10 Coolest Classes at Davenport University

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Davenport University has campuses both throughout Michigan and online. As the school year is inching closer, you might be deciding on which classes to take, or are finalizing your schedule. Regardless of whether you are just starting college or are entering your senior year, there are definitely some cool classes you need to consider taking before you graduate. Here are the 10 coolest classes at Davenport University. 

1. BIOL120 – Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

skeleton in middle, black background,  surrounded by different organ systems

Even if you are not a biology major, learning about how anatomy and physiology work are a fundamental part of understanding the human body. This class will introduce students to chemistry concepts, cell and tissues studies, and the structure and function of various organ systems. Since we use our bodies every day and need our organ systems to function properly, it is important to understand how they work. 

2. BITS301 – Image Editing Applications

hands drawing on tablet with digital pen

In an increasingly digital world, digital illustration evermore so important when it comes to creating clean cut logos or designs. In this course, students will be introduced to professional digital illustration software. You will get to learn the basic techniques of what goes into illustrating electronically. 

3. COMM120 – Presentation Techniques

woman presenting to coworkers during a business meeting

Public speaking is so important regardless of what career you end up pursuing. In this class, students will learn how to clearly present and convey logical messages to particular audiences. Not only will you develop your confidence in public speaking, but you will also be able to better inform and persuade your audience. 

4. CSCI258 – Introduction to Game Design

man designing lion character for game on 3D animation software

Have you ever wanted to design a game before? This class introduces students to the game development, encompassing the entire process from storyboarding the initial concept to the final marketing documentation. The course material will also touch upon the history of games, graphics, multimedia animation, interactive fiction, game theories and game development environments! 

5. ENVS125 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

transparent globe on green terrain

We always hear about climate change in the news and how detrimental it is to our environment, but then we go back to scrolling through memes. As inhabitants of the Earth, it is crucial for us to learn more about our impact on it. This class introduces students to the issues associated with environmental awareness and sustainability. You will gain a much deeper and intimate understanding of the various components of the Earth system and the complex relationship between humanity and our global environment. 

6. GEOL120 – Astronomy

silhouette of man, kid, and telescope, looking up at Milky Way

Do you ever wonder about space and astronomical bodies that exist within it? In this class, students will learn about the general concepts modern astronomy and cosmology. You even get to use telescopes to view the far away objects within our Solar System.

7. GEOL130 – Geology of the Southwestern United States

southwestern United States, vibrant red colors in sky, valley landscape

Rock and mineral go through years of weathering and erosion for the formation of our environment. In this course, students will be introduced to the scientific field of geology, including topics of earthquakes, volcanism, and so on. The best part about this course? The majority of it is hands-on and happens off campus, where you will hike through natural settings and learn about their geologic histories. 

8. HLTH100 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/First Aid

red first aid kit

Everybody should know a little bit about First Aid. In this class, students will learn about adult and pediatric CPR, as well as how to manage illnesses and injuries within the first few minutes. By the end of this course, students will have the ability to perform first aid when they find themselves in such a position.

9. HLTH202 – Death and Dying

black background, three hands holding  each other to the right

We all deal with death and dying as a part of the human experience one way or another. In this class, students will examine issues and concerns involved in helping patients and family members who are facing terminal illness and death. By the end of this class, you will gain a much deeper perspective into the notion of mortality. 

10. PSYC113 – Stress Management for Life

woman stressed out at work with everyone showing her things to do and documents

Whether we are dealing with day to day tasks or long term goals, stress is bound to be associated with what we do in life. In this class, students will learn various techniques to manage stress and promote personal health throughout life, such as inner control and balance. Perhaps life will be a bit more manageable after taking this course. 

10 Coolest Classes at Iona College

Iona College is a private Catholic college located in New Rochelle of New York State. Founded in 1940, Iona offers over 60 undergraduate programs and 45 graduate programs. With so many course options and programs, you have to wonder, what are some the coolest classes you can take? Here are the 10 coolest classes at Iona College!

1. ENT 301 – A – Intro Ideation Design Thinking

turquoise background, six light bulb animations above man in suit

Ideas run the world; innovation drives technological advancement, cultural movements, and human existence in general. This course revolves around the concept of ideas, and students will explore the nature and process of innovation. Not only will you study the notion of ideas, but you will also engage in multiple hands-on experiences regarding the subject. After taking this class, not only will your understanding of ideas be refined, but your very own ideas will be refined as well. 

