10 Coolest Courses at Central Washington University

Central Washington University is the fastest growing public university that is located in Ellensburg, Washington. The university was founded in 1891 and it remains one of the best university in the United States. They offer a wide range of courses both at the graduate and the undergraduate level. Proper knowledge of the courses are needed for students to graduate with good grades. Highlighted below are the top coolest courses at Central Washington University.

1. ACCT252 – Managerial Accounting

This is an image of Managerial Accounting meme

Students are introduced to the use of accounting information by their lecturers. Topics in this course include the use of accounting information for planning and control, performance evaluation, decision making, and the statement of cash flows, along with financial statement analysis.

2. ADMG201 – Introduction to Business

A pictorial representation of the business world

This is one of the coolest courses in administrative management. Students are taught the functions, practices, and organization of the business enterprise. The course is usually taken every year at fall, winter, spring and summer.

3. ANTH352 – Anthropology of Environmental Issues

This is an image representing Anthropology of Environmental Issues

Students are introduced to anthropological approaches to environmental issues and debates, from climate change to the availability of clean water and beyond. Students use critical thinking in assessing the role of culture nationally and internationally in current environmental issues. It is a very simple and straight-forward course.

4. ART172 – Computer Fundamentals in Art and Design

This is an image of a art designer

This course introduces students to the use of digital media from the artist’s perspective, covering basic skills in MAC OS, Windows, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office. Class meets five hours per week.

5. MKT362 – Essential Marketing Concepts

An image depicting a marketing concept

This is one of the easiest course in marketing department. This course is an
introduction to the principles of marketing, creating, communicating, and delivering superior customer value, choosing target markets, managing customer relations.

6. CHEM345 – Environmental Chemistry

A cartoon representation of Environmental Chemistry

This course introduces students to aquatic, atmospheric, and soil chemistry. Chemical analysis of environmental samples collected on class field trips. Three lectures and six laboratory hours per week. There are limited calculations in this course, so students find it very easy to pass.

7. COM201 – Introduction to Mass Communication

An image showing the evolution of Mass Communication

This course critically reviews media from historical, societal, cultural and political viewpoints. It examines the impact of mass media on consumers as individuals and on society and also improves media literacy.

8. ECON130 – Foundations for Business Analytics

A funny cartoon of business analytics

This course specifies the role of mathematics, statistics and software to business and economic decision making. The applications include indexing, percentage changes, compounding, financing, and accounting, probability theory and descriptive statistical analysis, modelling.

9. ENG 466 – Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing

An image of creative

This course involves intensive workshop to further develop the techniques of writing creative nonfiction. Students learn researching, writing, editing, assimilating skills from this course.

10. HIST445 – Introduction to Public History

This is a cartoon showing how public history is made

This course examines the venues through which the general public learns American history, with visits and analysis of exhibits and their interpretation. The workload of the course is not much. So, students can easily read and comprehend the course note.


10 Coolest Courses at Cedarville University

The nature of the courses will choose while in school and our performance those courses will go a long way to determine the grade we’ll graduate with. Cedarville University which is a private Baptist University offer amazing courses. Here are the top 10 cool courses you can get at Cedarville University.

1. ART1100 – Introduction to Art

Picture of a funny painting

Most students at Cedarville University always find introductory courses very easy to pass. This course provides an introduction to the most significant critical approaches employed in art history. It is designed to encourage students to consider new ways in which they might think about art, society and culture.

2. CHEM1000 – Principles of Chemistry

Funny chemistry picture of teacher and students

Students of Cedarville University offering this course learn the systematic introductory treatment of organometallic compounds, emphasizing fundamental concepts and the principal functional groups of organometallic chemistry.

3. FORS3400 – Forensic Science

‘Not many clues, but we did find this fingerprint.’

They mainly use scientific means to analyze physical crime evidence. It is a very interesting course and student loves to take it. If you read your class notes adequately, then you have no reason to fail this course.

4. POLS3800 – Public Policy

A funny meme of Public Policy

Students are taught the means by which a government maintains order or addresses the needs of its citizens through actions defined by its constitution. This course is handled by leading scholars in public administration who high-quality teaching.

5. GSCI1020 – Principles of Physical Science

Funny carton image of physical science

Students that offer this course learn the fundamentals of physical science and how it relates to their environment. This is one of the coolest courses in Cedarville University so far because failures have been recorded yet. Students usually finds it very easy to pass.

