10 Coolest Courses at County College of Morris

College can be one of the most formative and stressful time periods of a person’s life. Learning how to coordinate a personal schedule around hobbies, classes, and internships. Especially since college is expensive, it is imperative to take courses that are necessary for that degree but also peak our interest. Whether you are majoring in accounting or biology, there are interesting classes that you may not have thought of before. Before you register for your next semester, take a look below at the 10 coolest courses at County College of Morris.

1. DRA 110 – Acting I

Have you ever had a curiosity for theatre or acting, but never got the opportunity? Well, this class is perfect for you. This course reviews the basics of acting and involves active exercises in improvisation and mimes.

This image represents the basic symbol of theatre.

2. BIO 118 – Biomedical Ethics

Much of biology courses frequently include hard sciences, however, there is a crucial ethics component to the science. Whether you are going into the healthcare field or research field, this class may be for you. Students learn to identify ethical problems and the public policy that is involved.

Icon of a person holding balance. Shows how ethics is frequently about weighing the pros and cons between both sides.

3. SOC 222 – Deviant Behavior

This 3-credit course goes over a topic that is not frequently discussed: deviant behavior and non-conforming to social norms. The class reviews why people conform from a cross-cultural perspective. Furthermore, this class also instills an understanding of the dynamics of groups.

Clipart picture of business meeting

4. GRD 111 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

This course on graphic design is perfect for students who are beginners in graphic design. This class teaches students various graphic design softwares and tools to create a creative visual piece. Students will work on 2-D design projects.

Cartoon icon showing how art can be computerized through graphic design.

5. ISA 110 – Intercultural Communication

Have you ever wondered how countries and cultures communicate even amidst many differences in worldview and cultural values? This class is perfect for students who want to have a broader understanding of intercultural competence. Furthermore, this class may be valuable for any student looking to go into any career because it garners a greater understanding of various cultures.

picture of iconed people communicating through speech bubbles

6. HES 128 – Yoga

This one credit class is the perfect course for a relaxing exercise that will be a useful habit to acquire into your daily routine. This is an introductory course so no prior experience is required. Furthermore, this course will help release stress and improve fitness.

Artistic portrayal of yoga pose coloured in rainbow colours and with an artistic design

7. DAN 112 – Dance Appreciation

Dance has evolved over the years and this class is perfect for any student who is interested in learning about contemporary dance. Students will learn ballet and musical theatre. The course will also be taught via live concerts and videos.

Cartoon of two people enjoying the art of dance.

8. ENG 113 – Creative Writing

This class is perfect for any student who has secretly pining to become a writer. Students will be able to explore their talents in poetry, short fiction and drama. Furthermore, this class will involve discussions to improve writing skills.

icon cartoon of a large pencil writing on a paper

9. MUS 114 – American Music

This class is ideal for any student who is curious about the origins of American music and how it has evolved since the 19th century. The course will review music genres such as country, bluegrass, early R&B and rock and roll. This course will surely garner a greater appreciation for music.

Cartoon of shadow jazz musicians playing together, which is part of American musical history.

10. CJS 121 – Criminal Justice System

This class is perfect for students who are interested in true crime shows. Students will be able to learn about the causes of crime and the effect of crimes on society. You may grow to have a greater appreciation for the crime shows that have been all the rage lately.

Picture cartoon of a criminal behind bars.

Ever think about taking a class outside of your comfort zone in a field that intrigues you? Look no further because the classes offered at County College of Morris are diverse and limitless. Before solidifying your schedule for the next semester, make sure to check these courses out.

10 Coolest Courses at Baton Rouge Community College

College can be a difficult time for many students. Balancing challenging courses, part time jobs, and internships can be a tough task to take on. Although it is important to take courses that are required by your major or applicable to a specific field of study, it is also vital to take courses that spark joy and are a breath of fresh air from the norm. Whether your interests lie in psychology, anthropology or theatre, you are bound to find a class you enjoy. Below are ten of the coolest courses that are available at Baton Rouge Community College.

1. CDYC 1230 – Family Relationships and Issues

This class explores the dynamics of family relationships and interpersonal relationships between children. The course delves into cultural and legal issues within family structure. If you are interested in psychology and sociology, this class is for you!

