6 Pros And Cons To Living Near Allendale at GVSU

When deciding where to live it can sometimes be stressful. Depending on which major you are there will be certain classes that will all either be downtown or in Allendale (main campus) here are some pros and cons to living in both. This will give you good insight on which direction is right for you.

1. DT CON:Cost Of Housing

When choosing to live on campus, the housing in Allendale main campus is actually a wider variety as well as offers cheaper rates. Pew Campus is more expensive due to the housing option being 1 person 1 room or 2 person 2 room. While Allendale is cheaper because you can fit 4 people in 2 bedrooms and save. If price is a large determinant on where you live then recommendation wise it is good to stick with Allendale. The most cost-effective places to rent downtown are the houses on the outskirts, while in Allendale the GVA apartments will run you about $440 a month and unlimited utilities(not that bad).



2. DT PRO: Life of the Party

Living Downtown can give you access to walking distance to the best that Grand Rapids has to offer. From a variety of restaurants to breweries and coffee shops, the possibilities are truly endless. Unfortunately on the flip side, you aren’t to close to a major grocery store about a 10-15 min drive. Buying from a small grocer can get expensive and the campus dining hours for Pew/Siedman Campus are VERY limited. Usually they only stay open from 11am-3pm weekdays. Keep this in mind!



3. DT PRO: Jobs

Attaining an internship/job worth talking about will usually be in the downtown area though there are surrounding areas such as Holland, Grand Haven, Grandville and Comstock Park that offer a lot of opportunity as well. If you live in Allendale, the chances of getting a good internships is basically down to the school or some of the off campus apartments. So if you decide to work in DT but live in Allendale give yourself about 20-40 min depending on traffic.



4. Allendale PRO: Making friends

Allendale campus is where a majority of students have their classes (unless you’re a business student or engineering). This campus will also be the location where most fun outside of school networking activities happen(especially in Kirkoff). If you decide to live on or off campus, Allendale is the place to get to know people. Especially if you live in a dorm, everyone on your floor/building basically knows each other and you’ll make new friends during welcome week. Living at Pew Campus is more of an independent environment.



4. Allendale PRO: Classes

Most classes will be on this campus due to the fact that the campus is larger and older. From communication to fine arts to marketing, you will be able to sign up for most of your classes on this campus. Another great thing about this is if you happen to work on campus and you live there/live near there, it isn’t a large span of distance that Allendale is, which means it is a short drive to wherever you need to go.



6. Allendale Con: You are near NOTHING

Not everyone has a license or brings their car/owns a car, which means they either need to have a meal plan through GVSU, or hitch with friends/roommates/take the bus. This can be very annoying because the closest place to get food is Meijer which is a 10 min bus ride or Family Fare which is a 4 mile walk(not happening). There are the small restaurants that scatter the Allendale area such as Biggby, Mcdonald’s and Country Inn but there is more variety downtown.pexels-photo-951318.jpeg

Now that you know about 6 different pros and cons between living on Allendale or Pew Campus this will give you an idea on what to expect. Overall living in both places are great in their own way. You will most likely visit both, it just depends on what factors mean the most to your individual style. Don’t hesitate to ask higher up students on advice to get a more in-depth answer. Happy apartment searching!


5 Fun Classes For GVSU Graduates

Graduation is just around the corner but if you’re looking for those last min credits, general eds aren’t completely done or you ended up transferring and you need to hit a certain amount these classes will be for you! These relaxing and fun classes at GVSU aren’t so much a blow off class as it is an enriching experience that leaves you stress free from your other classes into an environment of enjoyment.

1. FIT 118: Archery

Archery is a great class to take for a stress free semester(for one class at least). The class is held outside of campus at the Allendale/GV sporting goods store (about a mile/two) off Lake Michigan drive. You’ll get a good muscle workout out and can give you safe ways to take out your pent up anger and aggression. The class is a fun class to take with a friend or just great to sharpen your hand eye- coordination skills.



