10 Easiest Classes at UM Flint

Every student has a million things to balance in their life ever semester. Some semesters will be full of rigorous classes, tons of events, and stressful deadlines. There are other semesters where you can have a little bit more control over your schedule and free time. At the University of Michigan Flint, there are tons of classes for you to choose from that will help you get in some extra free time, and help your GPA.

1. AFA 204 Dance and World Culture

Dance and World Culture is a class designed to open the eyes of students who already have an appreciation of dance. This course will look at movement and have a focus on global cultures and how their traditions are included in dance.An image of people dancing in unison. 

2. AFA 312 Black Arts Movement

Students will look at the contributions to the Black Arts Movement from the 1960s as well as the early 1970s to understand culture in a new way. Students will look at different work by writers, poets, dramatists and journalists of this time to better understand the movement.An image of paint being mixed on a palette. 

3. ANT 295 The Indian Ocean World

Students will study the people, wildlife, and environment of the Indian Ocean basin. This course covers east Africa, the Arabian peninsula, south Asia, and southeast Asia. The Indian Ocean World focuses on different aspects of a society and culture and how they are affected by location.Pictured above is a body of water crashing against rocks. 

4. ARH 140 History of Graphic Design

Slide lectures will teach students about the progression and evolution of graphic design. The graphic design studied in class will cover international, social, political, and technological developments since the 1400’s.An image of pencils over a sketch of a man. 

5. DAN 102 Yoga

Students will learn the basics of yoga, starting with foundational exercises and then exploring more advanced moves and technique. Students will learn warm up exercises, movement series, and relaxation techniques.Above is someone doing yoga in front of the sunset. 

6. ECE 120 Music in Early Childhood

This course takes a closer look at how music affects children from their earliest stages and into childhood. There is no prior musical experience necessary, but the course will teach students how to teach music to children of kindergarten age.Image of an empty classroom. 

7. ECN 335 Sports Economics

Sports economics will give students an understanding of basic economics, and then apply it to the sports industry specifically. Topics include public financing, cost-benefit analysis, compensation of athletes, and optimal ticket pricing strategies.An image of a sports stadium full of fans. 

8. HCR 104 Volleyball

Volleyball gives students a chance to holistically learn about the sport. From a physical and ideological standpoint, students will practice and perform the sport, while understanding the basic fundamentals and history which it was founded upon.Above is someone lacing up a sneaker. 

9. MUS 145 Mainstream Music Writing

Students will explore song writing techniques with elements like melody, harmony, and rhythm. Mainstream music writing will focus mostly on modern day songs and teach students through these examples.An image of hands holding various instruments. 

10. Social Theory

Students will be given a review of classical and contemporary social theory. This includes topics such as problems and anthropological explanations of society and inequality as well as significance of theoretical concepts in relationship to practice.Pictured above is a busy city. With classes from the list above, you’re sure to have a less stressful semester. At The University of Michigan Flint, there is so much to do that you won’t want to take time consuming classes ever again.

10 Easiest Classes at Western Sydney

College is a trying time for all students. Whether their stress stems from finding new friends, making their way around campus, trying to be involved in clubs and activities, or academics, there is always something to be doing. When students are in college, they want to make the most of their time through these extra curricular activities, and don’t want to spend too much of their time stressing or overworking themselves in classes. At Western Sydney University, there are tons of classes that you can choose to make your life as a student easier.

1. 100212 Public Relations Theory and Practice

This unit is for students who are interested in the field of public relations and the basic fundamentals that are involved. Through this course, students will learn about the theory and research that provides a foundation for public relations and will understand how to incorporate this information into their own public relations careers.

An image of a woman giving a presentation.

2. 100291 Urban Life / Urban Culture

Students enrolled in this course will develop a greater understanding of large cities. Topics that are covered in this course include gender, ethnicity, and texts that guide discussions about urban culture and society as a whole.

An image of a major city.