6. GBIO2010 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I

A funny image of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1

This course introduces student to the concepts of anatomy and physiology. Students learn the function, features and the characteristics of various human parts. It is a very easy course for students.

7. MATH2210 – Logic and Methods of Proof

A funny representation of Logic

Some student tends to shy away from mathematical problems that involve proof because they felt it’s complicated. However, Math2210 at Cedarville University will teach students the rudiments of mathematics and how they can easily prove a mathematical problem.

8. BIO1110 – Introduction to Biology

This is a funny biology joke

This course introduces students to the principles of biology. Although, what they learn is just an advancement of what they obtained in high school. It is required that you attend all classes I order to pass this course.

9. GEOL3400 – Structural Geology

This is a funny image of structural geology

It deals with the study of the three dimensional distribution of large bodies of rock, their surfaces, and the composition of their inside in order to try and learn about their tectonic history, past geological environments and events that could have changed or deformed them.

10. ENVS3200 – Advanced Ecology

funny ecological version of yoga bed

Students are given deep insight and understanding of current themes and developments in ecological research and are able to discuss these insights in a broader context. They also acquire the expertise to upgrade their knowledge and skills in ecological research, and can design their own research.

10 Coolest courses at Catawba Valley Community College

Catawba Valley Community College is a public institution that is located in Hickory, North Carolina, United States. They give the best and quality education to their students and they offer several amazing courses. However, students need to be aware of the courses at their disposal so they could how to better prepare for them. They have several cool and easy courses some of which are listed below:

1. ACC225 – Cost Accounting

This is a carton representation of Cost Accounting

This course introduces students to the nature and purposes of cost accounting as an information system for planning and control. The topics treated include direct materials, direct labour, factory overhead, process, job order, and standard cost systems. Student records good performance in this course.

2. PHY110 – Conceptual Physics

Funny picture, explaining a concept in physics

This is an easy ride for first-year students as most of the topics covered in the course contents have been treated in high school. This course provides a conceptually-based exposure to the fundamental principles and processes of the physical world.

3. BUS240 – Business Ethics

Simple carton representation of Business Ethics

Most business students of Catawba Valley Community College like to offer this course because of its simplicity. This course introduces contemporary and controversial ethical issues that face the business community. Topics include moral reasoning, moral dilemmas, law and morality, equity, justice and fairness, ethical standards, and moral development.

4. CJC100 – Basic Law Enforcement Training

The funny picture of Law Enforcement Training

Students of Catawba Valley Community College studying law always have the highest grade in this course. It covers the basic skills and knowledge needed for entry-level employment as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

5. PSY237 – Social Psychology

memeabout psychology

This course introduces the study of individual behaviour within social contexts. Topics include affiliation, attitude formation and change, conformity, altruism, aggression, attribution, interpersonal attraction, and group behaviour. The course is very easy to read and comprehend.

6. EDU216 – Foundations of Education

A funny picture representing Foundations of Education

This course introduces the examination of the American educational systems and the teaching profession. If you’re offering this course, make sure you read your class notes over and over again and go through your assignments, then, you’re good to go.

7. EGR220 – Engineering Statics

graph about engineering students

Students offering this course are taught the concepts of engineering based on forces in equilibrium.  The topics covered include concentrated forces, distributed forces, forces due to friction, and inertia as they apply to machines, structures, and systems.

8. MAT121 – Algebra/Trigonometry I

A picture on how to solve algebraic problems

This course provides an integrated approach to technology and the skills required to manipulate, display, and interpret mathematical functions and formulas used in problem-solving. Topics include the properties of plane and solid geometry, area and volume, and basic proportion applications; simplification, evaluation, and solving of algebraic equations and inequalities and radical functions; complex numbers; right triangle trigonometry; and systems of equations. The calculations in this course are simple and direct.

9. CSC151 – JAVA Programming

An example of Program code on a monitor

If you’re in the department of computer and you love coding, then this course is an icing-on-the-cake for you. This course introduces computer programming using the JAVA programming language with object-oriented programming principles. Emphasis is placed on event-driven programming methods, including creating and manipulating objects, classes, and using object-oriented tools such as the class debugger.

