10 of the Easiest Courses at IHCC

College can get tough at times. Coupled with life’s ups and downs, this could make college overwhelming for some individuals. Here are 10 easy electives at Indian Hills Community College that can still boost your GPA.

 1) ADM 108- Keyboarding Skill Development

Hands typing on a keyboard


Throughout many of our lives, we have had the opportunity to use technology in school. This class gives you a chance to brush up on your computer skills. So, enjoy developing your keyboarding techniques.

2) AGS 113- Survey of the Animal Industry

Industrialized cows inside of their pen


In this course, you will get an overview of the animal industry. During the duration of this course, there will be opportunities to get to know more on animals and how many of these breeds function. To make things easier, there will also be opportunities to do lab assignment which will give you first-hand experience with the things discussed.

3) AGH 151- Landscape Design Techniques

The beautiful landscape of a backyard


Getting to know different types of landscapes will be beneficial overall when majoring in subjects like Agriculture. It prepares you to understand deeper concepts of the program. In this class, you will learn about basic landscape designs and principles.

4) MUA 101- Applied Voice

Vocal instructor training their student


If you love to sing, this course is for you. You will be able to cover the foundations of vocal technique. In addition, you will be trained properly in the area of diction and breath support.


5) ART 107- Arts and Crafts

Artist crafting a hand-made design

Everyone’s most favorite school memory growing up was of the free time, arts and crafts class allotted. Now, you can relive your childhood through this arts and crafts course. You will get the chance to learn more about crafting and the materials that are usually needed.

6) Art 170- Ceramics

A ceramic vase in the process of being created


This may be your most fun course all year. During this class, you will learn how to form objects made of clay. Figure how through hands-on activities how to slab, coil, and pinch the clay to make beautiful sculptures!

7) SDV 020- Study Skills

Young college student studying in library


Not only is this a class that you can start understanding quickly but, you will also be able to use the skills learned in this class for any other course available. Study Skills is a class that helps develop healthy study patterns. You will go over time management, test taking, note taking, etc.


8) BCA 114- Internet Basics


Young lady preparing to use her computer


This course should be a breeze. Throughout the years, technology and developed at a tremendous rate. Bow, most activities are aided by computers and the internet. Learn more about how to use the internet in this course.

9) COM 149- Mass Media Analysis

Different sources of mass media


Mass Media has an effect on people across the world. The things that are said and done on mass media platforms can cause us to be moved in both positive and negative ways. That’s why taking a course such as mass media analysis is good for individuals that are interesting in analyzing the effects mass media has on the economic, social, functional, and regulatory views of the people.

10) DRA 130 Acting I 

Students acting out a romantic scene


Learn about basic fundamental techniques in acting for this class. Primarily, you will be able to learn through actually partaking in the coursework. Enjoy finally having the ability to do a class project without having to go find your research. You’ll be able to use improvisation a lot while taking this course!

These courses are made available to you so that you can gain the knowledge needed for the job you desire. Use this opportunity to brace yourself for courses that may get tougher.

10 of the easiest Classes at ILCC

The knowledge you obtain in school will give you limitless opportunities in the field of work you desire to get a job in. Learn more about what classes to take to make your time in college a little less complicated. Here are 10 of the easiest classes to take at Iowa Lakes Community College.

1) MKT-110 Principles of Marketing

Get to know the flow of every area of marketing. You’ll have the chance to review different aspects of buying, selling, advertising and etc. In addition, you will learn the importance of building good relationships between the producer and the consumer.

Image result for sales pitch
Cartoon male presenting a sales pitch.

 2) MKT-140 Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior class will help you to understand various concepts of selling. All of the concepts that will be discussed relate to the customer. All in all, you will learn about what customers look for in products and how to check your sales report to see what works best for businesses desire to grow and expand.

Image result for people ordering
Customers prepare to buy food.

3)  HCM-105 Food Fundamentals

If you desire to be in the foodservice industry, taking this course should be a great asset to you. This class will effectively help you to learn the things you should know about appropriate behaviors on the job. Additionally, you will learn basic skills you can use in jobs related to food service.