2. FIT 100: Self Defense For Women

While living in Allendale might not be so big of a place, learning self-defence can be a vital tool. Grand Rapids is a large metropolitan area and you never know when you’ll need to defend yourself. Learning the ropes to how to escape or combat a possible threat might just save your life. That and telling your friends you’re in a self-defense class will make you not only a registered female bad ass but give you brownie points for cool classes taken.



3. HTM 175: International Food and Culture

This class explores different types of cultures(in a sociatal sense and economical) through the use of food. This class is perfect for someone who is into trying new and interesting things while giving you knowledge on the world through food. You would be surprised on how much you learn just by eating the food of the culture. But any mention of trying food for class in general should be enticement enough to sign up.



4. Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing

You are learning to make fancy jewelry. Nuff said. This class gives you the overall basics: fabrication techniques, surface embellishment, simple stone setting and finishing.This class is only offered winter and fall so make sure to sign up. This class will impress your friends by all of the cool stuff you’ll be making and could lead you into a possible career change. This class is no easy feat but the rewards are plenty. Not everyone can say they made beautiful jewelry in class.pexels-photo-265906.jpeg


5. Ethics In Professional Life

This class is not only a requirement for most majors(usually business oriented) but is an overall helpful class for mostly anyone. Often it is what our precious mistakes are that help us to grow. Ethics while it seems like a “no duh,” topic is actually vital in showing people the ins and outs of bad practices. There are many examples in the textbook of major cooperation who have put ethical behavior aside and this class does not give too much homework, it is set up to be an open discussion about good business practices and overall the material is engaging and interesting.



Now that you know about 5 interesting and fun classes to take at GVSU there is no end the possibilities of knowledge to be gained. Do not let college be all about the classes you have to take, if there is one that seems particularly engaging to you see for yourself. There is no such thing as learning too much and you might find yourself doing a complete 360 when it comes to career choices.

Why GVSU Ad and Pr Majors NEED to Apply to NSAC

Advertising and Public Relations majors at GVSU are given many classes that are made to hone their skills to become the professionals they wish to be. They are taught how to write, dress, and complete tasks in a timely matter. But some things you cannot always learn in a traditional class. Here are 5 reasons you need to apply to NSAC.

1. All Encompassing

This class stands for National Student Advertising Competition, 20-22 students are recruited by the faculty adviser Robin Spring to participate in a campaign class that takes essentially everything you’ve learned from your previous class into this one. You will be asked to be knowledgable on aspects of editing photos/videos (Technology in Ad/Pr) , Budgeting and pricing(media planning),  leadership skills(account executive and project management), and integrated promotions(fundamentals of advertising/pr). Depending on your area of excellence you will be put into either the integrated promotions, media planning, research, creative, or account executive role.


2. Feels More Like A Job Than Work

The interesting thing about this particular class is that it is much more than just the typical class. As a class that is more time heavy that most others(this is a 6-9 class) the workload is not so much graded. By “graded” you are accessed by the faculty adviser on participation, hard work, and understanding/things brought to the table by previous classes. The learning comes more so from using ideas that came from previous classes to create a great advertising campaign.


3. Prepares You For The Real World

The real professional world will not be wondering if you got a A on your last exam or paper, its more so you do you work(well) or you get fired. This class is much the same, there is no time to be behind and everyone must put in their own weight. similar to working an office job teamwork is crucial. This class is a year-long class so you might as well get to know everyone(at the least tolerate them). This is especially helpful because in other classes your partners are only for an assignment or a short project. This one year time span allows you to really network with your classmates and understand them on a deeper level.


4. Time Consuming In The Right Ways

You will sometimes be frustrated by the work load, hit a rough patch, or overall just wonder if your missing something, but it is all about trial and error. Past Ad/Pr students who have taken this class will tell you the same thing, it takes patience and as the clock ticks you don’t have time to change anything.  But in the end you will come out with a great project worth talking about.


5. Resume Builder

Employers want to see that you using your skills in a work like setting. This is the perfect thing to put on your LinkIn/Indeed account. Now who isn’t going to be impressed by the title of “Media Planner” for a nationwide client for a competition? If your school wins or places high on the ranks it will show your potential boss that not only did you suffer through the class to come out on top, but that your ideas helped move along a project that was seen by top-notch clients to be worthy! That and it makes for a great conversation starter during an interview.