A silhouette picture of a family walking hand in hand.

2. COSM 1311 – Hair Cutting

This three credit class is perfect for the student who has an itching desire to delve into cosmetology. The course reviews hair shaping techniques specific to face shape and profile. Any student who desires a break from their organic chemistry homework or statistics project should take a chance with this class.

The image displays a pair of scissors and a comb to symbolize hair cutting.

3. ARTS 2203 – Beginning Drawing

This drawing class doesn’t require any pre-requisites or prior drawing experience. The class is designed for the amateur artist who is seeking to refine skills in two-dimensional observational drawing. However, keep in mind that this class requires an additional materials fee, so it is not designed for those on a budget.

A cartoon of a man vigorously drawing on a piece of paper.

4. ANTH 1013 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Pre-history+

This introductory anthropology course is a perfect for anyone who wants to delve into some humanities classes, but doesn’t want a large commitment. A bonus is that no prerequisites and corequisites are required for this class. This class explores the beginnings of human culture and the evolution of people.

This image of a human skull symbolizes the complex parts of the human brain such as culture and language that have been shaped with thousands of years of history.

5. ARTS 1023 – Introduction to Fine Arts+

This class is designed for the inner artist in every student. Whether you always wanted to explore drawing, printmaking or sculpture, this class is the best stepping stone to pursue these passions. There is also a focus on why certain forms of art were created at various time periods.

Image of art spelled in colorful paperclips

6. ASTR 1103 – Introduction to Astronomy+

Ever look up at the constellations and wonder about the solar system we live in? If you have, this class is for you. With no prerequisites and corequisites required, this introductory astronomy course only requires a passing college-level math class. The course reviews the concepts and processes that humans have learned about the solar system up to the present-day.

This image is a generalized picture of a telescope observing the stars in the night sky.

7. PSYC 2073 – Human Sexuality

This course delves into human sexuality and how it is influenced by cultural and biological forces. If you’ve ever wanted to delve more into the psychological realm of sex-ed class, this course is for you. Furthermore this class examines our attitudes and perceptions toward others as well.

Picture of gender symbols intertwined

8. SOCL 2213 – Marriage and the Family

Ever wonder about how the institution of marriage and family came to be? This class introduces students to fundamental theories on how gender roles, cross-cultural variations and conflict influence marriage and the family dynamic. This class also does not require any pre-requisites or co-requisites!

This picture shows an outline of an average family structure.

9. SPCH 2213 – Interpersonal Communication+

This class is designed to enhance each student’s communication skills whether in social or professional settings. Regardless of whether you’re studying business or pre- medical studies, this class reinforces skills that are critical to any profession. A greater understanding of interpersonal communication also increases appreciation for intercultural and gender dynamics in conversation.

This is a generalized clipart photo of multiple people sharing thoughts, which represents interpersonal communication.

10. THTR 2103 – Acting I

This class is perfect for anyone who’s wanted to dabble a bit in acting and needs some guidance. With no prerequisites or co-requisites required, students can learn improvisation, thought and emotion skills. Whatever major you are undertaking, make sure to check this class out!

This picture shows masks, which are a symbolic representation of theatre.

College classes can be incredibly stressful and challenging. Sometimes it is necessary to take one or two classes that ignites the creative fire inside. Take a breather and enjoy yourself with the top ten coolest courses available at Baton Rouge Community College.

10 Easiest Classes at Penn Tech

College can be an intensely difficult time of adjustment for many people, whether it is academic, social, or environmental. It may be a good idea to balance your schedule with some easier courses to lead a manageable lifestyle. Below are the ten easiest classes at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

1. MTH 005 – Elementary Algebra I

This class is a way for students with very minimal experience in algebra to establish a foundation in basic algebraic concepts. Technology, such as calculator use, is incorporated into this class to help students in solving problems. Furthermore, this class is open to any students from any subject area.

This is a picture of addition on a chalkboard to demonstrate the basicity of this mathematics course.

2. PHO 101 – Black-and- White Photography

This class teaches students on the basics of camera operation and the aesthetics behind photography. This class is suitable even for students with little background in photography, who have a budding interest in the subject. The only caveat may be that the students must have access to a 35 mm camera.

