10 Coolest Courses at Valencia College

Studying at Valencia College will undoubtedly come with its fair share of wonderful, cool experiences. Depending on the course that you study, the classes could also be a part of this incredibly unique experience. We’ve listed the top 10 coolest classes at Valencia College, check them out below.

1. AFA 2000 – Introduction to the African American Experience

Picture of person on sofa writing on laptop

This class touches on African heritage and responds to the social, cultural, political, and economic pressures in the New World. It’s an amazing class to study, as it looks at the American experience, and how this differs from race to race. It’s a super interesting and thoughtful class to take.

2. OCE 1001 – Introduction to Oceanography

Picture of turtle swimming in the sea

The ocean is a big topic in the world right now – with clean up missions and endangered sea life. Students will be able to learn about the biological, physical and chemical characteristics of the ocean – something necessary right now. You never know; you could help save the oceans studying this class.

3.ASL 2140 – American Sign Language 1

picture of person writing notes with pen and paper while close to laptop

This class emphasizes the vocabulary used by deaf adults – it’s an important class to study for all those aiming to learn sign language. Interestingly, it also touches on the culture and history of deafness, and how deaf people fit into society now. Not only a socially necessary class, but a really honorable and cool one.

4.ART 2750C – Ceramics

PIcture of clay pots
Picture: Pixabay

Dive into the world of pottery design. Obviously, it’s considered cool and fun for reasons we don’t have to explain. You’ll learn about glazing, hand-building techniques, and kiln firing. Of course, this is a fun class to take – but it’s also a really unique and niche industry to enter.

5. REE 2506 – Residential Property Management and Leadership

Group picture of people studying and drawing on chart paper

This is definitely considered a cool class, as not only does it touch on property management – it involves personality types study. For instance, what personality generates the most success in real estate? It’s a great class to take if you’re considering Real Estate management.

6. SYG 2010 – Contemporary American Social Problems

PIcture of a workspace with person checking laptop and writing on notebook

This class analyses contemporary American social problems, and the various ways in which we can deal with them. Topics such as urbanization, pollution and crime are looked into. Obviously, a socially necessary class, but also great for those looking for jobs in politics or other relevant fields.

7. THE 2304 – Script Analysis

PIcture of person who works in movies working on laptop

Learn just how to analyze and interpret play scripts, as you prepare for production. This class encourages you to read a variety of play scripts, from different genres and periods. Overall, it will help you as you prepare to perform. As an actor/actress – you’ll know the importance of diversity.

8.HSC 1180 – Tai Chi

shadow of person doing tai chi exercise

Tai Chi is part of the Health Sciences course, and it’s a cool class to attend. It revolves are a self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching, similar to yoga. Students will learn how to perform these exercises and also become a mentor for those who may need these exercises.

9. WOH 2003 – A History of Genocide

PIcture of student in library checking textbook

A controversial but necessary topic. It explores genocide in it’s all its forms, and even exposes flaws in the current pedagogy. Although “cool” might be a weird way to describe this class – it’s definitely a unique, interesting and necessary one. It’s great for students interested in history or political careers.

10. ENC 2341 – Advanced Creative Writing – Literary Magazine

picture of person writing in red notebook

The reason this class makes the top coolest list is because of the flexibility. Students will be able to choose the genre and then produce a College literary magazine. This could be the perfect class for you. It’s perfect for future writers, journalists, or PRs.

10 Coolest Courses at Wayne State University

Wayne State University is a cool university, with even cooler classes to offer. It’s known for innovation and putting the students at the forefront of their missions. Below, you’ll find our picks of the top 10 classes at the University of State University that you need to study. Check them out below.

1. ANT 2400 – Food and Culture Anthropology

Picture of woman using laptop on couch

Can food guide us into understanding political, cultural and economic issues? This class will look into that, by looking into historical and social information, you will notice the link between society and food. It also includes local trips, which is always an added bonus.

2. NFS 4200 – Dietetic Practice I

Picture of fruit bowls in the shape of hearts

This class focuses on creating nutritional care plans for those who need nutrition care and specialized nutrition support. The class also touches on nutrition education programs for health promotion. It’s obvious to see why so many people adore this class.

3. PHI 1100 – Contemporary Moral Issues

Group picture of students working on project together

As with all philosophy classes, this will involve a large degree of critical discussion. This is a particularly amazing class to study because of the topics discussed – such as gender, race, religion and climate. Philosophy has the potential to open many doors in the future for you.