3. 100321 Children with Additional Needs and Their Families

For students that are interested in the fields of child care of early education, this course will give valuable insight to the life of a child with additional needs and the circumstances they will be surrounded with. This course teaches inclusion for all students, and how to best facilitate learning for children of broad ranges in their classroom.

Three Toddler Eating on White Table

4. 100552 Advertising: Creative

This course is heavily driven by case study and actual trial and error on a student’s part. Advertising is practice oriented and will give the student the means to creative and produce original content that is effective in the advertising world.

In Design We Trust on a Billboard

5. 100556 Introduction to Journalism

This unit helps student understand the field of journalism and new media more in depth than before. Students will learn about information gathering as well as news writing. There will also be discussions about different problems and situations that journalists face in the field.

The image above is a stack of newspapers.

6. 100896 Writing Fiction

For students who are looking for new ways to exhibit their interests in the field of fiction, writing fiction is a good unit to take. Though this unit, students will better understand fiction writing, through studying different examples of great fiction works. Students will get a better understanding of how to write fiction, and what special care needs to go in to writing fiction works.

An image of a desk cluttered with a bag and writing materials.

7. 100897 Everyday Life

This unit, while seemingly broad, introduces students to key themes and issues that people face in their everyday lives. Students will use different theoretical an methodological perspectives to better understand  how the use of culture and religion shapes out everyday routines.

A father walking his child towards a lake at sunset.

8. 100953 Photo Journalism

For students interested in photography and turning photography into a career, photo journalism is a great unit to further your understanding of the photography industry. Students will learn from key influences in photo journalism today, and will use their works to understand challenges and criticisms that photo journalists face.

Black Video Camera Turn on Next to Man Wears Black and Gray Shirt

9. 101001 Modernity and Cinema

This unit ties social and aesthetic issues to film by taking a closer look at cinema history. Students will learn to closely critique and consider how historical context has an influence on movies.

Pictured above is an old style movie cinema.

10. Information Design

Information design in an interesting unit that combines complex information like statistics, facts, and figures, with visual representations to help better understand the information. The unit will focus on the use of graphic design and visual delivery of statistics and data.

Above is an image of graphical statistics.

With the list above, it is easy to find classes that will interest nearly every student. At Western Sydney University, students can choose these courses based on interest, or if they just need an easier workload with a boost in their GPA. If you take these classes you’ll have a better, less stressed semester.

10 Easiest Classes at the UNE

Every semester at college comes with new challenges. Whether they be making new friends, living in a new place, or taking new classes, there are only so many things that you can control. At the University of New England, there are tons of different classes that students can choose based on their particular interest. When you like what you are learning, it comes more naturally- and you could get a better grade too.

1. AGFD200 Barley to Beer: Food Security

This unit gives students a general over view of food security and a better understanding of the food industry. By the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate different factors that influence the distribution of food, how food changes across the globe, and understand major issues in the food industry today.Pictured above is a farm at sunset.

2. AFM202 Cost Management

Cost management is a class that enables students to understand the principles that are involved in personal cost management. With this knowledge, students will understand changes in technology, societal values, and changing contexts that affect cost management today.U.s Dollar Bills Pin Down on the Ground

3. CANI300 Working Canines

This unit discusses the working canine industry and gives students a better understanding for the work that canines do to contribute to society. The unit will go over different methods and techniques used by different handlers, as well as different breeds of canines and what tasks they can be trained to perform.Soldier and Black Dog Cuddling

4. CLLA101 Introduction to Classical Languages

As an introductory course, introduction to classical languages is a class that teaches students English lessons through examples. Students will sample various text, and use what they read to discuss big concepts in language through history.White Alphabet Dice

5. DYPP500A Developing Your Professional Practice A

Developing your professional practice is an important lesson for any student, but especially students entering internships. By the end of the course, students will understand how to articulate their career goals, determine which skills are needed to meet these goals, and creating a portfolio.Men's Wearing Black Suit Jacket and Pants

6. FREN206 French Cinema

French Cinema is a course that takes a closer look at the most historically and culturally significant cinemas in the world. Students will learn about the earl silent period during the 19th century, all the way to the New Realism era. While this course does include french culture, the entire class will be taught in English.The picture above is from the perspective of looking through a camera's viewfinder.