This picture is of a camera and it is black and white to represent the focus on black and white photography.

3. ANT 113 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This class allows students to learn about the holistic nature of culture and how it influences our food, sexuality, language etc. This is only one of the few anthropology classes offered at Pennsylvania College of Technology, so it may be a good class to explore if you have a small interest. The prerequisite for this class is ENL 111- Cultural Diversity.

This picture demonstrates the exchange of cultural information and the differences in beliefs between people.

4. BIO 111 – Basic Botany

This class takes a general look at the basics of plant sciences and the biological nature of a variety of plants. The details that this class parallels that of a human biology class, except the same lens is applied toward plant biology. If you have a desire to learn more about plants and their physiology, this class is for you.

This picture is of plants and flowers.

5. FYE 101 – First Year Experience

This class is catered toward freshman students who want to garner some skills to ensure a successful college career. The course reviews the nature of college culture and focuses on tools that strengthen academic skills. Furthermore, the class encourages greater involvement in the college community.

This picture is of an individual climbing up in skill knowledge.

6. RDG 111 – College Reading, Reasoning, and Study Skills

This class reviews reading and study skills that are necessary for all college courses. This class may be incredibly influential for students that have taken off from school for awhile or find the transition from high school to college difficult. Study habits such as outlining, note-taking and test- taking is reviewed in this class.

Image result for reading clipart

7. MUS 111 – Introduction to Music

This class aids students to develop a ear for music to analyze the art form of music in western civilization. Students will learn how to critically listen to music and analyze trends in the history of music. This class is catered toward art students.

This is a picture of different musical symbols.

8. SOC 111 – Introduction to Sociology

This class overviews how society has an impact on human behavior an beliefs. Social structures in different cultures and subcultures are also discussed within this class. Students will learn a different perspective in dissecting social values and beliefs.

Sociology spelled out in the shape of people

9. SCI 100 – Environmental Science

This class goes over how environmental interactions occur and how humans have an impact on the health of the environment. Topics that are discussed, include various environmental issues and geological/ biological aspects of the environment. Students will have a basic understanding of the current environmental issues through this course.

Environment represented by hands holding earth and dirt and a plant growing

10. SCI 103 – Science in Modern Society

If you’ve ever wondered how science plays a direct role in everyday life, this class is for you. This course is directed toward students who have an inkling for science, however, do not want to study it as their focal major. This class reviews how natural science topics can be used to analyze current issues in science.

This picture is of an individual's everyday life

College is often overwhelming at times, and it can be necessary to take a few easy classes to reduce the stress and pressure of being in college. Being in college comes with many responsibilities, including academics, so taking courses catered to your personal capability may be beneficial. Above are the top ten easiest courses at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

10 Easiest Classes at PCA&D

Being a full-time or part-time college student is difficult at times financially, emotionally, and mentally. That is why it is important to create your academic schedule to be one that is not overly draining.  Below are the top ten easiest classes at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

1. FD 101- Drawing I

This class introduces students to the basics of drawing through mainly observation. Students will also be encouraged through repeated basic exercises in drawing objects and the human figure. The goal of this course is to teach students how to understand the conceptual aspect of drawing.

This is a picture of a range of colored pencils to symbolize drawing.


2. DGI 205-Typography

This course examines the importance of type in different art mediums. Students will learn about letterforms and the aesthetic nature of type. By the end of the course, students will have a greater understanding of type usage and the craft behind the art form of typography.

This is an image of an unknown figure typing, in order to represent the typing in this course.


3. DM 204- Sound Design

This class introduces students to the basics of digital recording and sound reproduction. Students will learn these basics through studying different audio files. At the end of the course, students will have the knowledge to capture sound and add audio effects.

This is the image of a microphone


4. IL 213- History of Illustration & Emerging Trends

This course is intended to teach students about the evolving nature of illustration throughout history. Students will examine how influences such as culture, technology and economy have shaped the field of illustration and created certain trends. There is an hands- on element to this course in that projects will introduce the ever- changing nature of visual vocabulary.

This is an example picture of a colorful illustration.


5. DGI 405- Social Media Marketing & Communications

This class is designed to teach students how to create their own websites and use specific techniques understand the realm of social media. Students will learn the value of social media in a variety of businesses. They will also learn how social media will influence their own paths, both educational and career- wise.