4. AIA 1610 – Architectural Drafting and Perspective Drawing

picture of blueprint and rules and pens

A key aspect of architectural and interior design are the drawings and plans. This class teaches you how to utilize these to their maximum potential, helping you throughout the course. By the end, you’ll be able to draw detailed, useful plans. A really cool course, and a cool class.

5. GSW 2600- History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Modern World

picture of girl using laptop while sipping coffee

This examines change, in regards to gender and women, that has happened over time. There are various different angles to look into, as well as noticing lack of changes. It looks into different historical approaches, encouraging students to develop a critical review. You will undoubtedly find interesting.

6. PSY 2100 – Psychology and the Workplace

picture of a faceless person holding their forehead

Workplace issues are something that many psychologists need to understand. This topic is increasingly becoming more important. This class looks into employee training, leaderships and work culture and climate. This class, you could say, has the potential to make big changes.

7. LAS 2430 – History of Latino/as in the United States

picture of girl in latin clothes

This class looks at the historical development of Americans with Hispanic descent. This includes cultural conflict, social, political and economic factors and how the effect lives and cultures. It’s a really interesting class, that seems more important now than ever.

8. US 3650 – The History of Detroit

picture of person writing notes and using laptop

This class is really cool, because of how unique it is. It, as you can guess, touches on the History of Detroit from European contact to the current day. It’s cool to focus on one specific location, especially one as iconic and diverse as Detroit. This could easily become your favorite class.

9. ENG 1020 – Introductory College Writing

picture of person using red notebook
Picture: Pixabay

When it comes to college writing, you have to be prepared. This class looks into reading, researching and writing skills that will help every student to write successfully. Not only does this benefit you in multiple classes, but this also benefits you outside of college too.

10. BA 1200 – Personal Finance

picture of screen with data and cahrts

As part of the business administration course, this personal finance class is a cool one to take. This class helps students to make sensible financial decisions, covering topics like income spending, as well as investing. We’d say every student could benefit from this.

Top 10 Coolest courses at the City College of San Francisco

As you’ll already know, the City College of San Francisco offers a range of different cool experiences. Their courses and classes are no exceptions. Here are the top ten coolest classes to study at City College of San Francisco. ASAM 40 – The Chinese American Community

1. ASAM 40 – The Chinese American Community

Learn about the American Chinese community

This class gives you the opportunity to learn about the Chinese American community, both in the past and present. You’ll also look at what caused some of the changes.

2. CINE 24 – Basic Film Production Cinema

Basics of film prodouction class

Learn all about the fundamentals of digital and analogue camera operation. This will also include basic editing principles, and lighting and sound. This is the first step to becoming a filmmaker.

3. DANC 155A – Salsa and Latin Dance

Do you want a latin dance class?

Explore Latin dances, with an emphasis on the classic Salsa dance. You’ll learn all the basic dance steps, with a direct focus on social dances. What a cool class?

4. BCST 119 – Digitial Media Skills

Get hands-on experience with digital media

This class will give you hands-on experience in computer operations, and all the equipment needed to make video and audio. This is a great set of skills to have in today’s world.

5. FASH 69 – Basic Pant Draft

Learn the basics of pant making

It’s a class that gives you all the information that you need to measure, fit and draft an amazing pair of pants. Obviously, this will come in handy in your fashion career.

6. TH A 150C – Advanced Acting Fundamentals

The fundamentals of acting

Examine, practice and execute the fundamentals of acting. This class’s direct focus is on improvisation, staging techniques and acting terminology. You don’t want to miss it.

7. PHOT 80 – Outdoor and Ambient Lighting

Find the perfect natural lighting

A practical, interesting class on managing natural light. What makes this class extra cool, is the fact that field trips are required. How amazing is that?

8. SMBS 135 – Ownership/Operation of Small Business

Discover how to become a small business owner

Learn all about the terminology and concepts of running a small business. It’ll also teach you how to create a formal business plan, and organise a marketing strategy.

9. ASTR 4 – Life in the Universe

Evolution of Earth class

Learn all about the evolution of life on Earth. Astronomy, planetary science, and biology. You will study the chemical and biological basis for life.

