10 Hardest Courses at University of New Orleans

University life can be the most challenging part of our life. Yes, it is fun but with all the hard courses to deal with, everything can be complicated. As such, it’s important to be prepared on what you should expect especially on dealing with the hardest course at University of New Orleans. We may have different preferences, but check out the list below.

1. ACCT 3120 – Intermediate Financial Accounting II

Picture of business man looking at charts on paper with coffee and laptop on table

If you think that you are already good enough after passing the introduction of financial accounting, then you have to think again when dealing with intermediate financial accounting. It focuses on more difficult topics that may also require your knowledge from its prerequisite course.

2. CHEM 3218 – Organic Chemistry II

picture of science experiment being done

There is no doubt that Organic Chemistry II is one of the toughest courses that you can take. Surviving it won’t be that easy and if you have a hard time with your Organic Chemistry I class, then you should know it! Make sure to prepare yourself.

3. ENGL 2521 – Introduction to Shakespeare

picture of open books with picures of shakespeare

Understanding Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Julius Caesar? If you are not into literature then you are going to have a hard time in getting started on this. His writing took dark turns and explore inner guilt, conflicts and remorse that is quite harder to fully understand.

4. ENCE 4318 – Hydraulic Engineering Systems

picture of engineer looking at hydraulic system

This course let you have a full understanding on the application of continuity, energy, and momentum principles of hydraulic systems. This can be complicated especially you need to also know the design of gravity, arch dams and even friction concepts. 

5. ANTH 5440 – Religion Magic and Witchcraft

picture from textbook of witch feeding creatures

This is not just a hard course, but it is sensitive as well. It gives a comparative and cross-cultural examination of the beliefs and practices that is being done by a large world religions. This also discuss following customs and informal interactions. 

6. BA 3021 – Business Law

picture of business law book on desk

Anything legal can be hard and complicated. Business Law will require you to have knowledge on the legal concepts related to anti-trust, sales, bankruptcy, commercial paper, insurance, transactions, wills, and other legal issues related to business situations. 

7. BIOS 2014 – Population Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology

picture of person in lab

Genetics, Evolution and Ecology? Three big areas of Science that you need to understand. All of it discusses the systematics, developmental biology, evolutionary theory and almost everything related to subject. You should also expect laboratory experiments. 

8. BIOS 2741 – Micro & Human Disease Laboratory

picture of person in lab using instruments

Not as easy as what you think. This let you use a bright filed light microscope, prepare slides, use different aseptic techniques, test systems and understand the number of microbes in a sample. It can be overwhelming and may take about three hours of laboratory. 

9. CSCI 5101 – Analysis of Algorithms

picture of person in suit holding up screens that are all connected

This course is very complicated and may require you to have a full understand of the concepts and techniques of algorithm. This may also include algorithm verification, applications and overall algorithm performance. If you are not into computers, then this can be hard for you. 

10. ECON 2000 – Engineering Economics

cartoon picture of three builders imagining plan

Engineering and Economics? When combined, it requires you to study according for decision making that includes considerations of the cost and yield, rate of return, tax relationships, depreciation, increment costs, replacements and others. 

10 Hardest Courses at University of New England

Are you prepping up for your college degree? As part of preparation, you should know the toughest classes in college that might be challenging for you! We’ve heard a lot of stories from past students about their experiences in college, so we can be more than prepared. If you are planning to academically succeed at theUniversity of New England, then make sure to know the top 10 hardest courses that you can expect!

1. BCHM210 – Introductory Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

PIcture of cows in a farm

We all love science, but it changes once we start to learn about cells, DNA and RNA. The genetic information codes, protein molecules and inner workings of the cell are very complicated as they are. But, this is just the basics. As you go and learn the transcription, replication and translation of DNA to proteins, then it will be a headache!

2. BIO 221 – Principles of Aquaculture

Picture of a stream in a forets

We all know that water is essential to all living things. With this course, you will learn the overview of the chemical, physical and biological components present in marine and freshwater ecosystems. It means that there are a lot of experiments and may need practical skills to fully understand this course.