This is a collection of various push buttons that represent various modes of social media.


6. PH 220-Introduction to Video

This class is intended to teach students the basics of videography and the differentiation between moving photos (video) and still photos. Students will learn the foundation of camera movement and general editing skills. The importance of sound and frequencies will also be covered in this course.

Image result for video clipart


7. AH 203- American Art

This course covers the transformative nature of American art beginning from the colonial times until the present. Students will learn the variety of important artists and movements in each historical period. Furthermore, students will have to exhibit research and communication skills for this class.

 This picture is of the American flag because this course is about American art.


8. MAT 101- Foundations of Mathematics

This class is designed to lay the groundwork of mathematics and how it is applied in the world through history and into the present. Students will learn about the theories and theorists behind these mathematical concepts. This class is friendly to those who are not keen about math because it is a generalized view of mathematics.

This is an image of the different aspects of mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


9. PSY 101- Introduction to Psychology

This class reviews the basic theories and important people in the field of psychology. Some topics that will be covered include: perception, personality and motivation. Students will be prepared with some research skills through this course.

This picture represents psychology in that the many questions of the human psychology are explored in the study of psychology.


10. SOC 201- Gender and Sexuality

This class is designed to allow students to examine how the factor of gender and sexuality played in the course of history in terms of socioeconomic, racial and political situations. Students will learn to study primary documents in this class of historical persons. They will also need to have some basic skills in research and communication.

This is a picture to represent people of different genders and sexualities voicing individual opinions

College is a difficult time for many folks. There are a number of ways to manage this difficulty and one of the solutions to this is taking a couple of easier courses. Above are ten easy courses at PCAD.




10 Easiest Classes at PAFA

College classes can often be challenging and even overwhelming.  Therefore, there is a great need to balance your schedule with a couple of easier courses to counteract the difficult ones. Below are the top ten easiest classes at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

1. AH 101- Art History I

This introductory class teaches students the basics of museum studies through teachings in the classroom and in PAFA’s museums. A wide range of American art is covered, including that of World War II. With this course, students will gage their interest in art history holistically.

Image result for art history clipart
This illustration displays various methods of important methods of art in history.

2. PR 230- Digital Photography

This course examines the various terminology and techniques that are involved in the makings of digital photography. Students will learn how to operate various camera functions and printing techniques. Photography subjects will range from landscape to the body, as well as invented imagery.

This image is a black and white photograph of an old-fashioned camera.

3. PT 208- Color for Painters

This course is a combination of hands- on learning experience of painting with color and a historical examination of the significance of color in painting. Students will learn the major theories of color painting and how the art has evolved over the years. The course can be taken by students of all majors.

This is an image of an artist's color palette to represent the importance of color in this course.

4. SQT 201- Topics in Science

This class takes a holistic approach to the scientific field by encompassing a variety of topics. Astronomy, physics and biology will be covered in this class and students will learn the concepts in each field. There is also a humanities aspect of this course in that students will learn the effect of science in human civilization.

This image is a cartoon representation of the various subjects within the science field.

5. MFA 750- Art in the City

This course is an in- depth study of the museums and art studios centered around Philadelphia and the rest of the U.S. Students will learn the works that are included in various museums in New York and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There is a large exposure to a large range of art work and the exhibition practices in this coursework.

This image is a generalized picture of a museum

6. SQT 203- Quantitative topics: Business Practices in Art

This class is designed to introduce art students to the business aspect of art and the inner workings of the contemporary art market. The main goal of this course is to give students the tools to sustain an art business.  After the groundwork is laid, students will explore how this applies to their own goals.

This image shows a general outline of businessmen.

7. MFA 800- Visiting Artist Program

This class is mainly concerned with familiarizing students with visiting artists and critics. The artists  and critics will hold lectures as well as studio visits.  These prominent artists/ critics will present a large range of modern- day issues in visual arts.

This is a general picture of various people from parts of the world coming together, similar to how the various artists are coming together to share in their skills.

8. MFA 710- Core Critique Group

This course is centered around students receiving feedback and critique on their work.  This class functions in a forum- style manner and students will exchange critiques and opinions with one another. The goal of this class is to help students develop and improve their artistic work, as well as gain various perspectives.