10. BIO130 – Introductory Zoology

This is a picture of zoology

This is one of the simplest courses for first-year students offering biology. This course provides an introduction to the classification, relationships, structure, and function of major animal phyla. They also place emphasis on levels of organizations, reproduction and development, comparative systems, and a survey of selected phyla.

10 Coolest Courses at Bentley University

Bentley University is one of the private co-educational university that offers the best set of courses. This university is located in Waltham Massachusetts in the west of Boston. Students always look forward to getting good grades from university, but they might be ignorant of the right courses that will them their desired grade. If you’re in Bentley University or you have the ambition to study in this school, then here are the top 10 coolest courses that might be useful for you.

1. EC111 – Principles of Microeconomics

Funny picture of the Principles of Microeconomics

This course provides students with an understanding of fundamental economic principles and tools. Students also learn. Market structures of pure competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and monopoly. Principles of Microeconomics is a straight-forward course and it’s very easy to comprehend.

2. CS213 – The World Wide Web

funny carton representation of The World Wide Web

This course emphasizes mainly on the use of HTML and JavaScript as programming tools to develop web pages that include text, graphics, animation, internal and external linkages, frames, forms and, with JavaScript, alert boxes, remote windows, events and cookies. If you’re a very good programmer, then this is the best course for you.

3. EMS201 – Introduction to Cultural Studies

Image of a bird passing an information on Cultural Studies

This course considers culture as an arena of social and political struggle. This is the best and the easiest course for students offering English and Media studies. This class gives students a vocabulary to enter debates about the meanings of cultural texts.

4. GB215 – Human Behaviour and Organizations

pictorial representation of Human Behaviour

Human Behavior and Organizations examines the behaviour of people in organizations and the relationship between this behaviour and organizational effectiveness. The course introduces students to analytical frameworks for understanding and influencing individual, group, and inter-group and total organization dynamics. Inasmuch you attend classes regularly and write all the class assignment, then you’re good to go.

5. IPM210 – Information Security and Computer Forensics

Funny carton representation of computer crime

This course provide students with an overview of information security management issues that must be addressed by organizations in today’s ubiquitously networked environments. The course covers computer forensics issues, including discussion on what organizations can do to collect evidence from various types of computer systems that might be employed to commit a crime.

6. HI200 – The Making of Our Contemporary World

this is an historical image

This course is designed to provide a broad conceptual grasp of the modern world by examining the major developments and events of the past century. This is the coolest course for the students of history.

7. PH134 – Healthcare Ethics

This is a funny medical carton

This course examines ethical issues that arise in healthcare. Possible topics include the ethics of medical procedures such as abortion and euthanasia, the rights and duties of patients and healthcare professionals, the ethics of reproductive technologies; the management of medical information; justice in the distribution of healthcare resources, and the role of health in the good life.

8. LA315 – Court and Alternatives

informational carton on court cases

This class discusses the fundamentals of a trial, emphasizing those aspects that have led to an increase in the use of alternative means of resolving legal disputes. It prepares students for the costs and risks of business litigation.

9. SO225 – Drugs and Society

Funny image about drugs

This course explains the basic principles of sociology in the context of an investigation of the socio-cultural background within which drug use occurs. Students will also learn about other dimensions of social diversity, such as gender, age, class, disability and sexual orientation. The course contents are well explained and very to comprehend.

10. MA123 – Applied Calculus for Business I

This is a mathematical image representation

Students learn the basic concept of functions, graphs and differential calculus. The topics covered in this course include the notion of a function, properties of linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions, and basic techniques of differential calculus. This is the coolest course for students in mathematics department.

10 Coolest Courses at Babson College

Babson College is one of the most sort after private business school in the world. It is located in Wellesley Massachusetts. Their main aim is to impact the best entrepreneurship educations to students. They offer various courses which are very interesting, although students finds some of them difficult. If you really want to be successful throughout your stay in this college there are some simple and easy courses that you need to focus on. The top 10 coolest courses you need at Babson College are highlighted below.

1. ACC1000 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

A funny meme of financial accounting

This is a 4-units introductory course for accounting students. This course will provide you with an introduction to the Construction, Analysis and Forecasting of Financial Statements. If you just graduated from college and want to study accounting in Babson College, then prepare your mind towards this course. It is the easiest course for fresh students.

