10 Hardest Courses at NC State University

University courses are challenging because they are supposed to prepare the students for their professional career. Through these subjects, students polish their skills to face the ups and downs that they will face in their professional careers. Every university offers some courses that are hard for the students to study. NC State University is no exception. The ten hardest courses provided by NC State University are:

1. AES 323 – Water Management

Circular water management

This is one of the toughest courses that NC State University offers. The students find it so hard due to the complex management of water systems. Students will be learning about the principles of water management allied to the agriculture, soil conservation methods, drainage systems, hydrologic cycle, pond construction, irrigation, environmental laws, solutions of these problems and much more.

2. BCH 351 – General Biochemistry

a series of biochemical molecules

All living things have complex internal structures that allow them to function the way they do. Through this course, students will be learning about the chemical reactions behind biological processes. So this subject includes all the hard topics from biochemical properties, structures, functions, metabolic processes, protein synthesis, carbohydrates, lipids to the pathways of glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, etc. This course will require a lot of memorization so be prepared!

3. CSC 216 – Programming Concepts – Java

components of java development

Java is a very popular programming language. However, as with most programming courses, it proves to be very difficult for students to get used to this language. Students will learn about software system testing and design. Additional topics also include composition, polymorphism, structures of linear data, encapsulation, inheritance, types, and functions of data, resource management, and many other software technologies.

4. EC 201 – Principles of Microeconomics

Words related to microeconomics

It is another course that seems hard for the students because it includes topics about the principles of Microeconomics. The major topics include demand and supply, pricing system, policies of the government, income redistribution, free trades, free markets, international trading, labor markets and many other streams related to Microeconomics.

5. FLF 212 – French: Language, Culture, and Technology

Eiffel tower

Learning a foreign language is difficult. Students have to learn sentence structures in French, vocabulary and become familiar with technological and cultural issues. But a bonus is that students will be able to go on various field trips to learn how to better communicate in French.

6. GD 310 – Visualization, Representation, and Display

Graphic arts design

You may think that graphic designing only involves visual things. But this course will actually teach you how to use complicated software and innovative technology. Additionally, you will learn how to interpret, document websites send subjects, strategies of image formation, visual essay, panoramas, interviews, and other creative visual displays.

7. ISE 216 – Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

3 processes of product development

It doesn’t matter which stream of engineering you are studying; engineering proves to be difficult for most people. This course is no different. It will teach about the fundamental knowledge about product development, product specification, quality, concept generation, environmental design, prototyping, assembly designs and many other industrial works.

8. MA 242 – Calculus III

Calculus text with equations and graphs

Mathematics has always been a hard-hitting subject for the students, whether you are in elementary school or in university. Students find this calculus hard because it has all the problematic topics include, vector functions, vector algebra, gradients, partial derivatives, Divergence Theorems, Green’s Theorems, etc.

9. NTR 220 – Food and Culture

culture spelled out in cereal in a bowl of soup

Students usually find this course tough because it teaches about many different cultures and traditions of food globally. Also, the flavors, different cuisines, ingredients, history of specific cuisines, and everything related to various food cultures of own regions and internationally are also taught.

10. PP 222 – Kingdom of Fungi

a group of white mushrooms

Studies of fungi could be difficult for some as this is a very unfamiliar topic. However, fungi have a multitude of usage in modern medicines. You will learn about the ecology of fungi, medicines made from fungi, their diseases, molds and mushrooms.

These are ten of the hardest courses that NC State University offers. Due to the complicated topics present in these courses, students usually do not enroll in these courses. Even though these courses have so much worth around the world but it is very challenging for students to pass them.

10 Hardest Courses in Saint Leo University

There are various courses that every university offers that are very challenging for the students. This is because you are learning in-depth about the topics. Saint Leo University also offers some challenging courses. If you would like to avoid picking them in your undergraduate years, we have compiled a list for your reference! Here is a list of the ten hardest courses in Saint Leo University.

1. CRM 230 – Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene "do not cross" tape

Study of crime is very challenging for the students due to the complexity in investigating the crime scene. This also makes this course one of the hardest courses offered at Saint Leo University. You will be learning about critical concerns about the crime scene, methods to eliminate those concerns, search patterns of the crime scenes, and ways to find the evidence.

2. COM 203 – Computer Systems

a computer processing chip

Computer courses are always hard for the student. No matter what stream of computer you are studying, its complex composition, hardware and software require a lot of time to get used to and learn. This course covers the topics of introduction to networking, hardware, software, processor technology, storage, data representation, systems software, etc.

3. ACC 302 – Intermediate Accounting II

Income tax act book

The students may find this course hard because of the complicated principles of accounting. It also includes topics such as equity, accounting changes, revenue realization, leases, income taxes, financial statements, and many other complicated processes.

