Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Ferris State University

Ferris State University is an American public university with its main campus in Big Rapids, Michigan. The school has a 78% acceptance rate. The total enrollment is around 12,000 students. Here are some tasty cafes and restaurants nearby.

1. The Rock Cafe

the front of the rock cafe bakery

This is the main place to eat for students on campus. Its convenient location makes it a great place to meet up with friends or study while you snack. They serve during all meal times and offer foods for all tastes. They have a deli bar and plenty of things you can customize. The pricing is taken into account with your meal plan.

2. Panera Bread

paneras mac and cheese

Panera Bread is a chain that allows students to enjoy a tasty meal with free wifi and time to conversate with friends. They offer a variety of baked goods and food that uses fresh ingredients. Their top sellers are usually their soup bread bowls and salads. Pricing is a bit on the higher side but nothing extreme.

3. Alamode Cafe

eggs with hashbrowns and english muffin

This cafe is a smaller joint but gives its customers a lot of flavor for a reasonable price. They are the busiest during breakfast time and are known for having supurb fluffy (but also crunchy ) pancakes that melt in your mouth.

4. Blue Cow

a steak with potatoes and asparagus

Blue Cow is a fine dining restaurant that prides itself if using farm to table practices. They believe in the idea of serving only the freshest ingredients. They are also a great choice for wine and beer. Pricing starts at $5(Olives Marine) and goes up to $36.95(Filet Mignon).

5. Quad Cafe

a veggie roll and salad

Quad Cafe is an all you care to eat style dining experience. The pricing is reasonable if you are an outsider because you can stay full for around less than $15. The selection for what you get is varied as they cater to not only those with traditional tastes (salad and pizza) but they also do world fusion dishes as well. Pricing can also be taken account with your student meal plan.

6. Toppings Frozen Yogurt

peppermint chocolate frozen yogurt

If your looking for a cold treat or even something that’s sweetly picturesque visit this yogurt shop. They sell moderately priced frozen yogurt and even sell bubble tea and the occasional seasonal donuts. They hold fundraisers too if you are looking to earn money for your organization.

7. Wild Rose Cafe

gravy over eggs and hash browns

Wild Rose Cafe is an affordable cafe to go to for your breakfast needs. It is small and cozy and the pricing is only around $2 to $3 for some items(soup , chips etc). Come in for hot biscuits and gravy that tastes just like what mom made.


Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Wright State University-Main Campus

Wright State University is a public research university in Fairborn, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. The school has around a 96% acceptance rate. There are around 12,000 students who attend the school. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students.

1. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Series of cupcakes

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a sells a variety of different flavorful cupcakes. The pricing is moderate. These cupcakes make for the perfect treat to give out at your internship office or even to celebrate after getting an A on your project. A few recommendations would be: Double Stuff, Strawberry Shortcake, and Lemon Icebox.

2. Penn Station East Coast Subs

Sub sandwich with fries and lemonade drink

This sub sandwich place is the go to for a fast and affordable sub . They have a out of this world variety and can make whatever your heart desires. The pricing is moderate and their fresh squeezed lemonade is a game changer. A few recommendations for sandwiches are the chicken cordon bleu or Italian pizza.

3. Jersey Mike’s Subs

the american classic sub

Jersey Mike’s Sub has a variety of hot sandwiches ans cheese steaks to serve to their customers. It is a great place to go to if you are looking for a hot and affordable meal. A few crowd favorites have been the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak and the Chicken Philly.

4. Timmy’s Wok

fried rice with scallions

Timmy’s Wok is a traditional and affordable Chinese restaurant that is a great go to place if you are crunched on time. You can dine in or take out/get the food delivered. Pricing starts at $1.35 (egg roll) and goes up to $12.95(Pu Pu Platters).

5. Hot Head Burritos

a smothered burrito with toppings

Hot Head Burritos is a completely customizable Mexican style restaurant . You can choose from a variety of toppings for your burritos, rice bowls, tacos and so much more. The pricing is fairly moderate and their queso selection is out of this world.

