Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a small, private, nonsectarian university located in Garden City, in Nassau County, New York, United States. The school has a 72% acceptance rate. Here are restaurants and cafes for students to visit.

1. Garden City Coffee Shop

the front of the store sign

This coffee shop has an extensive menu when it comes to food, they have juicy burgers, breakfast creations of all kinds, gyros, salads, paninis, wraps and so much more. Pricing ranges around $7-$11. Recommendations to try would the Spinach Pie with Greek Salad and Tomato Stuffed with Crab meat.

2. Bagelman

a breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese

If you need to get refueled then look no further then to this joint for all your breakfast and lunch time needs. They have plenty of egg related dishes as well as sandwiches and soups. Pricing is around $2.50(oatmeal) to $8.99(7th Street Feast).

3. Grand Lux Cafe

outside of the grand lux

In the name you guessed it there are foods here that you can’t get anywhere else. They strive to serve foods that are both unique and fancy. You can order at doordash for optimal convenience. Their pricing starts at $2.95(steamed write rice) to $25.95 (miso glazed halibut).

4. Rustica Brick Oven Cafe

a plate of lasagna

This cafe is meant for those students who are looking for place that sells tasty and hot pizza and pasta. The pricing starts at $4.50( French or Sweet Potatoe Fries) and goes up to $24 for a 17 inch white pizza (
Chicken Francese ).

5. NM Cafe

lettuce wraps served on a plate

This cafe is situated right next to the luxury store Neiman Marcus . To go along with the fancy clothing that adorn the walls nearby this restaurant gives you a classic and high end style of eating. They serve up wine and cocktails and with pricing for food starting at $7.5(tortilla soup) all the way up to $30 for a green gratitude bowl with salmon.

6. Starving Artist Cafe and Gallery

a chocolate cake with whip cream

This is the place to go to if you are looking to catch some brunch eats with your friends while admiring art. Pricing usually ranges from $7.99( fried zucchini) to $14.99( shrimp and avocado salad). A few fan favorites have been the Eggplant Panini and the Pear Salad.

7. Waterzooi Belgian Bistro & Oyster Bar

a plate of rice with clams

This seafood bar is the place to go to for fine dining and fresh caught buttery food. The pricing starts at $7 for a side of Jasmin rice and can go up to $42 for the Homard which is a creamy lobster sauce & scallions . The best time to sip is their happy hour where they are serving up $7 specialty drinks such as margaritas and $1 oysters!


Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Arcadia University

Arcadia University is a private university located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The school has a 59% acceptance rate and there are around 2,500 students enrolled currently. Here are some tasty nearby cafes and restaurants to visit near Arcadia University.

1. Elcy’s Coffee House

coffee and chalk boards

This coffee house is the perfect place to go to if you are looking to get the energy of coffee that you need. They offer breakfast and lunch options and their food pricing starts at $2.95(for the oatmeal bar) and goes up to $9.95 (bacon turkey and baby spinach salad).

2. Keswick Coffee House

the outside of the store seating

This relaxed coffee house is a dream for those who are into art appreciation. They support local talent by giving them a place to showcase their work. They sell lunch and breakfast options as well as plenty of coffee for your needed buzz. Pricing is moderate. Some items you should try are the California Sun Cake and Tuna Salad Wrap.

3. The Real Marketplace

the logo of the real market place

This is a great place to go to to sit down at read, study for an exam, or just conversate with your friends over a hearty and healthy lunch. Their pricing starts at $7 (for the specialty ham and havarti) or you can choose to spend a bit more to customize.

4. Anne’s Kitchen Table

the front of the outside seating

This eatery is a sport known for sandwiches and salads. They offer different daily specials and weekend specials to keep the food different each time. A few recommendations to try would the crab cake salad ($10.95) and The Haminapple Grill($9.50).

5. Moonlite Diner

steak and fries with salad

This diner serves up affordable food and a large amount of different options to try. They have Italian specials (such as spaghetti and meatballs), Greek food(Gyro Platter), seafood(Fried Clams), burgers and so much more. Pricing starts at $1.99(soup) and can go up to $17.99(steak).

6. White Horse Coffee & Creamery

the food truck for white horse

If you are looking to get your coffee fix or looking to try a cooling drink/dessert you have come to the right place. They have their own store or you can see them around traveling in their food truck. Pricing starts at $2.25 for a regular coffee and goes up to $6.50 for the nitro float.