4. SOC 201 – Globalization

A web linking different locations around the globe

Globalization has great impact on every part of our society. It has effects ranging from cultural, social and economic perspectives resulted from the different connections between several parts of the world. This course gives you an understanding about the intricate processes of globalization, social justice, the consequences and causes of globalization.

5. HTY 339 – Readings in History

History section at a book store

History seems daunting for the students it deals with all the details that happened in the past, rather than the present. Topics covered include: politics and history of America, the events of 18th, 19th, and 20th century, the researches and findings of the past and how the historians used those finding to inform future improvements.

6. MKT 310 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing channels: social media, blogging, SEO and more

Marketing in this era is now becoming more and more complicated by every passing day. From simple printing marketing, to the digital marketing that’s prevalent now. Students may find it so challenging to understand the concepts of marketing strategies, integrated communications, advertising and branding and other demanding tasks related to the marketing of the business.

7. SPA 320 – Introduction to Spanish-Speaking  Cultures

Word cloud of frequently used spanish words

Foreign languages are always tricky for non-native students. Spanish is one of the hardest languages; that’s why students avoid picking this course. The topics include the introduction of the Spanish language, its culture and tradition, linguistics, socio-historical events, communication in the Spanish language and much more.

8. HRA 340 – Organizational Training and Development

different elements of human resources

Human Resources is also one of the hardest courses that the students find it difficult because of the modern technology and methods used for human resource training and management. Training and development are also becoming complicated in this field to better improve the efficiency and teamwork within an organization.

9. SOC 321 – Methods of Social Research I: Quantitative Methods

Words related to sociology

Students find this course challenging because of the methods and techniques of social research. It also includes research design, hypothesis testing, measurement, analysis of statistical data, construction of tables and graphs, univariate, bivariate and many other tough topics.

10. BIO 223 – Botany

plants growing on the soil

Botany means plant sciences. It is challenging for students to understand the processes of plants as it is very different from human sciences. This course covers the topics of the plant kingdom, the evolution of plants, their life processes, their relationships with other plants and with the environment, etc.

These are the ten of the most challenging courses that the Saint Leo University offers in its undergraduate programs. Most of the students don’t like to study these courses as these could be very complicated and there’s a lot to study. But once they started taking an interest, they will enjoy learning these subjects.

10 Hardest Courses at Triton College

The hardest courses at Triton College are not easy for all students to pass. Students will have to stay focused and attend the classes regularly. They will also have to take a lot of notes to pass the final exam and move to the next level to graduate.

1. ACC 266 – Cost Accounting

diagram showing Limitations of Cost Accounting in  colourful bubbles

This course deals with the study of costs and revenues of the small to large businesses. Students will also learn about profitability and its effect on the companies. Along with that, they will also discover the usage of cost accounting. Topics included in this course are about budgeting, pricing, research and development, production planning and more.

2. CIS 224 – Managing a Network Environment

pie chart showing components of network management

Students will learn about the concepts of management and methods about server computers, managing clients and sharing drives and printers. Moreover, they will also discover the storage resources, active director services along with monitoring server health and security. This course will be hard to pass because of technical work which requires complete focus and practice.

3. HTH 281 – First Aid & CPR

Do’s-Don’ts-of-First-Aid-CPR-Training shown in a cartoon image

Students will explore the basics of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), fundamentals of first aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Furthermore, they are required to earn the certification of six months from Basic Life Support and the American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid to complete this course.

4. CHM 234 – Organic Chemistry I

 chemical structures of different drugs

This course explores the chemistry of compounds. It is a study of organic molecules, nomenclature, reaction mechanism, and synthesis of different organic compounds. Also, there will be an analysis of alkanes, alk+yl halides, alcohols, phenols, and alkenes. Students will find this course hard because of extensive lab work and lengthy reaction equations.

5. CIS 263 – Int to Object-Oriented Program

Object oriented programming features

This course is an introduction to object-oriented programing. It is a challenging course because of lengthy concepts and a lot of practice. Topics included in this course are inheritance, frameworks, classes, patterns, and designs. Students will also practice the object-oriented application programs by using python language and Java.

6. MUS 216-001 – Music in America

pie diagram showing popular music genres in percentages

This course focuses on musicians and music in America. It represents the colonial times with endless discussions in the classroom. Students should attend every lecture to pass this class and take notes regularly. This course will also discuss the social life of Americans and how it influences the traditions of music.

7. SOC 225 – Racial & Cultural Minorities

group photo of people from different cultures and groups

This course is an analysis of ethnic, racial and religious presence in the world. Topics included in this course are about social movements, social problems, inter-group problems, and government policies. Students will have to read a lot by remembering the critical dates from history. This course will be hard to pass if they are not taking an interest in learning about different minorities.