3. ENV 328 – Environmental Pollution: Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Human Health

Picture of hands holding the earth with gas emissions in the background

We are all aware of the pollution on Earth. Environmental Pollution teaches you about the proper management and processes that can mitigate it. The topics may include the environmental risk assessment, global atmospheric change, water and air pollution, water quality control and more. It’s very broad and you need to be proactive to properly understand it.

4. HWOS 405 – Occupational Science

Picture of person on a wheelchair working out with physiotherapist

Through this course, you will understand the wide range of cognitive and physical disabilities that impact the mobility, human functioning and stamina. This is a hard course to take especially since you need to understand the disabilities but also the emotion of those suffering from their disabilities.

5. HIS 316: Rebels and Revolutions in Latin America

Picture of latin writing on a stone

Rebels and Revolutions in Latin America let you expose in a series of happenings that happened over the years. This may require you to have a full knowledge on their culture, history and be part of their community.

6. PSC 105 – Introduction to Political Science

Picture of a book with taxation on the title with a gavel and balance in the background

This course can be overwhelming and may need a lot of focus to ensure that you’re able to fully understand political science. It means that you will need to study a long list of books.

7.MAT 315 – Applied Mathematics w/ Differential Equation

Picture of equations being written on screen by person

Anything with mathematics in it is hard, right? This course is no different. Through this course, you will develop mathematical skills and apply them to a variety of differential equation.

8. DSC 205 – Introduction to Predictive Analysis

picture of vectors

This course is full of uncertainties. You need to have understanding and analysis on things that can possibly happen but the outcome can be unknown. Sounds complicated right?

9. BIO – 370 – Cell and Molecular Biology

picture of two doctors looking over data

With the different names if pathogens and viruses that may have the same look and habitat, this course is very challenging for many. You need to make sure that you’d be more familiar on the environment and interaction of the microbes and the host.

10. BUEC 395 – Ecological Economics

picture of a tree within a bubble

Ecological economics let you understand the ways to improve and expand different economic theories and integrate it with the human values, natural systems of the earth, human health and others. 

10 Hardest Courses at Rochester Institute of Technology

Are you up to take the challenge of hardest courses at Rochester Institute of Technology? We all want to study easy courses and reach the top, but sometimes a little push can also be important. It helps us to try our own capability and determine if we can make it! If you want to get started and improve your skills, then you should check out the top 10 hardest courses at Rochester Institute of Technology.

1. ESCB-705-01 – Economics and Decision Modeling

Picture of world atlas on bar chart

This course focuses on the fundamental of the economic theories which requires a bigger outlook in the global environment. The Economics and Decision Modeling let you see the microeconomic theories and current events that explain the performance of the market system and help the manager formulate a more effective business decisions and pricing. It can be complicated and a little hard to understand.

2. ACCT-110-01 – Financial Accounting

picture of a bar chart and other finance charts

If you are not good in your finances and mathematics, then Financial Accounting can be a great challenge to you. It is an introduction on how corporates report their financial performance including investors and creditors. This course offers a coverage of the accounting cycle and about accounting principles and analytical tools needed.

3. CSEC-743-01 – Computer Viruses and Malicious Software

Picture of man touching lock

We all know how computer malware can be complicated, especially if it comes with malicious intent. With this course, you’ll be required to study the history of computer malware which includes computer viruses, worms, spyware and Trojan horses. This helps you to understand the defense and offense available and may be too technical for beginners.

4. CSCI-331-01 – Introduction to Intelligent Systems

picture of person using cellphone

Learn and have an introduction to all the algorithms and theories used in creating intelligent systems. The topics are wide range which includes logic, algorithms, planning, machine learning and more! Keep in mind the programming can be very important in this course and you’ll need to learn how to do this well.

5. CYBER503x – Cyber Security Management

Picture of waves of cyber security.

Cybersecurity risk management is one of the hardest courses that let you deal with a growing number of IT decisions that might possibly have critical impact to the overall IT assessment, risk modeling and mitigation. If you won’t be able to learn this properly, then you are going to end up having problems on the whole IT system.

