10 of the Hardest Courses in University of Illinois

Although the level of difficulty perceived by students in each course is dependent on their IQ and mindset, specific courses are on the whole difficult. Therefore, at the University of Illinois, some courses are challenging to pass. It is because these courses have challenging requirements and the professors expect a lot from the students who opt for these courses. In this respect, these courses make the student to experience the toughest college classes. So let us see what are these hardest college classes:

1. Math 241 – Calculus III

 The principles of calculus and geometryThis is the third course in analytical geometry and calculus. They include advanced and robust topics related to multiple integrals, differentiation, vector analysis, Euclidean space, and line and surface integrals. You can only sign up for this course if you have signed up for Math 231 course. The course has four credit hours. Moreover, the course also requires the students to get prepared for two midterm assessments that have 1 hour 30 minutes duration and a full flesh 3-hour final exam. 

2.  MCB 150 – Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life

 Complex structure of the animal cellWith a requirement of 4 credit hours, this life science allows the students to get familiar with the basic concepts of cellular processes and its structure. Furthermore, the pinnacle of the course lay upon the distinctive aspects of micro-organisms and their functioning along with the procedures through which the cells assimilate into tissues and organs.

3. Math 231 – Calculus II

Euclidean and non-Euclidean concepts explainedThis is the second course in analytical geometry and calculus. The crux of the course focuses on polar coordinates, conic sections, infinite series and methods of integration. The applicants are required to sit in four levels of assessments; the first two are mid-term tests each having 90 minutes time frame, one is the mastery test, and other is a full 3 hours exam. The credit hours for this course is 3. And the prerequisite for non-HS students is the passing of Calculus 1 course or provide the university the equivalence of this course.

4. CS 105 – Intro to Computing

Computing; A necessity in academics and professional lifeThis course lays immense emphasis on the role of computing in the fields of academics and advanced professional life. It inculcates among the students the knowledge regarding the interaction of hardware systems of the computers with one another. This course is a fundamental requirement for those students who are opting either for a science or non-science subjects as their majors. Once the students gain expertise in this course, they can easily formulate spreadsheets and databases that are an everyday necessity.

5. CHEM 102 – General Chemistry 1

Practical, discussions and lectures in Chemistry labOnly those students can sign up for this course who have some background information regarding chemistry. This course allows the students to gain full command over principle concepts of Chemistry such as states of matter, atomic structure and bonding, chemical equations and balancing and stoichiometry. For CHEM 102 or CHEM 202, credit is not given to the students, but if they want to get credit from General education sequence, they need to complete the course CHEM 102 and 103. Upon completion, the students will receive Technology and National Science Credit.

6. PHYS 211 – Mechanics

Waves and oscillations explained through graphical illustrationsUnder the field of mechanical physics that the course offers, the students will get an all-encompassing knowledge on Newton laws with their applications. Furthermore, this course also covers topics work and energy, diagonal waves, oscillations, systems of particles and rotations. In addition to this course, the students will get a calculus-based approach while handling their subject majors in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering.

7. PSYC 100 – Introduction to Psychology

All the aspects of human behavior are covered under one courseThe focus of this course is wide-ranging. It gives the students an insight into human behavior patterns and aspects that govern their behaviors. These include memory, learning from all domains such as primary, secondary, educational and home-based and the emphasis of emotions. It also allows the students to see how humans are different from one another regarding intelligence, learning, discipline, mindsets, and personalities. Despite being wide-ranging, this course is comprehensive and will require a lot of reading stamina.This course includes six hours of experiments along with group discussions and lectures. Although the General Education board does not issue this course any credit, through this course, you can meet the requirement of General Education criteria for Social and Behavior Sciences course.

8. ECO 102 – Microeconomic Principles

An all-encompassing approach to economicsWithin the broader economic system, this course allows the students to decipher the role of consumers, marketers and decision makers. There is a profound emphasis on the role of government and external influences on the workings of the business and the changing nature of product markets. Although no credit is given, this course fulfills the conditions for the opting of Behavior Sciences and Social Sciences courses.

9. Math 221 – Calculus 1

 For those who come from calculus backgroundThose students who have any prior knowledge regarding calculus can only sign up for this course as this is not for newbies or beginners. This course focuses on necessary information regarding trigonometry, curve sketching, and principles of integration, fundamental theorem and Riemann integral. The content of the course is dense and that is why the students need to pay particular attention so that the basics of calculus becomes clear to them.

10. Math 125 – Elementary Linear Algebra

Algebra, Linear EquationThis course focuses upon the fundamental and straightforward knowledge regarding algebra, linear equations, vectors and how these concepts can be applied in economic functioning models, population growth, linear programming and least squares.At times the students do not have any choice but have to opt for these courses. Therefore, in order to pass these toughest college classes, students need to show their full potential and strive for the best. These hardest college classes will also help them gain exemptions for future courses in the long-run.