10. RE 181 – Principles of Real Estate

How to enter real estate

This class covers the basic laws and principles of real estate. This is an amazing class that is designed for those that are interested in entering the Californian real estate market.

Top 10 Coolest courses at Georgia State University

Georgia State University has a lot to offer, and potential students have so much to look forward to. Here are the coolest courses at
Georgia State University, and why they made the cut.

1. AAS 1141- African American History I

a person on their laptop

Dive into the deep, interesting, and necessary history of America. This class will provide engagement with significant topics, including the African American experience.

2. ASTR 1500 – Life in The Universe

Explore the universe in a unique way

Could you think of anything cooler than a class on living in the universe? This explores the possibility of life in the universe, that goes beyond the Earth. This is an amazing class.

3. GEOL 4007 – Hydrogeology

A cool geology class to take

This class is really necessary for all those studying geology. It’s also super cool, and interesting to learn. You’ll learn all about flowing to wells, and certain theories.

4. MK 4100 – Buyer Behaviour

Buying behaviour is an interesting topic

Knowing all about buying behaviour is essential for marketers. This class might just reveal a little something about yourself, too. This is a cool class as it gives essential knowledge.

5. POLS 2401 – Global Issues

Global issues in politics class

This class, as part of the political science course, focuses on global issues. It tackles modern issues in the world of politics, from the environment to human rights.

6. POLS 4162 – Politics and the Media

How does the media effect politics?

How does the role of the media play a part in American political life? This class is really interesting, as it’s only become a prevalent topic in today’s world.

7. PSYC 3330 – Mind and Brain

Learn all about the mind and brain

This class covers the nature of the mind, all in relation to the brain. It even explores animal consciousness and the possibility of computer thinking. It’s just a cool class.

8. SOCI 3124 – Diversity and Ageing

How does ageing differ from person to person

This class focuses directly on the social process of ageing. It touches on race, social relations and other aspects of diversity. Growing older is a touching and interesting topic.

9. WGSS 4310 – Girls

Study girls in society

As part of the Women and Gender studies course, girls is a really interesting class. It’s a feminist analysis of girls in society. From growth, self-esteem, and sexuality.

10. PSYC 4050 – Drugs and the Nervous System

How do drugs affect our nervous system?

This class gives an in-depth exploration of the body on drugs. The focus is on drugs, pharmacological interventions, and behavioral disorders. An interesting, if not thought-provoking lesson.

10 Hardest Classes at the University of Akron

University is never easy. That being said, some classes are harder than others. We’ve compiled a list of the toughest classes at the University of Akron for you to observe. Here, you can make your way through the hardest college courses, and decide for yourself if you should study them.

1. 3250:150 – Human Cultures

picture of a skull

The University of Akron offers a challenging but fulfilling study of human diversity. Studying this will give you insight into different backgrounds and evolution.

2. 3400:200 – Empires of the Ancient World

picture of a girl studying at her desk with snacks and a pen on her chin

The University of Akron has compiled a history course that, though tough, is a really worthwhile course to study. Find out about ancient empires of the Afro-Eurasian world.

3. 7700:101 – American sign language III

picture of a group at work on a table with notebooks and laptops

Speech-language pathologists don’t have an easy job – they treat children and adults with speech problems. This will continue your development with American sign language skills.

4. 4900:340 – Avionics I

picture of a lined drawing of a satellite

A first of it’s kind for the University of Akron. The class has been designed to be the first step in training engineers to become future managers in the aerospace industry. It’s a tough market, so, a tough class.

5. 3600:120 – Introduction to Ethics

picture of students working together and jotting down notes and ideas on chart paper in the middle of the table

This class provides you with an introduction to moral conduct. You’ll have debates on “good”, “right”, “ought” and “freedom”.

6. 9871:604 – Special Projects in Polymer Science

picture of red blue white and yellow items

This class will not only give you broad knowledge on the design, processing, characteristics and synthesis of polymer – it will assign you a research project, so you face the problems and techniques yourself.

7. 4600:203 – Dynamics

picture of an engine

Due to the broadness of this class, it becomes particularly tough. You’ll learn about kinematics, particles, energy and impulse.

8. 3370:100 – Earth Science

interior of a purple gem

Studying the Earth’s materials, processes, structures and changes is an interesting topic. However, it’s a difficult class to study as there is a ton of information to absorb.