6. EEEE-709-02 – Advance Engineering Mathematics

Picture of circles and lines in space

Understand the foundation of the complex functions, advanced linear algebra and calculus with Advanced Engineering Mathematics. This is very hard because and may also require information about electrical engineering applications. 

7. BIOG-103-01 – Explorations in Cell Biology & Evolution Lab

Explorations in Cell Biology & Evolution Lab

Have a virtual laboratory work that complements explorations in cell biology and evolution. This designed and illustrate concepts of the basic cellular and molecular biology. If you are not into science and cells, then you would have a hard time understanding the concepts.

8. MATH-161-01 – Applied Calculus

Picture of pencil on top of math function graph

If you are not really into numbers and mathematics, then you’ll find it hard to understand Applied Calculus. It serves as an introduction to the study of the differential and integral calculus that includes the study of graphs, functions, continuity and limits. You should also be familiar with definite integral and fundamental theorem of calculus.

9. PSYC-221-01 – Abnormal Psychology

photo of Abnormal Psychology illustrated by person's profile shadow and different graphi designs coming out of it

Abnormal Psychology gives you an introduction to mental illness and psychopathology. It lets you examines the major categories that allows you to understand mental disorder and treatments. Not everyone would be able to understand the whole process and so many students find it hard.

10. ANTH-330-01 – Cultural Images of War and Terror

Cultural Images of War and Terror

For someone who is not comfortable in seeing visual culture of war and terror, then this is not for you. This course gives an overview on the violence that are endlessly transmitted on television, in print media, internet, cinema and even in recreational games and understand visual culture.

Restaurants & Cafe for Students at Xavier University

A Jesuit university in Norwood and Cincinnati, Xavier University is one of the oldest Catholic university in the United States. Aside from great studies and quality of education, the university also focuses on the overall wellbeing of their students and offer them great dining options. As such, you may be interested to know the different restaurants and cafes for students at Xavier University!

1. Currito – Burritos Without Borders

logo of Currito

Have a taste of your favorite burritos at Currito! They offer a wide range of burritos for fast and casual dining, which makes it the perfect place for students. It is located at the Fenwick Place, and they accept dining dollars and X cash. Enjoy it with your friends or alone while doing some school work!

2. Pizza ATM

logo of Pizza ATM

Enjoy your pizza just like how you want it to be – fresh and hot! It is the first Pizza ATM vending machine in North America and provides easy service for all students. If you are craving for a pizza, then you’ll love to have a slice of it from the Pizza ATM. They also accept Dining Dollars and X Cash.

3. Victory Perk

victory perk logo

Looking for the perfect dining common place? Victory Perk is a great one to consider! They are one of the most notable and recognized as an award winning all-you-care-to-eat dining, which is super convenient for students on campus. They have a wide range of meals to choose from, and will surely keep you coming back for more!

4. Fresh Xpress

logo of Fresh Xpress

A place to check out if you are craving for wraps, sandwiches, breakfast and quesadillas, Fresh Xpress give you a wide range of options to choose from. This is located at the Conaton Learning Commons where the business programs provide an opportunity for students to learn culinary, management and also different marketing skills while in a teaching kitchen environment.

5. Blue Bob’s Diner

logo of blue bobs diner

Blue Bob’s Diner is best for people who love breakfast meals! They are offering fresh breakfast all day and additional meal options such as hand cut fries, smash burgers, soups, salads and more. It gives you a whole new experience while on campus and keeps you energized with the best meals and variety options.

6. Hoff Dining Commons

interior image of Hoff dining commons

Enjoy a wide range of meal options available at Hoff Dining Commons. There are over seven food stations, bakery, vegetarian and gluten-free options and Coca Cola Freestyle machine. The dining services at Hoff Dining offers seasonal farmer markets, meal plans, hormone-free dairy products and way more. There are also cage-free eggs, sustainable seafood and vegan options.

7. Other Nearby Restaurants

restaurants at Xavier University

There are many restaurants near Xavier University that may be a perfect place for your cravings. This includes Subway, Starbucks, Gold Star, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. You may also want to check the First Watch, PF Changs, Cloud 9 sushi, Busken Bakery and Whole Foods. They offer a wide range of meal options to fit your preferences.