Now that you know 5 different ways that NSAC should be the class you take as an Ad/Pr student it is important to note this. This class substitutes for the regular campaigns class for Ad/Pr as well as gives you experience with a national client competing against other universities around the country. This experience is not only rare but with the right motivation and drive will take you to opportunities you never thought possible.

5 Groups On Campus Looking For Student Volunteers at GVSU

Volunteering depending on your major can look very good on your resume. In most cases philanthropy will set you apart from the crowd. Well there are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. To make a difference while also gaining experience. Here are 5 Groups on campus looking for student volunteers.

1. GVSU Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon has a group of student ambassadors that essentially talk about the brand which sells hats. These hats, when all is said is done(money wise), go towards kids that struggle with Pediatric Cancer. The organization strives to put a hat on every kid and be a source of love to these kids. They will make numerous outings to the children’s hospital and it is worth it see young kids smile. The organization takes new members every year and would love to see your bright and shining face.img


2. GVSU Stars

GVSU Stars is a group that dedicates themselves to raising funds towards the west Michigan chapter of Make A Wish Foundation. They do this through events, donation tabling, and sponsored cleanups/races. This group is looking for new members to help out the community and provide those in need with their wishes. 20180124_MAW_642x361


3. Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks is a student-run organization that offers opportunities to go on week-long service learning trips during winter, spring and summer break. These trips take place all throughout the country and focus on important social and environmental issues. The great thing about the group is it gives people a longer term to network and grow relationships within the group as well as provide volunteer hours to groups/disasters that need it. 14068075_10153843110200959_1559944928190269595_n


4. GVSU Wesley House

The Wesley House Ministry is a fellowship group that is number one when it comes to volunteering. Their volunteer hours are usually 24 full hours spent in a church learning about praying techniques as well as different cleaning tasks. Some of the cleaning requires a large group effort, and on average the group will do service projects every few weeks. pexels-photo-946186.jpeg



SAP stands for sustainable agriculture project. It involves a group of students that intern on the Wesley House farm to cultivate grow and sell fresh produce. But that is not all they do. They try to spread the word about sustainability by hosting Ted Talk /podcast nights, DIY classes, and have their monthly SAP potluck. The potluck makes for a perfect time to introduce people to the house and what they do, as well as makes for a relaxed setting where all can eat delicious homemade food. Volunteer today! There are several positions and you might find one directly applicable to what you are studying10686632_10202806821427559_4948805894150724272_n


Now that you know of 5 different organizations looking for volunteers, it is important to be aware of the different groups on campus. Often, they all seem to be the same but here diversifying the groups shows the strengths and weaknesses of each perfectly. Create experiences with people you would have never met through volunteer groups. It is time to find your next adventure.

5 Networking Events to Jump Start GVSU Students’ Careers

Graduation is quickly approaching, and with that a new pool of graduates are prospective and desperate. Jobs these days are all about experience and who you know. But why does networking have to be stressful? It doesn’t. Here are 5 Networking events for GV students that will help your career endeavors.

1. GVSU Advertising Club’s Speed Mentoring

GVSU Ad Club holds a casual meet up that consists of 10-12 professionals in a wide variety of areas such as: content producers, account executives, copywriters/graphic designers, and media planners. The professionals come from a mix of ad/pr agencies as well as cooperate sales such as Meijer. This event works in the way speed dating would. But with mentoring. Each student is given 5 min to ask as many questions to the professional and everyone switches out. It is a fun and relaxed feel since it is at a brewing company and everyone feels a lot less stressed out about the future.


2. CreatAthon

CreatAthon is a non-profit event that allows a variety of non profit organizations to come together at one place and get free advertising/pr/marketing advice for a future campaign all in the time span of 24 hrs . After the event takes place not only will the student that partakes be able to add this to their resume, but it will give you an idea about the great non-profits in the area, and hopefully you walk away with plenty of business cards! CreatAthon this year is being held by GVSU GrandPr with the cooperate sponsor being 8ThirtyFour Integrated communications.