6. Wandering Griffin Brewery and Micropub

the logo for wandering griffin

This restaurant is a great visiting place if you are looking for locally made brews. The pricing for food starts at $2.99(cup of soup) and goes up to $27.99(13 oz Ribeye). Some tasty brews to check out are the
Wake Up Dead Nitro Stout – Russian Imperial and the Cabin Fever Brown Ale – American. 

7. Flying Pizza

pepperoni and cheese pizza

Flying Pizza is a great pizza place that serves up customizable pizza and heavenly calzones. You can choose to buy by the slice ($2.85 Cheese) up to a 15×16($19.75 add for more toppings). They also serve bread sticks and meatballs for sides.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY – Delhi

The State University of New York at Delhi is one of the technology colleges of the State University of New York system. The acceptance rate is about 3,000 people. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students at SUNY- Delhi.

1. Blue Bee Cafe

toast potatoes and an egg omlette

Blue Bee Cafe is a cafe that is open for lunch and breakfast. They do a number of different traditional breakfast food such as paninis ($9.95) and crepes($9.95). A few crowd favorites have been the homemade meatloaf and curried egg salad.

2. Signitures

food created by the students

Signitures is the fine dining restaurant that is for the hospitality students of the school. It is open to those who are looking to taste the delicious creations that the students have to offer. Pricing is on the higher side but quality more than makes up for it.

3. Cafe on the Green

pretzels with a cheese sauce

Cafe on the green is a tasty way to experience clean healthy ingredients and the menu is simplified to not be overly complicated. The pricing starts at $3 (for the chips and dip) and goes up to $11 for 10 piece chicken wings.

4. Tay Tea

a person pouring tea in a cup

Tay Tea is a tea house that allows customers to come in for a unmatched variety of different teas and sweets. They offer amber rock candy for $4-$5 that is meant to amp up the sweetness and flavor of tea. A few tea recommendations would be :Wild Woman, Saba, and Dream.

5. Cuginos

pasta sauce and noodles

Cuginos is a pizza shop that is a great place to go to for your comfort food needs. The sell a large variety of good besides just pizza. They sell soup, salad, Italian style pastas and so much more. The pricing ranges from around $2.25 (fries) to $20(everything pizza).

6. Latte Lounge

Examples of a dimly lit coffee lounge

Latte Lounge is a coffee joint that has a great selection of drinks for your energy needs. If you aren’t a coffee person they also have plenty of tea and hot chocolate. Pricing starts at $1.85 for a coffee. As for food they sell soup, pastries, salads and much more. Pricing for food starts at just $1(bagel).

7. Catskill Momos

the logo for catskill momos

This is a newer restaurant that sells Momos which are a South Asian dumpling . They also sell other Asian style food such as mochi ($3.50) and stir fry noodles($8.95). For those who are looking for a vegetarian/vegan option there is the Chickpea Momo and the Mushroom Tofu Momo.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY – Potsdam

The State University of New York at Potsdam is a public college in the village of Potsdam in St. Lawrence County, in the U.S. state of New York. The acceptance rate is about 74%. Here are some tasty nearby restaurants and cafes for students at SUNY – Potsdam.

1. Soul Waffle

waffle egg and sausage

Soul Waffle is a breakfast/lunch restaurant that serves up a variety of different foods such as soups, salads, and sammies. They are known for their waffles. Their pricing starts at $2.25(sides of bacon, links , or fruit cup) to $11 (chicken bacon ranch salad).

2. Village Diner

a mug of hot chocolate

Village Diner is a place to go for affordable breakfast and lunch options. They serve the standard breakfast related items such as omelettes and sandwiches. The prices are moderate. A few recommendations to try out are: The Heart Attack, The Remedy, and The Greek Eggwhite.