Restaurants & Cafe at Marquette University

Marquette University offers a variety of dining room options that allows the students to eat whenever they want, as much as they want and also grab all of their favorites! The university have big dining halls that also comes with a great offering of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. It can be fun and let you be fulfilled of everything you need while on the campus.

If you want to know your options, then check out the restaurants and cafe near Marquette University below. 

1. Union Sports Annex

photo inside the Wow cafe at Union Sports Annex

The Annex is the best place to visit if you want to eat and have some fun! The students can use Dining Dollars or MarquetteCASH and choose whatever they want to have on the menu. This features the WOW cafe and comes with individual TVs for each booth. It’s a perfect place to have themed parties, and they offer packages that you can use.

2. Lunda Room Buffet

Buffet at Lunda Room

If you are interested for some fine dining, then the Lunda Room is a great place to visit. It allows you to eat some of the best food at the university and offers 10% student discount. Their offerings include specialty desserts, buffet and interactive cuisines made by the guest chefs. You’d be able to enjoy their dining brochure and get the best for your needs!

3. Tory Hill Cafe

food at the tory hill cafe

Tory Hill Cafe is located at Eckstein Hall in the Law School. It’s a great food location that offers you freshly prepared meals that goes from breakfast sandwiches, Parmesan, Apples and Arugula Salad. All of their meals suit the needs of the students and they also have comfortable dining areas.. You can visit them to grab a coffee and take some sandwiches!

4. Schroeder Dining Hall

photo inside the Schroeder Dining Hall

Schroeder Dining Hall lets you swipe to get meals and drink that you want. It’s a common choice of many people. It is an international dining facility of the university and the menu change every week. Additionally, you can choose from the multiple stations of soup, salads, and pizzas.

5. The Commons

image inside the commons

The Commons is one of the newest dining area at Marquette University. It offers three buffet style dining halls including the Straz Tower and Cobeen Hall. It’s a great place to check out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even if you are craving for some late night snack. They have different options like pizzas, bakery, BBQ and a whole lot more!

6. Cobeen Dining Hall

students eating at the cobeen dining hall

With one swipe at Cobeen Dining Hall, you’ll have a full access on all the food being offered there. It is located across the Carpenter Tower and offers three buffet-style that is similar to the Straz Hall and Wild Commons. They are open to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are best known for filling option if you are looking for good meals. 

7. Straz Dining Hall

photo inside the straz dining hall

Straz Dining Hall is designed to fit the needs of the vegans! It offers healthy options that caters the needs of the students and facility. They are located at the first floor and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are offering same meals just like the Wild Commons and Cobeen. Additionally, they have stations for large salads, fry dishes and vegetables. 

Restaurants & Cafes at Shippensburg University

The Shippensburg University is located in Pennsylvania and is known to be a master’s and bachelor’s degree granting institution. They are widely recognized for their rich history of teaching excellence. However, they are more than that! The university is also popular for a wide range of dining selections available and once recognized by Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium. If you need a quick break or having fun time with friends, make sure to check out the restaurants and cafes near the Shippensburg University.

1. Reisner Dining Hall

image of reisner dining hall

Reisner Dining Hall is a newly renovated facility that serves as a banquet hall for about 1,500 diners. The facility now offers a new main entrance and updated exterior architecture that follows the campus master plan. Enjoy dining with your friends and other colleagues as you choose from wide variety of meals and dining options available. There are also small meeting rooms to use!

2. Kriner Dining Hall

Kriner dining hall

Kriner Dining Hall offers you all your favorite meals from soup, homestyle dishes, grills, ally, and pizza and flatbreads. You can enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, beef masala and vegetable soups, cheese quesadillas, pizzas and a whole lot more! It’s large enough to accommodate more diners, and the ambiance is pretty relaxing for the students to use. 

3. Create Chop’s & Wrap’d

logo of create chopd

Create Chop’s & Wrap’d is a perfect place if you want to make your own meal. The staff is really well-trained in preparing meals that they can do it in front of you! You can easily pick and choose what you want and mix it to satisfy your cravings.