This is a stereotypical image of an individual giving a critique.

9. LAN 206- Prison Landscapes/ Prison Literatures

This class is centered around examining the nature of disciplinary institutions and how this environment shapes the production of artistic works. Students will also examine the specific language choices and strategies utilized by these certain authors.

This artwork displays how art can arise from disciplinary institutions.

10. LAN 210- Feminist (Re) Constructions of Narrative & Self

This course introduces students to how the constraints of gender expectations and genre limitations affected artists and authors. There will be an in-depth critical look into the texts and how they have influenced political and philosophical debates. Students will read many different texts of fiction and creative nonfiction and learn how to place these works in a larger context.

This image of Rosie the Riveter displays how an image of female strength impacted culture and history.
Studying in the arts can be very difficult and labor- intensive. Therefore, it is important to implement a balanced schedule that promotes a healthy state of mind. Above are the top ten courses at PAFA.

Top 5 Dorms at VCU

The dorm is one of the most frequented places in which you will spend much of your time during your college. The dorms can affect who you hang out with, the distance it takes to walk to your morning class, and where you eat.  Therefore, we have provided below the top five dorms at VCU.

1. Gladding Residence Center (GRC)

This is the outside of the newly built GRC.

Residence Address: 711 W. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23220- 4130

This freshman dormitory is a new dorm that offers double bedrooms and four- person semi- suites.  The coolest aspect of this dorm, besides the new architectural design, is that all rooms have a micro fridge, a mini fridge and microwave and USB charging ports. This residence center is also home to the following living- learning communities: LEAD Explores, LIVE Well, and SPARK.

2. The Honors College

This is a picture of the outside of the Honors College building.

Residence Address: 701 W Grace St
Richmond, VA 23220?4116

The Honors College is traditionally a dorm for freshman Honors College students; however, there are some upperclassman that reside here as well. The greatest feature of this dormitory is that each student is guaranteed their own single room and a private bathroom. The dormitory is also located directly across from Chipotle, Panera, and CAVA  which is an added plus.

3. Grace and Broad

This is the outside of the Grace and Broad Residence Hall

Residence Address: 1000 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23220-3611

Grace and Broad is a dormitory reserved for upperclassman at VCU. This on- campus apartment style building is split into Grace and Broad 1 and Grace and Broad 2. Students live in a four person suite in which each student has their own bedroom.

4. West Grace North and West Grace South

West grace north vcu

Residence Address:

West Grace North: 830 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23220-4123

West Grace South: 835 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 2322-4123

West Grace North and West Grace South are upperclassman dormitories that face each other on West Grace Street. These apartment- style dormitories are known for their living and learning communities such as VCU ASPIRE and VCU GLOBE. These apartments are fully furnished and each student is guaranteed their own bedroom.

5. Cary and Belvidere

This is the outside of the Cary and Belvedere Hall.

Residence Address: 301 W. Cary St.
Richmond VA, 23284-5639

This apartment- style residence hall is reserved for sophomores at VCU. The apartments, which are located at the South side of campus, are also fully furnished and open during breaks. This residence hall is located near Chili’s, Starbucks, and Bleeker Street so the dining options are abounding.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing List at VCU

1. Room Basics

  • sheets, blankets, cover, mattress pad (Twin XL)
  • full length mirror
  • Plants
  • under-bed storage
  • robe

2. Food and Snacks

Food and snacks

  • ramen/ instant meals
  • microwave
  • mini fridge
  • utensils
  • granola bars

3. Tech and Entertainment

Samsung TV display screen

  • printer (not wireless!)
  • extension cords
  • speakers
  • headphones
  • chargers (laptop and phone)

4. School Supplies

School supplies scattered on the desk

  • Notebooks
  • Stapler
  • stationary: pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers
  • binders
  • index cards

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Tissues
  • Air freshener
  • hand- held vacuum
  • Disinfectant wipes

6. Campus Gears

VCU sweater and shirts

  • Rain boots and umbrella (it rains unexpectedly and often in Richmond!)
  • tumbler/ travel mug
  • backpack
  • swimsuit (Cary Street Gym has a pool and hot tub!)
  • Sunscreen

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

A question mark drawn on a foggy window on a rainy day

  • bullet blender
  • candles
  • rice cooker
  • pets
  • toaster

5 VCU Buildings You Need to Know

College campuses can often be large and intimidating. Many of the buildings are vital to know for general lecture classes or labs or just a good spot to catch some scenery on a busy day. Below are 5 VCU Buildings you need to know.