7. MM105 Communication for Business

Business students will need experiences and skills from all different professional fields, one of which is communication. Communication for business will teach students about the foundations of communication at a larger scale, while focusing on the importance of emotional awareness and intelligence in the business world.The picture above is a group of coworkers working together.

8. PAIS375 Mass Media and Politics

With the digital world becoming more and more popular in today’s society, mass media and politics is the perfect course to combine technology and societal views. This course is described as multidisciplinary, and follows the relationship between mass media and the ideas of politics and social change.The picture above is the White House.

9. RELS385 Women, Gender and the World’s Religions

This unit combines the experience of a religions and gender class. The unit follows different world religions and how women are involved in them. Students will analyze the role and experience of women through different religions, and how this contributes to the gendering of women.The image above is the inside of a church.

10. THEA134 Speaking in Public

This course has been formatted for students who are native English speakers. Public speaking is an important skill that any student can benefit from learning though this course. This course touches on the basic ideas of oral communication and ‘real world’ speaking environments.An image of a microphone. To ensure that you make the most of your time at school, try taking courses that match your interests. At the University of New England, there are not only tons of classes to choose form, but tons of easy and fun classes to make the most of your time in school.

10 Easiest Courses at University of Canberra

There are many stressful things involved in the college process. Many students are expected to maintain certain GPA’s to stay in different academic programs, some students are athletes on sports teams, and some students have important roles in clubs and organizations. At University of Canberra there are tons of things for students to get involved in, but academics are always a top priority. If you’re a current student looking for ways to make the most of your semester, look no further. Taking some of these classes will give you a less stressful time in school, and give you more time to enjoy everything else!

1. 10010 Global Health

In this unit, students will get a brief overview of health at t worldwide scale. Global health has become increasingly important in recent years, and this course is sure to help students majoring in any time of health or health administration. Global health most closely teaches critical issues in the global health field.An image of someone holding a globe.

2. 10011 Resilience and Decision Making

Students who are interested in the mind or how people make decisions should take this course. Resilience and decision making has a main focus of critically understanding how psychology can be applied to everyday situations, and how this way of thinking helps understands the motives and decision making process for others.An image with a fork in the road and two directions.

3. 10083 Money, Employment and Growth

This unit gives students a great introduction to the study of macroeconomics, as well as business as a whole. Money, Employment and Growth focuses on the framework of larger concepts in business, while giving a great foundation for students who want to learn more about different sectors of the economy. pile of money.

4. 10104 Technology Skills for Teaching 1

Any student who is interested in the education field should take this class in order to better understand how to run a classroom. The unit will focus on technology that teachers can bring into the education process and how it will benefit their students, as well as themselves.In the image above there is a computer on a desk with a mug and office supplies.

5. 10124 Australian Studies

Australian studies is offered to all students, because it gives a great overall history of Australia to students who are interested in learning about the country. By the end of the course, students will understand the history, geography, politics, and economics of Australia.Sydney Opera House, Australia

6. 10126 Current Issues in Society

This unit is unique in that it features very current events and issues throughout society. With this in mind, the course is subject ti change per semester if necessary. This unit has a focus on professionalism, and keeping students up to date with politics and social issues that can benefit them in the workplace.Group of People Enjoying Music Concert

7. 10140 Introduction to Estimating and Measurement

This unit is especially helpful to students in the construction industry, Introduction to estimating and measurement shows students the basic techniques that are used today in this practice. By the end of the course, students can expect o understand basic concepts a d accepted drawing conventions.Person Writing On Notebook

8. 10169 Infant and Toddler Education

Another great course for students interested in child education or early child care, is infant and toddler education. In this unit, students will learn about the significance of early childhood education and care, and will come to understand the mindset of a child during the education portion of their childhood.Three Toddler Eating on White Table

9. 10226 Freshwater Biology

Students who have an interest in different ecosystems will find freshwater biology an interesting course. This course will introduce students to freshwater ecology and has a special focus on flowing water systems like rivers and streams.Pictured above is a lake with mountains in the background.