4. King Street Subs

logo of King Street Subs

King Street Subs is your one-stop shop for all your favorite sub meals! They have a wide range of sandwiches to choose from such as the buffalo chicken sub, Baja chicken sub, turkey bacon avocado sub, meatball sub, caprese sub, in house roast beef deli and the chicken parmesan sub. Anytime you crave from some good and healthy sandwiches, then you know where to go! The prices are all affordable and is made for the student’s budget. 

5. Cub Test Kitchen

logo of test kitchen

CUB Test Kitchen is a small retail shop in Kriner Dining Hall that is known for offering the best taco bowl in the university! We know how tired you are on different projects, sports activities and other things you need to complete for your subjects. However, there is one thing for sure, you can never say no in having a bowl of taco to share with your friends or just eat it all alone!

6. Burger 717

logo of burger 717

Burger 717, from the name itself offer you the best burgers in the university. However, aside from their all time favorite burgers, there’s more on their menu for you to check out such as cheese omelet, French toast sticks, hash browns, egg and cheese bagel, pancakes and a whole lot more. 

7. 2.mato

logo of 2mato

2mato, even with its name is not about all food with tomatoes! They are the best shop to check out for all your favorite pizza flavors. From cheese, pepperoni, Margherita, buffalo chicken and others, you can enjoy a piece of it anytime you want!

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Winona State University

Winona State University is a public university located along the historical heart of Winona. Their commitment to education has been widely recognized, especially being the oldest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. However, they are not just good in providing education but also focuses on the overall well-being of the students. There are many restaurants and cafes near Winona State University and we’ll give you a full list of the best for you to check out and visit!

1. Jack Kane Dining Hall

Jack Kane at Winona State University

Jack Kane is a simple yet very relaxing place to have your favorite sandwiches with friends! They are offering different sandwiches, healthy dishes, fresh market options, chef’s table and pantry dishes to choose from. Each one is served according to the calories and vegetarian needs, so it is easier to compute and achieve your fitness goals!

2. Caribou Coffee

logo of Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee gives you the classic cold and hot beverages that you love such as mocha, latte, cappuccino, chai tea latte and others. Aside from that, you can try out their signature drinks, blended, teas, and great combination of bagels. If you are craving for breakfast meals, then you will also love their all-day breakfast menu!

3. Market 160

logo of Market 160

Market 160 gives you a whole new offering that you can check out. From the soups, sandwiches on the go, wraps, salads and cookies, Market 160 allows you to stay healthy and pick up the right meal that fits your needs. Each dish have calculated portion and calories on the website that you can check to be guided. 

4. Build Pizza

logo of build pizza

Want quick break between your classes? How about some great meals during your friends get together? Build Pizza let you design your own pizza or choose on the available flavors they have. You can try out their Pepperoni, 2MAto MTO, Three Cheese or the Italian Sausage and Roasted Pepper. It’s a perfect choice for everyone!

5. Freshens

logo of freshens

Freshens, from the name itself gives you fresh alternatives to a hot or humid day. They’ve got blended fruit classic smoothies, rainforest energy smoothies, yogurt and toppings, cookies and some indulgent shakes! A quick smoothie won’t do you harm, especially if you are too tired of your daily classes and want to energize!

6. GrillNation

logo of grillnation

Who wouldn’t love grill food? Grill Nation offers you the best flavor and taste of your favorite grill meals. Whether you like a chicken and biscuit breakfast sandwich egg, cheese and biscuit sandwich, or a bacon, egg cheese and English muffin, Grill Nation have it all prepared for you! If you are a little conscious on your diet, then you can freely check the website for the calorie content and portion of each meal. 

7. Panda Express

logo of panda express

American-Chinese cuisine couldn’t get better with Panda Express! It is a fast and casual restaurant that gives you your favorite Chinese cuisine. A perfect place to visit with your friends and colleagues to have a taste of pizza, noodles, and any other meal that you want to try out. It is simple, yet very affordable. 