Image result for chefs cooking
Chefs preparing a culinary meal.

4) SDV 103- Successful Learning

Being completely ready for school is not so easy for beginners. Therefore, Successful learning is necessary in order to know how to prepare properly for school. You will gain personal and academic skills that will help you to master higher education.

Image result for college student enjoying learning
Students enjoying their time of learning.

 5) PSY 121- Developmental Psychology

Learn how the mind grows and develops over time. You will discuss how human development can affect you emotionally, cognitively, socially, and morally. Altogether, you’ll gain all the knowledge you need on the variant stages of life.

Image result for growing up
Silhouette of individual transitioning from child to man.

6) PSY 211- Psychology of Adjustment

One of the most important topics that can be discussed is studied in the Psychology of Adjustments course. You gain an understanding of how to adjust with disabilities. Moreover, you will be able to examine past events related to the topic and examine different solutions.

Image result for changeA picture showing “Time for Change”.

7) AGA 114 Principles of Agronomy

In this class, you will cover the environment and strategies on how to produce a good harvest. Become informed on classification processes, soil, plant, growth, etc. These basic principles will prepare you for agricultural jobs.

Image result for agronomy
The word agronomy in front of a crop.

 8) SUR 121- Surgical Techniques

If you have always had the desire to be a surgeon or assist surgeons, this class is exactly for you. Learn about how the environment can affect successful procedures. Also, learn how to use surgical equipment, and sterilize and disinfect your instruments.

Image result for surgical nurses
Nurses preparing their surgical instrument.

9) MOT 151- Shop Safety & Procedures

Learn different ways to prepare your shop to work on motorcycles. You will discuss safety procedures and practices. Also, study how to operate tools and equipment.

Image result for working in motorcycle shop
An older model motorcycle on the table in a repair shop.

 10) MST 101- Health and Wellness

If you desire to enjoy massages or help others to relax through the act of getting a massage, you must take care of yourself. Learn more on the importance of Health and Wellness in reference to getting a massage. Get self-care techniques to prepare you for your future career in massage therapy.

Image result for students jogging
A group of young ladies working out.

Breeze through your time in school by taking a few simple classes such as these. You are sure to have a more enjoyable experience while learning at ILCC.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Des Moines Area Community College

In Des Moines Area Community College, taking out the time to properly invest in your education is important. The best way to do so is being wise about the courses you decide to take. Here are 10 of the easiest courses you can take in the Des Moines Area Community College that will help you get through college a little easier.

1) ASM 150 – Communication with the Elderly

Understanding how to communicate with others comes with age and experience. However, eventually, age can begin to have the opposite effect on an individual. In this class, you will discuss how the elderly communicate. This course is very relatable with topics that are intriguingly identifiable including common issues like family, disease, and neglect.

Image result for young people communicating with elderly
Young lady communicating with an elderly woman.

2) ASM 155 – Impact of Demographics

Being that this is a relatively important factor in many of our lives, Impact of Demographics is a good course to take. Primarily, you get to learn about changes in society and the differences between each generation. In addition, you will also get a better conception of aging.

Cartoon image of people from different races and age groups.

3) GEO 111 – Intro to Geography

Discovering the world and all the things that come with it is an activity that can get very likeable. This course is made easy with graphics and details of the subject matter to help you sustain a good memory. You’ll go over a range of subject matter including physical and cultural Geography.

Image result for geographics
Geographical image of the world map.

4) HUM 121 – America in the Movies

Movies are so very fun to watch. They can move you to tears of joy or even tears of sorrow. Learn about the history, production, and also how they create such moving films in this class.

Image result for movies
A variety of American movies.

5) SOC 115 – Social Problems

Having a good conversation about social problems won’t be hard to do in this class. You will have plenty of opportunities to discuss many existing social problems. Additionally, you will discuss mythical social issues, giving you a less complicated experience in the class.

Image result for fighting couple
Two individuals appearing to be in an argument.

6) SPC 122 – Interpersonal Communication

The Interpersonal Communication course can be very conceivable. You’ll understand more in-depth about the way we feel individually and how that affects the way we communicate. You’ll also learn methods in reference to creating a supportive style of communication.