10. 10344 Screen Music

This unit teaches and gives a general understanding of screen music from contemporary songwriting and production. The course will have a focus on media composition, and show through various examples, many different techniques and aspects of screen music.Printed Musical Note PageAt the University of Canberra it’s easy to get involved in many different activities, sports, and clubs on campus. By taking some of the classes from the list above you can save yourself some time in the library, and give yourself more time to enjoy college and the activities that you love. Plus you’ll get to boost your GPA at the same time!

10 of the Easiest Classes at Pepperdine University

At Pepperdine University, students can wake up to the peaceful sounds of washes crashing against the coast, enjoy morning runs along the ocean, and always getting a tan in the bright sun. With all of this to do, who would want to spend their time inside a classroom or stuck inside a dorm to do homework? There are classes at every university to make sure that you are having the best experience at college, and Pepperdine is no exception. Take some of these classes so you can spend more time in the sun!

 1. BA 320 – Personal Finance

This course helps students understand the fundamentals of business through an analysis of their own spending habits. Topics that the course covers include preparing budgets, costs of borrowing, the impact of credit, and financial investments. This course gives a great overview of personal finance with applicable topics for college students.

An image of a calculator and financial papers.

2. ADV 275 – Introduction to Advertising 

Introduction to Advertising is a course that was designed to teach students the process of advertising and give students an overall idea of what advertising entails. Some of the topics in the course will include the history of advertising, tools used in advertising, and media creativity.

Pictured above are several examples of advertising.

3. COM 205 – Storytelling Through Media

This communication course is great for students that are creative, and interested in visual aesthetics such as graphic design or journalism. Students will learn how to communicate and tell a story through different mediums of design. Students will practice this idea by creating their own stories through various means of communication.

In the image above there are digital media examples of advertising.

4. JOUR 590 – Topics in Journalism 

Journalism is a great form of communication that has spread across the country and world very rapidly. This course will take a closer look at different specialties in journalism like health and business.

The image above includes a newspaper with a business headline.

5. FA 240 – Introduction to Art and Architecture

This course will introduce students to various media and values that are associated with art. Students will understand the art that they study and see in everyday life much more clearly and on a deeper level after this course. Examples of buildings, places, and things that students see every day will be used to teach the course.

architectural drawing

6. PR 455 – Public Relations Strategies

Public relations is a field that is relevant to many careers in today;s society. Students will learn all about persuasive efforts and how to tailor them to a specific organization, company, or cause. This course teaches specific problem solving measures in a public situation.

An image of a microphone.

7. COM 260 – Introduction to Media 

An introduction to media is a great tool for any student to have in their toolbox. This study of media will help students understand how print, motion pictures, radio, and television have changed the country. There are also aspects of business and media theory that are introduced in this course.

An image of someone sitting in front of a TV.

8. ART 101 – Art Fundamentals

Art fundamentals is a class that teaches students basic functions of art. The course will show students how different artistic aspects can be related to each other. Common artistic elements that are taught to students in this course are line, shape, value, texture, and color.

An image of a paint pallet with paint being mixed.

9. ARTH 200 – World Art History I

World art history is a general overview of art and architecture in the world through history. Students will look at examples of works from prehistoric times through the fifteenth century.

An image of a woman sitting on a bench enjoying art.

10. THEA 243 – Stage Makeup

Stage makeup is a course that will give students a better understanding and appreciation of the art. There will be different lessons focusing on age, character, animals, and prosthetic pieces taught to students through different shows and examples.

AN image of someone putting makeup on a model.

While some semesters will surely have unavoidable courses that are anything but stress-free and exciting, take this list and choose a course that you are even slightly interested in. Students who take classes that they are interested in are more likely to do well, and with this list, you’ll have a much easier semester.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Mercer University

As any college student will tell you, there are ought to be good semesters, and bad semesters. While there are a thousand different variables that go in to your semester at school, you are only in control of a handful. One of these variables that can greatly benefit your entire semester is the courses that you choose to take. At Mercer University, these are the easiest classes where you can sail through the semester, stress free.