3. Eben’s Hearth

onion rings and a burger

Eben’s Hearth is a family restaurant that serves up hearty American classics and has an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. The pricing is fairly moderate with pricing being cheaper when ordering more of the breakfast related things than if you had bought a steak or their seafood fillet.

4. Cactus Grill and Cantina

chicken and peppers with onions

Cactus Grill and Cantina is Mexican style restaurant that sells traditional classics such as burritos and fajitas. The pricing usually ranges from around $8-$10. A few recommendations to try out are the seafood enchilada and burrito bowl.

5. 3 Bears Gluten-Free Bakery

a gluten free cake with strawberries

This bakery is a great option for those who choose to eat gluten free for either diet reason or health implications. The pricing is moderate but higher than some bakerys due to the price of ingredients to substitute the gluten. They offer goods such as scones and cinnamon rolls.

6. Lee’s Hawaiian Grill

rice and fried shrimp

This grill is a great place to cool off with some tasty drinks and classic asian style dishes. The pricing is moderate and you can try an Instagram worthy fruit/bubble tea for only $3.99. They also have a classic asian noodle dish that you must try.

7. Between The Buns

the front of the bar

Between the Buns is a restaurant that serves pub food and has access to TVs for sports , full bar, and karaoke nights. The prices are decently affordable and go well with the drinks. Pricing starts at $4 for Soft Pretzels and the highest being $22 for the Big Bastard Burger.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY Cortland

The State University of New York College at Cortland is a coeducational college in Cortland, New York, United States . One of the more nortable alumni from the school has been actor and comedian Kevin James. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes to visit nearby.

1. Hollywood

a plate of spagetti

Hollywood is a bar and restaurant that was first built in 1940. The food is mostly Italian themed with items such as pizza and pasta. The pricing starts at $3.95 (for the toss garden salad) and goes up to $22.95 (for the Delmonico).

2. Whole Heart Cafe

a roasted eggplant panini

Whole Heart Cafe is located in the The Local Food Market and utilizes fresh locally grown ingredients in order to show its customers different uses for product. The cafe serves up make taste soup, salads, and sandwich options at an affordable price.

3. Coffee Mania

a look at coffee mania drivethrough

Coffee Mania is a locally roasted coffee shop that takes local and convenient and marries the two together. Students cannot always have the time to brew their own coffee or are often pressed on time. Coffee Mania has a drive through with affordable prices that makes getting your energy boost fast.

4. Red Dragon

garlic wings with celery

Red Dragon is a pizza place that is great for going out for a dinner or lunch with friends. Split the price of a whole pizza and its makes for a fast and easy option. If you are dining alone pizza slices start at just $2.00.

5. Pita Gourmet

rice and onion meat skewer

Pita Gourmet is a family owned American/ Mediterranean style restaurant. Pricing is moderate and start at $3.25(french fries) and goes up to $23.25(Large Fabulous Five). A few recommendations would be Grape Leaves with Meat and the Kibbie Pita Wrap.

6. The Deli Downtown

a rhuben sandwich with pickles

The Deli Downtown is a great joint to go into if you are fast and tasty lunch options. You can even enjoy the food from your own home with a $2 delivery charge. They have an assortment of different salads, sandwiches and soups. Pricing starts at $1.89(bagel) and goes up to $10.49 (the specialty sandwiches).

7. Frank & Mary’s Diner

an omolette and potatoes

This is an old school diner that has a charm that is more than just nostalgic feelings. You can be sure to come in for a hearty meal at any time of day that will be affordable as well. A few recommendations to try would be the Fruit Pie($2.89), Liver and Onions($8.29) and Garbage Omelette($7.10).

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY – Fredonia

The State University of New York at Fredonia is a liberal arts college in Fredonia, New York.  The school has an enrollment of around 4,500 students. Here are some tasty nearby restaurants and cafes you need to check out.