1. Pollak Building

This is a picture of the variety of plants on the Pollak Building terrace.

The Pollak Building is a visual arts building at VCU that serves as a space for classes for many art students. One of the best features is the outdoor element of this building. The fifth floor has a walkout terrace that has a variety of plants and a great view of the Richmond landscape.

2. James Branch Cabell Library

James Cabell Library at dusk.

This library is located in the center of VCU’s Monroe Campus is visited by more than 2 million visitors each year, most of whom are undergraduates. The library was renovated in 2015 to accommodate to a larger student base. It is a common location for undergraduate students to meet for clubs, group projects, or personal studying.

3. VCU Wellness Resource Center

This is the pink and blue building that houses the Wellness Resource Center.

The Wellness Center provides students with a variety of resources to create a healthy student campus environment.  They provide information about healthy relationships, sexuality, mindfulness and nutrition. They hold programs such as meditation on certain days of the week and also have resources such as a confidential advocate to manage anxiety and stress.

4. University Student Commons

This image is of the Ram horns located outside of Student Commons.

The University Student Commons could be called the powerhouse of undergraduate life. It is the center of where the SOVO fair is held at the beginning of each semester, as well as the location where many clubs/ organizations meet weekly. There are frequently events going on either inside the building or right outside of the Commons.

5. VCU Campus Learning Center

This is a picture of the outside of the Campus Learning Center which is located next to Hibbs Hall.

The VCU Campus Learning Center is a great student resource located near Hibbs Hall and James Cabell Library. They provide free group/ individual tutoring for a variety of classes where personal attention is prioritized. If you find yourself struggling in any of your classes, this is a helpful tool at your disposal.

Interesting facts about VCU

1. VCU Health ranked in Top Hospitals in Virginia

This is a picture that shows the outside of VCU's medical center.

In U.S. News and World Report in 2017-2018, VCU Health was ranked number 2 in top hospitals in Virginia. VCU is home to one of the largest health centers in the U.S.  VCU Medical Center is also reverified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I trauma center.

2. VCU has one of the largest universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia

This image shows an overhead view of VCU's campus.

VCU has a student enrollment of 32,000 students which encompasses both undergraduate and graduate students.

3. More than half of VCU alumni live in Virginia

This is a picture of the state sign you see when entering Virginia.

Out of VCU’s 188,745 living alumni, more than 65% of them are living in Virginia.

4. VCU houses one of the finest surviving Egyptian Revival buildings

This is a picture of the historic Egyptian Building on MCV's campus

The Egyptian building on the MCV campus was built in 1845 and was previously the medical department of Hampden- Sydney College. The building is covered in glyphs, symbols and quotes and has continued to be used by VCU School of Medicine to this day.

5. VCU houses a NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball team

This is a picture of VCU's NCAA Division I Men's Basketball team.

The VCU Men’s basketball team has been to the NCAA ten times and has even beat the first round with Duke in 2007.

10 Easiest Classes at Bryant and Stratton College

Starting the journey of discovering your passion during college can be difficult. Balancing part-time jobs, internships, and course load can be overwhelming at times. In order to help you create a balanced schedule, below are the top ten easiest classes at Bryant & Stratton College.

1. AHLT 100- Medical Terminology

This course introduces students who are interested in the healthcare field to   commonly used medical terminology. Furthermore, the course specifically targets students to be able to correctly spell, define, and use these terms.

Medical Terminology


2. BUSS 100-Business Principles

This class examines fundamental business operations and how the global economy affects these operations. Furthermore, key topics such as economics, ethics, and marketing are also discussed.

This image shows how the global economy is involved within business.


3. CRJU 103- Introduction to the Justice System

This class aims to lay the groundwork for understanding the various functions of the U.S. justice system. There is a heavy emphasis on the key positions in the justice system and the impact of the important work they do as judges, attorneys, etc.