1. ECN 301 – Money, Credit, and Banking

A course that will come in handy regardless of your major, ECN 301 is all about money. Specifically, money in a professional setting through demonstrations of policies, technology, and structures of money.  This course is offered to juniors and seniors.

Pictured above is a pile of money.

2. MGT 428 – Leadership 

MGT 428 is another great business course that can benefit any student. Students will learn all about different theories and ways to practice different forms of leadership. This is done through case studies as well as social interaction with peers throughout the length of the course.Pictured above is someone leading a line of other people.

3. EDEC 330 – Creative Arts for the Young Child

Students can get ready to unleash their inner kid through this art based class for young children. EDEC 330 teaches students all about instructional strategies that will help a young child developmentally in the field of the arts. The course will cover topics such as storytelling, painting, literature, and other integrative arts approaches.Pictured above is a young child painting.

4. COM 251 – Communication and Society 

COM 251 is the perfect course for any student that is interested in technology and the way that it has helped our society. Communication and Society teaches students the important aspects of different types of communication and how it has shaped and changed the course of history. Students will study the work of Walter Ong, as well as other examples of written, print, and electronic communications.In the image above, people are communicating through images.

5. COM 345 – Mass Media and Society

In today’s society, it is important to have a good grasp and understanding of mass media. This course helps students explore the varying affects of mass media and how they interfere with contemporary society. The course will take a closer look at how social media affects roles and relationships in society.The image above is a smartphone with social networks.

6. CRJ 360 – Criminology 

Criminology is a great class for any student who has ever been curious about criminal minds, the judicial system, or what it takes to solve a crime from start to finish. In this course there is a specific focus on profiling the criminal offender and understanding their mind.The picture above is of a police car with its lights on.

7. ENG 100 – Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

ENGL 100 is a foundational course for students to explore oral and written language, and learn how to comprehend what they read more critically. The course teaches students about basic reading and writing, and uses basic techniques and fundamentals of the english language.The image above is people solving a problem through writing.

8. HIS 101 – Civilization of the Western World I

This broad history course will take student through world history from ancient civilizations to the period of the Reformation. Students will study the entire world, from the Near East to Western Europe. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of social, intellectual, and religious ideas throughout history.An image of a globe in someone's hand.

9. PSY 333 – Social Psychology 

In social psychology, students will learn to understand the way people think, and how this has an affect on the ways that people act. This idea will be studied through social interactions and pathology.An image of two people dressed professionally shaking hands.

10. WRT 210 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Introduction to creative writing allows students to learn how to express themselves through written communication. Through this course, students will learn how to apply topics from fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and much more into their own writing.Above is an image of someone writing "be creative".With any semester comes new trials and tribulations, but don’t let your courses be one of them. Using classes from the list above will give you a better semester, and a better college experience overall.

10 Easiest Classes at Langston University

Every semester in college comes with stressful times, and Langston University is no exception. Whether it be project deadlines, clubs and activities, or playing on a sports team, every college student understands that there are good times and bad. There are ways to have a better semester! Through picking easier courses, you will have a more fun semester, and maybe even a better GPA.


Basic photography is a course that will teach students how to take better pictures, and how to communicate through the pictures that they take. The course teaches applied photography, as well as interpreting news photography.Pictured above is someone holding a camera lens.


Learning all about the field of public relations in important for any student, as they will likely utilize many aspects of public relations in their on career. Students will learn how to use media components to promote individuals, businesses, organizations, and even themselves.Pictured above is someone talking to a group of people in a professional setting.

3. BI 3144 ECOLOGY

Ecology is a course recommended for science majors, but will give any student a better understanding of the world around them. Students will discover individuals, communities, populations, and biospheres that they have never visited before.Pictured above is a forest landscape.