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University is a public institution located in California and is a popular university to many students. Aside from their academics and employment opportunities, Sonoma State University is also particular to the dining options available for their students. They’ve got a lot of options available to ensure the health of each and everyone in the campus! If you’d like to know more, here’s a list of the restaurants and cafe near Sonoma State University.

1. SIP

logo of sip bar

SIP is located on the first floor of the Student Center. They are offering different Starbucks signature beverages that you’ll love which includes coffee and teas. Additionally, they also have other food like grab and go items and pastries like parfaits, sandwiches and other drinks that you can enjoy. Feel free to check them out with your friends from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

2. Charlie Brown’s Cafe

logo of Charlie Brown's Cafe

Charlie Brown’s Cafe is just next door to the first floor entrance of the campus library. If you are planning to spend some time reading books or looking for a quiet place, then it can be an ideal place. They feature breakfast sandwiches that are being served all day and with artisan crafted creations that are made of fresh quality ingredients. This may include their specialty salads and sandwiches, daily soup specials, smoothies, and frappes as well.

3. The Kitchens

students eating at the Kitchens

The Kitchens is a perfect dining place located at the first floor of the Student Center. It is the main eating facility of the university that is accessible for the staff, students and faculty. If you have purchased a meal plan, then this is the place where you can dine in! You can purchase the meal and enjoy the different culinary options available.

4. Lobo’s

photo inside the lobos

Lobo’s is located in the Student Center and is a well-known campus pub. It is also a fast and casual restaurant that you can check out for small gatherings. They are the best place to check out for salads, sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, appetizers, craft beer and local wines. Catch up with friends or enjoy it with your classmates!

5. Overlook

photo inside the overlook

Overlook gives you a casual dining experience! It is located on the third floor of the Student Center and gives you a great view of the tree canopy while you are dining. They have rotating menu that gives you different fresh and local options to choose from. It’s a perfect place to have meet and greet and enjoy American cuisine.

6. Toast

logo of toast

Toast is a great place if you are looking for a quick bite and in a hurry during your break. This is located in the center of the campus between the Darwin Halls and Stevenson. They offer you quick meals such as pastries, sandwiches, and a mix of different cold beverages for you to choose from.

7. Weyden + Brewster

logo of weyden and brewster

Weyden + Brewster is a perfect dining place if you want a DIY food experience! They allow you to have your custom made burrito, salad and sandwiches. They give you a variety of signature salads and local ingredients to use. Additionally, they also offer pizzas, soups, burgers and fries. 

Restaurants & Cafes at LMU

Loyola Marymount University have a premier dining facility and different cafes and restaurant that is conveniently located in the heart of the campus. There are student meals, coffees, sandwiches and a whole lot more that are made to satisfy the cravings and healthy needs of the community. Stay healthy and build up the right lifestyle with near cafe and restaurants in the campus.

There can be a lot and the most favorite includes the following below:

1. Lair Marketplace

Image inside the Lair Marketplace

The Lair Marketplace is actually a big place that offers anything for everyone. There are many options to choose from. There will be cozy comfort foods and dishes that easily meet the needs of the students. There are pasta and sauces from Marinara, noodle and rice from Peking Plate, burritos and tacos from Tres Habaneros and a whole lot more!

2. Einstein and Caribou Cafe

Students at Einstein and Caribou Cafe

If you want to take a rest and have a quick break, Einstein and Caribou Cafe at University Hall is the perfect place! They are brewing the best quality of handcrafted beverages and let you enjoy the signature lattes of Caribou, including the teas and coffee. Additionally, you would be able to have a bite on their Einstein Bagels.

3. The Foundry Cafe

student buying at the foundry cafe

The Foundry Cafe is a coffee kiosk that is still new, but is known for the quality and simplicity you need. It is located at the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering and they have distinctive coffee from Don Francisco’s Family Reserve Fair Trade Coffee, vegetarian snacks, and Homeboy Fresh Baked Goodies. You can also enjoy hot and cold beverages.