1. Jenna’s 4th St. Cafe

eggs with potatoes and a sandwich

This cafe is a great place to go to for an affordable lunch or breakfast option. They have plenty of different baked goods such as their cheese danish ($1.25) or a bagel/english muffin. The pricing starts at $.75(toast) and goes up to $8.95 (double chicken wings).

2. Domus Fare

eggs toast bacon and fruit

This classic American style restaurant gives its patron a look at tasty and affordable breakfast options as well as plenty of different sandwich options. The pricing starts at $1.5(two eggs any style) and goes up to $11(the Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers).

3. BJ’s

inside of the bar with speakers and photo decor

BJ’s is a CASH only bar that serves up a lengthy list of different drinks. They also serve moderately priced wings, BBQ and burgers. A few drink recommendations to check out would be: Hudson Manhattan Rye , Sazerac Rye, and Crispin Hard Apple Cider.

4. Aloe Vera’s Eatery

catered wraps on a plate

This is a prime spot to go to for your lunch needs. They primarily serve up salads and wraps. The pricing starts off at $5 for the half order Basic Build salad but can go up to $12 for most of the full salad sizes. Customizing and add ons are extra.

5. The Upper Crust Bakery & Soup Co

soup and panini combo

This bakery sells a variety of soup, has an espresso bar, and plenty of baked goods. The pricing starts at $3.99 which can get you a hearty bowl of soup and bread. The highest you will pay is $9.25 for a full club sandwich (recommendations turkey and Tommy).

6. Tim Hortons

cup of coffee and cinnamon roll

Tim Hortons is every college students go to place when it comes to refueling. They have plenty of coffee to give you your energy as well as a quick and easy on the go breakfast sandwich too. Pricing is moderate and a few recommendations would be their lattes and the Steak, seasoned egg and cheese sandwich.

7. Lena’s Pizza and Sub Shop

the cheesy sticks and marinara

When it comes to pizza and sandwich needs this place comes out hitting hard. You can choose to get the food delivered which is perfect for a chill night in. The pricing is moderate. A few crowd favorites have been the wings, The New Yorker Pizza, and the Crispy Green Beans.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY New Paltz

The State University of New York at New Paltz is a public college in New Paltz, in the U.S. state of New York . The school is fairly hard to get into as its acceptance rate is only around 42%. Here are nearby cafes and restaurants you must check out.

1. Cafeteria Coffee House

a string of guitars as decoration

This coffee shop is no ordinary one. On Sundays they feature live Jazz music and overall have a great drink variety. They feature smoothies, mochas, hot chocolate and so much more. The pricing starts at $1.6 (organic coffee) and goes up to $4.50(Iced WC Mocha).

2. The Cake Artists Cafe & Deli

a sampling platter of cake

This cafe serves up an extensive breakfast and lunch menu as well as catering and desserts(cake). The best thing about this restaurant is that there are way to make the food gluten free, so you and your friends can all enjoy. Pricing starts at $1.99 (The classic) and goes up to 10.99 (Black and Blue Sandwich).

3. The Village Tea Room, Restaurant & Bake Shop

outside seating and flowers

This restaurant is TEAlightful. They specialize in bringing locally sourced food to the mouths of eager tea party holders. The guests can enjoy food for all times because they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pricing starts at $.50 (Meringue) and goes up to $25( Pan seared salmon).

4. Huckleberry

string lights and outdoor seating

Huckleberry is a place that is known for pub style food and an extensive cocktail list. The food marries itself with the drink to become a flavorful duo. The menu lists what options are vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan. The pricing starts at $6( hand cut fries) and goes up to $18(oven roasted Salmon).

5. Mexican Kitchen

a platter of tacos

If you are craving some Mexican style food then this is the place to go to. The pricing isn’t overly expensive and the flavors are out of the this world. Pricing starts at $2.80(tamale) and goes up to $11.99( for the Polo Con Mole).