9. 6400:220 – Legal & Social Environment of Business

picture of a desk station with papers, coffee, pens, a calculator, usb and paper clips

This class explores the legal and social environment, in relation to modern businesses. Everything from the legal system to ethics is considered.

10. 3350:100 – Introduction to Geography

picture of a planet earth from space

Picture: Pixabay

If today’s climate, geography is super important. In this class, you analyse everything from landforms to the settlement features.

11. 30584 – Foundations of Nursing Practice I

picture of person taking someone's blood pressure at the doctor's office

If there’s one role in society that everybody can agree is hard – it’s nursing. The class, although necessary for everybody, is gruelling and testing. It’s all worth it in the end.

10 Hardest Classes at AIU

No matter what school you attend, there’s always a series of hard classes. These can vary from course to course, and students may have a diverse set of reactions to them. We have chosen our toughest classes in college from statistics and impartial reviews. So, here they are, the top 10 hardest college classes at the American Intercontinental University.

1. ACCT 445 – Government/Institutional Accounting

picture of papers, pens, calculator, coffee at an office station

This course gives students the chance to learn about a niche in accounting – government and non-profit. Though this might prove a little bit of a challenge, it opens many doors and leads to a bright future.

2. IDIA 428 – Capstone Design Project & Presentation

picture of colour palette used in interior design

Although interior design might sound fun, it poses many challenges. This class have to design, document each stage, and present their professional work. This is a long and pedantic process, but delivers priceless lessons and adds to your portfolio.

3. ITAS 663 – Applied Cryptography and Network Security

picture of programming language

Students will be taught how to apply secure protocols over networked systems using cryptography. We’ve included this on our list for obvious reasons; it’s as hard as it seems.

4. PHIL 201 – Introduction to Philosophy

picture of head busts for famous philosophers

Philosophy is such a subjective class, that it’s automatically an extremely difficult one to master. Working your way through this hard class will help you improve your debating and logic skills.

5. MATH 133 – College Algebra

picture of chalk written equations on blackboard

Nobody has ever said Algebra is easy. Algebra in college is definitely not easy. Obviously, this is a hard class, but it’s one that will benefit you in the future; especially with career prospects.

6. EDU 668 – Universal Classroom Learning through Technology

picture of students in class, reading their book

How do you, as a potential teacher, meet the needs of all your students in the classroom? Obviously this isn’t an easy task or lesson to learn, but it is really necessary.

7. CRJS 456 – Psychopharmacology for Criminal Justice Professionals

picture of girl writing in her agenda with snacks and a computer on the table

How do certain drugs and stimulants affect crime rates? This class will look into the effects, causes and dependency of drugs in relation to crime. It will also touch on societal conforms and subcultures. All around, an interesting but difficult course.

8. VCDD 440 – Life Drawing II

picture of person doing life drawing

Life drawing isn’t easy. Not only does it take a great deal of skill, but it also requires a lot of hard work and study. That’s why this class is ranked as one of the hardest classes at American InterContinental.

9. SCM 645 – Introduction to Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

picture of brainstorming ideas on notebook with coffee on the side

Not only will you examine the role of supply chains, you will also discover ways that you can integrate them into every day life. This class is considered hard because of the scope and the ever-changing industry.

10. UNIV 103 – Academic and Professional Success

picture of a girl reading with a stressed out face and piles of books surrounding her

Sometimes the hardest part of University is achieving academic success. This class addresses some of the hardest parts of learning: time management, developing self-awareness, and sticking to rigorous writing standards.

Jobs for College Students at the University of Liverpool

Liverpool is bursting with opportunities, as well as the University providing you with amazing chances, to enhance your CV, earn some priceless skills and even earn a little extra money. Here are our top jobs and opportunities for students studying at the University of Liverpool.

1. Administration at the University of Liverpool

Perform admin duties for the University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool themselves offer many jobs for students. These include teaching and demonstrating administration duties, and exam invigilation. The administration roles are open to all students, offering valuable experience in a busy establishment.

2. Residential Advisor

Help other students with their accommodation

Students at the University of Liverpool can take a job as a residential advisor. This means you’ll be providing support and guidance to students living in accommodation. In return, you can get your accommodation at a reduced price.

3. Research Assistant

Gain valuable skills as a research assistant

The University of Liverpool is very often looking for research assistants, whether it’s for medical statistics or data science. This is perfect for science students, looking for valuable experience in a relevant field.