7. Dino’s Backstage

a entertainment stage and tables

This restaurant is seen as a more upscale place to go to. If you are looking for a good time with friends this is the place to be. The pricing is a bit pricier but that goes into quality and ambiance. Food starts at $9 (soup) and can go up to $34(New York strip).

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania is a public university that offers master’s and doctoral level programs. The acceptance rate of the college is around 68%. With the stress from school, you definitely need good food to make it through the school year. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes to visit nearby.

1. Cummings Coffee & Candy

a sandwich and coffee

This family run business is a treasure that brings you fair trade coffees, anything under the sun for your sweet tooth and just the right amount of buzz to keep you energized. The pricing is fairly moderate. Recommendations to try are: raspberry truffle latte, chai smoothie, and biscotti.

2. Mac’s Route 8 Cafe

eggs toast and hashbrowns

This home away from home is a relaxed setting that serves up affordable prices. They have a great variety of foods to try.They have build your own burgers , soup that changes throughout the week, gourmet sandwiches (try the classic Reuben $7.99), and so much more.

3. Spring Street Cafe

sign for spring street cafe

This cafe serves up lunch and breakfast options as well as baked goods. They have soup, salads, and paninis and so much more. A few crowd favorites have been the El Pollo Loco Melt ($8) and the Spring Street Reuben  ($10.50).

4. Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes

a cup of hot coco

This is the place to go to for picture worth crepes and hot coffee to go along with it. They sell plenty of other foods and drinks such as chai, mocha, lunch wrapps, waffles and so much more. Crepes pricing starts at $7 (nutella).

5. The Bloom Cafe

a wooden table with a plant

The Bloom Cafe is a eatery that is situated near a garden. This is a great hotspot to go to for photos or just relaxing with friends. They sell healthy food with clean ingredients. Pricing starts at $3 for half an egg sandwich.

6. Butler Brew Works

a glass of beer

If you are looking for a place to get drinks and hang out with friends then this is the place. There are plenty of brews on tap and light pub food as well. A few recommendations for beer would be Quicksand, Bantam, and Amelia.

7. Fortune Star

buffet set up of chinese food

Fortune Star is a Chinese all you can restaurant. The selection is quite large for the price you pay of which is moderate. You can choose tasty delecacies such as crab , sushi, lo mien, pot stickers and so much more. Make sure to come hungry.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech University, colloquially referred to as Louisiana Tech or La. Tech, is a public research university in Ruston, Louisiana. The school has around a little more than 7,000 students. Here are some tasty nearby cafes and restaurants to visit.

1. The Depot Coffee House

a person holding coffee cup

This coffee house is your ticket to fueling coffee that gives you the right amount of buzz. They made gourmet drinks for changing holidays such as red velvet or apple cider. Pricing is moderate and you absolutely must try the raspberry green tea.

2. Parish Press

the front of the store with chalk board

This coffee shop is your stop for light eats that compliment the coffee as well as other drinks to keep you going. The pricing is moderate. You can try the food for as low as $2.00 for a bagel. Recommended drinks to try would be the Semi Sweet Iced Coffee and Bulletproof.

3. Newk’s Eatery

a salad with dressing

This is a regional restaurant that offers food with a short wait time while also having plenty of variety. They also do delivery so if you need a quick meal in a pinch for time, this is a great option. They sell plenty of different salads, soups, pizza and desserts. Pricing is moderate and for your sweet tooth try the PB & Chocolate Whoopie Pie and the Caramel Cake.

4. Nana’s Soulfood

mac and cheese and carrots

Southern flavors are certainly not hidden in this restaurant. If you come to try food that are absolutely GUILTY but taste heavenly, then you have made it to the place! The food and the pricing changes daily but overall its moderate. A few recommendations to try is the fried pork chops, deviled eggs, and collard greens.

5. Dawg House Sports Grill

a burger with curly fries

If you need a place that will give you the best view of sports (aka huge TVs) or just want to savor pub food at its finest then this is the place for you. Pricing starts at around $5(Louisiana Bread Pudding) and goes up to $12 (steak salad).

6. Peking Restaurant

desserts and sushi all you can eat

This is a Chinese buffet but also serves as an outlet to come in and decide to order for takeout for eating convenience. Their pricing starts at $1.99 for their wonton soup and can go up to $10.99 for the Seafood Supreme.