Image result for group discussion
Group of individuals having a discussion.

7) JOU 113 – Gender, Sexuality, and Media

In this class, learn all of the interesting facts and studies on gender, sexuality, and media. You’ll get a chance to explore how mass media helps to mold the way we think about gender and sexuality. Also, you will get the chance to learn to identify basic differences between the types of sexuality.

Image result for media male and female
The symbol for the male and female gender.

8) ASM 200 – Depression, Death, and Grieving

If you know someone dealing with Depression, Death, or grieving, you’ll really enjoy this class. While taking this course, you will discuss how to treat depression and grief in relation to death. You will also gain a better understanding of the impact it has on our society today.

Image result for depression
Young male appearing to be battling depression.

9) PHS 166 – Meteorology, Weather, and Climate

Prepare for meteorology with this summarized course. Through this class, you will learn to identify different weather components. Experiments will also be given to you. The hands-on activities are sure to help you gain a clear concept of meteorology.

Image result for weather
A variation of weather patterns.

10) SPC 101 – Fund. of Oral Communication

In this class, you will get the chance to study something that comes naturally. You will be able to learn more about speaking. Oral communication is so important. The things you say can have a major effect on the lives of others. Meanwhile, have fun exercising what you learn through your opportunities to deliver short speeches.

Image result for Groups of individuals having conversations.
A group of individuals having conversations.

These courses are sure to alleviate some of your daily stress during school. Enjoy this time of learning while building your grades couldn’t be made easier.

10 of the easiest classes at Scott Community College

Getting bogged down with class work? Look no further for an easy class to take as you catch up on your credits. These courses are 10 of the easiest classes at Scott Community College.

1)  ART 173- Ceramics

This course will be introduced to you as a creative art. In it, you will find out the details on how to create ceramic pieces. Becoming aware of how to glaze, color, and manipulate the art’s texture will be emphasized as well.

Image result for ceramics
A beautiful arrangement of hand-crafted ceramics.

2) ADI 111- Sonography Principles & Instrumentation I

Learn your basic principles for sonography altogether. For this course, you will study the instruments used and become familiar with the history of the sonogram. Consequently, you will learn how the technology was developed and its uses.

Image result for ultrasound
Ultrasound technician showing images of the child to mother.

3) AGA 154- Fundamentals of Soil Science

Simply defined, this course instructs you in how to identify various properties of soil. This will be an introductory course on the soils physical, biological, and chemical elements. In addition, you will be taught how to classify soil.

Image result for soil testing
Soil being tested for fertility.

4) AGA 901- Seed Science

If you really want to know how to develop a good crop, learning how to work with seed will initially benefit your efforts. This course will show you different aspects of seeds and seedlings. Once you’ve learned the difference between the two, you will be able to comprehend the other factors involved in Seed Science which are also discussed in this course such as germination, seed laws, seed treatments, etc.

Image result for planting seed
Seeds were planted in the ground.

5) CRJ 100- Introduction to Criminal Justice

Discussed in this class will be the role of the criminal justice system in society as a whole. You will have the chance to preview details like corrections, police, and courts. Recommendations for reform will also be a leading topic of discussion.

Image result for criminal justice
Mallet, cuffs, and law books on a table.

6) DRA 237- Acting Lessons

Learning how to appropriately act can be the difference between getting calls for commercials or movies. In this class, you will have a unique opportunity to receive private coaching. This is your chance to broaden your skills as a performer altogether.

Image result for acting lessons
Students studying their scripts.

7) ECE 103- Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Find out the history and philosophy of education in the subject of early childhood. Throughout this course, you will be given the foundations of philosophy. Also, you’ll have the chance to explore careers related to the topic.

Image result for kids interacting at school
Young kids interacting at school.

8) EDU 213- Introduction to Education

Be introduced to the principles of education over the duration of this class. Presented to you will be the beginnings of American education and the important roles that those involved in the education system play. You will also have the chance to actually visit other schools to gain a better understanding of the topic.

Image result for cartoon school
A cartoon image of a school.