Criminology will give students an introduction to many of the principles and concepts used in the criminology field today. Students will discuss crime, the nature of a suspect, and the judicial process involved.Person Signing in Documentation Paper


Human geography is a relatively new study of how and where people live. This course teaches students how populations can shape and affect the world, as well as how the world shapes where people live and develop settlements.Pictured above is a campsite at night.


This course teaches students all about a presidential election, and the affects that an election have on the entire country, and even the world. Students will come to understand how big the affects of an election are, where power is held, and how it is decided who will have power.The White House, where the president lives, is in the picture


Real estate investment offers students with the chance to learn and come to understand the real estate market through the eyes of a buyer and seller. Students will analyze real estate properties and investment situations to learn about the field.Many opportunities for real estate invest are in large cities, like the one pictured above.


Principles of marketing helps students succeed in the field through framework for marketing decisions in business and in nonprofit situations. Students will learn how to analyze consumer needs as well as understand market structures.A table filled with documents, news, and electronics is pictured above.


This course will help students understand the current trends in reading material, as well as the current procedures that are used in the classroom. The earliest level that will be taught to students is the middle school, and ending with high school level reading trends.A shelf form a library is pictured above.


This course explores the internet in a completely new way that many students have never seen before. Digital cities and the internet will discuss the cultural phenomena form the view of information technology and will also provide students with an understanding of new media and virtual communities.In the image above, someone is using a computer.With every semester being a new chapter in your college career, don’t let any of these chapters be a stressful or unsuccessful one. By taking courses from the list above, you are sure to have an easier course load, which will give you more time to do things that you enjoy during your time in college.

10 of the Easiest Classes at ERAU

For any Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, there are semesters when challenging classes are just unavoidable. Taking some of these more difficult classes becomes much more manageable when there are some easy classes thrown into your schedule. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of not doing your research. To save yourself a semester of headaches, take some of these classes instead!

1. COMD 230 – Digital Photography  

Digital Photography is a course that introduces students to fundamental photographic skills through digital technology. There is an emphasis placed on the tools, techniques, and aesthetics for various photographic applications.An image of someone holding a digital camera.

2. WEAX 201 – Meteorology I

This course serves as an introduction to meteorology and combines the study of meteorology with other applicable fields such as science and engineering. More specifically, the course includes many topics in related fields such as, the composition and general structure of the atmosphere, energy and energy transfer, seasonal and daily controls on temperature, pressure, wind, and much more.Image of a person using a telescope at sunset.

3. PSYC 350 – Social Psychology

Social Psychology is a helpful course for a student, no matter their major or intended field of study. The skills taught in this course are universally applicable with topics such as social interactions with groups. This course is intended to provide students with an introduction to the forces between groups and the individual in society.An image of a group of people sitting in a circle and talking.

4. ENGL 355 – Creative Writing 

Creative Writing is a course that allows students to explore different avenues of showing their creative talents trough written communication. This course can be seen as a cumulative course that gathers previous knowledge of basic grammar and mechanics of writing. Students will study, practice, and use their own personal style with the help of contemporary literature to complete assignments.A close up image of someone writing on a piece of paper.

5. SPCH 219 – Speech

This course aides in the study of communication and communication theory. Speech has a special emphasis on overcoming common communication fears, developing listening skills, mastering oral speeches and writing. Individual sections may focus on different topics such as public speaking, group discussion, oral interpretation or interpersonal communication.An image of someone making a professional speech at a workplace.

6. COMD 260 – Introduction to Media

This course is a relatively new one at the university, and is made available only to students in their freshman year. Introduction to Media covers various topics in social sciences and media such as employment opportunities, professional careers, and much more.An image of a woman using a tablet at an electronics store.

7. ENGL 106 – Introduction to Composition 

As a gradation requirement, students must take credit hours in English. This introductory course covers all of the basics and will help students in their higher level classes when it comes time to write papers and theses. Introduction to Composition covers grammar, parts of speech, mechanics, and punctuation.An image of two hands holding open a book and getting ready to write.