10 Library Resources at Kansas State University

The libraries of the Kansas State University host a diverse collection of databases, equipment, resources and research materials. In this respect, these libraries cater to the university’s vision to gain its esteemed place and leading position in the fifty public research centers. Along with pertaining to this vision, the K-State Libraries also aim to provide first-rate learning, research materials and amenities that would give rise to an erudite community.

1. Academic One File

An extensive coverage of journals

This database is a perfect beginning point for any topic of research. It is because this record extensively covers around forty million comprehensive full-text articles from different reference materials and journals. However, the students can only apply searches in this domain only on those articles that are referred publications.

2. ABI/INFORM Collection

Business management archives and records

These are the extensive collection of local and national newspapers that covers the topic ranging from business management, recent innovations and updates in business strategies, tele-communication networks in business to construction and layout of a business.

3. Abstracts in Social Gerontology

Extensive topic of social gerontology covered

This library resource comprises of around 82,000 documents and abridgments in respect to the broad topic of social gerontology. In addition to this diverse topics, there are also citations and abstracts relating to the field of psychology especially on aspects such as aging, abuse, elderly and society.

4. Accounting, Tax and Banking collection

Taxation journals and collections for learning and research

These erudite and advanced scholarly journals cover the taxation and accounting topics such as tax laws, tax administration, financial laws and methods of governance, risking management and banking.

5. African American Newspapers

Archives that relate the events of the civil war movement

These are around 270 newspapers that are published for and by the African Africans and include full text, pictures and descriptions. These newspapers the events that lead to the civil war and the experiences that the African American community faced. Also, it covers the Civil Right Movement and events that followed till the 20th century.

6. Researches, reports, journals, abstracts and books on Age line

The concerns of the ageing population

This resource comprehensively covers that section of the population that is 50 and above. And the topics discussed under this resource include elderly health care, nutrition, diet, ageing problems, concerns about Alzheimer’s diseases, retirement planning, fitness, and others.

7. Digital library of the Association of Computing Machinery

A collection of audio and video files

This section contains the newspapers, periodicals and conference reports from the Association of Computing Machinery. Along with that, the library is supplemented with over 600 video and 500 audio files.

8. Agricultural Online Access

A wide range of audio-visual equipment for agricultural access

Under this library resource, there are credentials and documents from National Agricultural library. Along with these citations, the library also houses, these, journals, conference recordings, documents that elucidate the role of agriculture in the state and the extension of services to the regional areas and audio-visual equipment.

9. All Music Guide

All-encompassing collection of music related files and documents

For jazz, classical or any popular music in the state, you will find a comprehensive collection of discographies, album reviews and biographies of singers and their respective songs.

10. History and life of America

Content showcasing the American history

On an estimate, this resource houses 1700 indexed journals and abstracts regarding the history of American and Canada.

Libraries at Kansas State University

1. Watson Library

Oldest libraries of the Kansas State- Watson library

Considered as one of the extensive and oldest libraries of the Kansas State University, this library houses research materials and resources that mainly focus on social sciences. So, you can find a comprehensive collection of resource materials on humanities, education, education, social welfare and journalism. In addition, this library also provides places that encourage both quiet secluded reading and group discussions. There are around 80 computers for the use of KU faculty and students.

2. Anschutz Library

Students preparing for exams in the Anschutz library

In 1989, October, Philip Anschutz, a former student of the university and a magnate in the field of telecommunications, named this library after his parents. This former student of the university has enough expertise and affiliations with different media and entertainment industries, sporting teams, real estate and railroads. And this library houses resource materials in relation to these topics.

3. Kenneth Spencer Research Library

The library that celebrates its 50 years of unique standing

This library consists of books, photographs, manuscripts and reading materials that cover an extensive range of subjects. All of these resource materials are categorized under the University Archives, Special Collection and Kansas Collection. The Kansas collection primarily houses those records and archives that elucidate the background of the library divisions of the campus libraries and also covers the history of the Kansas region.

4. The Library Annex

Large storage space for low-use library necessities at Library Annex

This extremely large storage library is renowned for housing low-use library materials. The reason why this library was constructed so that those reading materials that are obsolete and cease to have any importance can be transferred to this library. In this way, the space of the main libraries of the main campus can increase. This library is situated on the west campus of Kansas University and designed in accordance with the Harvard library model.

5. Kansas City Public Library

An awe-inspiring view of the Kansas City public library

At the Kansas City Public Library, you will find that numerous neighborhood librarians will be at your assistance. There you can have a golden opportunity to discern different community events that will offer you with various learning possibilities along with media resources.