7. Roly Poly Sandwiches

a container with a sandwich

This is a great place to come in for lunch as they have a wide variety of sandwiches but also salads and soup. They will even cater if you decide to host events for work. The pricing is moderate but you absolutely must try a create your own roll and Brown Derby Cobb salad.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University, is a public university with approximately 7,479 students located in Pittsburg, Kansas, United States. The school has around 5,700 students. Here are some tasty cafes and restaurants to visit.

1. Einstein Bros Bagels

mini bagel bites and coffee

This chain restaurant is a go to easy stop for all things coffee bagels and breakfast sandwiches. It is fast and if you are running late but looking for something to eat it is the best place for it. Pricing is moderate and a few recommendations would be the Jalapeno Cheddar, Green Chile, and Power Protein.

2. Cafe Del Rio

a smothered burrito and rice

Cafe Del Rio is the place to go to for your Mexican style food. They sell everything from tamales, burritos, fried steak, enchiladas, and so much more. Their pricing usually ranges from about $8-$15. Some recommendations would be fish tacos and chimichanga.

3. Farmhouse Cafe

a stack of pancakes and potatoes

Farmhouse Cafe is an eatery that looks to serve its customers the best food and ingredients they can. The pricing is moderate but the variety is bountiful. Come on in for a melt in your mouth eggs benedict or a juicy steak with potatoes.

4. Harry’s Cafe

the harrys sign lit

Harry’s cafe is an eatery that has been around for quite some time. They attract new and old customers with tasty home-style food and good customer service. The pricing is moderate and people come from all over for good and hearty bacon and eggs plate.

5. Root Coffeehouse & Creperie

a frappe with whip cream

This is a newer business that opened up and will be your next go to spot for picture ready desserts and hot coffee. They also sell plenty of other items such as tea ($1.50 for a small ), fruit smoothies ($3.25 small), and sandwich combos.

6. Typhoon Thai Cuisine

rice and a bowl of soup

This is a moderately priced restaurant that serves up traditional Thai food. If you are looking to eat classics such as veggie tempura and curry that is fiery then you have come to the right place. Make sure to stay for the friend wontons.

7. Bamboo

the front of the store

Bamboo is a restaurant that serves up takeout food that makes it easy to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. You can bring it to a sleepover or eat it during a study session. Their pricing starts at $1 (for soup only on Mondays) and goes up to about $9(stir fry).

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Northern Virginia Community College

Northern Virginia Community College is a 2-year college. There are six campuses and four centers located in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes you must check out.

1. Nando’s

a salad and chicken peri peri

This is a chain restaurant that provides fast service and great tasting Portuguese style food and flaming sauce (it’s their specialty). A few recommendations to try are the Peri-Peri Nuts($4.25), Portobello Mushroom with Halloumi Wrap($10.35) and the Cauliflower, Butternut & Halloumi Salad ($8.99).

2. Yard House

tall glass of beer

This is a higher end sports bar that has a decently long menu and is great to go to as a celebratory place for food. If you are looking for things to try go for the truffle fries ($5.45), Chilled Edamame ($4.95, and the coconut shrimp ($14.25).


a rice bowl with toppings

This restaurant caters to Mediterranean flavors. If you have never tried traditional Harissa or tzatziki this is your chance. The pricing is moderate. Come for the braised lamb meat and stay for the kalamata hummus.

4. Mike’s American

a plate of pasta and cheese

This serves classic American food and is a light atmosphere for conversation. They sell lunch and dinner and the types of food is pub food as well as pasta and seafood. Pricing is a bit higher and starts at $7 for the salads and can go up to $21 for ribs.

5. Delia’s Pizzeria & Grill

a chicago style pizza

If you are craving pizza this is the place to order from. You can order for delivery using the slice app. You can get a cheese pizza starting at only $8.95. The pricing goes up from there depending on what the toppings are and how many you get.

6. Flame Kabob

chickpeas salad and kabob

This is the place to go to if you are looking to try middle eastern food. It has a fiery flavor and a great atmosphere. You can order online to have it delivered as well for optimal convenience. Pricing starts at $3.99 for the Sambosa and the highest being $17.99 (Chopan Kabob).