4. Roski Dining

staff and student at roski dining

Roski Dining is another facility at the University Hall that is also offering a wide variety of options that are made to suit the taste of all people. They have local produce, global taste and healthy dining with premium ingredients. From Latin Culinary from Crisol Latin Kitchen, pre-made specialty sandwiches from Handcrafted or fresh salad from Seasons, there is a lot for you to consider on your next meal!

5. 1788 Sandwich Bar

photo of 1788 Sandwich bar

1788 Sandwich Bar is known for the favorite fine sandwiches around New York. They have traditional recipes with the finest and freshest quality of ingredients available. You can visit them for their Maple Chicken Goat Cheese Sandwich, NY Reuben, New England Lobster Roll or the Smoked Turkey Naan’wich. They are located at the Founders Pavilion.

6. Sonia’s Cafe

students at the Sonias cafe

If you are at the Law School, Sonia’s Cafe is your friendly getaway. They are serving grab and go menu that allows you to enjoy fresh and fast meal whenever you need it. You can also customize the food based on the kiosk. From the health and mindful salads, wraps, bbq, hand-made burgers, past bowls and Asian noodles – they have everything that can satisfy your cravings!

7. Crimson Lion Dining Hall

photo inside the Crimson Lion

Crimson Lion is another dining hall of the university that is located next to Roski Dining. They are known in offering dining experience that is complete with wine and patio seating. If you are going to the Crimson Lion, you have to follow the hallway and enter through the French doors. This brings out the hospitality experiences of LMU and enjoy the taste of award winning wines from Brutocao Cellars.

Restaurants & Cafes at Johnson & Wales University

At Johnson & Wales University, they prioritize the health and needs of the students. Aside from their facilities, they have a variety of dining options available across their campuses. The Campus Dining aims to offer the best quality of foods and services that is ideal for their students and comes with nutritional value they need.  If you want to know more about nearby cafes and restaurants at Johnson & Wales University, keep reading!

1. City Burger

logo of City Burger

City Burger is one of the students’ most favorite! This is a great place for your regular meet up with friends and enjoy a serving of the made to order American dishes. They have 100% beef burgers, milk shakes and hand-cut French fries for everyone! The staff is surely amazing and can cater your preferences and needs.

2. The Marketplace

The Marketplace logo

The Marketplace is a great place if you are in a hurry and need to grab some food to go! They are offering a wide range of health and organic snacks, coffee, fresh juices, soups, sushi, and sandwiches. Aside from that, they can help you with your other needs such as having beauty items, health products and office supplies. Enjoy your stay with friends!

3. Red Mango

Frozen yogurt by Red Mango

Feel hot? Red Mango got you covered! They are offering wide range of freshly made juices, smoothies, fruit parfaits, and frozen yogurt. It is a favorite place of many people who are interested in having a quick break from their classes or want to clear off their mind after so many projects. After all, who wouldn’t love a frozen treat?

4. Snowden

Logo of Snowden

Food is life! At Snowden, you’d be able to enjoy different meals in this simple yet care to eat location. They are serving almost all of the food you want from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from that, they are also known by offering a wide range of made to order stations where you can have pizza, salads, omelets and the deli sandwiches.

5. Wildcat Cafe

logo of Wildcat Cafe

If you can’t go all the way to the Starbucks, then Wildcat Cafe is a great alternative to consider. They are offering Starbucks coffee and their specialty drinks and teas. Additionally, they can be a good location for having quick snacks if you are on break or want to do projects with your friends. They also have cookies, scones, and cupcakes!

6. The Clock Tower Lounge

logo of clock tower lounge

Clock Tower Lounge is one of the best places that offers comfortable seating and made for students. They all know how important a quick break can be and so they have designed the place to have relaxing atmosphere and also give late-night food options that came from Snowden. You can come in the place to unwind and meet for group projects.

7. The Commissary Kitchen and Bakeshop

Logo of the Commissary Kitchen and Bakeshop

For the best campus dining experience, the university offers you the Commissary Kitchen and Bakeshop that considers the quality of the meals served. They pride themselves in using minimally processed, whole and only the fresh ingredients available. They are the best place to visit if you are craving for some sauces, soups, pastries and pizza dough!