2. LAW1000 – Business Law

This is a funny picture of business law

This course is an introduction to business law and the legal system. It teaches students to identify, the, handle and prevent legal issues which commonly recur in the business setting and to use law to create and capture value for businesses using knowledge of contracts, business organizations and intellectual property. All you need to do in order to excel in this course is to attend all classes, do your assignments and to read your class notes.

3. SME2001 – Managerial Accounting

Funny picture showing how student is going to bomb Managerial Accounting test

Students of Babson College who studies this course are trained to be effective, entrepreneurs and managers. This course introduces the language of managerial accounting and teaches students to perform basic management accounting analyses like costing of cost objects, cost behaviour, differential analysis, and performance measurement. Students always use this course to boost their GPA.

4. NST1020 – Energy and the Environment

Pictorial representation of Energy and the Environment

Energy and the Environment is a 4-unit course where students are trained on the latest technologies associated with renewable forms of energy and their potential for future success. The course contain few and simple calculations. Therefore, students always high grades in this course.

5. QTM2000 – Case Studies in Business Analytics

Funny pictures of Business Analytics

This course introduces the necessary core quantitative methods such as Statistical software and the use of spreadsheets. Students better comprehend the importance of using modern technological tools for effective model building and decision-making. Topics treated in this course include curve fitting, differential calculus applications to non-linear optimization, and introduction to the time value of money.

6. SCN3622 – Rebuilding from Disaster

rebuilding from disaster funny carton

Student will learn how to examine the physical, social, and policy changes in their environment. They will also learn policy implications, from the local to the federal levels, about how to support people who live in disaster-prone areas in preparing for and recovering from such events. This is also an easy course in Babson College.

7. MKT3500 – Marketing Communications

Funny carton picture of Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications examines the nature and role of communications in marketing, focusing on the goals and uses of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and personal selling in achieving the communications objectives of marketing. This a fun and easy class for students of Babson College. They always look forward to it.

8. MOB3511 – Business Presentations

This is a performance course designed to build upon basic presentation skills and concepts. Students will present virtual and in-class, high-impact presentations. The course will enforce communication concepts to allow students to become effective critical thinkers as creators and consumers of messages.

9. MIS3505 – Blockchain Business Disruptor

This is a picture showing Blockchain Business Disruptor

This course is about business use cases for the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Students apply the knowledge gained into real estate, advertising, healthcare, supply chain, insurance, voting, identity management, auctions, sports betting, manufacturing, and the sale and protection of intellectual property.

10. EPS1210 – The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge

Picture of someone ready to face challenge

Students are taught how to discover the entrepreneurial challenges around them and how to make wealth from those challenges. It is a very interesting course for students that want to venture into entrepreneurship.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Winnipeg

Food is a basic necessity for the survival of students on campus. A student that is not well fed cannot read not to talk of attending lectures. However, its good to eat quality food from the best restaurants and cafes around the within and outside the university’s premises. The University of Winnipeg has several restaurants and cafes around, which meet the needs of students. Listed below are the restaurants and cafes available to the students of the University of Winnipeg.

1. Promenade Cafe and Wine

The front view of Promenade Cafe and Wine

If you want the best of tea, coffee and wine then this is the right place for you. They have a well-decorated, peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Their menus are very affordable for an average student. With just $2, you are good to go. You can also have a vegetarian breakfast which will contain a pile of perfectly cooked has-browns, fresh vegetables, sweet peppers, hot peppers finished off with two soft poached eggs. 

2. Stella’s Cafe and Bakery

An image of Stella's Cafe & Bakery

This is one popular restaurant serving healthy burgers and out of the world salads located along Portage Avenue near to the University. It has an all-day breakfast. Their bacon and eggs are what students crave for. They have friendly and lovely staffs that will make your experience a memorable one.

3. Parlor Coffee

The photo of Parlor Coffee

It’s small, but it’s arguably the best-known coffee spot in Winnipeg and probably the only place in the city that’s buzzing with caffeine and conversation as early as 7 a.m. It’s not the easiest place to find parking, it’s situated along most major bus routes and perfect for a quick cup of coffee before going for a lecture.

4. Homer’s Restaurant

Varieties of foods at Homer's Restaurant

This Greek restaurant is a mainstay in the University of Winnipeg. Their food is quite good and the service is always very friendly. Be sure to try the Flaming Saganaki! Most of their dishes can be gotten with as low as $5. They are situated close to the university.