7. Houlihan’s

a cake with icecream

This restaurant sells American fare for lunch dinner and for even those who are leading out a vegetarian diet. They have a daily menu which keeps it interesting and one of the recommendations would be to come on Friday when they have the panko fried shrimp ($15.95).

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs is a campus of the University of Colorado system, the state university system of Colorado. The school has a 92% acceptance rate. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes to visit.

1. Bon Ton’s Cafe

the garden gate outside

This cafe is a go-to spot for tasty breakfast and lunch foods. You can customize your omelets or do add-ons to your breakfast meals. Even better if they even offer gluten-free options ($6.99- $11.79). A few crowd favorites have the Country Benny and the Open Hot Beef.

2. Cafe Red Point

three tacos with a smoothie

Cafe Red Point creates tasty and healthy smoothies that come in all kinds of flavors and even sells acai bowls. They have a hot breakfast bowl. The pricing is moderate. For recommendations try the power egg bowl or California salad.

3. Jives Coffee Lounge

the logo for jives

This lounge serves up a piping hot cup of coffee for those who are looking to get the buzz they need for the day. Beans are roasted on site and their coffees are unique in flavor and taste. Pricing ranges from $4.20-$5.20.

4. Kairos Coffee House

a hand with a latte

This coffee house has coffee, espresso specialty drinks such as hot chocolate . The food starts at $3.95(original breakfast sandwich) and goes up to $5.50 Guacamole Croissant . A few recommendations to try would be the Roast Beef Panini and the Brie Sandwich.

5. Drifter’s Hamburgers

a burger with with cheese

If your craving a juicy burger then this is the place to be at . You can come in for a hamburger, grilled sandwich, breakfast burrito and shakes. The pricing is fairly moderate and a few crowd favorites have been the Big Kahuna Sandwich and BLT.

6. Oliver’s Deli

a turkey sandwich with pickle

This deli is the perfect family friendly place to go to as they have a kids menu , breakfast , lunch and sweets. Pricing for food starts at $1 (cookie) and goes up to $8.50(Lox, Stock, and Barrel). Make sure to try keep up on their soup of the day (different soup per day).

7. La Bella Vita

a plate with potatoes and zuchini

La Bella Vita is an Italian restaurant that serves up tasty food that is on the higher priced side. Most of the dishes range to be around $11-$16. A few recommendations to try out would be the Mista, Primavera and the baked manicotti.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Strayer University

Strayer University is a private, for-profit university in the United States. The school was founded in 1892. The school is located in Herndon, Virginia. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students at Strayer University.

1. Ice House Cafe

a piano and wine glass

Ice House Cafe is a an elegant restaurant and oyster boy that one can attend if they are looking for a fancier experience. The food they serve is mostly sea food dishes and one of the crowd favorites have been the warm crispy duckling salad ($11.95) and the ice house crab cakes( $25.95).

2. Scoop of the Hill

a scoop of gelado and a macaroon

Scoop of the hill is internationally known but locally curated and made. They create decadent macaroons and gelato. You can purchase them in bulk or purchase a scoop for $4.25 or a macaroon for $1.75. A few recommended flavors would be Green Tea and Coconut.

3. Mesob Cafe

a plate of green beens and carrots

Mesob is a cafe that sells traditional Ethiopian food. The pricing is starts at $1.75(for icecream) and goes up to $17.99(Spaghetti). A few crowd favorites have been the Doro Wot (chicken stew) and the Gomen(collared greens).

4.Balaji Cafe

soup curry with bread rolls

This cafe is for those who are looking to try some unique Indian food. It is a great place to go to for variety and they serve delectible desserts such as Payassam and Kulfi. The pricing is moderate and a few crowd favorites have been the paneer dosa and the plain uttapam.

5. Central Park Cafe

a sandwich and potato chips

Central Park Cafe is a quick way to get a bite while you are going to see beautiful sites. They serve a lunch and breakfast menu and are moderately priced as well as make it easy and fast to access if you are in a hurry. Come in for your on the go needs or a filling sandwich and chips.

6. Duck Donuts

six donuts with sprinkles

Duck Donuts is the perfect place to go to to liven up the office at your internship or bring to a school event. They do custom donuts and will be a great gift to a friend. The pricing varies depending on toppings/ingredients. A few fan favorites have been peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles and cinnamon sugar.