6. Main Street Bistro

a plate of mushrooms and eggs

Main Street Bistro gives its customers a hearty taste of American classics for lunch, dinner and brunch plans. Their pricing starts at just $1.95 (breakfast special with two eggs, home fries, and wheat toast) and goes up to $13.95( Salmon Stir-Fry).

7. Underground Coffee and Ales

outside of a draft can

If you are craving tasty food and good drinks this is the place to be. It is booming with excitement and even has free to play trivia every Monday. The pricing starts at $3 (egg and cheese on roll) and goes up to $14(Underground Burger). Their draft list has 115 different kinds, which can be overwhelming. Here are a few recommendations: Woodstock Brewery – Outer Rings, Zero Gravity – Conehead, and Rushing Duck Brewery – Ryesenbach.

Restaurants and Cafes near for Students at SUNY Plattsburgh

The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh is a four-year, public liberal arts college in Plattsburgh, New York, United States. The school has a 50% acceptance rate. Here are some great restaurants and cafes to check out nearby.

1. Koffee Kat Espresso Bar

koffee kat store front sign

Koffee Kat Espresso Bar is a cool and relaxed hang out to go for study sessions(there is free wifi) or to refuel with pastries, coffee, and tea. The pricing is interesting because it is CASH only but there is access to an ATM. Pricing is moderate.

2. Chapter One Coffee and Tea

blueberry scone and tea

Chapter One Coffee and Tea is a cozy place to come in for tasty coffee , tea, pastries and even locally made products and drink lovers accessories. The pricing is moderate and they switch up their menu for the drinks and pastries depending on the season.

3. Samuel D’s

people smiling, people sitting and food

Samuel D’s is unique because it is operated for the hospitality students of the school. Its location makes it easy to access and showcases the local talent of the students. Pricing varies but the food and drink served depend on the project. A few examples of food are: Mustard Glazed Salmon and Provolone and Portabella stuffed Chicken, there is also Starbucks offered.

4. Irises Cafe & Wine Bar

three glasses of wine

This restaurant is your go to stop for any occassion. You can stop on by for the cupcake bakeshop to bring to any coworkers or birthdays, the deli for any sandwich desires, and even host a office party with outstanding catering. The prices are moderate.

5. Quiche et Crepe

a crepe and crossaint

This French inspired restaurant will be your next Instagram photo goals. The restaurant serves up a lengthy breakfast menu and PLENTY of different options for crepes and quiche (they also serve lunch/desserts). A few crowd favorites have been the Hot Apple Crêpe ($5.99) and Croque Madame ($6.99).

6. Yama Sushi

an artfully made dragon roll

Yama Sushi is a great place to go to for affordable Japanese food. The variety is VERY large with a menu for their appetizers ALONE. The pricing starts at just $1.95 (miso soup) with the max amount spent being the Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner ($28.95).

7. The Pepper

wet burrito with rice and beans

The Pepper is the place to go to for your Mexican food cravings. The pricing is moderate . A few crowd favorites for food have been the Taco Plate, Carnitas, and The Pepper Surf and Turf. They also have an extensive drink menu with drinks such as the Cadillac Margarita and Michelob Ultra .

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland.  The school has around 26,000 students and one of its more notable alumni has been Gerard Butler who is a famous actor. Here are some tasty restaurants to visit nearby.

1. Kember and Jones

a look at the serving counter

Kember and Jones are unique because not only is it a cafe to get yourself a fueling coffee or tasty baked good, but it is also situated next to a deli and bookshop as well. The pricing starts at £ 2.95 (Green Leaf Salad) to 9.99 (Fish Board).

2. Stravaigin

a look at the bar with wines

Stravaigin is the place to go to if you are looking to impress your friends and family with gourmet sea food. What makes this unique is how large of a selection they have of cheese and even foods you wouldn’t think of at first(Roast Wood Pigeon). Pricing starts at 5 (soup and bread) and goes up to 28 (Char grilled Ribeye Steak).