8. NUR 290 – Leadership in Mgmnt Patient Care

picture of doctors and nursing staff  discussing something

This course deals with the nursing process and exploring the management styles of taking care of individuals or groups. Students will learn about communication and coordination with the health care team members and patients. They will also practice the responsibilities and evaluate the clinical performances of each other. Students will also interact with patients to provide services under the supervision of the top management.

9. PSY 216 – Child Psychology

teacher and student in class smiling for picture

This course is based on research and theory about the psychological development of children. The physical development from conception to the adolescence of a child will also be discussed in the class. Students will learn different topics such as biological factors like linguistics, cognitive, physical, social, emotional and moral development. They will also deal with real-life situations and analyze the cognitive ability of the child.

10. PSY 210 – Theories of Personality

list of different personality theories

This course deals with empirical research and theories related to personality development. Students will also do the assessments of different kinds of personalities based on theories. Topics included in this course are about ego analytics, social learning, neopsychoanalytic, humanistic and cognitive behaviors. This course will be tough for the students because of long and detailed theories which they are required to memorize.

These hardest courses can become easy if the student study them regularly. Students have to give proper time to study to learn about it and apply it during the exams which shows that they are aware of the topic completely.

10 Hardest Courses at Truman State University

Truman State University offers the hardest courses for the students to learn the skills in coping up with tough roads. Students will have to put in all their efforts to complete the courses and move on to the next semester.

1. BSAD 234 – Legal Environment of Business

External Environments of Business slide presentation showing icons

This course is an overview of the legal system in America. It includes the topics of government regulations for businesses, labor, employment, and contracts. Moreover, it focuses on personal property and international laws. This course will be hard to pass because of the detailed information on each topic for the final exam.

2. ACCT 220 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

word cloud of financial accounting related terms

This course is an introductory course in financial accounting. It is hard for students because it involves a lot of studying and practice. So, topics included in this course are about accounting principles, accounting equations, double entry transactions, ledger formation and more. Students will use the information to make business decisions using case studies.

3. STAT 220 – Fundamentals of Data Science

5 vs of big data illustrated in a chart

This course deals with the broad study of data science covering many topics in statistics. Topics included are about data handling, predictive modeling, visualization, machine learning and more. This course will be hard to pass because it requires student to use a computer along with learning the concepts by reading. Students will have to spend extra time learning and getting through this course.

4. ECON 200 – Principles of Macroeconomics

graph demontrating relationship between real gdp and price level

This course emphasizes terms, concepts, and tools for macroeconomic analysis. Students will also learn about the economy’s income, price, employment, output, and interest rates. They will also examine the monetary and fiscal policies using different approaches. This course will be hard to pass because of numerous lengthy topics which students have to apply during the final exam.

5. CHEM 320 – Foundations of Organic Chemistry

organic chemistry and related fields showed in different bubbles

This course is about nomenclature and physical properties related to organic chemistry. There will be discussions about proteins, sugars and nucleic acid. Students will also learn about alkenes and alkynes, acid-base reactions, chemical bonding, organic acids and esters, and many other related topics. So, there will be a lot of lab work and reading involved in this course.

6. LING 238 – Introduction to Linguistics

wordcloud for linguistics

This course is the study of functions and forms of human languages. Students will learn about the analysis of phonetics, description of semantic units, syntactic and morphology. They will also learn the role of dialects within society, which is a variation within languages. Topics included will be about classification, acquisition and development of language. Moreover, it requires students to study topics through research on their own to be aware of conceptual questions in the final exam.

7. ART 201 – Design, Software, and Process

picture of a chart for the basic waterfall model for software development

This course is about entry-level communication about visualizations. It introduces the concept of design software process. Students will learn about the design, production, and pre-press in this course. They will also use the technical aspects of visualization, which will make the course hard to pass if they do not pay attention to it.

8. CHEM 222 – Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

connectedness between qualitative and quantitative analysis shown in a graph that compares and contrasts both

This course deals with the theory of analysis in the labs. Students will learn about topics related to acid/base titration, trace analysis, gravimetric analysis, and pH titration. Moreover, they will have to practice the learned material to pass this subject. This course introduces students to techniques and principles through proper quantitative chemical analysis.

9. MATH 263 – Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

equation of circle in analytic geometry

Students will learn about the techniques, and applications of integrals, integration and polar coordinates. Along with that, they will also study about infinite series and vector functions. This course will be hard to pass if students do not attend every class and take notes regularly. Students will have to practice functions daily to pass this course with a good grade.