4. Barista at Gallery Cafe

Liverpool is bursting with retail jobs

Gallery Cafe often hires part-time workers. You can get a job as a barista, at the popular student cafe. From this, you can gain valuable customer service skills, attention to detail, salesmanship, and how to work effectively in teamwork. Not to mention, you’ll earn a little bit of extra money to help you through University.

5. Art Group volunteer

Lead your own creative workshop as a volunteer

Liverpool Guild has thoughtfully listed all the volunteering options for you. Including Art Group Volunteers, campaigning and fundraising and creative workshop leader. You’ll be able to help, and gain skills relevant to your degree. Win-win.

6. NCS Internships

Make the most out of your summer with a placement

Are you looking for a paid internship? National Citizen Service is a great way for young people looking for ‘beyond profit’ jobs in the UK. Liverpool has opportunities to be the programme coordinator and manager, too.

7. Library assistant

Work on campus, close to books

The University of Liverpool will always welcome library staff; this is a perfect chance to help the University, earn some money and meet new people in the process. Not to mention, you’ll have a little bit of spending money.

8. OneClass Note Takers

Earn money for taking notes in class

Take notes in your lectures, and OneClass will pay you. This is a win-win situation, that allows you to earn money for going to classes, and give you more motivation to attend and work hard in your lectures. Become a notetaker today, with OneClass.

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at the University of Liverpool

If you’re studying in Liverpool, there’s one thing for sure, you won’t be lacking in places to eat at. The city and campus is bursting with delicious restaurants and college cafes for you to indulge in. So, if you’re sick of eating pasta and pot noodles, check out some of these great places for students to eat in Liverpool.

1. Caffee Oro

Have delicious food at Caffee Oro

If you walk down Smithdown Road, a popular student area, you’ll be able to find the lovely Caffee Oro. It’s cheap, tasty and, just, really cute. It serves a range of food all ranging from about £7-£10. They also have student discount. You can’t argue with that.

2. Naked Lunch

Great food and amazing art at Naked Lunch Cafe

If you’re on Smithdown Road, another great option is Naked Lunch Cafe. Don’t worry, your clothes can stay on. The food is healthy, homemade and absolutely beautiful. They even have evening entertainment, ranging from film screenings, art exhibitions and live music acts.

3. The Tavern

The Tavern is  multi-award winning restaurant

We had to mention this one, it’s a multi-award winning restaurant and for good reason. Their breakfasts will make your 9am lectures a pleasure, their ‘Phat Tuesdays’ will save you bags of money and the Mexican cuisine will leave you a happy chappy.

4. Camp and Furnace

Camp and Furnace serves the best Sunday Roast
Picture: Pixabay

You might know Camp and Furnace as the Saturday night club that you spend the early hours of the morning in. However, they also serve food 12-6pm, if you can drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday for it.

5.Sydney Jones Library Cafe

Grab some food and coffee whilst you work

Located in Building No 433, South Campus, this wonderful little Library Cafe serves everything you could possibly need for those long days studying. Coffees, breakfast and soup are all available.

6. Kasbah

Get in the Moroccan spirit with Kasbah

This is a great authentic Moroccan restaurant, serving tapas, offering great deals and serving some absolutely brilliant teas. Kasbah is located on Bold Street, and is open until 11pm on most days.

7. The Refinery

A social hub for all students in Liverpool
Picture: therefineryliverpool / Instagram

Located in the heart of the University district, the Refinery is the place to go if you’re looking for a social place to grab some food and have a few drinks. Located on the corner of Hope Street and Myrtle Street.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Ohio University

Ohio University is a wonderful institution, not only offering amazing courses but superb classes too. With success stories from so many graduates, who have attributed their triumphs with the unique classes that take place at Ohio. We’ve listed the top ten coolest classes at Ohio University.

1. CFS 5780 – Advanced Child Life

A baby in between his parents

This will allow you to critically analyse children’s psychology and health. This class will prepare you for your important internship, which will set you up for national certification and therefore employability options.

2. EXPH 1001 – Lifetime Fitness

Athletic shoes and weights

This class teaches students all about the long-term benefits of regular physical activity, correlating it to long-term health and wellness. This also touches on how the human body responds and adapts to certain changes.

3. AAS 2250 – History of Injustice in the United States

flag of america

Not everything is super pretty, but it’s important to learn about it nonetheless. This course offers a unique perspective into the history of America, which you can only admire Ohio for.