3. The Hanoi Bike Shop

an arrangement of hanging bikes and lanterns

This is a lively place to come into if you are looking for Vietnamese street food. The decor of the hanging bikes is a great chance to take some interesting photos. The pricing starts at 2 (prawn crackers) and goes up to 14.25(Crispy, Ginger and Chili Marinated Beef).

4. Number 16

a dish of braised pork belly

This restaurant takes traditional Scottish food and makes it all their own. The restaurant serves up food that is considered a little on the higher end , but takes into account its modern flare and pricier quality ingredients. A few crowd favorites served up are: Smoked Duck Terrine and Chantenay Carrots.

5. Cafe Andaluz – Glasgow West End

the inside of the restaurant with chairs and tables

This restaurant caters to those who are looking to taste international delights with locally sourced food. The food features Spanish tapas and so much more. The pricing starts at £3.5(Pan Fresco) all the way up to £9.5(Tabla De Serrano GF).

6. The Sisters Kelvingrove

a cheese and fruit board

This is a unique dining experience as the food options are married together in an all one go. This means that the food is rung up together and you are tasting multiple dishes. The pricing is £11.95 for 2 courses (
Ramsays of Carluke ham, buttered Savoy cabbage & mash )and an additional £3.50 to add on dessert. You can also order additional sides as well. The menu is always changing but there are a few staple items.

7. Ubiquitous Chip

different plants and fairy lights around dining tables

Ubiquitous Chip is a great place to hold your next grad party or meet up with friends to celebrate that new internship. The inside features greenery that gives the restaurant a unique atmosphere. The food is Scottish flavors with their own twist. The pricing starts at £7.45 ( Chip’s Famous Caledonian Ice Cream) to upwards of £35.00 (8oz Fillet).

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. The school is fairly harder to get into as it only accepts around 17% of its applicants. Here are tasty nearby restaurants to check out at University of Oxford.

1. Vaults & Garden

a group of parfaits

This cafe is situated in a building that was built in the early 1300’s. There is a picturesque garden to take selfies at and the cafe serves breakfast and lunch. Pricing starts at £2.50 (sourdough toast) to £10.50(slow roasted lamb shoulder).

2. The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen

cooked duck with green beans

This is a casual cafe that has artisan coffee and breakfast/snack food. There are plenty of different options for breakfast/lunch and dinner. Pricing starts at just £4(summer berries breakfast pot) to £16(Harissa marinated lamb steak).

3. Jimbob’s Baguettes

two sandwiches and chips

This is a great place to visit for flavorful and homemade breads. These in house made breads are a staple for any meal. You can also purchase tasty lunch options such as sandwiches or even drinks(coffee). Pricing starts at £3(crossiant/ danish +hot drink) to £5.40 (meal deal).

4. Art Cafe

local art hands on the walls

Art Cafe is a go to hot spot for all things coffee and related. Chill with your friends for a cozy drink or spend your lunch break eating hot paninis. Pricing starts at just £1.8 (Macchiato) to £7.65(Penne Bolognese).

5. No.1 Ship Street

the ground floor with wine glasses

This building houses a tasty lunch time menu in what is called No.1 Ship Street. The menu gives you an option of two or three starters (9.95 or 12.95. The menu consists of starters such as tomato bruschetta , lamb faggot (main) and sides (minted potatoes).

6. The White Rabbit

the outside of the pizza place

The White Rabbit is a great place to go with your friends when you are looking for tasty meets affordable food. The food is mostly Italian inspired and specializes in pizza and plenty of beer. Pricing starts at
£2.50 (Italian Olives) and goes up to £11.95 (Calabrese Pizza).

7. Moshi

outside seating for moshi

Moshi is a great place to go to if you are craving Japanese food. They specialize in traditional flavors while also keeping the pricing fairly affordable . A few crowd favorites have been: Udon Noodle Soup Chicken ( £8.95) , Ebi Katsu ( £6.45) and Octopus Sashimi( £6.00).