10. POL 250 – Introduction to International Relations

flags of different countries

This course deals with international relations using the current and historical examples for theoretical understanding. Students will also learn about the methodological tools within the social sciences area. Topics covered in this course are related to the war causes, analysis levels, investments, finances, international trade and more. So, this course will be difficult to pass as it deals with multiple aspects of international relations. Moreover, students will have to do a lot of research of their own to understand the topics completely.

The hardest courses in this university are not impossible to pass. If students want to study in groups, they will be able to discuss these courses and get through the final exams easily.

10 Hardest Courses at NU

Northwestern University offers the hardest courses to the students to polish their abilities and skills in dealing with tough situations. Each course demonstrates practical situations so that students can find solutions. Students will be able to pass these courses if they work hard with dedication to graduate successfully.

1. ACCOUNT 201-CN – Intro to Financial Accounting

 financial accounting and related terms

This course deals with financial accounting processes. It requires students to communicate, identify and record the accounting information through external users. The course discusses the GAAP framework and the relevance in association with financial statements. Students will learn about the transaction analysis, inventories, liabilities, cash management, and long term assets. This course will be hard to pass as students will have to practice a lot before their final exam to have a good grade in it.

2. ACCOUNT 350-DL – Auditing I

flow chart of data auditing

This course emphasizes on the procedures and principles of auditing. There are foundational concepts which students have to understand by determining the evidence and techniques of executing audits. Students will learn about specific ethical issues such as fraud risks, key audits, auditor independence, statement line for client and debt. Moreover, there will be assignments for homework daily, which can make it tough for the students to cope with this subject.

3. ADVT 370-CN – Intro to Public Relations

public relations and related channels

Public relations course deals with the management functions of the organization, whether it is private or public. It teaches the students about marketing disciples including the communicating affairs, media relations, corporate reputation, and government affairs. Also, there will be a high emphasis on PR, as it is an effective method of interacting in the social circle. Students will learn about media relations, PR counsel, crisis management and drafting the PR message.

4. AFST 390-CN – Anthropology of Organizations

inside picture of an office

This course deals with the approach of ethnography by examining the daily practices and functions of the organizations. It communicates the values, goals, activities, and management of the organization. So, students will have to apply the approaches on the government agencies which is the hard part of the course. Also, they will have to draw a report on real cases to pass this course with a good grade.

5. ANTHRO 211 –  Culture and Society

picture showing people from different cultures

This course is the study of time and space across humanity. It focuses on the differences between human beings recognizing their culture and social environment. Students will study a different class, race, gender, age, etc. They will also discover the research methods through reading research and experiments about ethnography. This course will be challenging to pass if the students do not take out time for studying.

6. BIOL_SCI 215-CN – Genetics and Molecular Biology

structure of DNA

This course deals with the molecular and genetics of biology. It covers the inheritance topics like the function of genes, DNA mechanisms, RNAs, proteins translation and the natural selection process. So, students will have to read a lot as it is a theoretical subject which can be hard for them. Also, they will have to remember the basic concepts to apply them directly under the scenario of questions given in the final exam.

7. HISTORY 250-A – Global History: Early Modern to Modern Transition

history and related concepts

This course focuses on the study of the population about 500 years ago in different continents of the world. Starting from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, it teaches the students about communication and trade globally. It also emphasizes the foundations in the global world. Students will explore the contemporary world origins along with the transition of history from the Agrarian times till the Modern Era. This course will be hard for the students as it includes thorough detail from the past where they will have to remember dates and little details of each event.

8. CHEM 210-A – Organic Chemistry

chemical equation

This course deals with the basic concepts of organic chemistry. Topics included are resonance, reaction mechanism, Nomenclature, hybridization, and stereochemistry. Moreover, it will also cover the reactions of alkenes, alcohols, and halides. Students will have to work both in lab and theory to pass this course with high marks.

9. ECON 311-CN – Macroeconomics

graph between real GDP and price level

This course covers the monetary policies and macroeconomics by recognizing the behavior towards the economy overall. The emphasis is on the economic crisis in the US and Europe region. Topics included are inflation, income, growth, unemployment, the rate of interest and investment. Moreover, students will learn about the fiscal policy in detail, which is the hardest part of this course as it includes numeric which need a lot of practice to pass with a good grade.

10. COMM_ST 363-CN – Bargaining & Negotiation

customers bargaining on vegetable price

Students will explore the negotiation and bargaining power in this course. They will identify the processes of managerial, theoretical and social activities. So, this course is an overview of the approaches, methods, concepts, and research on negotiation and bargaining. Students will have to work on both theoretical and practical approaches to pass this course. Also, they will have to develop their strategies and tactics to improve their negotiation and bargaining powers by demonstrating it through presentations in the class.

Students can pass these courses if they pay attention to the concepts and keep their practice consistently. Without wasting any time, they have to study continuously so they can graduate with a high GPA.