5. Elements Restaurant

An Image of Elements Restaurant

This bright and spacious little restaurant has some very interesting artwork to discuss while you have breakfast. They have great services and you get free parking when you eat in the restaurant. Their menus are delightful and will make you return for lunch. Their breakfast sandwich both the classic and the veggie were amazing. A whole wheat tortilla rolled around fabulous home fries, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheese, green onions and chipotle aioli are available at a reasonable price.

6. Thom and Bargen Coffee and Tea

An image of Thom and Bargen Coffee and Tea

Thom Bargen coffee and tea is the meeting spot of choice for creative minds. They offer a cheap but quality service. Most of the tea and coffees are within the range of $2 to $5. Their services are always available from morning to night every day.

7. Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub

Image of a pizza at Garbonzo's Pizza Pub

They have amazing and tasty pasta in this restaurant for as low as $12. Their pasta is very good, and a very large portion.  included also in their pasta is a very good breadstick. Students always crave for their quality and delicious pizza. They experience a very high patronage from students of the Univesity of Winnipeg.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a public research university located in Ontario Canada. The university was founded in 1963 and they currently have approximately 10,000 undergraduates which over 3,000 graduate students. 
Like most universities, meal plans are mandatory for all students living in residence. There are several distinctive eateries scattered throughout campus but you need to know the best out of them. Highlighted below are the restaurants and cafes for students at the University of Windsor.

1. Mare Nostrum Restaurant

Picture of foods at Mare Nostrum Restaurant

They offer customer-oriented eateries featuring countless and diverse menu choices.  They have created an environment that offers customers quality, value and convenience. This is the cheapest eatery you can found around the campus with quality and tasty meal. Students love patronizing their pasta especially the mixed grill.

2. The Garden Asian Vegetarian Cuisine

Food at The Garden Asian Vegetarian Cuisine

Are you a vegetarian? If yes, then this restaurant is perfect for you. They serve foods to customers hot and fresh. They have such an amazing tasting range of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. They offer all these services at an affordable price. They are always available from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m to 9 p.m.

3. Ero’s Restaurant

The front view of Ero's Restaurant

Eros is a small restaurant very close to the University of Windsor. Their food is delicious and affordable. They offer exciting and nutritious choices that fit in with your lifestyle.  Your options include popular franchises, national brands, comfort foods, gourmet coffee, smoothies, sushi and much more.

4. Dragon’s Inn Restaurant

Foods at Dragon's Inn Restaurant

Dragon’s Inn Restaurant is committed to providing an outstanding, integrated food experience for the campus community that emphasizes culinary excellence, sustainable food practices and customer satisfaction. 
Their foods are served to steam hot with a huge portion. Some of their menus are expensive but most students can still afford them.

5. Namaste Flavours South Indian Restaurant

Imge of food at Namaste Flavours South Indian Restaurant

Namaste Flavours is one and only South Indian Restaurant in Southern Part of Ontario in border city Windsor. Since 2017, Namaste Flavours has been offering premium, authentic South Indian food in a warm, welcoming, casual atmosphere. Their menu features lovingly prepared authentic Indian dishes giving you the feeling of dining in India without flying to India.S

6. Subway Restaurant

The interior of Subway Restaurant

Their meals are just outstanding and phenomenon, as such, they experience a very high patronage from staffs and students alike. They are located at the campus avenue and their services run from morning till night. At subway, you can eat to your maximum satisfaction with just $10.

7. Shway Shway Cafe

The picture of Shway Shway Cafe

They have a nice and relaxing atmosphere complemented by excellent food and service and all of this at a very reasonable price. You can have your breakfast and lunch here. Their staffs are friendly and their decors are clean, comfortable and modern. The coffee/espresso is delicious!! The food choices are eclectic and inspired. They can easily accommodate gluten-free and vegan. Most students bring their dates here for flexing. 

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Western University

Western University is one of the best public research universities in the world. They have 12 faculties and schools with several research-intensive groups. There are so many restaurants and cafes in the school premises and around the campus. These restaurants are the best hangouts for students and staffs of the University. Here are the restaurants and cafe for students at Western University.