3. GR Young Professionals

Grand Rapids Young Professionals hold monthly unwind events usually held at a local restaurant, the March event will be happening on the 29th at the six.one.six. These events are where plenty of young professionals meet to network as well as give out business cards over a beer. Super casual and worth coming for!


4. Rockstar Connect

This free networking event is hosted by Rockstar Connect and is an open networking event. The event will happen at Big E’s Sports Bar and Grill and will be the perfect place to talking with future prospective employers. Make sure to stock up on plenty of business cards as well as get ready for delicious appetizers as well. The event will be happening March 27th from 6pm-8pm. This will not be an event you will want to miss. Come dressed in business casual and ready to sell. Yourself that is.


5. Network After Work

This event will be hosted at San Chez Bistro and held on March 22nd from 6pm-9pm. This event will allow you to network with entrepeneurs, business owners, executive directors ect. There will be plenty of time to not only enjoy food and drink specials but to talk with like-minded people about the job industry and professions. Come in for good company and leave with business cards.


Now that you know about 5 networking events that will jump-start your career it is vital to know that while these events are helpful keep looking for more! There is never too many to go to and even if you don’t event up finding the job for you getting to know people can help you in the long-term. Get out and mingle and see what opportunities hit your way.

Top 6 Places To Purchase GVSU Gear

GVSU gear is an essential wardrobe piece that will stand out with you for your next 4-6 years of college. While college is meant to be primarily education intensive, it isn’t bad to have some fun every once in a while. GVSU has a large variety of great sports teams that need school spirit to hype them up. Here are some places to get GVSU gear.


Every year before school starts Meijer (Standale location) hosts their yearly Meijer Mania event. This is exclusively for GVSU students and to say it’s crazy is an understatement. The event usually lasts about 4-6 hours in the later part of the night. There are a decent amount of food samples that are given out, as well as games, a DJ and dancing. This event offers students special deals such as 10%-25% off on GVSU apparel or will sometimes give out free gift cards to Meijer if you win the contest. The event is worth making the trip to you can find a great variety of sweatshirts and t-shirts for less than $20!



2. The Laker Store

The Laker Store is the textbook and clothing store that is only for GVSU students. Not only do they have a great variety of branded clothing such as Under Armour (high quality material) but anything GV related they have. From gloves, hats, scarves, sweatpants and t-shirts. Look out for great deals such as $5 dollar t-shirts and giveaways you could win some sweet gear for tailgates. pexels-photo-256541.jpeg


3. Louis Locker Room

Louis Locker Room is your go to stop for GVSU athletics. This is where you would go if you play a sport and need either GVSU related sports gear for working out or your team needs to order a cohesive uniform. Check out their clearance section for good deals. Most if not all of the clothing is Adidas branded.pexels-photo-721480.jpeg


4. GVSU Games

At most GVSU Football and Basketball games a different apartment complex will design and sponsor an apparel piece to be given out at the game, not only is this free but quality wise mostly Adidas brand. The qualities though are limited(usually 1,000-3,000) so make sure to get in line early. The variety of items given out over the season is expansive, they have given out blankets, hats, scarves, but mostly T-Shirts.pexels-photo-634007.jpeg


5. Off Campus Events

Off Campus places such as Meadows Crossing , Campus View and The Lodge will have GVSU apparel that is used to promote the living space. They will be giving out FOR FREE these different pieces through either contests or just getting rid of older apparel at games. It is worth checking them out.pexels-photo-260907.jpeg


6. On Campus Housing

Every year as a way to introduce all the students getting acclimated to their new on campus home the RA’s will give out T-shirts when move in week starts. Each shirt is usually a certain color to differentiate which area you are living in, such as freshman land, GVA apartments/south, Calder, and Neimeyer(Honors College). Make sure to pick up your free shirt during welcome week or remind your RA in the beginning of the year.pexels-photo-358636.jpeg


Now that your know about different places to get GVSU clothing there is no excuse not to come in school spirit apparel for games. Come in that great laker blue and support your school. Many of these options are absolutely free and not very hard to get. So what are you waiting for? Get that school apparel!