10 Hardest Courses at Northern Kentucky University

If you want to pass these hardest courses at Northern Kentucky University, you have to pay complete attention to the students. These courses help the students to educate themselves about various subjects and their implementation in practical life. Students can pass all these courses easily if they invest most of their time in studies during university life.

1. ACCT 200 Principles of Accounting I – Financial

components of financial accounting

This course deals with the business transactions measurement along with the accounting cycle. Students will learn about the external parties included in income statements, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Moreover, they will also learn about the stakeholder’s statement by providing analysis over it through the GAAP valuation which will be the hardest part of this course. There will be analysis on receivables, inventories, cash, long term assets, and liabilities.


 image of 5 skulls

This course deals with the themes and concepts of biological anthropology. It includes the topics related to primate behavior, human genetics, the relation of human cultures, biological organisms and human evolutions. Along with that, students will have to collect the evidence from the fossil remains and provide reports on it which will analyze their understanding of the topics.


human skeleton

This course emphasizes on the functions and structure of the organ systems within humans. There are topics related to the functions of systems like cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and more. With the theoretical study, students will also have to work in a lab for practical work to acquire a good passing grade in this course. The combination of human anatomy and physiology is hard to pass unless the students pay attention in class. They have to read a lot on their end to understand the topics before the discussion in the class.


Components of Information System

This course is related to the information systems of businesses. It defines the scope of the project and students will learn various scales of objectives. There is a lot of research in this course which can make it tough for the students to pass it with a good grade. The assignments in this course are practical-based which the students have to present to the class every week.


A man giving presentation

This course is about professional development in the students for their business life. It helps the students to learn about the ethics and business rules which they have to follow in the future. Students will learn about the behavior during their career employment interview through demos. It prepares the students for career orientation and professionalism in the real world. This course will be hard as students have to pay complete attention to learn little details of business professionals.

6. DSC 311 Data Analytics

4 Types of Data Analytics

This course is a study related to the process of data analysis. Students will discover the topics about data visualization and analysis, presentation of data analysis results, modeling techniques and many more. Students need to practice a lot to pass this course as it requires constant effort and attention.

7. COM 520 Relational Communication

2 girls shaking hands

This course is about developing skills for interpersonal communication. Students will learn and build an understanding of the role of sustaining healthy conversations in social or personal relationships. Also, there will be multiple theories for the students to explore along with self-application and concepts. So, this course will be hard to pass without practicing it and bringing improvement in their skills.

8. CIT 436 Web Server Administration

picture of globe and laptop

This course deals with the web server configuration and the admin concepts. Students will learn the installations on the system and the proxy server. Along with the theoretical studies, there will be great emphasis on practical work. The more students will practice the web servers, the better chance for them to pass this hard course. Alongside, the topics will also include the analysis of the web environment and monitoring it.

9. CSC 425 Artificial Intelligence


This course deals with the techniques and concepts of Artificial intelligence. It teaches the students about the systems and the heuristic search which is found in the AI. Topics included in this course are related to the AI language, neural networks, natural processing of language and more. The course seems difficult in the beginning, but with constant study, it will be easier to pass.

10. JUS 310 Police Management

Policeman riding his bike

This course is interesting for students who like to pursue a career in criminal justice. Also, it focuses on the operational services of criminal investigation, juvenile units, patrol, traffic administration, and intelligence. So, students will have to look into the administration and structure studies both to pass this course successfully.

With the help of instructions and proper attention from the students, they will be able to pass these hardest courses. The road to success is never easy, but if you are dedicated to it, you can achieve the goal with distinction.

10 Hardest Courses at Husson University

The hardest courses at Husson University are challenging to pass, but through constant dedication and effort, students will be able to get through them. It is vital to maintain complete focus and pay attention to get the most out of these difficult classes.

1. AC 253 – Accounting Internship III

A man doing accounting work on computer

This course is experiential which means students intern for an accounting related positions in a non-profit organization or a business. Students will learn about multidisciplinary accounting elements along with finding their placement site during the internship. This course is hard because it requires students to apply accounting concepts to real-life situations. Along with that, they have to report to the internship director daily with their progress report which can be quite challenging.

2. AC 471 – Accounting for Nonprofit organizations

Accounting Cycle for non-profit organizations

This course deals with fund accounting and financial statements of universities, hospitals, and local government entities. Students will learn about the general financial principles, and operations, general funds, capital improvements and revenue fund. Along with these, they will also discover debt service funds, agency funds, and propriety funds. This course is hard to manage due to multiple concepts and students have to excel in each to pass the subject.