This image shows a scale to represent the justice system and how it is balanced between the different positions involved.


4. COMM 201- Public Speaking & Rhetorical Persuasion

This class is designed for students interested in a hands-on class that tackles the techniques of effective public speaking. The class integrates the theories behind communication and involves presentations to improve speech.

This image is a simplification of an individual giving a public speech.

5. GRAD 100- Introduction to Design

This course is designed for students interested in graphic design to begin producing thumbnail sketches and work on a variety of different projects. Students will learn basic drawing skills and color techniques by the end of the course.

This image shows how graphic design is a product of the meshing between art and technology.


6. OTAP 120- Human Occupations

This course focuses on how human occupations and activity affect the lives of individuals and how they maintain their health. This is one of the introductory classes of occupational therapy that seeks to teach students on how individuals can maximize success by adapting to dynamic nature of the work environment.

This image shows how an occupational therapist is aiding a patient to maintain physical health in their daily lives.


7. ENGL 079- Pre-College English

The course is structured to prepare students for college-level English classes. Students will garner skills to read and write in the workplace and edit their own grammar and tone in their writing.

This image describes the various facets of English such as reading, spelling and writing.


8. MATH 077-Pre- College Math

This course is designed to teach students the essential mathematic knowledge needed for everyday life and in the workplace. Students will learn how to solve word problems at a level necessary for college success.

This image shows the basics of math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


9. PTAP 111- Kinesiology

Students who are interested in human movement/ exercise and how it works in the human anatomy, look no further! This class prepares students to understand the biomechanics principles behind movement in exercise and everyday activities.

This image is demonstrating human movement, which is the main component in the study of kinesiology.


10. SOSC 102- Principles of Sociology

This course gives students an introduction into sociological principles that involve the relationship between the individual and society. Some key issues that are discussed within the classroom setting are sex, age, race, and class.

This image is a word jumble of what sociology entails, such as technology, culture, gender and environment.



College can often be a difficult time of transition for many people.  It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. Above are ten of the easiest classes at Bryant and Stratton College that you can take to make your academic life a little less stressful.

10 Easiest Classes at Gateway Technical College

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of credits you were taking or the difficulty of your classes? A good solution is considering taking a couple of easier classes to balance out the difficult ones. Listed below are the top ten easiest classes at Gateway Technical College.

1. [809-188] – Developmental Psychology

This class is designed to examine the theories behind human development and the psychological changes that occur in the individual throughout his/ her lifespan. Specifically, this class reviews factors such as gender, ethnic, and cultural factors can influence development.

This image shows the growth process from childhood to adulthood.

2. [851-769] – Writing/ Pre-college

This class helps students develop the writing skills necessary for future college writing courses. There is a focus on concise writing that involves cohesive and effective sentences.

This image is of a quill pen writing to symbolize the writing done in a writing course.

3. [625-123] – Workplace Safety-MSSC

This course reviews safety protocol and why it is important in the workplace. This class also encourages students to develop safety/health programs of their own according to Federal and State mandated regulations.

This road sign indicates that safety is of utmost importance in the workplace.

4. [533-100] – Deafness/Intro to

This class aims to encompass a range of topics that impact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and teach students more about individuals in this community. This course gives students an opportunity to understand beyond the scope of ASL alone but to understand the community life of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This illustration demonstrates that the voices of the deaf community need to be heard.

5. [601-147] – Control Circuit Applications

This class is an introduction to circuit terminology and control systems. Students will learn the workings of control systems operation and design. The ideas learned in the prerequisite class Electrical Controls and Systems will be applied.

This image shows the complexity of circuitry.

6. [605-107] – Fundamentals of Electricity/ Electronics

This course is set to introduce students to the various characteristics of electricity and how to study items such as voltage and resistance. There is laboratory work involved to apply this knowledge in troubleshooting circuits.

This image shows power lines and the electricity that runs through them.

7. [605-178] – Electrical Code Interpretation

This two- credit class is designed to go over the basic overview of the National Electrical Code and analyze some of the basic ideas presented in the code. This class serves as an introductory lesson into more complex article analysis that occurs in the work space.

This image shows that the electrical code is complex and involves permits, inspections, and licenses.