1. Argo Tea Cafe

The Image of Argo Tea Cafe

If you’re a student of Western University and you’ve not pay a visit to this cafe, then you are missing a lot. The have varieties of tea garnished with ingredients of purpose. with just $2 you are good to go at Argo tea cafe. Their services runs all day from 8 a.m to 7 p.m.

2. Centre Spot Food Court

The photo of foods at Centre Spot Food Court

This restaurant is situated at the university’s community centre. Foods in this restaurant are served prepared and served fresh with the best taste you can get anywhere around. You can also craft your own salads and choose from a wide selection of soup. All these services are offered at an affordable price.

3. Symposium Cafe Restaurant and Lounge

An image of Symposium Cafe Restaurant and Lounge

Their cuisine contains bar, cafe, International foods, Canadian foods, and gluten-free options. Their delicious appetizer and cakes are the most talked-about among the students of Western University. This is a nice place to meet someone for a classy coffee on the patio or to discuss business indoors. It’s also a great place to take someone out for a date especially if your evening involves a cultural event.

4. Christina’s Pub

image of food at Christina's Pub

Christina’s Pub is the best place to go after a night on campus for a cheap but amazing breakfast. Breakfast is $10 or less and all the best foods you can think of – eggs, bacon, sausage, gyro, home-fries, toast and coffee. If you want to avoid the expensive breakfast chain restaurants and want great service, affordable prices and excellent food, just try this place. Awesome for those looking for a greasy breakfast after a night out.

5. The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub

Nice delicacies at The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub

They have great services and food, with a lovely atmosphere. The lamb or boar burgers will not disappoint. Like most places the action is at the bar and you can easily sit there for your meal either alone or with someone. Their prices are fair for the quality and quantity of food.

6. Restaurant Ninety One

The interior image of Restaurant Ninety One

This is the best and coolest place for lovers. The expansive windows provide a beautiful view of green lawn and trees which gives cool ventilation. The server were very pleasant, friendly and attentive. They have nice and tasty 
 omelette, bacon and eggs, and French toast at a reasonable price.

7. Moxie’s Grill and Bar

Moxie's Grill and Bar

Moxie’s is the ideal spot for dinner or late night drinks.  They have wide-array of steaks, burgers, pastas and seafood. No matter the occasion, whether it’s a business luncheon, a dinner date, or late night drinks with friends, Moxie’s offers something for everyone. 

Restaurants & Cafes For Students at University of Victoria

Food is a necessity for survival, it’s the basic needs that’ll keep students intact throughout their study year. University of Victoria which is one of the best public research university in Canada has varieties of restaurants and cafes located within and around the campus premises. These college cafes offer different types of menus depending on the student and staff’s needs. Highlighted below are the various kinds of restaurants and cafes located in the University of Victoria.

1. The University Club of Victoria Restaurant

Picture of The University Club of Victoria Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants with a very high patronage on the University of Victoria’s campus. They have a cosy and peaceful atmosphere that allows students to enjoy their moments. Their prices for food and drinks are super reasonable, as is membership. During university times, a reservation is needed. There is pay parking across the street. Menus change monthly with lunch specials every weekday. Service is personal, careful, and friendly. Bring your family, friends, colleagues. There are private rooms too and special events. Once you try it, you may find yourself there weekly.

2. Bean There Café

The photo of bean there cafe

Although this is a very busy place located at the end of the food court in the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria. Their food is with the range of $15 to$40 depending on your order. They have fast and efficient services. They have varieties of foods and baked goods. They also have good tea, coffee and sunflower square which are usually garnished with nuts, oats and honey at a reasonable price.

3. The Tapa Bar

The picture of the Tapa Bar

The Tapa Bar is the best place to go with your girlfriends so that everyone can share a bit of everything. Okay, it’s actually so you can all get an order of dates without it looking weird. Make it a Sunday affair and get pitchers of sangria for $18. Most of their drinks and snacks are tasty and affordable.

4. Foo Asian Street Food

The image of Foo Asian Street Food

While Foo offers specials every day, their standard menu items are so good you probably haven’t tried anything else. This tiny spot gives you the feel of street food from the comfort of restaurant dining. They always make sure their customers are highly satisfied. This is a popular hangout for most students of the University of Victoria.