3. BA 210 – Economics Overview for Non-Business Majors

Economics and related theories and concepts

This course is an overview of macroeconomics and microeconomics concepts for the non-business majors. It includes topics such as the intro to American capitalism, elasticity, supply and demand, price and output determination and consumer demand. Moreover, the course will be difficult to pass because of other topics inclusion like inflation, government fiscal policy, and national income account details.

4. BA 440 – Small Business Management

sign boards showing success and failure

This course deals with current small business managers and their concepts for starting small businesses. Topics covered in this course are problems arising for small business startups, management of operations, administrative control and financial control. It has strong emphasis over the financial picture of the business with the combination of discussion and lecture during class hours. The challenging part of the course is when the students will have to present their own experience by interacting with multiple small businesses.

5. CJ 101 – Intro to Justice & Pub Safety

Picture of 2 policemen

This course may be difficult at first for the students as it introduces the students to criminal behaviors, the social reality of crime and uncountable laws related to criminal justice. Moreover, students will exercise the roles of prosecutions, the role of law enforcement, the court system, defense, and juvenile justice. It will be a hard course to pass due to frequent visits to courts and working with the law agencies to understand the criminal justice system.

6. HY 111 – United States History

Historical painting of government of USA

Students will discover the social, economic and political growth of the US from the time of the 1620s till the Civil War in this subject. There will be a wide view of colonial settlements, revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and Jacksonian Democracy. Moreover, students will learn about the causes of civil war and the obstacles during the reconstruction era. It will be a hard course to study because of detailed history to remember.

7. FA 120 – Drawing I

drawing of human eye

Drawing I may seem to be an easy course, but it focuses on the details of the drawing. It is an introductory course which focuses on the fundamentals of white and black drawing. Students will explore the direct observation regarding the principles of Design and elements of Arts. It is necessary for students to draw accurately and according to the rules to pass this course.

8. MS 141 – Contemporary College Algebra

Algebra formula

This course teaches students about algebra, functions in modeling and problem solving, quantitative literacy and other mathematics disciplines. The challenging part of this course is when students have to present real-world situations by interpreting mathematical models. It will be hard for the students to formulate problems, validate them and analyze them through algebraic techniques.

9. LC 101 – Foreign Language Level One

names of foreign languages in a word cloud

This is an introductory course for language. Students will develop the basic competency for communication of a certain language they prefer. Moreover, they will have to understand the culture and basic grammar. The course will focus on student’s listening, reading, speaking and writing skills of the language. To pass the course, students will have to present the best pronunciations of the language through their aural skills.

10. HU 102 – Introduction to Film Studies

A girl recording the scene in film camera

This course deals with feature films history from the silent era until the age of digitalization. The special emphasis of this course is on the directors and films which are the best of both eras. Students will have acquaintance with the film theory and hone skills like critical thinking and clear writing. Along with that, they need to develop solid interpretation skills by engaging in conversations.

Thus, courses are hard to pass, but when students attend classes regularly and take notes, it will surely help them. It is important to stay up to date with every course to pass with distinction in all the courses.

10 Hardest Courses at Indiana State University

These hardest courses are quite challenging for undergraduate students to pass. They can have a tough time studying and passing with good marks. However, with attention and constant efforts, students will be able to ace their class. Here are the 10 hardest courses at Indiana State University:

1. ACCT 311 – Cost Accounting

chart showing elements of cost

This course deals with the fundamentals of cost accounting. It includes topics such as planning and control, profitability analysis, processes, and budgeting. The hardest part of the course is budgeting where students will have to memorize formulas. Moreover, there are standard cost accounting problems which the students need to solve daily in the classroom to stay in practice.

2. HIST 201 – The United States to 1877

Picture showing Great Works

This course teaches all the important events which occurred in 1877. From the start of industrialization, great depression and how it was overcome. The time of WWI and WWII is also discussed thoroughly to build the understanding in students about struggles of the country. Overall, it teaches the students about the discovery, settlement, and reconstruction of the United States. The course will be hard to pass as it revolves around numerous dates to remember.

3. MKTG 332 – Buyer Behavior

Factors impacting buyer behavior

This course deals with the application and analysis of social, psychological and cultural influences regarding buying behavior. As being one of the vital courses of marketing, it requires a lot of research in order to understand the topics. The hardest part of this course is to do a lot of research and remember the concepts at the same time. It also emphasizes the interrelationships of marketing actions and the behavior of the buyer.

4. ENVI 130 – World Cultures and Environments

picture showing people from different cultures

This course is a complete study of cultural variability, would cultures and environments along with human interactions. Moreover, it focuses on different regions around the world by explaining the environments in which human survive. Students will find it hard to remember small details about the cultures but with a lot of reading, they will be able to pass this course.

