place disappointing. The environment is peaceful, and the food service is praiseworthy.

7. Cafe Firenze

The Italian speciality dish

The specialty of the restaurant lies in its environment. The open kitchen prepares fresh Italian food that is, and in the patio seating, the students enjoy the tasty food. The place offers a different kind of kinds of pasta and pizza options that are an all-time favorite of the students.

With these different dining places, University students can overcome the stress of their studies. In different environments of these cafes, they can relax, plan hangouts with friends or do serious studying while sipping coffee.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near CBU

California Baptist University is famous for offering its own dining solutions to its students. The food is hygienic, healthy and tasty just as the students prefer. Such food keeps them going until the rest of the day. Also, as university studies are very hard and demanding, students need a good dining environment. There, they can relax, have a good time with friends and enjoy tasty and healthy food. In this way, the university life becomes bearable and full of life. So, let us see some of the dining solutions within the university campus:

1. Alumni Dining Commons

The inside of the dining hall

Located in the heart of the university campus, this dining area is also a central residential eating place. The specialty of the dining areas lies in the fact that they offer the students and staff with all-you-care-to-eat food options. Also, they make very platter artfully attractive. At this dining area, there are a total of seven food outlets. They include a salad, home-made soup, make-your-own waffle, fresh fruit section, dessert, beverage, cereal, and ice-cream bar section.

2. Wanda’s

Students sitting of comfortable couches of the dining place

Among the students, faculty and the visitors, this is the most popular spot on the campus. This place has a great coffeehouse environment. Also, it is a perfect place for grabbing a quick or a refreshing beverage. Students and staff populate the place for many activities such as quiet reading or group discussions. In addition, Wanda’s also allowed the students and staff to dine on their charming patio that oversees the great Stamp’s Courtyard.

The special offerings of the place include home-made freshly brewed coffee, fresh baked items, smoothies, classic burgers, and snacks. Also, there is a wide variety of Mexican specials and made-to-order sandwiches.

3. Brisco’s Café

Students sitting in the patio

This café is an ideal place for friends’ hangout and having a fun time together. The students can dine in the beautiful open-air environment in the comfortable chairs and couches in the patio. Those students who want to do a quiet study or catch a few headlines on TV can take inside seating. This café opens its doors in the regular university hours and offer great lunch items that are tasty and light. The menu of the café changes daily.

4. El Monte Grill

People dining and sitting in the café.

This dining area is present in the Lancer’s Plaza and specializes in Mexican food. The place offers all the Mexican delights such as burritos, tacos, and salads. Also, what makes the Mexican food really tasty is the garnishing of salsa and guacamole on its top.

5. Foodology

People dining inside the restaurant

In the field of fresh produce, this dining place takes a new approach. With the need for little processing and simple ingredients, this place prepares homemade dressing, sauces, and spreads. Thus, without compromising on taste and flavors, these sauces and dressings are nutritious and healthy.

For those students who are in a hurry, homemade sandwiches in the display cooler are for them to grab.

6. Wang Cho Korean BBQ

BBQ platter

Situated at the Riverside Plaza, this restaurant offers tasty BBQ dishes that are light and healthy. It’s Angus Beef Brisket, and marinated Beef boneless and California Roll is among the specialty dishes.

7. Field House Restaurant and bar

Medium rare steak

Students who crave for a meal in a refreshing and relaxing environment can head for this restaurant. The place offers the best quality steaks, burgers, rustic pizzas, and fresh salads. The bar also offers the finest quality home-made cocktails and huge varieties in wine. Thus, a group of friends who want to share a good drink and give toasts to one another can visit this place at all times.

Thus, with these dining solutions on the university campus, the students will enjoy their time. It is because these places satiate their hunger and offer a good environment to study, relax and enjoy with friends.