5 On The Go Campus Dining Lunch Ideas at GVSU

Sometimes you don’t have much time to get a chance to sit down and eat , this could because you’re in between classes, or you just really want to crank out some homework. Well, the good news is there are many options that you can take that will make waiting minimal .

1. Fresh

For an additional $5 and a regular meal Fresh Food company gives you a plastic container, drink container, utensils and soup container that makes for on the go food travel tasty. Fresh gives you 10 minutes to fill up your favorite foods and you are good to go. Fresh has several different stations, vegan/gluten-free/pasta/pizzas, fire and ice(pasta, stir-fry, and omelette), grill(breakfast foods or grilled burgers/fries ect), produce(veggies, fruits, and soup), and bakery(desserts). Eating and being full has never been so easy when you eat FRESH.


2. Tapingo

Tapingo is a special app that gives GVSU students the gift of TIME. When you log into the app your able to order what you like whether that be Panda Express or Zoka. The app is worth checking out and once you’ve paid online it will notify when your food is delivered or ready to pick up. It is an easy and fast way to get your food that requires no wait times. pexels-photo-301353.jpeg


3. Pod Shop/Lobby Shop

The perfect stop for in between classes hangry times. These are located in large class buildings such as Au Sable and Mackinaw. You are able to use either a meal which usually comes with (Ocean Spray drink, chips, and a sandwich or fruit/yogurt,Ocean Spray drink, pop tart) or you can use dining dollars/cash/credit card. Not only is this a fast way to get in a snack but the store is set up like a convenience store. The variety will range from different drinks, deli items, ice cream, and even TV dinners(these are perfect for long 6-9 classes). Take advantage of the Pod Shop/Lobby shop the location in Connection also sells fresh-baked goods and Panini’s, while Siedman campus location sells paninis and hot soup. gvsucampusdining


4. Einstein’s Bros Bagels

Einstein’s located in Holten-Hooker is a bagel shop that offers coffee, bagels, and delicious sandwiches. This works for the Tapingo app but it is fairly fast to get your food here. Their bagel selection is impeccable and you would be surprised how tasty and how many bagel flavors there are. Some of the signature sandwiches you can get are :Albacore Tuna Salad, California Nova Lox, and Ham& Swiss. The cream cheese toppings are worth the trip alone!



5. Starbucks

While the lines in Starbucks can get long sometimes the workers are usually pretty fast about it. You can catch yourself a fueling drink that will give you the caffeine to survive your 8am or 6-9 class and you will also find a variety of specialty items such as sandwiches, chips, baked goods, and on the go drinks as well(bottled teas and water). Starbucks is located both on Allendale and Pew Campus. pexels-photo-244325.jpeg


Now that you know about 5 different places on campus that have easy and fast ways to get food , you are able to get something to eat when you are crunched on time. It is time to explore the variety of tasty foods that GVSU has to offer. Now go ahead and explore!

10 Hilarious GVSU Overheard Posts

Overheard is group on Facebook where teachers, alumni and students alike come together for an overall purpose to talk about the “Who, What, Where, – and most importantly – WHY” of GVSU happenings. This is a collection of hilarious sights on campus to funny things people have heard from other classmates/teachers. Here are 10 to make your day.

1. Sriracha(Bike on Hand)


Biking around campus can be very crucial to make it from one side to another. Most people have the essentials such as  a basket or water bottle holder. No. This student carries the necessities. Sriracha. Perfect for seasoning other food. This biker sound like someone who puts it on everything and an overall fun person.

2. Bumper Honker29135926_10211340395688756_7837279210174414848_n

How everyone feels going back to school. The reason we find so many GIFs funny is not usually just the wording but the affirmation that there are people who resonate with us. Our college days are filled with stress and eating. Sometimes death over homework seems like the preferred option.

3. Teacher Break28276970_10215946503682485_6927450192432537781_n


When it comes to spring break some teachers assign homework and others don’t. Some deduct points if you miss class. But THIS particular teacher hilariously talked about every possible situation, from your cousin’s to mom’s birthday to your binge watching of 50 Shades of Grey, this teacher has no chill.