4. FILM 3430 – Screenwriting

A person with a laptop, a notebook, camera, coffee and film slate

This is a really class, set out more like a workshop. Students will study screenwriting from structure, format, theory and dialogue. By the end, they’ll be able to complete their very own script for a short film.

5. COED 3212 – Coaching Wrestling

two people wrestling

Ohio offers a wide range of coaching classes from soccer, tennis and golf. However, we thought one of the coolest was coaching wrestling. You’ll learn all the technical and tactical aspects of wrestling, in a way that you’ll be able to coach.

6. AHSW 2970T – Translation Health

A person taking notes

This is a really cool class, as part of the Applied Health and Sciences Course. It’s offered to students that are on the Honors Tutorial program, making it all the more special.

7. CONS 3450J – Writing in Human and Consumer Sciences

A person writing in a red notebook

As part of the human and consumer sciences course, your analysis, research and findings all really boil down to your writing. This class will give students the ability to develop all types of writing formats.

8. THAR 3162 – Stage Combat

2 stage masks

Imagine being able to all the specifics behind those amazing stage combat scenes? Well, now you can at Ohio University. This is one of the most important lessons you can take in theater – it stops people getting injured.

9. Aviation weather

A combat plane

An important class to take through your aviation course. Weather hazards that may affect pilots, airline management and dispatchers need to be prepared for. This is also a really engaging class to take.

10. NUTR 3600 – Nutrition Counseling

Veggies and fruits

This class is the introduction to nutrition therapy. This way, you’ll be able to communicate all your health and nutrition advice to your consumers. This is a really helpful class, for everybody.

As you can see, Ohio University has so many different, cool classes to choose from. You’ll be sure to learn so much, develop amazing skills and make new friends. Don’t miss out.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a really amazing University, offering students amazingly unique classes, that they can relish in. Here are our top picks of the coolest classes at the University of Pittsburgh.

1. ASTRON 3705 – Astronomical Techniques


A class composed of three parts: astronomy instruments (think, telescopes and X-rays), theories and practical workings. How cool does that sound? This class is really amazing

2. MRKT 1415 – Consumer Behaviour

Someone holding a ipad with a shopping cart icon

A big part of marketing is understanding the consumer. This class gives students a chance to study individual consumers, using social science concepts and consumer research methods.

3.BORG 1640 – The Entrepreneurship Process

A man fixing his tie

Every aspiring business owner should take this class. Learn strategies, marketing, financial and accounting skills and even visit real-life entrepreneurial successes, you’ll be inspired and prepared for the future.

4. PS 1541 – Politics of Global Econ Relations

A person writing in the notebook

It is important to understand the current issues that our world faces today, not only to help change the situations, but to never allow us to make the same mistakes. This class will be extremely eye-opening.

4. ES – 1450 Topics in Evironmental Studies

A green globe

We had to include this in our list. This special class at Pittsburgh, allows studies to advance their studies with a special topic. This creates freedom and makes for a really engaging class.

5. HAA 0620 – Art of China

An asian art piece

Be introduced to the rich, artistic and cultural traditions of Asia, in particular China, but the class also features works from India and Japan. This will be an amazing class filled with color and artistic genius.

6. INFSCI 1061 – Game Design

a game console

Imagine being behind the designs found in some of the most popular games around? This class is designed as a multiplayer game experience, aiming to make the student fully immerse themselves in game design.

7. JOURNL 1138 – Reporting

Seeing city through the camera lens

Learn just how to gather and report on news, writing hard news that are of human interest. This will introduce students to deadline writing that’s clear and concise.

8. PHIL 0225 – Food in Societies

Fruit and veggies

Humans have a very unique relationship with food, and each society is different. Study the diverse ways in which humans obtain, distribute and consume food.

9. SOC 1450 – Health and Illness

A person typing on a laptop

This class will examine a bunch of selected health and illness issues, examining the way that medicine and public health have affected religion, law and social control.

10. WRITING 1402 Writing from the self

A person writing on a notebook with pencil shavings

This will help all students find their true writing voice, through essays, autobiographies and memoirs. This is a really cool, personal course that will give students an amazing set of skill sets

As you can see, the University of Pittsburgh has so many amazing classes to get stuck into and develop with. What do you think?