5. BUS 263 – Legal Environment and Business

A red pen placed on contract paper

This course deals with business legal environment and consumer protection. Topics included in this course are regulations of business, ethics of business, workers protection and rights and judicial system. Students will find it hard to pass as there are uncountable laws to remember. This course requires full-time focus and study to pass it with high scores.

6. BIO 112 – Human Aspects of Biology

A girl running in rocky land

This course is about the basic concepts of biology along with current issues. It includes topics such as development from conception until birth, reproduction, and contraception, the growth of population, evolution, genetics, health, disease and food production. Moreover, it focuses on the perspectives of the gene, cell, and global environment as well. Students will have to remember all the concepts and study a lot to pass this subject.

7. HLTH 111 – Personal Health Science and Wellness

3 boys doing exercise

This course deals with scientific data related to the health of society, family, and individuals. It also allows students to discover concepts related to disease prevention, health resources, and health maintenance. Students will be able to learn through lectures and demos both in the classroom. This course is hard to pass as it emphasizes on in-depth details of health and wellness.

8. CRIM 200 – Criminology

criminal law and related concepts

This course deals with law, crime, justice, and contemporary criminal issues. Topics included in this course are related to social science, history, and cultural perspective. Students will learn about the foundations of interdisciplinary functions and ethical decision making. They will also study about social responsibility and the effect of it over the justice system. This course is hard to pass as it requires exact memorization of laws.

9. EPSY 202 – Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

child counselling session

This course focuses on human development and growth. From childhood to adolescence, students will learn and observe patterns about the development sequence. They will also discover the differences in individuals along with having adult and child interaction. Moreover, students will have to remember and study the methods of human development to excel in this course.

10. ENVI 170 – Earth Science

picture of globe

This course is the study of classification and origin of minerals and rocks, earth interior, stratigraphic principles, volcanism, and topographies. Students are required to understand the geologic maps which can be hard in the start. However, it will get interesting as students work on various assignments given daily in this course.

The hardest part of each class is the concepts and memorizing the basics. If you are learning during each lecture and taking notes, you’ll be able to pass the courses without any obstacle. These courses require full-time study without wasting any time.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Diablo Valley College

The hardest courses at Diablo Valley College become easy when the students are working efficiently. The content of courses is complex but if the students pay full attention and focus, they will be able to accomplish the grades they wish to achieve.

1. Chem 120 – General College Chemistry 1

Compounds mixture in lab

This course deals with chemistry fundamentals along with theories related to it. Topics covered in this course are chemical reactions, atomic theory, gases, redox, structure, bonding, and kinetics. It is hard for students to understand everything from scratch and may be difficult to pass the course at first since it is quite challenging.

2. Biosc 130 – Principles Of Cellular And Molecular Biology

structure of DNA and RNA

The formation of this course is around the processes of biology and life of organisms. The emphasis of this course is on the cellular level organizations. Students will be able to learn about biological sciences in depth. Moreover, it covers topics such as molecular genetics, enzymes, immunology, gene control, and many others. There are also lab hours for students which they must cover in order to pass the class.

3. Bus 109 – Introduction To Business

2 men discussing business graphs

Business studies requires a lot of effort. Even though the course sounds easy but the content is difficult to understand. There are a lot of dimensions of business which the students need to comprehend. They have to present real-life examples to pass with good grades. Along with that, there are other topics which include the functional area of business, such as the aspects of marketing, human resource, economics and finances.

4. Bus 105 – Business Etiquettes

2 men are shaking hands and 3 girls are clapping

Learning business etiquettes comes with theory and practice. There will be presentations and demonstrations from actual business situations. It will help students to learn how to deal with the real world. There will be various activities such as manners, conversational styles and shaking hands. Moreover, it will cover the dining etiquettes, business travel and much more. Thus, the course is interesting for personal grooming as well as hard to pass.

5. Art 101 – Introduction To Two Dimensional Design

2D drawing

The combination of application and theory is hard for students to manage. It can bring their grades down when they are required to focus on more than one thing. However, this course includes the study of visual arts, two-dimensional design, cultural and historical elements. Students will explore all the interesting topics in this subject.

6. Drama 112 – Introduction To Stage Makeup

Rehearsals at stage

This course deals with the materials, aesthetics and the stage makeup procedures. Students have to learn the details of makeup application, plays circumstances, techniques, corrective makeup and much more. Along with that, they have to read through the history to understand the dynamics of drama to perform efficiently.

7. Comsc 110 – Introduction To Programming

Different concepts of programming

Concepts of programming are interesting for those who have an idea about it. Students need to practice a lot to know about the modular design and the development of the program. If they want to get a good hold of the subject, it will require their dedication. The course focuses on coding style, testing, documentation and debugging. All the data and structures are used through the programming language. To pass the course, students have to memorize the codes efficiently.