4. Plunger

27858498_1461147063996403_3471850488361601973_nAnyone missing a toilet plunger?There might not be too solid of a story on this one but that person needs their plunger back! While a funny trick to play on the school please keep your bathroom essentials in the bathroom only.

5. Yay Capitalism



With President’s ball being the beloved annual school dance most people think about going at THE LAST SECOND. So in times like that one gets desperate for tickets. But as all broke college students know there is a boundary that cannot be crossed when it comes to money. This deal was both comedic and gets you wondering “was he serious?”

6. Chicken Little ?



After eating a restaurant not too far from GVSU’s one student was alerted by a waitress that a chicken was on her car. There are some things at Allendale you will only find here. 

7. Snow Man



Ah Michigan, where four seasons happen in one day, and winter lasts past March. The perfect time to create a snowman and add comedic factor to cold/windy school days is through making an actual SNOW MAN. This was most likely the work of a design/architect student. 

8. Office Hours Who?



Professors at GV are known to care more about the students than the research. They WANT you to succeed, but when certain professors get caught up with too clubs, have other jobs(aka adjunct) the professor might have limited office hours. While it’s understandable everyone has busy lives, office hours are a time when students might need extra help to clarify their confusion about stuff covered in class/assignments. Even it means meeting outside of the office hours, professors should be flexible enough to help when need be. 

9. Coal



During the time when everyone believed in the magic of Christmas, when things were much simpler, coal was a popular topic as a sign of misbehavior. Now it has become a comedic gag towards GVSU students when unlucky occurrences happen(diet coke being one).

10. Bad Day



Your luck has officially gotten to you when you go to class break looking for a refreshing drink. Only to find yourself not only missing YOUR drink but two other people’s. At that point, it’s best to walk away in disappointment or try to leverage your body weight enough to move the drink down.

Never too late in the semester to read funny Overheards, it is a stressful time and a good laugh might just give you the well deserved break. Be glad that you didn’t have these things happen to you. And don’t forget it’s bad luck going underneath the blue bridge.

5 Places To Make Your GVSU Graduation Pics Flawless

Congrats Laker! Graduation is coming up sooner than you think, it falls on the end of April at the Devos Center. With thousands of students awaiting the fateful day you want to look your best. There will not only be a special day for students to get their photos taken but you will want all your family members to see you looking good in front of everyone. Why not plan your own photo shoot in your new garment? Senior photos 2.0 anyone? Here are some helpful places to go to make your photos flawless!

1. Laker Babe Cave

Laker Babe Cave is located in Allendale Michigan about 1-2 miles off main campus. They specialize in Spay tans and lash extensions. Perfect for headshots or outdoor photo shoots the tan will give you a sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays or awkward sun burn. The lash extensions last a few weeks and will make your lashes look long and full. Your eyes will pop and with mascara people will be wondering if you’re wearing fakes. Depending on the timing GVSU students who book will get special promos and discounts, keep an eye out! Laker Blue and a fresh tan look amazing together.



2. GVSU Photography

The art department at GVSU allows you to rent out their cameras. You are able to rent these out for a few days to a week. This makes for a perfect time to not only sharpen your photography/editing skills but also save yourself some money. Most places around GR will charge upwards of $200! With the freedom of a camera you can have unlimited options and take the time to figure out which locations and looks work for you. If you are looking for a local photographer though GVSU film student Benjamin Hunt at https://www.benography.co/ would be happy to book with you! He has done class portraits as well as student organization and event photos. Starting prices are only $50!



3.  Laker For A Life Time

There’s no lasting way to remember your Laker experience quite like a photo. Besides choosing your garment for the photo shoot why not show school spirit with fashionable shirts or pullovers from the Laker store. During Gradfest(basically a celebration of YOUR graduation accomplishments) you will get a chance to get 25% off alumni apparel. Truly show off how you are a Laker for Life. E312747


4. Rouge Salon

Located in Allendale Michigan(not far main campus) Rouge Salon and Spa specializes  in hair, facial and body waxing, facials, massages, nails and Xtreme eyelash extensions. Rouge Salon gives a full relaxing experience that will be the best overall package for your pre photograph needs. You just survived 4-5 years of college! Why not treat yourself to a facial and massage. Don’t worry about stressing over makeup and hair that fits your style. Their trained professionals will do all the work for you.