2. MNG 345 – DL – Intro to Leadership

cartoon light green background, five clouds, two teams of three people going up mountain, one team is ahead because they have better leader

Leadership is such a highly emphasized and important trait in our society and daily lives. We all find ourselves in the role of a leader one way or another. This class introduces the notion of leadership, and provides an understanding of how it plays a role in society and management. With this course, students will develop maturity and insight about being effective leaders. 

3. CHM 125 – A – Criminalistics Lab 1

forensics results in background, gloved hand holding a closed green vial with liquid.

Surely, you’ve watched your fair share of murder mystery shows, binging them on the weekend or during breaks when school isn’t in session. The process of solving a crime is titillating, and forensic science is at the heart of every case. This class introduces you into the world of forensic science. You will be able to use chemical and physical measurements to identify materials such as glass, hair, fibers, blood and drugs through their individualistic characteristics. Now isn’t that exciting?

4. CHM 130 – A – Delicious Chemistry

Chemistry symbols and cartoons

Knowing what’s in the food we eat is super important, which is why this class is especially relevant to us. In this class, students will learn the chemical composition and processes of making and storing various foods. Students will also be able to perform laboratory experiments to examine these scientific principles of food products!

5. CHM 140 – A – Chemistry of Emotions

food in test tubes; orange slices, herb, grapefruit slices, kiwi slices, strawberries, orange slices

Emotions often dictate how we feel and in turn how we act in certain situations. We usually don’t think about all the complex chemical messengers affecting how we feel emotions when we’re feeling them. This class provides an explanation of the chemical processes going on when the body is responding to stress. Students will gain a deeper understanding of fundamental chemical and biochemical concepts of the body. 

6. FPA 105 – A – Piano Instruction

two hands playing piano

Learning an instrument alongside your other information heavy classes adds a well-needed balance to your schedule. In this class, students will learn the basics of piano playing. If you have some experience with piano playing, you can also schedule a special arrangement with the piano instructor. 

7. FPA 211 – A – Introduction to Sculpture

bust of Alexander the Great

From the Greek busts we see in museums to the ice sculptures at large events, the sculpture is a 3D art form that has existed across multiple cultures and eras of human history. This class introduces students to the process and concepts of sculpture. Students will also learn about the history of sculpture and partake in many projects such as bas-relief, carving, modeling in clay, portrait and figure, and construction. You also get to visit a museum as a part of the class!

8. FPA 260 – A – Jazz Dance

three women performing jazz dance

Jazz was developed in the early 20th century, and from that point on, became well-known all throughout the world as a major form of musical expression. In this class, students will learn about the development of jazz as a distinct form of American art over the years. You will learn about jazz dance from multiple spheres, through movement, discussion, reading, and viewing. 

9. MCO 337 – EA – On-Camera Presence

female vlogger recording on camera

Being on-camera can be nerve-racking, and an on-camera presence can be difficult to develop if it doesn’t come naturally. This class provides an intensive study in on-camera demeanor, voice control and speaking styles. This is such a useful skill not just during college, but also in professional settings further into your career. 

10. SCS 108 – A – Intro to American Sign Lang

sketch of "ASL" (stands for American Sign Language) in fingerspelling

Learning American Sign Language is very important; it is a helpful tool for communicating with the Deaf community, and it is also one of the most used languages in the US. In this class, students will discuss Deaf culture, as well as the Deaf community. This class will also introduce students to vocabulary, grammar, fingerspelling, and visual-receptive skills of sign language. 

10 Coolest Classes at Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College (also known as SUNY Farmingdale) is a public technology college located in Nassau County of New York State. Typically, students take classes with the intent of satisfying major requirements. However, some of the more memorable classes you take in college are also the ones you are taking out of interest or for fun. Balance is necessary between pursuing your major and enjoying your college experience! If you’re looking to try something new and fun, here are the 10 coolest college classes at Farmingdale State College.

1. EGL 216 – Creative Writing

open book with empty pages. There is a digital edit overlapping the pages of the book, almost as if the animations are standing up. From left to right, the animations are doodles of a tree, a car, a family of three, a bar graph with a cloud, sun, heart, and plane above it, a house with two clouds above it, a network of computers, and two people with graduation caps on and thought bubbles with a lightbulb and piggy bank inside them.