8. Chem 109 – Introduction To Organic And Biochemistry

Chemical compounds

The focus of this course is on living things and their chemistry. There are chemical compounds which the students need to understand in order to pass this course. This course is hard to cover as it requires a deep understanding of biochemistry and the molecular structure. There are various functions discussed in the subject which require the students to pay attention all the time without missing even one lecture.

9. Geol 120 – Physical Geology

different levels of earth crust

This course deals with all the geology phases which makes it a lengthy course. Due to the extensive theories and concepts, it will be tough for the student to pass this course. Topics covered in this course are fundamental processes of earth’s crust. Moreover, it gets tough as it reaches the end due to the mathematical concepts to understand quantitative reasoning. Also, student will learn about the rocks, minerals and landscape of the earth.

10. Math 192 – Analytical Geometry And Calculus 1

Angles in geometry

Geometry and calculus are always challenging. Students will find it hard to work with algebraic functions and the complete application. They will have to work consistently with effort to understand the system of algebra. Along with that, there are graphing calculators which the students will use in order to get proper solutions for the problems.

Working hard always pay off and that is what the students need to do at Diablo Valley College. Without wasting any time, it is better to study with constant effort to get a passing grade in each subject.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Dominican University of California

The hardest courses at Dominican University of California allows students to work diligently and with dedication. It is not impossible to pass them when students know how they have to manage their study time. Once they align their skills to study, they will be able to ace the courses.


Picture of a microorganism

This course deals with biodiversity and covers the evolutionary history of animal and plant formation. The focus of course is over the functions of the organismal biology, which students will observe through microscopes. It requires extra effort for students to analyze and also pay close attention to get a good grade in this course.


Picture of a design with dimensions

Learning to draw is not an easy task as it involves the study of history, dimensions, techniques, and a lot of other things. Moreover, to be proficient in drawing, you have to practice a lot. This course covers the compositions and principles of value, line, texture, space and also figure drawing. It later reaches the model formation by the end, where evaluation of students is done.


Various research methods with icons representing differnt aspects

Students will be able to discover research methods in this course by looking out for the problem-solving techniques. They will use the available tools and apply them to the design of the research. Along with that, they will get exposure to real-time business problems which allows them to know how to deal with it. It includes topics such as developing hypothesis, data collection, central tendency, chi-square, dispersion, etc.

4. BUS 1903 – TEAM DEV & LEAD

Cartoon of Students Working as Team

This course deals with sharing responsibilities among team members. There are a lot of theories for students to remember, which makes it a tough course to cover. Students have to work within teams and develop trust/respect for each other. There are practical examples which are demonstrated in the classroom, such as work-style and what preferences to adopt. Students will also discover their skills and know how to use these to achieve common goals.


Chemical formulas and Compounds of chemistry

The focus of this course is to develop an understanding of chemistry concepts. There are multiple theories about chemical calculations which students need to memorize. It is a hard course for students as there are a lot of difficult lectures to attend. The principles and theories related to chemistry are difficult to manage along with remembering chemical formulas and reactions.


Photo of nurse on duty

This course deals with the development of skills and helps prepare students for clinical practice. Topics included in this course are related to ethical issues, legal issues, communication, cultural considerations, client education, care education and much more. As there are multiple facets of this course, it is hard to acquire all the information at once. Students will have to remember immense knowledge for their final exams along with practical examples.


Structure of atom

Physics class is always challenging for students as there are both practical and theoretical implications. Topics covered in this course are related to mechanics, electricity, thermodynamics, energy, light properties, wave properties etc. Along with that, there are major topics which are related to non-biological sciences for the students to evaluate and learn diligently.


An old compass on a map

This course covers African culture development and origins. There is a lot to remember for this course if the students want to get a good grade. The hardest part of the course includes challenging topics like the trading and diversity of African history. The topics are lengthy with sub-sections. It may be a boring course for students but once their interest is developed it becomes easy.


Picture of bar graph of for stats analysis

Real data is always hard to deal with especially when it requires analysis. This is a hard course to pass because of the graphs, tables and concepts analysis. It requires a complete study of statistics along with understanding the complex functions. Topics covered in this course are linear equation, modeling data, rational, and many others. There is a long mathematics exam at the end.


2 human brains showing cogs instead of brains

The focus of this course is to explain the concept of psychology to students. Students have to memorize and apply the theories in real-time situations in order to learn. It can be hectic for students to deal with unexpected situations. Topics covered in this course are related to perception, behaviors, social psychology, motivation, cognition and emotions. However, the hardest part of the course is when students have to work with patients and provide them with solutions.

These courses are difficult and make it hard to complete students’ degrees while maintaining good grades. However, if there is a consistent effort, students will be able to pass them easily.