5. Experience Grand Rapids

Once you have chosen what you want to wear the key component to a killer photo shoot is a big smile and location, LOCATION. Some prime locations are mostly downtown Grand Rapids. Look for cool artwork, flowers, historic buildings, or bridges to give the photos an exciting element. YOU might be the work of art but a great backdrop doesn’t hurt either. Recommended locations: Blue Bridge(right in front of GVSU‘s Pew Campus and if you’re looking for cool art there is a mural of fish located where the GVSU Pew Campus bus stop is . If you decide to take photos in Allendale main campus a great location would be in front of the bridge next to Fuel/Fresh.



Now that you know 5 different places that will make your photos flawless for graduation, what are you waiting for ? The clock is ticking and your mom’s refrigerator is looking for a new magnet of her daughter’s/son’s face! Make this senior year bright with photos that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Memories can fade, so make sure you snap a pic so they’ll last forever ! Laker for a lifetime!

5 Apps/Sites that PAY YOU for Having a Smartphone at GVSU

Everyone could use an extra boost of money, whether its to pay for your weekly Starbucks these different apps will PAY you just for using your phone. Who doesn’t need an amazon gift card or PayPal cash? Use your Smart phone the SMART way (you pay enough for it as is)!

1. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a grocery rebate app that rewards points towards purchases made at the grocery store (gas station ect).The thing that sets Fetch apart from other cash apps is just how easy and fast it is. Just take a pic of your receipt(make sure it is within 14 days of when you take the pic) and the app will instantly reward you points for your trip (usually depends on if your purchase gives points or not). For every 3,000 points you hit you can redeem for a $3 online gift card. This works for places such as Amazon, Panera, Target, and even Best Buy. Use the invite code TH9UH to receive 2,000 bonus points after your first scanned receipt. What is amazing about this app is you can scan most receipts and get points not just ones that contain feature items.


2. Community Rewards

Community Rewards is a system that is partnered with certain off campus college housing units. GVSU’s off campus apartment that has been known to use this has been 48 West Apartment and townhouses, but make sure to ask your property manager if they have a similar program going on. They are a fun way to entice students/residents to become socially more involved with the community they live in. You earn points that can be redeemed for e-gift cards such as Target and Amazon. The tasks are usually pretty easy, from sharing a recent FB post to #hashtagging the company on Instagram.


3. Campus Dining

Believe it or not GVSU Campus Dining will reward YOU for your opinions. Often they want to improve their options around campus so they will ask for feedback on dishes/staff. The reward is usually either $50 amazon gift card or free dining dollars (those can be redeemed for any place at Campus Dining). You are not only helping out GVSU to become a more efficient and delicious place but yourself by winning some free stuff!

maxresdefault (3)

4. Shopkick

Shopkick is a rebate app that rewards you for purchasing items BUT is unique because it can give you “kicks” for simply walking into a store sometimes. You can also receive kicks by scanning the bar code of a certain item. Kick points range from usually 15-100 and you can redeem your kicks after 500=$2. You receive 250 for your first scan if you put in the invite code GOAL591296. Once you receive enough to redeem you can choose gift cards from places such as: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and even Papa John’s. Shopkick gives you recommendations based on location, so you can get kicks to places as close at the Standale Meijer(which is only a short GVSU 50 Bus away) or you can visit Allendale’s Family Fair or the Jenison Meijer. With your New Target or Amazon gift cards you can get yourself some sweet tailgate gear!


5. Survey Monkey

Do NOT ignore the emails that you get constantly from fellow classmates about surveys. These will be your tickets to great incentives. Usually the surveys will be sent out around the end of each semester, for big final projects. Some classes depending on how desperate they are for large responses will giveaway $25-$50 Amazon gift cards! Now who doesn’t want that? The surveys are usually not too long and overall you would be doing your classmates a huge favor.



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