8. SFTY 201 – Introduction to Health, Occupational, and Transportation Safety

Introduction to Health, Occupational, and Transportation Safety introduces  students to very important aspects of safety. Students will be taught basic health and safety concepts associated with industry and transportation. Some of the topics that are included are  comprehensive health and safety, a historical study of the legislative development, regulations and laws, definitions of safety terms, and a discussion of ethics and professionalism required by the health and safety industry.An image of a man looking at papers in a safety vest.

9.  SOCI 300 – Marriage & Family

Marriage and family takes a closer look at several important aspects in family life. These topics include the sociological, physical, psychological, legal and economic aspects of the average family. These topics are studied closely through the trends and interpersonal behavior in family and marriage. These topics lead to discussions including childbearing and divorce, theories of mate selection, preparation for marriage, marital interaction, sexuality, and of course, parenthood.An image of a family sitting on a couch, posing for a picture.

10. HIST 130 – History of Aviation in America

History of Aviation in America is a unique course that is offered to all student, from their freshman to their senior year of study. This course will explore aviation in America through the 20th century. The course has a special focus on the rapid growth of aviation through this time period and how it has affected the economy, military, and society as a whole in the United States.A black and white image of an old airplane in America.When you are planning your schedule for next semester, make sure that these classes are on your radar! You never know when these classes could become full, or are no longer offered at your current grade standing. Taking some of these classes will ensure you have a less stressful semester, and maybe even a better GPA.

10 Easiest Classes at Evergreen

Any college student can tell you that college is a balancing act. Between schoolwork, internships, jobs, and a social life, there are times when college can be very stressful. Luckily for most college students, there are easier classes at any university that you can take to help boost your GPA. Here are some of the easiest classes at Evergreen State College straight from their course catalog.

1. Africa is Not A Country 

This course was created with the purpose of educating people on the various cultures and nations that are in the continent of Africa. This course will explore many different countries through their culture, with examples such as religion, cuisine, and popular culture. 25% of this course is reserved for underclassmen.

A picture of the African savanna.

2. Art of Helping 

Art of Helping is a course offered to students from their freshman to their senior year. Through the duration of the course students will understand  how to better relate to others an communicate with others through a more caring demeanor.

An image of a woman helping an elderly man.

3. Botany- Plants and People 

For any students that have an interest in nature, or are choosing to major in environmental sciences, this class will not only be informative and helpful, but a great GPA booster. This course is an introduction to botany, the study of plants, and how  humans interact with them.

An image of a man kneeling down to garden.

4. Ceramics- Hand Building 

If you are looking for a way to relax while learning all about art. ceramics is the perfect course. This course is taught through a series of projects that will help the student understand the art of ceramics and how to make beautiful art pieces.

A picture of a man sculpting a clay sculpture of a head.

5. Core Ballet 

This course is an introductory to ballet as an art form and an exercise. The course is open to all students, from freshman to seniors, as well as any dance ability. Through the fundamentals of ballet in this course students will gain better flexibility and core control.

picture of many ballet dancer's shoes

6. Drawing: Foundations

Drawing: Foundations, is a course offered for students in their sophomore to senior year of college. The course teaches students principles and techniques in fine art drawing. Students will use real life examples and studies of perception to understand and learn how to improve their artistic abilities.

drawing of human eye

7. Food Chemistry 

Half of the seats in this course are saved for freshman, but this class size is slightly larger at 50 seats. Food is an important aspect of life, considering we spend hours preparing, cooking, and eating it every single day Food chemistry will give students a better understanding of the science behind food.

A picture of a desk covered in vegetables and science equipment.

8. Forest and Farms: The Systems that Sustain Us 

This course is open to freshman and sophomore students, and will teach students about the ecosystems and how they help humans every day. Weekly field labs will help students learn through observation of nature.

An image of the forest landscape.

9. Photography: Digital 

Photography: Digital is one section of photography offered to any student. This course will introduce photography to students of any area of academic study through digital means. Photographers of any caliber are welcome to join this class to learn and develop their skills. The course explores image-making with digital cameras and work with computers, scanners, inkjet printers, and studio lighting.