7. Egg Karne

an egg and cheese sandwich

Egg Karne is a place to go to that combines American and Filipino food together. You can order a beer with your food or even better a classic Filipino Kapuso Coconut Water . The pricing is moderate. Recommendations to try are Spam Silog and the ek deluxe.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is a community college in Clark County, Nevada, United States.  The school has a mascot that is the coyote. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes to visit near college of southern Nevada.

1. Russells Restaurant

people eating at russells

This restaurant serves as the teaching facility for those who are studying in the realm of hospitality and culinary arts. They have a bakery and different meals that are offered for different days. The pricing can be higher but the quality is usually higher as well. They serve up what the lesson they are teaching is so it might be aromatics, international, French etc.

2. Sunset Pizzeria Boulder Hwy

a pepperoni and veggie pizza

This pizza place serves up tasty lunch and dinner options that far span beyond your typical pizza. They sell gyros, pasta, stromboli, chicken wings and so much more. The pricing is moderate and you can customize the pizza how you want it.

3. Naga- Thai Dining

a chicken curry dish

This restaurant is a great Thai place to go to for your curry needs. If you are looking for traditional Thai food you will find a large selection as well as even yummy desserts ($4.75 Mochi). Come on in for the highly recommended Yellow Thai Curry and Pad Thai Noodles.

4. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

a picture of a cheese steak

This sandwich shop is a great place to go for all your lunch time needs. They have salads, sandwiches, subs and a kids menu. If you are with your family this is the place to be. The pricing is moderate. A few tasty options to try are the homemade turkey subs and balsamic chicken.

5. Omelet House

 the kitchen sink eggs

The Omelet House is a great place to go to for lunch and breakfast. You can customize the omlette and make it all your own. They also have hamburgers , chili, fish and chips and so much more. Pricing is moderate.

6. Del Taco

two tacos and fries

Del Taco is a place to go to if you are looking for Mexican cheap and easy food. If you are in a hurry or want to enjoy it from the comfort of your home you can contact doordash or grubhub for delivery. Pricing is fast food comparable and the favorites have been the fresca bowls and platos.

7. Johnny Mac’s

a person taking out a pizza

Johnny Mac’s is a relaxed restaurant with TVs and comforting food like pizza and burgers. The pricing is moderate and their selection on the menu is wide. A few great items to try are the California White Pizza, Italian Bomber Sub, and Antipasto Salad.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco is a public community college in San Francisco, California. Their mascot is Rockey the Ram. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students at City College of San Francisco community college.

1. 5 Sweets

a plate of donuts

This is a great place to go to if you are looking for something sweet and something that is picture ready for Instagram. The food they serve is crepes, boba, smoothies and coffee. The food is customizable and one of the crowd favorites have been the Ube Icecream.

2. Poke Bowl

an arrangement of poke bowls

If you have ever had a poke bowl it is as if you took sushi and put it in a bowl form. This restaurant lets you customize your toppings and gives you the Japanese flavors in the most convenient ways(you can order for delivery through doordash).Pricing is moderate to high.

3. Monterey Pizza & Asian Zap

a pizza with olives

This pizza joint will be your next weekend plans. Split the cost with your friends and have it postmated right to your door. The pricing for pizza starts at $16.95(Palazzo special pizza) or you can opt for the plain cheese for $12.95.

4. Jo Jo’s Cafe

photo of steak broccoli and rice

This cafe is a place to get fast and easy traditional Chinese food. You can make it easy by ordering online. Pricing starts at $4 (pearl milk tea special) and usually is around $9-$13 for most of the entrees (coconut chicken fried rice).

5. Beep’s Burgers

burger fry and drink combo

Beep’s serves up juicy burgers at the type of quick service that is comparable to most fast food joints. This drive-in style eatery will give you all the nostalgic feelings. Pricing starts at $2(breakfast hash brown) and goes up to $9.50(fried chicken sandwich).

6. Crazy Pepper

photo of the cashew nut chicken

Crazy Pepper is a great place to go to if you are craving Chinese food. The food can be delivered to you by Postmates or doordash. Pricing starts at $3.95( for most of their desserts) and goes up to $14.95 for the Salmon with Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce.

7. Cafe La Taza

a plate of seasoned fries

This restaurant has Latin American flavors that while a bit on the higher priced side is worth splurging for. Come out for a tasty celebratory meal with your friends or family. Pricing starts at $3.5(side of house potatoes) and goes up to $21/$29 ( Churrasco).