After finishing your writing requirements in the beginning of your college career, you might not encounter many more writing oriented courses in your major-related courses. This class offers an introduction to a variety of written formats, in fiction and poetry particularly. Students can take this opportunity to express their creativity in writing and create a myriad of written pieces and a final major project in a genre or area of their choice.

2. EGL 255 – Children’s Literature

This is an animation/depiction of various children's stories. It is very colorful. Some of the characters depicted are a green worm with a red face (from the Hungry Caterpillar picture book), a frog and a toad sitting together atop a tree reading books (from the Frog and Toad Together series), and many other fictional characters.

Children’s literature often has more meaning to it than we think. In this class, students will be able to explore the historical and psychological development of the notion of “childhood” by studying various works of children’s literature. There is a wide range of genres in classic and contemporary children’s literature that will be explored in this class, from fairy tales to picture books. You might even revisit your own childhood; talk about a blast to the past!

3. FRE 101 – French I (Elementary)

a hand writing on a black chalkboard with white chalk. The words say "je suis" and "tu es".

Learning languages is not only a useful tool for your travels or for understanding other cultures, but it’s also very fun. In this class, you will develop your basic French listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This class focuses on communicative competence and cultural awareness.

4. HOR 275 – Italian Gardens: Art and Nature

the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. These marvelous gardens are located directly behind Pitti Palace. There is a pond in the middle of the picture, with a statue at the center. The palace is behind the pond, and the background consists of the rest of the buildings in Florence, accompanied by a bright blue sky and many fluffy, white clouds. The sight is paired with many trees and shrubs all around the garden.

One of the coolest things about this course is that you get to travel to Italy! This class is held in conjunction with Florence University of the Arts for a three-week summer semester in Italy. Students will be able to study, visit museums, and experience the rich history of Italian gardens, their landscapes having been conceived and constructed back in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

5. PED 115 – Introduction to Self Defense

Red and black gradient silhouettes of two men fighting each other. The man on the left is in the middle of a high kick, and the man on the right is defending himself from the kick with his forearm.

Self Defense is a necessary skill to protect oneself, including those around you. This class will teach you about the history of Self Defense, and several physical techniques and skills that can be used against attack. Not to mention, you also get to learn some Karate and Judo!

6. PED 121 – Introduction to Weight Training and Fitness

a woman carrying a dumbbell against her back, mid squat. The background consists of a class of men and women doing the same exercise in a gym studio.

One of the many challenges of a college student is getting the motivation to hit the gym. Stress no further! In this class, you will develop weight training skills and techniques with assistance. By taking this class, you can get in that weekly workout and go to class at the same time.

7. PHY 120 – Physical Sciences: Extraterrestrial Phenomena

one big-eyed, green alien at the front, with two aliens of similar features in the back. They look rather realistic, with a small triangular nose and a slight frown.

Do aliens really exist? In this class, students will examine and discuss extraterrestrial life through arguments drawn from astronomy to electromagnetic theory, and even archaeological views. Explore the possibility of existence for our green-skinned Martian friends in this class!

8. VIS 260 – Graphic Design for Non-Majors

a pile of papers and posters, atop a scattered flat pile of more posters and papers. Each paper has a different design on it, with the image at the top of the pile saying "GRAPHIC DESIGN" in all caps against a solid yellow background.

Graphic Design can be especially useful in your college experience. In this class, students will learn the principles and processes of graphic design. Whether you are designing a marketing advertisement or a club poster, the skills learned from this class can be applied to other aspects of your college career. Better yet, you don’t need to be a Visual Communications major to take this class.

9. VIS 105 – Introduction to Photography

a woman taking a picture of something with her camera. The background is difficult to see, as the lines between objects is faint.

Interested in picking up a new hobby? This class introduces the history, art, and technique of photography. Learn the necessary skills to produce well-composed and properly exposed creative photographs.

10. VIS 104 – Introduction to Calligraphy

A white piece of paper on a brown desk with the alphabet written on it using calligraphy. All lower case letters, in black ink.

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy? Well, here’s the perfect chance! In this class, students will gain insight into the history and development of hand-lettered communication. This knowledge will be applied to their own calligraphy projects.