An image of a man using a digital camera to take a photo.

10. The Practice of Writing 

This course is open to any student from their freshman to their senior year. The practice of writing gives students a broad overview of writing and will also help them broaden, deepen, and improve their practice. This course tackles common problems in writing like procrastination and writers block.

An image of a hand using a pen to write on a piece of paper.

There are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of course to choose from at any school. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Try exploring different classes such as these to make sure you have an enjoyable semester.

10 Easiest Classes at Smith College

Nearly every student in college can agree: balancing classes, clubs, sports, and a social life can be challenging. There are going to be semesters when classes can become overwhelming, and make the best years of your life also the most stressful. Luckily for you at Smith College, there are easy classes to take that will help your stress levels stay low, and your GPA high.

1. THE 100- The Art of Theater Design

The art of theater design is a course open to any student at the university. It was created with students who may not have a lot of experience with theater in mind so it can be enjoyed by students who come from many backgrounds and fields of study. Through the course, students will learn about the different elements of set, costume, lighting, and sound design.  This is done through learning from very experienced designers and writers past works.

2. IDP 107 – Digital Media Literacy 

This course is particularly exciting because of the constantly developing technology that surrounds us in today;s world. Digital Media Literacy is a course that will teach students how to better communicate and make use of new technologies. This course is accelerated into a short two week session, which makes it even more convenient for the rest of the semester. This course discovers ways to increase the productivity in digital technology use for students.

3. FRN 365- Francophone Literature and Culture 

Don’t let the daunting name fool you, this french class is everything but the grammar and language. Francophone literature and culture is a topics course, meaning you will learn about a variety of topics that involve francophone culture. The class adds a special focus on Caribbean culture through common cultural elements like food and music.

4. AMS 201- Intro to American Society and Culture 

This course is offered every semester, which is twice as frequently as the even more basic introductory class offered on the topic of American Society. This course gives a general overview of American Society through broad aspects of American life. Materials that are covered in this course include architecture, paintings, pop culture, and much more. Considering that many students are very familiar with American life, this class is a breeze.Course_Smith College 

5. ANT 135- Intro to Archaeology 

This introductory course is only offered to students during their first two years at school, considering its low caliber of coursework. This course studies cultures through history and societies through theirmaterial remains. This is also how archaeologists use different field methods,analytical thinking and theoretical approaches to learn from the past.

6. ARH 100- Art and It’s Histories 

This introductory art course is recommended for any student who wishes to explore the art field. Through this course, students will grow to understand how art and architecture have change the world. This course will reflect history through different styles of art and artifact that have helped shape our understanding of history. To further explain this pint there are several different time periods and case studies that students can focus on.

7. AST 111- Introduction to Astronomy 

For students who wish to major in science or math, this class is recommended by the university. While this course is only recommended for certain majors, it has proven to be an easy course with many variations that are open to other majors. Introduction to astronomy is a comprehensive introduction to the study of modern day astronomy, which will cover the planets in depth. The course will discuss how planets came to be, their orbits, surfaces, and even atmospheres.

8. DAN 151- Elementary Dance Composition

While priority for this course is given to juniors and seniors, and student who wishes to enroll in this course can, so long as there are spaces still available. There is limited enrollment in this class to ensure that every student’s needs are met through the duration of the course. Dance composition will cover the basics in phrasing, space,energy, motion, rhythm, musical forms, character development and personal imagery.

9. EDC 110- Introduction to American Education

Assuming that any student attending a university located in the united states would understand the core concepts of an american education, this course is an easy one.  The course has been created to introduce students to the basic structure, function and history of Americaneducation. This foundation will give them perspective on important issues in the education field.Course_Smith

10. ENG 135 – Introduction to Writing Creative 

This course gives students great foundation skills in the field of creative writing, Through looking at past works and several authors in particular, students will learn how to develop their skills as writers.If you find yourself taking any of these classes at some point in your college education, your GPA will thank you later. Each of these classes was designed to provide great foundation and understanding that will be built upon in later classes throughout your education, which can help you no matter what your major is!