5. Yalla Canteen

An image of Yalla Canteen's food

Yalla is taking shawarma and falafel to the next level by combining classic Middle Eastern cuisine with a Western twist. There are very tasty and highly nutritious. Matching their small and affordable menu with their street-cart vibe, Yalla is the newest and best place to hit on your lunch break.

6. Thai Lemongrass Restaurant

The photo of Lemongrass Thai Cuisine

They have excellent foods in this restaurant at a reasonable price. Thai lemongrass is by far the best place for Thai food at the University of Victoria. Students come here very often and they’ve never been disappointed. All their dishes are authentic and most of them are available in mild, medium or hot for spice temperature.

7. Jam Café

An example of food at Jam Café victoria

This is the best place for students to take their breakfast. They have brunch, green egg and ham, French toast, pancakes, fried chicken, huevos rancheros, pulled pork and so many other fantastic menus. Free Wi-Fi is also available to customers in this café. Jam Café is very progressive and they are most willing to address their patron’s needs.

Restaurants & Cafes For Students at uOttawa

The University of Ottawa provides students with several places to eat that are located in various halls and streets on the three campuses. The principal options are the 24/7Dining Hall on the main campus in the University Centre (UCU). As their names indicate, they open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic year. They are located across from most student residences and close to staff offices, and classrooms. There are many other restaurants, cafés, coffee houses and food trucks. Together they provide a variety of meal options and snacks that fulfil all the food requirements of our student population. Listed below are the Restaurants and Cafes for students at the University of Ottawa.

1. Café Nostalgia

The frontage of Café Nostalgia

This is one of the best Café students like to patronize because of their cheap services. Students are good to go with $10 to $20. This café has a new building, an exterior terrace, and a new restaurant menu, this location offers eclectic choices great for lunch or dinner. You will be able to find everything that meets your pleasures for breakfast, lunch or dinner along with your assortments of deserts. Their mode of payments is Interac, uOttawa card, Discover card, Visa, Master card and cash.

2. The Albion Rooms

A picture of The Albion Rooms

They have amazing food in this restaurant. It’s a great spot with cool vibes. They have nice and friendly staffs. They have provisions for both main menu and cocktails menu. The man menu cost $10 each and $27 for a board of three. Mostly served with crostini, house pickled vegetables and preserves. Their cocktail menu features local craft beers on tap and continually change from season to season. Please make sure you ask your server what you’re are pouring.

3. Bazille Restaurant

An Image of Bazille Restaurant

You can meet up with friends at the bar for internationally sourced wines and handcrafted cocktails. Stay for appetizers, salads, brick-oven pizzas and tempting house-made desserts at Bazille. Their foods are within the price of$30 and they offer casual dining type of style. Their services extend from Monday to Sunday 11am to 6pm.

4. The Shore Club Restaurant

Seasonal Cocktails and Sizzling Seafood at Ottawa

This is the favourite spot for most students of the University of Ottawa. They feature the freshest seafood and tender steaks served in surroundings of understated luxury. You can also enjoy cocktails and appetizers in their signature lounge, or descend to their dining room to see the full list their menu has to offer. The Shore Club is perfect for a casual, drop-in visit, or a long-planned special occasion. Their services are a bit expensive, but it is worth it.

5. Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro

Photo of Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro

This wine bar is outstanding with over 200 wines, 80 by the glass, 200 imported beers with 40 Belgian Beers, 30 single malt scotches, 30wine flights and Craft Beer flights daily. This quaint candlelit cellar features a traditional bistro menu featuring $14 French Fries (with a side order of sirloin steak and Caesar salad) Seafood, fresh fish, shrimp scallops, pasta, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and mussels. Students usually have to get together party here because of their serene environment.

6. Fadi’s Fabulous Foods

Image of Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

This restaurant is located in the heart of the university, as such, they experience very high patronage. Their foods are within the range of $15 -$40 depending on your specifics. The available menus at Fadi’s fabulous foods include shawarma chicken, beef donair, general tao, Canadian Maple and Bacon and mixed vegetables for vegetarians.

7. Mr. Churritos

The logo representation of MR. Churritos

You can find different kinds of sweet delicacies at Mr. Churritos at an affordable price. They offer Churro pieces covered in sauce with different toppings: coconut, chocolate sprinkles or crushed almonds. They also serve the two different kinds of traditional churros to their customers. This is the most patronized spot for student and staffs of the University of Ottawa.