8. [606-144A] – Technical Drawing 4A

This class is a beginner’s course to assembly drawings. Students will be taught how to decide what standard parts are necessary for basic assembly drawing.

This image is a general representation of what an assembly drawing looks like.

9. [606-159] – Manufacturing Processes

This class examines modern manufacturing  processes and how fabrication methods differ in welding, anodizing, hydraulic systems, etc.  The goal of the course is to help students understand how the different characteristics of a product, such as its shape and cost, can affect the decision of how it will be manufactured.

This image shows that there are multiple steps involved in manufacturing processes.

10. [620-105] – Wiring Fundamentals

Students will be taught how to wire various equipment such as switches and light fixtures. This course is meant to be an introduction to basic electricity, national/state codes, and wiring techniques.

This image is of different colored wires to demonstrate how each have a particular function.

One of the benefits of college courses is that there is some flexibility in which classes you take each semester. It may be a good idea to take this opportunity to curate a schedule that is both challenging but manageable. Keep these ten easy courses at Gateway Technical College in mind before your next semester!

10 of the Easiest Courses at Zane State College

There is no doubt that college can become difficult at times, whether you’re trying to balance a part-time job with classes or struggling with difficult upper-level courses in your major. In these times, you might want to consider taking a couple of easier courses. Below are ten of the easiest courses that you can take at Zane State College.

1. FYEX 1010 – First Year Success Strategies

This course is designed to help students who are starting out in college to have the tools necessary to transition well into more difficult classes.

There are certain steps you can take to succeed in college.

2. COMM 2610 -Public Speaking

If you’ve ever wanted to work on your public speaking skills, this is the class for you! This class is designed to be a fun hands-on experience in which students will gain the tools to speak confidently in front of both small and large groups.

This is a microphone that symbolizes the nature of public speaking.

3. HLTH 1210 – Medical Terminology

For any students interested in the healthcare field, this course is a good introduction into what the field may entail. It also is also covers the basics of the human body systems such as the nervous, cardiovascular and muscular.

This tree of letters represents the tree of knowledge that is needed to understand medical terminology.

4. ACCT 1010 – Financial Accounting

This course is designed for students to understand how a company financial transactions occur and how they are recorded in a report.

This image shows bundles of cash in representation of financial responsibilities.

5. BMCA 1050 – Introduction to Microcomputer Software Applications

This course is focused around commonly used computer programs in the  office. By completion, students will understand how to use word processing as well as spreadsheet and presentation software. These programs are frequently used in the workplace and necessary for many classes so it might be worth it to learn and get credit!

This old-fashioned computer represents the mysterious nature of computers and programs that will be unveiled in this course.

6. CJUS 1100 – Civil Liabilities

This class helps students to understand the basics of civil lability in terms of avoiding or addressing lawsuits that are targeted toward a criminal justice agency.

This hammer and gavel represents the court system in which civil liabilities case are involved.

7. HUMS 1020 – Critical Thinking

This course is designed to help address critical thinking skills that students might be lacking when coming into college. Rational argumentation is an important skill to garner in college and in a variety of fields.

This animated picture of a brain represents how critical thinking can be thought of as complex in nature.

8. COMM 1220 – Interpersonal Communication

This class seeks to educate students on the theories behind practicing human communication as well as the variety of different relationships. There will be a greater understanding of verbal and nonverbal cues that exist in these relationships.

These different colored thought bubbles represent how communication between different people are involved in interpersonal communication.

9. ARTS 1200 – The History of Photography

This class examines photography and how it has transitioned over time as a medium of art, technology and culture. The course will help students understand that the significance of the photo in mass media is often greater than that of the photographer.

This image of a camera is simplistically meant to represent photography.

10. PSYC 1010 – General Psychology

This class examines the mind and human thought/ behavior and allows students to dissect psychological research. Furthermore, the class will teach how significant researchers in psychology developed theories and the basis of each idea that is taught in the class.

Image result for psychology clipart

College is about more than just hard work, so you might want to consider taking a class that is outside of your comfort zone that is also not as intense in workload. A balanced schedule is important and some of these courses may help you to create a balanced schedule. Above are a couple of courses at Zane State College that you might want to take to lighten your workload.