9) GRT 169- Color Theory

Thought to be considered one of the easiest topics, Color theory is designed to help you understand the color spectrum. You will become more visually aware and acquire the skills needed to manipulate different colors. In addition, you will learn what colors blend well and terminology used for different color schemes.

Image result for colors
A variety of colorful blends.

10) HSC 105- Introduction to Health Occupations

In this course, you will be provided with opportunities to learn more about the healthcare field. You’ll also be able to enjoy observing lab experiments. In addition, trained health education professionals will able to assist you in various fields such as Radiology, Dental Assisting, END, etc.

Image result for health professions
People of different health professions

Over the duration of your time in school, it is necessary to have classes to fall back on when you get behind. Allow some of these courses to get you over the hump.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Penn State Altoona

Penn state university has many extensions with all of them leading to great opportunities. One of their greatest choices in schools would be the Penn State of Altoona. They give you the opportunity to choose between over 275 majors. Overall, Penn State Altoona gives you a lot to think about when deciding upon majors, let alone courses. However, here are a few classes, included in some of the most popular majors, which will make your time at school a little easier.

1. N 200W – Introduction to Nursing Research

In the Nursing program, a class like this will definitely prepare you for the rest of your time in the undergraduate program. It’s one of the easiest classes in its major because it prepares you for a more in-depth study in research processes. You’re getting a basic outline of what researching as a nurse is like.

Nurses standing in a row

2. EET 105 – Electrical Systems

This course will teach you all you need to know in order to start a good foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Focus in this class because what you learn here will be useful in your other courses for this major. Get to know the electrical systems and how they work.

A diagram of an electric diagram

3. MATH 21 – College Algebra

College Algebra is not directly connected to a certain major. However, you will need it for most any major as a basic prerequisite in order to complete your degree program. In addition, it would be very beneficial to take this class seriously as an accountant major because it will definitely teach you important mathematic strategies.

A bunch of colorful graphs

4. SOC 119 – Race and Ethnic Relations

In this subject, you will discuss all of the hot topics of today’s society and the patterns of issues commonly faced in history. The topics you’ll enjoy going over include stereotypes, inequality, conflict and a plethora of social subjects that will help you to learn about racial relationships in our communities. The Race and Ethnic Relations class will open your eyes to the thoughts of your peers and the world around us.

Multi-ethnic people standing in a crowd

5. HDFS 129 – Intro to Human Development and Family Studies

Worry less with this class. This introduction to Human Development and family studies will be very familiar information for most people. Many of the things discussed will be related to the development of families and individuals. Moreover, you will discuss the correlation between the two subjects at hand in depth.


From infant to old age

6. PSYCH 100- Introductory Psychology

This course is very simple and understandable. Introductory Psychology is most relatable to every human being and their nature. In this class, you will mainly discuss basic human behavior and some of the things that affect it.

A colorful brain pasted on a silhouette

7. PSYCH 221 – Introduction to Social Psychology

Social Psychology is not a complicated subject at all. You will enjoy this course because you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of human connections. If you are social, this course will be even more-so enjoyable being that you will have the opportunity to learn the effects of social interaction.

Boy and girl holding hands walking in the sunset

8. IST 110 – Information, People, and Technology

If you decide to major in Security and Risk Analysis, be prepared for very hands-on classes. The Information, People, and Technology class will simulate real situations so that you can get an idea of what it’s like to fix computer issues. What makes this class easier is the fact that you get to solve these technical errors with a group. Working together always makes things better.

Two people coding together

9. BIOL 110 – Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

Comparing and contrasting different organisms will be fun to do. You’ll get the opportunity to work on actual anatomies and see your subject matter live and in person. Furthermore, the experiments and investigations will bring clarity to each topic.

Biology spelt out with biology related pictures

10. HDFS 229 – Infant and Child Development

Get prepared for Early Childhood Education in an uncomplicated way. Infant and Child Development will teach you everything you need to know about the children you would teach in the future. You’ll go on to discuss the biological, social, and behavioral correlations in reference to the developmental processes of the child.

Children standing in a line


All of these courses can be a piece of cake for those willing to take them. All in all, you just have to give them your best shot. Enjoy college.